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    Gorvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton. Comity. '
Strong Evidence for Him Tried
- ' . Save U. S. Grant.
- rThe trial of Abe Logan., one oi
. . . - , . t r 1 "11:
ine Indians accused 01 jtiiung In
dian Gnn: on the .. Siletz a few
.-weeks ago, was taken jp the U. S.
court in Portland Tuesday. The
-nrosecution - called many.-, of the
same witnesses who testified r for
r ae-ainst Martin, who , was con
victed, of manslaughter as his part
an tthe killing,.; . Martin's .de
fense tended to place the entire
blame upon Logan :andthe same
testimony came in handy?; for . the
. -prosecution of Lop an.
1 In the trial of -Logan strong eyi
43ence in favor of the innocence of
the accused Indian was brought
- out. Testimony was introduced to
the effect that a consultation be
tween Mrs. Albert Martin, wife of
4he convicted Indian, and her two
sons, in which she is alleged to
iave told' them that they ; would
1 liave to fasten the crime on ,LQgan
to save Martin from s paying , the
penalty. Other witnesses testified
that they heard tie quarrel, be
tween the drunken. Indians at the
liver and t heard Logan pleading
with Martin not to kill Qrant.
. This is the strongest testimony
'that has been brought out on the
-witness stand. Logan said in part-
'Grant : brought the !. -battles ,jof
-whiskey from Toledo. We .did'ait
want any one to get more than an-i
other, so we marked on on .tne
h tlevwith oiir thumbs the place to
where we should empty it at ; each
jdnuk. ! Hirant : passed ' his bottle
around, then I ' passed 'mine and
Jtartin passed his. Then we talk
ed some and took another drink
all round. We talked some -more
and drank another round.- Grant
began to feel kind of eood and to
rock back and forth on his horse.
Then Martin said to him. You ac
cnsed me of intimacy with your
wife, and we better have it out right
jjow. I saw that trouble was brew
ane and tried to prevent it. Martin
Icept after Grant to settle the ; mat
ter and 'he tried to get off ihis horse.
The 5 animal got - frightened and
fcrew him.? I picked him up and
Martin began to fight. - - ;
- -1 tried to stop them and told Mar-
. tin not to hurt Grant, but -they
wouldn't listen to me. " I saw there
was going to be trouble and bid my
'. -whisky bottle in the bushes, because
I didn' want to get arrested.. Grant
and Martin were , beaming each
other, and I-was too.- full to stop
them, so I : started - toward
the'agencyjtoget help. I couldn't
Ifind : "the place to cra wl
through, the wire fence for a long
, time, .and when I did :I fell in , the
jmnd. Then I, had another fence, to
iclwnb, tand I .. was ,so . full I . could
Aardly get over it, . - Then I was In
Jthe roadand. after a while J got .to
.Martin' s place. I told Geprg? New
Jjerry,, Martin's , step-son that ; his
father . was:beating , Grant. , Some
of the boys. and ..myself : went, back
to, the scene of the rouble. ',Wh,en
) we got ;back, one of the -boys . found
piartin ly ing on thebanjc dead ,drun,k
Grant jws, gpne, didn't, know
jwhat, hadibecome of Grant, arid ?I
Went. back tp Martin's use'iraith
, She boys.; -,1 was pretty. fuU and I
went to sleep there. I didn't . .know
where, Grant was until he. was found
m ife ,!y',v;W'!!7; : i
In substantiation ,of Logan's story :
Jhat he hadtried to separate Grant
nd Martin,. Tpm .McDonald and
his wife, two Indians who had
ieen down the river -and -were 're-,
turning on the opposite side at the!
Jime. the alleged ..fight was: in . pro
gress, testified . that they - heard
Logan begging Martin not to hurt
. Grant. ' -
Then Joe Cook, a patriarch of
the. tribe, took the stand and swore
that oa; the day of the inquest over
Grant -s -body, he had .heard Mrs.
Martin tell her two boys that they
would, have to testify so as-. to throw
the crime. pn Logan, to save Martin
The case was argued Wednesday
-3ut it was;not given to the jury un
til Friday morning and : the result
of their deliberations was not known
when the Times went to press.
' 1 Estray.
Cne. small black' hog. No marks
Came to my place Get :- 29th, Owner
may prove property and pay 1 charges.
- W. Leadbetter,
We have added several new
oar Premium dishes. -- Nolan
han. v ....
pieces to
& Calla-
If your umbrella needs covering
It to the Bicycle" Hospital.
New coeds all the time
at. ' Nolan &
Callahan's. -
Mail Ronte " Changed to
V.' Adjowrnnenjtpf Circuit Courti""
""i - "i ' Vc''
Miss Anna Allen of Portland is
visiting her parents in this cityv j-VL
Miss Maud Brodie of Portland
is spending Thanksgividg with her
brotberH. C, Brodie. : - '
Miss Alice Wells of Portland ar
rived Thursday 'and Jis the guest of
her brother Albert Wells at Caur
thorn Hall. ,
Dolph Kerr, bookkeeper of the
Fischer Mills at . Silyertori, . is a
Thanksgiving guest with the old
folks at home. .... ......
. Have Dr. Lowe cure your head
arid eye ache ' by .removing the
causa with a pair of his superior
glassed. -They are the beet.
The marriage of ' Miss ' Princess
Belt and Ralph Foster" occurred at
the home of the groom's parents at
Silver Lake, November 17th.
. Regular services ,at the M ... ,E
cnurcn ioutn . tomorrow morning
and evening. Sunday School . at
10 a m. and League at 6:4 p m
. The Episcopal church: Rector's
class at o a m. ; iMorning prayer
and sermon at 11 a. in,; evening
prayer and sermon at 7:30 , p. m
AH are cordially invited. , Rev.
MacLean Ph. D. .
A basket social wis given at
Wells Wednesday night by the Ar
tisans of that place. There was
short programme, a banquet and
dancing. About $70 was netted
from the sale of baskets.
A fine gray : fox was killed: .the
other day t by Jesse Brown after an
extended chasein which his . 5 three
favorite hounds distinguished
themselveSv . Mr. Brown says Path
tjark is standing; the ., winter ad?
mirably, and that he wiil. be n fie
fprm fpr the coming season,
' ' The officials at the football game
1 hursday were E," R, Bryson. ref
eree, and Zopnar J harp, umpire.
Though both ' are Corvallis men,
their deoisions were so fair,, prompt
and impartial that the .Nevada men
raised neither raised : objection nor
criticism,' and after the .- game ex
pressed fyllatisfaction at the jud
gments rendered during the 0 play
The tnoet , notable article , in the
Pacific Monthly .for December is by
C- E. Si Wpod on the, subjech'The
nppresfion Qf .y ice.hy ,Law. 1 In
view of .the tremendous fight . which
s,now eoipgon, fespecialiy iM, pur
larger cities, .between , the. forces of
law, and.ihe fo,rces .pf.eyjl, as mani'
estedjnlgarobling, ,tne saloon, and
the . octal e,vil-r-BO galled this
.keen Bnd,yigorou8 dipcussion is of
tee greatest Interest. ;r; , T ,; :
) The Dusty mail 1 route that has
hitherto been operated from Philo
math ;is hereafter tp make 'connec
tions- at; 'Corvallis; The changed
Service- goe& intd effect 'December
1st The route is by Inavale, and
boxes along the route will be -ser
ved. The carrier-is! Byrd Rickard.
'He wilt-; leave 'Corvallis at two
o'.clock -every day, 1 making Dusty
that evening. On the; return -trip
he leaves Dusty' in:' the 1 morning,
and at'Corvanis at 10:30 a m.Noti
ce of the proposed change was recei
ved at the Corvallis office Thurs
day. J ;p:r-----Ui r-iv'f
. .A, swindler,; whose schemeis to
raise .the figures j money orders
and, ;f then i!IflQash -i(them ;(;, , is
pperating , :. rln tkm septipn , ; of the
cpjUAtryrt?. ,His plan is, vto : enter
store, or .other business house . late
in the,evening,vand vafter. (makingva
srnall -, purchase . offer, jthe .bogus
jnoney .order ip, payment, expecting
cash in return. "t "When f -asked- for
identification, he displays , Jetters
addressed to himself. :, Jnevery in
stancethe figures ;in the money .;or
der turn out to have; been .raised,
but by the time it. , is . presented . at
the postoffice, the swindler is . far
away. : Business men should be on
the lookout for the performer. .
. Circuit court adjourned ' at : two
o'clock yesterday afternoon, after a
session that began Mpuday morn
ing. , During the session twq, jury
cases were heard that of Lewis
versus the Polk county bank, and of
tne btate versus Wagner. The j ury
was excused at noon yesterday. An
adjourned term of court 4s to . con
vene December 20th at two o'clock
p a, for a hearing of the manda
mus proceeding, brought to compel
the directors of the - Newton school
district to . pay: over apportioned
school money, to pupils of the New
ton district attending school at Phi
lomath. Several of the districts of
the county are ; watching the ' case
with more or less interest. :v
Racine feet for saen, women
children, Noli & Callahan.
New line of novelty dreea . goods just
Disposition of the .Case? Wich Have
Beta Brought up.
A B Hammond
pltf. vs 1 W T
Crosby dett,. action., on promissory
note;" - Continued for term. - "
" .. State Land , Board plff vs Thom
as H Cooper et al- deft, suit fore
closure. Settled, Dismissed.' ' .
A E Laws plff vs Sarah Stewart,
et al deft, suit foreclosure confirm
ation of sale. Sale confirmed.
E A Parker vs W H James et al
injunction Settled, dismissed with
out cost to either party. :
-U B First church of Eugene, a
corporation, vs John L Aiken, J Q
Rodgers, and J , W Ingle, action. 1
Judgment given. r i-j - ; -;
M B Davisson vs John ,L Aikin,
j Q Rodgers, and J W Ingle, action.-
Judgment given, ; . i
, Seth H Childs vs R E Long
bottom,; D D -k Longbottom- J J
Longbottom et al, suit to . perfect
title to real property. Decree granted.-
,.v ' -V
. 2 S N Steele, and J V -Pipe, part
ners doing business under the firm
name of S N Steele & Co vs Lihby
G Rothell, action on contrast.
Dismissed. , . - ,
. Sol King vs Scott King, action
on promissory note. Dismissed..;
Coast Land & Livestock Co, a
corporation, vs The Oregon Pacjhc
Colonization ' Co, Geo. H Selover
and S. F. Cook, suit forecloseure
confirmation sale. Sale confirmed
TRuth D Thornton vs W F Keady
adm et al, suit foreclosure confirm'
ation sale. . Sale con firmed
H C Davis & L Schryder ,vs ?M
P .Burnett, action for damage. : Jury
returns verdict for $39 for plaintiff
J S Cooper vs E V Spencer act-;
ion on promissory: no.e; . Settled
and , dismissed. .
J S. Cooper, vs Gertrude Spencer,
action on promissory note. Settled
and dismissed ,V : ; :- -
Palmer Ayres vs E W Strong,
action. rContinued for; term.
G R Farra et al vs A Wilhelm
adm of est of Samuel Rickard ded.
appeal from county court. Continued
Iprjterm.h ..-, n
A;M Witham and Agnes Tbpmp
son . ,ys Abigail Brown et al, suit to
perfect title .real property. ,. Decree
granted. s. f,V- - '
Sarah S Ball vs Cyrus Perham et
al suit to perfect title, jeal property.
jDecree granted. ; ? ; .
Mary I Whitby vs . Jphn M.Os
burn and William r :JGrpyesr - s.uit
foreclosure mortgage. Decree of
foreclosure granted. .
Gabriel ,'Long vs Ellen Long,
suit divorce. : , Dtvorce granted.
Fred S Elliott and Ernest El
liott vs Ada , EJliotU Emmet W El
liott, Seth Elliott: Lilly M Elliott,
Annie Elliott, E E Wilson &. M R
Elliott, suit partition real property.; ;
Continued lor service
Monday mov it ne -tito . to , noon
oextdayiDr. vLowe.i jt.he optician
will, be an CJorvalusi Stick a bat
pin in tboae dtes eo you ; wont for
get it-: Hs will not send - out amy
circulars thw trip announcing . hie
arrival- Remember n the days and
date?. t u , - . ,
Notice for Publication,
Timber Land Act 'June 3, 1878,
United States Land Office,
. Oregon City, Oregon, .
ueiorjer xiuii, iws.
Notice Is hprebv nivea that In comDlianee
with the provisions of the act of Congress June
3 1878, entitled t'An act for the sgle- of timber
lands in the states of California, Otegon, Ne
vada and Washlneton Territory.!' as' extended
to-all be Public land States by act of August 1
4..1892, Barney I. Carey ol Falls Citv, county of I
.jrQUL,-Bia pi unEvii( uwi huh Hi uiw intQifl. i
offcee his sworn statement No 6317. for the rmr-
cbase oi the Lots 1 & 2 ol Sgetlori No2 in Town-
Ship Npa 8, Hange No 7 West,- and will pffer
uaoie tor its romper or-stone wan tor atrncui.
tural purposes, and tp establish .his claim to
4on County,, at Corvallis, Oregon, fOa .Saturday,
nuu lanu ueiurv viuiur x- alubcb. iterK oi jku
'' He names as' witnesses! " "' ' ' " ' ' ""
' Jacob L, Heafele of Philomath, Oregon,
' John W. Hyde " . " ,
'rank Spencer :";'::.:';'"; 'y..
Michael It Fly nn ,. :
Any and all persons elalmlng adversely the
above-described lands are requested t o Hie their
claims in tnis omce on or peiore saia letn aay
oi January, law
. . . . Register,
" Sheriff's Sale, -'.v:
' Notice is hereby given that on Monday the
21st day of December, 1903, at the hour of one
o'clock: in the afternoon of said day. at the
front door of the Court House lu the City of Cor
vallis, in Benton County, State of Oregon, I will
sell at public auction tothe highest bidder, tor
cash in nana, tne loiiowing aeserioea real pro.
perty, in Benton county, Oregouf towlt: i
Beginning at the northwest corner of the do
nation land claim of Jacob Hammer and wife,
being claim No 48. and a part of Sections 26. 27.
31 and 35 in Township 14 Houth. Range 6 West of
Willamette Juenman in Denton uounty, mate
of Oregon, and run thence south 60 chains to
the southwest corner of said' claim; thence
east 20 chains; thence north 60 chains to the
north line ot said claim ; thence West 20 chains
Jo the place ot beginning, it being the intention
to describe 120 acres off of the west end of said
donation land claim and being the same land
devised to William Milton Howell, Ollsta Mo
Fall and the hei 8 of George. W Howell, decars.
ed, by the last will and testament of i William
Howell, deceased, which said will is of record la
Book O at page 425 therein records of wills for
said Benton Oounty, State of Oregon,
This sale is maue unaer ana oy virtue or a
judgment, order of saleof attached propertyahd
execution, now in my bands, Issued out of the
circuit court of the state of Oregon for Benton
County, state of Oregon, under the seal of said
court, dated October 27th, 1903. in an action
wherein Adam Wllhelm, Adam Wllbelm Jr, and
M. Wilhelm, partnersdolng business under the
firm name and style of A. Wilhelm & Sons, were
plaintiffs, and Willlavm Milton Howell was de
fendant, and in which said action said plain
ttlis recovered Judgment against said defendant
for the sum of S1463.27.wHh Interest ; thereon at
rate of 10 per cent per annum from - Nov. 25,
1902, $95,00 attorneys tees, for the further sum of
163.72 and for their costs and disbursements
there in, and the above described real property
was ordered sold to satisfy said judgment.
Dated this Nov 21, 1903.
Sheriff of Benton Oounty, Oregon,
Doo't let selfetyled opticians and
eddjers'try lo n.t glasses '' Sto your
tyfii. Take1 ro chance witjbtl yoa'r
yicion. Coopnlt J,)r;; Lowe. if your
eyes need atentiott Me" has beeia
coming to Corvallis for ove 13
year8' and has had over , 17, years' ex
pertence in his profession. Is the
best any too good for your eyes? $
Leave orders for Thanksgiving oysters
at the Commercial .Restaurant..'7-. Fresh
Yaquina oysters and fresh Gulf of Mex
ico oysters every day in the woek. , '
Shropshire Sheep.
JiiWes and Yearlings 'by v Barkis 130841
Lambs by Freshman 188626.
weii Dreq young stoct ot both sexes
for sale. . ,
'.-'," Corvallis, Oregon
Highest Market Price Paa
turkeys, eeese, Ducks, Ueal,
HorK, tflfls and Butter.
Cah or Trade. F.P. CLARK,
; 1 ' - Philohiath; Oregon
Congregational S
vnurcn, ,
Horping.,. .......... . . . . ... JkOO J
evening , 7.:3
Sunday School ;'. . . .10:00
Christian Endeavor . . . . . -y6:30
r; Strangers always welcome.
Seats free. Come. , ;
Time Card tfu toe r 22.
For Yaquina: -
Train leaves Albany...,
. . " Corvallis..
.-, " arrives Yaquina.. .
. ' Ieaves Yaquina ........
'-Leaves Corvallis...... ...
Arrives Albany
For Detroit:
.13:45 p
. 1:50 p.
- 5:355.
7:30 a. m
11:30 a. m
12:15 P. m
leaves AiDany 7:00 a. m
Arrives Detroit. ...i....i2:a0 p. to
4 from Detroit:
.Aveavtjs ieirou 1:00 p. m
Arrives Albany . . ........ . 5 155 p. m
Train No. 1 arrives in Albanv in time
loconneci wimar soutn Douna train.
as well as eiving two or three Jioars in
Albany Delore .departure of S P north
uunnu iram. 1. .
Train No 2 connects. with theSPtroJno
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
..: . -vt l 1 i . .
iw "J ' cwuun uuvl amarent Deacnes.
Train 3 or Detroit,' - Breitenbuah and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reacn;nf Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs , the
same uay.
For further information apply to
. . Manager.
n. a. oronise, Agent uorvallis,
Thos, Coekrell. Agent Albany.
V: Summons. .
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregop
ior noil ton county. .
Sarah S Ball; Plaintiff
.1 : vs
. : Cyrus Perham, Ed Perham and loot
- iUnamoeriatn, Velendanta.
' To Cyrus Perham. Ed Perham and Ttna
Charoberlaiu, the above named delendants
In the name or the State of Oregon, you and
each, of you are hereby biimmoned and required
to appear and answer the complaint ot the
plain tin m the aoove entitled suit, 111 the above
en titled court, now on flje in the offloe ot tb
ole'rk of said court, on or before the 21st day of
November,' 1908, said day being the last day of
the time prescribed in the Order for nubllcatlon
w uus Bummoas maue oy me-county juage or
iwiHoawiunf, vrKuii, (wnicn saaa .oraer is I
: : On or bet3re.Biz weeks trom the day .of i firs
nubllcatlon hereof.
And you are hereby notified that if you fan so I
to appear ana answer me gala .complaint as
herein required, for want thereof ' the plajnt'tr
will apply to the above entitled court for the
relief demanded in her said complaint, namely.
jot n ud.rtsts mswjrmiiiiiig ait -connicEing-ana aa
verse claliDB. iu teres ts and estates In and toal.
uai pttrt ox tne nortneaRc quarter oi tne nortu.
west quarter of Section 3aTwD.10S. : Ki 6 W.
Will. Met, which yes north of , the .Alfred
wntsman branch or creelr. In Bentn (vmntv.
Oregon: that.detendaniB.have .no claim. Inter j
et vt estate inerein: mat piaintltrs due there-
aj-ut Eiiua arm vaiia: ma cnat aerAnaancs ne
forever barred and enkined from Asmrtlnff rtiv
claim whatever in and to h 1 i nrnmfiiM iuiTimw
to plaintiff; and for general relief and costs and
disbursements of said suit. . ' '
This Summons ifi mihlialUMl In thn rnnrnlllti I
xxmes once a weeic for six successive and con
secutive weeks, beginning with the issue of Oct- I
tober loth, 1903, and ending with the issus of
November 21, 1903, in pursuance of an order
made DV tne iiOa. V inn 1 E. Wnttnra rwnntv
Judge of Benton county, Oregon, (being the
county wnere tne above entitled suit is pend-
iner in the.above entitled nnnrti Hntpfi -nthr
v, iua. jjate oi nrst publication is Oct! bar 10.
xtau, . i
i . Attorneys for Plaintiffs
Exfcutor's Notice.
notice is hereby erven that lha nnririn. I
has been duly appointed by the county court of I
.uo awito ui uictuu, nr me county or Benton,
Executor of the estate of William f. .
wiaBcTu, on uoxouub iiavuiE ciaimH fl7Hlllur A.lri
uerepy required to present the same
to me, verined as by law required, at mv home
one mue Boutn ot Jnuomath, Oregon, within
oi iuiiuii.o uviu urn. xiorooi, -
sated this 7th day of November, 1903.- -
. -- , .... - . xir v .
Executor of the last will mil tanVn,an, run .
utuu hm, Djror, ueceaseu, .. .. .
E. R. Bryson,
. JLttomey-At-JLaw
Bears the lTtia Kind Yoa Have Ahays PongBi
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of men need dif. y Mj'
ferent type, of
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