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Vol. XVI. No. 0.
Editor and Proprietor.
M 7 It I
J ust Received.
Dittman & Co.
Every Pair Guaranteed.
.Complete Line of Dress Goods.
Nobby Patterns. Call and see.
i .
CO lllt Ykts
to as high a standard as our desire would promote
us. but see that you make no mistake in
est standard' of Grocer
: . " ies that is the -
) , .place to to
rV; Fresb Fruits,
fresh everything to be had in the market. We
run our delivery wagon and our aim is
9 to kfifin whflh enn
please. Call
a good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Banches, write for my special, list, or come and
ee me. I shall take pleasure in giving you all
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you over the country." ' '
v y Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
Philomath, Oregon.
A Lenten
A Leaten Breakfast may be just as en
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Wii Vino
Fresb Uegetablcs,
want. a-nr fn Ol
and see
People Walk in River Bed of Ni-
agra Falls Crown Princass is
Still to be a Princess Schley
, Coming to Portland
' . Other News,,
Derby s Conn., March 25-r Lena
Cook, twelve years old, pleaded
guilty to-day to a series of burglar
ies that for the last . momh have
terrified the fashionable north-end
dristrict of Bristol. Eight residen
ces have been robbed, silverware
valued at $50 beiDg taken from the
house of Mm. Katheriue Holdridee
and $70 worth from that of Mrs
William Bancroft. .Rues, iewelrv
and linen were taken from other
houses. The burglaries occurred
twice a week, despite the fact ; that
police protection wan doubled. 1
juabb uigDi me gin. was recogni
zed as she emerged from a window
and ran 1 When Chief of Police
Arms arrested her in school io-dav
he found three skeleton keys 4n her
pocket. Scattered about her toooj
at home were the stolen goods from
an eignt nouses. ,
; In the City court she broke down
and confessed. She declared she
was collecting articles- for house
keeping in case she ehould marry,
judge JNewell ordered her - sent ; to
the Industrial School for Girls on
request of her father, Alexander
Cook, a mechanic. . A ,,;.
Niagara Falls, N. Y., March 23.
ine American lall3 is practically
ary ana ior ine nrst time in 55
years people are able to walk about
in the river bed. Thousands have
clamored over the rocks , hunting
Tor reuca" . Great
rocks never before seen are high
and dry. So little water is flowing
over ine American tails that men
in high boots almost could have
crossed at the brink. The extra
ordinary condition is due to an ice
jam -up the river. The ice was
driven from-Lake Erie into the en
trance in the Niagra and lodged in
the shoal water, shutting off the
flow into- the American channel.
The Horseshoe fall is not affected
as much" as the ' American;" The
river in the vicinity of the Three
bister Islands is quite dry and the
center ' falls, between i Goat and
Liana Islands, is a skeleton of itself.
ine condition is likely to exist tor
several days. :...,
New York, March 24. It is Iear
-i ...
utu irom an mnMi
says the Vienna correspondent' 0f
the Herald, that the former Crown
Princess will in future bear theoffi-
cial title of Princess Louise of Tus
cany, with honors due a. royal
highness. Her father, as Grand
Duke of Tuscany, has the ' prero
gative pt granting titles, and has
conferred this one UDon his - danch
ter with the consent of the Emperor.
can Francisco. March 23. Ad-
miral Schley has finally consented
to accept several informal dinners
and luncheons in this city, Vallejo
ana jdare island win be visited
uy ine Aamirai ana party on
Thursday, and on .Saturday night
they will start to return East by
way of Portland. Seattle and Salt
Missoula. Mont.. March 11.
Joseph u. Young, a well-known
rancher living at Ovando. it is al
leged, fatally stabbed Carl Dowell,
a po8tomce clerk, and well known
in this city, at three o'clock' this
afternoon. The affair occurred in
Young's room in the Missoula Ho
tel, where he had taken - Dowell td
try and Dersuade him tn marrir nia
daughter Bessie Young, whom tha
father claims Dowell has ruined.
"he physicians state ? that . Dowell
cannot live. Young almost disem
boweled him with a large huntin?-
knife;, ; ...l:rtL;::,-.i,'
London. March. 2V. Mrs Flor
ence Maybrick, the American wo
rn an who is serving a" life sentence
for the poisoning of her husband in
1899, has been pardoned.
The long4 years of effort that her
friends ; have made in - her behalf
have at last borne fruit and the
unhappy woman is at last to be re-
1 . . . 1 . m m . m i .
Leased. jk ine pardon is not, how-
ever' to : take effect immediately
The stern demand of British justice
nas not been satisfied as yet, add
Mrs.' Maybrirk must remain in
prison until iyu4. men She may
leave the cell where she lias been
IB career a ted so many years and
once more breath the air of
freedom. 1 '' :
The announcement of the par
don was made this morning by the
Home Office. It is said that Queeri
Alexandra had more to do with
this exercise ofroyal clemency than
any one else, as she has alwavs
doubted the guilt of the convicted
woman. . '
Sensational litigation is apt to
follow the liberation of 'Mrs My
brick. The announcement of her
pardon will bo used by her ": Wash
ington attorney to secure a post
ponement to the trial of the great
law suit bearing on the prisoner's
property interests in ;' Kentucky,
Virginia and West Virginia.
The property in dispute is valued
at several millions. Relatives of
the family of Mrs May brick have
made determined efforts to obtain
possession of this wealth1 on the
ground that the woman, being a
life convict, could not hold property
in her own right. '"; The suiewill be
pressed by the defence as soon as
Mrs. Ma v brick is liberated.
JVffereon City.v- March 56. The
hardest blow the meat trust has ev
er received has been dealt by the
Missouri supreme court,.
ine nveieienaants in tne prof
ceedinga to oust them from the state
brought ;iby the attorney-general
last summei culminated in the su
preme court, which effects the big
gest prcking companies in the couo
try- - - V
v ines 01 ?o,uuu eacn were assess
ed against Armour & Co., Cudahy
Packing Co., Hammond, Scbwarz
& Shields and the Sulzberger Pack
ing Company. r
in audition to this the supreme
court orders tne members ot th?
comoine to pay once tne mil oosts
2i-Bt0twmc..-wuftmPM.wJthe'VaiidteblIt Company, from the
$5,000 in each case. ; ; lermtrbl of the New- Vort Central
lUB biruug po nv in me aeci-
sioo, nowever, is inai jn wnicn a
penalty is nxea ior violation 01 tne
oraer w pay. . .
Tt in - : iL.i -
memrjers 01 xne . meai trust enan
r . I . . . 1 .
pay ine unee ana me costs 01 tne
actiottwithm SOdays, they will be
ousted from the stale'' and prevent
ed hereafter from '; doing ' business
within the borders of Missouri
There still remains tne termina
tion of ; .the definite "ouster" pro'
ceedings which are yet to be heard
on the merits of the . contention of
the attorney-general. The decision
of the court today is taken as evi
dence that the 'combine will be' de
clared an unlawful aggregation for
the purpose of restricting trade and
controlling prices
St.- Petersburg, March 25. Dis
patches received today tell of a ter
rifle battle between Mertans 4 and
Shinans, rival tribes of Kurds on
the Turkey-Persian frontier tnat
has been fought. ' ' '
More than a. thousand dead bod
ies were counted on the field after
the battle bad terminated.
The strife was actuated by a mu
tual oath taken by the two tribes
to destroy each other.
The war between these tribes has
been in progress for two years.
',. In the last encounter, when
famous chief, EI Ramouez led
faction, more than 2,000 bit
dust.' '
Chicago. March 24. A dispatch
to thelribune irom Mt Vernon ,111.
says: Xhe Illinois Appellate Court
for the b ourth District has decided
tnat wnen a man is sent to prison
ior me muraer 01 ms wite ne is iu-
dlaiaiiy dead, and his children are
entitled to .the insurance on the life
of the murdered woman, even if it
was taken. out in favor of her bus-
band, l bis is said to be a point
of law never before raised or passed
upon the supreme Court or either of
the Appellate Courts of this or any
otner state.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are ianored hv
those tireless, little workers--Dr.
King's New Life Pills- Millions
are always at work night and day, l
curing ; indigestion,: . biliousness.
constipation. ' sick headache and
all ! stomach, liver ' and ? bowel
troubles. , Easy, pleasant and safe.
Only 25 cents at Graham & . Wort
ham, druggists,- ,
To be Done While on Western Tour
Million Railroad Merger An
' nounced Murderer Benson '
, : ., i, Arraigned Other
Washington, March: 25. An al
leged plot to kidnap three members
of the cabinet of the forthcoming
Presidential tour of the West was
made public today.' 1
The men against whom the plot is
supposed to have be en batched are
nO less personages than Secretary of
War Koot, Attornev-General Knox
and Secretary of- the Treasury
Shaw.' ' '.. -'
The announcement created no
little sensation in government ' cir
cles, for. while it is. generally dis
credited, it 13 known that there are
men in the West who are bold
enough to attempt almost any pro
ject that promises large returns.
1 be warning came ..from . John
Fremont, the .aged negro orator,
who gave his information to Con
gressman Tawney today. The col-,
ored man stated that a plot was on
foot to kidnap the three : officials
while they were with the President
in Montana. , ,.' . ,,. ... ..
The object of .the kidnappers,
said Fremont was to secure 8 heavy
ransom. Tawney considered the
information of sufiicent importance
to inform Secretary Shaw. It is
learned that steps will at once
be taken to investigate the alleged
plot and to discover the plotter?,
if they exist outside the negro's
imagination. .'",.!.,-v,;:.;.;.
New . York, March 25. r The
wA a.k it k.. .ui.
confirmation that the retirement of
Marks the final move lh ' the Mbr-
gan-Rockfeller scheme of a trunk
i;n tmncnnrtati ;n A,.-.
1 ck: Fourfthf. 0tKe railwav mil-
1 - . - 7- ...
I W47t, VM.
the Miseippippi is ' included and
miie8 0f railwa and $5,000,000 of
Olympia, "Wash., March: 24.
Chris Benson was arraigned in the
Superior Court today, charged with
the murder of Jailer David Morrell.
Benson stated he had no money,
and asked tbat Phil Sk llmon, of
this city, be appointed as his at
torney. The request was granted,
and Benson was given , until next
Thursday to plead. . ; ; ;
Dublin, March 25. All Ireland
is wild with delight and excitement
over the labd bill, which is up to
day in Jthe House of Commons. -
Not for half a century has the
country witnessed such a display
of exuberant good feeling.
The introduction of the land bill.
with Us home rule features, is con
sidered the most momentous event
in the history of Ireland since the
formation of the Union- ,
The bill is confidently expected
to pas. The attitude of the anti
Irish population of England has
undergone a radical change in the
past few years and the members of
the present house of Commons are .
Aboolutel Pure s
more liberal in their tendencies
than ahy of their predecessors.
The rest of the world can hardly
realize what, this . legislation will
mean to the people of Ireland, With
the throwing open of fine stretches
of land, now held by non-resident
landlords,' thousands of. families,
now destitute;, will be rendered in
New York, March 25. Hon.
.Franklin K, Lane, recently, a can
didate for governor of California,
and the city attorney of ,San, Fran
cisco," is in New York. His mission
in coming East is to secure . from
the department of the interior tfye
right to use two reservoir sites on
the Yosemite National Park as a
sourGe of water supply,' for San
Fracisco. Applications were made
for these sites two years ago by the
mayor, but were rejected. The city
now renews the application in i's
own name. If they are granted the
water supply will be owned by the
municipality. , '. :. ,
Plans and estimates have already
been made which call for an expen
diture iof $40,000,000. In. renerl
outline, the scheme is to hold back
in giant reservoirs the waste flood
waters of the Tuolumne River, and
by canals and pipes carry the water
across the San Joaquin Valley and .
nnder San. Francisco Bay, a dist
ance of 140 miles. ; -"
The new charter of San Francis
co xakes it mandatory that - the
question of municipal ownership of
tne water supply shall be, submit
ted to the vote of (he people, and it
in iu coniormuy witn tnat direction
that the plans of the Tuolumne Dro-
ject have been made, r
New. York, March 24. There' :b
every : indication that the Lorenz .
apparatus invented by the celebrat
ed Vienna surgeon to be used in op
erations for congenital hip disease
will prove a complete success.
' The six children upon whom Dr.
Frederick Mueller, the pupil of Dr.
Lorenz;-operated on: (Sunday, psing;
the device for the first time in thia
country now rest comfortably, and.
appear to have their limbs set , in'
normal farm. ' y
The Lorenz hip red reseeur resem
bles somewhat the skeleton frame
of a. crib. At one end is a padded
support for'the children's backs, at'
the Other are leather sockets' in
which '- the feet are strapped. At
either end are clamps and " screws
for adjusting the appliance and for
the stretching precesa. The. redres
eeurr heavy, and . silver-plated, ia
clamped upon the operating, table. -:
.The patient is etherized and. ar
ranged with one foot, in the fixed,
leather socket and , the other in, the
movable , socket, adjusted - much
as a boot is clamped in a skater
Then Dr. Mueller holding the dis:
torted tendons and muscles with.,
one hand, manipulates the screws '
with the other ' and slowly draws
out the foot of the Shorter leg ' to-"
ward iti mate. ' ' ' ! .
i Bit by bit under the strain of the
clamps and screws, stronger than
human hand, the muscles stretch.' '
The proper length of leg attained,
the screws are released. Then the '
child is taken from , the redressear
and placed in a plaster of pariscast
already prepared. :. . .. . ..
(Jn another Lorenz apparatus
the osteoclast for operation upon
club feet, Dr. Mueller attended to'
a Iit'le girl and a little boy yester
day morning., Children will again -.
be operated upon in the redresseur
today. ,