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Some' imes Three Sermons a day
Dr. Driver and Something
About Hm Death
David Millhollen.
At the M thodist church this
week, there is present id the unus
ual pheDometv n i f a man at the ad
vaaotd age of eighty years de
feodii g the claims of the Christian
faith with as mu.;n v'gor aid pow
er rb though he were jut
int i the prim of lif . tiod
aud the Ctirietia i religion for a
theme, he d-li vered three p iwerful
lei tu-es on Sunday, the third to
an audience that pajked the av
nt-x and auditorium to the utmost
cap city, and every day this week
he is addiog two mire SMrtnios to
the liat, one at three in the after
noon and another at 7.30 in the
The epak-r is Dr. I D. Driv r
whoje ram- f r r.early filty ynar$
baa been a .familiar one in Wil
lamette valley hornet'. In spite of
his great ngs, th-re ii no tremr
in his powerful voiop, ns lapse of
memory, no dimming of his fine
mental power-, no lack of v g ir in
the present t on of hid subjiiet. He
ep-ak poiut-dly and powerfully,
a d with a pp-ed tht implies an
eff Tt 10 compreps a va t amount
of thou t into the allotted time.
Hid pji:ti are toojotim-fi aiayed
in such swift pmce-iMon trat 't re-quir-s
-trorg eff rt on the pirtf
toe t ga-p t ie succession
of ide a. tpeakf", howevjr. in
puch a way as to hld the attent'on
of his audiirU'jH' perfectly, no matter
to h t Ifi g'h the theuie may be
drawn out. In physical appear
ance, Dr. Driver is ttill robust aud
powerful, movii g about in the pul-
pit with a'l the ease characteristic
of a man hslf his sge.
It is Jonbtful if the Christun
fanh and the B ble has on tarth a
mo'b nble defender thin Dr Driv
er. He i-i known throughout the
UniUd ft a'.es aoneof the ablest
bibl cal disputaat-i of the time, He
has measured swords wit 1 the fore
most infidels of the wo Id, and it is
doubtful if be ever cam out of an
.argument worsttd. Oae of hU
most memniable tilis was with the
laU CjI, Robert (i. Ingeraoll. It
occuried at Eugene in 1884. Iti
gersoll had delivered a lecture there
and as tie audience was about tj
be dismissed, Dr. Driver was seen
odvancii g fr.ra tbeaudience to tbe
pla'form, The audience at once
grasped the situation and remained
seated. They were well paid for
their pains, for ou the platform oc
curred a colli quy that lasted for a
considerable time, and which only
ended with the retirement of loger
soll from the plaform and his re
fusal to pursue the subject further
Tbe report ?f the impromptu de
bate a id of its ending, followed
Col Ingersoll back to his home in
Illinois, where it soon became
known that out on the Pacific
Coast the noted infidel had en
countered an unknown Methodist
preacher and received from tbe fat
ter one of the worst mental diub
bitg that ever fell to the lot of the
great exponent of infidelity.
Perhaps the greatest debate of the
kind that ever took place in the
country happened at Princess Opera
House Chicago in May 1889. The
exponent of the free thought was
Charles Watt, editor of a Magazine
at Toronto, Canada, and an ack
nowledged champion of infidelity.
The side of Christianity was man
tained by Dr. Driver, who was se
lected for the purpose, by fhe late
Dwight I,. Moody. The contest
extended through three days, and
newspaper accounts of it show that
an intense interest prevailed, and
while there was no way of measur
ing the weight of argument on both
sides, the world was led to believe
at that time the doctrines and be-
beliefs of the church suffered noth
ing by being entrusted to the man
from Oregon.
Another similar disputation took
place in the Victoria Theatre
at Victoria B. C in June
1 89 1, in which Dr. Driver met an
other noted tree thought orator in
the person of Samuel B. Putnam.
Putnam was a man of national repu
'tation as a thinker and debater.
He was lecturing at Victoria, where
the Free Thought Union issued a
challenge to any minister to meet
him and defend the Christian faith.
The Y. M. C. A. organization at
Victoria telegraphed to Dr. Driver,
and the roueh and ready old theo
logian went to Victoria, and doubt
less presented his side of the ques
tion in a tray that made it hard for
his. antagonist. V ;
. An early incident in which Dr.
Driver was a factor was in connec
tion with a n..ted champion of in
fidelity named Underood, editor
of a free thought journal at Bton.
Underwood came ont to -Oregon in
the early seventies and'delivered a
number of . lectures, engaging fio.
ally in an rxttndtd debate with
the late Rev, Tv F. Campbell,
father of the present president of
the S at Universit--. Underwood
was a ubarmii-g speaker, and the
result of his lectures wa a con
dition that sent panic through the
church membership at Eugene.
Young people by the score fell in
with the Underwood idea, and at a
conference of minisiers of the vi
cinity, it was determined that
something must be don'. At last
Dr. Driver was seit for. He was
then at Salem, acting as agent for
the American Bible society. When
he arrived, a chal enee was at 0"ce
issued to Underwood to debate but
the latter refused. ' The challenge
was then published in the papers
a'ong with an offar of $100 to Un
derwork if he would accept, ' This
likwi'e. he declined, and there
upon, Driver advertised . and de
livered a course of adozen lertares
in which the position of Under
wood was assailed wjtb tremend
ous vigor. The incident attracted
wide attention throughout Oregon,
at toe lime, and at once placed the
comparatively unknown M-sthodiet
minuter in' the front rank of pul
pit disputant?,
Dr. Driver was pastor of the
Cnrvallis, Methodist' church . from
1863101865. Hia pastorate -here
Is e!l remembered by old t'tnere,
on account ot its vigir and ag'
gresetvenesB. . The town then vi as
not the quiet, orderly place that it
is now. - The young preacher lev
eiea nis oaueries on varions vices
a he saw them, taking opportuo.
ity once to convert a funeral into a
terrible arraignment of the liquor
traffic. A woman whose husband
wa a cnfirmed Eot was burned to
death, and as he stood over her
casket, the young preacher launch
ed f rth into a . bitter Philippic
sgainst the evils of intemperance
which in bis terrible declamation
he declared had brought her to her
t agic dt-a h, A day or two aftsr.
wa-d, while pair.ting his buggy in
a ehed. Driver was violently . as
sailed by a man. who said that it
wa3 his purpose to whip the preach
er for wLat be had said at the fun
eral. The at'ack wa? made with
a big. club, and when it ended, the
assailant had been thrashed within
an inch of his life. He left town
shortly afterward and never re
. Dr. Driver is of English'ancestry.
He is the first of his line, on his
father's side, in 300 years to pro
fess or preach Christianity. He
was born in Ohio in 1824, and at
the age of two years went with his
parents to Indiana. At an early
age he learned the cabinet maker's
trade, but later abandoned it for
the ministry. In 1849 he left the
Bast and came to California, cross
ing the plains by ox team.' Later,
he returned via the Isthmus to the
East, but in 1853, again crossed
the plains and settled in Oregon.
After entering the ministry, he was
stationed at various towns in the
Willamette valley and at The Dalles.
For nine years during the Seventies
he was stationed at Salem as agent
! of the American Bible Society. Per
haps the greatest tribute ever paid
to his ability was a few years ago,
when onee a day for twelve days,
at the invitation of the society, lie
addressed a ereat convocation of
of churchmen assembled at Lincoln
Nebraska. The brightest minds of!
the entire country were assembled
there, the concourse of ministerial
delegates being one of the largest
that ever came together in the Uni
ted States, The invitation to Dr.
Driver came through Evangelist
Moody, and the fact that an hour
each dav in such a gathering was
given up to Dr. Driver is a weigh
ty testimonial of his rare abilities
as a pulpiteer.
Lounges, Coaches, Desks, Folding
Beds, Etc., made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. All work guaranteed. One
door south of R. M. Wade's, Main street.
W. W. Holgate,
Sale of Furniture.
These and other articles are to be
sold at mv residence, cor. 4th and Har
rison streets. Oue upnoisterea parior
set four pieces, one large frencli plate
mirror, pictures, one nail tree, one nau
lamD. one center table, one side board
two pair nice lace curtains, one steel
range, one small cook stove, one small
refrigerator, twelve window shades, one
stair carpet oea toom set ana springe
Mrs. J. C. Kaupisch
- Circuit Court Didn't Bring. - t
- The controversy over the Norton
James road in Blodgett is - sup
posed to -have reached a solution.
The county court has proposed a
compromise that is understood to
be acceptable to all parties, whence
it is believed , the long contest . is
nearing an end, ' -
The last term of the circuit "court
worked on the -case, to the extent
of investigating the destruction of
county bridges, and the sawing of
timbers in culverts and bridges . by
which tha unknown perpetrators
hoped apparently to frighten trav
el from the highway. One consid
erable bridge on the road was
burned. " Atterward, tne county
court rebuilt it. and a second - time
it was destroyed, til the investiga
tion by the circuit court, no indict
ment was returned, but the sum
moning of witnesses and the rigid
investigation made it clear that fu
ture tampering with the bridges
would end in trouble for the per
petrators. It is understood that at the com
ing term of the circuit court the
road will be ordered opened ac
cording to the terms of the ; com
promise, and that it is the purpose
to insist upon its establishment and
maintainance thereafter.
Dayid Millhollen His Death Occurred
in Corvallis Sunday.
David Millhollep, a familiar fig
ure in this vicinity for the past forty
years, died at the home of his dau
ghter Mrs. Taylor Porter, in this
city Sunday morning. The funeral
occurred yesterday from the Oak
ville churcli, in Linn County and
the interment was in Oakville ceme
tery. "
The deceased was one of the early
pioneers of Oregon, and was a man
of high character. He was born in
North Carolina 77 years ago, and
in 1852 crossed the plains, arriving
in Oregon after a six months jour
ney by ox team. He settled at first
near Shedd, where he resided ' fcr
about 10 years. He was united in
marriage . in 1853 to Miss Mary
Shear. In 1862, he purchased a farm
a few miles beyond the Willamette,
in what is known as Orleans pre
cinct. There he resided until the
death of Mrs. Millhollen two years
ago, since which time he has made
his home with his daughter in this
city. The surviving members of
the family are, W. H. Millhollen,
Mrs. J. H. Hamlin, Portland, Mrs.
D. B. McKnight, Albany, Mrs. C.
M. Tharp, Oakville and Mrs Tay
lor Porter Corvallis. ' .
San Francisco, Jan. 24. Lizzie
KazlaDzky, who lives io the red
lieht district, was seated in her
room early todav counting her mon
ey, when the door opened and Wil
lioin Dargan, an ex-soldier, entered
snd pleasantly accosted her. Dar-,
pa i smilingly approached the . wo
uiao, playfully put one hand over
htr mouth and with the other
plunged a knife into her ieft breast.
The woman broke away from
hi in and screamed. Dargan tried
to stab her again, but a number of
men, including a special polioeman,
forced the door. Upon seeing the
officer Dargan stabbed himself three
times in the breast aud then plung
ed the knife at the policeman.
At tbe hospital it was fonnd tbe
wound had penetrated tbe woman's
lung. She may die. She says she
never saw Dar g a a before, and at
tributes bis assault to attempted
robbery. ;
Dargan will recover. His father
is V. P. Dargsn, a well-kaown cit
izen of Darlington, S. C.
Guthrie, Kyi, Jan. 24. Lewis
Radford, a negro, was lynched here
tooight by a mob of from 3o to 4o
negroes. He was - arrested this
morning accused of killing Priecil
la Frozell, aleo a negro, last night.
Radford coofesbed to having as
saulted the woman but denied to
the last the act of killing her;
Mitshal Burries employed John
Dock, colored, to feed the prisoner,
and tonieht while he was in the
iail corridor a mob rushed in ' and
demanded the Keys to uaaioras
cell. Dock at first refused to deliv
er them. The mob gave him sever
al blows on tbe bead and drew their
revolvers when Dock promptly de
livered the keys. ,
Radford refused to leave the cell
and the mob began firing at him
several shots taking effect. - In all
eight shots were fired. .
The prisoner half dead, to a tree
a few vards from the iail and was
hanged to a limb.
The FirBt Spiritual Union ot Cor
vallis will bold services Sunday in
Barrett Lyceum. Doors open at 2-30 i
Service'at 3 p. m. - A cordial . iovita
tion is extended to all. ;
- For Sale. - -
three state premiums; one horse has tbe
power of 99; can grub an acre a flay. -James
1 Brocks, Or. -'
Proposals for Wood. "-
Notice is hereby ei Yen that the clerk
of School District No. 9 Benton Co. Ore
gon j will receive sealed bids, to furnish
the said district with wood for the com inn
year 10 wit: so cards split body red fir
wood ni t growth, or 80 cords ot fir wood
second irrowUi; good, not less
than four feet in lenetti, and not. less
than four inches, or more than - eight
inches in thickness- nor diameter, to
delivered at the school- building in said
riisirict on or before August 15th 19O4.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids, and no bid will be recei
ved after $ o'clock Febrnars i2th 1904,
w. A. .Buchanan.
' . -.. Clerk.
Notiqe for. Publication,
Timber Land Aot J una 8, 1873.
United States Land Office,
- Oregon City, Oregon.
January, 18th 1904.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
itn the provisions ot the act of Conzreaa June
3 1878, entitled ,an act for the sale ot timber
lands in the states ot .California. Otagon, Ne
vada and Washington Tenitoty," as extended
to all the Public L iud States by act of August
4, 1892, Barney I. Carey of Palls Citv, county of
Polk, state ol Oregon, his this diy filed in tnU
office his sworn statement No 6317, for the pur
chase of the Lots 1 tL i oi S.?tiou So 2 In Town
ship No 13 8, Hange No 7 West, and will otter
prool to slow tnat the lund sought is more val
uable for its timber or t-tone than for agricul
tural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land eelore Victor P-Moses. Clerk of Ben
ton County, at Corvallis, Oregon, oa Wedneday,
the 30th day of March. i04.
He names as witnesses!
Jacob L, Hankie of Philomath, Oregon,
John W.Hyde '
Frank Spencer
K;chael Flynn ' '
Any and xll persons claiming adversely the
above eescribed launs are reauested ti file
their claims in this office on or beiore said 3Jth
day of March 1904.
v Algernon S. Dresser,
Groceries for
Che holidays
nsure the utmost satisfaction:
to sruests and host. Large.
uscious raisins, citron, cur
rants, orange and lemon peeJ,
as well as all kinds of relishes
olives, sweet and sour pick-
es in bottle and bulk.
E. B. Bryson,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs back of Graham &
Wells' drug store. Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. Tele
phone at residence, 104.
All calls attended promptly.
Physician & Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
Time Card Number 22.
For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany n5 P-
" Corvallis...... 2:00 p.
' arrives Yaquina.: 6:2o p. m
Returning: -
Leaves Yaquina 6:45 a. m
Leaves Corvallis 11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany 12:15 p. m
For Detroit:
Leaves Albany : 7:00 a. m
Arrives Detroit I2:a0 p. m
4 from Detroit:
Leaves Detroit.. .....i:vo p. m
Arrives Albany. 5:55 p. m
Train Mo. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany beiore departure or a f nortn
bound train.
Train So 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany givipg direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit, Breitenbush .and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. ni. , reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day.
For further information apply to
Edwin Stone,
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany. .
- 1 Go to Zierolf a for fresh Yaquina
lovsters. -
South Main St.; Corvallis, Ore. : r
Carbon,' Piatinjum and Platino Portraiture
Art Calendars, Sofa Pillow Covers,
And other Photographic Novelties.
." Now is the time to to think about . Ijj
Cbat Pair of Eyeglasses g
s You were to treat your ej'es to.- Come
to me and I will fit your eyes, guarantee 5
tbe fit, and will be here from 7 to 6 to Re
make good my guarantee. -
E. W. S. PRATT, g
The Jeweler and OpticiaD.1
' Close at 6 p. m. except Saturdays. fs
January 5, 1904, is the Date
For Opening after the Holidays. N
Cboroudbt Short ana Complete
-Courses in Bookkeeping, Shorthand, . Typewriting, Rapid
Calculations,. Commercial Law, Letter Writing, English,
Punctuation. . ..
Corvallis, Or egoist.
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or. come and
see me,; I shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish., also showing i
you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
1 .Philomath, Oregon.
Willamette Valley
Banking Company.
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange lasuM payable at all finan
cial centers la United States, Qacacla
and Europe.
Principal Correspondents.
PORTUUJD Indoo SanX-ranclKCOitrak
Limited; Canadian Bank of Coraraaree.
SAli FRANCISCO Loudon & San Fmracia-
eo Bank Limited.
NS.W YORK. Messrs. 3. F. Morgan. A Co.
Clil-CAGO First National Bank..
LONDON, ENG. London & San Tranelsco
Bank Limited.
Jfranciacu Bank Limited.
L. G. AliTMAN, M. D.
Office cor 3rd nd Monroe eta. Keei
dence cor 3rd and Harrison sis.
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. SuDdays 9 to 10 A, M,
Phone residence 315.
E. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis. Oreg
Sheriff's Sale.
On the 13th day of Febr uary. 1901, at the
hour of one o'clock p. m. at the front door of
the Court House, in the City of Corvallis, Ben
ton county. State of Oregon, I will sell at
public auction to the highest bidder, for cash
in hand, the following described real estate,
towtt: Lot number 12, in Block number 3, in
Onuntv Addition to the Citv of Corvallis. in
Benton County, Oregon. Said sale is made
anaer an ezevuuuu anu uiuer ui axiB. iu iu;
hands issued cut of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oresron, for Benton County, in the suit
of wary n. wnuoy, rjsiaun, ana against jonu
Oaburn and William Groves, deiendants,
proceeding to foreclose of a certain mort
gage. Dated this Jan 16, 1904.
Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon,
Real Estate Co.
Just a Fen of 0r Many Bargains
No 05 5 a adjoining Corvallis, good
bouse and orchard, l8oo.
No 49 Houae and 6 lots, good location.
No 5o 260 a three miles from- Cor
vallis, $40 per .
N0.54 8 lots good location $500,
No- 35. Undivided half interest ht
business lot on Main street, good two
story brick 50 x 75 feet, a saap. Pries,
No. 27.- 22 foot front on Main street
gcd location for business- f 500.
No 38. House 2 lots, 5350,
No. 39 100 acres 3 miles from Cor
vallis; 50-acres plow land $30 pe
No 40 4 a adjoining town; fine- build
ings, goood location, $3,000 -
No 41 -io a prune orchard, tj4 miles
Corvallis, 1200.
No 51 30 a, I5 a prunes, 3 a timber,
12 to clover, running water. 3 miles from
Albany.' A snap. $2100,
No 32 60 a 3) miles Corvallis $3a
per a,
Space will not permit of further details,
but if you want a good investment call
and see us. White & Stone. ' First door
south of Reading Kootn.
Bids for Wood .
Notice is hereby given that the Coun
ty Court of Benton county, Oregon, will
receive sealed bids to furnish wood for
Court House as follows:
35 cords oak grub, or old growth o ak
50 cords old growth body fir wod.
Said wood to be delivered at court
house in Corvallis, Oregon, between
June 1st and August 1st, 1904, to be paid
for in county warrants, when . accepted
by the Courf. Bids will be received at
the omce of the County Clerk up to 1
o'clock p. m. Wednesday, February 3rd.
1903, the court reserving the right to re
ject any and all bids.
Dated Jan. i6th, 1904.
YictorP. Moses,
, County Clerk.