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Sime Things True and Same Not
The M liden at the Sacrificial
Fire Burning Musical In
struments on the Flat
The news of Holy . Roilerism as
lately practiced at XJorvallis has
penetrt-tid far off Scotland. A copy
Of the Scotchman, published at Ed
inburgb, and containing atry of
the doings of the Corvallis Jttolr
T 1, 1 S . 111' II
xvouers nas reacnea me - limes I
ofhee. lbe article appears under X
tbe bead, "ine Jioij Hollers fren
zied Aces of a New Religious Sect."
In full, the story is as follows:
'Bj it as God directs."
With the-e words on their lips
the fanatical men, women, and chil
dren who constitute t he strange re
ligious tect of "Holy Rollers,"
wboss extraordinary) practices have
awed the etate of Oregon lor the
last two month?, throw upon the
flames household goods, and even
sacrifice their pt dogs and Cbt'.
' Be i( as God direct" they alto
answer to the grave charge that
. their propl et. "John the B iptist "
reincarnated, is preparing to offer,
to toe alter's flinies one of his mast
devoted followers, a young girl, Miss
Mttilda Johnson. And the girl,
wbm officer of the law 'aked her
if it were true that she was to be
sacrificed, answered with bowed
"Bi it as God directs."
The prophet and bis foremo3t fol
lowers have been tkn into couit
m tie charge of insanity, but hive
easily cl ared themselv s of that
charge and go ae free. Their weird
rites continue, and near the house
in which the ordinary services are
held, behind barred doors, the
. prop let hn built a teat, into
which none dare to enter but him
self, f r in Ibis tent is -the sacred
recep'aole curtaining . the "holy
rolls" upon which God has directed
' to be written tbe names of the elect.
Among the members of this sect
are people who have always been
known as sound of mind and of
good bu-in-H sagaoity..
' After lbe dismissal of tbeinsioi-'
he citizens threalened vio-
lence, and some cf the-leaders fled.
butODlrto remain away for a few
. days. iTheir return w&s the occi
( sion for a grand jubilee by the ad-
bsrents of the new religion, whose
I - faith and z.-al were reinforced when
the leaders," with great solemnity,
"God bade us return. Human
beiuia Canrot harm."
Tne eff ct of this declaration was
I All 1 1 r : . 1. 1 . ,
tiejir.cii.. .j .in iua iiiiuiui nssam-
eveniog before' a flat
rock near their temple, which the
prophet had proclaimed an altar for
-special sacrifice. A fire was built
upon the altar, nd behind it stood
prophet with rapt countenance and
arm upiaised, alternately praying
and exhorting Bis followers.
These fanatical followers had
brought before the altir what re
mained of their furniture and cher
ished personal effects. As the
flames rose the prophet spoke
. "Subjugate all lustful desires.
All that bas price contaminates tbe
spirit and binders communion with
'B9 it as God direct !" chanted
the followers.
A young and handsome woman
threw upon the flames the mark of
ber vanity a mirror la a carved
frame. M-n. and women followed
her with all manner of household
fixtures and goods even the beds
upon which they were accustomed
to sleep.
"All all to the flames!" exhorted
he prophet. "To the flames with
- all these agencies of evil!"
"Be it as God directe." answered
his disciples, wh-se excitement had
become intense.
The blazing altar was heaped
with furniture and clothing. A
young girl fed the fire with her dear
est possesion, a mandolin A young
man sacrificed his guitar. Two pil
lars of the church came with a
small melodian which the flames
destroyed amid prayers and shouts.
At this Etage the emotion i of sev
eral women had overcome them.
They fell upon the grout d, and
then began a detail of the sect's re
ligious practices previously per
formed, only behind barred doors.
Shouting and praying the! women
rolled over and over on thf ground
in front of the altar. Graddally oth
'er men and women joined jhetn.
Suddenly what had reall been
impressive became " frightful. A
faithful house deg, winning and
struggling in its master's arma, was
stoaned by a blow nd thrown into
he raids: of, the B ames.w, .Pet oats
had' the same - fate even a bird ia
im cage,, ?.
" Children "sacrificed their "toys
without urging. Oce mite of aeirl
kissed her rag do'l and threw it up
on the blazing altar. -' ;"
The prophet, seen through - the
smoke with bis arm3 upraised, com
pletely dominated every miLd and
body tbere.
y T he mode of ordinary
rsbip of
this strange Beet consists
rgely of
shouting, Bingiop, ccrea
irjg, and other actions w
eg, roir-
ch denote
a greatly perturbed ftate
of mine'.
While some sing: others roil about
on the floor, giving venf to blood
curdling yells. When they tire of
this the prophet takes tie floor, reads
a few passages of Scripture, and if
his disciuJes still show weariness he
holds communion wilfa God. Tben
thsfaoutinsr and ECnearjoiner ia tba
I i
When tbe rumor gained general
circulation that a young girl was to
be offered as a sacrifice police c ffi
cers repaired to the temple ' of the
s c. -Admission was at first de
nied them, but they were not to be
deflated, and rushed past tbe door
keeper. The prophetf promptly
made his appearance and inquired
the cause of tbe disturbance. When
informed that all in Ahe building
were wanted by tbe law and were
under arrest, he nuaee no protest.
The visitors were ushered into the
apartmtnt Tbe'cene impressed
tbena in spite of themselves. .
DLciplea were lying about on the
floor, on mats, cots, blankets, bides
and other placeB of rest remarkable
for their crudenesa. No furniture
graced the room, end the worship-
pars had assumed various positions
to offar up prayers and otherwise
declare their devotion to God.
Une youcg girl sbe wbo it was
reported was to be sacrificed--ap
neared to he in a trance or suffering
a spasm. A large . whit cloth cov
ered her face, The officer stepped
over to remove it, when instantly
alt in the room cried out, "don't
touch ber, she is holding commun
ion with God." :
The officer asked the girl if ehe
knew she bad been selected as a
subject tor sacrifice. She replied
in the negative, and added, "If God
so wills, such a death would be joy.'
CloEe beside the girl, with his
bead almost touching hers on the
pillows, was the prophet. The ques
tions addressed to the girl were
than rmt tn htrvi
"ftnrl'a cill h ! .11
Nfiequeeted to explainthe rnn-
x1 " "--j
icg of the cloth over the. girl's face,
and tbe nature of their devotions,
he replied "We are receiving a
revelation from God as to our fu
ture." Pressed to anEwer whether God
had ordered that the girl by his
side be sacrificed, He said "He has
not yet, but ifHeehould, His will
be done. We know no law of man."
' Pressed still further as to wheth
er he deemed such a command
probable, he would only say "It
is in 'God's bands; His will be
done." I
The officers, realizing that their
mission had failed, hailed the lead
ers, Creffield and Brooke, into court
on a charge of insanity. Their dis
charge by the court has left them at
liberty ti continue their strange
devotions unmolested until the
watching officers of the law gain ev
idence thatva human saorifice is ac
tually in preparation.
At Summit.
Mark Caves is' tunnel watchman
while Ed Stout is taking a lay
Several are sick with Lagrippe at
this time.
Mis. Caves is visitirg relatives at
Mrs. J. A. Yantis is visiting her
daughter in Albany.
Helen Harrison left for Ellenburg
Wash, last Monday to . visit her
Mrs. . C. King and children
visited her parents Mr. and Mrs.
H. Harrison during tbe week. '
For Exchange. '
A fine residence in Los Angeles
good location, will rent for $30 per
month, value $4000, for improved
farm about same value.
J. G. Simpson, v
2563 N. Sichel st.
' Los Angeles, Ca!
Begins with the symptoms of a common
cold; there is chilliness, sneezing, sore
throat, hot skin, quick pulse, hoarseness
and impeded respiration. Give frequent
small doses of Ballard's Horehound byr-
up, (the child will cry for it) and at the
firstsienofa croupy cough, apply fre
quently Ballard's jSnow Liniment to the
throat. -
Mrs. A. Vliet, New. Castle, Colo.
writes, March 19, 1901: 'I think Bal-
lard'rf' Horegouud Syrop a wonderful I
remedy, and so pleasant." 25c, 50c and J
$1.00. Sold by Graham & Wortham.
Parents and Teachers in Council- Par1
. cut's Meeting at Wells. ..,
An interesting mepting of school
patrons occurred at Wells la t Sat
urn ay. lne nr-t sut j c. on tbe
program was, "Home Influence on
the Character ol the Child," E F.
Wiles read a very strong paper in
which he said in " part: " ''Parents
should begin ea-lv in - character
ti amirs'. The mother's influence
is the grea est factor in
good, noble citizenship.
It b gius
wttb tie cradle ana never
, ceases
until it ends with the -gi ave
Mnhers bave plenty of time to de
vote to social functions, but au char
acter training little attention is tw
often given. Every normal woman
has the instinct of motherhood.
therefore tbere is no excuse
to hex
who uleads ieooranee as - to
pToe way oar boys and girls are
. .
growing up . Hit manhood anq
womanhood in maay of our cities
is a striking example of the need of
more, wholesome t aining ' alorg
this line. Therefore, let us make
our homes more attractive; let us
make home life more cheerful and
cha'tnir'g." !
Does the School Teach too
Much," wa discussed; at consider
able leogta by A. A. 1 Williamson,
A. Thurston and John Harris. Mr.
Thurston's paper showed areful
preta-ation . and thought. His
idea was that an effort should be
made to bave tbe stat give more
money to our - public . schools and
lees to our state inst tations. This
would enable the teachii g of the
higher branches ia tie country
schools. Mr. Htrris said that our
parents weie ' not enthusiastic
enough in-, their ; daty to their
school. Support our sefrola bet
ter, visit them more, take a k ener
interest all alorg the line and in
instead of havn g our teachers
worked ti death with too many
recitationF, the work would be re
duced nrriDOrtionatelv. :
T. T. Vincent made an eloquent
pi a for better training of the young,
His subject was "Value of an Edu-
catbn." He-'male some . plain,
practical thoughts which appealed
t every parent and youth present.
"school jjays wnen l was a
Child" was handled in a very in
teresting way by Wm. Cauthorn.
He told the children preeent how
he cot his education, descrlhefi the
sch ;ol house and fixtures.
: R. N. Williamson in discussing,
"Should Agriculture be Taught id
bho Schools, " showed why this
should be done. He showed bow
much the salaries of teachers could
be raieed if more money was set
aside by the state ior the common
school folk, -
Felix Dodele followed with a few
appropriate remarks. He showed
what the producers ol our country
are doirjg and what factor, they are
in our government. He, therefore
concluded that at leaet the ele
ments of farming should be taught.
O. A, Deartng amused taose
p-esent with a number of humor
ous stories. ' '
Tbe next parent? meeting will
held with the Fairmount grange
F'tiruary 20th, This is to be an
open meeting to which all our
pxtrons should avail them
selves of the opportunity to attend.
This meeting will include the fol
lowing districts, N Granger, . Oak
Grove, Fir Grove and District Wo.
43- ' - "
"I to troubled with stom
' ach trouble. Thedford'B Black- '
Draught did me more (food
In one week than aU the doc
tor's medicine I took in a
year." MRS. SARAH E.
6HIRPIELD, EUettaville, Ind.
Thedford'B Black Draught
quickly invigorates the ac
tion of the stomach and
cures even chronic cases of
indigestion. If you will
take a small dose of Thed
ford'a Black Draught occa
sionally you will keep your :
stomach and, liver in per
fect condition. - ' .
More sickness is caused by
constipation, than by any
other disease. Thedford's
Black-Draught not only re
lieves constipation but cures
diarrhoea and dysentery and
keeps the bowels regular.
- An druggist sett
25-eent packages.
''Thedford'8 Black
Draught is the best medi
cine to regulate the bowels
I have ever used." MRS.
A. M. GRANT, Sneads
Ferry, K. C. .
Officer . Host Pay Duty ' on
His .Treasures. .
Ueat Sefcoeftel Sfeets with Dtfllemlty
oa lLechf bs San Fraelaco wltfe v
: CnlaBe. imperial SesUs . :
ud Jade TaltletB.
Five Chinese imperial seals nd 13
jade tablets 'from the temple at Pe
king, which were brought home by
Lieut. John B. Schoeffel, of the Ninth
infantry. Here set rd at the transport
duck at San Francisco by the customs
officers the other day ll was supposed'
st first that the tableta vere of great
historical value, but more careful ex
amination convinces the customs offi
cials that they were simply ornaments
and of no particular value except as
curios. Both the. tablets and seals are
beautifully done, aiid they will com
mand high prices as curios. It was in
tended at first to hold the relics pend
ing inst ructions from Washington, but
later it was decided that Schoeffel
could bave his property by paving the
duty. ' The amount has not been fixed.
The imperial seals weigh about six
pounds, are of rectangular shape,
about six ' inches square and three
inches in height. . Caned dragons in
crouching attitudes surmount the
block, serving as handles. Chinese
characters are carved, in relief on the
base of the seals, and a yellow tassel is
knotted on one of) them. The tablets
are of dark' green jade, each inscribed
on one side with Chinese characters
traced in gold.' The five-toed dragon,
the Chinese' royal escutcheon, is Im
printed on the other side. also, traced
in gold. . The tablets are ten inches by
five, by one-half an inch in thickness.
Lieut. Schoeffel said he bought, the
jade tablets of a' Chinese, who did not
tell him wheTe they came from. He
declares that if they are of any his
torical value he did not know it. He
bought them simply as curios, and has
been 'carting tbera'around for two
years. He Sss not in the least disturbed
by the seizure. .
Emparor Telia Students Boon ThaU
Presence, of Empress &t Konam
" ' Should Be LlfeJone Iuplravtlua.
y At the kommers of the Boruasia
student corps, .which was held at
Bonn, Emperor. Williamv who was
present referred in a speech to the
empress of Germany, who witnessed
the kommers from the gallery of the
building. Alluding to tJie presence of
his wife, the emperor said :
"Thechrohiclers record that when
our forefathers met in tournaments
it was perfectly natural that a circle
of illustrious ladies should witness
their deeda, and with pride the victor
received , the . wreath presented by" a
lovely hand. It was thus also at "Wart
burg, when they seized the harp and
lyre and sang in competition.-
"Never before, so kmgjis the his
.tory of German universities bas "been
written, has any university received
uch an honor as is conferred to-day
upon that' of Bonn. In company with
the beauty of Bonn and. surrounded
by ladies of princely rank, her majes
ty, the empress, the first princess of
the land, has appeared at a students'
kommers. This unprecedented honor
has been accorded to the city of Bonn
and. to the Borussia student corps.
I hope and expect that all the voung
members of the Boru&sia corps upon
whom the eye of the empress has
Tested to-day have received an inspira
tion for the rest of their lives. I call
for a. strong salamander for her majes
ty;, hurrah!
Dr. Ssrault,, tk Ptorla PbriUlea
Who Inoculated Himself with.
Tlrns, Is DlssatfaanssV.
Dr. Garnanlt, the Paris phvician
who ha inoculated himself with mat
ter taken from a consumptive cow, in
order to disprove Prof. Koch's theory
that it is impo&sible for human beings
to catch tuberculosis, from cattle, is
Teady for a new experiment.' '"
rle does not propose that Dr: Theo
bald Smith, profesaor of comparative
pathology at the medical school at
Harvard university, shall treat him
during the present experiment if
tuberculosisdeclares itself. Should
the experiment fail, howeverthen Dr.
Garnault : will place himself in com
munication with Dr. Smith and Prof.
Baumgarten, of Tubingen, who, he
says, "if they do not follow Eoch com
pletely, yet express doubt which im
pose on them grave obligations ,
"I do not ask Dr. Smith or Prof.
Baumgarten to imitate me," continues
Dr. Garnault, "but if the experiment.
fails I ask them to assure, in concert
with me, a new, decisive experiment,
to be practiced on' myself."
Dr. Garnault also says that he
chooses Dr. Smith and Prof.' Baum
garten because he is convinced of their
scientific goodfaith, which he ques
tions jn Prof. Koch. The French phy
sician is willing to go-to Boston if
necessary for the experiment. J
Free Doctors in Germany. .
Under an insurance law enacted in
Germany several years ago, 30,000.000
people receive in return f or a nominai
sum free medical attendance. The the
orv was that sintering humanity woiild
receive chf-ap and effective relief from
its bodily, ills, hut in practice there are
many drawbacks. The doctors hired
by the state hold that they are expect
ed to do too much for the pay they get.
In Munich they get only about $75 per
-annum. . In order to keep down ex
penses the doctors are inclined to im
press 'upon the patients that nothing
is the trouuie wita mem.
; ; Now is the time to think about " v
Chat Pair of Eyeglasses
You. were to treat your eyea to. Come
" to me and I will fit your eyes, guarantee ,
the fit, and vrill be here from 7 to 6 to
make good my guarantee. ' : ; ' :
-:- JE. W. S. PRATT,
.. : : The Jeweler and Optician.
Close at 6 p. m. except Saturdays.
January 5, 1904, is the Date
For Opening after the Holidays.
'v v .'.:...
thorough. Short and Complete
' C)Ufse8 in Bookkeeping, Shorthand, .Typewriting, Rapid
Calculations,. Commercial Law, Letter Writing, English,
Punctuation. -
Corvallis, Oregon.
Willamette Vallej
Banking Company.
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange Issued payable at all finan
cial centers la United States', Canada
and Europe.
Principal Correepondents.
PORTLAND London & San Franc Uoo Bank
. limited; Canadian Bank of Commerce.
SAN FRANOISOO-London Saa Franola-
- co Bank Limited. ,
NEW YORK Messrs. J "P. Morgan St Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, ENCK London San rrameiaeo
Bank Limited. -SEATTLE
ANb TAOOMA London Saa
franolseo fank Limited. ,
OfiSe cor 3rd ana Monroe eta. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison sts.
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. Mr Sundays 9 to 10 A; M,
Phone residence 315. -
Citation. . x
Ira t&e County Court of tne State of Oregon
for the County of 3enton. .
In the matter of the estate of Jane E. -Fisher,
aeceasea. 1
To Ethel E. Schon. Ida K- Morris, Htriraret I
Flshei, aud Rowland Fishrrhelrs and devisees
of Jane . Fisher, deceased, Greeting: 1
In i.hA nanio nf t!n Ktn nf (Ir.Bi.n v-niv orn
hereby cited and required to appear in the
Count; Court of the State ot Oregon, for the
County of Benton, at the Court room thereof
at Corvallis in the County of Benton on Tues
day the Sta day of March 1961, at to o'clock in
the forenoon of that day,' then and there to
show cause if any exist, why an order of . sale
should not be made as prayed for in the rpet
tlon oE. E. Wilson, administrator of said
estate of Jane E. Fisher, eceased, of the fol
lowing described real property towlt:
Beginning at a point chains east of the
southeast corner of the northwest quarter of
southeast quarter of section 20, T. 11 8. R. 5 W.
and ran thence north 60 cbalns;.- thence
east'2.50 chains;. thence north 30 chains; tbenee
east to t!ie West line of the donation laud claim
of Philip Mulkey, Not. Ho. 938 in T. 11 8. K. 5 W. ;
thence south to a point OJOchains south of tho
northeast corner of donation land clilm of J. C.
Roberts, Not. Mo. 940, same Tp; and B.t thence
north 26 degrees 36 minutes west 10.62 chains to
a point 4.75 chains west oi said northeast corn
er of said Roberta claim; thence west to the
place ol beginning. Also lot 10 lu section 22,
and lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and b in section 21 T- 11 s. It.
5 W., except therefrom the following, beginning
at a point 50 links east of the southwest corner
of said lot 5 and run thence north 4.08 chains:
thence south 75 degrees east 10.23 chains: thence
south 24 negrees eat 1 .48 chains ' to point on
south boundary Hue of said lot o (said point
being 4.40 chains west from southeast corner ot
said lot o) thence . west on south boundary
line of said lot 5. a distance of lO.SjchHins to
the place of beginning, containing 2:s2 acres
more or less. Also a strip of land 30 feet wide
running along the full length ot the west i e
of a piece of land coutainiug 17.83 acres des
cribed as follow. beginning at the Is. . corn
er of claim No. 55 T. 11 S. R. 5 W .. run theuce
W. 18 chaius: thence S. 9.91 chains; 15.
18 chatus; theuce N. 9.91 chains to place of be
ginning All the above being in Benton couu
. ty, state o! Oregon.
It being the iutention ta include in the above
descrintion all 1 nets described In mortage
given by Jane E. Fiherahd husband to the.
State Land Board, bearing date December 3. 1
And you are fnrtber notified that this citation
is served upon you, and each of yoa, by pub
lication thereof in the Corvallis Times, news
paper for four weeks, under an order made by
the Hon. Virgil E Watters. judge ot said court
bearing date Februajy 5.h,1904.
WITNESS, tne Hon. Virgil E. Witters, Julge
of the County Court of the State of Oregon io,
the County ofBent.u, with the seal of sail
Court affixed this 5th day of February, A. D.
. Clerk.
Means the ability to do a good day's
work, without undue fatitue and to find
life worth living. You cannot have indi
gestion or constipation without its upset
tinsr the liver and polluting the blood.
Such a condition may lie best and quick
est obtained by Herbine, the best liver
regulator that the world has ever known.
Mrs. D. W. Smith writes, April 3, 1902
"I use Herbiee, and find it the best
for constipation and regulating the liver
I ever used.', Price 50 cents. , Sold by
Graham & Wortham. .
Real Estate Co.
Just a Few of Oar Many Bargains.
No os 5; a adjoining Corvallis, good "
house and orchard, 18oo.
No 49 House and 6 lots, good location
$13oo. '
No 50260 a three miles from Cor
vallis, $v per a.
Na 54-8 lota good location $500, i
yio. 35. Undivided halt interest , in
business lot on Main street, good two
story brick 50 x 75 feet, a snap. Price
No. 27. 22 foot front on Mtin street
good location for business. $500.
No 38. House 2 lots, 350,
No. 39-100 acres 3 miles from
vallis; 5 acres plow land fs&pe
No 404 a adjoining town; fine build
ings, goood location, $3000.
No 4110 a prane orchard, 2 miles
Corvallis, $1200.
' No 51 30 a, Is a prunes, 3 a timber,
12 to clover, running water, Smiles from
Albany. A. snap. S2100,
No 32 6o a 32 miles Corvallis $3o
per a.
Space will not permit of further details,
but if you want a good investment call
and see ns. White & Stone. First door
south of Reading Boom
E. R. Bryson,
, Abtomey-At-Law,
E. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Ore
Time Card Number 22.
Por Yaouina:
. Train leaves Albany . ......rasp-
, 2:00 p. m
" arrives Yaquina.
i Returning:
Leaves Yaquina....
Leaves Corvallis . . . .
' Arrives Albany . . . . .
3 'For Detroit:
. . o:Zo p. m
6:45 a. m '
11:30 a. m
. .2:15 p. m
... 7:00 a. m
leaves aiDany.
Arrives Detroit ...12:20 p. m
4 from Detroit:
V Leaves Detroit ;..i:0o p. m
Arrives Albany 555 P- m
Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south ound, train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train. ".'
Train So 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albanv giving direct ser
vice UJ nCWUUiLauu avijcM-u- .
Train 3 for Detroit, Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to rsacn tne oaring? las
same day.
- For further information, apply to
Edwin Stonb,
; Manager.
F. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany.
Go to Zie'roU's foi
frajh Yj-iuia 1 B ty
.; ?'. For Sale. - I
Best Plymouth Rock or Brown Lf ghorn
cockrels or-eggs." v ' - , ."i
, r , J. B. Irvine. Corvallis. .