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, FIELD. '
Maoy Corvalli&it'S ard Students
will go Second Team Defeat
' ed Ckemawa in Big Score
First OAC Team
Bested in Port
, land. . . :.
In Corvillis. there inconsiderable
interest in th. game of football to
be pUyed at Albmy next Star
day between lha OAC and Albany
College elevens. The Albany team
was defeated 1 ifc S iturdav by the ,
U. of O. elevea ia a ecore of 23 to
o. A notioeab'e fact howeve , in
couneoi ion with the game is that
while the Eugene men made three
toaohdowai in tin first half, they
m ide but one in the eecond, and in
the latter half the Albanians tot
dangerously near the , , University 'a
gotl. -This Lads some to. r thick
that all the strength of the Albany
eleven vas n it, I tr po'-ne'.-. reason
mani'e.-t d in fha first half, and
luat the . people down the river
might hvv something interesting
up tbeir sleevs for the OAC, men.-j
It is expected no v that .the OAC,
team will have all its strength in
the gama for tbe first time tbis .season.-;
Captain Pilktngton whose for
midable play was not s-eiin either
the Seattle or Portland game?,, is in
practice now, and io all probabil
ity will ltrad ti.e assault on the
Albany line next Saturday. Abra
ham, another of OAC's most for
midrtb'.e players, wno was . not in
iba Portland gama is fast recover
ing fron a muscle bruise received
in the Washington game,1 and is
likely so, loom up in the line up.
The Albany aggregation, is strong,
and from expressions beard on tbe
street it is certain that the delega-
tiou from this town to see the game
will be a large ooe. A round trip
rate of fifty cents bas bee a an
1 ou need by the C. & E., going on
the noon train, with a return by
special train in the evening, . '-:.
.4 large froWd" of Oorvalii3ites aul
6'AC etadents saw the junior foot
ball eleven administer a decisive
dcuobiiig to the second team , of
Chprmwa in a football game at the
eculoye 3 urdy afternoon -Tbe
Eoora was 39 to naught in favor of
the olltgd l-ids.; The Indian boys
were paver in the piny for a min
ute, holding toe c.iliege b jjS for
dowurt but once and making yard
age but a single lime. . CapUin
"Moores entbased . the grandsfand
and side lines with three long quar
terbauk runs for touchdowns, and
by kicking as well as mtnage-
; meet of his team. One touchdowo
was made in the first half, and six
in the second. Sam Morris, tha
famous baseball pitcher playfd
fullback for the Cnemawap, until
he went out with a " 'slight injury
near th close o? the first nlf, and
Teabo, 'he well ! known baseball
'.pltye-r, was quarterback. I '
, ,:: i. , : .- . - -, . ;: -.
, Cbemawi kicked ti Walker wbjo
advanced the ball from the 15 yard
line to the 25 yard line. :. Abrams
rounded end for five yards and
Shanacn bueked five more, Abratris
and Shaun'n'stnfJshed through the
Iudim line for five yards e tub and
Esvev added four in the same way.
i Shannon fumbled "ard the Iodiarfl
pot. the bill on their 45 yard line
' They tried the line for small gains,
being etuppad by Little once for a
.1-83, and OAC took the ball on
downs. Abrams and Espiy buck
ed line for five yurds each, and
" Abrams rounded end for flva
and eight yards respectively. Edg
ington and Anderson tore through
the Indian line tor three ana tour
vardsand Espey carried the ball
. to the Indian 10 yard line with a
: short run around tackle. . Abrams
went around right end tor five
yards and E?pey rounded left end
for a touchdown. Moores kicked
goal. Score O AO six; Chemawa 0.
Chemawa kicked ', to Moores on
' 10 yard line and he advanced it to
OAC's io yard line. With gains
- from three to sevfn yards at a clip,
pndins with a five yard buck ; by
Mossie, the college men carried the
hall to the Indians 25 yard line,
: and than Shannon rounded left
ond for ten yards. A line buck by
Shannon carried the ball to the In-
rl ian'a 10 vard line where tney
made a stand and for the only time
dnriner the eame got the bail on
downs. Morris went out of the
game, and after two downs without
yardage, the Indians punted to
ATnnrcs on the 35vard line. Moores
ran the ball back to the Indian's
;. 15 vard line, where the Chemawas
got tbe ball on a' - fumble. They
began to hammer thf I ns for small
samp, miking : juriiage the only
time during tbe game, bat were
stopped by- tbe call .-of time.
In the second half 'touchdowns
came thick and fast. Tne college
lads took th ball away from the
CbeniH was immediately after Moores
kickoff in each instance, and most
ly by the same tactics that were
used, in the first baif, carried it ov
er to the Indian goel. In three in
stances Captain Moores harried
matters oy carrying the ball him
self in quarter back rune, two-from
the 25 yard and one from tbe , 35
yard line for touchdowns, Abrams,
Snanoon and Espey of the, back
field, and Anderson, Edgington and
Mos-ieof the line, never failing to
make yardage. Several times the
Indians tried to mak yardags
through Steiwer, the college center,
but they were always stopped. At
one time Emily picked up the, ball
on the Indian's fumble and 'ran IS
yards through the bunch. Hwai
stopped close to the goal line and
was dragged bvtr. by Edgington,
but the officials brought him back
to'Where he was stopped. iIn ' the
text play however, the sphere, was
carried over for a touctdown.
: - Negotiations are pending for eev
eral g:mes for the sacond team, one
io pir.iculir 'with the second team
of the State Universify
Saturday's victory fur the team,
i a personal triumph for Zpphar
TkirD who has c tached the men
and btdugbt thtm up to.thtir pres-i
ent high standard,, as an
tton of junror playefs.
The first team returned Sunday
from Portland, where they Were "de
feated in a game with Multnomah
Saturday aftemooa by a score , of
16to0, Tbe game was largely a
practice affair, in order to give the
local then experience ' against the
retired stars who ' make up the
Multnomah players, and but little
significance, attaches to the score.
Tr e play was without 'Captain Pil
kington and without" Abraham
whrjh Walker only fentered . during
the last few minutes of tbe game.
Hamilion played at center, von der
Hellen and Dun'lap at guards and
bundy at'one of the tackles. In
the first half, Root played, tbe oth
er tackle, with Bowers at full and
Nash at half. , In the last half,
Bowers was at tackle, Nash at full,
and Root io his old position at
ighi half, otherwise the positions
were as usual. " .. " :
Maltnomah made a touchdown
in the first four minutes of play,
and succeeded in : making a drop
kick before tbe first hnlfended. The
kick was bv Chester Murphy, the
-famous Stanford quarterback and is
said to be tbe first he ever made in
a match same. In the second half
the Multnomahs made a touchdown
early in tbe play, but from that
time on, the game was largely with
the ' collegians,' a6cording ta the
etatemeut of ali Corvallisites who
saw it. Wbeo tbe time was called
tbe colleee men bad the ball and
were iii' Multnomah territory. ,
: Chehalis, Wash, Opt 22-r-His hat
torn to threads by crawling through
danee brush, clothing "tattered and
feet sore;' oiff handaand face scratch
ed and bleeding, with- three weeks
growth of beard Harry ' Powers
found his way out to . civilatiou 00
the Nurth Foik.of tbe Newaaikum
river, 2o miles east of Coehalis yes
terday evenieg. On' October 2nd,
Powers left Kappwein, I Wash,
where he had-been employed in a
hotel, to find work at a coal mine
south of there. He lost his way at
the end'of the first day out and ev
er sinca'has wandered about in the
desolate bills and valleys between
h Nf?nual:v river and' tbe Ne-
wauikuni. . . . .
Powei's onlv food during all this4
time was huckleberries and slags
and snAil. Once be ate a lizard
but it made him sick and he was
tempted to drown himself, as he
thought he wa3 going to die . fiom
the effects. - , . ' .
For several days after he etarted
out Powers met bad weather . ana
suffered from wet and cold. no
saw snow in w iui
soaK but was unarmed and could
6 - -. . . I 1. 1 L 1
not kilt one, aitnougu no guv uiuc
to them.
Yesterday, when almost exhaust
ed, be came out to the rancn ot m.
D. Wood of Agate, wno 100s uim
m, and this morning Drougnt toe
poor fellow to ; Chehalis., Powers
says his family lived in Denver,
the last he knew, but he has not
been there or heard from them for
lo years.
His father was s formerly manu
iacturer of sticky fly paper there.
Powers is being cared for by Sher
iff Urn uhart until he recovera
from his terrible experience.
- At Philomath.
- Eggs and butter 28 cents at J. E
Henkle's., '
Lowers Trotting Record to One
Fifty-Eight and a Half, Made'
Saturday at Memphis.' ... ,
. Memphis, Tenn., 0;t. 24. Lou
Dillon, the peerless trotter, owned
by C. K. G. Billings of Chicago,
and driveo by Millard Sanders this
afternoon provtd her right to' the
pVoud title -of "queen of the turl"
cy trotting a mile under the avets
conditions ia tbe remarkable lime
of i:58$. The daughter of Sidney
Dillon was paced by a runnerdri
vtn by Scott McCoy, and another
runner folljwed closely to urge the
mare to a supreme effort.
The track of the Memphis drivirg
Club never showed to better advan
tage., Sprinklers were employed
throughout the day putting on fin
ishing touches, -and when the time
f r Lou Dillon's J fiai J arrived the
course was perfect. A strong wind
from the north swept down the long
back stretch, however, and .Judge
New:on announced tothe : epecta
tors.tbat not too much shou Id be
expected of tbe game little trotter.
Lou D lion appeared on the
track at 5:io p. m., and aft?r a
preliminary ' canter, isinders an
nounced he was ready lor the start.
The two runners were, aligned in
position; and it was noticed that a
piece of hord aeatey ard , wide
was fastened -rio ; thev tutcemakeri
sulkydirecvly unrderi,the;eat,sTbis ;
it . was annouJGced -was used -to
keep the dust out of tbe mare's face.
i At the first start, Sinders nodded
for the word, and tbe flag dropped.
After going an eighth of ;a . mile.
Sanders yelled to McCpy ti drive
faster, and it looked as if, tbe mare
would, catoh the runner.; Making
tbe first turn, tbe remarkable work
of Lju Dillon could be better: seen
by the thousands present, and like
a piace of perfect machinery sbe
reaobed the quarter pole in 30 sec
onds. The turn for the back stretch
was now reached, and many expic
ted to see the champion falter be
cause of the wind To the surprise
of everyone, Lou Dillion seemed to
travel faster and when the 'half
mile was reached the timer's Elate
clicked out 5$i. A great cheer
arose, and many horsemen predic
ted a new record was making. On
the far turn, McCoy was forcedto
whip the runner to keep clear of
the trotting marvel, which ' was
pushing him closely. The . three
quarter pole was passsd in 1:29
and the mare had turned for home.
Tbe wind now was an advantage
rather than a detriment, and with
fu erb buret of speed, Lou Dillon,
uged on by the shouts of the dri
vers of the runners, dashed under
ti wire in.l:58i , r - r - . , ,
' When the time wts ; flashed & spectators, hats were j thrown
h gh into tbe air abd cheer followed
cn er. - Sanders ; as .literally liS
tta from his sulky by an admiring
throng - while Mr. Billings ; was
ehowered with congratulations, r.
it was a noticeable fact .that
watches of the official, timers agree
to the fraction; and many horsemen
standing in the infield caught . the
time as officiaTy announced ; to- the
fraction. -' Th- timers were Bud
Doyle, Fred Hart well, of , Chicago;
and Fred D.ckerson, ot new iorK.
Two other world's records were
broken this "afternoon. Dariel a
bay mare by Al-xander, driveo by
McDonald paced a mile in 2:00
Tha . former Daciag . record -''-for:, t
mare was held by"' Fannie Dillard
2:032. 1 - :
Eauitv and The Monk from Mr
Billingb t-tahle, were sent a mile
agaiafijtfati 2:12 trotting to the
bole rr c ud" The two . horses : were
iiriven bv Mr. Billings in faultless
stvle. and uaseed under the wire
in 2:09i-'
Ran a Ten
Penny Nail
His Hand.
While onenineatox. J." C. Mount
nf ThTee Mile Bay, N. Y., ran a ten
nennv nail through tbe fleshy part
of his hand. ''I thought at once ot
all the pain and soreness this would
cause me. he says -ana immediate
lv aoDlied ' Chamberlain's Pain
Balm and occasionally aiterwaras
To my surprise it removed all pain
and soreness and tbe injured parts
were soon healed. '' For sale bj
Graham & Wortham. .
' "Strayed.
rn nr nhnnt Fridav. October 16. from
W. Taylor's pasture, a Jersey heifer calf;
ahnnt 7 months old. -A liberal reward
will be given for its return to my resid
ence or for information leading to its re
covery. - e . i
G. V. Skelton,.
" Corvallis
' . He LQarned a Great Truth.
It is said of John Wesley that he
once ex id to Mistrtss Wtsley: ;you"till thNt child ihepame
thing over and over ugaii.?" Juhn
Wesie'. because ooce tellicg is in t
enough.'!: It is for t iis Bame reas n
tbat you are told again and . aga n
tha Chamherlain's" Congh Remedy
cures colds and grip; iht it coun
teracts any tendency of tbe-e di'-
eaees to result in pneumonia, and
tbat it is pieaeant auu cate to take.
For sale by Graham. & Wortham.
Cabinet flaker
": --' ' .-. " AND
Lounges, Couches, Desks, -Folding
Beds, Etc., made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. . All . work guaranteed. One
door south iff R. M. Wade's, Main street.
Assessment for Sewer.
Kotlce is hereby given that
given that tbe assessment
i jto 15! for the construction
made by Ordinance
ot a sewer ibrongb Block 2 County Addition and
Block 18 Old Town ot CorvwlHs. Oregon. In the
manner provided by Ordinance No 131 In wr.lcb
tbe following lots find parts of lots whs entered
IntheCltv liens ntCorvallts on the lfith. la of
October, 1908. ami Is. due and pnyible at tne off'
fee of the l.y Treasurer of Oorvallls iu United
States gold or illver coin and If not. paid on or
before the 2nd dy of SovemtMr. 19 03. the Com-,
mon Ci.uncil will order WHriHiiTs to bf Issued to
the Chief of Pulice fo the collection thereof to
get her with interest thereon ut the rafc of eight
per cent per annum, from that date and costs of
collection, ' ' ' "
Block 2. Lot 1 Mrs Una S Seu iass U assessed
at $21 97. '
Block 2. South i tot 2-rMrs LinaS Keuguss ' Is
assessed sHiO 99 .
block 2, Vorth K of Lots Mrs Annette Jacobs
fs assessed at $10 99. ' . . , :
Block 2 Lot 3 Mrs Annette Jacobs Is assessed at
$2197.:. . ' x
BIOCIC 2 Lot din A.uuebWtflluuuB, i. onaosacu .1
at $21 97. . ' . ' " '
Block 2 Lot 54-HatrletvHealr 1 aasesaed al $21.-
97. -
TUoek"2Lot 6-"Hartlet Healr le lasaessed j
$21 97. ' i
Block 3 3 4 ot Lot 7 Jas K sellers is
assessed et 6 48. 1 .
Block 2 i-4 of liOt 7 'Jacow & ..Meugaas
isasBesaed at $5 49.. . ... -:
Block 2 of lot 8 Jaa R Sellers is as
sessed $5. 49. : , '--
Block 2 of ' Lot 1 8 Jacobs & Nen
gaas is assessed at $5 49v c
Block 2 Lot Jaa. R.SeHera. is .assess
ed,$2i97. .- , ,
Block 2 Lot 10 Mrs Annette Jacobs
is assessed at. $21 97. . ' ?;
Block 2 A Lot il P 35 Eder is as
sessed at $lfJ4&.
Block 2 ot JUot liM J aeons ana o
Nengass is assessed at $5 49 -
Block 2 of Lot i2 P M Eder is- as
sessed at $16 4&
Block 2 H.ol Lo 12 -M Jacobs and S
Newgass is assessed at $5 49. r.-. ,
V: f.vj.-y!! ::; -;i VALLIS. " -
' B!6fk 18 West 25- feet of Lot ' r, Heirs
of John Bnrnett is assessed at $5 5o.
Block i Sonth 4 of East of ' Lot r
Heire of J R Bryson is assessed- afe $8 25,
Block 18 JNorth ot toaBi 4 01 loh
W Ingle is assessed t$821 -
Block la LiOt z J w logie w jusbbebou
at 21 9". -'
Block 18-soutn ot Liii a j . ,v.i. ius
auMUftl at tlo 9! ; .. .-.-
Block 18 Korth.l-2 of Lot S. SB Row-
lev is assessed at $ro 91. -
Block iLofc 4 B Kowiey ie- assess!
at 2i 97. , . - .
Block IS L,ot 0 e-Hi. moon; m uobctocu
at $2i 97- , . .
Block IS- Lot 6 Sr Xj ivioore i bswwi
.$2197. - C
Block 18 Lot Z L.& M WaWtep is as
sessed at$2r 97.- - .,
Blocs 18 Lot 8 JL& JVl cancer ia- aa-
sessed at $2197. . -' . ,
Bl9ck l'S- Lot B Kowiey ls asseast!.
at $21 97. . . .
Block 18-lvOt ID o n ftovrmy is-aosra-
ed at$2i97. " , .
Block 18 L.ot IB IViarV lyosutria na-
sessed a$ $2t-97. - u '4
Block 18- LiOt 12: iiary jwowiw ut
sessed a I $21 97- .
Total assessment vob iJ... ..
By order of the Common- Coemeil of
Cor vail is; ' " . -i, - '
f ' Police Judge.
CorvaTlis, Oregon, October iT, i9l)3.
In tie Count v Court of Benton
ty, State of Oregon, - - -r- - ' i
In tne matter 01 ibc jcisuilc i
Mabel E. Howe, a Minor. . ,. , ... i
Now at this time came Frank L, Howe
euardian of the estate of Mabel EHowe, I
a minor, ana prei-enis ui pciiiiun
Court e.n& asks for a license to tithon-2
him to sell Lots io, n & 12 in Block 22,
County Addition to the City of Corvallis
in Benton County, Oregon, belonging
to his ward Mabe E. Howe, and it ap
pearing to the Court from said petition
that it would be to the best interest of
said ward the satd. Mabel JJ . tlowe, tnai
said above mentioned property - be sold
and the proceeds thereof transmittqp
- . T . 1 T - 1 1 V. 1.
and turnea over to x-raiiK. . j-,. iuwsu, i5
legal guardian of f aid minor in tne state
of Massachusetts where it may be in
vested, for and in the interest of said
minor. It is therefore hereby ordered
that the next 01 km of said ward ana ail
persons interested in the person and es
tate of said minor, be and they are here
by ordered to appear- before the above
namert court on oaiuruay me jr
of November, 1903, at the hour of 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said date at
the Court House of Benton County, Ore
gon, then and theTe to show cause u any
they have why a license should not be
granted for the sale of said , real estate
that a copy of this order be published at
least once a weeic lor turee uu;rsoiv
weeks before the day of. hearing said pe
tition as above set forth in the Corvallis
Times, a newspaper published and ' cir
culating in Corvallis m Benton County,
State of Oregon. .. ' .
This October 20. 1903.
. County Judge, -Benton
Co, Oregon.
The above is a true and correct copy
of the original order in said matter and
of the whole tnereoi ; 4.
Attest: , Victor P. Moses,
. : ; . ' ' County Clerk,
II swaggei
& Mint
Hand Tailored
Agents for Rallston Haalth Shoes, and Gordon Hats.
.l . - ....
2,'. .The.
Richest, Dainitnest
" The' style that carried off the laurels at the ,,, ; , ,
; These, carbon' parchments are not mounted on
cards but delivered in tieat Foldees or at
tached to thin Linen mounts," making a com- ; v.
bination that is pleasing and artistic. Sam-,
pies of these Carbons .are now 04 exhibition at ,
. '"..',. m rl . Tin 9 'i
Or if .you are havin trouble with yoar
You are Havin 3:
traveling opticians without success, come ana see inn, H. -
and by one who will always be on band to make good his guarantee. v j
h The Jevhsljsr and- Optician.
Fresh Portland Baked Bread '
Will arrive at the. D. & T- Store today
Wednesday, Oct 14th, at noon made
from V.llev. Eastern Oreeonanrt Minne
sota Soar, and
will be ke t in &toi k
Willamette Yalle
Banking Company.
Responsibility $100000
A General Banking Business.
Exchange tesuei payable tit all finan
cial centers In United States, Canada
and Europe. .
Principal Corrcepondents.
PORTLAND Tonilon & San frnncl-eoBunk
Limited; Canadian Bank of Cominerea.
gAJf FBANCISOO tondon t Sau Francis
co Bank Limited.
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank. -LONDON,
ENG. London San Francisco
Bank Limited.
. - Francisco Bank Limited. , " '
faisllg Sails
For Youn Men.
. Sizes 32 to 38,
$I3-5Q 5-oo 16.50
These suits are made Jor the
young , men who like to . be
well dressed. They are the .
finest handsomest clothes you
will see this season.
Elegant line of suit for the
stout man, the slim, man, or
any kind of man,
$5.00 to 625.00
Priestly Gravenette
Rain Goats.
The most useful coat made,
$15, 16;50, 18.00.
-,r ..!:. -".ri. K
9 Corvallis, Ore.
1 l -2 .. , ' ' '.1. . --.
Trouble with your Eyes
KUs?es ahaV have tra r
. Homeopathisf . .
Offioe cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Beal-;
dencecor 3rd and Harrison sts.
Hours 10 td 12 A. M. 2 to and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M,
Phone residence 315. , '
'' , , .' .. t' :
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs .back of Graham &
Wells drug store. Residence on tne
corner of Madison and Seventh. Tele
phone at residence, 104.
All calls attended promptly. , - -
E. IL Bryson,
Office In Zierolf Building, Corollte. Or.