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' ( Advertisements In this column charged for
m sue me ou ceil lb per line.
Born recently, to Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Cathey at San Jose, a son.
Born to the wife of G. A. Peter-
eon, of Ioavale, Thanksgiving day, a
8on. v
John Huffcnan arrived 8unday
from Portland for a few days' bueinese
vlelt in Benton.
Bert Sharp, formerly of CorvalUa,
is now connected with a messenger
eervice in Portland.
, O, V. Hurt has returned to "bis
old position in Kline's store. He ar-
rived Saturday from a week's busl
, nees trip in Portland.
. The Soroeia society entertained a
- number of friends Friday evening last
' at theadmlnlstratlon buildlop.Tbe gatb
erlng proved a most enjoyable one. ,
A reoent transaction In cattle
. was the purchase by Dr. Pernot of 24
bead of cows at aI7 per bead. The
age of the cows is two to four years.
. After a Visit with relatives in this
city, Miss Olive Thompson left Mon
day for Boise City; Idaho, where she
holds a position as platilste in an or
W. A. Wells expects to leave to
day for Tnsoon, Arizona, to spend the
winter.! He goes toa the benefit of
bis health, and expects to be absent
until May 1st. . ' .
The enrollment at the public
school now is 460, or about the same
as at this time last year. The school
- in all the grades U in a thrifty con
dition, and the work effective.
Ellis Edgington. an OAC student,
well known as a football - player , and
otherwise, fell from a tree Saturday
and sustained a fracture of one of the
bones of tbe forearm. He was climb
ing for mistletoe when tbe accident
Mrs. Joseph Walters of Nebras
ka, arrived Saturday for a two
months' vlelt with her parents Mr,
and Mrs A, E. Morgan. If Mrs. Wal
ters is suited with conditions, the
family may move to this county in
tbe spring. ,
A number of friends were enter
tained at tbe Gilbert borne Friday
evening. Tbe guests were, Misses
Florence Wicks, Ethel Llnville, Mary
Elgin, Harriet Sheasgreen and Louit-e
Gilbert; Messrs, Gardner. Spagle,
Shannon and Goodman.
Chief Lane has had several teams
hauling gravel on the streets the past
few days. The gravel goes on bad
spots in the highways. It comes
from the Beach place across the Wil
v lamotte, and costs 10 cents per load
' and 37J for haulingT":
A cosy new dwelling house that
M. L. Adams is building in Job's ad,
dition is about completed, and will be
ready for occupancy in a few .days.
The place was formerly known as the
Ash property but was - recently pur
chased by Mr. Adams.
. TheMUses Nellie and Pearl
Baker, of Eugene, who have been in
(Jorvallls for tbe past two weeks left
Mnnriav mornini? on the Pomona tor
Buena Vista, where they will viait
friends until Christmas, before start
- log for California, where they expect
... to spend the winter, ...
An adjourned term of th Ben-
. ton county circuit court is to meet at
the court house tomorrow afternoon.
It Is for tbe hearing of tbe mandam
us proceedings , taken by Richard
Fehler and others against the board
of directors of . the Newton school
district, and will be ' presided over by
: Judge Benson. It Is also probable
: that argument will be beard on a mo
tion by counsel for a new trial in the
.Lewis case.against Sheriff Burnett
Court will be called at two o'clock."
. A L McFadden arrived Saturday
lrom Cbitwood, where be is spending
the winter. He has been engaged for
several months as a carpenter In the
Bohemia mines. There is much act
. ivitv In the district and many men
are employed there. The late wind
storm played havoc in the region.
one huge tree falling on across a
donkey engine destroying it-completly
- Gteat trees in tbe adjoining f orests
fell with a constant succession of
crashes when the storm was at its
height. Dr. Ben Job, formerly of
Uorvallis. besides his regular practice,
is surgeon for many of tbe mining
companies, and has a good income.
f'Are you a Mason?" is v the title
of a theatrical production that will
be given at the :Opera House about
the middle of January. Some local
interest attacnes, Decause or tne laci
that the local dramatic company ee
. lected the play recently-for a home
performance, and ordered it of a
Chicago Manuscript Company, The
latter deals in all kinds of plays, and
as the means of getting 'them made
it a practice to have a stenographer
: present at the production of new ones
,. which they proceeded at once to
j, place on the market under the old or
o'nflm noma Tn f-.hla VAV f.hAV - Ont
Are you a Mason?" and about the
time tbe local company ordered it, the
owners of the play swooped down on
, the Chicago company under the copy
wrlght laws, searched the establish'
ment, and took away all manuscripts
, of "Are you a Mason?" and of course
... the home amateurs bad to produce
something else, which they did. Next
I t-U mill
jIDUUUl uunovDly uuuio JJDupia mil
'Viawfl nnnnrtnrlrv r baa fhft nlAV
II1T T W Vrf V 1 M " . WWW . V w J- J J
'which by tbe way, is a good one, as is
evidenced by the fact that it is sent
oat by tbe Fromans of New. York, J
Tbe Afternoon Beading club- will
meet tomorrow at the home of Mrs.
Catbdy. '
The ladles of tbe Congregational
church will give a Bazaar Friday, De
cember 18,
Mrs. L. F. Wilson entertained the
Ladies Afternoon Whist . club last
Wednesday. :
Raymond Laffsrty 'lert Friday to
enter the employ of J. A. Folger & Co.
at San Franclscq. -
Mrs. Ruth Clark leaves today to
spend the winter with her sops and
daughter in Eastern Oregon.
W. M. Jones and family of Dallas,
have been In town for. a few days, Mr.
Jones on business, and the family on
a visit.
Mrs. Carrick and a butflbef of her
mueic pupils gave a musicals Friday
evening. All present report a pleas
ant time. .
The Presbyterian S. S. Is preparing
a very interesting Christmas cantata.
Mrs. Carrick and Mrs Parsons have
charge of it. .
Prof. Raymond tendered his class
a dancing party in Fisher's hall Satur
day evening. Fifteen couples were
Mr. and Mrs. Goodchild, who re
side near tbe old Carding mill, left
Friday to spend the winter with rela
tives at Canby, Clackamas county.
Tbe local lodge of Lions initiated
six new members at a meeting . Mon
day evening, and several other candi
dates are waiting an opportunity to
ride the goat. The order is booming
in this city.x ;
New deeds riled for record are:
Ida B. Callahan and husband to.O. O.
Hatbaway, small tract of land near
Corvallis, $625; A. Howard and otbi
ers to John Carpenter, small tract in
Monroe, $500. ,
George W. Fuller arrived Monday
from a two months visit at his old
home in Michigan. He is accompan
ied by bis father, who will probably
remain in Oregon. Tbe latter is over
84 years of age, but Is hale and vigor
ous. . Relatives In Iowa are anxious to
learn tbe whereabouts of Mm. Augus
tus Tillotson, whose maiden name was
Mary Jane Spaulding. They came to
Oregon from near Port Clinton, Ohio,
early in the seventies. Information
may be sent to tbe "Times" offiee. -
Raymond Henkl", formerly of
Corvallis, Is now one of the proprie
tors of a fine drugstore at San Jose,
California. Th store Is a new one,
and was opened to the public for the
first time lst Monday. In the enter
prise, Mr. Henkle has a 'partner, narh
ed Curtis. "
Jepse Wilev has cqpis iito .posses
sion Of Jim Click, a gplding' whose
dam is L.ulu Rigsrs, mother of Oregon
Eclipse and other famous runners.
Jim Click has himself attained som
distinction as a runner, but in all
probability he will hereafter be drlvon
as a carriage horse. He is a perfectly
formed animal and Mr. Wiley takes
much pride in bis possession.
A petition is in circulation asking
tbe repeal a? t e extra .session of the
legislature of all the laws taxing min
ing corporation". The petition recites
that the tax stifles the mining opera
tions of the state and cripples the in
dustry. Tbe particular law to which
objection is marts Is the B. Ij', Eddy
act. The petition Is addressed to John
D. Daly, senator and Marlon Hayden,
representative. It la numerously sign
ed. A salary pqcal to that of the pres
ident of tbe United States, has been
offered Homer Davenport, the cartoon
ist, according to letters received by
personal friends In Portland. Collier's
Weekly is tbe periodical which makes
the $50,000 off-r. W. B. Hearst, by
whom Davenport was employed before
he left cartoon work to go on a lecture.
circuit, has confidentially told bim not
to accept the ofler from Collier's until
he heard from the newspaper mag.
nate. Davenport, whose, home was
formerly in Sllverton, Or., did bis first
sketch work, at a salary of $12 a
week. : . - . . ' ..
The walls and roof have been com
pleted to the addition that Is bting
built to the beating plant at the col
lege, and the work of laying a ce
ment floor Is shortly to begin. . The
addition is to be used for housing the
power plant used in driving the vari
ous machines in mechanical ball, and
for tbe manufacture of electric light
for use about tbe Institution. The ar
rangement Is, in short, for the purpose
of combining the heating and power
plants as a measure of economy In la
bor and fuel, and is estimated to in
sure a large saving of expense. Tbe
addition Increases the floor space of
the beating plant by more than double
its present area. . . '
The Amicitiahs entertained the
Feronlan society In the former's
rooms in theadmlnlstratlon building
Saturday evening. An excellent lite
rary and musical programme was
rendered. There were various other
sources of entertainment and amuse
ment, among which were the perform
ances of three young men who enacted
tbe part of dummies in quite an unlife-
llke and satisfactory manner. Tbe
young ladies fished for escorts to lun
cheon from a pond which gave forth a
varied assortment. Including - crabs,
trout, eels, flounders, suckers, devil
fish, etc.,' each specimen having in
set Ibed somewhere upon Its person
the name of an Amicitian. Refresh
ments consisted of sandwiches, olives,
cake, oranges, bananas and whipped
cream. . .
Happened Snnday Night At the Al
bright House jewelry Taken.
Sunday night, the house of J. H.
Albright, at- the .north end of
Fourth s'reet was burglarized. The
deed wasjeommitted in the parly
evening while the family was at
church. The house was ransacked
apparently by two persons, but the
thieves got away only with r two or
three pieces of jewelry valued
more as keepsakes than for their
intrinsic worth. These consisted of
a moss agate watch 'charm, and a
water agate, together with - another
piece or two of jewelry. The ar
ticles were taken from a bureau'
drawer, It has heen the habit of
Mr, Albright to Jeave his pocket
book in the same bureau drawer,
but on this occasion he happened to
put it in his pocket before going to
church, and by reason of this fact
the thieves failed to get it.
Various evidences of their doings
were left by , the burglars, They
gained entrance to , the house
through a doof that opens outside '
in a garret above the kitchen, and
once inside on the second floor,
they dropped .through a scuttle
hole into the kitchen. From there
they went into the room where the
bureau was located, and ransacked
its drawers thoroughly. One of
these was lecked, but the lock was :
broken, and entrance to the con
tents obtained. A knob on the
same drawer was knocked , off and
allowed to drop on the floors
At all the windows, as shown by,
footprints on the outside, the thievj
es attempted entrance. On onethe
finger marks were plainly visible,
in the yard, a spade and small
hatchet, taken from Mr, Albright's
shop, were found. It is supposed
these tools were taken with the or
iginal idea that they could be used
in opening the windows. ( Access
to the earret throueh which thev
Anally entered the house, was se
cured by means of a ladder taken;
from under the house. All the doors
were left securely locked when the
family started for church, but one
was found unlocked after the re
turn home. -
Huge Stone There Root Broke it With
v Sledge An Awful AcU - - --?
An incident that left a profound
impression upon those who saw it
was Rosco's great stone-breaking
act at; the Opera House Saturday
night- All the details were car
ried out as scheduled in the ad
vertisements, and how all of it
. . t j i i i ' ; i .1.1 a. ' a.
cuuiu nave nappeneu ' wunuut . ter-
rible injury to the. hypnotist is i
one of the things that" not all ' f j
tnose wno were pniooJsers can ex
plain. ' ... y'
The stone weighed 500 or 600
pounds. Rosco went into a . hyp
hotic state in which his muscular
system became perfectly - rigid. He
was laid, straight - and stiff, Vwith
the back of his head nesting on one
chair and his feet across another.
Then the stone which it took 'six
men , to lift, , was placed on
his abdomen. A volunteer to
break the stone with a sled ge was
asked for, and the audience called
out G. H. Root, the big OAC half
back. '' .
Before hypnotizing himself, Ros
co asked that a strong man be re
quested to wield the sledge in order
that the work . of breaking the
stone might not be prolonged. The
audience remained breathless when
the big football player took up the
sledge and prepared to strike. Thej
big piece of steel swung through
the air, and a dull thud was heard j
as the.first blow fell. . The stone re-
mained intact, Dut at thenext blow.
to which tremendous ' strength was
imparted, the rock was shivered.
The lady of the company who
brings Rosco. out of his catalepsy
then spoke a few words to the hyp
notist, and the muscular rigidity
at once passed away, and limp and
apparently prostrated, J Rosco was
assisted from the stage by his at
The act is a terrible thing, pass
ing to the remarkable, but it is not
an incident that the onlooker would
care to see a second time. '
The Rosco Company which has
been playing for a week at the Op
era House, leftSunday for Portland
At Corvallis,- three members sever
ed their connection with the com
pany and went to Baker City.
" Sterliag silver novelties of all kinds at
the lowest prices- r EP Greffoz, -the
Jeweler, 1 '
There is a sale of mens and boys over
coats now going on at Kline's.
-rOAC Cleaning & Pressing Co.
C. C Cate. Tel. 791 B. H. Cate.
We call foi-, clean, press and deliver
one suit or your clothes each week for
one dollar per month. Ladies skirts
cleaned. Five doors south f P. O,
Ibe display is larger
visitors will be amazed at the fullness of preparations and the exceedingly low prices.
Soon the great holiday rush will be on, and you will find it much to your interest to.
do your; shopping early. Make your selections now. We wilj deliver h em on any
designated day. -
Xmas Slippers.
For ladies and and gentle
men. Our line is large .and
very attractive. See win
dow display; J r ; -
50 75 $1.00 $1.50 $2.00.
Ties and Mufflers,
Gloves, Suspenders.
All the late things at money-saving-prices.
:r 25c to $1.50.
The Big Store is now at its best, so just come in and take a look at our Xmas dis
play. : That is all we ask. ' ? S. L. KLINE.
Philomath City Election Henry
Ambler for Mayor.
At the Philomath city , election
Monday, Henry Ambler was elect
ed mayor over Mr. Weed, the pres
ent encumbent, c Other candidates
elected were, William Boles, recorder,-
G. A. Scott, marshal, Jesse
Moses, ; treasurer ; ; Becker and
Frink were elected councilmen in
the first ward. .. For councilmen in
the second ward, Loggan, Burnap
and White tied, while Worthington
and VanCleve received the same
number of votes in the third ward.
There was much activity while the
contest lasted. . Various issues en
tered into the fight. About 150
votes were cast. Two full tickets
were in the field, one rpf which was
called the Citizens League and the
.' Basket Social.
At I O O F Hall, Philomath, by Phi
lomatfi Concert band. ' Everybody come
Ladies bringing baskets admitted free.
Gentlemen purchasing baskets will be
refunded their ioc. Come out and en
courage the band. "Admission ioc. .
Eclectic short hand is very easy to
learn, and it is the moat rapid system,
Short hand notes are read as easily as
print. , . , , .
For Sale. '
One good 1260 pound team, cheap. En
quire of B- Martin one mile northwest
of College.
E. It. Bryson,
and more beautiful than ever,
Dolls' Xmas Fair, 1903
You will find here an aggregation
of dolls of every description
dolls that know when to open their
eyes, and others that keep them
open day and night, dressed or
negligee, ready for dressing. Our
prices are the lowest in ,he city
and variety much the largest.
5c 10c 25c 50c 75c $1 up $7.50.
Toilet Cases.
In all the latest novelties. .. .
50.75 $1.00 $1.50 up to $7.50
The finest and best line .of Overcoats in Benton coun
ty. They all go at reduced prices during the month.;
v $5.00 to $18 00.
Ladies' Furs.
Rich Furs at, low prices during Xmas week. $1.50, -$2.50,
$3.00 up to $9.00. ' v
1847 Rogers, $1,50 to $10.
Purses & Chatelaine
Bags, all new goods, at
25 50 75 $1,00 $1.50 $2.50.
Lo miller,
P - '' x
Cimcs Office for Job Printing
: ' " "' (
and even the most expectant
A large assortment of novel
and fascinating games with
plenty of excitement ,on
land and sea.
25 50c $L00 $1.50 to $3.50
Xmas Handkerchiefs
For ladies and gentlemen, ;
in plain, hemstitched, lace,
and embroidered edges of
all kinds. '
5 10 15 20 25 50 and 75c.
Photo and autograph al-.
bums of every description.
25 50 75 $1 $1.50 up to $5.
Collar & Cuff Boxes.
Glove & Hdkf. Boxes
Jewel & Work Boxes
A more beautiful assort--merit
than ever of these
goods. ,
50 75 $1.00 $1.50 $2.50. '
The Fall and Winter suits
and Overcoats of the fa
mous , KUPEN
I1EIMER Guaanteed Make
are of the character which
most of the v men, who
are particular about their
clothes, imagine . are to
be had from onlv the
high-price tailors.-
Cry on a
KupeiriKimer Suit
Then ask your taijor any
; where to give you as nob
by a pattern, trim it as
well, ask his price, and
then come ".back. We
will do the rest.
... 7