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    Gorvallis Times.
Q5M&1 Papor ot Bentsa County.
la Portland, the other day, Jndge
IteUtagsr and his court were amazed
Isy a jury that returned a verdict of
cqntttal ior Abe Logan, after
another jury on weaker evidence
bad convicted Albert Martin of
'manslaughter, for the murder of
Indian Grant at Siletz, The judge
gave expression to his surprise and
mortification by declaring that by
the acquittal of Logan, justice had
been cheated, and that at least a
a '.verdict of minslaughter should been rendered.
in our live of liberty that we vaunt.
And there was a time in the days of
tyrants and tyranny, when its pos
session was a privilege of which to
boast. With the evolution of civiliza
tion. however it begins to show
faults, and the greatest of these is
the uncertainty that always attends
the deliberations of a body of men.
Xegislatures made up of the alleged
talent of the state, sometimes - do
unheard of things.- They rarely
fail to do some things that never
ought to be done, and that in saner
TTsrroments the legislators acting in
dividually would nsver do. The
congress of this country in a mo
ment of'pstssion, led on by Sumner
aiid Pnillips put the ballot in the
. la'nd-s of the negro, now acknow
ledged to have been a most irration
al and senseless .act . Instances, both
.multiplied and astonishing of the
same character are constantly hap
pening both ia and out of jury
rooms, so when seven men for con
viction yield to five in a Portland
court and - turn a murderer loose
unpunished and unblamed, it is not
a circutnstanca to . wonder , at. It
has been done before and it will be
done again.
One jury convicts a guilty man
f murder in the first degree, anoth
er hears his case under a new trial
and perhaps giveshim a couple "of
years. while a third called, to pass
n the samecase, sends him out ; of
court wun an acquittal, an apoiogy
for the laws long delay, - and with
the blessing of the jurors.
A ccordingly, . w hen - Martin goes
to .prison for manslaughter ' and
Logan, free as a bird and blameless
as a flower, goes back to the scene
of his homicide,; the public will
know that justice was partial,' but
sinpe it was the work .of juries, it
cannot be helped, and need not sur
. -prise.-v ... -i.
New Telephones and Change - of old
.- . . Numbers.
Main 533 Blackledge, O. J., Furniture.
' 354 Carrick, Kev. A.
' 106 Cfri, Geo.
" 441 City Restaurant. . ,x
694 Cordley, A. B. - - 7 N
" 594 Elgin, Grant. :
- " 52 1 Emery, W. G., Photogr apher.
" 266 Francisco.,, Frank, r. , i i
' 264 Fullerton, C. P; ( i
, " 631 Fuller, Geo. : T'H'V'H -
" 475-Gerhard, C. A. " '
" 675 Gillespie,' N. F.
" 76 1 Gibbs, H. D. ;
" 245 Goaduough, M. " '
" 741 Hardin, C. I,.. !
. " 696 Hay ward, Mrs. E. C.
' 614 Healy,. O- .
" 355 Howard, Mrs. J. W.
," 7910 AC Cleaning Co. . - ; - '
" 21-r-Cregon City Transp. Co. Dock
1 6S6 Pritchard, D. W.
" 774 Price, W. I.. r.
" 416 Scott, T, W., r.
" 523 Sewall, James.'
" 333 Turner's Grocery. Store.,
' 771 Trine, WO...
' 654 Vidito, V. A. , '' '
" 751 Wilson, E. E., Atty.
Fins. 783 McHemys, '
" 781 Woodcock, M. g, Dairy.
' 784 Woodcock. M. S. Farm.
Main 31 Cor vail is Comm. Co. -.;
773 Cresson, John.
795--Green, Rev, Edward F. :
, . 674 Hout, C. E. "
33 Johnson, Miss E. Millinery.
775 Knisely, A. L.
673 Wellsher, T. H. -v'
Main 333 Chipman, C. C. Grocer.
174 Hurt. O. V. '
296 Keeter, C. L.
44 1 White, E. Furniture.
Maby remarkable feats in mind
raading and hypnotism are being
perfomed nightly at the opera house
this wek. lhe artist is Koaco
who is famous in bis' line, being
surpassed by no other man in the
feas he attempts. Accompanying
hn work, there is a go d Vaude
villa entertainment each evening.
- ... At the Opera House. --; ;
The Roscp and Roy Vaudeville
Co. all this week, in new and op to
date yaudivelle novelties supporting
such well known .artists , as Rosco
the world'S greatest 4 mind : reader
and self hypnotist . Mr. Harry
Logrenia in new and - fap to date
songs. Rooney & Forrester sketch
team, singing and dancing ( special
ties. Mr Sid Stewart musical ar
tist, and a company'of refined artis
ts of, ladies and geutlenien. Admis
sion, 10 20 and 30 cents.
: -.i-:V ;.i Philomath Items.-;- ;
The Citizens' League held a mass
convention la-t Saturday and nom
inated the following o be voted, for
at the city flection next' Monday r1';
For Mayor Hon. Jpdpon Weed.
' Recorder G.W. WHght.' ' .
" Maishalj--O 'Ai Scott." i ! .'.
... TreaRurer'-p-JessrMses, " ,'
Ccuncil menTipt waicd,' Mr. Hum
, xnef and MI Craifle; "2U ' .ward, ' O.
ST. White and Mr. ; Wallace: 3d
ward, G. Bsntiett and Si Q. Wat-
':kinB. ' ' ' " '
: ::.-, . . '
Duririg the past wet k, Elder Ben
nett has been very lot? with a se
vere, attack, of Pneumonia. His
family were '; all suminoned home
and his son, Dr. Bennett of Bell
fountain, spent nearly all the wetk
St hja bedside. : He ia slowly im
sprofing aod hopeu are now enter
tained of big recovery,
7 'City election will be nextAlonday
andi there promises - to. be r ejaite
fight. The Citizens' League is pit
ted against ths taxpayers and it is
hoped the beet may win.
Mr. Hayhuret of Nebraska, is
Visiting at the home of hia daughter
Mrs, G. Bennett.
Mr. and Mrs. Deatori of Illinois,
are yisitiDg wiih Mr. Hillr. .
Born, Nov. 25th,' to Mr. and
;: Mrs' OttoPatersoo, a son. s
' ; : Philomite.
We have added several new
our Premium dishes. Nolan
pieces to
& Calla-
If your umbreHa needs covering take
it to the Bicycle Hospitals
New goods all the time
at Nolan &
Barred Plymouth Rocks.
v I have30 high-bred Barred Plymcntb,
Rock chickens ye for sale jery;. cheap,
if parties take them at once. .
. . " J. G. Horning.
' S '"' '. ' . . ''"""' Corvallis.
'iJeh.'ver, Nov., 28" -What ia Dro-
nounced by physicians a cape of
iiouDie .. conpciousness , has been
brought to' public notice through a
euit filed by D ivid Charters against
the" city 'of?. Denver, for $150,000
damages for'jajuries jtp bis (ihead
sustained by, falling on a defective
sidewalk After the accident,' whi6H,
occurred on D member 30, ' J 901,
Darters prociaimea nimeeu iJan
iel the Prophet," and 'i wrote ,' books
entitled "Daniel' . Vision and . Mis
Mor.;" '4,l9 Heaven Real?". .-s Hell
Real?" T: He preached po the streets
and established a prosperous' mis
sion.! He also traveled abotijt the
country as an eVangeliet.'-, -..
Charters a few weeks f ago,' fully
recovered from his injury, and . ha
then- declared that the intervWl
since the accident happened .was a
blank to him. . He had no knowl
dge of having written a book. After
reading the book, be pronounced it's
contents jdiotlo, r
Brady Burnett A Marriage Expected
A Social Eent. ;
Miss Agnes Wilson has retired
from the telephone office, and Mon
day began her duties in a new po
sition in E. B." Homing's grocery
store, made vacant by the resigna
tion of Miss Abbie Groshong.' The
latter left yesterday .morning for
Enterprise, Oregon,- where, if all
reports be true, she will nextTues
day or Wednesday, become Mrs
Louis Burnbugh.. Mr. ' Bumough
is well remembered at OAC, from
winch he was graduated last June,
and where he was always a strong,
student and leading athlete: In ad
vance, the Times extends con
gratulations and good wishes . Miss
Wilson's place in the local telephone
ofSce has been' accepted by t Miss
Bessie Irvine. " ' 1 ,
Brady Burnett arrived Monday
irom Washington, and is to i is
r- . r- . 1 '
corvanis ior tne greater part 01 ine
3o days, for which he leave of ab
sence. His trip West is,. ; for the
benefit of his health, and . for a vis
it with Corvallis relatives and
friends. Any statement that Cupid
has anything to do with it . is de
clared by his friends to 1 be false
Mr. Burnett is in the manufactur
ing division Of the ceusus depart
ment, and much time has been
spent by Jjim in recent months iif
collecting statistics in the cities and
towns in the New England states,
Past Football . Games Played- Over
Again After the Season is Ended.
Concluded from Fourth Page.
men would have ien de'iahted to
have defeated Nevada themselvep,
they are enthusiastic over the show
ing marie by lhe students of-their
sister institution ct Corvallis. Of
course, the ling trip ard numerous
accHentp crippled the Nevada
eleven, but the "sage brush" boys
were outclassed by the Oregon 'far
mers.' 'v:- ' " ; " ' " J- ." ; 1 "
Plain Sewing,
Wanted at wy residence in Wilkin's
Addition. Terms reasonable". .'":".
Mrs. Minnie Trussell.
' Bucks for Sale.' ;'
Oxfords and Grade Merinos all two
years old past, Good sheep with j .rices
reasonable. Call on or address.
T. W. B. Smith, f
. Phone Snrburban 43.
Dutches Trousers
Dutchess are always fine and dandy,
Up-to-date and spick and spandy.
So buy the Dutchess when 3-ou need pants;
One thing is sure, you're not taking a 'chance.
- 1 ,
We take all the chances,
backed by the makers' fa
mous warrarityr
10 Cents a Button; " $L00 a Rip.
The, following is a copy of an
invitation that, has been received
by Corvallisites to the number of
200 or 300: "Mr. and Mrs. . J. B,
Horner, Mr. and Mrs. G. B, Keady
and Mr- and Mrs. R, ; L. , White
head, request the pleasure of your
company for the evening of , Tues
day, . December ,8, 1 903. from eight
to ten o'clock at, Cauthorn Hall
The evening is to be of musical
character, and lor it au interesting
program has been prepared- . V
Corvallis Grange had decided not
to celebrate the 36th anntversary
Of the National Grange as has been
understood by the Granges outside
of Corvallis, Too much work is
the cause. ; At a later date a-ro
gram will be prepared,' and the
neighboring gratges will -be noti
fied by programs. " ' ' "
Don't fail ,to see the '500, pound
rock to ' be ..broken , on ? Jlosco's
chest at Opera House.. . .
Seats on sale at ' the usual ' place
for Rosco & Roy Vaudeville Co. at
Opera House, - ; .
1. Social at Oak Ridges
A Shadow social and entertainment
will be given by the Oak Ridge.. Sunday
School at the school house on Saturday
evening, Dec.5,.for the purpose o- rajs
ing money for Christmas tree.. Ladies
please bring supper. - . jf
----- Oak Ridge S. S.'
T "You can afford a "business education
whenijio pavs fcr ten weeks instructions
in the Corvallis Business College. Next
term opens Dec 14.
Get your ribs fixed
at ,-the Bicycle
.. Racine feet for men, women
children, Nolan & Callahan.'
Not a Sick Day Since.
"I-was taken severely srck with
kidney trouble. I tried all sorts of
medicines, none of which relieved
me, One day I saw antad of your
Electric Bitters and determined to
try that:. Aftjer taking a few-doses
I felj relieved and soon thereafter
was entirely cured, and; have not
been eiek alay since. . Neighbors
of mine have been cured of Ebeu-
inatism, NeuralgiaLiver and Kid
ney troubles, and General Debility."
This is ; what B. F. Bass - Of Fre
monijyrites. Only 50 c at Allon'a
Pharmacy.'- ;...v. ,.v
, .. : '
1 :, ,.f Cheaper , Rates. ;. ' . .-x .
Commencing Jan 1, 1904, we will sjyl
lights per metrS"in residences-at xoc- per
1000 watt hours with .a minimum of 75
cents per month, f Should ;you use 7,50a
we wiU'chargd yoa1 75 cents, In Albany
or Portland the "same -amount would cost
you 1. ; J3honld you use 15.000 we will
chtpee vou 4i.ab.r 'The same amount in
Albany would cost $22o;: in Portlands
j2.7o."rShould you use 0,000 your Ijill
willbe 2. J In .Albany yori -would " have
pay $2 and in Portland $1 6a.
, Hereafter you will have: . t9 furnish
your own Jam arenewals, i : .. ; '
Corvallis Electric Light &. Power Co. ,
i : Leave yaur orders for oysters at
olf's on Tuesday v' v
' Upholstering". n .
Lounges, Couches, , Desks," Folding
Beds; "Etc.', madeto order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. All work guaranteed"''One
door south of R. M. Wade's, Main street.
W.- W.' Holgate;i. '
OAC Cleaning & Pressing Co.
C. C. Cate. Tel.; 791 'R. H.Cate,
We call for, clean , press and deliver
one suit or your clothes each week for
one dollar per month. Ladies . .skirts
cleaned. Five doors south, of P. O,
. New goods all the time
t Nolan ;
' The genuine winri proof umbrellas at
the Bicycle Hospital.
Go to Zierolf's for fresh Yaquina Bay
For best grade of nasoline, 35 cents a
gallon go to Berry-and Carl's. x
Big stock of cloaks wrap jackets and
ain garments at Nolan ,& Callahan's.
Fresh Yaquina Bay oysters received at
Zierolf's eveiv Saturday . ' ,:
Berry & Carl have introduced the fa
nous anti rust and wind proof umbrellas
-examine them , -, - ;.
Dr. Wells, the Albany V S will be at
Fruits livery stables every Friday of
eac'n week.V : Bring your - horses and
have-them examined free of charge. '
Eggs 35 cents at Turner store. ,, J
That means more to you
r than any other clothing
proposition ever offered:
Fur Sale by
twenty Patterns Iron and
' To choose from.
$350 to $17.50
Elastic felt mattresses $9.50 to $12
And full-sized Mattresses Us cheap as $2.00.
ztecK of
. . (JUKVALLIS, OR..,,. ,
?fiK-lnf 9.;-'' " . Ty
at' . Huston's Hardware Store:" P
O. Address, Box II. . '
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
lAve ; istocK., r bauslacuon r guaranteed.
Twen'ljr year? experience.' ' .
Was never so complete and full of genuine bar
gains as now. Call and look us over. No"
trouble to show goods.
If you are Having Trouble with your Eyes
i "
shire Sheep.
Ewes ' and". Yflings by Barkis ' 130841.
- : TtEZiiftk bv Freshman 188626. ..
Well - bred -joung stock of both sexes
ior saie. . ..
'. '- Corvallis.' Oreeon.
I-' ... "Tit : V W
. Why not study bookkeeping ia . the
night school which meets on Monday
and Wednesday evenings..
. For a Bad Cold.
-. .
If you have a bad cold you need
a good reliable medicine like Cham
beilain'ri Cough remedy- to loosen
and relieve it, and to allay tbe irri
tation an inflammation of tbe throaj
and lunge- Forsale , by Graham
& Wortham-!, ; ,
Notice for Publication,
Timber Land Act June 3, 187S.
United States. Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon,
October 2'2ud, 1903.
3 jSu 13 s? & xS, iz.Ss. . : :
m Ksna You rait kim Bourfi! .
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions oi the act of Congress Jane
3 1878, entitled ,'An act for the sale ot timber
lands in the states ol California, Oregon, Ne
vada and Washington Territory," as extended
to all the Public Land States by act of August
4, 3892, Barney I. Carey oi Falls Cltv, county of
Polk, state ot Oregon, has this day filed in this
otlce his sworn statement No 6317, for the pur
chnse ot the Lots 1 & 2 oi Section No 2 in Town
ship No 13 S, Sange No 7 West, and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more val
uable for Its timber or stone than for agricul'
turai purposes, and to establish: his claim to
. L-said land before Victor P- J(oses. Clerk of Ben-
the 16th day of January. 1904. r '
He names as witnesses! . --v".
Jacob L, Henkle of Philomath, Oregon,
.lotlu W'.IIyuo . . . " .
Frank Speticer " . '
jaicnae) I. Jnyai . V- T" ' ' " ,
j Any and all persou elalmlDg ' adversely the
above-described lands-are re)uestedt o rile their.
claims in this office on or before said 16th da;
of January,. 1.904 k . .
. ' . Kegtster,
Highest 'Market Price Paa
. ... -.- f j I . I 1 I . X X -fc. .
Curkeys, 4rleesc, Ducks, Ucal,
iforn,' fcflfls ana Butter.
t;,.Vwv- Philomath, Oregon
Cah or Trade. .
Or it you re having trouble with yonr plasses; and have tried all the so-called
traveling opticians without success, come and see me, get a fit that's guaranteed
andby one who will always be on hand to make good his guarantee.
The Tkveler and Okticiax.
Morning. ... V. 11:00.
Ev0ni4 . . .... .,. . . . . . . 7:30
Sunday School ........ v. . . .10:00
Christian Endeavor . ..... . . 6:30
r 'v. -
JStrangers always welcome
. .Seats free. Come. - ' ;
s wotjce.
Notice liHier.eby.g!van that . lhe undersigned
ceabed.- All uraaAa havinsr diimH nsrAlttsuatd
estate are;her'by required to present the same
to rae, verified islPJw required, at my home
oneiTnilesoutrVoTphilomath. Oregon, within
six months fronf9il6-eTeof,- 1 'v -"
Bated this ,7th (9Nyjaf November, 1903. J
:!vJ?tL ' W . N. ALFOSD,
Exerator.ot; the laKLvJlll and testament ol Wll-
uHui ... jjyaruecef.aea.
SherifFs Sale. :
Notice Is hereby slven that on Monday the
21st day of December, 1903, at tbe hour ol one
o'clock in the aiternooo ot sma aay, at tne
front door of the Court House In the City of Cor
vallis, in Benton County, State of Oregon, I will
sell at publlo auction to tne n.gnesc oiaaer, ior
cash in hand, the following described real pro.
perty, in Bentpn county, Oregon, towlt:
Beginning at the northwest edrner of the do
nation land claim of Jacob Hammer and wife,
being claim No 48, and a part of Sections 26, 27.
31 and 35Jn Township, 1 South. -Range 6 West of
Willamette Meridian in Benton County, State
of Oregon, and run thence south 60 chains to
the southwest corner of said claim; thence
easf20 chainrfbehce north 60 cbains to the
north line of said claim ; thence West 20 chains
to the place of beginning, it being the intention
to defcribe 120 acres off of th west end of said
donation land claim and being the sm'e land
deViped to William -Milton Howell, Cllsta Mo
Fall and the hei'sof Beorge W Howell, decars-
ed,;ty the last will and testament ol William
Howeil, aeceaoea. wmcn sbiu win is oi record iu
Kor.k c at case 426 therein records ot wills for
said Benton bounty. State of Oregon,
This sale Is made under and by virtue ol a
Judgment, order of saleof attached propertyjand
execution, now in my hands, issued -out ol tUe
circuit court of the state of Oregon for Benton
County, state of Oregon, under the seal of said
court, oatea uctooer zm, snu, m an action
wherein Adam Wilhtlm. Adam WUhelm Jr, and
M. Wilhelm. cartnersdoing business under the
firm name and style of A. Wilheloi & Sons, 'were
plaintiffs, and William Milton . Howell was de
fendant,' and inwhich said action said plain.
tlff'fecovered Judgment against said defendant
for trie sum of $1463.27 with Interest thereon at
ratSifoMfrrjer-eent neit ann"Tro ' from Nov. 2n.
190495,00 attorneys fees, fori the further sum of.
$5if.snd for their costs-- and . disbursements
tnerein,- ana ine aoove aescriDea real property
was ufrtered sold to satisfy 84id judgment.
- Dated this Nov 21, 1903.
. . - - - ,- : M. P. BTJEVECT,'''
: Sheriff ol Berrtba County, Oregon, ;
Time Card Num er 22.
For Yaauirfa: 5.
Train leaves Albany. .". . .. .12:45 P- m'-
1:50 p. m
5:35 P- m
.. 7:30 a. m
..11:30 a. m
.-.12:15 pt m
... 7:00 a. m
..12:20 p. m .
Corvallis .
" arrives Yaquina
r Returning:
Leaves Yaquina. ... .....
.. Ieaves Corvallis. . -
Arrives AlJSany
3 For Detroit: .
Leaves Albany ....
Arrives Detroit. .... ....
4 from Detroit:' ' h-
Leaves Detroit.., .......... r:0o p. m
Arrives Aljiarfy... .!....... 5:55 p. m .
Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in .'..
Albany before departure- of S . P. north
bound train. " , i
Train No 2connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany givipg direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches. ;
Train 3 for Detriit.'Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts-J eaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reach'ing'Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day.'- '.-. -f
Forfu'rflier lrjlornfatiori'apply to '
-I ' ' V 'arlag'er. .
'Hike a look at the -fast and wind proof TI.- ?AASM ....
wiiweJlas at the Bicycle Hospital. , Lln?a- -CocfureuAgentAiDany, ,
i ;'".-Jt-:':t:.'-1'.'