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    CorvalHs Times.
Official Paper of Benton Countr. &
eOBTAUIS, OREGON, SEP. 26, 1003.
Soy in Throes of Nightmare Alarms
- - the Neighborhood. .
The most heart-rending and
"blood-curdling screams and groans
that ever fell on mortal ear were
emitted Wednesday evening by
some person in a, building near
the Salvation Army hall. Nobody
but women and Chinamen were
near enough to' take- no e of the
disturbance. They were afraid to
investigate personally but one of
the ladies hastened to inform ', the
police department thit a muraer
was undoubtedly being committed
in the; ..neighborhood. A posse
headed by the chief ot police was
soon at the scene ., of the supposed
tragedy, but quietude and a barred
door confronted them. - A demand
ior admission met with no response
A more forcible - one brought
sleepy-looking boy to . the door.
"What in thunder is all this
racket about here?" demanded the
chief.-... -. -,. . -' .
"Has there been a racket here?'
inquired the boy. :.
"Yes sir. nnd you know what's
up!"shouted the officer. .
"Oh," said the lad meekly, as a
smile broke over his drowsy coun
tenance, "maybe I've been having
a spell of nightmare." .
"You bet you have, was -the
information emanating from the
voune man's room-mate, . -
The officers had a good laugh,
and regarded the matter as a closed
incident. "
The voune man who caused so
much alarm is one of 4:wo students
who batch in a small building near
the Army hall.
Mrs Barrows Passes Away Aftera Long
Search for Health
The death of Bertha L.. Barrowa
occurred at the residence of :H,, M
Fleming; a shor distance' w.ett of
Corvallis, at 1:40 Friday morning,
at the age of 24 years. . Interment
was made Friday afternoon at I. O
O. . cemetery. She leaves a hus
band, P. B. Barrows, two email
Corvallts, among thm being two
sisters, Mrs. A; J. Mills and Mrs.
Thos Kingston. The family have
been here but a short time, having
arrived here a few days ago after
traveling v eince February last in
Lope of benefitting; Mrs. Barrows'
health. The husband is a Modern
Woodman, and Corvallis ? members
of that organization acted es pall
bearers at the funeral. . Rev. T. S
Handsaker conducted the ceremony,
deceased having, been a member of
Christian church; .The bereft fam
ily came from Hastings, Nebraska.
Buy a ticket on the
to be raffled. . : ;
automobile, soon
-. Fine line ot novelty and stylish
dress goods. Nolan & Callahan;
Owes Hia Life to a Neighbor's
' KindneF s. J
Mr. D. P. Daughtery well known
throughout. Mercer . and Summer
counties W. Va. most likely owes
his life to the kindness of a neigh
bor. He was almost hopelesly af..
flicted witbdiarrhoea; was attended
by. two physicians who gave' him
little, if any relief, : when a neigh
bor learning of his serious condi
tion brought him a bottle of Cham
berlain's colic, cholera, and diar
rheoa remedy, which cured him in
less than 24 hours, . For sale by
Graham & Wortham.
Many People Have it Medicine With
Siwash Names.;
It is our habit to speaks lightly
of, if we do not actually jeer the
man who is faked. - We do this
seemingly unconscious of the var
ious times we have been humbugged
ourselves. We may not have been
deceived in the same . manner nor
by the same thing as was the otb
er fellow. The man who would
buy a gold brick might know bet
ter than to allow a fellow like Stone
to :" locate him on a timber land
claim- where there wasn't enough
timber to supply himr with tooth
picks.'. Not all men are suckers
but they are fish of some kind, and
whether they may or may not be.
taken in depends- entirely on the
kind -of bait that is used. Still, with
these facts in mind, it seems strange
that a myriad of. fish so readily
take the hook baited with a morsel
of soap: It would seem that soap
must be positively necessary to di
gestion, or that it performs some
function far more important than
the one for which it is commonly
used. Anv kind of soap answers
the purpose so long, apparently, as
it passes through the hands ot
street hawker. His manipulation
and assurance in weird words seems
to impart a charm and potency not
in any measure possessed by the
best brands of soap in the local
' There had not been for a long
time in this locality a fisherman
who baited with soap, and a large
number of Corvallis people had
not been able to supply the require
ments of their physical well-being.
A few who were financially able . to
do so, went to the Fair and became
amply satisfied forthetime and laid
in a winter s supply; out tne great
majority of -those who have acquir ,
ed the soap habit, if it may be so
termed, were compelledv to remain
at home andrsuffer the pangs of a
long felt want. '. ' : :
Providentially, however, a vend
er arrived in town last Tuesday
and there was great joy among that
portion of the populace which had
suffered so 'keenly. Many had -- be
come emaciated from the long fast
and it was delightful to observe with'
what appreciation they hailed the
advent of the fakir, v; He mounted
his platform at four o'clock in the
afternoon, of Tuesday and viewed
the hungry assemblage with? com-1
plaisance, his practiced eye giving
him unmistakable assurance of a
rich harvest.
It is not necessary to state that
he found business good. .There
was such a demand for the article
that the supply was soon exhausted
but he assured ; the , clamoring
throng that he would have . an
ample quantity at the evening
lecture ; While in . this respect
his statement proved true,- it might
not have been so except - for his
assurance that he would be here
two: or '' three days longer,"
a statement in which he was not
borne out by subsequent events.
The fakir paid his respects , also
to those people who imagine rthat
there is great efficacy in medicine
with an Indian name, and ; they 1 in
turn paid him - their'' : hard cash.
They were to use the remedy three
days, and if it did not perform a
list of wonders as long as a poor
sermon, purchasers were to return
the medicine and get - the purchase
pricewith a handsome present in ad
dition; Other baits of similar ' char
acter were 4 successfully used, but
the fakir's sojourn here was brief.
He did - hot remain to ascertain
whether or not the siwash medicine
had done its work to''- the satisfac
tion' of the' purchasers. He ' was
himself satisfied,1 and ' then - there
we're fish in other towns awaiting
him. ' -. :-; -' - '
Got First Class -Water now But
Cannot be Seen The College.
The college has the beginning
of a' new water ' works now." A
copious supply of water, the. firt
essential in such things .has been
secured ----- Four--1 wo - inch- pipes,
sunk within a square of thirty feet,
each tapping a generous water
flow are the source of supply. . One
of the wells is 116 feet deep, anoth
er 89, a third 125 and th(t .fourth
121. Each in turn has resisted
every -attempt with an engine and
a big pump to exhaust its flow, ln
the two last ones , sunk, the more
the pump was applied, the,, more
copious became the flow. , The
aggregate of the four streams when
the pump is in action is a solid
stream four inches in diameter, af
fording 2.000 gallons of water '.per
hour. '-'''
The new wells are within a fe w
feet of the heating - plant ..building
The pumping will be done by the
big engines in the latter. -The
pumps will act on all four wells at
once, and will be located in a sub
terranean passage under the floor
of the heating plant. By the arran
gement; the pipes connecting the
wells with the pump will be several
feet under the surface of the ground
and people passing over them will
neither see nor know aught of the
fact that the water works of the
college is beneath.
Great Exposition and Carnival.
The Merchants and Mantiactur
srs Exposition and Carnival will
be held at Portland, September
14th to 26th inclusive.
For this occasion the Southern
Pacific Co, will sell tickets to Port
land and return including coupon
of admission at a rate of $4 10 from
Corvallis. Sales dates September
15th, 18th, 22nd and 25th, ' Tick
ets sold at stations south of Fair
grounds will allow r stopovers at
that point, enabling holders to vis
it the Oregon State Fair,
The Exposition will be held on
Multnomah Club Grounds and ad
jacent streets, and in addition to
exhibits by merchants and manu
facturers, Jabour's circus : with its
many attractions has been secured.
A special - feature will be the
grand spectacular ballet, ; "When
Knighthood was in Flower" ; by
sixty trained dancers in gorgeous
costumes prepared for the occasion.
We have suits ready tpade, for the fat
man, the slim man, and all the way be
tween. Large stock and lowest prices
at S. L. Kline's.
Buy your white and red clover seed -ZSerolfs.
- ' . - . - :
Vetch seed for sale at Zierolf's.
Let us outfit your boy with - a new suit
of clothing, shoes, hats, shirts at money
saving prices. S, L. Kline.
When you want fresh clover and grass
seed go to ZierolPs. A new supply - of
fresh seed just received.
The Corvallis Business; School - will
open the 28th in the Burnett building.:
Short, thorough courses. - :
"... ' ; .' V;' 'h v- A v "i -A' -A-A "A, v A AA' AA
. Cotswold Bucks.'
, A few yearling bucks for sale at $5
each. Spencer Bicknell.
1 . Notice to Prune Growers.
" Have just received "Red Seal Lye"
in 5 pound cans; 60 pounds to case.
Most convenient and cheapest way to
buy for spraying and dipping. On sale
at Hodes' Grocery.
-" . A . . -v - ; : - ; . A' 1
Thirteen Carpenters at Work Besides
Forces of Masons, Lathers and
Contractor J. A. Flemming' is
pushing work on the new school
house to such an extent that his
energy is a subject lor general ,. re
mark- At present there are thir
teen carpenters at work and they
are making things hum about the
building. All the studding is up
and the building is almost enclosed
by shiplap which is being placed
diagonally on the outside of the
studding, and which in turn is to
be covered by rustic. This feature
is rather unusual. . Commonly the
rustic is placed directly on the stud
ding, but this building is to have
double siding' rendering the struct
ure warmer and stronger. It will
, - , 1 . . n . .1 i.t. I
aiso navje;aouDie xioors,
first or under one. of th
place on both stories The build
ing has a number of other superior
features which will become appar
ent as it nears completion. .
" J; H. Felton has the subcontract:
for lathing and, plastering the
structure and of building the smoke
stack. ' Workmen began . Tuesday
morning to put on the lathing and
the plasterers will j follow , closely.
The smokestack is. to be of ample
dimensions to accommodate a large
heating plant. It is thought v pro
bable that in the near future a
heating plant will be installed in
the basement of this structure suffi
cient to heat both "the new and the
old school buildings. . ; .
it nosh did Two Weddmes Bought
:' ! ; Furniture Other News..." ' -
Albany Democrat: George U.
Piper and Miss Lillian Shaw' ' of
Tacom were united in marriage
yesterday afternoon - at the home of
the bride's mother 'in - Tacoma.
They have gone to San Francisco
oq their bridal trip. . . -
A party comprised of Dr. Cathey
Vergil Watters and Johny Wells
went to Cascadia for an
outing... Mr. Whitehorn, who arri
ved from that locality Friday states
that on the day following their arri
val, Mr;. Wells killed a bear and
Messrs Watters and Cathey togeth
er killed a deer.
Mr. James Peters and : Miss Min
nie Rickard were united in mar
riage at the home of the bride's
sister, Mrs. Jesse Taylor, Corvallis,
dn last "Tuesday morning Im
mediately after the ceremony they
left for Alsea. where thev will re
side. Both Mr. and Mrs. ' ; Peters
are Benton county 3'oung people
and are favorably known. Many
good wishes attend them.
Both firms of 'contractors are
pushing the construction of lateral
sewers about town. Jacobson and
Bade have completed the Wilson-White-Farmer
lateral of two blocks
and the James Hayes sewer of one
block, and will finish up the Hayes
Pratt sewer of two blocks. -J. R.
Smith & Company have a force of
men at work on the Ingle sewer,
which will be completed within a
few days. Both firms are endeavor
ing to finish up the work before the
rains come.
Fine Suits and Overcoats.
Our Crouse & Brandegee : Nobby .Suits and Overcoats' is
is the clothincr that fits well, and holds its Khan Tr. is Vmnr'-
made by high class tailors. Collars hand-made, shoulders
well padded, front is stiffened so it will hold shape - Coats
have Bartel patent never-sag poekets.
Exceptional values from $15.00 to $25.00. ' , 1
DUCbCSS CrOUSCrS Never" Rip. Stylish Cut. Easy
Fitting. Sold under this Wakkanty: "You may bay a pair
of Duchess Wool Trousers at $2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00 or
5.00, and wear them two months. For every suspender but
ton that comes off, we will pay you fen cents. If they rip
at the waistband, we will pay you: fifty cents. If they rip
in the seat or elsewhere we will pay you one dollar or give
you a new pair." Best in the world. Try a pair.
News from Oregon City is to the
effect that, while ' they will not
swear to it, officials of the land
office there believe Preacher Ken
nedy was in their office the morn
ing after the burglary he is ' alleged
to have committed at Hillsboro.
Many people at Hillsboro and
Forest Grove, acquainted with the
facts' are said to- believe in the
minister's innocence. If .after all,
the man is innocent,: what is to be
the reward of those who have muti
lated his reputation. ,
k Furniture for the a new Agricul
tural hall at the college is now arri
ving, in large lots. In the ship
ment are 57D - tahlp rhairs 'with
v-a 1
m. Wm, writing .shelf attached 49 office
and five roller top desks. The fur
niture was sold to the building
committee ot the board by J. D
Mann & Company, the latter , bid
ding for the contract "against five
Portland firms. The cost of the
new furniture is said ' to be about
Try? ? ? ?)?
lay at s s
chool of Win
Robert J. -Henricks, editor ' and
proprietor of the Salem Statesman
and the Homestead, ' accompanied
by Mr. Cams of his office force
was in town Thursday.' Mr. Hen
ricks is preparing a harvest edition
of the Statesman for distribution in
the; East. It is to comprise 32
pages, and is to appear next Thurs
day. Twenty five thousand -copies
will be printed, and the entire edi
tion will be put into the hands? Of
Easterners through the agency of
the Harriman Immigration bureau
of which Mr McKinney is the head.
An article of several columns, de
scriptive of .Corvallis is to be
among the features. ; All the Wes
tern Oregon towns are represented
in the edition,
This department will offer first-class advantages to all who desire to become
accomplished in pianoforte and viollnl' In connection with artistic instruction on -
Lucac luauumcma, iiarmony, musical ineory, coumerpomt musical niscory, signt
reading and ensemble work will be taught. ; A ,
EverytMog' Artistic and High. Class.
All college students taught at the studios at O. A. C. Down-town pupils may
take at the college or at city studios, as they .may desire. All pupils of college
and city . are enrolled at the cellege, and all enjoy equal privileges. All the advan
tages of an Eastern conservatory at one-third the cost. '
Pianist. . . Violinist.
Notice t ) Creditors." a'a-
In the Hatter of the Estate . ) .
of , '
William J, Armstrong, deceased,) , . : A
Notice is hereby given to all porsotis con
cerned that the undersigned bap been duiv ap
pointed executrix of the lust will and testament
of HHid William D. Armstrong, deceased, by the
county court of Benton county, state of Ore
K'n, All persona htivingcia'ms against said es
tate of said William 1). Armstrong, deceased,
are horeby required to present the same- with
the proper vouchers duly verified as by law re.
quired within six months from the date hereof
to the undersigned at her residence about four
miles southerly from Philomath, Benton coun
ty, Oregon, or at the law office of E E Wilson, in
Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated this August 29. 1903.
Executrix of the last will and testament
of William D. Armstrong, deceased.
Notice to Creditor;.
In the Matter of the Estate) . - A . .
, of I
John Mitchell, deceased. ) , v '
Notice is hereby Riven to all persons con
cerned that the undersigned has been duly ap
pointed execnirlx of the last will and testa
ment of said John Mitchell, deceased, by the
county court of Benton county, state of Oregon,
All persons having claims against said estate
of John Mitchell, deceased, are hereby re
quired to present the same with the proper
vouchers duly verified as by law required,
within six months from the date nereot to the
undersigned at her residence at Inavale post
ofhee, Benton county, Oregon, or at - -the law
office of E Wilson, in Corvallis, Oregon,
Dated this Aug 22, 1903, -
- - Mary Mitchell,
Executrix of the last ,will and testament ot
John Mitchell deceased, - -.
- A quiet weddin g occurred at the
home of N. M. Newhouse in this
city last Sunday. It was the mar
riage of Ray McComb and Miss
Clara,- daughter of John Newhouse,
ReV. Carnck performing the cere
mony, The bridal pair took the
train immediately for: their future
home near Wenatche;; Washington;
The bride has for a year past been
sojourning with her grandmother
at Wenatche,' where she formed the
acquaintance of the gentleman who
became her husband. 1 Mrs Mc
Comb had formerly made he home
with Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Vewhouse
Prune ' driers throughout the
county are running 'in full v blast
and the weather, although at times
threatening. ' has generally -v been
favorable to curing the ; fruit. At
the big orchard fifty .or more people
are engaged in picking, while twen
ty three men are engagea in run
ning the drier and hauling fruit to
it. Since Sunday noon everything
about the big plant '' has worked
well, butf prior to that A time there
was more or less delay. It req uires
some time to get machinery in good
running order in a : plant of .such
magnitude when it has lain idle
almost a year. Improvements
made in the drier the : present sea
son are meeting the expectations of
Manager Johnson,: who looks for
ward to a profitable harvest of
prunes. ; : '. .'
Henry'E. Dosch recently in Japan
as commissione. for the Xewis &
Clark exposition, and on other pub
lic account delivered a brief address
during the chapel exercises at the
college Wednesday morning., a His
theme was an account of his ' obser
vations of life, - customs , and the
people in Japan. His account of
the Japanese character and. habits
was favorable enough to arouse -a
surmise that the commissioner is a
convert to the, Hindoo religion. He
at least made his auditors under
stand, that it was his x opinion ; that
all the virture on earth is notjlocked
up in American bosoms. . With the
missionaries and their -work in
Japan, Mr. Doshhas small patience.
Utz & Dunns, ladies, misses and
children's fine, shoes. Nolan &
Callahan. ,
Old and Young.
Garolina RiGe riakes. ;
-," '...' : - : ' a ,.j -. , - a- . a.-,-.-. .- v ,:'--:
'- Don't Forget that We Sell
Applegate Creamery Butter;
'"- Va" .;iicM.iJ,' : C; -a-a'a -'.. ..'
Notice of Final Settlement.
in the County Court of the State ot Oregon for
.Kenton uounty.
in the matter of the estate of L.M. Mattoon,
deceased r -
Notice is hereby sriven that I have tiled my fin
al account as administratrix ot said estate with
the clerk of the above entitled court and that
said court has fixed and appointed Saturday the
10th day of October; 1H03. at the hour 01 lu o-
clock in the forenoon of said day at the County
Court Koom In the County Court House iu Cor
vallis, Benton County, Oregon, as the time and
place for hearing ot- lections if auy to said ac
count and the settlement thereof and all per
sona interested and obiectine. thereto aie noti
fied to appear and tile their objections at bald
time and place. ,
iated, Beptemnerix, iwra,
Administratrix ot the Estate of u, M' Mattoon,
deceased, .
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the Matter of the' Estate . 1
of 5
Charles Band, deceased )
Notice hereby elven that tlie unilersigned
as administrate r of said estate oi -Charles Band,
deceased, has tiled his final account as such ad
ministrator, with the clerk of the county court
of the state of Oregon, for Benton county, and
the said court has fixed -Saturday October
lo, 190S. at the hour of two o'clock in the af
ternoon of said day as the time, ana the county
court room in the court house In Corvallis. Ore
gon, as the place for hearing any and all objec
tions to the said account, and for settlement
thereof. -, - .-
Dated this September 12, 1903.
Administrator of the estate of Charles Band,
deceased, - - .
Administrator's Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby elven that the undersigned
has been apponinted by the county court ... i
Benton county, administrator of the estate , f
Martha J, Butler, deceased,' and all persons
having claims against said estate are hereby re
quired to present the same duly . verified as by
law required to me at the county - clerk's office
at Corvallis, Oregou.withln six msnths from
this date - - ,
Dated at Corvallis' Orezon. this 12th day of
September 1903- - i A k " .,
' J, F, IRWIN, -Administrator
of the estate ot M artha J, Butler
deceased- - ...
As well as Choicest Delicacies
l T -I 11! - " -1 "
ior mncn ana dinner, can al
ways be found at our store.
We handle only first-class
goods and can guarantee qual-'
ity. Everything offered for
sale here :is strictly fresh and '
just as represented. We car- .
i tt n tit-
ry a large stocK or selected
. , - -,
and are sole agents for "
base Sanborn
Rigb Grade Cofkes
Cedar shakes, band made shingles and
five carloads of sawed cedar,- shingles. '
A full stock of shingles at all prices. -
If you wish the best , ehiiigle - made get
our Claskine. . .
. CorvalUs Saw Mill,