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    Gorvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County.
f,"Bnt Jail Official now Big Change for
Frances Prjor Letter From him
The arrival of a letter at the sher
iff's office the other day recalls an
attempted burglary of Wilhelm's
store at Monroe, the subsequent in
carceration of the alleged burglars
'in the Benton County jail, the sen
ding of one of them to the peniten
, tiaiy and-the dismissal of the other
without trial, all of which occur
J red in the year 1900, The convic
ted burglar was Henry Kubli. He
became famous while awaiting trial
.;jn the county jail by" bis many and
Ingenious attempts to break out
He was sentenced by Judge Hamil
ton to two years, but within a year
: or two, he went crazy and was sent
to Jhe insane asylum, being still an
inmate of that institution.
Kubli had a companion in the
Benton jail, a young man who was
arrested with him at Monroe, after
the attempt at burglary. He was
Francis Pryor, of whom at the
" time it was not believed that, he
" was guilty. He was from a good
family at Fayette Iowa, and had
"always been well and favorably
known bv Frank Francisco, and
other Fayette people in Corvallis.
The district attorney filed no infor
mation against Pryor. and after
lying in the county Jail from May
until November, he was given his
"liberty, and helped in "a financial
way by Fayetteans in Corvallis. .
The letter received at the sheriffs
ofice, which recalls the above inci
' dent, is from Pryor. He is now at
Xacrosse, Wisconsin, and is an at
: tache there of the city and county
"jail. The. -institution is a four-story
affair, and Pryor has charge of the
;- lorsesvfn use on the patrol wagons,
Agoing frequently with the officers
" after prisoners The letter tells of
. his life since leaving Corvallis
and is interesting in the contrast it
' shows between Pryor's enviroments
"while he soiourned in Benton and
"since that unfortunate time.
- Greeting.
' ' t To the Citizens ot Corvallis and sur
- 'rounding:' Having been engaged in the
'.' real estate business for past ten years in
the East, I have decided to take up the
business here.' In doing so I expect to
- advertise in the East as well as here at
nome and keep in touch, as nearly as
possible, with the emigration from the
East. Having been a traveling real es
tate salesman through several of . the
"Eastern states and knowing the disad
vantages of the different localities, I
'shall be better able to set forth the adr ,
"vantages to be found here than the man
r who has always lived here and is not ac
, 'quain ted with the Eastern ' States. If
iypu wish to make . inquiries . regarding
any past you can write to any prominent
: citizen or to any of the banks of 0 1 wein
ftjowa, that having been my headquarters
before coming here. After satisfying
"' vonrselves as to inv responsibility if vou
.have anything in the way of real estate
for sale or rent which you may see fit to
. place in my hands it will have my best
, attention, and though you have no busi
ness to place .with ms I ehall be' glad to
;hve you call as I should like to become
acquainted with you and will thank you
for any points of interest or good sug
, gestions for Eastern advertising. . If you
' Stave property to list and it is convenient
: please call on Saturday, however I shall
' be glad to see you at any. time. If you
. are interested in the growth of our conn,
try please call andsee me. ,
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, I beg to remain
touts for business.
: ;e. e. white.
Office first door south of Reading
Soom, Corvallis, Ore.
C.We have added several new
our Premium dishes. Nolan
ban. : " - y-
pieces .to
& Calla-
If your umbrella needs covering
it to the Bicycle Hospital.
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Callahan's. .
at Nolan, &
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I have 30 high-bred Barred Ply month
Rock chickens yet for sale very cheap,
if parties take them at once. - ,
- . J. G. Horning, .
, Corvallis.
Bucks for Sale. -Oxfords
and Grade Merinos all two
'years old past, Good sheep with prices
reasonable. Call on or address
- T. W. B. Smith
'"" Corvallis,
-Phone Surburban 43.
Don't forget that Mrs. J. Mason is
selling trimmed and nntrimmed . hats at
irom 20 c jnp.
Is out on Bail Something About Him
, He has Views About the two
,- Verdicts. ' ;
Albert Martin; under sentence
for manslaughter for his part in the
affair in which Indian Grant lost
his life, while his companion Logan
was acquitted by a Portland jury,
was in Corvallis Saturday, enroute
ito his home at Siletz. He has fur
nished bail, pending argument on
the motion for a new trial, which
Judge McFadden has made in
Judge Bellinger's court,, and which
it is expected will be., heard early
in January. The general opinion
is that, in view of the surprising
verdict in the Logan case, Martin
will be extremely liable to come
clear in the. event of a new trial.
It is also insisted that, on " account
of the Logan verdict of acquittal,
on evidence said by Judge Belhne-
ef when he scored the jury to have
been much stronger than that
against Martin," a newtriafor Mar
tin is almost sure to be granted. .
In appearance. Martin is a com
ely Indian, rather lighter in com
plexion than is usual with his race,
He is a small man ' with regular
features and with the usual x coal
black hair and eyes. His speech
is free and his language as good as
that of the ordinary Western white
man.. As is usual with most of his
countrymen, he does not know his
exact age, and when questioned on
the subject replied, I don t know;
but I am between 32 and 35." He
is a descendant of the Rogue river
tribe, and was born on the Siiet?
reserve. His family consists of a
wite and two step sons.
Concerning the verdict in his own
case as compared with that for Lo
gan. he talked intelligently, saying
that everybody familiar with the
testimony was thunderstruck at the
comparative results by the two jur
ies, He has on earnest hope of an
acquittal in case of a new trial, and
there is real pathos in the sincerity
and candor with which he speaks
-i? .1
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Hospital. :v ''.:
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ehildxsn, Solan A Callahan.
Thought it Little Houses Chasing Each
Other A Persian in Corvallis.
The aftermath following the jun
ior rhetorical at OAC last Friday
afternoon was a brief season of re
fined hilarity. It was provoked by,
a man, born,undef the strange and
heathenish customs, and on the
burning sands of Persia, . but now
arrayed in American , habilaments,
and flying the American flag The
stranger spoke of the first train he
ever saw "as a string of little hous
es chasing each other along an iron
road." . He described courtship and
matrimony, in Persia, where, he
said, "the wooer and the Wooed fire
'love at each other , 'unbeknowns'
to anybody at two hundreds yards'
range, and, the girl is blindfolded at
that," In a playful mood and oily
style particularly his own, , he ran
down a good many English words
to find a deal of humorous etymo
logy, while ripples of , mirth, out
bursts of laughter, and spirited ap
plause greeted the speaker in rapid
succession like morning sunbeams
on a thirty acre field.,
The speaker was Doctor Ka-sha-ba.
This name, which means Sun
day, was applied to the father who
was born on that day. Young
Ka-sha-ba came of a native family
of Presbyterians in one of the Mo
hammeddan districts of Persia, At
the early age of twenty he decided
that he did not like to sit down on
the floor to chew muc-a-muc like
his Turkish neighbors, nor to con
tinue teaching school, in the loft of
a cow barn a the heathen do, so he
proposed to his parents to swap his
prospective Persian- bride with dow
ry and perquisities appertain
ing thereto for a college -education
in America. Tojthis the parents
reluctantly consented,, however,
with their continued good will' they
called him Joseph, which in that
country signifies "good bov." So
in Persia, Joseph Ka-sha-ba means,
"good boy born on Sunday." Nine
years ago. he came to America,
with but three words in his English
vocabulary, bread, milk, and wat
er, but on striking his first board
ing house in the American metrop
olis, he said be found these to
mean dry bread and watered milk.
Upon finding that New York was
not bountifully supplied with , mil
lionaires who were hunting for
poor boys to educate - into mission
aries, he struck St. Paul shortly,
spending six years j in McCallister
College,! and three years in the med
leal college of Minnesota, where he
recently graduated. To cap the
climax, on graduation he took the
oatli of American citizenship and
married a ' lypical American girl
who proposes to labor with her
husband as medical missionary in
Central Persia, under the orotec- j
tion of Uncle Sam.- Doctor Ka-sha
ba is now touring the West tn. or
der to secure means whereby, he
may qarry to his native" land the
light he has found in the , life and
institutions of the American people.
He has contracted to lecture under
the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. at
the college chapel next Monday ev
ening at which time a small ad
mission fee will be charged for a de
lightlul entertainment.
Upholeteriog. ;
Lounges,' Couches, " Desks, " Folding
Beds, Etc., made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. AH work guaranteed. One
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y. W. W. Holgate,
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examine them . ' -
Dr. Wells, the Albany V S wilt be at
Fruits livery stables every Friday of
each week. ' Bring your horses and
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- Sheriff's Sale. :
Notice Is hereby slven that on ' Monday the
21st de; of December, 1903. at the hour of one
o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the
front door of the Court House in the Ultv of Cor
vallis. in Benton County. 8tate of Oregon. T wilt
sell at puDiic auction lome nignest maaer, ior
cash in hand, the following described real pro.
nerty. in Benton county. Oregon, towlt:
Beginning at the northwest corner of the do
nation land claim of Jacob Hammer and wife,
being claim No 48, and a part of Sections 26', 37.
31 and 35 In Township 14 South. Range 6 West of
Willamette Meridian in Benton County, State
of Oregon, and run thence south 60 chains to
the southwest corner of said claim; thence
east 20 chains ; thence north 60 chains to the
north line of said claim ; thence West 20 chains
to the place of beginning, It being the intention
to describe 120 acres off of the west end of said
donation land claim and being the same land
devised to William 'Milton Howell, Cllsta Mc
Fall and the hei'S of George W Howell, decars
ed, by the last will and testament of William
Howell, deceased, which said will is of record in
Book O at page 425 therein records of wills for
said Benton Oounty, State of Oregon,
This sale Is made under and by virtue of a
Judgment, order of saleof attached propertyland
execution, now in my hands, issued out of the
circuit court of the state of Oregon for Benton
County, state of Oregon, under the seal of said
court, dated October 27th, 1903. in an action
wherein Adam Wllhelm, Adam Wilbelm J r, and
M. Wilhelm, partners doing business under the
firm name and style of A. Wilhelm & Sons, were
plaintiffs, and William Milton Howell was de
fendant, and in which said action said plain
tiffs recovered judgment against said defendant
for the sum of (1463.27 with Interest thereon at
rate of 10 per cent per annum from Nov. 25,
1902, $96,00 attorneys tees, for the further sum of
163.72 and for their costs and disbursements
there In, and the above described real property
was ordered sold to satisfy said Judgment.
. Dated this Nov 21, 1903,
' Sheriff ef Benton County, Oregon,
Charles Thomas -His Capers in Benton
and his new Didos in Marion ,
Charles Thomas is remembered
in Corvallis. - All the saloon men in
town know him well. He skinned
each of them once by means' of bo
gus checks, and by that token e
landed in the Benton County jail,
and was thence sent to the peniten
tiary by Judge Hamilton to serve
two years. ' ' - . '
It looks now like Charles would
go to the state prison again. He
was released from there a few days
ago, and hs first act thereafter was
to forge more checks, and again
land in the county jail. This time
it was in Marion county, where he
worked off bogus checks, on so
many people, that his sentence con
not be a light one. With forged
checks on the bank ofLadd& Bush
he bought a spanking team for
$300 and thereafter drove it about
the country, buying farms. He
bargained for a large number of
fine homesteads, and the account is
that if his bogus checks had held
out, andthe officers have left him
alone, would have owned half
the country.
Thomas is a talented young man
He is an Englishman, and at the
time he cut so mucn mustard in
Corvallis. he wore a white hat. He
landed here on a Saturday that was
a national holiday. He worked
off a $10 bogus check on every
saloon man in town, and on the
proceeds had the highest of high
old times. The saloons were not
open the following day.--which was
Sunday, and he drove down to
Albany for a better time than he
could get in a dry town. He re
turned to Corvallis in the evening,
and the next morning before the
banks opened he left town on foot,
going south. The bogus character
of the checks was discovered soon
after the bank opened, and Deputy
Sheriff Henderson overhauled
Thomas at John Porter's place.
After spending three or four months
in the Benton, County jail, Thomas
was sent to the penitentiary, and
apparently his experience there has
been such that he is eager to get
back, this second time by the same
old check route. In his last pyro
technic operations, he got away
with about $200 in cash on his for
ged check racket.
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chines for sale at the Blackledge
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Addition.' Terms reasonable.
. V. Mrs. MinnieTrussell.
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ter's shoes just in. All styles. No oth
ers so good. S. L. Kline.
The Corvallis Business College teaches
bookkeeping by the , Voucher plan,
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practical bookkeepers. Try it. .
Will keep open evenings until Jan
1904, E P Greffoz, the Jeweler,
. For Sale, ; :
Good gentle driving horse and buggy.
-r J, K. Berry.
1 tie hnest engraved . soavsnir spoons
iu the city are to be found at E P Gref
foz, the Jeweler. . ''
Fresh Yaquina Bay oysters received at
Zierolfseveiv Saturday ;
Not a Sick Day Since. x
"I was taken severely eick with
kidney tiouble. ". I tri?d all eorts of
medicines, none of which relieved
me, One day I saw an ad of your
Electric Bitters' and determined to
try that. After taking a few doses
I fell relieved, and soon thereafter
was entirely cured, and have Dot
been siek a day, since. Neighbors
of miBe have been cured of Rbeu-.
matism, Neuralgia, Liver and Kid
ney troubles, and General Debility.
This is what B. P. Bass of Fre
mont writes. Only 50 c at Allen's
Pharmacy. -
Executor's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that : the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the county court of
the State of Oregon, for the county of Benton,
Executor of the estate of William F. Byer, de
ceased. All persons haying claims against said
estate are hereby required to present the same
to me, verified as by law required, at my home
one mile south of Philomath, Oregon, within
six months from date hereof, ! .
Dated this 7th day of November, 1903.
Executor of the last will and testament of Wil
liam X, Byer, deceased, . .
you Hear them Belte?
ThemX-mas Bells. They have been rioging with
- us for the past month; and now Santa Claus has
given mb permission to jingle them for you, and
. from now until January 1st, 1904, we shall make
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3. D;
If you are Having Trouble with your Eyes
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traveling opticians without success, come and see me, get a fit that's guaranteed'
and by one who will always be on hand to
.'v'y--TiDB Jeweler and Optician
Notice for Publication,
Timber Land Act June 3, 1878. '
. " United States Land Office, -s
Oregon City, Oregon,
October 22nd, 1903. .
Notice is hereby eiven that in commianca
with the provisions of the act of Congress June
3 1878, entitled ,'An act for the sale of timber
lands in the states of California. Oieiron. Ne
vada and Washington Territory," as extended
to all the Public Land States by .act of August
4, 1892, Barney I. Carey oi Falls Cltv, county of
Polk, state of Ore eon. has this dav "filed in thla
office his sworn statement No 6317, for the pur.
chase of the Lots 1 & 2 of Section No 2 in Town.
Ship No 13 S, Xange No 7 West," and will offer
prooi to snow mat tne iana sougnt is more val
uable for its timber or stone than for aerimil.
tural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before Victor P- Hoses. Clerk of Ben
ton County, at Corvallis, Oregon, .on Saturday,
the 16th day of January, rM. .
He names asl witnesses! . -
Jacob L, Henkle of Philomath, Oregon.
John W.Hyde - "
Frank Spencer -
Michael L Flynn -
Any and aU nersons elalminff Rrlvproclv t.ti
above-described lands are requestedt o file their
claims in this office on or before said 16th dav
of January, 190 . , -
'. - ., . : -v Beglster,
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snibrellas at the Bicycle Hospital.
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A Business or Dress Suit
An Overcoat or Riin Coat
A Dress Suit Case
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A Smoking Jacket
J A Pair Fine SusDCnderfJ.
Brass Beds
To choose from. 1
$350 10 $1750
mann 0o.
make good his guarantee.
The Beet Remedy for Croup.
(From the Atchison Kan. Globe.)'
r- :
for croup are in demand in every
neighborhood. One of the most
terrible things in the world is to
be awakened in the middle of the
night by a whoop by one of the
children. The croup remedies are .
almost as sure to be lost, in case of
croup, as a revolver is sure to be
1 . : Knvnlgra "' Thorn
luoiiu v. o -
used to be an old fashioned remedy f
for crouD. known as hive eyrupand
tulu, but some modern mothers say
that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is better, and does' not cost so much
fli nftfcipnt tothrow 13 T :
j. v11'1-'" - - r
the phlegm" quicker, and gives re
lief in a shorter time. Give thia :
remedy as soon as tne croupy cougn
appears and it will prevent the V
tack.: It never fails and is' pleasant
and Baft to take. For sale by Gra
ham & Wortham. . "