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    Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County.
rJList of Warrants Ordered Drawn
. .. the November Term of Court.
The following bills were allowed by
the Counly Conrt at its regular; Novem
fcerterm I903. towit.
Victor P Moses work delinqt tax
. .roll $ 10 5o
- J D Wells janitor ; . 4o 00
- Corvallis Times printing ' 35 75
: Glass fe Prndhomme stationery 3 I4
' PST&TCo telephones ,. 3 55
A Wilbphn & Sons mdse co'doot 6 50
MroJD Hnggins care 95 4o
;,E Bennett med atten - " 8, 75
C C Chipman meals prisoners - 50
,.JE Michael ferry roan , 46 70
W E Turrel pravel . 12 20
" Mrs A Gellatly 500
iTice & McUallum repairs road
' . tools .
G Hodes powder
M M Long road work
4 35
11 4o
5 4-5
8 00
14 00
12 00
13 5o
15 00
2 00
1 5o
6 00
Lewis Wentz eal supr No 5
E A Blake
JSMiller "
W M Clark
A Gadwalader"
J R Fehler "
CT Vernon "
KNSaarr "
- Totm R Crow "
.OEBanton "
" 7
" 11
' 16
. J S Oovier lumbrr
Ed Kisor wit pros attv :
Tbos Casey road tools
- I Stewart road work -RW
Jones hauling bridge .
lumber .
I V Baker ' road work V'
Bert Peters " -
- R M Gilbert "
Ti Blnkeelpe '
, M P Burnett, constable fees ,
: R McfVnnpll gravel
Jt M Youn road w ork
K T Ne-'on ,'.
T H Cooper ' "
'M M Tw "
'o-T'l!a Gazette printing
' F L Miller mdse co poor
Joe l5ay wit pros atty
R S Irwin com sal .
W A Jolly com pal .
H L Bush attend Board eqnal
-' Virgil E Watrers stamps
W Denman "
10 50
17 00
16 00
72 00
. 1 00
6 00
38 5o
10 5o
67 75
3 00
16 5o
1 50
11 60
11 80
18 00
3 OO
2 OO
Victor P. Moses,
Co, Clerk.
"Nov. 7, 1903. 1
Dairy Association of Oregon to Meet
What the Program will be.
'.. The next meeting of the Dairy
s Association of Oregon is to occur in
Corvallis. An interesting program
for the occasion has been prepared.
-One of the features of the session
will be a banquet given the dele
gates by . the . Ladies Coffee Club
whose reputation as entertainers is
state wide. Tbef meetings ,of the
association are always replete with
interest, and a -Jarge attendance
, both locally and otherwise is ex
pected. The program is:
. .-Tuesday. Dec. 15, 2:oolp. m.
Address of welcome. ,
Response annual address Pres.'
Wm. Schulmerick, Farmington,
The Economy of Soiling, y Dr,
Jas. Witbycombe, Corvallis.
Points on Hand Separator Cream
Geo. D. Goodhuef Salem, -j- -.
TtrSDAY, . Dec. 15, 7:30 p. m. .'.
"How Dairying has Revolutioniz
ed the Agricultural Industry in
"Western Oregon, H. E. Xounsbur
ry. S, P. Co., Portland.
Changes of the Decade in Oregon
Dairying, H. M. Williamson, Port
land. . .' , ' ' ' Z
Behavior of some Chemical
.Elements, Prof. A. L, Knisely,
Corvallis. . 7 ' r
Wednesday, Dec 16, 10:00 a, m,
Some Dairy Statistics. Geo. W.
Weeks, Salem. ' "
Winter vs Summer Dairying, A.
TP. Buxton," Forest Grove. V
Preparation and Cost of Silage,
-J. M. Atkinson, Newberg,
, - . . ... ..-'.-
Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1:30 p.'m,
Report of secretary,
Election of officers.
Construction and Care of
Separators, W. A. Hudelson.
. land. ,
Dairying on a Fruit Farm,
JL Newall, Dilley.
Wednesday, Dec 16, 1:30 p, m.
The Butter Trade of a Commis
sion Man, W. H, Chapin Portland.
Dairying at the Lewis & Clark
Banquet to members of the as
sociation: Wednesday. Dec 16, 9:30
p. m. under the auspices of the
Ladies Coffee Club.
v : V Bucks for Sale.
. Oxfords and Grade Merinos all two
years old past, . Good sheep with j .rices
reasonable. Call on or address
' T. W. B. Smith",
Phone Sarbnrban 43.
To a Coryallis Lady "it Showed
Awfully Lively. .
A Corvallis ; lady who went to
Portland last week to purchase a
piano and returned without an in
strument tells how she was struck
with the difference in the piano
house's methods of doing business.
The ladv was warmly received
at one of the leading establishments.-
She had looked about for
only a short time when after a good
deal of demonstration at the phone,
an attache of the house came in
with a large card and hung it on
the piano. The inscription on the
card was "Sold." The gentleman
attending the Corvallis lady inform
ed ber that the instrument had
been sold by telephone. Presenly
another was sold in the same man
ner, and then another. . Apparent
ly a man. was kept busy selling
pianos by wire and placing : sold"
cards on the instruments.
"This seems to be your busy
time of day," remarked the lady
who was the only customer present.
"Oh, no, indeed, we have sold
five hundred pianos "and organs al
ready today. The instruments are
going very fast and I would advise
you to make up your mind at once,
to take this piano you seem to
like it, and it is a very popular in
strument." "Do you sell many of them?"
"More than any other style," re
plied the clerk.
Just then there was another tele
phone call, and it proved to be an
order for the last one of the lady's
favorite instrument. As the card
was hung upon it the clerk observ- j
ed the effect upon the customer
She feigned intense disappointment.
The clerk undertook to console her
by stating that he had others in
the warerooms exactly like it, but
she refused to be comforted. She
would not even take the piano she
had set her heart on because the
real purchaser would doubtless be
greatly disoppointed upon not re
ceiviner that identical instrument: if
she hadn't wanted that one she
wouldn't have phoned for it. The
Corvallis lady finally permitted her
selfto be led to the door in a hysteri
cal mood. ' '
It is needless to say that the lady
became braced up by the time she
arrived at " the next piano
house. At the time she ' enter
red there - didn't seem to be
much doing, but. as soon as she in
troduced herself, business began to
improve. It became almost as live
ly as it was at the other place. The
difference nsted by the lady was, at
the latter place people came in per
son to buy pianos and planked
aown the twenty-dollar pieces in
payment, This firm also nearly
sold out while she was " there. -
I notice, said the prospective
buyer," that you do busidess on a
basis different from your competit
ors across the way. The'-sell al
most entirely by telephone," while
yott sell, seemingly, for cash only:"
"Yes," responded the attendant,
Here the lady broke in with this
information: '"I had hoped to se
cure an instrument on the install
ment plan, but since it appears to
be your rule to sell for cash I shall
go elsewhere " She would not al
low the house io vary fro to its rule
to accommodate her; -.
7 The Corvallis lady was thorough
ly out of patience with the designs
of the Portland dealers. She dis
covered that pianos were consider
ably, higher there . than at home,
and will order through a local
agent. ' .
The lady would be glad to supple
ment the Portland board of trade's
inquiry as ro inerscarcuy 01 ireigm
cars. If the Portland piano dealers
. . , j r r. 1
each ship in 500 pianos per day,
as their alleged sales indicate, what
becomes of the empty cars?
New goods all the time
at Nolan &
Racine feet for men, - women,
children, Nolan & Callahan. :
New line of novelty
dress goods just
" Another shipment of the Crouse and
Brandeger suits and overcoats for young
men arrived this week, Nolan & Call a
han, ..
Vetch seed for sale at Benton County
Flonring Mills. : -
Take the short courses in bookkeeping
typewriting, or shorthand in the ' .Cor
vallis Business College. '
Take a look at the rust and wind proof
umbrellas at the Bicycle Hospital.
New goods all the time
at , Nolan
- The genuine wind proof umbrellas
the Bicycle Hospital. -
Circuit ICburt Next Week List of
Cases on the Docket,
A B Hammond,
plff, .vs ''WVT
Crosby deft, action
on promissory
State Land Board plff vs Thom
as H Cooper et al deft, suit fore
closure. - ; ; , '-:'-;.v;'-:'
A E Laws plff vs Sarah Stewart,
et al deft, suit foreclosure confirm
ation of sale. '
Wm Groves vs John M Osburn
E A Parker vs W H James et al
George H Burch et al vs Jennie
Churehill et ol;. suit. ' :
U B First church of Eugene, a
corporation, vs'John L Aen J Q
Rodgers, and J W Ingle, action;
MB Davisson vs John L'Aikin,
J Q Rodgers, and J W, Ingle, act
ion. ' ' . '
Bertha Herron and Archie Her-
ron vs J E Henkle' Sam McLain,
and J M McLain, suit to annul
deed to real property.- - ;
Seth, H Childs vs , R E Long
bottom, D D ' Lpngbottom. " J J
Longbottom et al, suit to perfect
title to real property.
S N Steele, and J V Pipe, part-.
ners doing business under the " firm
name of S N Steele & Co vs Libby
G Rothell, action on contract.
Sol King vs Scott King, '. action
on promissory note.
' Coast Land & Livestock Co, t
corporation, vs The Oregon Pacific
Colonization Co. Geo . H Selover
and S. F, Cook, suit foreclose conr
firmation sale.
James L Lewis vs John McGee,
Ruth D Thornton Vs W F Keady
adm et al, suit foreclosure confirm
ation sale.
H C Davis & L Sehryder vs M
P Burnett, action for damage. ,
' J S Cooper vs E V Spencer act
ion on promissory note.- V:
J S Cooper vs Gertrude Spencer
action on promissory note, " , '
Palmer Ayres vs E W Strong,
action ' - - ' .:
G R Farra et al vs A Wilhelm
adm of est of Samuel Rickard dcd,
appeal from co court. ' ; " ir
A M . Witham and Agnes Thomp
son vs Abigail Brown et al, suit to
perfect title real property,
Sarah S Ball vs Cyrus Perham et
al suit to perfect title real property.
City "of Corvallis vs Mary Smith",
appeal from police court citv of
Mary H Whitby vS John M Os
burn anp William Groves, ' suit
foreclosure mortgage.
G M Missal & A G Knapp, vs
W Lair Hill et al suit to perfect
real property.
Gabriel Long "vs Ellen Long,
suit divorce. . :
Slate of Oregon vs William H
Wagner, recog. '
J L Lewis vs H J Ruiter, action.
Fred S Elliott and Ernest El
liott vs Ada Elliott; Emmet W El
liott, Seth Elliott, Lilly M Elliott,
Annie Elliott, E E Wilson & M R
Elliott, suit petition real property.
J R Fehler and E T Wertzbau-
gher vs School Dist No 13, Benton
county, State of Oregon & J E
Wyatt, Geo Cooper, J A ' Parks,
as directors of said dist and E J
Newton clerk, alternation mandam
us. - v--.-' .' -'r"r.:
The City of Corvallis vs 1 Jake
Blumberg appeal from police court
City 01. Corvallis,
Crouse & Brandegee on the label of a
coat stands for all that is good in clothes
making. Nolan & Callahan. See thenr
Kings Valley Items.
Castle was buying,
ah hefe lafjt ffeek
Mr. Burg and wife have
onto ihe Alcorn farm. i ,
Homer Lilly took a few head of
beef cattle out of the valley last
week. 1 " 's : ... . -. .
Spauldirjg'a loggers took a large
amount of logs through the Frantz
boom last week and have gone on
down the Luckiamute with them.
" The windstorm last week did
some damage. It demolished the
phed over the stock scalps at Perry
Eddy's and unroofed Mr. McCon
nell's barn. It also started . the
roof on W. L. Price's barn. A good
deal of lumber was scattered for
Frantz Bros. -.- A good portion of
the rail fence . in the valley was
blown down and several email
buildings were upset. ,
j : Notice of Final Settlement. - .
In the Estate of John WUes, deceased, notice
is hereby given by the undersigned executors
of satd estate, that said executors have filed
their final account in said estate and that the
County Court of Benton County In probate has
appointed Monday, the fourth day of January
A, D, 1901, nt at the hour of ten o.clock In the
forenoon of said day, at the County Court
Room In the County Court House In the City of
Corvallis In Benton County, State of Oregon,
as the ttme and place for the hearing! of objec
tions to said final account, and the final settle
ment thereofl . , , . . , a.
Dated November 14th, 1903,
Walter T. Wilsb and Edwabd V, Wiles,
' . - As Executors of said Estate of . John
.". Wiles, decersed. .
Died on the Same day Bnried Togeth
er at Independence A Tragedy
" Robert L. Feagles well known
Benton County, died in Indepen '
ence on Saturday of heart failu
A strange and sad- coincidence
connected 5 with ; his death .
daughter Clara who a few ye
ago married a Mr, White , and w
resided in Portland died the sa
day; the daughter dying at 7 o'clo
in the morning.and the father at . 1
o'clock in the afternoon. . The age
of Mr. Feagleswas63 and that of his
daughter 26. Her body was brou
ght to Independence and a double
tuneral was held there conducted
by Dr. Thompson The burial oc
curred Monday afternoon at the
Odd Fellows cemetery of that
Mr. Feagles came to Benton
County from California in 1868,
and for a long time resided in the
Big Elk country. There he was
married to Miss Lillard a daughter
of the lae Morgan Lillard. The
wife died many years ago,x leaving
three children, Clara, Florence and
John. Florence is now the wife of
a man named Weafherford arid re-
employed on . the farm of . Joseph f
omna in iuc norm enu ui uenion
Mr. Feagles spent last winter in
Corvallis, and during the summer
was out prospecting. Many years
ago he discovered a cinnabar ledge
in the Cascades, and since the me
tal became more valuable Mr Fea
gles has spent : much ' time in 1
search for the lost ledge. The hope
of finding it and the wealth that he
expected to result was the fond
dream of his declining years.
inuring tne nop season ne was a
picker at the Independence yards.
and after that was at the home of
Joseph Smith. Two or three weeks
ago he went to Independence, where
death overtook him. . He was born
in Ohio, in 1835, and emigrated
from that state to California in 1857
His death recalls a Benton county
tragedy, in which Morgan Lillard.
the, father-in -law met death at the
hands of Mr. Feagles. - The trouble
occurred in the Big ; Elk country.
and was over the question' of where
a certain county road should pass.
Both principals resorted to firearms
and a jury found that Mr. Feagles
acted in sen defense.
Horses for Sale or Trade.
I have a number of horses broken and
unbroken which I will sell cheap or
trade for cattle, hogs and sheep.
', .Grank Dinges, '
' Bruce, Ore.' .
At Philomath.
The cHy election occurs on Mon
day, Dec. 7lh. ;
Born, Nov, 13th, to Mr. and Mr?.
Alfred Clemens, a son. .
Mr. J. L. Vanblaricom has sold
his business at Rainier and return
ed to Philomath, with his family.
Mr. Vidito, the mail carrier from
Alsea, bad to leave his horse in the
mountains on account of fallen tim
ber the. morning after the wind
Storm last week. He carried the
mail on his back for half a mile to
the mill where he obtained another
horse and got through nearly on
" ' ''' Philomite
Rales on
The Southern Pacific Company will
sell tickets at one and one-third fare for
the roudd trip between all points on its
Oregon lines, account Thanksgiving
Day.- Tickets will be sold on November
25th and 26tn and to take advantage oj
this reduction you can secure v tickets
from neatest Southern Pacific agent on
dates mentioned. -,
For a Bad Cold. -
If you have a bad cold you need
a good reliable medicine like Cham
berlain's dugb remedy cto loosen
and relieve it, and to allay the irri
tation an inflammation of the throat
and lungs- Vor sile by Graham
& Wortham. - -
Get your ribs fixed
Hospital. .
at the Bicy cle
Congregational t
Morning ..11:00
Evening . . ; 7:30
Sunday School . . . . .... .10:00
Christian Endeavor. .. ..... 6:30
Strangers always welcome. : -Seats
free. Come.
Orouf e & Bran Vgee Snits and Overcoat are correct
..A l ; :
1W UUU Ul BSSti ,
CbasiR$ai0itig Cable
home, your buying here. "We may help you to think
of something you've forgotten. .
Highest Market Price Paid
Curkcys, eecsc, Ducks Ueal,
Pork, Gaas and Butter.
Cab. or Trade. F. P. CLARK,
Philomath, Oregon
Notice for Publication,
Timber Land Act June 3, 1878.
United States Kind Office, .
Oretron Citv. Oregon.
October 22nd, 1903. .
Notice Is herebv given that In compliance
witli the nroviaions of th act of Coneress Jane
3 1S78. entitled .'An act for the sale of timber
lands In the states of California,. Orenon, Ie
vada and Washington extended
to ell the Public Land States by act of August
4, 1892, Barney I. Carey oi Falls Citv, county of
Polk, state of Oregon, has this day 'flled in this
office his sworn statement No 6317, for the pur
chase of the Lots 1 & 2 ol Section No 2 in Town
ship No 13 S, Range No 7 West and will offer
proof to show that the land sought Is more val
uable for Its timber or stone than for agricul
tural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before Victor P- Moses. Clerk of Ben
ton County, at Corvallis, Oregon, .on Saturday,
the 16th day of January. i90i.
He names as witnesses!
Jacob L, Henkle ; of Philomath, Oregon,
John W.Hyde ,"
; Frank Spencer : , n' " .
Michael L Flynn ..' ' : "
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested!; o file their
claims in this office on or before said 16th day
of January, 1901 . .;
. . . , ..' . . Register, '
- Executor's Notice.
Notice is herebv elven that the nndersigned
has been duly aDDointed by the county court of
the State of Oregon, for the county of Benton,
Executor of the estate of William F. Byer, de
ceased. All persons having claims against said
estate are hereby required to present the same
to me, verified as by law required, at my home
one - mile soutn oi rnuomaia, ureguii, wiuiiu
six montns from date hereof,
Dated this 7tn aay oi govern Der, iws.
Executor of the last will and testament of Wil
liam E, Byer, deceased,
I ILL be a thinsr
beauty if vou
choose handsome
China and Glass
ware from the beau
tiful designs and
decorations that we
are displaying in
our beautiful stock. .
Baking Day
' Means so : much in .a
household where . pride 1
reigns in the culinary de
partment flour,; sugar,
spices, lard, ..eggs, nuts,
raisins, currants, citron,
flavoring extracts
and a
lot else to
. be tought
Do your Linking at
P.TO. Zieroif,
Groceries and Crockery?
'V Summons. .
In tbe Clrcnlt Court of the Stat of Oregon-
lor Benton county.
. . SarahS Ball, Plaintiff "
. '.' ' , vs
Cyras Perham, Ed Perham and Lons
. Chamberlain, Defendants.
To Cyrus Perham, Ed Perham and Lona,
Chamberlain, tbe above named defendants
In the naaeot the 8tate of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby unmmoned and required '
to appear and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff in the above entitled suit, in the above
entitled court, now on file in the office of the
olerk of said court, on or before the 21st day of
November, 1903, said day being the last day of
the time prescribed in the Order for publication
of this summons made by the county judge of
Benton county. Oregon, (which said order . to-.,
hereinafter referred to-towit:
On or bef :re six weeks from the day of firs
publication hereof
And you are hereby notified that If you fall so
to appear and answer the said complaint as
herein required, for want thereof the plaintiff
will aoply to the above entitled court for the
relief demanded in her said complaint, namely,
for a decree determining all conflicting and ad
verse claims, interests and estates In and to al,
that part of the northeast quarter of the north
west quarter of Section 33 Twp. 10 S. R. 6 W. .
Will. Mer, which lies north of the Alfred
Writsman branch or creek, in Benton county, -Oregon:
that defendants have no claim. Inter
est or estate therein: that plaintiff's title there
to Is good and valid; vnd that defendants be
forever barred and enjoined from asserting any
claim whatever in and to said premises adverse
to plaintiff; and for .general relief and costs and
disbursements of said suit. -
This summons Is published In the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and con- ,
secutive weeks, beginning with the Issue of Oct
tober lOtb, 1903, and ending with the issus of
November 21, 1903, in pursuance of an order
made bv the Hon. Virgil E. Watte rs. county ,
judge of Benton county, Oregon, (Being tne-
county wnere iuo nuuve ou.imou w
ing in the above entitled court) dated October ;
9,1903. Date of first publication is October 10.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs
Shropshire Sheep.
Ewes and Yearlings by Barkis 130841.
i- Iambs by Freshman 188626.
Well bred, young stock of both sexes
for sale. . '
CorvallU, Oregon..'