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( Advertisements In this column chaiKed. for
at tU6r(eolV OBDtB perUne. . ?
.. 1 i'y . S. v- 3 i s, . '
Service at Dixon echool house at
3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
-r-Rev. Handeafcer went to Junction
Thursday to deliver a temperance ad
dress. - John Rowland and Charles Ken
nedy of Corvallis, have beep eelected
among those . to' compose the U. S.
grand jury.
E. S. Horoady who Is employed
with the Pacific Timber Co., at Alca,
Is spending the week, with his family
in Corvallis i
Mrs. Joseph Garrow of California
Mrs. Wallace and sod, Thomas, and
Miss Josephine. Garrow of Iowa, are
guests of Corvallis relatives;
Ml s Snell went to Portland
Thursday for the purchase of addi
tional equipment tor the Household
Economy depart meDt at the college;
' r" Mr-. WY EL Schroder, of Phllo-'
m.ih latVio lnpkc narsoa who held
the second key to unlock Nolan &
Callahan's cash box, thereby securing ,
810. . ' --;
A. rectuUr meeting of the Corval
lis Grange takes. place in Agricultur
al Pall at the college, at two o'clock
this afternoon, . All members are
urged to be present.
Since tho sale of their Woods
Creek ranch, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Da
visson have been guests of Corvallis
friends. They leave today for Oregon
City, where they are to reside.
Baptist church 8unday Morn
ing subject, "The Children and the
Bible." evening, "First Things First.'-'
Bundav School at 10 and young peo
ples mesting at 6;30. Cordial greet
ing toall. r v
Mrs. Emily Taylor and family
wish to express their heartfelt thanks
to the bind.- friends and neighbors
who so kindiy assisted themduring tfae
sickness and death of their beloved
husband and father.
--Married Clarence Wilson of Mt.
View and Miss E!de Hotch-!ss of tbU
city, weM married , Wed nesdav at 8
! p, m. at the home of the bride's . par
ents in the prespncn of a nnmbor of
relatives and friends. Rev. H. A. Dsck
officiating. '
There is a darth of t-achers for
the Bchools'of Benton. Supt. Dn
man has applications from four or five
districts for teacher, and i unable f
supply them. If there are teachers
without employment they should
make the fact known to the- county
v superintendent. .. . ..
v A party of Degree of Honor mcn
bers went to Harrteburi Wednesday
to attend a meetiog of th , district
onnvAnfinn nf the order. They re.
turned Thursday. They were, Jse
IVUhb Hattle SDnncer. Mies
Lela Tucker. Mlna E'hel Pierce, Mrs.
Bbeasgreen and Mrs. Sarah Moore. ;
, i-TJnited Evangelical church: The
convention of W. M, S. or Oregon
will be hell in the Uoited
Evangelical church, beginning Satur
day at 2 p. m. and will continue over
Sunday.; Kev. C, C. Poling will preach
Sunday morning. Mrs. Poling and
Mrsi Weaver of Dallas will speak In
the evening.
The CorvallU Ministerial Asso
ciation met at the Presbyterian manse
Monday. A Canlck was' elected
president, J. Reeves, vlce president,
' and H. A. Deck secretary and treaa
Tho nnlnn ThankHcrl vine serv
ice is to be held In. the TJnltedx Evan
geilCai CflUlUU XiOV UlCDU v liV v
'. liver the sermon,'" . ''XN.' "Ov.
The second number ot- the Ben
tnn nniinlfv- SefiOoL Journal recently
establtstred fey Superintendent ' Den
man, nas mane its- amoiiuuc. . pnbjished monthly, and Is de
voted ta tha.intereata of- the- public
schools. . TJje subscription, price la,
as nnf.a oer vear... The present; num
hr nnntAina mueh local -and1 .other
matter ofz-lhtereefr-to the- ; echool
. world. 'y- ; ;
In 1861. an Amarican stlrl 'eight'-
years old awoke one morning in Lon
d6n to find, like Byron, that she was
famous. The night before she had
eung at Covent Garden Theatre in
"La Sonnambula," for - no salary to
speak of: the next day she rejected an
offer of $500 a night. The . girl was
Adellna Patti Pattl the wonderful,
who after charming music lovera for
more than two score years and : out
living and. butsinglng all her ' own
generation of prima donnas, is soon to
tour the Uoited States in farewell
concerts. She is to appear in Port
. land.
George H. HImes paid Corvallis a
visit Thursday and Friday in the in
terest of the Oregon Historical Socie
ty, of which he is assistant Secretary.
Other officers of thef society are3. B.
Bellinger, president; W. D. Fenton,
vice-president; F. G. ToungEugene,
secretary; Charlee E, Ladd, treasurer.
Among the directors are the governor,
superintendent of - public 'instruction,
TT W Rnntt, and other persons of
prominence, The objects of the soci
ety are generally understood, as indi
cated by the title, '.; Any one knowing
of the whereabouts of any book, docu
ment, pamphlet, letter, diary, paper,
weapon or utensil of any kind that
has had any relation to the early set.
tlement of Oregon, meaning by that
the original. Oregon Territory will
; confer a favor .upon the assistant sec
retary by notifying., him. After such
notification, he will at once -.use all
means possible to secure the article
named; together with its attending
Mrp. Henrietta Randall leit Werl
OB8dtty,toc,. fttoMfaiavillaor.;ntjw
weeks visit. r v -
, ThCFirst Stplrltual" Union, of Jor
ljl9' will tioti eervloea t 8 p. m.
Sundayln BTeti fiycfeuip. ' Confer
ence at 2. All friends cordially in
vited. s
Subject at the Church of Christ
next Sunday mornidg, -God's Pur
pose and Plan io Christian Missions."
evening, "The Greatett Questions ia
the Bible." Special music at each
The Corvallis school board has
raised the salary of Principal Homes
to 8900 per year, and the salaries of
all old teachers in the scnool t S45
per montb. The salary of Prof. Tar
tar is $60.
The game of football to haye
been played at CorvaliU on Novem
ber 11th is off. A telegram receivad
yesterday morning from the Washing
ton players announces that they can
not pHy the game. It is probable
that some team will be substituted for
the date,
Judge McFaddan returned yester
day from Portland where he went to
represent his client, Albert Martin, ac
cused of the murder of Indian Grant.
An indictment was returned by the U
S tzrani jury, and Martin pleaded not
guilty. Trial has been set for Novem
ber 20th. .
News from the bedside of. Mrs.
R. W. Taylor who has been at a Port
land hospital several weeks, U to the
effect that she was compelled to un-
operation Thursdav.
She came from under the kfiuencs of
the anesthetics, but ehe Is very weak
and grave tears are entertained for
her recovery.
The open season lor bicycles on
tha Hi. in walks beeias ia the morning.
Chief Lane requests notice given that
anv wheelman wno vioiares me speeu
limit will be prompuy arresrea ana
fined. , The maximum speed allowed
on walks is six miles per hour, and it
ia thn nnrnoRO of the chief to arrest
all riders who tiavei beyond that rate.
-Arrangements have been made
hv whinh an excursion tratn'will run
from Corvallis to Albany this after-
noon to couvev those who wish ro ar,-
tenrl the O. , A. C.-Albany football
Bimc. The ..train will start Jcom here
at l;3l), ana returning win leave Aiwa-
n about 6 la the evening, excursion
tlnkets will not be eood. going on the
11:30 train. -;
a flam Bn.mbercrer Pleaded truilty
before Judge GKlaod Wednesday, to a
charge of burglary in preaxiog tnio
Gardner Bros.' saloon at the northeast
corner of First and Madison streets.
He will be sentenced on Friday morniog
Bamberger, josce lived at. Corvalll,
nhpm h waa convieted of t arson and
sent to the" penitentiary lor a snort
term. -'V:?; r. -: :.
n ana Shoel has sold his email
t.rank nf land near 'Albany and intends
to Vinrnafrer reside in uorvauis. ue
u&9 hre Wednesday to procure a res
idence, and make a nome tor, ms taiu
iiw io njhi."h t.hare are -two sons ' who'
eome time. Mr. Shoel once owned the
valuable farm adj lining the big prune
Amhirrf nn thn nortn. ana nsawpu
of it several years ago for a hand
some sum. -
Married - At the residence ef T.
Cummiogs. two. miles south of Al
bany, Wednesday, Alfred Willlamsou
of Benton county ana jaaua xj. n.-u-klns
of Linn county, Lev. Wire offi-
CcWing The wedding as a .very
plraSant aq;Vr. lae ,-ceremouy w
nprfiitme'din' the presence pt a num
ber! of Relatives aHd'trJen,d. A sump-
tuqus weadiBg ai001, wa?-eryBU air
WilUamsbnla ap-' ,eb3ploye pf the
Southfern Pacifie and-the newly mar
jledeSuT&iwlt ljve f In Pprtland:'5 They
have the,' congratulations- of many
friend . ;;
: '.-Deer buDtere; have' only a brief
time in which to seenre-tagst which" the
law requires ball -be attached" to
hides Tags must beprocured within
flvS days aitet; the-expiration - of. jfcbe
open season .tbt deer. wThafc, ame ex
pires onNovexnbfer"-l8.t. Atteniiohto
this matte!; in tlme.may save much
r' trouble lateir on. The
number of tags which may be procur.
ed by any one person, shall not be
more than five and : shall correspond
with the Dumber of deer killed .; They
may be obtained from the county
clerk and justices of the peace.
. The crosslngon Main street in
front of the poetofflce was rebuilt yes
terday. It was increased to feur feet
in width and in the center of the street
is not below the surface of the ground
as was the case with its predecessor.
It is the only crossing on the block
that is really available in bad weather,
and on that account is used more than
perhaps any crossing in town. Until
the stone crossings are raised two or
three Inches, they might as well be In
the bottom of the Willamette as far
as any good they do pedestrians.
The quarantine at the Lillard
house in Job's addition, where scarlet
fever has been prevalent, has been
raised. A child mere nas recuvoicu
completely from a very light attack of
it. rfiaouaa' ThA premises were sub-
sequently fumigated-in a way tnat
... - . O0 .nil n Tha
LUD Uioeoqv. -
will doubtless prove u'
fumigation was done by Dr. Pernot
and Chief Lane, and no effort was
spared to make it complete. All
the children in the family, except; a
young baby have had a. turn, at the
disease. The period of Infectioni in
the case ol the little one has already
passed and it la not expected, to con
tract the malady.
Vetch seed at Corvallis Floor Hills.
KirtMcuw-vwi mti'tdTt'iv ill i w 1 1 i'i i ii ip in nr'it'i ir -minr-
Corvallis Girl Beats Her Way on
.Railroad Our Phone Incident.
i Arrayed in mate, attite and with
her hair newly shorn to better car
ry out her purpose to pass for a
young man, Miss Frances Fresh,
formerly of CoTvallis. exploited her
self in a fashion the other day that
causes all familiar with the facts to
wonder what has possessed the
young woman. Miss . Fresh is well
known to many persons in Corval
lis. She lived for sometime with
Air. arid Mrs. Knisely. , She has
relatives in Alsea, where she form!
erly resided, ' - .
In appearance, she is tall and
slight, with light hair. Her feat
ures are aquiline, and altogether
she is what most people would call
a pretty girl: She left Corvallis
during the summer and went to
Albany, since which time, little has
been known of ; her by Corvallis
people. .
iki n1n!t i-Viai- ftocasions this
story of Miss Fresh, began last Sat-I
urdav nieht. Where or now it win
end, nobody knows. She was em
ployed at a farm home two mnes
east of Halsey. While the family
was absent during the evening, she
dressed herself in the best suit or
the man of the house. She cut her
hair close, and with $n in cash,
and a diamond pin, abstracted irom
the purse of the housewife, she
ronllred to Halsev. There she ap-
I plied at a house for a night's lodg-
ing, but was reiusea. ouc mcu
h arber shoD where the
haircut she had herself begun was
finished in artistic style.
The same night she took the
southbound overland train. She
did not take the trouble to-provide
herself with a ticket, and it is sup
posed went aboard v ith the pur
pose of beating her way to San
Francisco. What happened enroute
is not known, but the next heard
from her was at Sissons, Califor
nia. A letter from Halsey, Oregon,
received in Corvallis, Wednesday,
says that on the train she claimed,
to have lost her ticket. Finally the
train authorities sent a dispatch to
Halsey inquiring if a young man
had bought a ticket there for San
Francisco. The answer came- that
back was that no young man had
bought a ticket there,; but; that a
young woman in male attire had
KnarAeA the train' without a ticket.
Then, the letter continues, the train.;
. I rf . U..i. Ui 'i
men put her off at Sissons;. but Jhe'
rms!Pnprers' oaid her tare to san
Francisco. ' The letter was written
to Corvallis in the hope of enlist
ing the interest of friends in her be
half. It is known that she is with
out friends in the California metrop
olis, and thee are those who con
template with much , misgiving the
arrival in that great city of a ver
dant Oregon girl," togged out in
male attire, and apparently, for the
moment in a state ; of mental irre
sponsibility. :.' ' .'
Related with the I story above,
there is another incident. It hap
pened the first of the current week.
Attending UAU- is a weu Known
girl. Relatives called up an at
tache of the college the other ev
ening and asked if the young lady
was at the college, . The ; reply
was in the affirmative and then the
relative, who by the way .was at the
home town of the young lady, re
lated that a telephone message had
been ; received there from Sissons,
California, saying that ; the young
college girl was not at Corvallis,
but at Sissons, that she was in i dis
tress, arid asked that money be sent
to her at once. . Those familiar
with the facts are wondering how
intimately the! two incidents may
be related to each other, and if it
was the girl in male attire at the
Sissons telephone office, and if it
were she that tried to mauce me
father tff the QAC,;girl by misre
presentation ot tne tacts, io senu.
money to her at &issons, wamornia.
; , Summons. '
In the Circuit Court of the 8tato of Oregon
for Benton county. -Sarah
8-Ball, Plaintiff
. v .
' fivriiii Perham, Ed Perham and Lou a
Chamberlain, Defendants. ,
m. r TiK.nm TfA VArfiam n rT . Tinft
Charoberlaiii, the above named defendants
In the name of the State of Oresron, you and
each of you are hereby summoned and required
i . t. . nnmnlalnt if tflA
to appear aim budoi ....... .
plaintiff In the above entitll suit, lu the above
entitled court, now on file In th3 office of the
elerk of said rourt, on or bsiore the 21st day or
r w iota .. .. I hAfncr tha lnat. (1 H V OI
the time prescribed In the order for publication
Benton county. Oregon (which said order is
hereinafter referred toj towit: -
On or bet we six weeks from theday of- 0X11
publication hereof ... ",n
And you are hereby notified that It you fall so
to appear and answer the said complaint as
herein required, for want thereof the TbiM
will apply to the above entitled court lor tne
relief demanded In her said complaint, namely,
for a decree determining all conflicting and ad
verse claims, interests and estates to and to all
that part of the northeast -quarter of the norttj.
wpst Quarter of Seotion 33 Twp. 10 8- K. 5 W
Will. Mer, which lien north of the "re?
Writsman Drancn or creeic, iu; ! v ,
Oiegon: that defendants have u claim, luter
(St or estate therein; that plaintiff's title there
to 1 good and valid; snd that defendants he
forever barred and enjoined from asserting any
claim whatever in and to nia premises "averse,
to plaintiff; and for general relief and costs and
dlnburbemcnts of said suit.
Thi nmmnnii is nubliahed In the Corvauis
Times once a week for six successive and con
secutive weeKS, Deginmog wnn mo ,aouc.u' 4
tober 10th, 190S. and ending with the- isbus ot
November 21, 1903, in pursuance of an ora?J
made by theHon. Virgil B. , WatterBj: county
judge of Benton county, Oregon, (being tne
county where the above entitled suit is ' Pend
ing In the above enUtled oourt) dated October
9.1908. Date of flrst publication la October 10.
m' e,'k. beyson & E E. trasoH. .
v , - Attorneys for Plaintifls. , ;
; One day in the early part of this
week there was an unusual amount
of shooting heard in the vicinity of
Elliot hill three miles below town.
The bombardment was occasioned
by the presence of a deer in the
neighborhood and the apparently
inordinate appeute of the residents
for fresh venison. They were out
with every conceivable form of fire
arm and whichever way the deer
ran for safety it was confronted by
a man behind a loaded gun or pistol,
with one exception. The animal
had been chased and harassed for
hours. It was well nigh exhausted
when it espied a man, who, - for
some unaccountable reason was
without a gun. This person was
Julius Abraham, and to him the
deer went, seemingly for protection.
But it proved to be a case of mis
placed confidence, because Jojius,
too. was hungry lor venison. He
sprang upon the confiding animal
with the fierceness of a tiger, and
as it essayed to escape the onslaught
Julius laid a firm hold upon its . tail
with his left hand. The presence
of extreme danger nerved the flag'
girig energy of the deer and it ran
at a rapid pace down the hillside,
Julius meantime making desperate
efforts to secure his pocketknife
with the disengaged' hand. How
ever, this was a difficult undertak
ine more particularly as he was
compelled bv the speed of the deer
tn take unaccustomed strides.
- - . . . .
Tn time from the dark aees to the
present a tail hold with a down hill
pull is all the advantage that a con
testant' would have the hardihood
to ask, but these were, not
the exact -' conditions in Abra
ham's encounter with the deer.
He unmistakably had secured the co
veted hold j but the deer had poses
sed itself of the other favored posi
tion; which proved to be much the
better situation. Incidentally .this
shows in the affairs of men the ex
treme advantage of a "pull," and
the irresistability of a down-hill
pull whatever the hold. '
- But there is an end of every in
spiring specacle of this kind and
when the star actor in the drama
had covered about two hundred
yards of linear measurement the
Viair nf the tail sliDDed. With it
the hand of Julius also slipped, and
'1 tis momentum carried him, sprawl
onrl tnmblinp- after the manner
of a character in the familiar legend
of Jack and Jill.- When Jul us arose
uninjured he glanced at the tuft of
hair he still held firmly in his hand,
being scarcely able to realize that the
deer had escaped him. He then
watched the flight of the animal un
til it fell mortally wounded by a
chance shot from the rifle of George
; ; z three weddings. ,
Six Benton County People . Take
Important Step of Life.
Wednesday was a red-letter day
in the matrimonial market. . The
county clerk thought for a time
that he would be ehort' of license
blanks before the day closed, but
fortunately the run on hi8 supply
abated in the middle of the after?
noon, s Here is the record of wed
dings on that day! "
Io the office of K Holgit,' jus
tice ot the peace, October 28, 1913,
Mr. Frank Rickard and Miss Ella
At the Maogashome this city,
October 28, 1903. by Father Burri.
of MeMinnville. Mr. B. F. Bier and
Miss Mae E: Mangas. - They are to
occupy 4 home on Sixth street near
At the home of the' bride's par
ents in Job's addition, October 28,
iqti. Mr. Clarence Wilson and
Miss Elsie Hotchkise. Rev. Deck
All the parties taking this very
important step are ' worthyi youDg
people and if good wishes avail,
thev will eni )v the 6erene course
in life which their worth entitles
them. '
Z' ' At Philomath.
Eggs and butter 28 cents at J.
For best erade of gasoline, 35 cents a
gallon go to Berry and Carl's.
We have added several new
our Premium dishes. Nolan
pieces to
& Calla-
Egga 30 cents at Turner store.
For fine suits and overcoats see
& Callahan.
Get your ribs fixed
at the Bicycle
Take the short courses in bookkeeping
tviAwntine. or shorthand in tne cor
vallis Business College. , ; ;
: Good news to tell yonr friends well worth telling.
Better shoes than ever before. All the new lasts are
included in our new complete lines, and leathers pecu- &
liarly adapted to the rainy season-jast ahead,1 including j
3 11 SEE
d ; el THAT THIS
fat X" JJ.
Our women's dress shoes
1 1 11. "J
neeis ana are Dom i material ana woiKmansmp ine
very best shoes ever brought to Corvallis.
No other place in town where your shoe needs can
be so satisfactorily supplied. .
No Hunting.
I hereby warn all hunters to keep off
my premises for the purpos of hunting
, Tas. P. McBee.
For Sale.
Several hundred bushels of vetch seed.
Order early before it is gone. Also Tim
othy, Spelts, 'and English ryegrass seed.
Shrooskire bucks. One extra good re
gistered buck from one of the best stocks
ia Iowa. Cows and heifers of the beef
breed to see or trade for Jersey cows.
L. L. Brooks.
To Sell or Let.
One hundred head of good ewes to sell
or let on shares; Apply to.
, ' J. 0. Walker,
Fern P. O, Oregon,
Bucks for Sale.
Oxfords and Grade Merinos all two'
years old past, Good sheep with .rices
reasonable. Call on or address '
T. W. B. Smith,
' ' ; Corvallis,
Phone Surburban 43.
Why not study bookkeeping
night school which meets on
and Wednesday eveniDgs.
in the
1 New goods all the time
at Nolan &
At the Every-Day Bargain Store of
Ladies' and Ghildern's Goats.
:" Everybody can 'be pleased with this season's '
styles of Ladies' and Misses' Coats. While we
have already sold a large number, our line is still
complete. Box Coats are shown in the leading
colors: mode, blue, red, and the shaded eibelines.
Louis XIV Coats in mode, black, tan, brown, and
red. Prices to please all.
"The Vemo Girl-
The best shoe on the
market at $2.50
"Queen Quality,,
The famous shoe . for
women at... ....... $3. OO
Shoes for women $3 50 fe:
have French
and Military
1 1 ' t ! if
Regulator of Low Prices. S
Dr. Wells, the Albany V S will be at
Fruits livery stables every Friday of
eac'a week. Bring your horses and
have them examined free of charge.
A girl, at Occidental Hotel.
For Sale,
Good gentle driviog horse and buggy.
J, K. Berry.
- Bacin'e feet for men, -women
children; Nolan & Callahan. .
New line of novelty
dress goods just
Another shipment of the Crouse and
Brandeger suits and overcoats for young
men arrived this week, Nolan & Call,
Cheap Rates. ;
Between Portland and. Willamette
Valley points Low round trip rates
have been placed in effect between Port
land and Willamette Valley points, in
either direction. . Tickets will be sold
Saturdays and Sundays, and limited to
return on or before the following Mon
day! Rate to or from Co.vallis $3.00.
; Call on Southern Pacific Co's agents
for particulars.
...$2.oo to $9.00
.$5.00. to $15.oo
itocked with the sea
libelines, Waterproofs,
irnaments, Silk Trim-
ug, Figured Percale.
drop skirts. Heavy
New Flannelettes.' Out- v
lannel for gymnasium
Velveteens, . Corduroy '.
Z : 'Z :-'.Z rt ' r