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First "Session Occurs Tuesday After
noon Benton Schools Will
' Send Exhibit to St Louis
. "'. - Exposition Other
Local News.'
C iryalli9 i tn be the scene next
xvcvk of the ai. nual meeting of the
Oregon D liryrat-n's A-8iciatioD.
A large du tuber of delete tee repre
senting one of the leading indus
tries in Orgon will be in attendan
ce. The meeting will be under
the auspices of the Bnton County
Citizen's L?agnPi and Will be held
in Agricultural Hall and College
cnapel. QuiS'ions of especial in-tt-ret'i
the dairy iudu-try will be
discusFt-d, and there is no doubt
that local dairymen and others
will derive greit bineSt from a
leudance at the session. Toe aeso
ciation will be in seicn two days,
beginning at two o'clock next Tues
day sfieraoon. Tne progra.mme is
fc8 fo4lowe. ' , '
Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2:00 p. m.
uurcBB ut vr eiiiumo
Uesputiee -Annual AcMrfS Pres.
Win. ScibuIuisricM, Farojiogton.
Vocl solo, selected Otto L Here
The Econocnv of Soiling Dr. Jas
Withr combe, Crvl is.
Point on Hud Separator cream
Go D Got dbue, Salem
Tuesday, Dec. 15, 7-3 p m
HowDa''ylng has Revolution
izn.j the ouiiurnl- luiluftrij-s of
Western Orfgon; - H E Liuns
bu -v. S P Co., Portld.
Vocal solo Miss Matiel Cronise.
Chagp f a D"cade in Oregon
Durytng, H 34 Williamson, rort-1-ini,
" :
R-ading 0 lr Guides Guy E
Moore. ,
Mu-ic Mile Quartette
Beb-vi ir of Some Coetatcal Ele
ment, Prof. A. L. Koisely Corvallis
Wednesday Dec, 16 10:00 am
Some Diiry Statistics Ge W
We' ks, Saiem
Witter Summer Dairying A
T Buxton, Forest Grove,
Preparation and Costof Silage J
M Atkinson, Newberg . :-'
i- ' '
" " ' , -
.Wednesday Dec 16 1 :30 p m
Report of Sectary-Treasurer ,
' K ection of 1 ffijers . .
Consideration of Reeolut'oi"
Construction and care of Hand
Separators, W A HndtIon Port
land Vocal eolo, selected Prof John
Folic B.
Diirvigon a fruit farm WD
Newell, Dilley.
Wepjjesday Dec. 16 7:0 p m
The Gutter Trade of a Commiesipri
man W H Chapin Portland ! '
: Vocal eolo, selected Miss Luln
Bp a ngler '
Reading The Milkmaid Miss
Alice Wicklun i
Dairyng at the Lswts and Clark
Fair R Scott, Milwaukie,
' Address E A McDonald Seattle
Wash US Dairy Inspector. .
'At 9:30 pm Banquet to mem
bers of the Association by the
ladies of Corvallis at theC'ity Hall.
The Southern Pacific Railroad
Company offers a convention rate
for;this occasion of one and one
third fare for the round trip on the
.certificate plan. ' , I :"'
Those who went irom Corvallis
Tent No. 11 to attend the K. O. T.
M. Tent No 5 at Albany, last Sat
urdav evening were, R. L, Taylor.
W. L. Sharp, C. W- Levee, Henry
Armstrone'. Walter Locke. I. L-
Rowe, William Read and Ed Mos
sie. An enjoyable time was had.
The visitors were warmly wel
comed. It being the night for el
ection of officers much business was
transacted. .; Ater the business was
finished, refreshments were served
which were enjoyed by all.
-f- -
After the business meeting of
the K. L. C.v E. Friday evening,
a pleasant sodal: gathering was en
j oyed by "those who w ished to re
main the balance of the evening at
the home of Rev, and Mrs. H. A.
Deck..:Th6se present were: Rev
Deck and wife, W. ' C. Shriber,
Charles Harding, Mr, and Mrs,
Charles Heckart, Earl Heckart,
Misses Kate ' McKinney, Leona
Jackson, Popper, Dunlap, - Mabel
Wood, Luella Wagoner, and , Wal
ter Wood, I. R. Lowe, and Seth
Elliott, i . .
Will Sent Exhibit to St Louis Exposi
tionWhat, the Plan is.
A movement is On foot 1o have
all the schools in Bmon county
represented in an exhibit at the S-t-Louis
J exposition next year. In
response in a circular letter issued
by State Superintendent J. H.Ack-
erman, professors Sheldon and
Young of the State University,
Professor Justus Durnham, of
Portland, J. C. Z user, of The Dal
las. J. T. Nowlin. of Pendleton and
H. B,. Lyman, of Astoria, the fol
lowing committee has been appoin
ted by County Sihool Superinten
dent Penman to act with him in
securing a suitable school exhibit
frofn Benton county. President
Kmerick of Philomath College,
President Baldwin of the college of
Philomath, Principal S. I. Pratt of
the Philomath high school, Princi
pal S. W. Holrnes, of the Corvallis
high school, and professor J. B.
Horner of the State Agricultural
College. Yesterday at a meeting
of the commute held at the court
house it was decided to place the
matter at once before all the teach
ers and school boards of the county
in securing as choice an education
al exhibit aB can be collected by the
twmtieth of January, at which
time the committee will meet at
the school superintendent's office
for the purpose of receiving and
preparing the exhibit for shipment.
The committee fa vara the follow
ing schemes-
First. Photographs showing
school houses,, rooms, grounds
interestingand picturesque surroun
dings, and especially .showing
punils at their studies at play, at
tbeir recreations or upon excursions.
Sjcond. -Mips: Plan of the state
on ascaleof one half inch to the mile
of school distriat drawn to a scale
of two inches to the mUe: district
maps tosh-ow water courses, roads,
timber, prairie and bill lands, and
every town ana larm residence,
with marginal data of school; typo
graphical mats and models of
school buildings and grounds, es
pecially higher institutions, greatly
desired. Product maps of state, or
gn-ral resources, geology, etc, are
very desirable.
Third. Pupils work: regular
daily work on paper of uniform
siz-, eight by ten iocbes with inner
margin of one and one fourth in
ches, suitable to be bound into neat
Fourth. Pupils language work:
for essays or lmguage work as in
geography and natural history,
much that is striking and peculiar
will be available. Descriptions by
pupus pi their school districts, in
cluding surface, resources, land and
water distributioLS, occupation &nd
industries, history, household stor
ies of adventure and pioneer days,
native legends and rrntbs wi 1 all
be fittingly deecribtd. V "
Fifth. Manual work by pupil :
Pai er 'folding! day ' modeling and
taffii o k, ;
Sixib Specimen!-: In botany
and naturul history, and woik in
drawing and color r ketches moun
ted 01 paper of standard size. '
Those who Give Liquor to Minors
" What fbin. Writer Say ftfjiiv:
; In the (base of the City of Corval
lis vs Mary Smith for" giving to a
minor malt liquor in violation of a'
City ofdihahceudge '"Benson su$-;
tained a demurrer to the complaint, '
holding-that the city did not have
the authority to pass ' such an or
dinance, that the . crime ; was only
cognizable by the general laws of
the sta'e. Section 37 of. charter
says: "The council has1 power
within the city: To license, tax,"
regulate and restrain bar-keepers,
saloonkeepers, dealers in spirituous
or malt liquors, bar rooms, drink
ing shops, or places where spirit
ous or malt liquors ae kept for
sale or in any ' manner disposed of
and the sale and disposal thereof"
"nor shall any provisions of law
concernine the sale or disposal of
spiritous or malt liquors in Benton
county apply to the sale or disposi
tion of the same in the City of Cor
vallis." This provision of the
charter is now held by the judge
to only apply to bar-,keepers, etc,
and not to any individual person.
In short, the City only has power
over recognized persons such as
saloon and bar-keepers, dealers, etc,
and not persons outside of those de
signated in the charter. So as the
matter stands a private person can
not be prosecuted either under tbe
state law or the city law. . It is
sometimes a great privilege in life
where one is amenable to no law.
Any individual, so he is not in the
privileged class can sell or give
away spiritous malt or any other
kind of drinks and answer to no
law. :-'; V ' ; ':''-' '"
The query naturally is, 1' What
is the city going to do?" Why in
justice should a poor saloon ' keep
er be cinched and a private person
be excepted from the penalties of
the law? . f
X. 1
' ANGUS '" . '
Eastern Oregon Buyer got Them
Basket Ball Tournament at
. ' OAC Next Friday Night
Other Corvallis News
A masked ball is announced to
occur in the opera houee on Dec.
j ilH. It ;s to be under the manage
ment of J J atd O E McHenry. ?
kev. A. A. Winter, pastor of the
United Evangelical church of Dal
las, passed through Corvallis Sat
urday enroute to Alsea, where he
preached the following Sunday. .
Mjs. John Lenger arrived ; home
Tuesday from Salem where Bhe had
been for some days. She went to
Salem in response to a telephone
message announcing the serious ill
ness of her father, George Ross.
Mrs. J A Walters has arrived
from Curti?, Nebraska, to remain
for some time if not permanently.
She is a daughter of E. A. Megan,
who cams to Oregon lrom Nebraska
a short time ago.
Work on the sewer to extend from
tbenewschrol bouse to a connec
tion witb the lateral between Dr:
Fa-ra'a residence and the Christian
church, is well under wiv. J R.
Smith & Co. are the contractors.
L. Burnaugh, a graduate in
last year's class, a student who did
much to maintain O. A. C.'s stand
ing in athletics, and who was al
ways a credit to the institution in
every particular, arrived Monday.
This morning he is to take on the
mantle of matrimony. ,
At a bnsiness meeting of the K.
L. C. E. of the United Evangelical
church i held last Friday evening,
the following officers were elected:
President, James Chambers; vice
president, Emma Thompson; secre
tary, i, Leona Jackson; .... treasurer.
Luella Wagoner; organist, Pearl
Hotebkiss; chorister, C. F. " Hotch-
kiss; Jr. Supt:, Mrs. C L. . Heck
art; asst. Jr. bupt., Leona Jackson.
A basket ball tournament. occurs
at the college armory Friday night.
It is the annual tryout for places oh
the, boys and gtrls teams. Commen
cing ac sevtn o ciqcfc, two games
will be played, one by " girls' and
one by . tjoys. The pliyers are
working under direction of Zophar
Tharp and Physical Director Trine
and are making good progress.
Among the players available for the
girls teams are. Misses Linville.
Edna and Ray Smith, Logan, Gel:
latly, Wicks, . Harrington, Danne-
man, Adams, Nichols and Van-
Gleve. Some of the above , are of
last year's famous team, while oth
ers are new. Ur the old players on
the boy's team, there aire, Moores,
Stokes, Claud Cate Rinehart Broth
ejSl' V$feiwer, Grovef Caie ; and
S vah." Of new players, there are
Divis, rJenson, Smithson and Bur-
norigh. Next Friday night's tourna
mtit is sure to attract a large
crovd. . " .
Mr. Balch, a business man of
Dufur and extensive r stock raiser,
was in Benton last Friday and Sat
urday to purchase sticb ' cattle as
might fmpf ove . his herds. " Tbe
black polled ' aug us stock of Me
Porter s struck his fancy and as a
result be purchased four registered
yearlings; two bulls ane twoheifers,
paying for them a sum not tat troffl
$1360: These animals were brought
to Corvallis Sunday and on Mon
day were shipped by boat to Port
land. M. P. Fruit being in -charge
of them. From Portland they are
to be shipped by boat to The Dalles
ahd thence be driven to Dufur The
sale is but one of many that . Mr.
Porter makes during the course of
busipess.' His cattle have become
known "' throughout the western
country, some of them having been
sentto ;the extreme limits of the coast
including British C dumbia on the
north and Southern California tor
other limit. Her fine cattle and.
sheep.not only on Mr. Porter's but
on otner county larms, are iasc
making to gpld and fame for Benton.
Executive Department. .
' Salem, Oregou, December 1, 1903.
in accordance wl'hthe provisions of an act
entitled, "An Act submitting to tho lileclora
of the State of Oregon at tne General Election
to-be held on the Brat Monday in Jone,. 1901,
the pending proposed Constitutional Amend
ment," filed in the office of the' Secretarv of
State February. 24th, 1903, I. Geo. K. Chamber
lain,' Oovernor of the state of Oregon, do here
by cause the proposed amendment to the
Constitution f Oregon, hereinafter set out at
length and designated as "Office of State of
Printer Amendment." to be published for five
conseoutive weeks in the Corvallis Times a
newspaper published in the Second Judicial
District of the stale of Oregon
B Done at the Capitol", at Salem, Oregon this
First day of December, 1903. .
, , (Signed! Gbo. E. Chambeelain, .
; Ooveruor of the State of Oregon.
By the Governor; '
secretary of State. .
School Patrons to Meet There and Dis
cuss Matters The Programme.
The people of King's Valley are
to be givtn an opportunity of ehow
log tbeir interet in. their febool
work oo' D Cf ruber 16. Arrange
ments have been perfected for a
paret fn meeting, at that time which
will include the schools of Wren,
King's Valley, H i&kioe, Alexander
districts. Pe Dee district pt Polk
county and Ward jov t distriot bp
tween Pulk and Bentoa. County
Superintendent Starr of Polk coun
ty has signified his intention to be
present and take part io the, dav'd
work. ... The meeting will occur in
the Evangelical church (old. organ
ization) in order to make the place
of meeting central. .,
The above schools have been pre
paring an excellent programme f x
several weeks. Beeides this there
will be a special entertainment for
the children on the phonograph
for half an hour, a basket dinner
during the noon hour. Tbe regu
lar ptogramme will be given on the
fullov'ing subjects and ,ry the fol
lowing . persouK 'How can we
keep our large boys and girls
in Ecborl?", K.v. W. L.. Arnold;
"Co-pfration of Patron and teach
er," by D W. Jones and O. O. Ar
nold; '"Rieht reading in tbe home,"
by Rev. Wm. Plowman; "Djty of
the parent when trouble ' arises in
the.ecbool," L. G. Pice; "How can
our teachers arouse greater interest
on put of parpn's and pupils,"
Erl Brown, Mtldora Jackson,
Walter Winniford; "What consti
tutes a good director?" H. L. Bush
and T. L. Read; ' Influence of par
ents in governing the school," W.
L. Price; "What should the public
school do for nor boys and girls.
This bei g the first meeting of
the ch .tracter he-Id in tbe Valley, it
promises one of the best.
Good interest prevails no part of
teachers, parents and officers. The
meeting: is to begin precisely at
10:30 o'clock a. m. .It is the inten
tion of Supt. Danman to hold tbe
meeting rain or shine. Friends de
siring to attend need rot stay at
home 00 accouut of etormy weather.
There are good accommodations for
the horses.
, Office of thfe Secretary of State. '
I, F. I. Dunbar. Secretary of State f the
state of Oregon, and custooiiu of the seal of
said SiHte ao hereby certify that I have com
parer the prec eding copy of Senate Joint Res
olution No 1 of the Legislative Assembly of
1901, "Office of State Printer Amendment" with
the original eopy now on file In this office,, and
that the same is a correct transcript therefrom
and the whole thereof - - -
IN TE8TIMONY WHEREOF, X have herauoto
set my hand and affixed hejeto the seal of the
State of Oregon. -
. Done ar the Capitol, at Salem, Oregon, this
First day of Dteemoer A D, 190:1.
(Siguou) F. I. DcXBAffi,
Secretary of State.
L.S. ' ; ,
, Notice of Fidal Settlement.
In the M .ter of tbe Estate) . 1
Sarah Adu Brown, deceased) .
Notice is hereby given that the underpinned,
as administrator with 'ha will annexed of the
estate of Saraa Ann Brown, deceased, ha fild
his final accoubSs such administrator, with
tbe cleric of the t'ooaty court 01 tbe stite of ore
(ron for Benton eoujity, aud tbe unld con tt has
lixed Friday the llth day uf December 1998 at
tbe hour of rwo-o'Woek in the aiternoon as tbe
time, and tne 1 fxmty court room lu the oourt
hou-te In O.irvu J.'tu.. Oregixt, the place, fos-hear
jug any and all objections K the said accooni,
and for settlemeiw therW(,' ; ' '
!- Dated tills Nov T. 1908 i. .
. . - WllrfJAJf l. HpQfJlJSS).
A4minlrraior witltttm will anuexexl o ttte es
ate of tjarau Am Bru wo, aeceisoa,
Shropshire Sheep.
Ewes and Yearlings by Barkis 130841.
Lambs by Freshman 1886261
Well bred young stock. , of both) sexes
. bot sale. "
aeMtde armstronqv
CorvaHi. Oregon.
You can' afford a business education
when $Bo pavs fcr ten weeks instructions
in the Corvallis Business College. Next
term opens Dee 14.
Office at. Huston's Hardware Store. " P.
O. Address, Box 11. ..
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
Live Stock. satisfaction guaranteed.
Twenty years experience.
Cheaper Rates.
Commencing Jan 1, 1904, we will sell
lights per metre in residences at 10c per
1000 watt hours with minimum of 75
cents per month; ' Should you use' 7,500
we will charge you:75 cents.. Ia Albany
or Portland the same amount would cost
you $1. '. Should you use l5,ooo we will
chtrge you f 1.50. The same amount in.
Albany would cost $2.20; in Portland,
$2.70. Should you use 20,000 your bill
will be $2. In Albany Von would have
to pay $3 and in Portland $3.60, .
Hereafter you will have t fnrnish
your own lamp renewals.
. Corvallis Electric Light & Power Co,
New line of novelty dress goods just
received. - , , r
There is
Now Goinon at
Ahat You Want
Is to try the - New Goods
which have just arrived at
Crystallized Pineapple
Crystallized Cherries
Crystallized Ginger
Fresh Nabiscos .
Fresh Cookies
New Walnuts
New Alfnonds
We DMPDriV Tbe Great
Sel I 9 Health Food.
Hodes' Grocery, Phone 483.
Richest, Daintiest Effects
STYLE UP-TO-DATE . . . . . .
" The style that carried off the laurels at the
: These carbon parchments are not mounted on
cards but delivered in neat Foldebs or at
tached to thin Linen mounts, making a com
bination that is pleasing and artistic. Sam-.
pies of these Carbons are now on exhibition at
Emery's Studio', gSSffi
Notice of Final Settlement.,
In the Estate ot John Wiles, deceased, notice
is hereby given by the undersigned executors
of said estate, thnt said executors have filed
tbeir final account In said estate and that the
County Court ot Benton County in probate has
appointed Monday, the fourth day of January
A, D, 1904, nt at tne hour ot ten o, clock In the
forenoon of said dav,' at the county- Court
Room in the County Court House Id the City of
Corvallis' fn Benton County, State of Oregon,
as the ttme and place for tbe hearing : of objec
tions to said final account, and the final settle
ment thereofl
Sated November 14th, 1903, ' v '
: Walter T; Wilss and Edwabd F, Wiles,
As Executors of said. Estate of John
Wiles, decersed.
L. G. AL.TMAN, 1YI. D.
Offlce cor 3rd and Monroe eta. , Beal
dence cor 3rd and Harrison eta,
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M,
Phone residence 315.
a Sale of
and Boys'
Fresh Cranberries
Fesh Huekleberries
New Honey
New Figs, and Dates
Olivep in Bulk ,
German Pickles
Swiss Cheese.
Resolved by the Senate, the House concurring
That the following article, as an ameudment
to the Constitution of the State of Oregon, be
proposed and referred to the next legislative
assembly, and If ihe same shall be concurred
in by a majority of all the members elected to
each House thereof, and shall afterwirds be
ratified by a majority of tho electors of the
state, then the same shall .. be a part of the
Constitution of the State of Oregou:
Article i. That Article XII. Section 1, of the
Constitution of the state ot uregon. w wra m
same is hereby abrogated, and fa lieu thereof
shall be inserted the following:
The LegisUtiv mmbly of the State et Ore
gon Is hereby empowered to prenu ur inr
for the election of a State Printer, to provide
.for his compensation, and to presorlbe his
powers and diitl.-s. v .
AO opted by the Senate January 29th, 1901.-
President of the Senate. .
Concurred in by the House, w .... I
Speaker of the House.
Adopted by the senate,
DMcidant aI thA Senate.'
Concurred in by the House January 2lst, 1903.-.
Speaker of the House.