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"PlIfflN RA&
. W. H. Currln is confined at home
mmmmmmmmmmmmtmnmmm a
V Advertisements in thl column chc i ged Jfor
at Uie rate of IS cents per line.
f For several days. Mack Porter
has been seriously ill with grippe.
Miss Minnie Woldt left Saturday
tor a visit with relatives at Summit.
- Miss Mary Elgin went to Salem
Saturday for a tew days' visit with
. Prof, J. B. Horner and family
left Monday to spend the holiday va
cation in the cottage at Newport.
'Sam Hartsock and Harold Bum
baugh are spending the holidays with
their parents at Albany-
Mr. and Mrs, Otwell Hayes, ot
Sissons, California, arrived Saturday
for a visit with Mrs, Hayes father;
E. W. Fleher. ',
-.Uamk I.J II In nlnaaJ Jurlnn
- the holidays. The last meal until af
ter vacation was served at noon Sun
(&iy. C 'liege reopens the Monday af
ter New Year.
The First Spiritual Union of Cor
vallls will bold services tomorrow in
Barrett Lyceum. Doors open at 2-30
Service at 3 p. m. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all.
John A. Gellatly was recently
elected mayor ot Wenatchee, Wash
ington, A very good picture of him
appears in a recent issue of the Se
attle Post-Intelllgencer,
G. H. Boot and Percy Cupper
were among those who left for their
homes on Monday's train. Mr.
Cupper is to come back, and the re
turn of Mr. Boot is anxiously hoped
for by his many friends,, studetts
and otherwise.
1 The Improvement Society will
bold a meeting at the residence of
Miss Snail Wednesday evening, 23rd
inst at 7:30 o'clock. Members are
urged to be present and all other
citizens interested in the work of the
society are cordially invited to take
part In. the deliberations. '. '
Ml38 Maud Kerne, who has been
for two years the teacher ot the
primary grade in the public schools
left Saturday for her Dome in Eugene
and is not to return, having aocepted
a position as teacher In the schools
there, ' Miss Kerns Is, very success uf
in school work ""and her departure
from Corvallls Is much regretted.''
Jacob Wrage Is in town for a day
or two, after ' an absence of several
month1. With Mrs., Wrage. he has
just returned from a four week's visit
in various parts ot California. They
reside now at Newberg, but the- first
of the year, are r.o remove to Port
land where Mr. Wrage has . accepted
a desirable position.
A deer on Main street attracted
- much attention Mooday forenoon. It
was a tame one, led about by Arthur
Heokle, and wbile it was on the - side
, walks it was always the of a
curious and admiring '.'"group. The
animal . i a yearling buck and is the'
property of Ell Spencer, who captur
ed It fast spring "During the day It
was photographed at W. Q. Emery's
studio. t
A petition was forwarded Monday
to the Beat; ounty members, asking
the legislature to amend the Corval
lls charter so. that an ordinance can
be passed punishing' any person for
giving milt or spirituous liquors to
minors. The proposed amendment
is the result of the late decision in
the circuit court wherein it was de
clared that the city charter now cod
' tains no grant ot authority for deal
"log with such cases,; . ' - r
- The mortal remains of the late
C. B, Wells were laid away ' in Odd
Fellows cemetery Saturday. The
funeral occurred- from Wilkin's un-
' dertaking parlors at 10 o'clock, where
there was a brief service conducted by
Bey. Mark Noble' 'ot the Baptist
church. A heavy wind and rain
storm prevailed at the time and the
journey to the cemetery was attended
with hardship for, the . numerous
friends and relatives who followed
the body to the grave.
All this week, preparations for
the" holidays have made an unusual
bustle about town. While the streets
have been.! thronged, the various es
tablishments have' been the - storm
center bf the bustle. ' Employes there
have been kept on the jump from
morning until night by persons seek
ing something with which to gladden
the" heart of loved ones on Christmas
morn. The, ; recurring anniversary
of the birth of Him who taught.
'Peace on earth, good will to men" is
Indeed, one ot the bright . spots in hu
man life. ' '' s-
. -v- - --- -- .- .
Bpss Finley, who Is bow located
at Bourne, . where he contlnuee in
thtt AmnlW Af minima. ..aavsIa .1 . 1.
whom he has been identified for more
than a year:; For a few , months re
cently he wai In charge ot the Port
land assay, office ot the company, but
a week ago, be was sent to . Baker
Co.! where he is to have charge of the
company's store and assist in keep
ing ttte mining books. " He works at
the Eureka and Excelsior mines, gen
erally known as the E. & E, mines,
owned by the .Bourne' Mining .Com
pany. The hew position Is a promo
tion with a handsome advance of sal
ary, and is desirable because It gtves
Mr. Finley opportunity to become
thoroughly acquainted with other de
partments of the mining business,
Mr. FIniey's start. In mining was se
cured la, the mining department .: at
OAQ where be was advised ' to take a
coarse, by JQhnatlaa Bourne., .
-0. A. Hopsonof Wells, was doing
business in town yesterday. I
Professor and Mrs. Schmidt are
visiting Albany relatives.
County Clerk Moses left Monday
for a brief trip to Boseburg.
The estate ot the late Sarah Ann
Brown was finally eetted last Satur
day. .
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Veatch of
Cottage Grove, are visiting relatives
in this city. , . .
Mrs. W. A. Buchanan has suffered
a relapse, and some alarm is felt about
her condition.
Bert Yates fell from his bicycle
Sunday and sustained a fracture of
the shoulder blade.
, -rffotel Corvallls Is to serve an e
taborate dinner to patrons on Christ
mas day, from 12 to two.
Mrs. J. Fred Yates returned Sat
urday from a three months visit with
her sister in San Francisco.
A. B. Locke anived Saturday
from a 10 weeks visit to Missouri, the
former home of his parents.
Miss. Mary Nolan, who is attend
ing St. Mary's college, Portland, arriv
ed Saturday to spend the holidays.
In the probate court, Frank
Tbarp has been named as guardian cf
his daughter Yerna Tharp, aged 14.
Moses Milner, a student for the
past two j ears at O. A. C.,was marri
ed iu Oregon City the other day to
Miss Howell.
Mr. B. H. Huston and daughter
expect to leave next Monday for Los
Angeles, wither they go for the benefit
ot little Helen's health.
The course ot lectures to be given
at the Methodist church in this city
by Rev. I. D. Driver, begin January
10th and axt?nd oyer the , followii g
Sunday. ... ' '
Previous to slaughtering a larcre
cow Saturday, Homer Lilly plaoed the
animal on the scales . and she weighed
1350 pounds. She had been stall-fed
by Mr. Lilly for a time.
The initiative and referendum has
been declared valid by the supreme
court, which holds that the amendment
on the subject is, now. a part of the
stata constitution., t
MreE. A. Cummlnffs of Cottage
GT've. wlll spend the' holidays In Cor
vallls with her parents, Mr, -and Mrs.
J. H. Welsber., Mr. Cumuiiugs is ex
pected for a day or . two only.
Marriage licenses have: been le-
Bud to Delbert J. Strong and Maud-
Minnie P. Glrrard. The first couple
are Oorvallts young folks and the oth
era. reside In .King's valley.
; At theeveeiog service at the M. E.H
ehurch, an. orchestra is regularly
on duty now. - The instrumentation
Includes first and. seoond violin, viola.
trombone, first and second cornets, or
gans, and other Instruments. . ,.
Mrs. Dowd of. Portland, will spend
the holidays with her nMee, Mre.
Hardtop-, near Corvallls. Mrs. Dowd
is a high-class landscape and portrait
artist and many notable paintings are
the product of her brush. , " .
Arthur Bucbanau went to Cottage
Grove Saturday, where he will visit a
short tim with the family of his slu
ter, Mrs. Yeatch. From there be goes
tu Stockton and San Frapclsco for a
brief time.
The Oregon Legislature assem
bled Monday at 10, and within an hour
bad organized by re-election of all old
offlceis. At 11 o'clock the governor's
message was read, and at 11:30 both
houses adjourned. A fivd hours cau
cus of republican members during fbe
attei noon resulted inj a vote to finally
adjourn at 12 o'clock tonight, and to
legislate on taxes, hanging, portage
road, car shortage, , and one or two
other matters, i In flplteof the caucus,
a longer session Is expected. .
Among the events scheduled forfeveniDS' he delivered a lecture in
the annual observance ot Christmas
is an entertainment at the Presbyteri
an church tomorrow evening. Among
other features, the programme ' com
prises a rendition of the cantata "San
ta Claus, the Second," rendered by
the children of the . Sbuday - school:
The college orchestra, under the di
rection of Mr. Turney will have sever
al numbers, and of course there will
be Christmas trees and a distribution
of presents. The exercises are to be
gin at 7: 30. " '.
Grand Chancellor Emil Waldman
paid a visit to Valley .lodge.K. of P
Monday evening.
A Christmas tree at Grange hall
is one of the functions to be held in'
Alsea Valley Christmas - eve, in
which the citizens : generally, .will
The celebrated stilletto pocket knives
at the Bicycle Hospital. Every blade
warranted. - - r
Merry Christmas and Happy
, --V- .-' New Year., .
'' . ; . ' : " ''" - "
Coupled with this wish to the friends
and patrons of the .Occidental ..Hotel, I
wish to state that, contrary to report, I
expect to continue in business at the
same old corner. , ;
Try our turkey dinner Xmas.
; '' -' I' --H. M. Brunk, proprietor," .
' - Will keep open evenings until Jan i,
J904, B . P.prjeffoz, the Jeweler, -.
1 ' rr
tramp Who Tried
to Steal Unenvi
able Distinction- io:,
: It is said that tramps seldom
steal anything of value and a Cor
vallis incident of the past week will
go far toward establishing the im
pression. Friday evening a colored gentle
man made his appearance in Cor
vallis. He sought the nightwatch
for the purpose of securing lodging.
The officer subsequenlly sought
him, but both failed in their quest.
In the early afternoon of Saturday
Chief Lane encountered the ebony
hued individual and the latter wis
pleased at the meeting because the
officer could doubtless assist him in
securing a hall or church in which
to deliver a few sermons. "I am a.
nrnister" said the stranger, "but
recently I met with an unplasant
experience in King's Valley, ' I
h ope to be accorded a better recep
tion in Corvallis." , At the moment
the Kings Valley episode of the
colored minister and stale eggs did
not occur to the officer, who remar
ked that the gentleman's attire was
not strikingly ministerial in style
and cut. The fellow was in fact
dressed as a tramp, but he explai
ned that his be t suit had been next
to ruined by the eggs which had
been broken upon his person at
Kings Valley, and that since he in
tended to be in Eugene in a short
time he had forwarded his clothing
to that place to be cleaned. "When
a person has had about three hun
dred eggs thrown at him," he con
tinued his "clothes are not likely to
be presentable in public." The
last remark in.the mind of the offi
cer, convicted r the stranger,- who
had no learned sufficiently of the
Kings Valley affair to , enable him
to successfully pose as. the victim
thereof., IJo such number of eggs
had been thrown. Chief Lane at
once ordered him out of town. The
negro wanted to present testimoni
als of his character and calling, but
the officer was obdurate, and the
impious fraud succumbed to what
he -deemed the inevitable.' La'eriu
the day the negro was seen with a
number of other tramps in the
vicinity of the Bryant school house
a few miles north of town. . It? has
since developed that the negro cal
led upon several local ministers
and if he was not admitted into fnll
fellowship, was in some - instances
admitted to the dining room.
All the way From EJast India Arrived
Yesterday Soami Ram. ,
;' "Soami Ram, East India," is
an entry on yesterday's register at
Hotel Cotvallis The person who
answers to the address is ; a 1 small
dark man, clean shaven, with black
eyss and jet hair.. He wears a red
turban on hishead, but otherwise
is dressed like an American, He
arrived yesterday, and is , spending
a day in Corvallis. ;
Mr. Ram is a Brahman, with his
home of course in Hindpostan, East
India. He is a Hindoo of high
caste, who has become Christian-'
ized, and is in this country on. an
errand the ultimate outcome of
which may be the sending of many
Hindoo young men here . to ' study
American civilization and toacquire
American education. To investi
gate the facilities and scope of the
Agricultural College with-: that end
in view is the object of his journey
to Corvallis. -- He . leaves on the
noon train today.. Last Sunday
Portland, which was the subject of
an extended review in the , newspapers.-
' '.. ' I;. '
; Carpet Weaving, i;
. . . ... ..
If you want any carpet or rag weaving
done send it to A. W. Herbert, south of
Conege campus. -.
Upholstering.,- r
Lounges, Couches, Desks, Folding
Beds, Etc,, made: to . order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. , All work guaranteed. ;' One
door south cf R. M. Wade's, Main street.
W. W. Holgate,
We can please you with presents- that
are appropriate- popular and ,-. practical,
in the line bf watches, jewelry and dia
monds. " ' ' ' 1 - . '
F. M. French, jeweler, Albany. '
Buy your Christmas presents at Nolan
& Callahan's '-;'-." : '';
" Also gives reading by mail if given date
of birth, color pf, eyes, and three
leading questions; . Also I have a ; fine
remedy for ladies -who suffer with female
complaint, a woman's friend. My address
corner Third and Jefferson Sts. 'over the
Corvallis laundry. '. , f
The display is larger and more beautiful than ever, and even the most expectant
visitors will be amazed at the fullness of preparations and the exceedingly low prices.
Soon the great holiday rush will be on, and you will find it much to your interest to
do your shopping early. Make your selections now. We will deliver them on any
designated day: " '
Xmas Slippers.
For ladies and and gentle
'men. Our line is large and
tvery attractive. See, win
dow display..
; 50 75 $1.00 $1.50 $2.00.
I Ties and Mufflers,
Gloves, Suspenders.
f All the late things at mon-?ey-saving
prices. -
: : - 25c to $1.50.
v , , The Big Store is now at its best, so just come in and take a look at our Xmas dis
may. That is all we' ask. ' S. L. KLINE.
On Jan. 5, I9a4, is the time for you
enroll in the Corvallis Business College.
Something new Japanese crepes, plaid
and fancy, for shirt waists, kimonas, etc.
Ladies call and; see - them. Nolan &
Callahan. ' ' ,
Dr. Wells, the Albany V S will : be a
Fruits livery "stables every . Fridays of
each week. .Bring your horses and
have them examined free of charge. '
Time Card Numer 22.
For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany .....
" Corvallis....
" arrives Yaquina. ......
' Returning:
Leaves Yaquina.........
Leaves Corvallis. .- ,
12:45 p. m
, 2:00 p. m
6:2o p. to
6:45 a. m
11:30 a. m
13:15 p. m
Arrives Albany ......... .
3 For Detroit: .
Leaves Albany. . . . . . . ..i..
Arrives Detroit. . , , : . .......
. 7:00 a.
.12:30 p.
4 from Detroit;
Leaves Detroit. . .......... . i:0o p. m
. Arrives Albany 5:55 p. m
Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with a tr south' bouna train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany -before departure 'of 1 S P north
bound train. - . - ,
. Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany givipg direct ser
vice to .Newport and 'adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit," Breitenbush , and
other mountain resorts leaves' Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon; giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same .day.-v ' L '
.' For further information apply to ' 1 -
Edwin Stoks,
, Manager,
H. Hi Cronise, Agent Corvallis. , ,
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany,
; v?s-.' fiolh ;f';.:r.
.... Dolls' Xmas Fair, 1903.
You will find here an aggregation
of ' dolls of every description
dolls that know when to open their
eyes, and others that keep them
open day and night, dressed or
negligee, ready for dressing.1 Our
prices: are the lowest in the city
and variety much the largest.
5c 10c 25c 50c 75c $1 up $7.50.
Toilet Cases.
In"all the latest novelties.
50 75 $1.00 $1.50 up to
The finest and best line of Overcoats in Benton coun
ty. They, all go at reduced prices during the month.
$5.00 to $18 00.
Ladies' Furs.
Rich Furs at low prices during Xmas week!
2.50, $3.00 up to $9.00.
Silverware, v .
1847 Rogers,. $1,50 to $10.
Purses & Chatelaine
Bags, all new goodsj at
25 50 75 $1,00 $1.50 $2 50.
5 , And everything in the Toy
line for the little folks; - -
iMew Dress Goods, New
Hemstitched Linens, Dresser Covers.
Tray Cloths, - Laundry Bags, Cushion T
Shoe Bagsf New Umbrellas,
New Ribbons.
Circular Shawls, Wool Squares, Ladies' Belts.
Kid Gloves, Cushion Girdles, Hand Bags,
f New Lace'and Handkerchief Linens.
'( . Pompadour Combs. s
New Table Linen and Napkins.
''-.-' 1' '
JA. complete hew line of Gents' and Youth's Furnishings,
including Fancy Shirts, Ties Hosery and Underwear for
Christmas Trade. A Also new lines of High Top and
t- ' - ' -" ; Heavy Shoes.
F. L. fliller,
OAC Cleaning & Pressing Co.' .
C. C Cate. ' Tel. 791 K. H. Cate.
We call for, clean, press and deliver
one suit or your clothes each "-week for
one dollar per month. - Ladies ' skirts
cleaned.'1 Five doom south of P. O, x't.
A large assortment of novel
and fascinating games with
plenty of excitement on
land and sea.
25 50c $1.00 $1.50 to $3.50
Xmas Handkerchiefs
For ladies and gentlemen,
in plain, hemstitched, lace,
and embroidered edges of
all kinds.
5 10 15 20 25 50 and 75o.
Photo and autograph al
bums of every description.
25 50 75 $1 $1.50 up to $5.
Collar & Cuff Boxes.
Glove & Hdkf. Boxes
Jewel & Work Boxes
A more beautiful assort
ment than ever of these
goods. .
50 75 $1.00 $1.50 $2 50.
Collars, New Handkerchiefs.
". 4 : Bucks for Sale. )"
Oxfords and Grade Merinos all two
years old past; ' Good sheep with pric' '
reasonable. Call on or address '
- - ' - T. W. B Smith,
. 0 ,v Corvallis
Phone Surburban 43.