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(MrtrtlaenwnM tn this Minn ehargcflctor
M ttf rate oat oeiru par line. , . .
Ben Woldt returned Monday
frm Porl'aid. ,
Mr. aid Mrs. J. H. Simpson
spent Sunday with Albany relatives.
. Dr. and Mrs, Harper Attended a
wblat paity la Albany last Tboraday.
Mrs. A. I. Koteely la to enter
talo the Ladles Whist Club tb af
teraoo at bt-r home on College Hill.
Miss Pauline ' Kline returned
Mordiy frJm a two week's vlelt In
Portland. , : t .
, 'Mrs. j. M. P-Ttf r leturrel Mon
day from Portland where she Vbtted
udi merer tur a wocjs.
Mn. M. P. Buroe't left Jat we?k
f ir an exteodel visit with htr mother
as Baker City, . i
MU Eva Stirr Went to Por land
Monday in a two week's visit with
ber sister.
Miss Miud McBee returned Mon
d ty from a visit with Salem relatives
and fr'e-cK
Only f ur days more remain of
Elloe'a Clearance Sale. Mall orders
Solicited and satlef iction guaranteed,
Theta will be & Unloo me Ming of
tbe young peoples socletlet of Cor
vallU In the Methodist church on
Sunday evening at 6 p. m. L. 0.
Kobefts, sec. -
In the adJress on the paper of
every subscrlbf r to the Time there a
ad tie. This date shows tbe timn to
which the subscription is paid- Most
subscribers prefer that this date shall
not show an arrearage Mention Is
made here so subscriber? may notice
me aate on meir hue a?a mere
disc iver bow theystand on the' books,
' The steamer Iitona Is to begin at
once the carrying of wbe it from up
per river warehouses to the two
Oorvallia mill'. At Cummlnga, Peoria
- Flnley'n a"d Boooeville there are
large stocks of tbe ce el that Is to be
brought to Onrra Ilia whrd It will be
manufacture 1 into flour,
Wltb tbe early appr oach of spring
the Village Impr jvemeut society Is to
resume activity. No meetings nave
bt e J be d during the fall and wlutT
montb9. but next Friday night the
- first of the regular ; monthly meetings
to take plaie during the coming sfa-
, Son will be be'd. The county court
r om la tbe i lice, and 7-30 o'clock
tbe hour.
. Wheat Is 71 cents In the local
market.-. The Chicago advance has
not yet r aihed Corvallia, In ftct.
everybody ba'k there la unloading
Wheat on Arm 3Ur and his fiiods in
such prod!gl"u quantities that the
corDfr hai be'n ellshtly shaken and
prices have suffered ar slight decline.
The latent ChloiRO quotation , was
some'hlog over 91 cents.
A news 1'era in tbe Oregonlan an
nounces, that by tbe death in England
of the raotbtr of ber f u mer busband,
Mrs. Henry Fpid of Portland has
fallen be'r to an estate of 850,000,
Mrs. Ford was formerly Miss Cora
Fisher of Cnrvallis, who later become
Mrs. B. B. Walker. After the death
of Mr. Walker, Bhe mairied Henry
Ford, who for a time conducted a fur
niture 8t6te in Corvallis in partner
ship with Guy Laws, two or three
vears ago. Tbe new Inheritance Car
rie? wjth It an Income for Mrs. tor i Of
81,750 per year.
' A pact-el house greeted "Malon.
y's Wedding" at the Opera House
Saturday night. Some peop'e who
attended find fault with the perform
ance none perhaps so much as the
local mara?ement and the manager of
the company. In the main, however,
tbe bill seems to have given satisfac
tion. The complaint of the local
management Is that a much larger
company was promised than aoutual
ly appeared, a fault that steps will be
taken to pi event in tbe future, If pos
sible. A new scheme for the state Inter
collegiate oratorical contests is a plan
whereby a general subject Is given out
a year in advance. Two hours bef ire
the contest, tbe orators era each given
by lot a subdivision ot tbe subjec',
and required to deliver an extem
poraneous speech. Tbe plan is now
under discussion at tbe various col
leges, and is to be acted upon at tbe
coming meeting of tbe Association to
be held at Pacific University, Forest
Grove, in March,
Up to yesterday 190 persons had
registered at tbe county clerk's office.
Registration blanks have been sup
plied to registration offloers in the
outside precincts, and such as desire
can register without coming to Oor
vallls. The list of outside registration
officers Is: Fa'rmount, T, B. Wil
liamson; Soap Creek. V. A. Carter;
Kines Valley, W. L. ' Price; Summit,
H. Underbill; BlodgeK, C. T. Hender
son; Philomath. O. W. Davie; Alsea,
J. N. Hn(?ue; Bellfountalo, M. M.
Waltz; Monroe, J. T. Ca'penUr. '
Tbe OAO basket ball team met
with a reverse at Balem Friday
night In a game with tbe Willamette
University aggregation. The score
was 14 to 12, the last point for Wil
lamette being made In tbe very last
second or the last half. A return
game between the two teams Is to be
played in Corvallis next montbf The
lineup of the local team was, Swann
and Stokes forwards. Moore 3; center.
Stelwer and Elnehart, guards: sub
Coates. The officials were Ziphar
Tharp of OAO, and B. F. Morris of
Bert PilkiDgton Is Totting his par
ents at Oakland, Oregon " i. - -r,
Boro, last Sunday, to Mr. land
Mrs. Frank Langley, a bod. ' - 'J
R. M. Davlsson returned yester
day to his homa at Oregon City. '
' Albany police raided a gambling
game Monday nlghr, and surprised
fifteen minors at play. ' ': fc
" T. W. billey Is taking a lay-ofT,
and Is spending tbe time with Metros
In Portland and vicinity.
. Charley Alexander, well known to
all bid tlmeis in Corvallis, has been a
local visitor f r several days, tbe flret :
time in 18 years. , : ; ; !
Mr. aud Mra. A. J. Johnson arriv
ed Monday from the bedside of SJra,
Young mother of Mrs. Johnson, who is
arloulyiriftt8clo. A telephone message
from the scene yeatf r lay morning, an- j
nounced that the patient was slightly :
worse aglu. - -
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Kaupisoh a.e
to leave BMtt Monday for a farm be
twen Portland and Oregon City
where they are to ' reside in the fu
ture. Numerous friends made during
a two years' residence in Corvallis, re
gr ;t their departure.
" Orval Miller, Aged 20 years and
13 days, and a student at tbe College
ot Philomath, died cf pneumonia at
Philomath last Thursday. His bome
was in Curry oinnty. Tbe funeral oc.
curred Saturday, and tbe Interment
was in Newton cemetery.
E. D. Musslev a well-known stud
ent at tbe college, was suddenly strick
en with paralysis y est1 r Jay morning
at J. L. Jones'. His attack Is not be
lieved by his physician to be organic,
but due rather to bilious conditions,
for which speedy relief should . be ob
tained, v -' - - .
. ' ' '" ' ' ;- !r? 5v '
'Mr. and Mrs. ' J. A. 8pangler' re
ceived a telegram Monday announcing
tbe birth of an eight-pound baby boy,
to tbe household of their son, Mart,
In Oakland, Calif. The child baa been
named Bavmonrt Luper, the family
names of Mrs. Matt Spangl r and of
Mrs. J. A. Spangler. -
Almost a year ago Herman Brey
er worked out a solution, of a puzzle
aooouoosd by the , Cliff Publishing
Company, New York, and forwarded
it to the bouse. Monday Mr. Breyer
received information that hla solution
wis correct and that be bad tbeopUon
if selecting as a prizs a gold-finished
watch or a diamond ting. " Mr. Breyer
chose 'the latter, and doubtless when
tbe article arrives hs will cut a daz
zling swatb. " ; j
Eugene Guard: Captain Pealand
of the basket ball team ..will probably
not be able to play this season owing
t" bad ankl. Ther ls a large fq.uad
of men practicing every day uoder tbe
coaching of Prrf-seor Burden, and the
team will be wei tialned for tha first
game, which til be- plyed with Cor-
vaills, February 6. The fiist tam
will ptobably be oompoaedmf the fol-
1 wlng play ere : Center, Hug; forwards,
rnaytr ann uaiourette; guards, lay-
lot and O. McClilo.
Little Marie and Edward Fltcb,
who. bSfore their departure for Oak
land, Or., 8ecurd a god list of sub
scribers tn the Ldle' Horns Journal
and the Ssmrday Evening Post, in
form the "Times" that for their ln.b r
they rpcelved a small cash prlz-1. They
wish to.thaok their Corvallis friends
for the assistance randered them, and
partlc.ulatly tboee who sent renewals
to them at Oakland. They are trying
for a larger priz this year.. . Success
to the energetic little people.
Copies of the 8eseioo laws of tbe
late epecial session of the legislature
have been received at the county
clerk's office. The supply Is for ubs
at the court bouse and for justices of
the peace throughout the county. The
book is one of the' smallest of its kind,
turned out In Oregon in many years.
It contains but 48 pages, including the
Index. The session laws for the spe
cial session of 1898 oontalned '318
pages In the new book there are 32
pages ot laws, containing all told 22
Tbe remains of William Faber
were cremated bear Portland Monday
In compliance with his wish expressed
before death. Tbe funeral ceremonies
were largely attended by Portland
people and acquaintances throughout
the valley. A prominent member of
tbe Elks fraternity delivered the fun
eral address at the home of the de
ceased and an Immense throug follow
ed the remains to tbe crematory on
Sunday. On account ot some disor
der in the fixtures of the Institution,
however, the body was not disposed
ot until Monday.
Mrs. J. M. Wright died Sunday
at tbe family bome on Beaver Creek,
from dropsy. Mrs. Wright has not
been long a resident of this county
and state, having come from Iowa a
bout two years ago- with her huBband
and Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, who are
relatives. Tbey purchased the Fred
8emit place. Mrs. Wright was a mem
ber of the Christian church, and B,ev.
T. S. Handsaker.of that denomination,
conducted tbe funeral ceremony which
ocenrred yesterday. . Interment was
at Oak Ridge cemetery.
Two Days ana Nights But Ultimately
Reached Home in Safety,
-''"-r ; - .':-"v- - .a.-.- ' '-''
For two days and two nignts last
week, Sherman Cbappell and a com
pan ion were lost in; the mountains
at the bead of Beaver Creek. With
Others, they went oat bunting, ex
pecting to return home the same
night. ; In doe time a portion of the
party put in an appearance, -. but
Chappell and his friend failed to re
turn., t Neither did they appear the
following.'day, nor the night there
after. , Intense alarm was felt ; at
the family home, . and a . searching
party was Sent out. On the third
day however, the missing men tur
ned up, alive and well but some
what the worse for .their ; hard ex
perience. : -
It turned out, that they had be
come beiwldered in the woods, and
were unable to find their way out.
There was considerable snow .on the
ground, which likewise added 1 to
the uncomfortable character of their
situation. , They 'wandered about
however, until they finally reached
a cabin on the - headwaters of the
Alsea, haying strayed a long way
out of their course. There, they
obtained food and rest,; and were
pnt on a trail that led them again
into the settlement, whence ia due
time they were able to reach home.
Mr. Chappell is a years 'otge.
He resides with his parents on what
was formerly the 1 Bethers place,
near Inavale. He was in Corvallis
a day or two ago.
. v For Sale, '; ,
At about so per -Cent on the dollar
large louse, barn, and woodshed, 2 lots
corner 3rd and Washington streets.' Ap
ply to owner, fisoo, . : , t r t
. H. H. Kreger,
Santa Barbara,,
' -v. v- Cal.
Vetch 'd ateoryalUi Floor Hills
2 J
t.i r
men's Clothing.
All 16.50, 17.50, 18, 20 and $22.50' Suits and Over-
coats, ibr...... ................... $15.00
AS 13,14 and$15 Suits and Overcoats ybr......... ... 12.50
All 10, 11; 12 and $12,50 Suits and Overcoats for... 10.00
AD8, 8.50,9, 9.50 and $10 Suits and Overcoats...... 7.50 '
Ali $7.50 Suits and Ore coars...... ................ 6.50
; Twenty per cent reduction on ajl Boys' Suits and
'.Overcoats, and Men's Extra Pants. '
Ten per cent reduction on lace curtains.
Ten percent reduction on dress linings. '
Ten per cent reduction on W..B. corsets, v.
Twenty-Five per cent redaction on back
and fancy combs.
Twenty-Five per cent reduction dress trim---
mings, lace all over.
Twenty-Five per cent redaction wool
u waists. -. .... ...
Twentv-Five per cent reduction ladies' belts.
Ladies' and Misses' skirts 10 per cent re
duction. ,
Ladies' and Misses' jackets 25 per cent
Wool shawls and fascinators, 25 per cent
. reduction, ; .
Six and one fourth cent calico at
Ten cent outing Bannel. .....SJ4
Ten centSannelet 8i
Ten cent percale.... 8yi
Eight and a third centshirting 7
Twelve and a half cent percale 11 i
' Fifteen cent ribbon:.... 12
Twenty-Five t ent ribbon .'..20
Thirty Five cent ribbon ......30
Fifty cent velveteens .....45 .
Dollar and a quarter dress goods.. .$1.00
Dollar dress goods..; 85
Seventy-Five cent dress goods 60
Fifty cent dress goods 45
Twenty-Five cent dress goods 20
Twenty cent dress goods 15
Seventy-Five cent eiderdown 60
Thirty-Five cent eiderdown...... 25
mmmm. i
; ti -. . 1
ER9S9 CorvailiSo
Degree of Honor Entertainment.
The members of the Degree of
Honor lodge will give an entertain
ment in iheir over Allen's drug
store, Eriday evening, Feb. 5'h. A
program rendered. Ad
mission i cents: children.
The public is invited.
5 cents.
Remember our great Reduction
Sale will close Saturday. January
30th. Nolan & Callahan.
Ali Mali Orders deceived During Sale will be Filled at Clearance Sale Prices.
Aii'nua.1 34th
Will commence to-day, Friday, January the 1st, like its thirty-three predecessors.
It will continue for 30 days, and be conducted on the same broad plans that have made
them the greatest' bargain opportunities.
50c corsets at .39
$1.00 corsets at..........:.' .85
1.25 corsets at $1.0.0
1.50 corsets at............ 1.15
: Broken lines at just half
price, or $1 corsets for 50c.
$10.00 suits at.............,..$ 735$ 5.00 overcoats at.....v.$ 400
12.50 suits at.... ......1975 8.50 overcoats at 6.25
13:50 smta-ftt 1100 -10.0 overcoats at...;..:; 7.35
15.00 suits at..
16.50 suits at.
. 18.00 suits at.
. 1400
Ladies' and Misses' Hosiery & Underwear
This is the best money-saving chance of the year in
the Hosiery and Underwear . Department Every gar
ment at a greatly reduced price:
3o cent garments at 21 cts
5o cent garments at 42 c
75 cent garments at 67 J
Loo garments at -" - 82'
Trunks & Bags ,
Trunks, bags and suit cas
es at clearance sale prices.
Toys, , dolls, games, etc,
all at greatly reduced prices
Boys' Clothing
1.50 boys' suits at ....$1.15
2.oo boys' suits at .... 1.45
2.50 boys' suits at .... '1.95
3.oo boys' suits at .... 2.45
3.50 boys' suits at .... 2.85
4.50 boys' suits at... 3.50
5.oo boys' suits at 3.95
Shawls & Fascinat'rs
Daring .this great sale
shawls and fascinators will
be closed out , regardless of
cost. . "
12.50 overcoats at........ 9.25
15.00 overcoats at.....;.. 12,00
18.00 overcoats at...... 13.85
Wool gloves in plain and
fancy colors.
Regular 25, 35, 50e
Reduced to 20, 30. 42c. .
Kid gloves: $1.25 gloves at
$1. Dollar gloves at 90c.
Silks and Dress Goods
Black, white, and colored dress fabrics, black and fan
cy silks, velvets and velveteens, at a great sacrifice.
$ .50 dress goods at 39 -.75
dress goods at . 62 J
l.oo dress goods at 79
5.00 Jackets, $3.95
10.00 Jackets. 7.95
13:50 Jackets, 10.00
15. oo Jackets, 11.85
4.50. Skirts at $3.45
0.pU bkirts at 4.35
b.OU skirts at 5.P0
7.50 Skirts at 5.85
Children's and Misses' wraps are included in
. ' this great sale.
Carpets and1 Lace Curtains
Our entire stock of lace curtains and carpets at clearance
sale prices. . ' ' . .
Men's & Boys' Underw.
$ .50 garments at........r $ .41
,75 garments at.......... .67
1 .00 garments at .79
1.50 garments at..... 1.20
2.00 garments at......:... 1.45
Wool "Waists
pl.25 wool waists ,at .90
1.50 wool waists at 1 i20
2.00 wool waists at... 1.45
2.50 wool waists at........ 1.95
3.00 wool waists at.:...... 2.25
3.50 wool waists at 2.45
i .75 silk and velvet at62J.
l.oo silk and velvet at 82
1.25 silk and velvet at 99
Shoe Department
Extra Special.
75 pairs Ladies' shoes worth
$2.00, $2.50, $3,00
and $3.50
50 . pfairs 'children's school
shoes worth $1.25
and $1.50
25c Armour's washing pow
der ...:.3 lbs 15c
25c Home bak powder 19c
15c Rex loo percent lye.
3 for 25c
15c canned corn............ 9c.
Good sardines.... 6 for 25c
Arm & Hammer, and Schil
ling's Soda .... 4 for 25c
Naptha soap.... 4 for 25c
Our Annual Clearance Sale includes every Department of this Great Stock of Good Merchandise, and the radical, I
reductions apply to every article excepting only a few lines the prices of which the manufacturers control.
Regulator of Cow Prices
Cbe Olbite Ifouse