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    Corvallis Times.
Cfficial Paper of Benton County.
CCBVA1IIB. OBICCN, Jr E 27, 1803.
"Warehousemen cannot do a gram
storing business in Benton now un
less they have taken out a license.
"They have also to give a bond. The
-requirement is an enactment of the
last legislature.
It is necessary for such ware
liousetnen on the ist of July to
make application to the county
court for such license. A bond of
not less than $1,000 nor more than according to the business
to be transacted, must ; be given
The county court fixes the amount
-of the bond. There must be three
sureties, all residents of the county.
. Court meets on the ist of July
phich is next Wednesday, and that
will be the proper time for Benton
warehousemen to make application.
No fee is required for the license .
In state convention at Des Moines
"Wednesday Iowa democrats, by a
decisive majority' voted down a
Jxroposition to indorse the Kansas
City platform. Mr. Bryan had
made strone effort in the state
to br'ng about a different result.
The leading plank in the platform
is an arringnment of the trusts,
and another denounces the bill for
issuine currency on the bonds of
railroad and other private corpora
tions. The pronouncement probab
ly indicates very nearly what the
democratic atitude will be in
national campaign of next year.
"ZXn. Other Towns Desire For Better Ap
; pearances Strikes Them.
Corvallisites talk - much now
about cleaning up the town. The
newt) from the neighboring towns
ief that a general cleaning is in pro
gress in all of them. The constant
cotniDg of newcomers on the hunt
for new homes has occasioned the
general desire for better appearan
ces. Tbe information is that the
Easterners are used to tidy street?,
and that tbey turn up their noses
at towDS where opposite condi
tions exist.
The general statement is that
these newcomers in large numbers
have been discouraged by the un
tidy appearance of things in many
of the ; Willamette valley town?,
jind have packed up their belong
ings and gone kaet again, where
environments were more pleasing.
This has tet Albany, Eugene, In
dependence and other Willamette
-valley townspeople to work in , a.
movement to tidy up.
- In Albany, the work of cleaning
up alley?, cutting grass along the
streets and otherwise beautifying
' things, is going on in full blast.
TJi same thinp- is trim in Tnde-
peDdence. The result, of course will
be that when homeseekers see those
towns thereafter, when the new
order of things is on, more of them
will settle there. News of these
things reaching Corvaliis, has set a
lot of people to thinkiug about the
matter, and many are wondering
it it wouldn't be a good plan . to
inaugurate a similar work in this
town. - ' ' 1
Compound Which Gives to Steel A
. Temper of Wonderful Quality.
The Times has hithertofore had
something to say about B. J. Cas-
t i: , j : - r rj - 1
itrimo j uiscuvery 01 a uuiu wmuu
gives to steel a temper of wonder
ful quality. Mr. Casterline car
ried on a series of experiments here
and the first of the week went to
.Portland, rented a shop and began
demonstrating to interested parties
the advantages of his "discovery.
The most simple experiment1 used
tn bTviw thn nnalit.v nf t.h '. Ipmnpr
obtained by his process is to take a
few sriaviuga off a piece of bard
steel w?- ira drawing knife or other
tool tuujeoted to his process, and
without additional sharpening, af
terward use the same instrument
.to cleanly shave hairs off the wrist
or arm. It is claimed that cutting
the hardest steel, ' produces no ab-
rasure on the edge of the tool.
What is. regarded as a successful-
experiment was made in tempering
armor plate to render it impervious
to shot. Portland capitalists
very much interested in the exper
imenteby Mr Casterline, ami have
made flattering tenders 'of finan
cial aid. It is hoped that 'Mr!
Casterline and the Corvallis friends
-who are associated with ' him, will
realize their expectations.
Marriage of C. Melville McKeilips and
Miss Olive L. Hamilton. '
- A very pretty wedding occurred
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. W.
Johnson Wednesday evening. The
groom was Prof. C. Melville Mc
Keilips', head of the pharmaceutic
al department at OAC, . the bride.
Miss Olive L. Hamilton, sister of
Mrs. B. W. Johnson. -
The ceremony occurred at , nine
o'clock in the presence of twenty
relatives and friends. To " the
strains of a wedding march, render
ed by Mrs. E F. Pernot. the groom
and Dr. Thompson passed down the
stairway and approached a .floral
altar in the parlors. They were
folllowed by the bride on the arm
of her brother-in'law. Mr. Johnson,
and by the bridesmaid, Miss Emma
Baber, and by F. M. McElfresh,
best man. ' At the altar the . bride
and groom met, and in the cere
mony of the Episcopalian church.
Dr. Thompson united ' them for
life. The bride's gOwn was white
crepe de chine over white taffeta.
Her. long veil was held in place by
genuine orange blossoms.
The congratulations and the charac
ter of the subsequent entertainment
heightened the gayety of the oc
casion. Friends of the couple took
occasion to perpetrate numerous
hilarities. A bill from an alleged
second hand clothing house at Phi
lomath, demanding payment of the
groom for his wedding suit was
read." A telegram to the bride,'
signed "JoQn" ws read. It ask
ed her how it was she could change
her mind so suddenly. A warrant
issued from .an alleged Indiana
court, directing the arrest of the
groom, and giving various alleged
aliases under which he had sailed
as well as being accompanied by
his photo, was introduced into the
proceedings. An alleged telegram
from his father, notified the, groom
that he must hereafter support him
self. Speeches, original poetry,
and all manner of communications,
dispatches and other devices of
jocularity were hurled at Mr. and
Mrs. McKeilips, with the result
that the occasion was a strong con
trast in its gayety with the solemn
ity that so often pervades wedding
Mr. and Mrs. McKeilips are to
occupy their newly improved cot-
cage on College Hill, and will soon
be at home . to their . friends, of
whom the estimable and charming
qualities of the bride and groom
have won many. Guests present
at the nuptials were: Mrs.
B. W. Johnsonj Mt. and Mrs. E. R.
Bryson, Mr. and Mrs. E- F. Per
not, Mr. and Mrs. George Coote,
Dr. and Mrs.. Harper, Mrs. Knisely
Mrs. M. Bryson, Mrs. Miller, Mrs.
Gibbs, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Webber,
Miss Eda Jacobs, Messrs. Gibbs,
Kent and Shaw.
Marriage of Clyde Hayes and Miss Maud
Weldon Occurred Thursday. . . ,
There was a qui"t wedding
Thursday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Bane on Fourth street
The groom was Clyde Hayes,
youngest son of Mrs Caroline
Hayes, and the ' bride was Miss
Maud Weldon, sister of Mrs. Bane.
The ceremony took place at noon
Rev. Frank I,. Moore of the Meth
odist church officiating. After the
knot was tied, there was a sumptu
ous wedding breakfast, and " then
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes took the West-
side train for Portland, for a two
weeks wedding trip. - Onlyx im
mediate relatives were present,
among them being, . Mrs. Caroline
Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Bane; Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Bell and Mr, and
Mrs. Ed Philips v - -,
The bride has spent most of her
life in California. For several
months past she has . resided at the
home of Mrs. Hayes. She is an
attractive and most estimable young
woman . The groom is a native
Corvallis boy, and is a thrifty, and
industrious young firmer.
-, For Sale.
Twelve head of large sized Durham
milch cows, 16 head two year old heifers,
one Durham bull 5 years old, and one
pedigreed Durham bull two years old.
Intend to close out business; must be
sold by Sept. i, 1903. ' '
. . J. E. Aldrich.
For Sale.
. In the land of sunshine, 160 acres
seeded, 480 school land; all: fenced:
crops fenced; 40 acres wheat goes with
place; bouse, barn;! miles " -living
Lwater; cash price, $4,000. Will , trade
city property at its actual cost value.
1 '" Win. Lee.
' Apachie, Okla.
f .
j We can save you money ,011 - your ve
hicles. We buy in car lots direct from
the factory for spot cash. A. Wilhelm
& Sons, Monroe. :
His Honor Had From an Unusually Fa
tal Death Judge Greffoz.
Judge Greffoz has his troubles.
Every man does, for that matter;
but they are bad troubles that be
set his honor. - For - several years
he has presided over the police
court of the municipality, v; One by
one. offenders against the peace and
dignity of the city have 1 passed un
der the chastening penalties of his
court. More than once those whom
he has punished, have uttered
threats of bodily harm to his jud
icial person. More than once on
the way home on a dark night, has
his honor thought he spied a lurk
ing danger in the shadow of a lamp
post or a fence corner. Several
times, under the impression that
the villain still pursued him. has
the judge turned a back somersault
in the haste of retreat.
It was a quick and astonishing
caper that he cut the other night
He was on the way, after a hard
day's work, to his home in the su
burbs. Not far from . where he
lives there are two trees under
which he has to pass. It is always
lonely under those trees. Shadows
are always there, and , suggestions
of ghosts and assassins, and on this
particular night, it seemed lonelier
than ever. The j udge had a fore
boding. " He felt sure that . some
thing was about to happen. He
passed under the trees with one
eye looking to the-' right and! .the
other to the left.
Sure enough, just as he passed
there "was a. blinding flash, and a
loud report. His honor felt sure
that his time had come. He was
too weak in body to do his. usual
gymnastic ' stunt. Never a flop
could he flop, but with hair all on
end, and forty million shivers chas
ing each other up his judicial back,
he stood rooted to the .spot.- He
could, he thought, almost - feel the
villain's bullet in his vitals.
But after all the judge still lived.
It was a bold gopher just across .
the fence in Bryant Young's yard,
and not his honor that was the
corpse. And it was the discharge
of a SaYgent gopher gun that, for a
moment had given the 'Corvallis
police court a glimpse of eternity
and all its terrors.
Baptist church: Sunday school
at ten; preaching at eleven and eight
o'elocli, : AH are respectfully Invited
to. all services., . ' - v- . ;
Racine vehicles are the standard of the
woHd and carried everywhere by re
sponsible dealers. Why ' bay "cheap
john" of "trailers?"
' For Sale.
Thirty two inch Pitts separator -and a
horse power, to be had for $100. Call
on or address, . . . . . '
- v - R. C. Kigpr, Corvallis.
Administrator's Sale.
In the Matter of the Estate of L. it. Mattoon,
Notice Is hereby given that under and in pur
suance to an order ot sale made by the County
Court of the state of Oregon, for Benton County
on tne 11th day of June, A. 0. 1903; In the above
entitled matter the undersigned as adminis
tratrix of the Estate of L. M, Mattoon, de
ceased, will from and after the 13th day of
July A. D. 1903, proceed tosell at private sale to
the nigbest bidder for cash in hand all the es
tate, right, title and interest which the said de
eeabed nad at the time of his death in and to
the following described real property, towlt.
The East half oi the Northeast Quarter, the
North half of the Southeast quarter and the
Northeast quarter of me Southwest quarter of
SectMn Seven; and the North west. quarter of tbe
Southwest quarter of Section Eight; and all
that portion of the Northwest -quarter of Sec. 8,
T, 11, S. R. 7 W. lying West ot the middle of the
County road -from Corvallis to Yaquina. Buy
running through sild Section ; all in township
11 South Range 7 West - Will Mer. in Benton
County, Oregon, and cnntalulning about 259
acres, .. s ........ .. , , ... ..-.
Also Lots numbered oue(l) and two(2 in
Block No. two(2) in the town of Summitville,
Benton County. Oregon.
Dated this June 10th, 1903,
Emma a. xattooon.
Administratrix of the Estate ot L. M, Mattoon,
deceased, . .
' Bine Ribbon State Fair.
The premium list of Oregon's
"Blue Ribbon'' state fair is now
out and being distributed through
out the state. The premium of
fered aggregate $12,000 . in cash,
and are for everything grown on
the farm, including livestock, poul
try, dairy, products, agricultural
and horticultural products, domes
tic and liberal arts, etc. Everyone
is invited to bring something to the
fair this vear, and help advertise
trip sf-flf-p't! rpqmirf-p'?. Tf vnn Via up I
not received one of the premium
lists yet. write M. D. Wisdom, sec
retary; Portland, Ore,', for one.
Bay your 4th of July outfits at Nolan
& Callahan's.
"We dont make the cheapest wagon;
we do make the best." This is what the
manfacturers claim for the "Old Hickory'
wagons, and justly so, as it is without
doubt the strongest and most durable
wagon on the market today, A car-load
just recei ved - by A. . Wilhelm' & Sons
Now due a carload of the famous
Old Hickory wagons. Wait" for them.
We have prices that will surprise you.'
A. Wilhelm & Sons, Monroe. V
It Must be Brought Back Finding Sil
verGone to' Heppner A Wedding.
Miss Elva Washburn of Browns
ville is visiting relatives in this city.
George Brunk spent a week in
Corvallis visiting his brother H.
M. Baunk and exchanging greet
ings with many friends He retur
ned to Polk county Thursday.
A gentleman took a gun from
Dilly's shop two weeks ago,' prob
ably through mistake,- but does not
bring it back. Dilly expects him
to return it without delays Other
wise there is trouble in store for
him. '
The Ladies Aid : society of " the
North Palestine Baptist church at
Wells, wiU give an ice cream social
and fair at North Palestine church
Tuesday evening June 30th at 7.30
o'clock p. m. A good program
consisting of vocal and instrumen
tal music, recitations etc will be
rendered. Also many useful arti
cles will be disposed of. ' Come
everybody and lend a helping hand
to the society. By order of the
, Invitations are out for the mar
riage of Miss Bertha Henkle and
Mr. Will McCullom, which is to
take place at the home of the brides
parents, in' this city next Wednes
day at it o'clock. Mr. McCullom
was formerly a student at OAC,
and his home is at Athena, Eastern
Oregon. Miss Henkle is . the es
timable daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Henkle of Corvallis.
A strike of" telephone line men
involving nearly all the wire oper
atives on the coast has been ordered
and 3,000 men are out. In most
of the Valley towns in Oregon . the
local linemen1 are in the movement,
but in Corvallis Linemen Merrill
and Brown are still at work. . An
advance in wages is asked for. The
strikers claim that ultimately the
office employes may be brought in
to the struggle. A prolonged
strike will result in great Inconve
nience to the telephone-using public,
Mrs. Wills and son Reuben, left
Monday for Heppner, where the
work of rehabilitating the home
that was demolished in the recent
Jlood, is in progress, Mr. Wills
who was in Corvallis with his
family when the Heppner calamity
fell, and who left at once for the
scene, has written that he i finding
the contents of the home scattered
all over the Valley traversed by the
swollen waters. Mrs. Wills and
son are making the trip by . private
conveyence, and expect to be 10
.days on the road.
There is a streak of silver under
the sidewalks on Main street.
Small boys know about it, and
every time a walk is repaired, they
are present in numbers to gather up
the precious stuff. The deposit is
small coins, dropped in the course
of business, and not considered
valuable tnough to tear up. the
walk to recover. During the re
newal Thursday of a walk in front
of Huston & Bogue's hardware
store an even dollars worth of small
coins was picked up by the work
men and such lads as happened
along. The largest of the coins was
a quarter.
1 .
All of the graduates in thisyear's
class from OAC pharmacy depart
ment either have places in ' drug
stores, or have had positions offer
ed them. All, likewise have pas
sed the State , examination.' Mill
hollen has a position .' in a Port
land pharmacy and so has Bur-
nough. A. L. Thornton is in
Frye's drug store in Salem, and
May field has a place in an Eastern
Oregon store. Walter Wells is
temporarily working at . Allen's
pharmacy, in Corvallis," but has
offers of two positions, one in Port
land and another in Eastern Ore
gon. The high reputation of the
OAC school ' of pharmacy and the
scarcity of pharmacists account for
the condition. "
Acquaintances are pleased to see
that Barney Casterline is making
quite a stir among Portland capital
ists with ..his demonstrations of
results of his secret tempering pro
cess. Before going to Portland he
frequently shaved his wrists and
arms to show the quality " of the
temper in his tools and he seems to
be making use of the same means
of demonstration to . Portland ' peo
pie. Friends are beginning to fear
that if he continues on this line his
supply of hair for shaving purposes
is likely to give out, unless he at
tacks his flowing beard. , That
wouid be an alternative very much
to be regretted, and several of his
acquaintences have expressed a
willingness to place theit hairy
arms and during the warm
weather even their, beards-at his
disposal for demonstrative purposes.
Anything to save .Barney's whis
kers. ' - v
. Estray Notice. .
The following estray s are at my place
10 miles south of Corvallis: Onn bay
mare, about 1,300 weight ; one brown
mare, two white hind feet, about
pounds, both 'wild : believed to be brand
ed on left hip . , Game to my place three
weeks ago. Owner can have them by
paying for this notice and the pasture
bill. - . ;
Wiley Winkle.
' Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, May i3, 1903.
A sufficient content affidavit having been filed
in this office April 19, 1902, and amended Aug. 5,
1902, by Bueben F. Patty, contestant, against
homestead entry No, 11800, made Feb. 26, 1896,
for S& 8E and S 6W'8ectlon 26, Township
10 S, Range 6 W, bv Michael MoOrath, Conteotee,
in which it is alleged that contestant is well
acquainted with said tract of land and "knows
the present condi tlons of tbe same: also that
said en trymen died- about lour years ago and
that since said time no one has cared for, or
cultivated or Improved said claim in any man
ner whatever. That there are no heirs of said
entryman to the knowledge of this affiant,
other than Annie Enrljbt, residing at Newark,
New Jersey, and Noiry Enright, residing In
Corofln, Ireland, and none have cared for or
cultivated or Improved said claim in any man
ner or at all and that said claim has been whol
ly abandoned for the past tour years bv the en
tryman and those claiming " under ' him, and
that said alleged absence from the said land
was not due to his employment or the employ
ment of any of the heirs in the Army.
Navy, - or marine Corps of the United
States as a piivata soldier, officer, seaman
or marine, during the war with Spain, or
during any other war In which the United States
Jnay be engaged". The heirs and legal re pre
resentatlves of said Michael McOrath deceased,
said parties are hereby notified to appear re
spond or oilerevidence touching said allegation
at 10 o'clock a m on June 25, 1903, before the
Register and Receiver at the United States Land
Office In Oregon City, Oregon
The said contestant having'in a proper affida
vit, filed May 4, 1903, set forth facts which show
that after due diligence personal service of this
notice cannot be made. It Is hereby ordered and
directed that such notice be given by due and
proper publication. .
Algernon- s. Dress eb. Register "
Geo, W, Bibee, Receiver,
The Eagle
There will be a sort, of "Hurrah Boys," from the
influence of which we cannot escape. The Sum
mer is fully on us. Vacations have begun, or are
being arranged for. We have a store full of wear
ables . appropriate to the season and at appropriate
prices. Summer Suits, White Duck Trousers, Lin
en Dusters, White Vests, Negligee Shirts, Summer
Weight Underwear, Straw Hats, Etc. We invite
the attention of tasteful buyers who are arranging
their wardrobes for the heated term. You will have"
money left for other purposes if you let us supply
your summer outfits. -
A, bunch of Firecrackers free with every dollar
purchase in our Boys' Department. '
New goods all the time. ' '
Cf ntes Off fee for 3ob Printing
Your Life-
Depends on it.
The Kind that is made from
good wheat by careful and
experienced millers, the
Kind that satisfied ns after
careful study and investiga
tion. .
Good Groceries x
. Free from adulteration and impurities, - ; .
. the kind that you always find v ' ; :.
At Hodes' Grocery
You will find 1
Here that other
dealers do not
handle, and, if'
you have been
hard to suit, we
want your trade
on "."v"..; . . . . . ' '
ba$e $ Sanborn
fiigb Grade Coffees.
No other kind compares
with them. We are sole
P. m. ZieroH.
A Bargain.
If taken soon, 2 acres ; one acres
in choice bearing fruit. A nice house,
barn and other buildings, about one mile
from college grounds, and one half mile
from school house. Terma easy. Call
oor write .
Corvallis, Ore,
Acorn Creamery
Butter, made from
one herd of cows.
The Kind that's- made from
good flour, good salt, good
yeast, good butter, such as
we sell and guarantee. '