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VoT.XVE.--No. 28.
Editor and Proprietor.
Extra Floor Space
Added tq our Store the past Spring
Large purchases of .
Men's Boys9 Clothing
Sweaters, Rubber Clothing, and
Men's Heavy High-Cut Shoes.
Other departments contain Underwear
Hats, medium and fine Shoes , Slip
pers, H osiery, Umbrellas, Watches,
and in fact every article to be found in
an up-to-date Gents' Furnishing Store.
Call and see.
to as high a standard as our
us. but see that you
the house that keeps the hig
est standard of Grocer
ies that is the
place to
(o Fresb Fruits,
fresh everything to be had
run our delivery wagon
.', to keep whan you
please. Call
B fiorning
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me. I shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
. Philomath; Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. ... Orders may be
left at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Physician & Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
desire would promote
make no mistake in
Fresb, es
in the market. We
and our aim is
want and to
and see
E. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Qreg
Physician and Surgeon,
Office, Room 14, First National Bank
Bnilding, Corvallis, Or. Office Hours,
10 to 12 a, m., 2 to 4 p. m.
' a . - .
Cabs Are Blown Over and Hun
Dreds of Windows Broken
Two Masked Men Rob an ,
Arlington Saloon and
.Depart With $500.
New York, Sept. 16. Greater
New York and its environments for
several miles in all directions was
visited today by the fiercest wind
and rain storm known hereabouts
in years. The day began with rain
which increased with the wind,
and for about two hoars about mid
day the combined fury of the ele
ments wrought damageon land and
water amounting to many thous
ands of dollars, The gale culmin
ated at noon in a wind velocity of
54 miles an hour. .
Apparently solid sheets of water
drove across the city, drenching ev
ery unfortunate caught without
shelter, and the guage at the weath
er bureau registered 1 '60 inches
precipitation in two hours. I Then
the storm subsided. By the ' mid
dle of the afternoon the . wind - had
dropped to a mere breeze and the
sun broke through the clouds.
: The gale was especially severe at
sea, causing havoo to the ebippipg
down the bay, where many, vessels
were sunk or wre ked. The worst
of the damage was reported from
Staten Island. The entire fleet of
the Staten Island Yacht Club at
anchor was either sunk or wrecked.
The pilot boat Hermit , was driven
ashore and there was a collision be
tween a schooner and a barken tine.
- A tugboat was wrecked in Hell
Gate. . The hurricane burst wth cy
clonic force on the .'center of the
city, loosening the 250-foot spire of
St. Bartholomew s Protestant Epis
copal church in" Madison aveniie."
; The teeple of the South Congre
gational church in Brooklyn also
was loosened. Trees were .torn op
aod the streets of the city were lit
tered wiib Bigns and umbrellas of
unfortunate pedestrians who hap
pened' to be out in the fury of the
si orm.' Telegraph and telephone
wires above ground were broken in
all parts of the Metropolitan district.-...
:' v'V:?;'": . ".
The tugboat James Kay was blown
on Hog? Rock in Hell Gate . and
com pi etely w recked . The captain
and crew saved themselves by swim
ming towards the island. The streets
of Manhattan borough were strewn
with broken signs and other debris.
Scores of plate glass windows along
Broadway were broken, the vicini
ty of the Flatiron building at Twenty-third
street suffering severely in
this respect. ": -" ' ,'.
sIn the Flatiron itself 40 windows
were smashed. Occupants of the
building said they felt the huge
structure sway in the gale and , ma
ny were so badly scared that they
left the building. i '-'
An express wagon was blown ov
er while turning the Flatiron cor
ner and the driver and James Bil
lings, who were crossing the aven
ue, were both seriously hurt. Sev
eral cabs on Fifth avenue were also
blown over. A score of others were
more or lesa injured in this neigh
borhood. ' Arlington, Or., Sept. 17. "Hold
up your hands.'f was the startling
summons to the men in the Arling
ton saloon, run by A. J. Coe, about
12:30 this morning. -.. Intent on va
rious games the seven men had not
noticed the entrance of two masked
robbers. But 14 hands went up
simultaneously and were held stiff
and straight in the air:
The intruders were very method
ical in their actions. First the "21"
game roll was taken. That amount
ed to $160. The "bookmaker's'.'
wheel yielded about $130. The
barkeeper moved over while one of
the bandits took about $25 from the
cash register.
"Open the safe,'.' said the short
man. The bartender hesitated, but
a glance into the muzzle of the gun
held by the tall man was sufficient
and the safe was looted of its con
tents; even checks were taken.
One of the checks was for $45 and
payment will be stopped in the
morning. In all $500 was obtained.
' "Good evening, gentlemen," said
the short man, who seemed to be
the spokesman. Then the pair
backed out through the - rear en
trance, and disappeared. .
London, Sept. I5. The Times is
in receipt of a dispatch from its
correspondent in Sofia that Bulga
ria will not wait longer than sun
rise tomorrow for some satisfactory
information that the powers of Eu
rope, will intercede and save thous
and! ot helpless ones in Macedonia
froqs the butchery of the Turk.
So intense has become the situa
tion that private citizens in the
Bulgarian capital, when compelled.
to go upon the streets, appear ac.
couteied as soldiers.
Spcret meetings are held almost
houHy and there seems little doubt
that the crisis of war is at hand.
, A war with Turkey means a war
knowing no end of cruelty, for they
givf : nor quarters. . Prisoners will
be t'orjtured and even . the , maimed
in Rattle will have their wounds
tort afresh that they may suffer
more.' . ;
The red cross has no significance
and; the hospital do patients. ''c . I
fot that the Bulgarians, Macedo
nitis, Slanicans or other reyoli
inovJnqial people will be mpre
meift,TBey 1 will be as the iq
haPtants of the land. All are Sar
ac&&.;:::: ;-v : .' -
pie 'correspondent continues by
sabg that those to be most' pitied
areuba women and children, par
ticularly young girls. These, es
peiaUy the lattery will tot be kill
ed -by other means than such ae
cannot be told . ''M
Sofia, Sept. 15. -Dispatches late
toay state that the Turkish caval
ry; which has taken stations 'along
the frontier, Is ruthlessly killing all
refdges who attempt to escape from
the disturbed district into Bulga
ria. Sharpshooters amuse them
selves taking shots at men, women
and children.? Albanians have dev
astated Mahlf, Dokozuk and Kaia
lisa, killing scores of inhabitants.
People here are clamoring for war.
Emissaries, have today gone to Pe
ter of Servia, urging him to join
Bulgaria. , - - - , ;
Washington,- Sept. la. Despite
the report of Admiral Cotton, dated
Sunday, that peaceful relations ex
isted at Beirut and that the popu
lace was in a state of contentment,
there has gone out from the state
department an order that marines
will be landed in the city. When
this will occur is not definitely
known, but it is believed that more
serious complications have arisen
during the lat 36 hours than the
government officials are at liberty
to make public,
A v Chicago, Sept. 15. Protestant
ministers of Chicago, meeting at the
Young Men's Christian Associa
tion building, have agreed to aid
the Macedonian relief fund and ap
proved the work of the Macedonian
committee. Natives of Macedonia
are enlisting in the regiment be
ing organized by the Boris Stains
las Tsvetjeff. Gi M. Teilka, hus
band of tbe missionary held in cap
tivity with Ellen Stone, has offered
his services. The Macedonian com
mittee has issued an appeal for fi
nancial aid.
,' Great Exposition and Carnival. ...
The Merchants and Manufactur
ers Exposition ; and Carnival will
be held at Portland, September
14th to 26th inclusive. ' . ? ; ;
For this occasion the Southern
Pacific Co, wM sell tickets to Port
land and return including coupon
of admission at a rate of $4 10 from
Corvallis. Sales dates September
15th, 18th, 22nd and ; 25tb, - Tick
ets sold at stations south of Fair
grounds will allow stopovers at
that point, enabling holders to vis
it the Oregon State Fair,
The Exposition will be held' on
Multnomah Club Grounds and ad
jacent streets, and in addition to
exhibits by merchants and manu
facturers, Jabour's circus with ils
many attractions has been secured.
A special feature will be the
grand- spectacular ballet, "When
Knighthood was in Flower" by
sixty trained dancers in gorgeous
costumes prepared for the occasion.
Dr. A. T, Roberts has Return-
ed to Salem, .
Dr. A. T. Roberts, the eye-spe-cialist,
who was here two years ago
and through the perfection- of his
work gained a reputation second to
none jn Oregon, has returned to
Salem, and has a fine suite of of
fices over Dalrymples store, ; where
he will be pleased to meet all ' his
old friends and patients, and others
who need his services. Consulta
tion free. ; -
LANDERS. Bear Breaks Out of Quarters, but
Ties Himself Up Again in Cir
cling a Big Tree Is Set
1 f at Liberty Then
5 Shot Other '
VV . .- News. ''';'
Portland, Sept., 15. The Journ-j
ai Says: A party composed of J.
Crahdall, Wilson A. Pearson 1. and
Timothv Paarson of . Portfandat
Collin Hot Springs last week had
an exciting experience. 1 - J-A f':
' "Last Thursday while one of the
cripples at the springs Was walking
around doing nothing," said Timo
thy Pearson, "he saw a monster
cinnamon bear across the creek.
f he man was a little way from the
camp at the time he saw the , ani
mal and became so excited that he
forgot about having a crutch ..and
actually ran into camp. "'' y:
"Arriving there he told the par
ty what he had seen- and J. Gran
dull, Wilson A. Pearson and myself
took a row boat and began to- eross
tbe stream. We took along several
rifles. : ' ' , - , t-:
"We had rowed about twp-ibirda
of the distance across the . stream
when the bear espied us and Instead
of making away. in the timber, set
out to meet the boat. We were'row
ina at a very fair rate of Speed -and
just as the bear was to get into the
boat the skirl shot suddenly- for
ward. . . -
"A. Pearson who was in one end
got hold of the boat's large chain
and managed in some way to get it
around the animal's body. Anoth
er man looped the painter around
the bear's neck. JEhough he was
struggling with all his : might; we
finally managed to tow the bear in
to camp. We boxed him up and
took him to the springs.- Dur
ing the night he chewed the box in
to several pieces, but in trying to
get away got his chain wound a
round the base of a large tree where
we found Mr. Bear securely tied
next morning.
"After this incident we concluded
that he was entitled to his libertv
and consequently let him go and
amid tbe yells of the crowd be start
ed on a run from Camp. Finding
that he was not gaming very fast
on his pursuers he climbed a large
tree and scrambled up on a high
branch. The women of the party
thought that as we had been feed
ing him for some time we would
never get rid of the animal until be
was sbov so Jailer Jackson, who
happened to be -at . tbe springs,
tumbled Mr. Bear off his perch
with a bullet,
"It was the largest cinnamon
bear I ever saw snd I think it is
the largest ever caught alive . by
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. 15.
Further news of the Btorm contin
ues to arrive, though a - large . part
of the storm-swept area hfas not ytt
been heard from. Wires are still
down and it is impossible to get
trains through on account of wash
outs. Three negroes were killed by '
falling timbers at tbe c&t&p of the
Cummer Lumbar Company near
Gainesville. Another .was proba
bly fatally hurt. Several houses
were wrecked.
r At Mulberry, the phosphate mines
.are said to be greatly damaged.
They have been compelled to shut -down
on account of the high water.. "
From all parts of the state great
damage to the turpentine industry
is reported.
Wire connection was , made to- .
night with Arcadia, in De Soto
county, aboct 4 miles south of Tarn- -pa.
A special' from there says the
damage to the orange -groves' ia
very great. Orange men. estimate ',.
the loss to tbe crop, from 25 to 4.0 ;
per cent. Many houses were blown
over but only one man was killed,
Cheyenne, Wyo., Sept. 15. A ;
heavy snow storm has, been in pro
gress here since Sunday, and shows ,'
no indication of abating.; A great
deal of snow has fallen, hut it melts -almost
as soon as , it ' s rue- , the
From Laramie come rt-ports of a
fall of 18 inches of snow during the
past 24 hours. Telephone and elec
tric wires were . broken by the
weight of the snow, and last night
the city was in darkness. ' Report a
from the conn t ry sta te that the .
grain crop in Albany has ' beeo: l
ruined. , . '
. Denver, Colo., Sept. 15. Reports
from the northern part of the state :
are to the effect that a storm has
prevailed there during tbe past 24
hours. In a uumber of places snow
fell and the btorm approached the
proportoos , of a blizzard. In the
mountains it has been snowing for
several days. . In the neighborhood
of BueDa Vista a high wind pre
vailed, causing the snow to drift.
In many places it is reported to b
ten feet deep.
La Crosse, Wis., Sept. 15. Heavy
windtt north of here are responsible
for arise of three feet in the "Mis
sissippi River at this point dar
ing the past 48 hours. The river is
eight and a half feet above low wa
ter mark, and is rising an inch an
boar. Farmers on the lowlands
are preparing for tbe third flood of
the year.
Moultrie, Ga., Sept. 15. A tor
nado which struck this section to
day, destroyed the county school
house, those in the building escap
ing. Three negroes were seriuelyo
Notice to Taxpayers.
Notice is hereby given that the county
board of equalization : will ' attend the
office of the county clerk of Benton
county, state of Oregon in the said court
house of said county, on Monday, the
28th of September, I903, and continue
in session one week, at which time they
will publicly examine the assessment
roll of said Benton county, state of Ore
gon, for year 19OS, and correct all errors 1
in valuations, descriptions or correct
qualities of land, lota or other property.
All persons interested are required to
appear at the place and time appointed,
H. L. Bush,
' Assessor of Benton county, state of"
' Oregon.
Horse Strayed.
A large bay , scar on left hind leg at
joint.' Address ,
A. C. Guthrie,
y ' Eugene, Or.
Absolutely Pure