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Admits That Officials oT tbe L,nd
Dcpartmect Are Involved Di
' uiil of Mitchell aDd Fulcon
- That They Are in tae
Cont piracy.
Washington, p. C, CM. 28.
Secretary Hitchcock for the first
time coneed ted tp an interview tv
, day oa the Of g in ltnd friad.-. Hj
said: "There are ovhers besides
Asa B. Thoixip-Qn, who m be dis
missed from tnj receivership of tbe
lan.i office at La Grande, who will
be suspended or discharged, but 1
. don't lock1 for whole sale decapita
tion. Our investigation is Dearly
coiliileted and as we complete one
caba we tarn it over to the officials
of tbe di partment of justice, .who
will taki it into the courts. In a
fhort time we will take the fall re
.iort over to the department of jus
tic, which will tot be pao-
lie, but we wili take the public in
to our confidence by making a short
Fa,en:em. We kpt the matter se
cr t l r th It si bice ' m Titbs be
cause publicity would have, foiled
juptice. 1 lisre is conspiracy no
doubt arid eome public 'officials are
in it, but it i- gross exaggeration to1
say theff framds are the greatest in
the hid.ory of the department.
There .have bten otbtrs, which arise
lierjodicully, but they must be fer
reted out. In the present frauds I
thoulJ say about 1.000 acres of
timber lrd are involved at $1 25
to $2.50 ner acre," ' ' '
Senator Mitchell and Fulton of
Ort-g-n,' who are mentioned as
Thi'Uipdor.'ei political backer?, had
a long conference with; Secretary
'.-Hitchcock ibis morning. Af ertbe
meeting S viator Fulton paid:
"It if trua we were Thompson's
backets, but that makes . ao d ff r
.nce. I ad ari inkling, of tin kf-
. furs while inOcegon and discussed
the mafer with the district attor
nsy there. .Thompson will- have to
fight b own way. If guilty, roy
co'I-jague and I waul him S'ut to
th peni en iary, and we' bo told
Srcretury Htehcock.. We al 0 told
hiia ht Laa our full support, in' the
policy he is pursuing. We-want
': liim to clean tbe rascals out. I do
. njt think we will find many public
officials involved. True, there is a
copppira?y, but ;it is principally
jauai g piivate citiz9ns, . aided and
. ibettd w a-few officials, perhaps,
who rteort to ll sorts of schemes
, ;to obtain public lnd.?. I don't
Relieve, however, that, the officials
fare largely i . vol ved, nor will it taJ
info millions."- .
Secretary Hitchcock lar rbo
'firmed the fctatement relative roihe '
usupport tbe senators premised him.
. Blotter Mitchell and Fulton de
liotiijded charranled falsehoods
the following: sTaterafnts app8ariog
in today's Washington telegrams to
the New Yotk Suu.
"Although official confirmation
cannot be obtained here it is prac
tically certain that the depriment
under investigation i 1 involve
'HJailed States, senators Mitchell and
-Fulton and . Representative Wil
liams n of Oregon, who copa posed ja
lel0gauon .. that '" recommended
'Thomp?ou's appointment at La
Grande. ' ; ' . . -J "'-
"It fa known that the secretary's
feeling toward these men has be
come very bitter tince investigation
was started and it is mow "than
poshible that be will ask President
Roosevelt, not to consider "any ' r-
commtniatiou mat may iuy
(for a buccb sor to Tbom'pFon.'-'
Y B;th tenntors ca'led on Hitch
coek today who expressed a desire
to have the LGiande office opened
for business as soon as po sible.
At Secretary Hitphcock'a sugges
tion Senators Mitchell and Fulton
telegraphed District Attorney Hall
-&b iollowe: - . - j
"'White the srerttary has eus
. upended Thompson, he does ' not
thirik that he should be. absolutely.
- removed until he has had an - op:
. portunity to defend himself on tri
tl. Toe secretary, - therefore, re
quested us to ascertain from you
y whether tbe trial could be expedit
ed and about how soon you think
tbe cast "can be tried.. Kindly con
sult with Judge Bellinger and ad--vise
us by wire at' earliest p it-sibie
moment. , Oct. 28. The Oreeo-
man save: Indictments charging
them with forgery and conspiracy
in a cnVmmn to defraud the govern
- ment out of land, were returned
veiterday by tbe Federal grand ja-
. . . -FT- . 1 O i - A. I
ry against ex-unitea oiaies wm
miesioner Mies Marie L. Ware,
v Horace G. McKmley ana ; to. a. u.
-, Puter. Other indictments growing
- out of the land fraud investigation
are expected today." It is .,, tinder-
stood tbat O'-e morecha'ge is sure
to be madeioliTScai is sup
posed Jonn liin the case
btrtt Xr identity 6p j whnm there
has bte'n c'oHdtrab!eptculation.
The, indictments agaiiist the trio
from Eugene were not formerly re
turned into -court yesterday, but
when the jury appeared to hand in
another . indictment. It ws an
i omced that these three matters
were ready for return, and the judge
otdered them sant in. As soon as
this is done the defendants will he
re arrested and placed under new
bonds for appearance at trial. It is
expected that the new bonds will
be in the sum of iso.oi.o eacb, in
stead of $2,ooo, an at present. , The
final trial of tbe cses will probably
be had during November -or Da
cember. Toe findings of the jury in the
case of tbe three accuted is a volu
minous affiir covering 55 pages. A
total of 2B counts, were returned. In
tbe matters of fraudulent transac
tions that have been brought before
the jury, according to reliable in
formation, Miss Ware figured more
prominently ih.n either of her two
co-conpir4tori. In . other words
she, as jt has been Expressed, was
thB tool used by the others to attain
desired end? aud afsume. the burd
en of responsibility.
Kansas City, Mo:, Oct. 29 A
speciAl from Dean Like says that
Mrs. Booth-Tucker was fatally irl
j ir-dina cvmta Fa Wreck, and
did half an hour liter. The train,
which started fropu Ddah Lake for
Marceliue with the injured, was de
layed 1 y the breaking of a truck,
and ha not yet reached Marceline.
Toe Silvation Aimy citadel here
has no news, except - tbat .Colune-I
Holland was seriously hurt, and
the officers disb lievw the report
of Mrs. Booth-Tucker's death.
Does Manhood Tail?
; (Albany Herald.)!
; It may sometimes, owing to ierv
ovs disorders, but it is hardly ever
lost, except 'in extreme .old age.
What is called im potency or sexual
neuraetbenia is merely weakened
power. Underneath the ashes the
ti'e remains" aglow. It requires
careful, scientific treatment to fan
it into a bright flame of life and en
ergy. V; For the se cases . which has
been hitherto the despair of the phy-B'u-iao?,'n,thirg
equals the applica
tion of electricity,, if by proper cur
rent and exact dosage, in combina
tion with the Scientific administra
tion of specific medical remedies,
which peuetrate the eecret ambush
of diease, exterminating it root
aud "branch forever. A rejuvena
tion follows its ue. .. It produces
results because -it replenishes the
vital tonicity requisite to the nerv
ous system. Acco'-ding to Damn's
peculiar aud scientific Methods of
administration, it is a powerful vi-taliz-r.-iodicat-rd
ia diseased, condi
tions, due to all kinds of excesses.
V Dr. Darrin gives free examination
to All, and, when necessary, gives
medicinep iu connection with elec
tricity. Toe poor Heated free from
10 to" 11 daily, except medicine.
Those willing to py, 10 to t; even
ings, o to S; Sundays, 10 to 3. : Er
r iirs of yontb, blood taint, gleet, im
potdocy, varicocele aud stricture a
specialty. -;Ar curable chronic or
urivnie diseases treated at half his
former prices No cisa pnblished
without permision ,'of the ; patient.
All bosinoso relations with Dr. D,
strictly confidential. Leasers of in
tjniry answered. Ctrculr question
blanks sent free. Dr. Darrin will
remain at the Revere Hotel, Alba
lay, ULtit December 1; only. ' -
; ..; For Sale. - ;
- Residence DroDertvat the corner of
-Washington & Third, Will be sold very
-hean. I can be seen for a few days at
tl.e residence from 8 to 10 a. m. . -
Mrs.H. H. Kreger.
" For Sile.
Two wagons at a snap. Twelve months
time. Call or address Cprvallis Car
riage Factory, , .:;.- .
Glasgo Block, Blecker Block, Post
office, and Young Mou's Chris
tian Assgciati n and Com- 1
mercial Block Burns
- Fire Spreads, Rap-
Y ; Idly.
Aberdeen, Wash., Oct. 28 A fire
which promises to equal ia magni
tude the recent . holocaust, which
destroyed the major portion of the
business part of Aberdeen, ia now
raging, and the fire department is
wholly unable to cope, with it.
At an early hour this morning
fire was discovered., ia.ths center 01
the Commercial bljck. ; With in
descjibable rapidity it has Bptead
to the Glasgow block, the postoffice,
the B-scker block and the Y, M. C.
A. building, til of which are now
a mass of flames. , 4
The fire departrrent is utterly
powerless to stay the progress of
the Stents, which the wind is fast
driving toward the unburned
portion of the town. , ,
The Ciimmercial block contained
10 stores, besides several which op
tned temporary quarters there after
the recent fire. - , " , t ;
Tbe Glasgow blojk contained 8
stores. . . ..v..-.., (.
Seven bosiuess bloiks of .Aber
deen were destroyed by a fire that
broke out on the morning of Octo
ber 16 and, burn-d until two o'clock
in the afvernmv. ; Thi bHxe ettrt
ed in a rookery called1 the moek
building, whera men ; cokect; their
meals ovr gasoline stoves- Four
men l jst their lives and a half doz
en more or less, seriously, injured.
The loss was determined to be about
$700,000. - s ' ; j ;
A'l ntow-t, Pa., Oct. " 27. Mabel
II. Bctchel, aged 21 ytars," was
murdered last night and her body
placed in an underground alley ad
joining her , borne, where it was
found today by' ber mother. Hr
skull wa9 crushed, but there were
no other marks of violence on the
body." j ' . . yrj YY "-"v'' -' ,y' , 'iY
: Miss Bitchell went driving yes
terday morniug ; with -Divid Wei
gen berg, and this was. the last time
she was seen alive. , -Y' v
Mrs. Betchef, mother of the mur
dered girl, was aroused shortly af
ter 1 o'clock this morning by the
barking of dogs. ' Upon looking out
of her bedroom window she saw two
men carry an object from a carriage
and place it in tbe underground al
ley near the house. She made no
investigation, but on - arising - this
morning she found ber daughter's
shoes, hat and coat in the dining
room. Later the body of "Miss
Bchel,wae found in the alley. Y
Divid Weisenbere, 'of;, South
Bwnlehem, with whom Miss Batch-
el went. driving r yesterday, left for
Newark, N. J., this morning, his
parents say, and tbitber detectives
bv gone. - Weisenberg was in a
theatre in this city "until 19:30 last
Dint, and then left for borne., Ibe
eiil was not with htm at the, time.
It was 2 hours' later tbat the girl's
mother saw her body bemg carried
Iroma carriage near the house..
' Tne police have found no trace
of the horsis or carriage said by
Mrs. Betchel to have been used in
carrying tbe cirl home. . From the
appearance of the body and cloth
ing, Hbe girl; had been- unclad
when- the assault was made.
Some of her clothing had bean
placed about ber, the remainder
having been laid ill the dining
rnom when the body was placed in
the underground alley.
Time Card Number 22.
1 For Yaquina:
-Train leaves Albany.
, .' Corvallia.,
. " arrives Yaquina....
I Returning: " '.
Y Leaves Yaquina.
Leaves Corvallis
Arrives Albany .
.12:45 P- m
..... 1:50 p. m
5:35 P- m
. .... 7;30 a. to
.....11:30 a. tn
.....12:15 P. m
3 For Detroit:
. Leaves Albany....
. 'Arrives Detroit . ; . .
4 from Detroit:' V
Leaves Detroit 'J..,
....... 7:00 a. m
.......12:20 p. m
.......r:0o p. m
........ 5:55 P. m
Arrives Albany f .
Train No. 1 arrives m Albany in time
ti connect with S P south bound train,
as well aa giving two or three Hours . in
Alhanv belcae departure or j r uqixb
bound train. Y ' ' L
Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent Deacnes
Train for Detroit. Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7-on r. m.. reachina Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day.
For farther information apply to
: Edwin Stonb,-
' Manager
Ft. H. Gronise, Agent Corvallis, .
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany. .
Assessment fcr Sewer, -n..
. -. . ' -1 ; v .
Nntliw 1 hereby given that the- bsoesOAtnnt Osllni.nas N1..JK! for t'ie vmotrnviMf
W'ewr-h,-(Sus;h Bloc 'Cauuty A)dtli.naad
piock IjS Olo Towa otOorvilU8rOregfnla,: '-'iba
manner pn fdrt by Ordinaurc No 132 In WDich
the followlna lots "ndpnrts of lots waa entered
in the Oltv Ileus of OorralU on the lbth day of
October, 1903. and is due and payable at tne off
fee ot the 1 l'y Treasurer of (loivallls in Dulled
Sfatea gold or liver rnln and 1C Dot paid on or
belore the 2nd dy of November, 1!) 03, the Com
mon Council will order warrants to be lBued to
the Chief ot Police for the collection thereof to
gether with interest thereon at tne rate of eight
per cent per annum, from that date and costs of
Block 2. Lot 1 Mrs Una S Neu ;as U
at&197, . ,
Block 2. South 14 Lot 2 Mra Llna S Neugass Is
Block 2, North Vgfnf Lot 2- Mrs Annette Jacobs
is assessed at $10 93.
Block 2 Lot 3 Mrs Annette Jacobs Is assessed at
block 2 Lot 4 Mrs Aunette Jacobs, la assessed
at $21 97.
Block 2 Lot 5 Harriet Healy is assessed al $21.
97. Block 2 Lot 6 Harriet Healy Is assessed at
$2197. ' :
Block 2 3 4 of Lot 7 Jas R Sellers is
assessed at 16 48.
Block 2 i -4 of Lot 7 Jacobs & Neugass
is assessed at $5 49. -Block
2 of lot 8 Jas R Sellers is as-
Block 2 of Lot 8 Jacobs & Neu
gass is assessed at $5 49.
Block 2 Lot 9 Jas R Sellers is assess
ed $2i 97. ;
Block 2 Lot io; Mrs- Annette Jacobs
is assessed at. $21 97.
Block 2 V of Lot ilP M Eier is as
sessed ar $16 48. -"". : '- '
, Block 2 of Lot 11 -M Jacobs and S
Nengass is assessed at $0 49. '
Block 2 of Lot i2 P M Eder is as
sessed at $16 48 '
Block 2 Hoi Lot 12 M Jacobs and S
Newgass is assessed at $5 4g. r .-
VALLIS. ! -:
Block 18 West 25 feet of Lot 1. Heirs
of John Burnett is ssspssed at $5 5o.
Block 13 South of East of Lot r
Heirs of J R Bryson is assessed at $8 25.
Block 18 North -M, of East of Lot 1
J W Ingle is assessed at $8 2-j.
Block 18 Lot 2 J W Ingle is assessed
at 21 97.
Block 18 South .ot Lot 3 J W ingle
ia assessei-i at $lo 99 '
Blockl8 North 1-2 of Lot 3. S B Row-
ley is asswsed at $10 9X .
Blsck r Lot 4 uitowiey is aesessea
at $2i 97. . - -
Block 18 Liot o S Js Moore u assessed
at$2i97. ; -
Block 18 Lot liSE Moore is assessed
as fzi vi.
Block 18 Lot 7 L & M Walker is as
sessed at$2i 97.. ' 'i .'
Blocs 18 Lot 8 L & M v alker is as
sessed at $2197. -
Block 18 Lot 9 S J Kowley is assessed
at $21 97. :
Block 18 Lot 10 o J Kowley is assess
ed at $21. 97. ' 1 .
HlocK is L,ot n mary Jii . vosoe ia as
sessed at $21 97. ' - Y
Block 18 L.ot 12 Mary is uosne ; is as
sessed at $21 S7.
Total asse6sment$biS5i. . - :
By order of the Common Council of
Corvaliis. - - , . :- -
j , j. p . li tout b UZi. J .
f fouce juagev c
Corvallis, Oregon, October i7, , i90b
In the County Court of Benton Coun
ty, State of Oregon,
In the Matter of the Estate) ,
of - :: - .:y-
Mabel E. Howe, a Minor. J
Now at this time came Frank L, Hwe
euardian cthe estate of Mabel Etiowe,
a minor, &an presents ma petition vj
Court and asks for a license to t utbonze
him to settLots 10, II & Bin Blocfe22,
County Addition to the City of Corvallis
in Benton County. Oregon, belonging
to his ward Mabel E. Howe, and it ap-
Dearine to the Court from said petition
that it would be to the best interest of
said, ward, the said Mabel F. Howe, that
said above mentioned property be , sold
and. the proceeds thereol transmitted
and turned over to Frank 1.. Marslt, the
legal guardian ot raid minor in the State
of Massachusetts where it nny be in
vested for nd in the interest of-'' said
minor. ,- It is tnereiore nereoy oturrcu
that the next of kin of said, -ward and all
persons interested in the person aad es
tate o. said minor, be and they are here
by ordered to appear ' before the - above
nsmed cowt en Saturday the 2iat day
o November, 1903, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said Sate at
the Court House of Benton County , Ore
gon, thea and there to show caus if any
they have why a license should . not be
granted for the salf of said real estate
above mentioned, it w iurm
that a copy of this orden be puMishea at
etast once a week for three successive
weeks before the day of hearing said pe
tition as above set forth in tne vorvains
Tim8, a newspaper published, and circulating-
in Corvallis in Benton County,
State of Oregon. ' - -
This October 20. J903, 1
. County Judge,
'. - Benton Co, Oregon.
TtiA ahnvB is a true and correct copy
of the original oider in said matter and
of the whole thereof : - ;
Attest: Victor Moses,
County Clerk,
E. ii. WILSON ,
Office in Zierolf Building, Corv3kll9. Or.
Cabinet riaker
AND , ' . '
Lounges, Couches, Desks, Folding
Beds, - Etc., made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. All work guaranteed.,- One
door south rf R. M. Wade's, Main' streat.
Y:" : ;!'; . Strayed. ,y
" On or about Friday, October 16, from
W. Taylor's pasture, a Jersey heifer calf,
about 7 months old. ' A liberal reward
wiU be given for its return to my resid
ence or for information leading to its re
covery. ..' '
. . a. V. Skelton.
1 , Corvallis.
Tvo-Tniros Voui Life is Spent
In Shoes.
' Its worth some trouble to
be sure of foot ease all this
time. Style and comfort are
combiiied ia
Ralston Health
Shoes, - - $4.00
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Half sole of best sole leather. V :
Wool; felt and robber cushions. - v
0..r famous bark tanned water proofed outer sole. ' v
All styles and leathers. Solfi Agents for Benton County.
We Seil A. A, Gutters Loer Shoes.
Richest, Daintiest
STYLE UP-TOrPATE ...... .-,
The style that carried
These carbon parchments are not mounted on '
cards but delivered i a neat Folders or at-
tached to thin : Linen -mounts, making a com
bination that is plejting and artistic. Sam-1,'
pies of these Carbons are now on exhibition at
E - 9 " South Main St.
mery'S StMdll09 corvallis, Ore.
You are YHviDfr Trouble! .wi th' your Eyes
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traveling opticians without success, corae and see m, get a fit that's guaranteed
and by one who will always be on hand to make good his guarantee. ,
Tfirc Jetoer and Optician.
Willamette Valle)
Banking Company.
KesponsibUify $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange Issued payable at all finan
cial centers ia United States, Canada
aad Europe. ' - r ' .
Y Principal Correcpondctits.
POKTI.ANT Ixnlon & San FnvncIncoBank
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BAH FRANCISCO London Sc San Francis
co Bank Limited.
NEW YOKK Messrs. J. P. Morgan 4 Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LOJTDOX, ENG. London A San Francisco
. - ltaak Limited.
Francisco Bank Limited. - ,
Tfcc Greatest Goajplinjeiit
ever pa;cl tie human
Come, in
and 1st us
sjctt you
off the laurels at the
Office cor 3rd and Monroe eta. Eeel
ripoce cor 3rd and Harrison 8ts.
Home 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to A and 7
r 8 i? M. Sund-tvs 9 to 10 A, M,
fhoue ienldetce 315.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs back of Graham &
Wells' drug store. Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh Tele
phone at residence. 104. ,
All calls attended promptly. ;
E. It. Bryson,
Attomey-At-Law, y