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Corporation got it, and Forty Pri
vale CiUzeu8 got Left, Though
They Stood in line all
Night to File.
Portland, S
Journal eay6: ,
settlers in the
were given an
ptember 22. The
Two score ranchers,
Deschutes country,
illustration of the
greater skill
of the big.
and larger resources
lumber corporation
when, at The Dalles, on Monday
Mathewp, cruiser and repre-enta-
. live of the Bootb.-K.ellv Lumber
Company and its allied Califor
nia Una company gobbled up
about 10,001 acres of timber Rod
- compelling the settlers to return to
their homes without so much as a
stick of dead pine wood to show for
their trouble.
The settlers are so angered at
what they regard connivance on
the part of the officials an 1 the i n-
justice of the preference of land
scrip over the rights of the bona
fide be'tler, and . they express
thempelve3 very harshly. They
ven go so far as to allege that the
whola transaction was a "job'
. pnt up in the interest of the Booth
K lly Company a corporation that
wields immense political power,
and is presumed not to hesitate to
exercise that power for the futher
once of their business interests.
- The government . bad thrown
open for location a fractional town
ship of timbtrltnd in the Deschutes
The tract was fractional Town
"fhip 16 S., R. 10 E., on the upper
Deschutes, heavily timbered with
yellow pine.
Filings were to be made on Moo
day morning, September 21. In
anticipation thereof, the settlers to
the number of about 40, men and
women, came to The Dalles, arri
ving on Sunday. . They stood in
line from Sunday nizht until Mon
day morning.
Ahead of them was one sttler
and a representative of the Booth
Kelly people who' etooJ in line
from Saturday night. : - : ; -'
"When the office opened Monday
morning," said A. Groener wbo
was in Portland today and was
we of the persons involved, Vit
ws expected that the - officials
wonJd accept filings sccording to
Hie usual rule first come fir.-t ser
ve but tl;e waiting settlers were
given type-written slips o paper,
on which were the instructions to
return to the office at a later hour,
each appointment being at a dif
ferent nour.
-"lbs B?i-t!i-Ks";ly man had not
revealed his identity, 'but had
given the settlers to understand
that he- was one of them. ' He was
No. 2 on the list of those who were
permit t'd to file and when he step
ped up to the counter of R-gister
Nolan, he laid down a roll of tim
ber land scrip, and took every acre
first man, No. 1 on the list was suc
cessful in securing a claim.
"Another peculiar fact connec
ted with the incident was the giv
ing out to oertain ' of the settlers
slips of paper written in the cbi-r-ography
of the register of the office
advising them to abandon the idea
of filing on the lands . under the
?toue ar d timber act they had se
keted, and suggested that they
take other lands. f
. "Tha scene was dramatic in the
extreme. Hot words wereN banded
between eettlers and land office offi
cials, and at times there- were even
threats of calling for peace officers
to quell the rising flood of protest
that was caused by what the set
tiers believed to be an infri ngem&nt
an their rights,
A Pitiless Malady.
Dr. Darrin Gives His Opinion"
Rheumatism and It's Cure.
(Albany Herald.)
"Rheumatism is a most pitiless
malady," exclaimed Dr. Darrin to
a Questioner regarding it. "It de
stroys the poor workiugman as
quickly as the man of wealth. ' It
, gets into the blood, leaves its grip
aponthe tissues and destroys health
and happiness, besides, causing in
tense pain and suffering. I would
arse one to fight it upon first sight
as they would a snake; get it out of
the blood and free the tissues of its
blighting ' influence. Electricity
applied by method will chase it in-
to a corner and destroy it. -, -
"I have a system of treatment
that frees the blood from Uric acid,
stops the pain and fuffericg-, gives
strength to the muscles and nerves,
in fact cures the i worst cases of
rheumatism Jn a remarkably short
There is no question but what
Dr. Darrin has bee 1 unusually sue
ceEsful'in the treatment of rheuma
tism sicca he has been in Albany.
Every day rheumatic sufferers, are
een hobbling to toe Revere House
and on leaving Lave the appearance
of havirg found relief, aud when
epoktn tu regarding their cas", they
speak in highest praise of the doc
tor's treatment "
The following outspoken recom
mendation from a man so well
known ae L. W. Moanch is one of
the strongest reasons why people,
vhould look into the merits of Dr.
D. Trio's cures by electricity and
skillful medical treatment. The
doctor has been prevailed on to re
main in Albany until Dacember
1st and is visited by scores of suf
ferers daily and why any one with
good judgment can see their friends
and neighbors cured,, and not grasp
the opportunity to try Dr. Damn's
new system of cure is beyond our
To the Editor: For years I have
been troubled with sciatic rheuma
tism, liver and kidney complaint
and dyspepsia. Three months ago
I was unable to work, or ven put
on mv shoes without great suffering.
Dr. Dirriu ha9 s ftr restored me
that i am able to v ork eveiy day.
Mr troubles are all gone and I feel
like a new person and I gladly sub
scribe my name in Dr. Dirnn a
behalf and recommend him to the
public. I reside on 4th and Main
street, Albany, and will answer all
questions by letter or in person..
. L. W. Moench. I
Dr. Darrin can be consulted free
from 10 to 5 o'clock daily; even
ing 7 to 8; Sunday 10 to 3, at
Revere Hotel, Albany, until De
cember 1. '
The doctor makes a specialty of
all diseases of the eye, ear, nose and
throat, catarrh, deafness, . bronchi
tis, H grippe, heart, liver, bladder
and kidney diseases or those who
snffdr from apathy and indifference;
also genito-nrinary and skin dis
eases in either sex, such, as blood
taints, seminal weakness and lo.-t
vigor, varicoceles and stricture.
Appointments for the Various Charges
of M. E. Church South.
The C .lumbia Conference of the
M. E. church South, recently held
at Roeeburg made the " following
Willamette District.
Presiding elder Henry Spiesa.
Portland C. A. Hyatt.
Oregon City J. W. Craig. W.
M Malloy, sd. ,
Albany C. W, Pogue. -Lebanon
D. . C. McFarland.
Corvalli-j and McFarland John
Reaves, P. A. Moes. sd .
Dallas and Dixie To . bs - sup
plied- ; -; -
Tangent and Brownsville, W.
A. Iden. .
Harrisbnrg A. J. Starmer.
Junction City J. A. Carter.
Louisville and Independence
T, P. Haynes. -: .
Roseburg District.
, - ,. v .. . -.
Presiding elder. E. I. Fitch, ,r
Roseburg H. C. Allen.
Myrtle Creek Jno. C. Cook;
J. F. Cotton, eupr. -.'
Coquilie and Bradon R.' "A.
Myrtle Point Rev. wages,
Medford, W. B. Brown.
Oakland E. L. Fitch,
Ashland and Sims Valley
H. N, Rossner. - . -
Grants Pass W. T. Golden.
Klamath Falls to be supplied.
North TJmpqua Supplied by
G. W. Householder. - ; v
Conference Missionary secretary,
W. B. Smith. '
The new presiding elder of this
district is a man of ability; a suc
cessful preacher and pastocr, a
graduate of Heidelberg University,
The work has enlarged until it
became 1 necessary 1 to make two
districts instead of one. L: .
Altogether this conference at
Roseburg was one . of the most
pleasant and profitable ones" ever
held. Bishop. Morris" presidency
was of tha most spiritual and - in-
SDirinsr character, and the work of
the conference was ; considerably
For Duchess trousers, see Nolan
& Callahan.
To Sell or Let.
One hundred head of good ewes to sell
I or let on shares. Apply to
. J. C. Walker,
' - Fern P. O, Oregon,
Dan Patch Held It at 1:59 Great
Throng' Cheers Luft'lv ' Over r
The Fastest Mile of the :
. Century Other News. ;
New York, Sept. 23. Prince
Alert, the pacing hero of a hundred
races, and the , champion of a score
of half-mile tracks, went against the
world's pacing record of 1:59, held
by Dan Patch, and beat it most de
cisively at the Empire City track
today. It was the first day .of the
autumn meeting of the Empire City
Trotting Club, and in addition to
thestrong card of. fourjr aces, Prince
Alert was billed for what looked
like the impossible feat of beating
the record. But Prince Alert' had
recently 'won the half-mile track
championship in 2:03 1-2, which
had been won only the week befo.e
by Dan Patch in 2:4, and. good
judges were sanguine,
The weather and track were per
fect, and the wind, which was high
early in the day, kindly subsided
so that the conditions were favora
ble. Mart Demarest, the trainer
and driver of the Prince, on account
overweight,' decided to get John
Curry to drive, and Demarest drove
the thoroughbred, speed maker in
front with the wind shield sulky.
At the third time, the starter gave
the word and, pacing like a
perfect piece of machinery, Prince
Alert shot away 10 the quarter pole
in 0:29 . "As her grt iasa. the back
stretch, ha inenjaswt his speed and
was at the half raO:5S. -Then the
crowd realized that they were wit
nessing the fastest mile of the cen
tury, and cheers -and "snouts of
"come on" came from the grand
stand and lawn. Without a break
or tremor, he flashed by tbe: three
quarter pole in 1 :26 and : without
any urging came on " with, a superb
burst of speed, crossing the wire in
-One Found In LiulnS, Kiuu,
Seeona to Prove IiWmt of -
Prehistoric Stan. '..
M. C. Xong, curator of the Kansas
City public museum, has photographed
the "Lansing skull" from different
view points. The prehistoric skull is
now in the .possession of Mr. Long1.
After, a thorough' investigation, Mr.
Long is satisfied the skull is that of a
"prehistoric man, who in all probability
lived, during the glacial period, 35,000
years ago, and1 this opinion is fully-
snared by Jfrof. S. W. Wilhston, of the
Kansas university, reports the Kansas
City Star. ; . ' . . ' :
On March 23 of this year workmen
found the skull while digging a tunnel
deep into the side of a hill on a farm
near Lansing, Kan. MfC Long chanced
t "hea of the finding' of the skull and
wpvX to Lansing. lf the opinion of
C rator Long and Prof. Williston is
correct, as they feel assured it is, the
"1 .rinsing skull" for the first time of
fers tangible proof of the existence
of prehistoric man in North America.
In Europe several prehistoric skulls
biwe been found, but this is the first to
be found in 'America. . The "Lansing
skull" was found deep under well de
fined strata of earth and rock, and was
imbedded in what is called river loess.
This prehistoric man was probably -a
contemporary of the mastodon and
giant sloth. " i '
The photograph does notgive an ade
quate idea of the"' peculiarities of the
prehistoric skull. It slopes back imme
diately from the eyes, and there is
practically no foreheact. Over the eyes,
however, are well developed ridges,
which are taken to denote that the per
ceptible faculties were considerable.
The "back of the skull, as seen in the
illustration, is almost abnormally de
veloped, -and there the skull is very
thick. ' Pieces of stone are attached to
and imbedded in the skull, and these
pieces of, stone are identical with the
found attached to the bones ,of ' mas
todons. : The cracks seen in the skull
were caused by the workmen . who
found it, for they attached no impor
tance to ih.e find and allowed several
heavy boxes to fall upon it, breaking it
into half a dozen pieces. "
g: r. farra,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs back of Graham &
Wells drug store.' Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. - Tele
phone at residence, 104.. -
t All cans aitenaea prorapuy.
Office In Zierolf Building, Corvallis. Or,
E. R. Bryson,
Richest o Dal
STYLE UP-TO-DATE ... . . . .
; The style that carried off the laurels at the
These carbon parchments are not mounted on
cards but delivered in neat Folders or at
y tached to thin Linen mounts, making a com- '
bination that is pleasing and artistic. Sam- ;
pies of these Carbons are now on exhibition at
4-ftnASsr Soustlhi Main St.
lUfllllln&ll J 2 iuiuiuiu9 Corvallis, Ore.
If You are Having Trouble with your Eyes
Or if you are having trouble with your glasses, and have tried all the so-called
traveling opticians without success, come and see me, get a fit that's guaranteed one who will always be on hand to make good his guarantee. . .
The Jkweler and Optician.
- - S ' For Sale.
Good resident lot; close in at
gain. Inquire at Times office.
c For Sale.
Ne,w vetch" seed. Also a fresh Jer
:ey cow. . James ."Herron.
For Rent. -..
Famished rooms, second door north
of M. E, church South. .
Mrs. E. L. Fitch.
For Sale,
; At a bargain; 200 feet of picket . fence.
Apply to Mrs. Sarah E. -Moore, corner
Third & Jackson.
V Good Lots for Sale Cheap. .....
Expecting to leave Corvallis soon I
have some good, well located lota for
sale cheap: N. B. Avery. ,
For Sale.
400 . fullblooded ewes.
20 . ' ..' bucks. , .
Durham cows and heifers.
, 3yra " bull, .
' Rov Rickard,
. ' Corvallis, Or.
Wood. Inquire at Times office.
Office cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison ets.
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A. M,
Phone residence 315. .
Time Card Number 22.
Train leaves Albany.
" Corvallis.,
" arrives Yaquina. .'. .
.12:45 P-
; 1:50 p. m
5:35 P-n
1 Returning: :
Leaves Yaqutna... ........ 7:30 a. m
-Leaves Corvallis...... 11:30 a. m
: Arrives Albany i. .... 12:15 p. in
j For Detroit: '--. t: .,
Leaves Albany. ..... 7:00 a. m
a Arrives Detroit.. . 12:20 p. m
4 from Detroit: 1 ; :';
Leaves JJetroit.............i;Oo p. m
Arrives Albany.......;....-'. 5:55 p. m
TVairi "Nn. T arrivM in Albanv in tlm f
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving lwu ut Luictr uuurs in
Albany before departure ot s r nortn
bound train. ' f -
Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct service-
to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Train 3 for Detroit, Breitenbush- and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day.
'For further information apply to .
1 : .'. Edwin Stons,
' Manager,
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany,
nt test Effects
Willamette Vallej
Banking Company.
RcsponssMlity, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchne;e issued payable at all finan
cial centers In United States, Canada
aad Europe.
Principal eorreepondeats.
POETIAITD IrfMdoat & San FranelxcoBaiik
Umlted; Caoadiaa Bank of Commerco.
SAX FBAXCISOO-Ixmdou & San Francis
co Bank Limited.
NEW YOKIC Slesdrs. J. V. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, EXO Imdou & San Francisoo
Ba.nk Limited.
SKATTL.E A.?I TACOMA Londen ft San
Francisco Bank Limited. ,
Notice to Taxpayer.
Notice ia hereby given that the county
board of canalization will attend the
office of the county clerk of Benton
county, state of Oregon in the said court
house of said county, on Monday, the
28th of September, I903, and "continue
in session one week, at hich time they
will publicly examine the assessment
roll of said Benton county, state of Ore
gon, for year 19O3, and correct all errors
in . valuations, descriptions or correct
qualities of land, lots or other property.
All persons interested are required to
appear at the place and lime appointed,
H. L. Bush,
Assessor of Benton county, state of
Oregon. T
Notice is hereby given that on Saturday,
the lOUti day ol October 19u3, ai tne hour of
1- o'clock in the afternoon, at the front
door of the Courthouse, in the City of
Corvallis, in Benton County, Oregon, i
will sell at public auction to the highest
bidder, for cash in hand, the following
described real estate, to wit: s
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, northwest of
southeast northeast of southwest
and fractional west of southwest V in
section 19, containing 356.24 acres; lot 2,
southeast M of northeast and south
east section 27, containing , -239.57 acres;
lot 3, southwest of southeast Y. frac
tional west Vz section 31, containing 413.16
acres; all in township 10 south, range
west of the Willamette Meridian.
South ys of northeast . south ii of
northwest south section 5, contain
ing 480 acres:, section 7 (120 acres in Polk
County), containing 679.06 acres; section
15, containing 640 acres; section 19, con
taining 673,58 acres; section 23, containing
640 acres; all in townsmp w soutn, rauto
7 of th Willampttft Meridian.
West of the northeast , east of
northwest , northwest of northwest
4, southeast , northeast of southwest
, of section 3, containing 400 acres; lots
1 and 2. north of southwest section
7.' containing 119.87 acres; north of
TKvrthiefmt V. northwest y. east ' of
-southeast , section 11, containing 320
acres; east of northeast , section
13, containing 80 acres; lots 3 and 4. north
of southeast northeast of south
west Yt and north of section 19. con
taining 490.54 acres; fraction south frac
tion west of northwest west of
east of northwest section 31, con
taining 450.70 acres: . all in township 11
south, range 6" west of ;the Willamette
Meridian. -.- ., .
Fraction north southeast , east
of southwest section 1, containing
555.84 acres; lots 1 and 5, northwest of
northwest . section 13, containing 72.48
acres; southwest section 15, contain
ing 160 acres; fraction section 31, contain
ing 635 acres; lots 1 and 2, southeast Yi
of northeast . southeast section 35,
containing 236.48 acres: east of section
27, 320 . acres; all in township 11 south.
range 7 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 7, containing 656.38 acres; lot 4,
section 27, containing 32.14 acres; south
west Yt of northwest , northwest of
southwest Yt, section 29, containing 80
acres; southwest Yi of northwest 4, east
V4 of southwest Yt, west of southeast
Y. section 33, containing 200 acres; all
in township 12 south, range 6 west of the
Willamette Meridian.
Section. Vi 648 acres; ' section 3. 665.41
acres; section 5, 686.88 acres; northeast Yt.
north of southeast , easf of north
west Yt. northeast Yt of southwest hi, lots
1, 2 and 3, section 7, 465.11 acres; section
9, 640 acres; section 13, 640 acres; all in
township 12 south, range 7 west of the
Willamette Meridian. . . ... , . .
Lot 7, section 3. 17.80 acres; fraction
northwest Yt, fraction east Yt, north Yt of
southwest Yt. section 5, 555.36 acres, all
in township 13 south, range 6 west of the
Willamette Meridian. '
Section 3,- 671.21 acres; section 5, 656.74
acres; southwest, 14 , of section 7, 165.20
acres; section 9, 640 acres; section 11, 640
acres; section 23, 640 acres; section 27, 640
acres; northwest of northeast Yt, sec
tion 61, V) acres; north , southeast Yt,
northeast Yt of southwest Yt, sectien 33,
523 acres: all in township 10 south, range
8 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 27, 640 acres; northwest 44,
northwest Yt of northeast Yt, west ot
southwest hi, section 35, 280 acres; all in
township 10 south, range 9 west of the
Willamette Meridian; east of section
33, S20 acres: in townshin 10 south, ransra
! 10 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Fraction northeast of northeast
section 1. 39.78 acres; south fa southwest
of northwest Yt. section 3, 360 acres;
section 5, 646.02 acres; east , southwest
Yt, section. 7. 485 acres; section 13, 640
acres: west , southeast Yt, west of
northeast , section 17. 560 acres; section
19, 657.98 acres; section 21, 640 acres; west
east Yt of northeast Yt, east of
southeast Yt, section 23, 4S0 acres section
27, 640 acres: section 31. 663.98 acres; all
in township 11 south, range 8 west of the
Willamette Meridian.
North southwest Yt, section 1, 481,28
acres; north Yt of northeast Yt, south
of southeast 44. west of northwest Yt,
west of southwest section 3, 322.55
acres; east Yt, fraction southwest Yt, sec
tion 7, 483.20 acres; north of section 9,
320 acres; northeast north of north
west Yt. southwest 1 of northwest Yt. east
V2 of southeast Yt, southwest Yt of south
east H. southeasc Yt of southwest 4, sec
tion 11, 440 acres: section 15, 640 acres -section
17. 640 acres; section 19, 645.35
aeros; section 29, 640 acres; section 35, 640
acres; all in-township U south, range
west of the Willametie Meridian.
Northwest M, south of northeast Yt..
norm ot southeast Yt, west of south
west section 1, 402.4j acres; east of
southwest 'a. section 13, 7S.i0 acres; ail in
township 11 south, range 10 west of the
Willamette Meridian.
Nona is ot section 5, 327.61 acres; in
townsiiip t2 soutn, range 8 west ,oi the
Willamette Meridian: mirth of north
east Yt. traction uurtnwest t, northwest
Yt of southwest Yt, section 1, 273. ii acred;
in township 12 south, range 9 west of the
Willamette Meridian.
Southwest Yt of northwest Yt, west of
gouttiw?3t-4, iots 3, 4, 5 and b, section 17,
containing 178.87 acres; in township 10
6outti, range 6 west of. the Wlilamette
Section 1, containing 645.60 acres; south
of southwest 14, section 3, containing 80
acres; southwest Yt of southwest Yt, lots
4, 5 and 6, section 17, containing 93. 03
acres; in township 11 south, range 6 west
of the Willamette Meridian.
East east Yi of northwest Yt, south
west Yt of northwest Yt, north Yt of south
west Yt, section 17, containing 520 acres;
southeast Yt, southeast Yt of northeast Yt,
southwest Yt of northeast Yt, southeast V
of southwest Yt. section 21, containing
279.70 acres; west Yt of northwest Yt, lota
1, 2 and 3, section 27, containing 176.42
acres; in township 12 south, range 6 west
of the Willamette Meridian.
Section S, containing 640 acres, south
west Yt. of the northeast Yt, southeast
of northwest Yt, southwest Yt, northwest
Yt of southeast Yt, west of northwest
of section 11, containing 360 acres;
northeast Yt of northwest Yt, south Yt of
northwest Yt, southwest Yt, south Yt of
southeast Yt, lots 3, 4 and 5, section 13,
containing 400.95 acres: northeast V,
northwest Yt, north Yt ot southeast V,
southeast Yt of southeast Yt. section li.
containing 440 acres; nortn A ot nortn
west Yt. southwest Yt of northwest Yt, east
t. at northeast V.. - southeast 14. east 'fi
ol BUULiiwesi yt, ouumwcai. yt wuui.c.
Yt, section 21, 480 acres; section ao, con
taining 640 acres; south northeast Yt,
east ot northwest Yt, ' section 31, 585.60
acres section 8, 5ff40 aces; all In township
10 south, range' 1 west of the Willamette
Section 3, 627.15 acres; w.est of south
west Yt, section 6, 80 acres; east Yt ot
northeast Yt, northwest- $4 of northeast .
Yt. north Yt of northwest Yt. east Yt of
southeast Yt, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, and 7, sec
tion 11. containing 430.39 acres; northeast
Yt, northeast of southwest Yt, west
fraction Yt ot southwest Yt, section- 19.
containing 272.87 acres; lots 1, 2, 3 and 4,
section 25, containing 94.50 acres; section
29, 640 acres; northwest Yt southwest Yt.
southwest Yt of northeast , section 36,
360 acres; all in township 11 south, range
7 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 11, 640 acres, In township 1Z
south, range 7 west of the Willamette
Meridian. . . ..
The following described lands In Polk
County, Oregon: South -ot northeast
Yt, south Yt ot northwest south Yt.
lota 1, 2, 3 and 4, section 1, containing
671.28 acres township 10 south, range 8
west of the Willamette Meridian.
The following described lands in Lincoln
County, Oregon: Section 13, 640 acres;
west Yt ot section 25, 32 acres; section 31,
beginning at a point 48 chains and 63 1-3
links west of the southeast corner of said
seetion 31; thence west on township line
to west boundary of township; thence
north on range line between ranges 8
and 9, west 60 chains; thence east to a
point due north of point of beginning:
thence south to place of beginning, 188.20
acres; all in township 10 south, range
8 west of the Willamette Meridian.,
South Yt, south Yt of northwest Yt, sec
tion I, 400 acres; northwest Yt of south
west Yt, east of southwest Yt, south
east Yt, north Yt, section 9, 600 acres:
southeast Yt ot northwest . west of
northwest south Yt ot northeast Yt,
south Yt ot section 15, 520 acres: section
25, 640 acres; section 29, 640 acres: section
35. 640 acres; all in township 11 south,
range 8 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 1, 640 acres; north Yt of south
east ?4 and north Yt of section 3, 406.9S
acres; north Yt ' northeast Yt, section
11, 80 acres; all In township 12 south,
range 8 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Northeast , east Yt of northwest Yt.
east Yt of southwest Yt, southwest Yt ot
southwest Yt, north Yt of southeast Yt,
southeast Yt ot southeast 4, section 29,
440 acres; in township 10 south, range
west of the Willamette Meridian. .
Section 5, 633.40 acres; northwest frac
tion section t. 162 acres; southeast Yt sec
tion 13,- 160 acres; section 81. 640 acres;
section 23, 640 acres; section 25, 640 acres;
section 21. 640 acres: eart Yt of northwest
Yt, northwest fraction of northwest Yt.
northeast of southwest Yt and east Yt
of section 31. 482.95 acres: section 33, 640 .
acres: in township 11 south, range 9 west
of the Willamette Meridian. ' .
East Yt. southwest Yt, south Yt of north
west Yt. northwest Yt of northwest. Yt. sec
tion 3, 602.82 acres: in township 12 south,,
range 9 west of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 25. 640 acres: section 35, 640
acres; township 10 south, range 10 west
of the Willamette Meridian.
Section 3. 643.58 acres; southeast of
northeast Yt, northwest Yt ot northwest
Yi, north V of southeast Yt. lots L 2.-3,
8. 9, 10, and 11, section 11, 343.12 acres; east
of section 13. 320 acres; east of
northeast Yt. section 23. 80 acres: township
41 suth. range 10 west of the Willamette
Total, 23,959.41 acres. '
Said sale Is made under and oy virtue
of a decree, execution and order of saie,
now in my hands, issued out of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon, for Benton .
County, under the seal of said Court, or
date September 9th, 1903. in the suit of the Coast
Tiand & Livestock company, piaintin:, ana
the Oregon Pacinc uoioniaanon company, .
a corporation: George H. Selover- uid S. :
foreclose two mortgages, by which decree
and order of sale said real property above
described Is ordered to be sold by me to
satisfy the sum of one hundred fend one
thousand, three hundred and sixty-one
and fiftv-nine one-hundredths dollars
($101,861.59), with interest from the 23d day
of March, 1903. the date of said decree, ,
oeing the amount- found to be due plain
tiff from the defendants., the Oregon Pa
cific Colonization Company, a corpora
tion, and S. F. Cook, together with costs
and disbursements of this sale. - : .
, - M. P. BURNETT,
. :. Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon.
Dated, this 12th day of September, 1903,