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Vol. XVII. Noi 3.
- B. V. 1RV1HB ". .
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.Some of Our .
Early ( Shipments
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Threaten to Barn Every Saloon in
; the City, U Molested Again 1
Leaves the City in a cloeed
' V ' ' Ca-riage Other News, v v
Helena, Mont., March 1. A spe
cial from Dillon cays: This city
haa been simply agog with excite
ment over toe "tar and feather'1 par
ty given to C. W. Bridewell, evan
gelist ot the "Holin?es People,"
Sunday night by a mob of several
hundred angry men. No other hap
pening in recent years has caused
as much talk, and public sentiment
is almost unanimous in upholding
the work of the f'tar party." '
' Many rumors have been circulat
ed, one b the effect that if tbV'Ho-
ly Rollers'' are subjtct to more at
tacks, they will retaliate and burn
every saloon in the city.. ;A weal
thy woman of this city, who has al
ways been a -prominent member of
the "Holy People," and who is a
relative of i the gospel : exhorter,
swore out warrants today- for ix
well-known young men of the city,
charging malicious mischief. , She
is quoted .as saying ...that she will
spend $10,000, if necessary, in pros
ecuting members of the mob, and
confidentially hopes to fill the state
prison with residents of bad Dillon.
Ibe mob s victim, w he a seen
early this morning showed' no ill ef
fects of hi9 ' trying experience, and
he staled that lie bad ireoonsidered
his promise given id the thob -that
he would leave towri,- as that prom
ise was given under compulsion.
and that many of the beBt people of
Dillon . promised him protection.
and therefore be would not leave
until panothe evasgelUitrd4to
lake up his work. Nevertheless he
was seen leaving the city in -closr
ed carriage" this afternoon. His re
turn will probably mean a repeti
tion of Sunday night's afiair and
will probably be. accompanied by
violence or even bloodshed. . ; , y
Orders Filled Promptly and Com- 1
' plete. Visit our Store we do the
.'. , rest,- ' . ;
e. B Rorning
New Furniture
And Music
twine and clothing; alone' saves our
foreign trade from disaster.
Washington, March 1. Senator
Ga'lioger today introduced a hill
increasing the salaries of executive
officers of the government and also
of senators1 and members of toe
House of representatives. The bill
fixes the following ecale: ;
President, $75,ooo; vice-president,
$15,000.; speaker of the House of
representatives, $12,ooor members
of tbe. cabinet, $15, 000 each; sena
tors and members of the House,
$8,000. each. The bill provides that
the new salaries shall take effect
March 4, 1905. 1
r'-:-- - T:Jr'.i i' v',",
Colrimbus, 0., March ' l.--Chas.
Dick, 'pf Akron, was today- elected
to tbelDnited States senate to suc
ceed tbe late Marcus. A. Haana.
He was given the solid republican
vote of the House and senate, which
voted in separate - sessions. The
democrats voted for John H. Clark,
of Glevelaod.-Tomorrow the House
and eeasion meet in joint . session to
Canvass the vote. .- !;.
; "-' c- '
New Brunswick, N. J.j March 1.
Noah Baby died today in . the Pis-
cataway poor bouse,, .where he had
been an inmate tor ine past .zu
ylN THE. EAST. . ,
years., ; If he bad lived until 'April
J. next, -according to his own state
ment, Raby would have been 132
years old. '.'.' V " , . ' ..
San'iose, Cal , March 1. Han
nibal, an untamed lion,' owned by
the Norris fe Rowe's circus, broke
loose from his cage this morning
and killed a horse which had been
hitched to the car in which the lion
bad been shipped from ' San: Fran
cisco. A Hannibal was recently 00
exhibition at the Chutes in - San
Francisco; and was forwarded to
Norris & Rowe on ( Monday after
hood, " u .tsKi.-.C V'J lno"! L't'ii
A trainer was left , to; guard the
car last night,' but in his absence
tbe king of beasts secured bis liber
ty and mede prey on the. defense
The war Unpopular Among Some
Russian People Students Urge i
'7 ; Revolution Vladivostok .-. '
Menaced by Japs . ,
, Other News.
. St. Petersburg, March 3. Gener
al Gragomiroff, ex-governor of Kieff,
and one of the best posted of ;Rus-
: : 1 : 1 1 i
uau luiubnrjr e&jjvrw, oik's vwu Hum
nioned to the capital by the czar to
take part in the deliberations re
garding the conduct of the war, and
incidentally. to aid in the prepara
tion of the plan of campaign. . ..
..This, step on the part of the czar,
is regarded as highly significant, in
view of the fact that .General Dra
gomiroff has severely csiticised Ad
miral AlexfefPs policy, .and ha in
sisted that the sensible posicy would
have been to direct botn the army
and navy to evacuate Port , Arthur,
and not to have permitted the Jap
anese to shut (hem up like rats in a
trap. -. Such a retreat, he has main
tained, would have been a sensible
policy, and ' wold have . pie vented
further great disasters to the Rus
sian army. .-.. ;
- While ; General DragomirofFs
published , strictures have been
promptly repudiated qy the -gov
ernment, 'and hit 'statement .that
Port Arthur should be abandoned
has been criticised in severe terms
by General Kouropatkin and other
high army chiefs, it is nevertheless
a fact that there is a general feeling
that 'Admiral "Alexieff Is ' directly to
blame lor tbe disasters that have
followed the beginning of hostilities.
He is declared to have committed
euuh blunders, both of commission
1 1 mi .1 .
dyacevd? lioirlHW?M0?r Ah tbehole ,Pftrt
Cincinnati, Feb. 25. An Acci
dent at the Richmond Street Chris
tian Church here 'tonight resulted
in ten children being ; seriously
burned and others painfully injur
ed." - " -'-;'-: -': ' r- '.:;v-
The Sunday school-room was
crowded with little bojs at an en
tertainment, lhe pastor, tbe Rev.
Vnon St a offer, was telling fairy
stories. To make them realistic he
provided a kettle, with salt in the
bottom, saturated with alcohoL
This was ttt fire to furnish weird
lights for the fairy stories.
Suddenly a draft struck the
stream of alcohol and an explosion
followed. All of those seated a-
round tbe fire were .burned. The
blame for the draught is charged to
little girls who had been excluded
and who were opening doors tj look
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ee la Z erolf "ui d" -g, Con all s. 0-
B. A. CATHEY, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofpce, Room 14, First 'National Bank
Bnildrag, Corvallis, Or, Office Honrs,
10 to 12 a. to., 2 to 4 P. m.
New York World. Using the
latet French figures and reckoning
the franc at 20 cents we sent France
in 1903, $81,779,900 worthof goods
Raw cotton, cottonseed oil' and pe
Iroleum accounted for much: more
than half $4.5,600,000. We sold
France of foods, tobacco, copper,
wood, hides and ths like $21,ooo,-
000. -Our sales to her of maoufaot
ed goods, except some $5,5oo,ooo of
machinery; were trivial. -
French exports to the United
States are led by $13,000,000 worth
of silk goods. Manufactured com
prise fully three-fourths of the total
of $45,ooo,oop. - : : "
. Of French imports from allcoun
tries hvo-Bixtna are lood and .raw
materials her exports of manufac
tured articles are over half the total,
raw materials a trifle over one-qnar
ter. Of our total imports raw ma
terials form only a Jittle over one
tbird ; of our exports the products
of- farms, mines, forests and fisher
ies, are over two-thirds, farms alone
selling SO per cent.- ; : : -
Compared witn. France .we are
still "industrially a' crude and back
ward nation, - eeliurg mainly raw
material and , foods and buying
mainly mannfaltured goods
The tariff helps, trusts to rob our
nwn people., but has failed to devel
op commerce. . -h y. ,
The wholly ubpr btected:' Atoeri
can faimer, fleeced -at' -every turn
for his tools, pil f"r-jr?v
at liberty in the: car, had gorged
himself on the carcass of the animal
be had killed, and was in a con
tented frame of mind a? long as he
was left to his slumbers. It was
decided by tbe proprietors of the
Circus to await the arrival 'of his
Ltrainer, . Frank Hall, from San
Francisco, before attempting to
cage the beast. Hall reached hete
on the 11:20 train and, after a
struggle, Hannibal was .'forced into
his cage and taken to the circus
ground. T
lhe lion is a young beast of Nu
bian blood, and was recently pur
chased by Norris & Rowe. He has
a record for temper, and has disa
bled one man for life and sent V.
nother to the hospital 'since coming,
into possession of its present own
ers. ' " ' ' ' " '- " ; " ' .'-"'!''
Oregon "City, March 1. Maud
Russel and Clara Young, two young
ladies- residing : .-near :, Wilboit
Springs, were attacked bne evening
recently near their homes : by a
band of . half-starved, coyotes and
narrowly escaped. : ; Mies , Russel
fortunately was - armed with a
rifle, ; with which she dispatched
the leader of tbe animals and tbe
other quadrupeds were put to night
by tbe noise of tbe explosion.
The coyotes in the interior of the
country have become uuusually
troublesome of late, tbe excessive
snow in the mountains having de
prived them of a source of food sup
ply, and they are now foraging to a
considerable, extent on the flocks
and herds of the farmers, but this
is the first instance reported in
which they have attacked human
beings. . - -
Arthur fleeet; and possibly the bl
berian squadron now penned up in
Vladivostok harbor, must inevita
bly be lost io Russia. '
The feeling through Russia is so
strong mat tne czar nas . tell con
strained to order -Count von Plehve
to represB even the patriotic street
manifestations. It is held that these
demonstrations are not only very
often inappropriate, ' inasmuch as
they celebrate only imaginary vic
tories, but that they are likely , to
produce counter manifestations
from the revolutionists, especially
from the students, who are mem
bers of the secret societies than are
planning an uprising.
it is an acknowledged fact that
the police pay rough characters to
turn out and shout for the czar and
tbe government in order tbat they
may call the attention of the higher
officials to the "patriotism" of the
people, and this fact has aroused
the indignation of manv of the
more enlightened class.- Many cit
izens are not only . disgusted with
such artificial and more or lesa -
drunken exhibitions, but they ate
also opposed to the war, and some
of them feel so. strongly i that they
have even: ventured to protest, r
The. students of the high schools
and universities have protested em
phatically, against the "royal ad
dresees".iB regard to the war, drawn
up by the professors who : desire to
curry favor with the authorities.
Similar protests have been made
by the students in the St. , Peters-
burg polytechnic snchools and Um
engineering institutions. -:
Tbe attitude of the pupils of tha
nurses school for . women in St. Pe
tersburg has caused tbe authorities
to close the institution, owing to tha
itrength of the anti-war feeling.
"tRome, March 3.-The . Aagenzia
Liberia has ' received a , dispatch
from its correspondent; . at Harbin '
in which the latter states the con
ditions are frightful. . .: There is &
scarcely of supplies lor the Russian
troops already in Manchuria, and
those arriving daily carry but scant
commissary scores,,,, Many of the
troops he declares, are actually suf
fering with hunger. . .. ,f..-,
The correspondent states that the.
Arcric cold is increasing the death.
rate1 among the troops until it ie ap
proaching ' alarming . proportions.
.The officers in charge of the com
missary arrangements are. grossly,
incompetent, and the "eonfusion ,is.
incredible. . ' -,
Vladivostok, the correspondent
declares, will prove an easy prey to
the Japanese. The country between
it and Harbin is filled with Chun
cbuzes, who are in such force that
it would require aa army division
to dislodge then). , j The officials
knew this,' and will make no at-
aempt at present to sepd . reinforce
jnente to the. beleaguered peit.
- Vienna, March 3. At one of the
largest meeti ngs ever held here of
Christian Socialists,- a resolution
was adopted praying heaven's bless
ing upon the Russian arms, and
wishing Russia brilliant victory
over tbe yellow race. Several mu
nicipal councillors and one priest
explained to the meeting that the
Japanese cause was identical with
that of the Jews, aqd consequently
all good "Christians",, must, - wish
that neiteer the Japanese nor the
Jews shall come out of the war with
a whole skin.
Ruesla they declared, deserves
the sympathies of all nations, be-,
cause she has been nearest the
hearts of tho3e who bate the Jews.
Tokio, March 3. It is report
ed, that a mile and a quarter of the
branch line of the Trans-Siberian
railway connecting Vladivostok and
Harbin has been deotroyed at a
point outside of Min Guma, a town
midway between the two terminals.
Tbe Japanese agents who per
formed this feat also removed the
telegraph wire along the line, thus
effectively isolating Vladivostok.
Drain, Or., Feb. 27. A shooting
affray occurred here last eve
ning 'in which Frank Hill, a
schoolboy, was 6hot in the left
thigh " by -Lee " Cannon, - another
schoolboy, . tbe ball taking -effect
near the base of - the tbigh, and
making an ugly and painful, though
not necessarily dangerous, wound.
The attending surgeon was unable
to locate the- bullet. ' -
The affair is the culmination of
an attempt on the part of several
young women, accompanied by a
few-young 'men, to punish young
Cannon with rotten eggs for alleged
defamatory ' ' remarks concerning
some of the young women.
;: . . The Best Cough Syrnp. .
SM.. Apple, ex-Probate Judge, Ottawa
Co-. Jiansas, writes: "This is to say that
I have used Ballard's Korehound Syrup
for -years, and that I do not hesitate- to
recommend it ag the best cough syrup I
h-ave ever used. . 25c, 5oe and
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cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
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T I . . 1 .1
nne ana tastv cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
: Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.