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Advertisements in this column charged for
At the rate ofii cents per line.
Mre. Brown, sister of Mrs. Mary
. Thompson of this city, anlved ' Sat
urday for a visit.
Miss Anna Thompson wnt to
Newport Saturday to epend her a--.
catloD. . ,:: .
W. M. Porter and family started
for Caecadla yesterday for an outing
of a few weeks.
- JJ. W. Howard ot Eastern Oregon,
poesed through Corvatlia Monday on
a business trip to Toledo.
Ed Crawford of Salem,' formerly
a resident of Corvallls stopped. over
a few days on his return fibna New
port, to visic bis parente, v. Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Crawford. " , :
W. W, Asbby, an Iowa, acquaints
ance of F. E,' Foweils,. the Colberts,
and Frauciseoe, is here oa a short
vli. ' Mr. Ashby is much pleased
with the state.
F. E. Foweils and family . went
to the-Bay Monday for a abort 7 stay.
They are accompanied by the UUees
Greenwall, visitors from . Fayette,
Iowa,.. . ;. ",; .'j.-
Grover Headrtclt baa ?3ne on the
elcli list again, and as a cun-fquence
he gav,e .Hp "bis posit iou at F. L. Mil
ler'e store and went to Alsea Friday.
It U supposed that from there he will
go to the Cbast. ;r
f v Next week a bible conference of
the United Evangelical church , con
vents ht-re and will continue, during
-September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Qilte
a oucuber of ministers of .the Oiegoo
conference are expected to be pres
ent.. ' - 7 ' ' .
J. C. Wells' eervlees V as a side,
walk builder i in . strong detuned.
His latere work is 'he e:netrnciiu
of a 100-foot walk tor Manuel Knight
and a 20-;?oot walk tco fnpt wi le
front of ilr9. K. -,- GralaVe busioess
property on Stcond etreft. ,
P. P. Huff is heie from tile Eaat
on a' visit to bU brother, C. O. Huff.
The former complains ttotue t hf--coraiofic
so thornuRlily nicely - here,
but his brother assures him. that I? he
remains through the. winter It will ne
thoroughly warhed t fl by . the Web
Xootralas. -
B. R. Turner and family of P, lk
county, bave taken up thtir residence
in Corvallls on accouuc of tbe : school
facilities. They have rented one of
tbe'Tavlir houses on Third uTepr.
Mr. Turner was formerly a prominent
' business man of . Polk, . and! at .one
time was treasurer of ton county;
Oa- thlr return etisdj-DM will find
" many , lmp'ovemei)t8 iu th ; w-tlfts
"about tbe cllpge.v' At preeeot '!ire
is undor conf-truclon ' a cement w .lk
from the south entrance to the J
ministra'ioQ building -of tr.e roadwiv
on the west. A considerable irnsth
of crushed scraclre walk' has al-so
been laid about tbe grrjunrtev
Joe Flaherty was In ' t"n
the first of thr) wnek on ousiufss
and to ex'jbaig- l arcm wirh . tb
friends he made in Corvailis when be
first came from thu Eaar; - He fLst
thought of locating here,- but - later
bought land in Lion .country, near
Plainview, and went into the stock
r business. - His specialty i tbe breed
( lng of Holstein cat'. la, and he has
' some fine specimens of that stock.
i-Rjv. L. M. Boozer former pastor
at' Oorvallle,'' wilj preaeh ' every ev
ening this week at the United Evan
gelical church here. Mr. Bm zer Is at
present In charge ot the First Evau--gelicaf
church of Portland, having
. been p'laced in charge of that pas
torate upon bis return from a , course
of study in the East nearly a year
ago. Mr. Bodzar'was popular as a
minister here and many Corvallls
people are pleased to have tbe , op
portunity of hearing him again.
. A party of campers from Sulphur
Springs while roaming about tbe
Vineyard hill the other day came
: upon several deer. Dell Bauer bad
a gun with him but failed to secure
any venison In eleven shots at the
game. Tbe fact Is printed at the
request of Doc Jackson, to show that
be is not tbe only person who some
times has bad luck in shooting at
deer. 1 Dell is the acknowledged crack
ehot at either deer or birds In the
whole north part of the county.
- C. H. Vehre," who has conducted
the Corvailis dairy farm for-some
time announces by band bills that he
will bold an auction sale of bis horses
and cattle on September 1. He states
that he has decided to give up the
business and if nothing intervenes to
prevent the sale there will be an op
portunity to secure some good stock.
One hundred head of cattle are to be
disposed of. .
Maurice and Stewart Greecberg
grandsons ot Mr. and Mre. M. Jacobs,
are here on a visit in company with
their parents who reside in San Fran
cisco, Since coming to Corvailis the
boys have become all swelled up
. not from any sense of pride, however
They wanted to see a little, country
life and persuaded Bob Johnson to
take them to bi3 prune orchard.
While down there the boys climbed
over the fence at an unfrequented
place, and disturbed a hornet's nest.
Well, in this fact, there is abundant
material for the imagination to work
upou. Almost anybody, except the
boys, can work up a good smila from
the situation. That's how the ' visit
ors came to be swelled up. .
' Born, Monday, August 24thJ to
Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Stewart, a son.
MrSi Ellsworth Irwin returned
Monday from a six weeks visit with
relatives io North Yamhill.
Miss Laura Waggoner goes to
Sulphur Springs today to epend a
week with friends camping there. '
Born, TuedaVr August 25:h, to
Mr. ana Mrs. Charles Diilard, a
daughter. ' - V
The fountain for the court of the
Hotel Corvallls anlved a few days
ago and in a short time it will be put
in place. ,
W. H. Lesh stopped over In Cor
vaj!i3 the first ot the week on bis re
turn to Portland from au , outing at
the seaside. ' '
Caecadla campers killed two cou
pars fit the epilogs a tew days a?o.
The animals were two famished little
orphans wbich bad ventured near tbe
campa lo seaich Of food'. r
; Charley Y' ung and wife, of Scio
Visited the family of A. J. Johnson in,
Cotvallla the first of the week. Mr.
and Mrs. You'ig waie on their return
from the seaside.
Mirjs Ellen J. Chamberlain, of the
college faculty, was., summoned to ba
lem yesterday to attend the funeral of
her br mber, Mrt Chamberlain, who
dieci Tuesday morning" after- a long
Illness. ,; '
E. F. Bryant and H. E. Hodes
climbed Mary's Peak last Sunday,
making tbe r und trip from' Corvailis
iu u day. Tbe condition of tbe atmos
pbere was such , as to give '.them a
grand v4ew in all directions. "
Bett Pilsington was in town Mon
day, having brought to McMlnnville
from Southern Otegon, bis friend Zo
phir Tharp, who was seriously injured
by tbe collapse ot a bridge on which
the boys were working.
Clem Hodes, John Zeis, Frank
Thrasher and Ed Felcdn formed a pat
ty which went to Aleea Saturday eve
ning to spend Sunday. The nlgbt
ride over tbe Alsea mouutain was
quite eventfu!, but bit the boys were
able to teport for duty In Corvallls
Monday morning.
The third'competltive exhibition
of Gladioli, grown by tbe child nn of
Corvnllls, will take place at the ceLtrai
t-chooi on Saturday ntx? at 2:30 p. m.
Tbose having flowers iu bloom at that
Mint will bave them on hand promptly
for tbe committee. - , - :
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Griggs, who re
side in tbe northern suburb of Corvai
lis, were surprised Friday by 23 neigh-
j bois Tbe event was well planned
and executed. and, the result was a
mo-t agreabi and social afternoon
With two sefing3 on Johnny
Wbiukei'a lAixa. tDe itickard-Whita-ker
machine receusly tbreebert 890
busbtls of vetch seed. Ihis Is coneid
ered ' quite a, remikable rur, and
shows up will botti for ihe mu;bi-ae
and the crop.
G. A. Waggoner and son, Harry
ret urneci Sunday from a ten-days' out
ing above Upper :Soda, iu tbe Car
rales. Ihy oainpedvoa Snow Creek. -Trji4
is a burned di-ttict wblcb has
gruwo nver t h blncKberry vines ibat
produce wutiderfolly. To tbU point
families come ad far distant as Ptine
viUe t.a eather and can the berries.
Mr-. Waggoner saw on family - which
bad put up 216 quarts of beriiee. -
Up on the SantWim the talk la
that the toll-ri ad company is to aban
don t.tieroa i as no.n- as they acquire
certain riffbts, of a qesiioi able i h-ii-acter,
to laids along tbe- road claimed
by the company. It rf quires un enor
mous amount of woik t j keep up the
rrad, and should the toll company
give it up. tbe question of keeping th-
road In passable condition will become
a serious one to Linn county and to
Iowa residents met at the resi
dence of O. J. Blackledge Monday evr
ning and effYcted a temporary organi
zation. . The necessary - committees'
were appointed and arrangements
made for a picnic ti be held in Avery's
grove, near Mary'o river bridge, on
Tuesday, September let. At tbe.t
time permanent officers will ba elect
ed. The programme of exercises will
be complete for our next issue.
George listes, of San Francisco,
president or tbe 'United' Brotherhood
of Bailway employees of the United
States and Canada, speaks ' at tbe
court liouee Saturday evening at 8
o'clock, on the labor of ihe present.
Mr. Estes is without a peer as a labor
organizer and speaker on the Pacific
Coast. Everybody Is requested to be
present and hear this eloquent pro
pounder ot the laboring class. Please
bring the ladles. '
E. A. Cummlngs, formerly asso
ciated In the OAO barber shop with
O. M, Vidito. on Monday received a
good offer from Andy Taylor, to en
ter the lattei's shop at Eugene. Mr.
Cummlngs. eince selling out, bad
planned to go into other business,
but decided to accept Mr. Taylor's
offer, and went to Eugene yesterday
to accept the place. - Mrs. Cummlngs
will follow in a few days or as soon as
a suitable residence can be secured.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. E. Habel, ot
Vermillion, Illinois, arrived Saturday
and took their departure Monday.
They came to the C?ast to attend the
G. A. E. encampment! at San Fran
cisco and decided to take, a basty
trip through Oregon. Mr. Habel has
been a subscriber to the Times for a
considerable period, and paid this
office a visit. He expressed himself
as being much pleased with Corvallls
and surroundings. . '
That was the Price of Chlttim Bark
Tuesday Noon. . ,
The price of chittim bark is
booming.. The past few days has
been a strenuous time for both buy
ers and sellers and the end is i not
yet. There is much maneuvering
and sparring for advantage among
all parties interested, and it is diffi
cult to state the exact situation.
Bark was selling at 4 and 4 4 cents
a week ago and the price gradual
ly came up to 5 and 6 cents. The
latter was regarded as a high price
for the product and much of it was
disposed of at that figure. ; But the
price continued to go up under the
influence of competition until 8 and
8 cents was offered. At the lat
ter figure a large quantity of bark
was sold in Corvailis." Then Syi
was said to be the price in Corvai
lis, but it wat rumored that? a bet
ter figure was offered by buyers in
Alsea and Toledo, and xnly half a
dozen sacks, so far as known to the
Times, was' bought at that ; price.
Soon after' noon yesterday it 'was
announced that W. W. Taylor had
sold a load for 9 cents per pound
Still some sellers think the price
may go higher, but on the other
hand, what if it tumbles?
A s'eek-looking stranger stoe
over into the A lsea country the last
of the week and bought up a large
quantity of chittim at 6 cents. Just
how much of it will finally be de
livered to him remains to be seen.
The advance is a strong induce
ment to crawfish. ? " .
About half the crop has been
disposed of.
Farmers on the ; Coast Profiting ; by
Heavy Oriental Shipping. - ; .
The price of wheat in Corvailis
has reached rather an encouraging
point. During the past two days
farmers have, been able to realize
75 cen ts per bushel and many grow
ers are allowing their crops to go at
that price, ireight conditions on
this coast last year and more par
ticularly this season a; e favoring the
wheat grower more than for many
years past, due mainlv to iieavy'
importations from the Orient and
the consequent necessity, of out
ward cargoes. The price of wheat
varies somewhat in different parts
of the valley, but the farmer - here
is now realizing as. much for his
grain as the grower . who markets
his wheat in New York or Chicago.
The market of Portland, San Fran
cisco and New York are so nearly
together that they may be said to be
practically thes same, there being
more or less variation in the price
for spot wheat and' that for future
.Yesterday valley wheat, in Port
land was quoted at 80 cents per
bushel. As it costs 10 to 12 cents
per bushel to transport the wheat
to that point the market price here
should be 68 to 70 cents. Owing,
however, to ; competition among
buyers the price here would seem
to be 5 to 7 cents above the market
value '
Greatly Reduced Rates on C. & E. Reg
ular and Special Trains.
v The C. & E- management has
made complete arrangements for
the accommodations of those who
wish to attend Rineling Bros, cir
cus on the afternoon of August 27th
at Albany - Regular and special
trains -will carry passengers at
greatly reducedrates for this event.
A special tram will leave. Philo
math at 8:40 a. m., and Corvailis
at 9 a. m., August 27. Returning
tne train leaves Aioany at o p. m.
Ticket from Yaquina to Wren in
clusive will be good going on reg
ular train No. 1 Thursday, August
127th only, and for return on regu
lar train No. 2 Friday, Aug. 28th
only. From Philomath, Corvailis
and Granger tickets will be pood
going on special trains Aug 27th
and for return on special train only,
same date. Following are the rates.
Yaquina and Nashville inclusive,
to Albany and return. $1.50-.
Summit and Wren inclusive, to
Albany and return, $r. 00.
Philomath and' Corvailis to
Albany and return 50 cents. :
Granger to Albany t and return
25 cents.
Do not fail to observe the regu
lations as to return privileges.
Headache, nervousness, brain
fag, irritable temper is caused
more often by eye strain than is
suppased by the afflicted. Dr.
Lowe's superior glasses is all that
is needed, . '
For ..Sale,
At a bargain; 200 feet of picket fence.
Apply to Mrs. Sarah E. Moore, corner
Third & Jackson. .
Have Dr. Lowe cure your head
ache by removing the cause with a
pair of his superior glasses, v
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jacobs . Celebrated
- .-' Their Golden Wedding. . !
, On the 23rd of August 185 j, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Jacobs were united in
the holy bonds of wedlock in - New
York city. A half century has
passed since then and their fiftieth an
niversay was appropriately celebra
ted ,at their home in this city last
Sunday. - There was no publib
demonstraiton; but the immediate
family and hear relatives gathered
around the bid familiar ; home to
commemorate the passing' of 1 the
fiftieth mile stone . of their- happy
wedded life. It was a. pleasant
event and an occasion for much re
joicing and the hymeniil knot J was
retied with golden strings. M r. and
Mrs. Jacobs have lived in Corvailis
for over forty years and their friends
are measured by the large circle of
ther acquaintance, who "join the
Times in extending hearty congrat
ulations and wishing them many
more years of health and happine-s.
Congratulatory telegrams were re
ceived from all quarters and the
floral offerings in cut flowers and
potted plants? were profuse and
beautiful. There were also many
appropriate gifts in gold, and many
other valuable presents' from - rela
tives and friends in token of their
good wishes and hearty ' congratu
lations. - ' r
. This another important event in
tbeir lives has passed. The vows
that bound them on the shores of
the A tlantic have been kept sacred
ior fifty years, and while life's sun
is still high in the heavens, yet it
seems suggestive that in tbeir de
clining days, they' celebrate this
important event on the very brink
of the Pacific, ' v
The relatives present ' were: "Mr.
and Mrs. M. Jocobs, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Kohn and daughter Flor
ence of Portland, Mr, and Mrs.
Josph Creenberg and two sons, of
San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. M. S.
Neugass, of San Francisco, Mrs.
Rose Selling, Misses. Eda and Sarah
Jacobs, Isa Jacobs, M. L. , Kline,
Miss Pauline Kline and J,- Blum
Buy your harvesting outfit from Nolan
& Callahan. Big stock to select from
1 -if
Shirt Waists at 25, 50, 75 cents, $1.00, $1.50? which means
25 percent ofi our regular prices .
All 50-cent Mercerized Goods now 40 cents. Just a few
waist lengths left.
Summer Vests 10 12 W, 15 to 50 cent's.
"' : , . : r : : . - , - , - . , :
. -. Just What 'You Want
You will on the Remnant Conrter at nrices
Large assortment ot
at 60 cents. .
Summer Parasols in
With cash sales we are now issuing
oupons, a sufficient number of which
vui.Ai.xca luc uujuci iu au cic:gajui urn-
ner set free. Patrons, however, may
if they wish, secure the set piece by
piece as they obtain coupons.
These dishes are of Ihe Celebrated Semi-Vitreous Porcelain, hand-painted
and would adoin any table. Trade with us and secure a set. Tell your friends
- F. L. niLLRR, Corvailis, Or. '
I V .. WE
ISorosis PettiGoa
And no. item in to-day's store
news is of more profitable in ter-
est to you. , . My Lady Well-
Gowned. . ; '
$ These petticoats are brand-
new fi-e&h stock, just ; received
from the cleanest factory in the
world. 1 They are excellent qual
j ity of mercerized sateen cut
from living models- and finished
$ to perfection in every fastidious
$ frill. Careful joints vou'Jl like
the yoke that sets the straight SrtOlwhtofitf
fr6nt properly ; seams strapped inside and out, that i
9 natty flare, and oh! so many more you must count 'era
3 for yourselr. , ; '.. '' .5
"1 The price is our little surprise, at , Jr.
1 $l.QO, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2 50, $3.00,
I . Up to $5.00 - g
1 . ..' S. L. KLINE'S-.; I
i - Regulator of Low Prices.
V To Ice Buyers.
' Orders for - io cents worth of ice or
less, must reach-the factory before, nine
o'clock, so as to go out by tbe first deliv
ery, or they will not be filled. Orders
for more than io cents worth -will be fill
ed at later bonrs. All orders that reach
the facfory before nine o'clock will be
filled promptly, as usual.
Corvailis Ice Works.
For Sale,
Good youtig team of mares; Weight
about 2,500. Inquire at this office.
Upholstering Valours,
White and Colors, 25
x x - x x -x
SELL . . I
' Notice to Contractor?. , ,
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of Ghs. II. Burgtraf aichitect.
Albany Ort-gon, by the boa -A of rtgerrt
of the'Stte Asricultural Col!ee of xbe
State of Oregon, until I p. m .August;
24th 1903. for the erection ot an aduittoti
to the boiler house of the heatintr plant
of the State Agricultural College at Cor
vailis OrtKOU. A bond equal to -the
amount of 75 per cent of tbe contract will
be required. Plans may be seen at the
office' of Thomas Crawford. Cleik r at
the architects office. The board reserve
the right to reject any or all bids.
. Chad. H Burparaf
; Architect.
to suit vour nurse. 1
regular 75c quality
percent off.
decoration, with gold trimmings, 4
about this opportunity. ' " ft