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(Advertisements in this column charged for
mt the rate ol 16 cents per line.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Elgin of Salem
arrived Friday for a visit with
Regular meeting of the Coflee
Club at two o'clock nxs Monday af
ternoon. .
Second term nominations at the
college have cloned, and active work
Id the third term will begin next Tues-
day. ' '.
Mrs. Selling and Miss Eia Jacobs
are guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ddvlsson
at Salem. ' They are expected home
A. E. Wilklns arrived yesterday
' to take charge of the merchant tailor ng
business recently purchased from Mr.
: Mrs, Frank Smith cf Silem, ar
rived Wednesday for a visit at tbe
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
R.M. Gilbert.
Th) Mormon que-tion will be
dlscusaad by lbs youus? people at tbe
Baptist church tomorrow evening at
6-30. All services as usual. A CJi
dlal welcome to all.
Mr. and Mr.' John Ireton and
EJwId Mrsh left TQursdat for their
home in Idaho, after a viblt at the
home of G. W." Fuller.
Blly McAdams passed through
town Thursday. He Is connected with
a etereoptlcon show. Billy 'sings the
songs which are i lu9trated on canvas,
arid is tbe all-rouud fuony man.
Delegates from the various Mod
ern Woodmen camps iu th county,
met In Oorvallis Monday -at 11 o'clock
in Woodman hall, for the purpose of
electing - a dl -gate to attend The
Dalles meeting for discussion of tb
re-adjustment plan,
On Sunday, March 29. t-h First
Spiritual TJuioa ot OrrvlIt will bold
services in honor of tb- 55th anniver
sary of Modern Spiritualism. Bar
rett Lyceum will peu at 2-30, serv
ices at 3 p. m, This service wi 1 clw
the regular six months season. All
friends cordially invited.
Tu H Hurd took his departure for
Southern Oregon yesterday after com
pleting extensive improvements on hi
lot in Crystal Lake cemetery. He,
brought from Boseberg the materi 1
for placing coptag about the lot and
erected a handsome monument at tbe
grave of his deceased wife and child.
The Benton Fl luring Mills 0 :, is
having a large amount of wheat re
moved to the mills in . Corvallis from
its warehouse at Booneville. TJsally
this is done bv boat, but t.hln
at least a large portion of the work
will be done by team. Ben Oleeu U
now hauling, and other teams are
likely to be engaged shortly.
Capr. Brooks makes the follow
ing statement as a basis for a request
for aid: The Salvation Army fed over
250,000 poor and homeless men-,
women and children last Christmas.
They are doing tbat sort of thing all
the time, and its costs a lot of money.
Tou have a chance to show a pract
leal appreciation of this work hv
helping the local branch of the Army
during Its self-denial week, April 5th
to 12th Inclusive.
Henry Bailey, a livery man of
Port Towneend, add a gentleman nam
ed Hyatt, of Portland, were in town
Wednesday and Thursday to purchase
horses. The formar was looking for
iignt. roadsters and he secured seven
He bought three from .Troha Wlloir
and one each from Johnnv Beach. V.ri
Witbam, Jobnny Hayes and Austin
T . i ni .
uaueity. xne aggregate amount paid
tor tnem was Detween $S75 and $900
and they were shipped on Friday's
beat. Mr. Hyatt secured a floe span
of black draft horse's from Bufus Skip-
ton, xney were also- shipped on Frl-
uay a Doar. - .- -
A five dollar piece Issued by the
.mormons in early days or ibelr life in
Utah was exhibited in town Wednes
day. "It was a gift from her brother
to Mrs. Marple, widow of the late Eze
kiel Marple. It is lighter in weight
tnan tne ordinary $5 piece, and appar
entiy contains mr re alloy. On one
side is the legend, "Holiness Unto' the
Lord," and under it in the center is
the all-seeing eye. On the other side
in tbe center-are two clasned hands
under them is the data 1849, the year
of mintage. Above are a number of
initial letters which bore alo-nf
flcance mainly to the Mormon people
Over at J. K. . Smith's & Co.'s
warerooms there is a structure, man
ufactured by the firm, which has at
tracted much attention from patrons
f-..- j . - .u to o niueijr up
proved : apparatus for giving sweat
baths to persons in particular who
have rheumatism. Dr. Bowley had it
. i n J. . .. ..
uiaue, uu n is prooaDiy tne flrst one
to oe usea in tne state outeide of
jrortlanrj. The total length ot the ap
paratus is 9 1-2 feet, and its width
nearly three ft et. , Five and a half
reet ot tne structure has an arched
covering of sheet iron incased in as
bestos. The patient is first heavily
iyiodu, iaiu oo a Doara resting on
roiiers ana is wneeied rrom the open
framework to the enclosure. The ends
oi the covering are then closed, leav
ing the bead uncovered, of course.
Then dry hot airia admitted through
tubes from below. It is said that a
temperature of from 250 to 350 de
grees Fahrenheit may be used. In
our next issue Dr. Rowley will have
something to say on this subject. It
is generally conceded, however, that
if the process doesn't effect a cureythe
patient has the satisfaction of being in
a measure prepared for any possible
post mortem conditions.
Dr. N. B. Avery left Monday for
dan P.antL.f I
Arthur Belknap left Wednesday
for Blodge't where he Is to teach
Georcre Horsfall is down from
Idaho and U making a brief stay in
- Boy Bfll Is in charge of the water
woras curing tne aDsence oi nis lath
er in Portland. "., .-
. John Lenger went to Portland
Wednesday via the Westside for a
few days' recreation.
B. J. Evers has treated his
bouse, barn and other outbuildings
to a neat coat of paint,
-Alex Schick, formerly a nurtner
in the biick f tables, visited Oorvallis
a day or two this week. . ; '
Mids Sophia Elgin is to bgln
Monday a t-?rm of cbool about four
miles south of this city.
Miss Ltttle Wicks begins April
1-t'to teach a school in the mountains
slxry miles east of Los j Angeles.
Tom Bell. Wm. Brodera and 8 W
Lily were passengers on the Pomona
Wednesday morning for Portland
Dr. Withycimbe, rProf. Cordley
and Prof Kent left yesterday to hdd
a farmers' institute at Goshen, Laue
counry. . .'.
Elmer Bethers and John Kriens
have taken a contract to paint the
Fischer fl mring mills and adjacent
nun lings.
Mijss E J. Chamber lln and H,
V. Crawford of the college faculty,
left Thureday for. a brief visit la Sa
lem and Albany.
Lee Beall, formerly Qf Oorvallis
has been appointed by Governor
Chamberlain as a recent of the AhIi.
land Normal schotl.
The bond of Surveyor , General
Dily bus ben 'orwarded to Wah-
DBf)n ' It Is expected that he ; will
assume charge ot the office about
April l-t.
u. a. u. Humbert will nrpach at
the Christian church tomorrow
Theme at 1 1 a, m.t "Blssslnar and
PraUe:" at 7-30 d. m. "Th nnufost
yaestlon of the Greatest Prophet.
' Nature Studies in the ' Pnhlln
School," is the BUbject of an address
to be delivered todav before a tenon.
ere' institute at Grant's Pass, hv Prof
anaw or tne college. He lsft yester
day. . , .:. " -.. ...
D. Francisco and family are pre
paring to take their departure for
Franklin. Nebraska,' They came from
that locality a year ago. Since com
ine t.- CorvalHs. Mr.
on. Eioe. have been In the. hurhsrinu
Governor Ohamherlain haa an.
cepted an Invitation to deliver the
address to tbe graduating class next
commencement day, June 17tb. The
baccalaureate sermon is to he rie.
livered by B.v. Allen Wilson, one
or tne nve Ifadlog men of the Chris
Iin denomination. His home is at
Indianapolis. - . ; .
A, H..Nicbols left Wednesdav for
an extended trip to Southern : Ore-
cron. He expects to visit the ' Coos
Bay country, Medford and , other in
terestlog points. Tne family will
stlil occupy the house at the Wood
cock dairy ranch where Mr. Nichols
has been foreman for the past year.
The 8l3t birthday of Mrs. Mary
Kine was celebrated at the home
on Oak Creek Tuesday. A. number
of relatives and friends were present,
Mrs. King Is a sister of Jacob and Ioh-
abod Henkleof Benton, the latter of
whom is 93 years of age. Jack
Henkle, another brother resides in
Eastern Oregon. . . ; " .'-
Adolph Peterson ba-s been'ftwarrl.
ed the contract for the construction
of a county court house at Cindon
the county seat ot Gilliam county.
The structure is to be of brick and the
contract cost is $13,440. The Archi
tect is O.- A. Burgraf of Albany. Mr.
Peterson has alreadv hnilf. torn tnnr
houses In Eastern Oregon counties.
For Processing Establishment and
Packing House for Corvallis.
"'Oregon and Washington together
only produce fifteen millions oounds
of prunes. California produces an
nually 150 million pounds. One
little valley in the state, the Santa
Clara Valley alone yields ninety
million pounds. The ; growers of
the state have on hands now.Vmsold
from last year's crop, a little 'mat
ter of twenty million pounds, five
million pounds more by the - way,
than the combined Oregon and
Washington crop." ' j
Such is the statement of Manager
Robert Johnson, of the Corvallis &
Benton County Prune
rived Thursday from a three weeks
visit to California, in which much
of his time was spent in the prune
districts, in packing houses and
in other departments of the great
prune industry! of the state He
was given a complete insight under
most favorable ausoices into the
processing and packing methods,
matters mat are usually kept secret
from the general 'tiublic. He or
dered, while absent, a processing
and packing plant, and provided the
crop in this vicinity is eood. will
put such an establish me'nt into op
eration this season. He made a
complete study of the methods and
processes employed , in every de
partment. The Californians have
everything in this respect down to
a fine art. and with their various
fruits anJ enormous shipments lead
the world in preparing goods for
the market.
Mr Johnson was for several davsin
San Francisco, and met many old
Corvallisites there. Sol Stock i5 in
the wholesale millinery trade, and
wiin nis partners is doing an ex
tensive business. Mr. Tesse Tnn-
niclifle has a fine position asdraugh
tsman is one of the large establish
ments thefe. M. S. Neiio-ass i a
partner in the West Coast Furni
ture company. occupying there
stories of a building that near
ly covers a block and emnlovinfr
eighty , men. Charles Pearse is
manager of a company that manu
factures fuel out of coal dust mixerl
with crude California petroleum.
The mixture is hardened and tires
sed into small brickettes, conveni
ent for handling and valued as
His friends sav that Mr Toh
old bachelor heart has ; flip-Hopped
many a time since, with remem
brances of others he saw in Calif
ornia, but : they wont mention
names. .
Special Committee Held . a Meeting
Will Ask for Bids For Franchise, '
The water question, which has
slumbered through the winter, has
again appeared. The special water
committee of the council 1 held, a
meetinsr Mondav nip-hr. TCno-ineer
Smythe wrote a letter on . the
subiect of water. He said he had
been absent from Portland most of
the winter but that he is readv
now to do business, ; He declared
that whenever the council should
ascertain what it wanted and should
communicate with him thatv mat
ters in the water line mio-ht be
brought to a focus. ; "
lhe special committee met to
discuss the situation. It was : de
termined to again take up the mat
ter with a view to reaching . a so
lution of some kind. . A special sub
committee was aODointed . consis
ting of Chairman Henkle, Council
man Heckart and F. P. Sheasgreen
chief engineer of the fire depart
ment. The committee is to evol
ve a plan such as the town, present
and future may require, and to pre
pare the same in'' business shape.
When all is completed, the commit
tee will advertise for bids from those
who wish to put in the system, on
the basis ot a franchise for a
term of years. . .' .
Ladies' Fine
- Bev. T. T. Vincent will Drench at
the M. E. church South tomorrow at
7:30 p. m.
Mrp. Cordley entertained about
twenty Ave ladies verv'llv
at. her home nn BYmrrh atraat Th.:.
' ''a a't?ruoon. -
Ponlanl Journal: Mr. aid Mrs
Fredeiick Celvig bve returned from
G ai's Prfss, to mke their future
home iu Portland. ,
Mrs. Frank LU'y and little daugh
ter lr-ft Wednesday to take up their
r-fideoce at LaGrande where Mr.
L'lly has a good position with the
ftiurphy Hard ware Jo.
Wednesday evenlnc n.
able number of the Corvallis Dairy's
patrons were without milk occasioned
by an accident to the delivery wagon
The team was left unhitched as nanai
while the driver went into Ja custom
er's house to deliver the family's
milk, and in his absence tbe horses
took frisrbt and ran awav. As a re
suit the wagon was badly wrecked'
and Jefferson street. : in ; narfclenlar
literally flowed with milk and cream.
The wagon In the runaway was the
yellow one with class rjanels. and re
pairs will be expensive. ; It' is the
property of O. H, Vehrs, and' this ac
cident adds another to a lengthy ser
ies of misfortunes exnerleneerl hv
that gentleman - since embarking in
the dairy business here.. .
Ten Are Contestants Happens Friday
Night Occurs at College.
A local oratorical contest is to
occur in the college chapel next
Friday night. Ten . orators are
preparing for it, but only five of
them will appear on the program,
The paper of each goes into the
bands of the iudses. and bv these
tne Dest nve will be selected as
contestants. This course is. taken
in order to abbreviate the pro
j. ne contest is under the a us
pices of the inter-collegiate pro
hibition association. It is national
in scope. The winner in Friday
night's contest will take - part in
state contest to occur at Dallas
May 1st, me winner 01 that con
test will represent Oregon in an
inter-state contest to be held in
Corvallis, May 22nd The states
to be represented are, Oregon
wasmngton and California.
The winner of the local contest
is also- to be presented with a gold
medal. -It -will be paid for out of
the proceeds ot the fifteen cents ad
mission fee to be charged. The
orator who takes second place . in
the local contest is to be presented
with a silver medal, awarded by
the local . prohibition . league
Among those who are contestants
in the local struggle are. Burnough
Brodie, Mack, and probably Withy
Wanted. .'
Gid to assist in general housework.
Mrs.-Geo. H. Linderman,
R. F. D. No. r Corvallis. Ore.
S. L.
Not Ojie Kind, but Tlany Kinds. 4,
There is no more important article of woman's apparel than
her shoe. We realize it requires a great variety of
- shoes to suit ali kinds f feet,-and have provided
accordingly. "
Green Wheeler,
Always on the advance in
style and continually progres
sing in good wearing qualities.
Our shoe section is now show
ing a full line of this make in
new spring styles. Come in
and see them,' and all the
other good things in footwear
we have assembled here,
At $2.50 and $3.50.
Queen Quality.
It fits because it is made in
an infinite variety of original
stles to suit all shapes, of
feet and all occasions. Queen
Quality originates its own
styles. If you want to be
ahead on the fashion, wear
Queen Quality. If you want
twice as many chances in se
lection, try Queen Quality,
At $3.00.
The White House.
Rt-gulator f Low Prices.
Freeh Cooked Crabs.
One half dozen for 30 ceotp. Neatly
packed in light boxes and delivered at
express office in Newport. Four boxes ;
.... ... 1
or less snippea to one address will cost
but 35 cents for expressage. Addrfse
orders to
W. G. Emery, Newport, Ore.
For S tie.
Barred Plymouth Rock anil Brown
Leghorn egs from thoroughbred chick-'
ers, good as can be had. . Plice fifty
cents pef dozen.
J. B. Irvine, Corvallis.
Live Poultry Wanted.
Higbesr market price j.aid forchiikens
tin keys, gtese and" dnckp.
Hi8 Grocery.
Portland Journal: Henrv Mftlrlriim
surveyor general, reports tbat he baa
been officially notified of the ap
pointment oi his euccessor in t.ho gov
ernment service. Yesterday, he says
he received a commnnlnailnn from
W. A. Richards, commissioner of the
eeneralland offlae at - Washinc-ton
D. 0. Statins? that .T. TV Tlalw nt nnr.
vallls would take chares of thn offi
ce as eoon as his bonds are approved
which will be early in April. , I bave
never received a copy of the charges
filed acrain8t ma." nalii ivir uirimm
"and have no knowlariom r rh
they consist of. I have made a per
sonal request to the secretary of the
interior for a codv ot thn h
but so far have not heard ? from him.
Mr. Daly made a call on me recently
and I found him tO ba A vnrr nlona.
aot gentleman."
Commission Paid to Buyers.
Of 1,000 acres suitable for fruit near
small, town and 9 miles from railroad
in tracts from 3o acres up at $14 to $25
per acre.; For particulars write to
1 Geo. A. Houck, Owner,
" 788 Ferry Street, Eugene, Or.
-" . ; ' Found.
A lady's pocket book containing small
amount of money. Call at this office
and identify property.
y Mohair Wanted.
I am paying the top price for mohair.
See me before selling. -
Wm. Crees, Corvallis. Or:
For Sale.
At a bargain, ladies Sterling . wheel,
good as new, Inquire at Times office.
Iag - $k y I
Our Srsss Q'Oocis StociiS !
7 & &
Comprises ready-selling materials, . at popular prices, in new
; and fashionable weaves and colorings.
Large assortment of
Flake Suitings, Etamines, Granite Cloth, Melrose, . and the
New Weaves in Black DressGoods.
Fancy Waistings.
Our Line of Fancy Waistings is complete. We have them
in white, ornamented with heayy stripes 27-inch A. F. C
Gingham, novelty weaves, fancy stripes, at 10 cents per yard.
We carry-a full line ot W. B. Corsets. Our three Leaders
are, 50-cent Girdles, Extended Hip at $1.00 and $1.50, and
Erect Form.
Round Shoes for Men.
Always $3.50. never less. Ask for ? Tod Round and vou
m11 U a! : ' TT. 11 .1 . 1
win lit: .sow r. .srnso s cs s v r1.; . nevre et m nnf
.- . . " -
material and workmanship. Absolutely guaranteed in every
particular, coia only oy
R'-C UliUer, oruallis, Oregon.
i i