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( Advertisements in this column charged for
uieriuo ou oen per line. ...
, Hats from 50c up at Miss Johnson
Mrs. H. M. Brunk is visiting Port
land friends. , j
Extensive repairs to the Farmers'
hotel are In progress.
Genuine wind proof umbrellas at
the Bicycle Hospital.
Miss Helen Stelwer visited Cor
vallia friends during the week.
Miss Dorothea Nash of Mod
mouth is to artive io Corvallis this ev
ening. .
Mies libretto Sheasgreen left
yesterday for Eugene for a visit with
friends. 7
Rev. H. A. Deck will ; hold serv
ices at Dixon's school house tomorrow
at 2:30. :
Mrs. Selling left Thursday on a
business trip to Roseburg. Bhe is ex
pected ti return today.
- - - at
Berry & Carl have introduced
the famous antl-rufct and wind proof
umbrellas. Examine them, v "
;Ml8 Helen Steiwer arrived Wed
nesday for a visit with Gorvallis
friends.' She leaves today for Eu
gene. - '"
, Rev. O. 0, Poling, president of
Dallas College will preach Sunday at
Buelah, at 11 a. m.: Peoria 3 p. m.
and Pine Grove at 7.
Regular servicss at the M. E.
church, South, tomorrow - morning
and evening. ' Suuday School at 10
a. m.. League at 6 45, ;
" Nolan & Callahan have just In
stalled in their store two additional
new glass Counters. Tbey are eight
feet long and of the usual beighth and
., width. iVrTv-'V'-f.
The First' .. Spiritual Union of
Corvallls will hold services Sunday
in Barrett Lyceum. - Dooie open at
2-30. Seryloes at 3 p. m. A cordial
Invitation extended to all. J :
At the Episcopal . church: Rec
tor's class at 10 a. m.; morning prayer
, and seimon at 11 a. m.; Tbanksgivlog
service at 10 a. m. on- Thanksgiving
day. ; All cordially Invited to these
services. . ' . -
The will of the late William
Groves has been : filed for probate.
The executrix is Mrs. Groves .'and
she is to serve without bood. The
document was executed last May.
and the witnesses, E. B, Horning and
E. Holgate. - r r t ;; i;; -'-'-"j
Since entering a hospital In Fort
land, C. B. Wells' condition has not
improved. He ' is suffering from an
affl ctiorj. of the brain, the exact nature
of which is not certainly known. It
was hoped, however, that it was of a
character that would be relievedby rest
and quiet.1 News from him Is by no
: means reassuring.. . .- -.: t
. Articles of incorporation of . the
Gold Zme Mining Company have been
filed with the county clerk. The cap
ital stock Is $15,000 and 'he ptlnclpal
business office is at Corvallis. The
object of the company Is to purchase,
own and. operate mines, deal , in min
ing stock, to conduct stores and en
gage In other business pertaining to
mines and mining. The Incorporators
are E. J, Dunn. B. F. Thatcher, Guy
Seeley, 8. L. Hays, John W. Holland
and Mr. Hopkins.- " 5 f ?
Judge H. ,L. BensoD,' of Klamath
Falls, is to preside at the coming term
of circuit court for Benton, an adjourn-,
ed eesalon of wnton is scheduled for
this morning at nine o'clock. It is un
derstood tbat Judge Hamilton has
been compelled to go East for the ben
efit of his wife's health. The indica
tions are that the coming term of
court will not continue more than two
days. .. The number of. cases ' on the
docket la 31. The only state case is
that of W. H. Wagner, bound over for
assault from, Juetlce'Holgate's ' court'.
W Albert Oren ' nwt with 'a 'severe
accident Wednesday afternoon while
at work jn the Fischer orchard. Geo.
Cale was doing some pruning and At-.
bert had a rope attached to a heavy
limb with the view of pulling ft over
into a wagon underneath.. From some
cause the team started and io an at
tempt to secure the lines, Albert step
ped in before the wagon. He was
knocked - down and pushed along a
considerable distance by a front wheel
before it finally ran over his ' body.
The injured young man was carried to
his home a quarter of a mile distant.
I He has not since been able to work
and the extent of his injuries is not
definitely known. : ; V ,
It appears that Albany is consid
ering a proposition to give a bonus for
the removal of the Cramer, Organ and
Carriage factory to that city;" The
Democrat saysi Mrl? Weatherferd in
his remarks announced ..that the com.
merce committee was considering a
proposition from R. M. Cramer, of the
1Gorvallls organ and carriage factory
to bring the factory here and in addi
tion to build a sawmill with, a capaci
ty of twenty, or. thirty thousand feet
a day, for a bonus ol $2500, to cover
the purchase of a lot and the expense
of moving and setting up the plant, if
the entire amount should not he heed
ed the balance to be. returned to the
citizens. ' Arter " preliminary", arrange
ments are completed the raising of the
bous will be begun by the club. Mr.
Cramer desires to come here on ac
count of our superior shipping facili
ties and the ability to secure the de
sired hemlock lumber for the manufac
ture of organs up the Santiam.
Mrs. Green, of Ml 1 City, is visit
ing In CorVttliid, the .guest or her sis
ter, Mrs. Grier. ' X- '
Henry Allen took his departure
Thursday for Iowa to which state be
was ordered on official business by
the TJ. S. statistical bureau.
Four Keys on a spring ring were
picked up near the C. & E. depot this
week. They have been left at this of
fice. Owner will call for them.
Smith & Boulden have for several
days . . been shipping large, num
bers of dressed turkeys and ducks for
the Portland Thanksgiving market
Ed. Patterson, ah aged man from
Toledo, passed through. Corvallis
on bis way to Portland to answer to
a charge of selling liquor to Iadlans
Miss Edna Gill, who ba3 been
visiting the family of A. J. Johnson
the past week, goes to Salem today
for a biiet stay before her return to
Scio.. . -; .'
W. A. Wells and Manuel Kolghr,
two pioneer citizens, are quite ill
Their condition has been such as to
cause some apprehension among their
friends. .
, Frank Groves, who came to Cor
vallls recently to attend toe funeral
of bis father, Is to leave today or to
morrow for his p st at the Bremerton
Navy Yard on Puget Sound,
: J. D. Irvine has disposed of his
one-third interest in the Benton Coun
ty sawmill, M. J. Flinn and Samuel
Ewlog, original proprietors of the en
terprise being the purchasers. v
The game , of. football between
Albany college and the Willamette
university teams, occurred' at Salem
yesterday afternoon. The change in
date la understood to have been made
In order to give the players in both
teams opportunity to attend the Eu
gene game today.
. Charley Llyesly, of Portland, has
purchased the Beach-Osburn hops of
195 bals and i the - Alex Camp
belt crop of 26 bales. Mr. Campbell's
hops brought 15 cents per pound, but
it is not publicly known what was re
ceived lor the other crop.. The hops
are to be shipped as soon as cars are
available. : y." i ;W ; ;' r ;
Governor Chamberlain still de
mands a pledge from, members for a
short session confined to consideration
of tax matters before he will call an
extra session of the legislature. There
ought to be an extra session for cor
rection of the tor bungle, but if none
be called it will be the fault of the
legislators. - If they refuse to give a
pledge, tbey assume the entire re
sponsibility of no tax collections next
year, artd whatever embarrassment in
public finances that may entail.
; A Prirtlan Journal dispatch from
Eugene says, Eirl, on account of the
death of his sister will not be with the
university eleven again this year, and
tbat Eerron may take bis position at j
guard, Templeton going to rullback,
with Long at half. Another plants
to put Penlaod at guard and leave the
backs unchanged. Rfld. the regular
center will sot be able to enter the
game, and bis place will be filled by
Wednesday evening was the meet
ing night of the Corvallls Ladles of
the Maccabees, and at tbat time, the
Bir Knights took occasion to surprise
them. While the ladles were busily
engaged ' with their work, the Knights
spread an elegant 'repast in the ban
quet ball, and at an appropriate time,
)the ladies were . invited in. There
were maay expressions of apprecia
tion on the-part of the recipients of
the surprise. After luncheon mem
bers ,'of the combined orders made
merry until a late hour." -. . r -
. "Hop" Sing, a year asro, purchas
ed from George Henkle 120 acres of
land on the Kfger island. He planted
40 acres to hops and will have a crop
next season. He expects to enlarge his
business and with that ' idea In view
has rented, or. is about to rent, Heniy
Gerhard's farm.' which adjoins the land
purchased from! Mr. Henkle. Sing In
tends to plant to hops this winter 40
acres of the Gerhard land. Among
others who intend to enlarge their
hop'yardB this winter Is Dick Duno,
of King's vaHey. , He will set out ten
or twenty acres, in addition to what he
already has. .. .-; - - ,'
The excursion train tomorrow is
advertised to leave the O. & E. station
at nine o'clock sharp. That means
that all who expect to go should be
on hand at least 8;45 or earlier. At
the station an exchange of the . tickets
sold by the committee for the regu
lar rallrobd ticket will be necossary.
This will "require censiderable time,
and will be the-occasionof , a grand
rush. It will therefore be seen that
it is of the utmost; Importance that ev
ervbody be on hand early. - The train
will certainly pull out of the station
at nine sharp. In order for. the : team
to get to Eugenn 1n time to look after
matters of importance t there. t: .' :
They Met Together Things They did
Many Persons Were There.
Students of the college and citi
zens of Corvallts mingled together
in a big' meeting at the . Opera
House Thursday evening The oc
casion was a football rally, with a
programme consisting of short
speeches by citizens, vocal numbers
by the College Glee Club, and the
Corvallis male quartet'e arid other
features. The bond of union be
tween the people of Corvallis and
the college students, and
the sympathy, support and
cordiality the down town peo
ple extend to the students in their
various athletic enterprises is the
subject of wonder and comment all
over Oregon. ' Mention Of the mat
ter appears in newspaper clippings
published in another column. It is
said by persons abroad that one , of
the several reasons for the greater
attendance at OAC than any other
educational institution in the state
is in part the unbounded cordial
ity which townspeople extend the
students, and the open-handed sup
port that the former are always
ready to accord the institution. The
matter is as it should be, and . is,
as attendance shows, much appre
ciated by the students themselves.
It is all this that is the occasion for
the remark abroad that Corvallis
has great sympathy, support and
enthusiasm for the great education
al institution the s'ate has found
ed atits doors.
The programme Thursday even'
ing opened with a number by the
well known and ever popular quar
tette, consisting of John Fulton.
Otto F, L, Herse, J. F. Yates and
B. W. Johnson. A stormy encore
greeted the effort and a cordial re
sponse was made with another song
An excellent address by Major
Hardin was followed by a number
by the College' Glee Club. The
latter is a new organization, and
the occasion in question was its
first public appearance. Appre
ciation of its fine work was shown
by avociferous demand by the au
dience for another -v number, to
which the Club gracefully respond
ed. After an interesting address
by Professor - Berchtold, the male
quartette rendered another number
and encore, and W, E, Yates de
livered a brief . address. An origin
al poem, read with fine elocution
ary effect ty Mrs. B. W. Johnson,
and dealing with the subject of the
evening "was followed by a good
night song by the - male . quartette,
and; the dismissal of the audience.
The college band was' also - in at
tendance, and rendered - several fine
selections. " "
At tne nieetm2 alt tne -seats- in
the Opera House ; were occupied,
and many people remained stand
ing throughout the evening in v the
back "part of the room - 1
S.L. Henderson Did it After Weari
some Work to get a Shot.
When Samp : Henderson reads
this item he will know that some
body has betrayed his confidence.
It may or it may not be against
a man's reputation as a sportsman
to have it known that he took a
pot shot at some hun er's decoys.
However tnat may be, no person
who has done such a thing cares to
have it publicly known, but he i.s
apt to confess to a bosom friend, and
that is what Henderson did. Ir
seems from what "can be learned
about the incident that a party of
Sunday hunters found two dead
ducks at' the lake in ''the big briar
patch." All the hunters know
where that is. By using sticks to
prop up the dead duck's heads they
answered very well'for decoys, evi
dently. When the party went away
the decovs were left in position
The next day Mr. Henderson and
Bob Huston went out hunting in
the same vicinity They approach
ed the lake with careful tread and
nervous anticipation. Suddenly,
Samp stopped and waved Huston
to a standstill. ."I see a couple of
ducks." said he. After a hushed
consultation as to the plan of at
tack it was" decided that Bob should
hold the dogs while Samp made a
wide circuit to obtain the advan
tage of a clump of bushes behind
which he could creep up on the un
suspecting game. To secure the
coveted position he was compelled
to sneak along with the stillness of
a cat approaching its prey. At
times Samp thought the ducks had
detected him, and would lie flat un
til the suspicion of the . game had,
as he supposed, vanished.' After a
great deal of arduous creeping'arid
Crawling the hunter gained a cap
ital position. The two ducks were
some distance apart . and, when
Samp's gun roared, one of the
birds seemingly fell over dead, The
other he expected to get on the
wing, but to hi9 surprise it remain
ed perfectly still and gave him an
excellent - pot shot. The second
one also succumbed, Neither: one
of the ducks made a kick alter re
ceiving the contents of Henderson's
gun, and then the idea flashed
through bis excited brain that the
ducks were decovs. - ' 'What did
Bob think of the business?' asked
the gentleman to whom the story
was told. "Oh, he didn't ' have
much to say," said Henderson, "be
cause the joke was just as much on
him as it was on me." It is a nice
thing to bear oneanother's burdens,
or at least a share of them, but Bob
seems indisposed to take that view
of this particular situation. x ;
' Leave orders for Thanksgiving oysters
at the Commercial Restaurant. -Fresh
Yaqtrina oysters and fresh Gulf of ' Mex
ico oysters every day in the woek. ..
Get your ribs fixed
Hospital. .-
at the . Bicycle
, Leave your orders for oysters at
olf's on Tuesday.
'. If your umbrella needs covering
it to the Bicycle Hospital. v
' Dr. Wells,' the Albany V S will be at
Fruits livery stables every Friday oi
eac'a week. Bring your horses and
have them examined free of charge.
A girl, at Occidental Hotel.
. For Sale,
Good gentle driving horse and buggy.
J, K. Berry.
We have added several new
our Premium dishes. Nolan
pieces to
& Calla-
For fine suits and overcoats see Nolan
& Callahan.
Berry & Carl have introduced the fa
mous anti rust and wind proof umbrellas
examine them.
v .-County JudgeWattera has" just
placed in bis office an elegant mount
ed deer head.: The deer was a three
pointer, killed by Mr. Walters on Blue
Mountain, ...and,' the - horna are in . a
heavy covering of velvet. : Tbe iead
was sent to W. S. Mummery, of North
Dakota, to be mounted and It was re
turned only; a few days ago. -'W.;: 8.
Mummery Is brother of ' Charley
Mummery who died In Corvallis softie
years ago. - The former had become
anxious to do something to show his
appreciation of Mr. Watters' attention
to Charley in his last illness, and In
slsted upon mounting .a deer's bead
for Mr. Watters. The work Is of a
superior character.
1 !. Eslray. .
Cne small black hog. No marks
Came to my place Cct 29th, Owner
may prove property and pay charges,
! . ' W. Leadbetter,
Nov 3oth till noon the next day
Dr Lowe, the well known eye spec
ialist will be io Corvallis.
For Sale.
! Several hundred bushels of vetch seed.
Order early before it - is gone.' Also Tim
othy, Spelts, and English rye grass seed.
Shropshire bucks. .- One extra good re
gistered buck from one of the best stocks
in Iowa Cows and heifers of the beef
breed to see or trade for Jersey cows -
I,. L. Brooks
i f lanos agd organs lor sale or
rent at Blackledge's - Furniture and
Music store. -', ' ,
Crouse & Brandegee on the label of a
coat stands for all tbat is good in. clothes
njakipg., ;Nolan & Callaban. See them
Young man, you
night school in the
College! .
should attend the
Corvallis Business
For best grade of gasoline, 35 cents a
gallon go to Berry and Carl's. .
Big stock of cloaks, wraps, jackets and
-rain garments at Nolan & Callahan's,
Fresh Yaquina Bay oysters received at
Zierolfs evei v Saturday
Go to Zierolfs for fresh
oysters , :
Yaquina Bay
Eggs 30 cents at Turner store.
Vetch seed at Corvallis Floor mils
- Strayed. ,;
On or about Friday, October 16,. from
W Taylor's pasture, a Jersey heifer calf,
about 7 months old. A liberal reward
will be given for its return to my resid
ence or for information leading to its re
covery,; . ' '
G. V. Skelton.
- - - Corvallis. -
' Trespass Notice. ! ? .
AH persons are hereby notified not to
trespass on the premises of the under
signed for the purpose of bunting - Dont
ask permission. :,. r, . -' -
Dick Kiger,
- . V i i . Elmer Raber,
- .. G. Harding,
Office at Huston's Hardware Store. . P.
O. Address, Box 11. " ,
Pays highest prices for all kinds of
Live Stock. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Twenty years experience. .
I Special Sale
An annual event looked forward to by the prudent
housewives of Corvallis. i- g
. ' , . - ' ' ; r ' V-
5 ' -We have placed on sale this season a larger, better
3 and more beautiful line of Table Linens and -Napkins
I than ever before. ;' " ' r
A Tew Hints of Prices:
3 Buy your Linens here, now, during., this sale and save
money for your purse, at
" Regulator of Low Prices.
58-in 50c Table Linens at 41c.'
66-in 60c ' 47c
70 in 752 " " 65c
72-in i ' 87c
74-in 1.50 "$1.37
60 in 30c Cotton Datmsk 24c.
I7xl7-in r.oo Napkins at - 85c
i8xi8-in 1.25 "i.oo
2ox2o-in 1.50 ' 1.30
22x22 in 2 50 ' "
22x22-in 3.00 '' ' '
24x24in 3.50 ' " 2.99
What You Want
- . Is , to try the New Goods
- . ; : Which have i just arrived at v
Crystallized Pineapple
Crystallized Cherries
Crystallized Ginger
Fresh Nabiscos
Fresh Cookies
New Walnuts . "
New Almonds
Fresh Cranberries
Fesh Huckleberries
New Honey .
New Figs and Dates
Olivep in Bulk
German Pickles
Swiss Cheese.
The Great
Health Pood.
Hodes' .Grocery, Phone 483.
' - 1 - ' '' . - - ' .-
ATOfutoowr S .. . .
The Fall and Winter suits
and Overcoats of the fa
mous KUPEN
HEIMER Guaanteed Make
are'of the character which
most -i of the men, who
are particular about their
clothes, imagine are to
be had from only the
high-price tailors.
. r,., .t . ;
Cry en a
Hupenbeimer Suit
. Then ask your tailor any
; where to give you as nob-
by a pattern, trim it as
well,ask his price, and
then .come back. FWe
will do the rest.- -. ' .
F. L. fliller, Corvallis
O -