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Vol. XVI.--No.-42.
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Uoion Livery Drivers Refuse to
Hall Hearses The Dead Left
on the Road to the Ceme
tery. Other News.
Chicago, Dc. 19. After battling
with every character koown in his
tory, the people of this city are now
up against what is proving to be
I the most anr oyiog of them all.
The living caunot " bury their
Livery drivers refuse to haul
hearses, and funeral a ll over the
city are beiog postponed in conse
quence. Even dead wagons cannot be had
today at any price, except a few
and these are doing treble prvice.
Mourners are deoied tbe privilege
of attending tbe burial of relatives,
unless they walk to the cemeteries,
or take street cars. Carriages are
not for hire.
Fabulous prices were offered to
day for hearses by the relatives of
the late Frederick Otie,the million
aire and Judge Junes Hu'chinson,
lone of the most prominent' of Illi
nois Jurists, both of whom died two
days ago. In both iostacces tbe
hearses were refused and arrange
ments were made to convey the re
mains to the cmeterv in
dead wagons, tbe mourners follow
ing in their private carriages or as
best they could.
There are today nfarly two
thousand livery drivers out on
strike. They ask for better wages
and better conditions of working
hours. Nearly 500 livery stables
are tied up.
At one funeral today, the hear?e
was deserted on the road to the cem
etery and five carriages which fol
lowed were 1- ft after the deserting
drivers had tied their horses at the
roadside. This was occasioned by
one undertaker securing several
non-union drivers to take a funeral
cortege to tbe . cemetery. Union
men persuaded the drivers to desert
while en route. Police officers
mounted the boxes and the remains
and relatives were taken to the
What is even wore, is the report
that cemetery employes state that
they will join tbe strikers and will
refuse to handle any funeral. The.
situation is alamirg and many
think that tbe unions have gone too
Nearly 125 funerals were sched
uled for today, none of which were
able to be carried out. Undertakers
announce that they will not send
out a heai sy until tbe drivers are
forced into puhmifsion. "-
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The most serious demonstration
since the livery strike began this
morning occurred at the funeral
of Mrs. Jo-eph Vlock, who was
murdered a few days ago, while the
body was accompanied by her two
email children and was hurriedly
driven from tbe residence to St.
Procopius church. In anticipation
of trouble a detail of police was
sent to the church, where a crowd
of 300 men and boys had gathered
When the dead wagon drove up
curses and cat-calls were hurled at
the driver and the undertaker's as
sistant and the police were compel!
ed to charge the mob with clubs
before the body could be carried in
to tbe church. Only tbe two chil
dren were permitted to enter the
church and cried and sobbed in
grief beside the coffin as the priest
conducted the services. The police
were meanwhile as solid 'as a pha
lanx at the door, and the crowd was
cursing and shouting. When the
services were over the police again
charged the crowd and formed two
solid lines between which four orb
cers carried the coffin to tbe hearse,
which was then driven rapidly away,
tbe driver lashing his horses for
ward while tbe remainder of the
squad checked the mob. A similar
scene was faced at other funerals
but tbe disorder was not so marked
In one instance owing to a lack of
a conveyance, the priest was com
pelled to conduct tbe service for the
dead at the home before the body
was. removed in an express wagon
Rome, Dec. 18. According to
the Tribuna, the Vatican had sud
den wealth poured into its coffers
today. For some time, certain sums
which were known to have been
possessed by Pope Leo were lo ked
lor without result, the search toward
tbe end becoming somewhat fever
ish. Cardinal Gotti, prefect of the
propaganda, accompanied by Mon
signor Marzolini, one of tbe late
pope's secretaries, drove up to the
Vatican today, and getting out hur
riedly began tugging at a heavy ob
ject in the carriage. Assistance was
offered, but it was refused and Car
dinal Gotti and Moneignor Marzo
lini between them carried tbe mys
terious object to the apartment of
Pope Pius. Tbey were immediate
ly admitted and remained for two
Intense curiosity was aroused by
this act, and it was believed to have
some relation to the miesing wealth,
and , the wildest rumors were circu
lated. It soon became known, how
ever, that the bag contained 45,000,-
000 francs ($9,ooo,ooo) in bank
When Cardinal Gotti entered the
presence of the pope, he sank to his
knees and, pointing to hiss burden
"Your holiness, the lamented
Leo just before his death confided
to me the money which I now lay
at your feet, saying if I succeeded
him, I was to use it as I thought
best, but if another took his place,
I was to turn the money over to
bim after a period of four months
had elapsed. This I now do in the
presence of Monsignor Marzolini,
who has been the only person to
share the secret."
Tbe Pope was much affected.
The Tribuna goes on to relate
that just about the time this scene
was being enacted in the papal a
partments, an electrician, while re
moving the hangings in the late
Pope Leo's chamber in order to get
at tbe electric light wires, found in
a hole in the wall several bags
carelessly tied. These bags opened
were found to contain 9.250,oco
francs ($l,85o,ooo.) ,
Ithaca, N. Y., Dec. 13. A year
ago today Miss Leona Ireland -was
taken to the city hospital suffering
from typhoid fever. She was one of
the first victims of the epidemic
which last winter ravaged Ithaca
and Cornell University. ' Today
Miss Ireland still lies in the hospit
al, the fever still consuming her,
and her weight reduced to barely
fifty .pounds. But her physicians
eay that she will recover.
A history of the case is being
prepared by the local " physicians.
It is believed to be one of the most
remaekable cases of successfully
combatted diseases koown to the
profession. Every complication
known to medical history which
follows or attends typhoid fever has
been suffered by Miss Ireland. Four
weeks her mind was a blank, and
she says that she has no apprecia
tion of the time she has been con
fined to her bed. .
Three Children Are Killed by a Re
volver Noise Awakens Boy
. and Girl, Who Struggles .
for Life O her News.
Cleveland, Dec. 20. Roscow W.
Darby, a machinist, despondent ov
er his financial afidirs, killed bis
wife and three children at their
borne here early today and then
committed suicide. The crime was
extraordinary in its thoroughness,
and evidently had been planned
Darby had been down town as
late as 11 o'clock last night, osten
sibly shopping, but in all probabil
ity securing ammunition -for his re
volver, when he arrived home, his
wife and be talked for a time with
a neighbor who had been talking
over a Christmas festival they had
The crime is believed to have
been committed about 4 o'clock this
morning. M'S. Derby was shot to
death in bed, two bullets having
been fired into her forehead, and a
third, probably after the children
had been exterminated, in the back
of the neck
Mrs. Derby was probably skilled
during sleep, the expression on her
face showing ho sign of a struggle.
Two of the children however, prob
ably bad a struggle with Derby af
ter tbey had been awakened by the
sbooting and made an ineffectual
attempt to escape. Hirold's body
was found in a pool of blood in tbe
kitchen, and thatof Alice in the
dining room with her face to the
floor and a bullet in her breast.
Harold evidently had been chas
ed about the housa by his father,
as the furnishings were in disorder.
From the location cf his wounds,
the boy probably was caught by
his father and held while the re
volver was placed against the little
fellows forehead and two bullets
sent into his brain. There was al
so evidence of a struggle on Alice's
The last of the children to die
was Thomas, aged 5. He had re
mained in bed when Derby shot
him in the head.
After the crime bad been commit
ted, Darby went to the bedroom
where his wife lay dead, and lying
down at her side, fired a bullet into
his own brain.
A number of poolroom race
checks were found about the house,
showing that Derby had been try
ing his luck at betting. The first
knowledge of the crime was com
municated in a letter written by
Derby yesterday to a friend in this
city. The letter was to the effect
that when it was received the Der
by family would be dead. - When
tbe friend hurried to the house this
morning the terrible tragedy was
Boston, Dec. 15. The Democrats
won an overwhelming victory in the
municipal election today. Mayor
Patrick Collins was re-elected by
27,000 plurality. Tbis is the larg
est plurality ever given a mayoral
ty candidate in the history of tbe
city. Tbe board of aldermen next
year will be solidly democratic, and
that party will have a large major
ity in the common council. The
city as usual, favored licensed liq
uor selling, by a large majority.
Tbe election today was notable
for tbe republican apathy. ' '
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St. Paul, Dec. 18. Mrs. Geneva,
Flaherty, of Dulutb, while on her .
way to Mauston, Wis., her broth- ,
er's home, died on a Northern Paci
fic train as it was entering this city.
The coroner's verdict was that death, .
was doe to starvation and exposure.
Mrs. Flaherty was accompanied by
ber four children, whose ages rang
ed from 15 months to 10 years. v
Her husband is in jail at Dulutlx
on a charge of non-support, and it -was
while struggling again9t ilC
health and to provide for her chil '
dren that she starved herself.
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Executive Department.
Salem, Oregou, December 1, 1903.
In accordance with tbe Drovislom of an not
entitled, "An Act submitting to. tho Electors
01 tne staie 01 uregon at me ueneral Election
to be held on the first Monday in June, 1901 ,
the pending proposed Constitutional Amend
ment," filed in the office of the Secretary of
State February 24th, 1903, I, Geo. E. Chamber
lain, Governor of the state of Oregon, do here
by cause the proposed amendment to tha
Constitution af Oregon, hereinafter set out at
length ana designated as "Ufflce of State of
Printer Amendment." to be published for five
consecutive weeks in the Corvallis Time a '
newspaper published in the Second Judicial
District of the state of Oregon
Done at the Capitol, at Salem, Oregon thla '
First day of December, 1903.
(Signed) Gro. E. Chambeblain,
Governor of the State of Oregon.
By the Governor : '
secretary of State.
Resolved by the Senate, the House concurring
That the following article, as an ameudment
to the Constitution of the State of Oregon, be
proposed and referred to the next legislative
assembly, and if the same shall be concurred
in by a majority of all the members elected to
each House thereof, and shall afterwards be
ratified by a majority of tho electors of the
state, then the same shall be a part of tha
Constitution of the State of Oregon:
Article I. That Article XII, Section 1, of the
constitution of the State of Oregon, be and tha
same fg hereby abrogated, and in lieu thereof
shall be inserted the following:
The Legislative assembly of the State of Ore- .
gon is hereby empowered to provide by law
for the election of a State Printer, to provide
for his compensation, and to prescribe his
powers and duties.
Ao opted by the Senate January 29th, 1901.
C. W. Fulton,
President of the Senate.
Concurred In by the House,
L; B. Reader,
Speaker of the House.
Adopted by the Senate,
GEO. C. Brqwneix,
President of the Senate.
Concurred in by the House January 21st, 1903.
Speaker of the House.
', Office of the Secretary of State.
I, F. I Dunbar, Secretary of State af the
state of Oregou, and custodian of the seal of
said Slate do hereby certify that I have com
pared the preceding copy of Senate Joint Res
olutlon No 1 of the Legislative Assembly of
1901, "Office of State Printer Amendment" with,
the original copy now on Hie i" tins uthce, and
that the same is a correct transcript therefrom
and the whole thereof
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I h ive hereunto
set my hand and affixed haieto tna seal of the
State of Oregon.
Done at the Capitol, at 3 ileal, Oregon, this
First day of Decemoer A D, 1903.
(Signed) F. I; Dunbar,
Secretary of Bute.
Guardian's Sale.
In the matter of the estate of Mabel E Howe
a minor, notice is hereby glven'that under and
in pursuance of an order of sale made by the
County Court of Benton County, Oregon enter
ed on the 25th day of November, 1903, I, Frank -L,
Howe, guardian of the person and estate of
said minor, wui irom ana aiier uie xutn uay oi
January, 1901, proceed to sell at public or pri
vate sale to the highest bidder for cash In hand
all the estate, right, title and Interest which
said minor Mabel E. Howe, now has In and to
the following real estate tow it: Lots ten, elev
en and twelve in Block 22, In the County addi
tion to the City of Corvallis, Oregon.
This the 12th day of December, 1603, at Cor- X
vallia, Oregon, . '
, , - ' FRANK L. HOWE. .J
; Guardian of the Estate of Mabel E, Howe, .
uiamoau ring" ai jvieizger,8.
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