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- ( Advertisements In thla column charged for
at the rate of IS cents per line.
:f. Begular services at the Baptist
cbureh tomorrow, r ,
There will be services at Ply-
mouth at 3 tomorrow,
- p. sheasgreen went to Port
land Wednesday en a business trip.
A epecial meeting of the Masonic is called for Saturday evening
at 7-oU. wora in iae ai. 01, ucgioB.
Miss Laurie Burnett left Thurs
day to be at the bedside ot her
brother la Eugene, who Is seriously
.I", . . . .
? The Baptists have put a new stove
In tfielr church, which greatly im
prove Its heating and ventilating
. facilities. .' V
? Mrp. Lee Wigle arrived yesterday
from Prlneville for a visit at the home
of ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. N.
Wllkins. She was met In Portland
by her mother, -.
B. H. Kaliz. the well kndwn
piano tuner Is in town. Parties wish
ing their pianos tuned will please
leave orders at the Occidental Hotel
as soon as possible.
The First Spiritual Union of Cor
vallis will hold services Jomorrow in
Barrett Lvceum. Doors open at 2-30
Service at 3 p. m. A cordial invita
tion is extended to ail.
A picture ot the . OAO football
team. Including first and second elev
ens and four coaches, Trainer Trine
and Mansger Hayward, including 32
men in all, appeared in Wednesday's
Austin D. Lifferty and Miss Jul
ia Eandail were married at the St,
Charles Hotel in Albany at seven
o'clock Thursday evening. Rev. White
. of that city officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
Lafferty have gone to Salem for a
week. . ' -. ;
A new schedule on the Corvallis
& Eastern makes the leaving time out
of Oorvallis for the West, two o'clock.
The leaving time, eastbound is 11:30,
as before. The train kaves Yaqnina
at 6 :45 a. m. and arrives at 6:20:
At the. Congregational church to
morrow: Service' at II and : 7:30.
Miming topic will be "Baptism." The
Significance 1 f It. The Mode of it.
The 8ubjct3 of it. Evening topic
will be. "The Man in the far Country .''
Where is tbe "far Country," and how
did he get There. "
H. C. Watson,' a well- known Al
bany attorney, who practiced much
In the sessions of the circuit
court In Corvallis, died nt his . home
- Wednesday oL;ht of organic heart
trouble. He was an able lawyer,
and was held in high esteem by local
attorneys. " .
You are especially Invited tp at
tend a lecture entitled, -'Uncle gam's
Oolden Calf." to foe delivered by Rev,
T. S. Hansaker at . the Church of
Christ, Sunday, Dec. 18th at .four
o'clock. Solos by Rev, Hansaker,
duetts by Limself and wife,, and other
special music will be rendered.- Free
to all. Come, ,
M. M. Davis was a Eugene visitor
this week. .
, - ". n
" Preaching at Witbam's school
house on Sunday at 2 :30 p. m. by H.
A. Deck. . '.
Mrs. L. L. Porter of Oregon City,
Ja the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Spangler.
Roy Bell Is now assistant -agent
at Independence. He . left Wednesday
to assume Lis new duties.
The ladles of the Congregational
church will hold a Baziar Friday Dec
ceinber 18 b, in the Zierolf building,
A. R. Locke has started on his re
turn home from Hanibal, Mo., where
he has been vieit'.ug the past several
There has been a final settlement in
the estate of W. C. Woodcock, and M.
S. Woodcock, the administrator, has
been released from his trust.
A homestead filing was made at
the county clerk's office on 160 acres
ot land by Mies Florena Fendall
Thursday. The land la" located near
Fisher, in the Eastern portion ot Lin
coln county. , -
Regular services next Sunday, at
the Presbyterian church at 11 a. m
and 7:30 p. m. Subject for the evening
service, "The Sixth Beatitude." This
seiies of sermons is attracting much
interest. -
Dr. O. C. Poling of Dallas, will
preach at the United Evangelical
church, on Saturday evening, Sunday
morning and evening. Communion
service In conneciun with tha morn
iDg service.
S. L. Kline has delivered a pair of
Red School House shoes to Maud - L.
Holgate of Corvallis, awarded her by
tbe Hatson & Plummer Shoe company
ot Chicago for, excellent drawing in
their prlza drawing contest.
New deeds filed , for record are:
A. R. Duncan and wire to Griff King,
two lots at Summit, 850; A. R. Dun
can and wife to O. M. Baker, 160 acres
near Summit $175; John Rtckard to
George Bey RIcKard, the Eeyes Hill
farm, 81; A. W. Davis, trustee
others, to K. A. Bergman, 34 acres
near Albany, $1,400. , . ; -
The local bar association held a
meeting yesterday morning and adopt
ed resolutions with reference to tbe
deat of the late Jud-e H. O. Watson
of Albany. : The resolutions were sub
sequently read In the circuit court,
and that bod;, after ordering the me
morial spread on the court journal,
a'Jj'wrned out of respect for ihe de
Colored Preacher Assailed in Kings
".-Valley Church Happened at :
. Evening Service.
While sitting in the pulpit at an
evening church service in Kings
Valley last Sunday, Rev. Vernon,
a colored prear-her was made the
target for a volley of stale eggs
thrown through the window by
parties on the outside of the build
ing. Though several eggs were
thrown, none of them took effect on
the person of the minister, to - be
accounted for perhaps, by the fact
that with a quick movernent, Rev.
Vernon at the s beginning of the
bombardment, j um ped behind the
church organ behind which he
stooped in such a manner as to be
out of the range of the egg throw
ers. The general reason assigned
tor the act. varies according to the
statements in circulation with refer
ence to the affair. The popular
supposition is that hoodlums, led on
by a spiritof bravado rather than
downright meanness are responsi
ble for the affair, while others say
that the egg fusilade is rather an
expression of hostility to the black
race, the same as is often made man
ifest in various parts of lhe country
without reference to location or
EGGS 1 ' 'j j "
The affair happened . at the old
Evangelical church, located near
the home of Willard Price, ' a mile
and a quarter south , of. the Kings
Valley store. Rev S.troup is "regu
lar pastor of tbe , church, and had
been conducting revival meetings
there for a couple of j weeks. To
assist him in the meetings, Rev.
Strout had brought Rev Vernon from
Portland, where the latterserves an
and PV. j:ij -
xa ucauiucu tt3 ail cuium, aiiivcic
and godly man, and is considered a
very good pulpit otator. He had
preached at many of thej meetings
in the valley, but no demonstration
of hostility to him had been made
on any former occasion. There is
a story to the effect that Rev Stoup
was advised not to bring the colored
mkn to his assistance, becausethat
course might make trouble,but this
cannot be con6rmed. In. any event,
the colored minister was .on the
scene, and. had to the best of his
abili-y assisted in the meetings, the
net result of which are said to have
been two conversions.
hiss BEHisrri church; organ .J
The display is larger aud more beautiful than ever, and even the most expectant
visitors will be amazed at theullness of preparations andthe exceedingly low prices.
Soon the great holiday rush will be on, and you will find it much to your interest to
do your shopping early. Make your selections now. We will deliver them on any
designated day. , '..
Local sportsmen
. for a big turkey shoo
day, to be given und
of the Corvallis Gun
will be a sweepstake a
. key shooting, and the.
' Will be open to all.
' foegin at ten and -con
cess at 12, after wbic!
be resumed at two o
tinue until dark.
are ' preparing
on Christmas
the auspices
Club. There
well as a tur
arlous -events
he shoot - will
nue until a re-
shooting will
ock and con
-' Dr. I, D. Driver who is consld-
ed one ot the strongest men tn this
' country on bible themes will begin
series of addresses at tbe First M. E,
. . church on January - 10th, just fol
lowing the week of prayer. , This is
the beginning of a. movement planned
by the pastor and Dr. Driver will
speak frequently during the ' first
week. Dr. L. B. Ford will also be
present and participate.
At the regular meeting of the
Degree of Honor lodge Tuesday ev
ening the following offloers were el
. ected for the ensuing year : Past
chief of honor, Eva Tucker ; chief of
honor, Nellie Beokwlth; lady of honor
i Ethel Harris; chief of ceremonies.
Cynthia Jackson; financier, Mary
Sheasgreen: recorder, Hattie Spencer;
receiver, Julia Horning; usher, Sadie
Dixon; inside watch, Sarah Campbell;
outside watch, Taylor Porter; and
trustee. Mrs. Cornelia CI arks- ; After
the business meeting, Mrs. Nellie
Beckwitb provided entertainment, In
cluding refreshments,
Portland Telegram : There is
more or less talk about an - all-star
football eleven for the Northwest,
and as every man has a different op
inion on the 'subject of such a .team,
another thought or two would not do
any harm. . Taking into consideration
the Multnomah Club men who are by
long odds the most seasoned players
a line has been selected as follows:
End 8, Chandler ot Oregon, and Jord
an of Multnomah; tackles. McKlnney
ot Oregon, and Slgrlst of Washington ;
guards, Ross ot Multnomah, and
Scherer of Washington; center,
Walker ot OACKquarter, Murphy of
Multnomah: halves. Capt. McMillan
of Multnomah and Cbrbett ot Mult
nomah; full, PilklngtoO) OAO. Sub
backs, Goodrich of Oregon, Middieton
of Idaho, and Lantz and McEImon of
Washington. There Is little reason
tor going over such a list. At best,
it is arbitrary, but from a study of the
work of the men this would seem tq
to be a strong team for tha North
west championship.
A committee ot ladles . is prepar
ing to give a banquet to tbedelegates
that are to attend the sessions next
week' of the Oregon Dairymen's Asso
ciation. ",' The TuDction Is to take place
in ftiremeo's Hill nfxt Wednesday ev
eniDg. Mrs. L. F. Wilson Is chairman
of the commlttep. Tbe state-wide rep
utation of local ladles as entertainers
makes it certain as to what tbe char
acter of the function will be.
-x At the last regular review of. the
Maccabees tie following officers were
elected: Commander George W,
Moore; lieutenant-commander, J. F.
Irwin; record keeper, W. L. Sharp;
fluance (keeper, H. O. Mangas; chap
lain, V. A. Taylor; sergeant, R. N. Ad
ams; master at arms, C W. Le Vee:
1st master of guard, Arthur Hentcle;
2d master of guard, Charles Newton;
sentinel, D. B. Newton; picket, Ira L.
RaurY ' ,v:- '
Ten million Chinook salmon eggs
passed through Corvailis yesterday on
the way to the hatchery on the Ya
qulna river, which is do Colonel F. J.
Parker's place near. Toledo. They
will be batched there and the young
salmon will then be planted In the Ta-
quina river., The eggs ame from the
hatchery on Fraser river, British Co
lumbia. Several million Chinook sal-
mon eggs are now being distributed
among the hatcheries on different Or
egon etre&ms under the supervision
of the State Fish and Game Commis
sion. . - :
The dock killers over the Willa-
mette,.who killed 135 in a day's shoot
ing recently, shot again last Tuesday,
and smashed their former record. The
ducks are baited daily, and the hunters-shoot
about twice per week.
There are five small lakes lor the vi
cinity and eaeh is generously batted
with wheat, The plan; works so well
that in last Tuesday's shoot the seven
hunters "engaged ; killed 323 'ducks.
The record of each bunter Is as fol
lows: L. G. Lewellingr49; W. J. Hul
burt, 40; Rollo and Loyd Hulburt and
Fat Turner, 146; A. B. Wescot, 49; O.
M. Hulburt, 39. No shooting is alowed
at the lakes before sunrise nor after
sundown. The hunters who bait the
lakes employ a watchman to . patrol
the vicinity. , - . -
At the time the eggs were thrown
Rev. Stroup was preaching . while
Rev. Vernon occupied a seat in the
pulpit close beside the speaker.
There was a large audience, and
the sermou was about half finished.
Suddenly there was a crash of glass
at one side of the building, not far
from the pulpit. Every eye turn
ed quickly in that direction, includ
ing those of the two ministers in the
pulpit. What people saw was that
a portion of the window had been
shattered in pieces, with a board,
wielded from the outside. The next
instant they saw the flash of a stale
egg as it passed in the window and
shot straight towards the colored
preacher. Thea another and an
other sailed toward Rev. Vernoa,
who quickly took in the situation,
and with a frantic movement reach-
Notice is hereby given that
d a hiding place behind the churclrj money on -hand at tbe county
organ, where the eggs could not
reach mm, As to the number of
ggs thrown, accounts differ. Some
say there were three, and others j
say that there were nve. : All agree
that none of the fruit struck , the
minister, - though some of thecn
barely missed him.
; Dolls' Xmas Fair, 1903. Games.
' You will find here an aggregation A large assortment of novel
Wm"' -: of dolls of every description and fascinating games with
; -SSSfigV dolls that know when to open their Plentjf ,of ment on
.a iS j ,1 ,i - lana anu sea.
v ejes, and others that keep them 25 50c $1.00 $1.50 to $3.50
sM&wL -- open day and night, dressed or -
: : SimZWh: negligee, ready for dressing. Our Xmas Handkerchiefs
" prices are the lowest in the city For ladies and gentlemen,
: iilM - . , , i . m plain, hemstitched, lace,
-yfflML and variety much the largest, and embroidered "tdges of
Jf-: M!!9M - 5c 10c 25c 50c 75c $1: up $7.50. all kinds. '
WifiwMwV ' rr- 5" 10 15 20 25 50 and 75c.
Toilet Cases. ...... Albums.
llliy' In all the latest novelties. Photo and autograph al-
4? ' - 50 75 $1.00 $1.50 up to $7.50 bums of every description.
,- '- -:: ' .. ::''.v--:-':;- 25 50 75 $1 $1.50 up to $5.
Amas blippers. ; The finest and best lin'e of Overcoats in Benton coun-
For ladies and and gentle, t They ali go 8t reduced prices during the month,
men. Our line is large and- tobfi on tft on
very attractive. . See win- . Z.VU to 18 OO.
dow display. - Ladies' Furs. '
50 75 $ i. 00 $1.50 $2.00. Rich Furs at low prices during Xmas week. ' $1.50,
- . $2.50, $3.00 up to $9.00. ' . ' ; ;
Gloves Suspenders. . 1847 loglrlto $10. ve& HdkfBoxes
AH the late things at mon- ,pUrses & Chatelaine Jewel & Work Boxes
""IO. - Oitm A more beautiful assort-
- J &u ta ,1'uu p1-50 2 50- ment than -ever of these
play. That is all we ask.
nd take a look at our Xmas dis- I
' Don't forget that Mrs. J. Mason is
selling trimmed and nntrimmed hats at
from 25 c .up. ".''.' -.
. ' Call for Warrants. V
Mask Social.
A mask social will, be given at the in
dependence school house Friday even
ing Dec 18,. Ladies will bring lunch for
two and must wear a mask so they can
not be recognized by gentlemen. Gents'
will bid on masked ladies'. ' J Short pro
gram and a good time to follow. Every
body invited. S
There is a sale of mens and boys over
coats now going on at Kline's.
While the throwing was in prog
ress, the audience sat aumotouna-
ed. Indeed, the whole proceeding
was over, and the assailants gone,
before it was possible for those pres ent
to get a full realization of what
was going on. When the throw
ing stopped, the service ' was delay
ed a few moments to give opportun
ity to clear, away the remains of the
eggs. The latter are said to have
been terribly, stale and the oder
ter the debris . had Been cleared J
iaway, Revi Stroup resumed his ser
mon, and finally concluded the ser
vice as though nothing had hap
pened. Several parties, after , the
eggs had been thrown, left the au
dience and wentout to investigate,
but they were unable to find clue or
explanation of the momentous ques:
tion of who did it. x
: Since it happened, the affair has
been the sole topic of discussion in
the Valley. Residents there are as
peaceable and law-abiding as any
people on earth, and they univer
sally regret that violence of the sort
should have been manifest at a
church service. The report is that a
reward of $250 has been offered for
the apprehension of the parties,-but
cannot be confirmed. Persons from
the vicinity were in town yesterday
to enlist the authorities in the case;
there is
office to pay all forders' endorsed and
marked not paid ior want of funds up to
and including those of August 7th, . 1903.
Interest will e stopped on same from
this date. ' :
Dated Corvallis Dec 12, 1902.
" W.A.Buchanan,
' Treasurer of Benton Co. Oreg.
Something new Japanese capes, plaid
and fanay,' for shirt waists, kimonas, etc.
Ladies call and see' them. Nolan &
Callahan. ; ; '
Basket Social.
AtlOOF Hall, Philomath, by Phi
lomath Concert band. Everybody come'
Ladies bringing baskets admitted free.
Gentlemen purchasing, baskets will be
refunded their 10c Come out and en
courage the band. ' Admission 10 c.
. Eclectic short hand is" very .. easy to
learn, and it is the' most rapid system,
Short hand notes are read as easily as
For Sale.
One good 1200 pound team, cheap. En
quire of B- Martin one mile ' northwest
of College.
You can afford a business education
when $10 pays fcr ten weeks instructions
in the Corvallis 'Business College. Next
term opens Dec 14.
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
Live Stock. - Satisfaction guaranteed.
Twenty years experience.
E. R. Bryson,
' Attorney-At-Law,
- And everything in the Toy
. line for the little folks. '
New Dress Good's,. New Collars, New Handkerchiefs.
Hemstitched Linens, Dresser Covers.
Tray Cloths, ' Laundry Bags, Cushion Tops. '
;.; Shoe Bags, New Umbrellas,
-' , New Ribbons.
Circular Shawls, Wool Squares, Ladies' Belts.
Kid Gloves, Cushion Girdles. Hand Bags.
New Lace and Handkerchief Linens.
' ' Pompadour Combs.
, New Table Linen and Napkins. .
A'complete'new line of Gents' and Youth's Furnishings,
including Fancy Shirtsr, Ties, Hosery and Underwear for
Christmas Trade. Also new lines of High Top, and
-', ' Heavy Shoes.
F, L, ilMlen Corvallis.
OAC Cleaning & Pressing Co.
-:::' , " - .. I .
C. C- Cate. Tel. 701 , E. H. Cate.
We call for, clean, press and deliver
one suit or your elothea each ' week for
one dollar per month. . Ladies, skirts
cleaned. Fir doors south ef P. O,
v Bucks for Sale. '
Oxfords and Grade Merinos all two
years old past, " Good sheep with prices
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T. W. B. Smith, " '
i , . -. . Coryallis,
Phone Surburban 43. , '