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"Jack" Gienister Swam the. Whirl
pooi Rapids the Hitherto uo
. accomplished Fe&i- Once
i . Prevented bj PoJice ' v
Other News.
Niagara Falls, N. Y., Aug. 20.
"Jack" GL-nister swam tbe Whirl
pool rapids this mornin;, according
y to his own statement and that of
. his friends, nh) bay inev witnessed
the hitherto u n a ceo m pin-bed feat.
. Without the aid of 8 life-preserver
r cork vest, it is asserted that
Gleoister, who was prevented from
mating the attempted swim on Sun
day by the police, eluded the offi
cials shortly after dawn this morn-
, lag, and with slro&g, powerful
strokes breasted the current do'wo J
which tbe uuiortunate .Webb went
to death.
If Glenister has accomplished
tbie feat he is entitled to homrs
which it has been believed could
not p s ibly fall to man. Toe vis
itor to the falls knows with what
velocity the waters of the Niagara
river wh'rl ab ut at the apex of the
lauaotn whirlpool. The ordinary
man tails to comprehend how a hu
man being could fail to enter the
filming, eeething, swirling' current
, and live. Like a mael&trom it
clutches uud drags . down anything
. tat is cast upon its surface.
- . ...
jriern-aer tays ne made nis way
this morning and emerge! mors
dead than alive, to be picked up by
friends and carried to the . Aoglor's
Ketreat, at Lew is ton where da was
revived. At r.o n h appeared at
the falls, apparently in a dazed con
diti oa, while his friend?, who assert
that ihey witnessed the perform-
; aaee, loadly sung his praiee and
emblazoned his fame to the weld.
Glenister announced on Suoday,
.when the police prevented his at
tempt to swim the rapids, that he
would accoooplish the feat within
sixty day, lie reached Lewiston laBt
icfar, with his mind fully made up
o attempt the feat, whether the is
su wa death or life with fame and
fortune. Only the few fr'unds who
actoaopumed him were admitted to
the secret.
It was 3 o'cKck this mo.n'ng
whea, Glenister aiid his friends
walked -up the gorg road from Lew-
leton to the old M aid of the M ist
landing, where fintl preparatiocs
were made for the attempt. Gln
iater ora swimming ; tigh's. He
wae in superb condition, and his
friends say there was Dot the slight
est nervousness about 'him as lie
.As arlrjpfs gave way to
oairu uirni"tr pressed the band of
each of hix fiiends cbeerfolly and,
witli a, parting good-bye, plunged
head first in. o tbe onrusbiug wa
ters.: Noitven tbe mm who cliims
that b made the trip can tell ac
curately what happened after that.
His friwndti saw him disappear iuto
the foam covered rapids. Tbey
watched for him to reappear; but
the water roared on and they gave
Mm up as lo t.
Fate interposed and saved the
dWing man's life. He passed
through the famous whirlpool, ac
cording to his story, but instead of
being carried arcuod and around
and finally, instead of making that
awful descent, into the maelstrom
from which nothing that is human
can arise, he was washed through
the outlet and then, with strong,
vigorous strokes, he swam on down
tthe river to the Devil's Hole.
His friend's dashed to tbe water's
brink and dragged the form from
the current. G'enister was uncon
scious, but it was found that life
was not altogether extinct and with
all speed he was carried ', back to
. Lewiston, where .the work of reviv
ing him was begun. '
" There are many persons here to
night who doubt that Glenister re
ally made the trip through the aw
ful waters, but the man who claims
the distinction remains firm in his
assertion's. ' ' ;
I made the trip" he said, tonight,
'and it does not seem fair for peo
ple who were not present and have
no information on the subject to at
tempt to rob me of tbe credit. I
had to work hard enough for it.
Here are men who saw me make it.
Their word ought to count lor a lit
tle more than those who were no
where around when I made the
Kalamazoo, Mich., Aug. 21. F.
B. McArthur, a stockholder ; from
Saco, Mont., was stabbed in the
etamach with a hatpin by an un
knewn woman on the streets here
today. He was passing along on
the sidewalk in a large crowd, when
a small boy brushed a little feather
duster in the woman's face.' The
woman, thinking it was Mc Arthur1,
grabbed her hatpin and jibbed it
ii-to his stomach. McArtnur can
not live. : The identity of the wo
rn n is unknown.. '
G. A. R men show- their love for
retired commander-in-chief of the
army, and with rous ng - cheers
unanimously : adept a resolution
laudatory of General Milss. ; The
resolution is as follows: .
Resolved, That we congratulate
that splendid soldier, exemplary
commander, and patriotic citizen,
General Nelson A. Miles, upon his
attainment of a' distinguished and
hooortib'e retirement, alter a
matchless record' as a soldier of ov
er forty-two years' service, without
jurt criticism of bis official conduct
which began as a lieutenant in the
Twenty-second Massachusetts In
fantry, progres-iog by the brightest
grade of heroic patriotism from Ma
nassas to-Appomatox, during the
greatest of all civil wars, from 1861
to 1865, and illuminating this re
cord by his great military achieve- j
ment as a eucces-ful Indian fighter,
and again as a gallant and judicious
military disciplinarian and organ
izer. .
Albany, Or , Aug. 21. Dr. R.H.
Curl was almost suffocated in a fife
in his residence this morning. A
bout 8 o'clock neighbors discovered
the house on fire, and Dr. Curl,
who was lying on a 1 unge in a deep
deep, was almost suff ocated. His
clothing was burned in several pla
ces, his face and bands were'severe
ly burned and his body scorched.
He says tbe fire started in his
bedroom once during the night, but
be awoke and extinguished it.
It is supposed that tbe first fire
started from a lighted c'gar, wb ch
he bad placed on a chair, and the
second fire started, from the first.
Dr. Curl was unable to give a clear
statement of the facts. The police
have taken him in charge, pending
an investigation of the affair.
New York, Aug. 21 If Lieuten
ant-Commander I earn Takesbira,
of tbe Japenese Navy, carries out
bis plans, Japan will have a yacht
in the next contest for the America's
cup. The commander, who came
over to see the struggle between
Shamrock III and Reliance, de
clares he will interest financial men
in nis country to prepare at once
for tbe building of a racer to enter
tbe next international races.
"We can build just as fine a boat
as either America or England," he
said, "and you may be sure that at
the next international races -you
will tee the flag of Japan flying on
the winner."
To the Seaside and Mountain Re-
ssrts for the Summer.
On and after June ist, 1903, the South,
ern Pacific in connection with the Cor
vallis & Eastern railroad will have on
sale round trip tickets from points on
their lines to Newport, Yaquina and De
troit, at very low rates, good for return
until October lo, K03.
' Three day tickets to Newport and
Yaquina, good going Saturdays and re
turning Mondays, are also on sale front
all Eusiside points Portland tc Eugene
inclusive, and from all Westside points
enabling people to visit their families
and spend Sunday at the seaside. -Season
tickets from ' all Eascside
points Portland to Eugene inclusive, and
from all Westside points are also on sale
to Detroit at very low rates with stop
over privileges at Mill City or at any
point past enabling tourists to visit the
Santiam and Breitenbush as well as the
famous Breitenbush Hot Springs iu the
Cascade mountains which can be reach
ed in one day
Season tickets will be good for ' return
from all points nntil October 10th. Three
day tickets will be good going on Satur
days and returning Moudays ONLY.
Tickets from Portland and vicinity will
be good lor return via the East or West
side at option ' of passenger. Tickets
trom Eugene and vicinity will be good
going via the ' Lebanon ,-' Springfield
branch: if desired. Baggage on New
port tickets checked through . to New
port; on Yaquina tickets to Yaquina
S, P. trains connect with the C. & E..
at Albany and Corvallis, for Yaquina
and Newport. Trains on the C. & E.
for Detroit leave Albany at 7 a; m. en-
abling tourists to the Hot Springs to
reach there the same day. '
: Fall information as .to rates, :' time
tables, etc cn be obtained on applica
tion. to Edwin Stone, manager C & E.,
R R at Albany; W. E. Coman, G. P. A.
S P Go Portland or to any S P or C B
Kate from Corvallis to Newport 13.75
Rate from Corvallis to Yaquina $3,25.
J Rate from Corvallis to Detroit, $3,25.
;.: Three days rate from Corvallis to Ya
quina or Newport, $2.50, t
Cedar shakes, hand made shingles and
five carloads of sawed cedar .. shingles.
A full stock of shingles at all 'prices.
If you wish tbe best shingle made get
our Claskine.
.. Corvallis Saw Mill.
Exhibits Shipped Free. '
In order to encourage exhibitors and
attendance at the state fair, the South
ern Pacific Company will transport all
exhibits, including live stock to and from
Oregon state fair free of charge. Exhibit
ors should ship direct to Fair Grounds,
where they will find ample facilities for
unloading all exhibits. :;..
Convict. Sharky Gets; Away Offi
cent Fire at Sharky but Fail to
Biing Him Drwn Both .
Were Heavily Armed
Other News. .
Reno, Nev., Aug. 23. (Soviet
Joseph Murphy, who escaped from
Folsom prison, was captured at ten
o'clock tonight by Deputy Sheriff
Sharky and Maxwell at ' the Vir
ginia street bridge, crossing the
Truckee River in Reno. Convict
Frank Miller was with Murphy at
the time, but jumped on the side
walk into the willows, Sharky fired
at him, tbe shot probably taking ef
fect. Sharky and D wight Jones fol
lowed Miller. Three more shot9
were fired at him, but he escaped
in the darkness. .;
Murpny had a 40-caliore revo.v
er on him when searched at tbe
the jail. He was very cunning and
tried to get hid band on it. W. O
Craig arrived at the jail shortly af
ter the arrest. He has followed the
convicts from Ruffoers,
Maxwell and Sharky. acted brave
ly, as bo:h convicts were heavilv
armed and caw the deputy sheriffs
just as tbey started to cross the
bridge. Their first impulse was to
turn back, but finally they decided
to take the chances. ;
A large po'ss, beaded by Sheriff
Hayes and Deputies Sharky and
Maxwell are now out on the trail
of Miller. His capture is expected
at any minute, a he is surrounded
in tbe Willows on the bank of the
Truckee River. !
Fort Smith, Ark., Aug. 20. Tbe
kidnaping of a young wbite girl,
and tie killing of one of tbe posse
who tried to rescue her, are the
crimes charged against a party, of
eight negroes tonight, fortified op
Bruce d Island, sixteen miles west
of here. I The negroes are said to be
well armed. ;
A few days ago two farmers liv
ing n ar Wilson's Rock, landed on
Bruce's island in search of plums,
and accidentally ran into a camp
in which there were two negro men
and a white girl about 12 years old.
Tbey made some inquiries about
the girl, and the negroes said she
was the daughter of a white : man
who was traveling with them, and
who had gone to Fort Smith for
provisions. Tbe negroes would not
let the girl take part in tbe conver
satioti, and this aroused suspicion
A watch was kept on tne negroes
for two days, but nb white man ap
Monday afternoon a part; of far
mers decided to investigate the
cae, and as they approached the
island were fired upon by the. ne
groes and one of the party, Roland
by name, was killed. A sharp fight
was kept up for some time, during
whi -b the girl escaped from the negro-
and ran to the white men.
She was so excited that she
couht not give any intelligent ac
count of herself. She said, howev
er, tiat ber father was not travel
ing with tbe negroes, but that she
had been stolen ' form her home
near Fort Gibson, I. T. She has
been taken to Muldrew. ;
Roliod, tbe dead man, was a
comparative ttranger at Wilson's
Rock. '
Bruce's island is in the center of
the Arkansas River and contains
about 25 acres. . Posses of citizens
left today for the scene of the trouble
from Fort Smith, Spiro, Muldrew
and Fort Gibi-on. ;
Portland Ore., Aug, 24 Jesse
E. Todd 27 years old, of 468 East
Ninth street, was instantly killed
in the darknes of early yesterday
morning by being run over by gra
vel cars used for grading for , the
Oregon Water & Railway Com
pany, on the East Side, opposite
Ross Island, J
When the fatality happened,
only Todd and the engineer of the
train - were present, ' and it was
Todd's duty to give a signal to the
engineer to start the train by flash
ing a lighted lantern. Tbe signal
was given from a direction that
was unexpected, and suddenly tbe
engineer saw the lighted; lamp be
tween the cars. On stopping the
train he found that Todd had dis
appeared, and that tbe lamp dang
led fron a coupling piu. A short
distance away,. Todd's body was
found, with the head severed from
tbe body r the latter was badly cut.
It is supposed that Todd missed
his footing and either fell from a
car, or between the ears,
His father is a surveyor io tbe
Philippine Island, and his home in
this country was at Forest, Grove.
Coroner Finley made an investiga
tion iuto tbe case and found that
the facts did not call for an in-
New York, Aug. 21. A , negro
named C dy has successfully jump
ed' from the structure of the new
bridge being erected over East Riv
er, known as the Williamsburg
bridge. Itwasadrcp of 147 ftef.
He Wbs picked . up by a row boat
and recovered consciousness an
hour laier.' Hia body was protected
from injury by DaHding. Codv
jumped trom tbe Brooklyn bridge a
year ago.
' Wanted.
A good heavy work horse.
BentoD Conuty lumber yard,
Apply at
For a lazy liver try Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They invigorate the liver, aid the
digestion and regulate the bowels
and prevent bilious attacks. For
sale by Allen & Woodward.
' When you want a physic that is
mild and gentle, easy to take and
certain to act, always uss Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-'
lets- For sale by Allen & Wood
Good Lots for Sale Cheap.
Expecting to leave Corvallis soon I
have some good, well located lots for
sale cheap- . N. B. Avery.
' For Sale,
. Shropshire sheep. .
Aberdeen Angus cattle.
: Poland China pigs,
f Young stock npw ready for
, Fat cows and heifers of
the - best
breed to trade for Jersey cows, also
spring calves of beef breeds for sale or
trade. '
One second hand 20-foot wind ' mill
T T. ,
Populir Sunday Excursions.
.In order to meet the wants of the
aveling public and srive nracticallv
daily service to the : beach during the
summer season, the Corvallis & Eastern
Railroad will run an excursion train
from Albany and Corvallis and all points
west. to Newport every Sunday, . leaving
Aioany at 7 a. m. ana (jorvams at 7:30
m. returning leave Newport at 5:30 p.
m., J.hree day and season tickets will
be good going and returning on these
trains- This should prove popular with
the traveling public and a liberal pa
tronage win De tne best appreciation.
Stock and poultry have few
troubles which are not bowel and
liver irregularities. Black
Draught Stock and Poultry Medi
cine is a bowel and liver remedy
for stock. It puts the organs of
digestion in a perfect condition.
Prominent American breeders and
farmers keep their herds and flocks
healthy by giving them an occa
sional dose of Black-Draught Stock
and Poultry Medicine in their
food. Any stock raiser may buy a
25-cent half-pound air-tight can
of this medicine from his dealer
and keep his stock in vigorous
health for weeks. Dealers gener
ally keep Black-Draught Stock and
Poultry Medicine. If yours does
not, send 25 cents for a sample
can to the manufacturers. The
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat- .
tanooga, Tenn. ' '..
Boohbu.8, G., Jan. 80, 1902. '
B lack-Draught Stock and Poultry
Medicine is the best I ever tried. Our
stock TO looking bad when you sent
me the medicine and now they are
getting so fine. They are looking
per cent, better.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the Matter'of the Estate
Georqe W. Cou.ins. deceased
Notice la herebVKlventhafwe, lames u. vol
lins and William D. Collins, as executors of tbe
last will and testament of Georee W Collins, de
ceased, have tiled our final account ss such exec
utors with the clerk of the county court ot .Ben
ton counyt, state of Oregon, and the said court
has fixed Tuesday the 8th day of September,
1903. at the hour of two o'clock In the atter
nnnn of said dav as the time, and the county
court room In the couit. house In Corvallis. Ore
gon, ss the place for hearing any and alLobJec
ttons to the said account, and lot settlement
thereof. .
Dated this August s, iwb.
James H. Ocllins.
Executors of tbe last will and testament of
George w. Collins, deceased,. . .
. : Notice ot Final Settlement,
notice is hereby given that the undersigned
administrator of tne estate of Emman Y ander-
Becton County, State of Oregon his final ac
count as such administrator ot said estate, and
that Saturday September the 12th at the hour
of 2 o'clock P. H. hia been fixed by said court
na tne time for hearing objections to said re
dooI deceased, has niea in tne vounty uourt ot
port, and the settlement thereof.
Administrator o' the Estate of Kin
man Vanderpool, Deceased.
Notice ot Final Settlement. . '
sntiiw la herebv given that the undersigned
executor of the et,tte of C. O. Vanderpool de
ppHRftri. has filed In the County Court of Benton
County, State ot Oregon his final account as
SUCh executor UI saiu estate, wuu tuui, aatuiua;
the 12th day of September at the hour of 2
o'clock P' M. has been fixed by the court as the
time for hearing objections to said account and
the settlement thereof.
11 ' Executor of the Estate of C. C.
i;- erpool. Deceased v.
(3 1 AC
& "Air. AM Ao-s. U. 0. ifsvsDy,
Have purchased the Studio of Mr. Philips, on Main
. Street, and will be pleased to show samples of
work and quote prices to all. ' H
Fancy Portraiture and Genre Work a Specialty. '
P . Also Developing and Finishing for the Trade. , j
If You are Havio g
Or if you are having trouble with your glasses, and have tried all the so-called
traveling opticians without success, come and see me, get a fit that's guaranteed one who will always be on hand to make good his guarantee.
E. W. S. PRATT -' "
V , The Jeweler and Optician.
For Bale.
A neat comfortable 5 room bouse
with one lot and a third of pro u on"
three blocks from collep . Call on or
address W. C. Shrlbef. Cjrvallls.
For Rent.
Furnished rooms, second door north
of M. E, church South.
.-.; Mrs. E. L-Fitch. ,
To rent a farm or stock ranch. Will
pay cash or give one third. Address
W. A. Rickard, Bell Fountain.
Inquire at Times office.
Office cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison, ets.
: Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A. M.
Phone residence 315.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office np stairs back , of Graham &
Wells' drug store. Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. Tele'
phone at residence. 104.
AH calls attended promptly.
Ruthyn Turney.
Instruction given to beginners, and
pupils io all stages of advancement. '
Studio Opposite parsonage of M. E.
Church, South.
Truetea'a Sale.
In the District Court of the United States for
the District of Oregon.
In the matter of H. C, Mabon.)
A Bankrupt, J
In Bankruptcy
- Notice la hereby given that under and by
virtue of an order ot sale wade and entered by
C C, Bryant, referee In bankruptcy in the mat
ter of the estate of U, C. Mahon, a bankrupt, I
win on .; '. , .-;
Friday the 4th of September, 1903
at the
hour of S o,oloek p. m. of said day, at Blodgett
Station In Blodgett Precinct, Benton County,
Oregon, offer for sale for cash In hand to tbe
highest bidder the following described per
sons! property belonging to said bankrupt es
tate as follows:
200 piles on the premises of G H Harris In
Wrenn Precinct, Benton County, Oregon; 200
piles on the premises oi W. P. HcFarlaud in
Wrenn Precinct, In Benton Couuty, Oregon:
100 piles on tne premises of H S Pittman,
In Wrenn Precinct, Benton Connty, Oregon: 20
piles on the premises of Harry Francis in
Blodgett Precinct, Bentou County, Oregon: 100
piles on the premises of J E Davis in Blodgett
Precinct iu Beuton ounty. Oregon; 30 piles on
the premises of W D VauHorn in Blodgett
Precinct, Benton County Oregon : 650 piles on
the premises of H Hrion. In - Blodgett Precinct,
Benton Coumy; Oregon; 50 plies on the prem
ises of T J Hill in Blodgett P.-ecinct, Bnfrju
County, Oreeon; 1J6 piles at Blodgett station,
In Blodgett Precinct. Benton County, Oregon:
100 piles on the premises of G H Wanisley in.
Blodgett precinct, Benton County' Oregon; all
of said plies mentioned above, being cut and
peeled and being about 60 feel loug and aver
aging 14 iuches at the butt and about 9 inches
at the top and unmarked and - unbranded ex
cept the piles on the premises of H Herron and
those on the premises ot T J Hill which ate
marked with a lead i encll mark X, ;
75 car bunks and 100 oak stakes on the prem
ises oi J. E. Davis lu BloJgett Precinct, Ben
ton County. Oregon. 60 car bunks on tbe prem,
les of George Woods in Blodgett Product,
Benton county, Oregon; two derricks on the
premises of G H Wamsley, in Blodgett Pre
cinct, Benton County, Oregon, to be sold in one
separate lot or parcel apart and distinct from
any other property of said bankrupt estate,
free and clear of any lien.
AIbo all of the goods- wares and merchandise
described lu the Inventory filed by the Trustee
with the Referee In Bankruptcy in aid est ite
matter. Including blacksmiths tools, hardware
groceries and goods in warehouse and two
bunk houses, wash house, hoods and smoke
stacks, lumber; shingles and all property of
every nature or kind whatsoever des
cribed in the Inventory as aforesaid and lo
cated at Blodsett Station, iu Blodsrett Preuiuct
Benton County, Oregon, and that the same will
be sold In separate parcels and free and clear
of any Hen.
a copy of tbe Inventory can be seen at the
office of Weatherford & wyatt, at Albany, Ore
gon, upon application, .. , ' -Dated
this 27th day of Julv. 1903,
5. ,.... ' . .. ; . t Trussree. .,
Trouble wi th your Eyes
Willamette Yallej
Banking Company.
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
Exchansre issued payable at all finan
cial centers In United States, Canada
and Europe. ,
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND London San FrancixooBank
Limited; Canadian Bank of Commerce. '
SAN FRANCISCO-London & San FranoU
co Bank JUmited.
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan-A Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, ENG. London & San TruclsM
Bank Limited.
Francisco Bank Limited.
Raises its grain only 28 in
ches. All levers are handy :
and easy to operate. It is
strong, though light, and will
last well.
S. C. Kline, Bat.
We furnish extras for all Os
born machines.
Time Card Number 21.
For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany. .
" Corvallis.
' " arrives Yaquina. . . ,
...12:45 P- m
1:50 p. m
... 5:35 P-m
Returning: ,
t Leaves Yaquina........... 7:00 a. m
Leaves Corvallis. 11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany 12:15 p. m
3 For Detroit: , .
Leaves Albany. 7:00 a. m
' Arrives Detroit. .12:20 p. m
4 from Detroit: ' .' .
Leaves Detroit.... ...l:0o p. m
Arrives Albany 5:55 p. m
Train No. r arrives in Albany in time .
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany beforeS departure of S P north
bound train. ' ,'
. Train So 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany giviDg direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
Trairi 3 for Detroit, ' Breitenbush and ,
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing -ample time to reach the Springs the
same day. '.
For further information apply to
- EdwinSxonk,
: Manager.
H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrell, Agent Albany.
E. R. Bryson,
Office in Zier olf Building, Corvalls. Or.