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Over Twelve Thaa-anJ Packages
in December Firearms aud -Exploding
Cirtridijes io a
Fire in the McMahao
Home Other News.
How well the R. F. D. routes
are appreciated by patrons, is shown
by the constaut growth of business
bandied on each. Daring the past
month there was a large increase in
the number ot packages handled by
the carriers, The total number of
packages on the three routes dnr-
.ing ujuciuuci. was 12. 337. sui-
prising thing ih the business is,
that on Route f, from which the
least was expected, the business
was greater than on any of the
others including Routa 1, the oldest
of them all.
The number of packages deliver
ed and collected on each way as
follows: Number 1, collected, 692;
delivered 3555; total 4.247,
Number 2, collected 523; deliver
ed. 3,003; total 3,526.
Numbers, collected, 705; deli
vered, 5 862; tJtal, 4,564.
Total collected on all routes,
i, 9I7; delivered, , 10,420; total
The. letter of George Armstrong,
published in the Times has caused
other patrons on Ronte 1 to volun
teer contributions for additional
pay for the carrier during the win
ter months. Richard Riger has
phoned the local postoffice, propos
ing to contribute a dollarper month.
A list has also been sent to Post
master Johnson, in which other
patrons along the route volunteer
lo contribute each the sum of fifty
cents per months. The contributors
are as follows: John Smith; George
Linderman C. E. Moor, Robert
Wylie; Fred Elliott, W. S. Locke,
William Knotts, W. O. Davis, A.
Wilson, B. W. Harrh and S. Bick-nell-
Law Prohibiting China Pheasant Hun
ting Failed to Pass Local Sportsmen.
A change has come over the fpit-
ts ot Corvillt ipjrtsoaen. Wa-rs
tbe-e vvas 1 indentation and a
few Meibudi-t ctws words thtre
now repose" of soul and
smiles of s renity. Tue mw liw
that prohibited the killing of Caioa
phea'acrti until Octo"?r 1916 did
not after all, pass- both huusjs of
tbe lejisl i'ure, at tbe extra cession
and therefore there will beusn open
eeason next sumtmr, and pheasant
hunting will gooa as in the past. N
It sstoied that the measure failed
to gn the required number of votes
i 1 tha housa of representatives.
W-en a vote i taken, it appears
that the record is kept on printed
lis's whic'a biar the names of all
the members, In the hurry of b'lai
'ness ou the day the bill was
-thought to have p-.sed the hous,
lln clerk who figured out tha v te
made 'a mietBk?. And this mis
take entered ths announce
ment that the measure bad pa;sad.
Tue senate accepted the stats
meat, and the governor tilled the
bill aahavirag passed both houses.
The error wad discovered y the
legislative committee that is always
appointed at the cless of a session
to revise and correct the journal.
This omnoitteecame acro's the'
list showing tha. vote on th" pheas
ant law., and discovered that only
30, instead of 31 membweJIbad- vc
ted for the bill. The law provides
that a majority of ail the members
U'C'ed to either house shall be nec
tosary to the passage of a bill.
With sixty members elected to
tbe bouse, the 30 votes received was
not a majo'ity, and therefore the
bill failed to piss that body, and
consequently did not become a law
as has been reported.
Of course, there is balm ofGikad
for local huntjrs in this newest
news, and their present pleasure
atones for the late wefk of disgust
One thing in the incident is, that
, if Alex Heunij's hoiss Dick did
die as a result of the reported
passage of the law Alex has a good
case for damage against the legis
lative clerk who made the mistake.
Cheaper Rates.
Commencing Jan- 1, 1904, we will sell
lights per metre in residences at 10c per
1000 watt hours with ,a minimum of 7
cents per month. Should you use 7.5
we will charge you 75 cents. In Albany
or Portland the same amount would cost
youii. Should yo use 10.000 we will
charge you $1.50. The same amount in
Albany would cost 2.25; in Portland,
f 2.70. Should you use 20,000 your bill
will be $ i. In Albany yon would have
to pay $3 and in Portland &.60,
Hereafter you will have to fnroish
your own lamp renewals.
Corvallis Electric Light & Power Co.
There was Also Fire Corvallis Resi
' deuce Aflame. -
. While the family at the William
Mt-Maban borne t inboathweatern
CoravllU sat ai dinner Friday.' the
repealed discharge of firearms np
stairs attracted tfiteotijn. There
poret were mors . or. less muffled,
and an iuv6tigatiio followed. It
developed that a closet on tbe sec
ond Si tor, a boa 1, the center of -the
hailding was on fire. In tbe closet
was a quant ty ofc-lithine, particu
Urly that ol the ypung lad - in tbe
family, and all this wan aflarne.
Three guns and a quantity of car
tridges were also there, and tbe
discbarge of tbe healed cartridge
w-.ra the repjrta that htd given tha
fire alarm.
A geoeral alarm of fire was at
once turned in, and tha depart
ment burried to the scene. With
out tire hydrants or cieternsat haod
however, the apparatus was largely
use.ers, the vie nity baing wholly
with tnt fire protection. By s use
however of a small hose, served by
a water tank- oa the premis"",'
together with the buckets of tbe H:
& L. Cjaipiny, the building and
practically m .at of tie contents
were saved.' Tha damage, however,
ran ialo several hundred dollars,
much injury being; done the walls
aeu flojrs a well as contents by
nmok-t and water. E'erythinj in
tha cl att was burned, including a
tiue shotgun, valued at f 100, aqjd
two valuabU rifles.
Tbe otigia of tbe fire is supposed
to hive been a spark from the
chimney, which passed in 'close
proximity to the . closet, and in
tiub soot was burning attheti
Tne tarter ws notioed by
Dingus Who appeared on the
auout the time' the family discov
ered the fi".
Mr. Mi Mihan requests th Times
to express ibe thanks of himself
and family to nethbirs f r tha as
sistance rendered during the fire, j
Sold for Fifteen Dollars Three
Others win Frizes in California.
Fancy Corvallis chickens are on
exhibition at'tbe big poultry show
now going on at Seattle. They be
long to F. L Miller and. Gene,
Simpson, each of whom has about
a dozen birds on display. All of
them are extra fine, the parent
stock of the Miller fowls having
been imported from - Ireland and
England, at a first cost of about
$35 each They are Buff Orping
tons, while the fowls of Mr. Simp
son are Buff Leghorns. Mr. Simp
son has been in the fancy poultry
business as a side enterprise for
several years, and has prospered at
the business, having established a
trade through three states. His
net profit from the business last
year was $300..
Three of his birds went against
the best that California eould pro
duce in a big poultry show at San
Francisco recently, and two of them
took firsts and a third fourth prizes
They were a young pullet and two
young cockrells, and first prizes
went to the pullet and- one of the
Mr. Simpson sold the other day
a single bird for $15. It went to
a man in the state of Washington.
The buyer had heard of the char
acter of the bird, and without in
quiring the price, he wrote Mr.
Simpson, offering $15 as a pur
chase price. The owner consider
ed that a fair figure and closed the
deal on that basis,
The exhibition -birds that Mr.
Miller and Mr.--Simpson have at
Seat le. were taken there by Mr.
Miller, who left Corvallis with them
Monday. It is hoped that blue
ribbons may fly from the mast
head of all of them on' their return
to Corvallis.
For Corvallis Some Facts About
"Eleven Miles to Rock Creek.
Out at the college- there is re
liable data bearing upon the ques
tion of mountain water for. Corval
lis, and for tbe - Agricultural Col
lege. The datavis the result of in
vestigations made by two students
in the preparation of a graduating
thesis. The figures show that
Rock? Creek at the point has a flow
of water sufficient tor a city ot 35.-
000 inhabitants, and that in order
to secure a sufficient pressure the
water would have to be piped for a
distance of about 1 1 miles to reach
Corvallis and of somethingless than
1 1 miles to reach the water tower
at the college.
The students who made the sur"1
vey and estimates were J. ; Edwin
Johnson of last year's graduating
class, and David Hirstel, who grad
uates this year. Their computa
tions and other work were under
supervision of Professor Skelton,
head of tbe department of mathe-
malic? and. engineering -at .the
The boys ran a line of levels
from the cqllege to a point on Rock
Creek at an elevation of 200 - feet
above Main - street-,, at ! Homing's
corner in Corvallis- This i point is
on the main or north fork of Rock
Creek about 4 or of a mile
above tbe old Henkle saw mill. At
this plase the creek is very precip
itous and any desired additional
tall could be obtained ; - by going
only a short distapce farther. The
boys decided the best way to bring
the pipe line in would be to - follow
the general course of Rock Creek to
its confluence with the South Fork
of Mary's river, to follow the South
Fork to Philomath, and the rail
road from Philomath until the col
lege farm was reached. L ' '
Following the. above line the dis
tance from the college water tower
to this point on Rock Creek is very
nearly 10.6 miles or following ; the
railroad to tbe (J. & n. depot, in
stead of going to the ; college,
tbe distance would be about 112
miles. This line it will be noticed,
passes near the foot of "Old Baldy'
an excellent site, for a city reser
voir. ... - .
uagings of Rock Creek made in
September the season of lowest
water showed a flow ' of 5,640,000
gallons is 24 hours- This amount
is sufficient for a city of 35,000
inhabitants or more than i5 times
the present population of Corvallis.
The water was found to be of ex.
cel'ent quality and the- source of
supply free from contamination,
The boys ' before deciding upon"
Rock Creek, investigated both Oak
and Woods creeks, but abandoned
them as unsatisfactory. -
The work involved, not only the
preliminary surveys and measure
ments but the preparation of maps
drawings, plans, specifications, etc,
for a complete wafer system. No
estimate of 'cost was made as it
would depend so much upon the cur
rent market value of labor and ma'
terial that it was deemed useless..
They estimated that a 6 inch pipe
would supply all the needs of the
college both present and future.
To More Healthful Site -Some Philo
mathites do Other News There.
Toe new city councilman took
their seats Monday night.
There is a petitnn being circula
ted asking that the jail be moved
to a mpre healthful and salubrious
situation. Many signed the petition.
Ol Felger was fined fifteen dollars
and costs at the trial last week. He
says "there are others" who do not
get arrested.
F Williams was-married laet
wetk at Junction City to Miss
Emma Love ot that place.
A Ridgers of. Lewiston, Idaho
was visiting last week at the home
of bis cousin, Mrs C. H. Newth.
George Leeper has obtained tbe
agency of the Page .spring wire
fence and has erected a sample
fduce near the post
At Summit.
People of Summit- regret very
much to hear of the death of Mrs,
J. E. Franklin who "formerly lived
here. "
- The Xmas trees were well atten
ded. A good program was render
ed, and many were made happy.
. Mr. and Mrs. Minor of Corvallis
are visiting at Summit.
George Savage expects to move
soon to Eugene to reside.
John , Larson arrived - Saturday
from Hoquam Washington.
Sunday school is held regularly
each Sunday now.
Mrs, McFarland and children of
Portland are visiting Robert Mc
Farland. Subscriber.
Fresh Yaquina Bav ovslers received at
Zierolf s ever v Saturday
Absolutely Pure
Tq the Board And Many Went Town
1 - " was Club's Guest. -v ' - -T "'
All Corvallis was the eaest of
the Ladies C-ff e. Club New Years
afternoon. The occasion was the
reception annually given Corval
lisites by the club. Tbe function
has come to be a regular custom
in the loo, and it is one peculiar
to Corvallis. No other town has
an organization that stands in the
same relation to the, community,
and in no other is every person,
high or low, bidden to accept the
hospitality of a club of ladies. It
is an occasion eo excellent - in con
ception and always so pleasantly
planned and executed, that it de
eerves to endure, and to be - copied
elsewhere. '
. As usual, last Friday's affair was
in Fireman's Hall, as the large,
airy front room in the City Hill is
called. Decorations of fir, fed pa
per and ivy, were drap-d to the cen
ter of the ceiling from tbe four
corners and from the windows and
walls, forming an effect that eli
cited uoetinte 1 and oft repeated
praise From three t idles, stretch-!
ing through the center of tha room, j
coff-'e, coci'a a:.d tea. were served.
Mrs. Qraat Elgia and Miss Mabel
Withy oombe presided at, the tea
tatilej aesif ted by Mis3 Juliet
Cooper and Mies Edm Irvine. At
the coffee tabla,- were Mrs. John
Allen, Mrs. Hnry Pernot and
Mrs. Henry Allen, At the cocoa
tible were, Ms, B. W. Johoson,
Mrs.- Rennie and Miss Spangler.x
On arrival the guests weresbown
to cloifr rooms on either side of the
main hall, where wraps were re
moved. Tbe reception committee
occupied a place near the main en
trance, aud the members were,
Mesdarueer Bercbtold, Taylor, Lee.
Brunk, Witbyombe, Wilson, Lake
Uallabarv and Davis, all of whom
were n -t present. The executive
com mi; tee was Mesdames Audraws
Knidfly, L"fivrty, Miller and Miss
Eda Jacobs.
The reception began at' two and
ended at six. Daring the - time a
stream of guests passed up the
stairway, tbroueh the rooms with
an'excbange of New Year greetings
and after tarrying for a time left
for their homes The -'attendance,
though not so large as on some
former occasions was still 'very
large. The function was extrem
ely sucaessful, as was evinced by
interchange of greetings, the smiles
of welcome and the general atmos
phere of hospitality and good cheer
that prevailed throughout the af
ternoon. The City Hall building, in which
tne reception was given is ideal in
its conveniences for such a gather
ing, and though it' has been many
times said that the building is big
ger and costlier than Corvallis could
afford, the use to which it is put
each New Yeai 's afternoon should
certainly make every loyal and pa
triotic Corvaliisite feel-glad that
there is such an edifice, and such
an organization as the Ldie Club.
An informal dancing party in
the evening was a sequel to the re
ception, and young folks as well as
numerous. people no longer goslings
spent there a very pleasant even
ing. .. .
222 South Peoria St,
Chicago, III., Oct. 7, 1902. ,
Eight months ago I was so ill
that I was compelled to lie or sit
down nearly all the time. My
stomach was so weak and npset
that I eould keep nothing on it
and I vomited frequently. I
could not urinate without great
pain and I coughed go much that
my throat and lungs were raw
and sore. ; The doctors pro
nounced it Bright 's disease and
others said it was consumption.
,1 11 3 l.-lll- A. I. i
it mattered ruue to me wnai
they called it and I had no de
sire to live. A sister visited me
from St. Louis and asked me if
I had ever tried Wine of Cardui. .
I told her I had not and she
bought a bottle. I believe that
it saved my life. I believe many
women could save much suffer
ing if they but knew of its value.
Don't you want freedom from
pain? Take Wine of Cardui
and make one supreme effort to
he well. Ton do not need to be
a weak, helpless sufferer. You
can have a woman's health and
do a woman's work in life. Why
not secure a bottle of Wine, of
Cardui from your druggist to
day? ' "
h. G. ALTAIAN, M. D.
Office cor 3rd sod Monroe ets. Reel-
. deoce cor 3rd and Harrison stg,
1 Hour 10 to 12 A M.2rn 4. end
f to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M
, Phone Tesldeoce 315.
cheslti Dafatiest; Effects"
The style that carried off the laurels at the
These carbon parchments are not mounted on
cards, but delivered in neat Fojibebs or at
tached to thin Linen mounts, making a com-v
bination that is pleasing and -artistic. Sam
ples of these Carbons are now on exhibition at .
n k-A S South Main St.
g iu,uii!i&ii j & ii,iuiuiuw9 corvallis, Ore.
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me. I sha-U take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish , also showing
you over the country. v
- Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance.
' Philomath, Oregon.
twenty Patterns Iron and
elastic felt mattresses $950 to $12
And full-sized Mattresses as cheap as $2.00.
Stock of Furniture, Carpets ana Stoves
Was never so complete and full of genuine bar
gains' as now. Call and look, us over. No
trouble to show goods. k
3. D.
Willamette Valley
Banking Company:
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange Issued payable at all finan
cial centers io United States, Canada
and Europe.
Principal Eorreepondents. ;
PORTLAWD Londim & San FrancfocoBank
Limited; Canadian. Bank of Commerce.
SAN rilWCKOO -London & San Francia.
CO Bank Limited..
HEW VOBK-MewH. J. P. Morgan 4 Co.
CHICAGO Firot National Bank.
UOSOOS, EVO. London & San Franciu-o
isanlc Liuitteci.
Francisco Bank Limited. .
Groceries lor
Cbe holidays
Insure the utmost satisfaction
to guests and host. Large,
luscious raisins, citron, cur
rants, orange and lemon peel,
as well as all kinds of relishes
olives, sweet and sour pick-
Physician & Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon. '
I . ft
To choose from.
$350 to $1750
IHann $ Co.
Real Estate Co.
Jast a Few of Oar Many Bargains.
No. 34. 460 acres adjoining B. R.
to n, all, tillable,, fine improvements.
Only 25 per acre.
No. 37. 387 acres 7 miles from Cor
vallis and one and j miles from R. R.
station, two pood houses, fine barns, 12b
acres out to grain. A fine place $45 per
No. 21. 300 acres all fenced 160 seres
cleared more could be, 100 acres to
graia now. Price $25 per acre.
. No. 20. 60 acres, good 9 room house,
good well and orchard, all fenced; also
10 head of cows, team, harness and
wagon; some hogs and chickens all for
No. 18. 30 acres, 25 in orchard mostly
prunes, good house and barn, good well
and running water. Price f 24oo.
No. 1 5. 160 acres. lz miles east of
Corvallis, eight room house, barn 40 x
60 20 acres of prunes, balance good forest
land. . . Price 35 per acre.
' No. 26. House and two lots on Main
street l,500.
No. 27.-22 foot front on Main Btreet
good location for business. $500.
No 25. A fine lot on Third street $135
Sko. 31. Two fine lots nice location.
No. 35. Undivided .half interest in
business lot on Main street, good two
story brick 50 x 75 ieet, a snap. Price
Space will not permit of further details,
but if you want a good investment call
and See us.- White & Stone. First door
south of Reading Room.
E. fiolgate
' Stenography and typewriting done.
Office iu Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg