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    Vol. XVLJVo. 21.
Editor and Proprietor.
Willamette Vallej
Banking Company
Responsibility, $100,000
A General Banking Business.
- Er.ab.ange Issued payable at all finan
cial centers In United States, Canada
and Europe.
Principal Correspondents.,
PORTLAND London & San Francisco Bank
limited; Canadian Bank of Commerce.
SAX FRANCISCO London & San Francis
-co Bank Limited.
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO First National Bank.
LONDON, ENG. London & San Francisco
Bank Limited. V
Francisco Bank Limited. u-
Time Card Number 21.
2 For Yaquina:
Traiii leaves Albany. . ,
" Corvallis.
" arrives Yaquina. . . ,
I Returning:
leaves Yaquina
Leaves Corvallis .......
.12:45 p. n
. 2:00 p. m
. 6:45 a. m
. 11:30. a. m
. 12:15 pi m
Arrives Albany. .
3 For Detroit: .
Leaves Albany. . .
Arrives Detroit. . .
4 from Detroit:
Leaves Detroit...
Arrives Albany...
.... 7:00"a. rfl
...12:05 p. m
,.12:45 p. m
535 P. m
Train No. I arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train.
Train No 2 connects with the S P trains
at Corvallis and Albany givipg direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches.
. Train 3 for Detroit,- Breitenbush and
other mountain resorts leaves Albany at
7:00 a. m., reaching Detroit at noon, giv
ing ample time to reach the Springs the
same day. " M- v
For further information apply to " )
' - Edwin Sxonb: .
H. H. Cronise, Agent Corvallis.
Thos. Cockrelt, Agent Albany. - j:
OfQoe cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison sts.
' Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M.
Phone residence 315.
Office in Zierolf Building, Corvallis. Or.
Physician & Surgeon,
- ' Office up stairs back, of Graham Si
Wells' drug store.' Residence on the
corner of Madison and Seventh. ' Tele
phone at residence. 104.. '
All calls attended promptly......
Ruthyn Turney.
Instruction -given to -beginners, and
pupils in all stages of advancement.
Studio Opposite parsonage of M. E.
Chnrch, South.
Raises its grain only 28 in
ches. All levers are handy
and easy to operate. It is
strong, though light, and will
I n n w a I l ' ;
1$. C. Kline, flat.
"We furnish extras for all Os
born machines.
Dealer in New and
Second Hand' -
And Musical Instruments. Musical In
struments cleaned and repaired. Satis
faction guaeanteed. . Phone 441.
Corvallis, Oregon. -
an now $ai?e money
By inspecting our
Big line
- - ' ;
Shoes :::
Reduction on the above makes it
to yourinterest to call and see
to as high a standard as our desire would promote
us, but sea that you make no mistake in
'. ,: th e house that keeps the hig- ( "-'-.
est standard of Grocer- v
ies that is the , .
. place rto
: - BUY r-
( Fresb Fruits I
fresh everything to be had in the market. We
run our delivery wagon and our aim is
to keep whab you want and to
' X please. . Call and see ;
tB Borning
good bargains, in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and '
see me. I shall take pleasure in giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country. -"' 7
.Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
Philomath, Oregon. -
Physician & Surgeon
Office Over DOStofficn. . RoaiHanra flnr
Fifth and JeflFerBon streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
left at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Physician" & Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.'; J
Fresb Uegetables,
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office ia Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg
v Physician and Surgeon
Office, Boom 14, First National Bank
Bnildmg, CorvalUs, Or. Office Hours
10 to 12 a, m., 2 to 4 p, m. '
Strange Case of Cassius Clay De-
. clared, by Court to be Insanity
How a Mother Sacrificed
. I Her Own Life to Save
-. Children.
San Francisco, July -14. Stand
ing on the gallows at theSanQaen
tin prison, with jfleath onlv a half
minute away, P. C. Fisher this
morning told , the awful story of
how he bad murdered his wife, con
fessing his guilt in every detail. He
had insured ber life, he said, for
the sum of $.1,000. She had the
toothache and he had her take
chloroform to relieve the pain
When she was under the influence
of the dru' he poured kerosene oil
over her body and set fire to it. '
The neighbors came rushing in.
and he told them' a story of an ac
cidfcDt, but the facta did not bear
out this assertion. The woman died
in frightful agony. This was "on
April 23. ' '
:- AH through the trial Fisher pro
tested his innocence, but in the face
of death he broke down and made
a full confession.
While the slory of his crime still
echoed through the vaults . of the
grea prison, the trap was sprung
and Fisher was hung by the neck
untii he was dead. -
W. B. Howard of Santa Clara
county, and Ung Ting Bow,
King's county murderer, will be
hanged within ten days.
Cassius M. Clay, the Sage of
White Hall, was declared by a jury
fin J udge. Turpin's court today at
Richmond to be of unsound mind
His affairs - will be placed in the
hands of a committee appointed by
the court.
General Clay did not appear in
court, as he is still very ill at White
Mall, but be was represented by an
attorney appointed by the judge.
When General Clay was told by his
servant, Joe Perkins, of the action
of the court, he sat up in bed and,
grabbing his sevolver, declared he
would kill, the first person who tried
to take him from' bis home and
place him in the asylum.
The action of the court was based
upon an affidavit filed by - his 1 chil
dren, and General Clay said that
he was allowed only a scanty living
by his children, and now they want
ed to rob him of that. : None of the
witnesses who testified, i a court . to
day had. been near General Clay
tor montns. I be doctor who at
tended him on Tuesday says he is
perfectly sane.
General Clay's former child wife,
Dora Clay Brock: was to have -re
turned to White Hall, today;" but
she didnot put in an - appearance
and it is believed she was waiting
to bear tbe action of the court.
General Clay will not be removed
from White Hall, as it is believed
if such an attempt was made and
he found he could not repulse the
arresting party he would kill him
self with the huge bowie knife
hanging by his head.
Cleveland, July 7. Mtb. Gui-
eeeppi Canovino, a working woman
her; 4hiee children and .several
other women who work in the vine
yards east of the city, were walk
ing on the JNew xork,' Chicago and
St Louis Railroad tracks to day.
The party was crossine a trestle
when a fast train - approached.
Only by lying down on a clank at
the edge of the bridge .could the
women escape being struck by . the
train. ; Mrs Canovino thought not
of her own safety.- Her only pur
pose was to save the children.
She pushed the little ones off the
trestle to the plauk.aud to do it she
was compelled to lie across the track.
The last - child I was placed in a
position of safety as the eneine. bore
down upon the woman and crushed
out her life. "
a-iiu- Aroor. jYiicn.. .iniv c.
Albert. Witte, of Adrian, had hia
hand mangled in a furniture iac
tory, losing twentv-four inches' of
skin from the Dalmand -back.' A
large frog was secured by Dr. E. F.
w estiaii, and alter its brain bad
been, deadened its skin was tho
roughly cleaned, v and very thin
slices of white skin from its 'belly
and I gs were placed ou the skin
less part of the hand. '.
. Oa this skin was placed a rub
ber tissue, held in place by a dres
sing, all kept moist by a common
salt solution. This was renewed
every day or 7 ninety-six hours,
w,hen it was found that the cells of
the frogekin having been supplied
with blood, the skin had attached
itself to the hand and showed a
healthy-red growth.
Ssattle, July I5. -There is a bro
ken hearted littla girl in "Seattle
this morning broken-hearted ba
cajuse a stony-hearted transporta
tion company would not permit her
to travel to Whiie Horde in far off
Alaska to see her mother.
Last evening little 11-year-old
Edna Davis sat in the office of the
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
and eagerly scanned the faces of all
who came to the clerk's desk.- She
wanted to go to Skagway on the
City of Seattle which sailed -dast
night. She was well supplied with
money, in fact for so small a girl
she had a very large amount. -She
had long planned for the trip and
she avowed her ability to take care
of herself. ,
But the steamship company
steadfastly refused, to carry chil
dren unaccompanied by: a parent
or guardian. - So little Edna was
on the verge of tears as the evening
wore away and no one appeared
who was willing to stand sponsor
for her during the voyage. ;
In reponse to questions of those
who interested themselves in her
behalf the little girl said: v
"If I can only get to Skagway I
can go from' there to White Horse,
where my mother lives all bv her
self. But if nobodv'll look
me I can't go tonight and I
must "her lips quivered and
eyes filled with tears.
"You see" she continued,
have been down here to school
winter and now I want to go home.
My papa lives in Dawson, but I'm
going to White Horse.
"I won t bother anybody, but
the steamboat folks eay I must
have somebody to take tbe 'sponsi
bility' of me. I could go alone
jubt as well as not, but they won't
Jet me, and 1 do want to see
mamma, so bad," and the tears
came again.
Though 1 little Edna's story be
came generally known around the
dock and on the steamer no one
could be found who wished to ac
cept the responsibility of the tem
porary guardianship of the little
homesick girl, bo it was that the
big ship slowly backed off the wharf
into, the outer darkness, leaving
behind a heartsick, homesick, broken-hearted
bit of humanity, who
lefused to be comforted.
Canyon City, - Col., July 12.
Three engines and twenty ' cars of
a freight train jumped the Denver
and Rio Grande track, , , in Royal
George this afternoon, and plunged
into the Arkansas river4 sheer fall
of. 2.000 feet. - .
-The engines have not yet been
found. Tea freight cars are also
missing, n ine river . is , very , deep,
and. high, and the current runs at
a terrific .speed. - . ;
1 he three,, engineers, a nreman
and a brakeman have disappeared
in the wreck. .,
The accident occurred near Hang
ing iiricige in tne rioyai uorge,
about 6 miles east of Canyon City.
t is the most picturesque railroad
spot in the West. .. The gorge is
only fifty feet wide, but.-the rocks
rise perpendicularly from the Ar
kansas river to a height of more
than a third of a mile. The freight
train was bound east. Two of the
engines were "dead," being drawn
along with the cars. : Without
warning, the locomotive that was
furnishing the power, jumped the
track, bumped along on the ties for
a few feet, and then' plunged into
the abyss, dragging the- other, en
gines and ten of the cars : after it.
Two-of the firemen jumped.-, The
engineers refused ? to leave their
post and fell to certain death in the
torrent 2,000 feet below. . A brake-
man was thrown into : tbe gorge
when the cars ran - off the track.
Breaking of the coupling saved , ten
rear cars from falling into the riv
er. .-: ; .,7.
- The Pacific express was backed
to Canyon City and its engine took
a wrecking crew and physicians" to
the scene. - ;
" They found no trace of the en
gines or of the cars that fell down
the gorge, and .there were no injur
ed to be treated, '
to her Designer Change ofi
Mast, and" of Rigging The v
Warning That a Banker
New York, July 12, New York
World: Sir Thomas Lipton is not
entirely satisfied with Shamrock
III., nor is Dasipner William Fifer
his commander-in-chief, especially
after the challeeger's showing Wed
nesday over a thirty-mile leeward
and windward course. .
That is one reason why the
Shamrock III. will be towed to
Erie Basin today. In the South.
Brooklyn ship hospital she is to
have her underbodyN scraped aod '
re-enamelled) She is also to,.be fit- f
ted with the spare ' mast that was
shipped over and has njt been step- ,
ped. It is the largest made for aL
cup challenger. '
Sir Thomas did not admit that it
was a disappointment in her per- .
formances that caused; the deterna- :
ination to change her rig. - Nearly
every day there has been an alter
ation of he trim and experiments
tending to improve her hull.
Probably the meat unfavorable
comparison yet shown against the
challenger was that of Wednesday,
in a breeze' 'ranging- from bix to
ten miles an hour,, over a course
dead down wind and a beat back,
she covered th9 thirty legged miles '
in three hours twenty-two minutes
and forty seconds, and beat her- ri
val only four minutes and nine sec
onds, without counting time allow
ance. ,
Sir Thomas had no comment ta
make on the low margin by which
tbe challenger beat the older Clyde
built racer, nor did he speak of -shipping
a new mast., The new
pole is thirty teet loDger tnan now
used. .: ' '
The race Wednesday was pretty
throughout and a nice, tussel be
twen the pair - "
Shamrock III. could not rua
away from her fleet pursuer, -but
her superior acreage of cloth count-
tack and a long board of more thart
an hour on port- tack, laid ' them.
where they could make' it one leg '
iUl UUIUOi vu luo luok luiu niuu-
ward a slant ' of the air fanned -'
Shamrock 1., putting her to weath
er, and it looked as if , she might
win, which eha probably, would
have done if there had been five
miles to go. ; "
St Paul, Minn., July 16. J. W
Lusk President of the NationaT
German American Bank, of this
city, sounded' a note of warning ia'
his address to the Minnesota Ban
kers Association to-day.
"There never was a better time
for. bankers to be . wary," he said
"than now. . We can see, as .others
cannot, signs of financial trouble.
Many bankers have been carried
away by the idea of prosperity and
have invested and speculated '
til they are in difficulties; '
thing we wish to emphasize
that is the need of putting
house' in order,
last forever."
good times will not
v ' .
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