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at the rate of 15 cents per line.
President Gatcb returned Mon
day from a vialt of several days at
Mre. H. S. Pernot returned Mon
day from a several days' visit at
Salem. ' ,
Mrs T. Burnett of Albany, re
turned to her heme Monday, alter a
visit with relatives and frieods.
After a visit since last Septem
ber with relatives in Michigan, Mrs.
Knisely arrived home Monday.
Miss Bertha Thrasher left Mon
day for a few days' visit with fi lends
at Dallas.
Mrs. Burnett returned to her
borne In Albany yesterday, after a
several month's etav at the home of
her daugnter, mre. m. r. urieu
Elmer Betbers ana ramuy re-
' moved Monday iar,o the dwelling at
the corner of Jnckson and Ninth,
recently purchased of Marion Woods.
Saturday Butbyn Turney took
his departure for San Frar,c!eco. Mr.
Turney is in poor health and hi-? plans
for the future have not been fully de
termined upon on that account.
S. W. Jackson has been able to be
out during the last few days or the
nreaeot Derio i of sunshine. He had
been confined to bis home all winter
from rheumatism. He has been a
fllcted for several years. ,
Joseph Ooli, a former well known
student at the college, has been in
town for several days. Mrs. Colt was
' Miss Cleara Wells. Their home is
nar F.loln. Thev mav come to Cor-
vallis to reside lr Mr. Colt can make
satisfactory business arrangements,
Miss VIeve Cecil entertained a I
number of friends at her home Sat
urday evening. Hearts was the chief
amusement, and the eveniog was very
pleasantly spent. Dainty refresh
ments were served.
Joseph Sawyer arrived from Los
Angeles Mondwy t take a position as
- grader in the Bsutoo county saw mill.
He says there are 52 planers running
in Los Angelf s at full bluet, and with
immense activity la tbe building line.
Lumber sells there from $20 to $40
per thousand.
' Soap Creek is to have a saw mill
The machinery tor one arrived . at
Wells, Saturday. The owner Is L. L.
. Howe,, who recently purchased th9
farm of J. H. Moore. The mill is
to be located in tbe timber weet of
the water tank at Calloway's.
New deds filed for rpcord are,
Mrs. E. M. Doke to Sarah E. Kettlp,
20 acres in King's Valley, $lu; B. S.
Bryson and others, to H. L. Hall, one
lot in Job's adlitioD, 82o; Sam "Davis
and Wife to E. L. Davis, 12o acres
north of Corv&llis, S3,ooo; Byington
Frantz to E. O. Fraotz one-half inter
est in 514 acres near Hosklns, $1.
' Temperance House has secured a
, divorce from her husband, Charles
House. It happened ia tbe Portland
eourts. The two were mat lied a long
time ago in Corvullis. The grounds
were desertioD. Mrs. House a'lged
that Charles had left her several
months ago, and that he ba1 . been
employed in '-a mining ramp about
six miles from Corvaliis,"
Arrangements have been com
pleted and programmes have been
mailed for a parent's meeting which
is to include all schools aUcent to
. Philomath, to be bel 1 at Philomath
next Saturday March 28, In tbe public
school building. An excellent pro-
"r vo wm nr A haa hnan nroi .flvarl Tlio
literary and musical programme will
be furnished by Philomath College,
and the public schools invited to par
ticipate. A large attendance is ex
pected. President E. D. Bessler of
Monmouth Normal will be present.
Encouraged by the reoent log
rolling, Mary's Peak Camp No- 26.
; W. O. W, assisted by the Oregon Pa
cific & Oriental Carnival Company,
has arranged to hold a four days'
street carnival and fair in Corvallis
the second week in next June. Among
tbe many attractions will be a queen
contest and crowning, : competitive
drills by uniformed degree teams of
the order, a public wedding with a
donation of the marriage fees and $25
worth of housekeeping furniture, and
a balloon ascension,
The exercises of the Missionary
Convention at the M. begin
ning Wednesday afternoon will be
open to ' the public. rWednesday
evening the addresses will be givea
by Bev. H. M. Bounds and Dr, M.
C.'WIre. Thursday evening Dr.
Smvthe. of San Francisco will snenk.
Dr. Ford of Eugene will preside at )
rne - - convention. - adoui. a dozen
ministers of tbe church from abroad
. will be in attendance. Tbe sessions
of the convention . begin Wednesday
afternoon and continue over Thurs
day evening. The purpose is for the
awakening of interest in missions.
The stay or Prisoner Fawcett in
the county jail took on an unusual
. turn the other day. He set up a
claim that he wa9 very ill. He rolled
on the floor and went through various
distressing evolutions, He claimed
to be afiected with appendicitis, and
said that on a former occasion he had
suffered with the disease. He wrote
a telegram, addressed to his ' wife at
Tacotna. that said , "I have got
pondeceteas; delay might be fatal," or
words to that effect. Dr. Lee was
called and nothing was found in tbe
man's condition to warrant alarm or
even occasion for the unusual mani
festation of distress.
Mrs. S. N. Wilkins 13 absent on a
viit to relatives and friends at Hood
Biver and The Dalle's.
rL. L. TJurd, formerly a resident
here, now of Glendsle, Or., was a vis
iter in Corvallis this ween.
The junior girls at th college en
tertained the junior boys t the home
of Miss Mabel Eeady, Saturday even
ing. In the estate of Joppph Park, the
the administrator has filed an inven
tory. The real property Is plaeed at
$965 ;
Mrs. B. O. Jone and daughter,
of Amity, I In Corvsllls on a visit to
the former's sister, Mrs. Gillespie and
family. -
Mrs. M E Brink and two chil
dren Ipft yesterday for their home in
Prlnevllle, after a visit with Mre.
Sarah Moore,
Tho warm weather ha brought
tbe spriokler wnjrn out of lti winter
quarters to spo if it isn't about time
to bpgin business.
W. H. JVIcMahon has sold his
bliek horses to Mr- Frazier of Port
land. The team wpiehs from 2,900 to
3,000 pounds, and th orlce reported
to have been paid is $400. Mr. Mc
Mabon shipped the animals on Tues
day's Jboat.
Among thosp'shortly to be sen Ix
swell new bngsieg are Losran Hays
and J. L. Horninar. Mr. Havs bus
orderel bis from Portland through J.
K. Smith & Co., and Mr. Hornlne ba
his about ready to put. together in bis
blacksmith and wagon shop. .-'
v Mack Hpmpbill took Tai dppnr
ture for Portland yesterday, to take
position as train mpssenger for 'the
Pacific Express Co. His run is be
tween Portland and Huntington. Mack
was in this business during Ix years
inCol-rado. HI family will remain
in Corvallis for the presert. -
The Mnccabpes of Corvallis are
to elve . public pnfrtainment nod so
cial at the Opera bouse on the 29rh t
Apii". Preparations have been begun
on n extensive scale. The pxarcispa
will include a programme and a ba&
et social. Further announcemert?
will appear later.
A piano recital 1 f be given bv
pupils of the school r f musin at the
college in ollesre cbsppl next Satur
day evening. Otto F. L. Herse, the
wpll-known vocalist, will apppar.on
the programme. The recital will be
under direction of Mr. Goodnough.
The doors will close at 7 :45, ni no
one will bp admitted after that hour.
The public is Invited.
Tbe old-time grand jury is one of
the features of tbe present term of tbe
circuit court. It is tbe first time a
grand jury has been culled since the
passage tr a l;iw making it optional
with district httoroeys as to whether
or not grand juries should b sum
moned. The members of the present
j ary are,-A H Buckingham, foreman;
Albert Timmons, F P Clk, A G
Wright, F. Tbarp, Theodore Prkr
and Albert Rbriber. The bai iff is
Charles W. Tounsr. Willard Price is
bailiff of the cou;t. j
Word from tbe anvlum authorities j
is to the effect that Dave Howard is i
not likely to b released from the in-1
etitution fr some time.. Meantime
bis children have been sick with mea
1ps. and the lrtle boy is said to be
yet quite 111, The family have been
compelled to dra'v heavily up?m char
ity in their misfortunes. Members of
the M. E. churcU, South, have been es
pecially generous, while In the past as
well-, as present voluntary ' aid -has
been tre6ly given by many Individuals.
It is not to be expected that this char
ity can be continued indefinitely, and
it is thought that it will become ne
cessary either to nd the little ones
to some institution for the care of
children, or secure aid from the coun
ty.. '
Under a law passed by tbe last
legislature, a tax of $6 on each pupil
of school age must be paid into tbe
state treasury for state school pur
poses. The law was formetly a tax of
five mills on all taxable property in
the county. Ia Benton where the
total taxable property has aggregated
about two and one hall millions, : the
I amount of the five mill levy this year
was about $12,500. The average per
pupil thus turned iote the state treas
ury waabout $5. There are 2,586
persons of school age In the county.
The new arrangement will increase
the sum Benton must pay into the
state treasury for school purposes to
$15,516; or about $3,000 more than
was paid this year. . The sum that
Benton citiz3ns pay for the common
schools, not counting special levies
for school purposes, is but a few
thousand short of what it costs to
run the county. -The usual expense
for the latter Is about twenty three
thousand dollars.
' Mr. Broders, one of the owners of
tbe German coach stallion, Exeellenz,
brought the animal over from Albany
Saturday and gave our horsemen and
others a much deeired opportunity of
seeing him. He truly is a fine-looking
horse, and bears the marks or brand3
which it is tbe practice of the German
government to place on every stallion
in its realm as a guarantee of his
quality. In Germany the government
owns th8 stallions, with the view of
regulating horse-breeding ; In a large
measure. It is desirable to improve
horses for vatious purposes, of course,
but the maia purpose of the German
government in . controlling horse
breeding to the extent which it does is
on account of its clos9 relation to mil
itary affairs. The government wishes
to see that a desirable and uniform
class of horses may be available . for
military work. ExcelieDz will be on
exhibition again at the brick stable In
Corvallis next Saturday afternoon.
For More Than a Hundred Thousand
in the Benton Circuit Court, . .
The hundred thousand dollar
lawsuit was tried in the circuit
court Monday, and a decree was
rendered for the -plaintiff. The
judgment is for $101,361, besides
the court costs. . -
The case was that of the Coast
Land & Livestock Company ver
sus the Oregon Pacific Colonization
Company. The former sold de
fendants what is known as the Coe
lands and the lands of the Oregon
Agricultural . Company limited,
aggregating. something like 60,000
acres. , The purchasers, besides a
cash payment, the amount of which
is not known, gave two notes of
$17,000 each, one of $34,000 and
one of $21,000. Two of the notes
were payable on the 15th of last
November and the other two next
August, and all were secured by
mortgage on the lands. The pur
chasers defaultedlin the payments
and also in payment of the taxes
which it was agreed they should
pay. J '.v ' . r .-: '
The hearing of the case occurred
but a short time The defendants
made no appearance in court, and a
decree was rendered in accordance
with the prayer of the plaintiffs.
It is said that the stockholders of
the Oregon Pacific Colonization got
into a squabble among themselves,
and that to this was largely due
their failure to complete the pur
chase. There is talk, to the effect
that the matter may yet be com
W. 0. Heckart Secures Two Jobs
. the University Town.
W. O. Heckart left for fiugene
yesterday to begin work on two
residences for the construction of
which he secured contracts when
he was in that city last week. For
W. W. Calkins, formerly of Cor
vallis, he builds a two-story eight
room - residence, with . eight-foot
porch across iront, basement, hot
air furnace, and completely plumb
ed and fitted with electric light
wire " It is to cost $3000 This
residence is to be erected near the
one which he had built by Mr.
Heckart last year, and which he
now occupies. Their location is
near the University on a lot having
a frontage of 160 feet. . The resi
dence erected will be rented
(' The other residence to be built
by Mr. Heckart is a story-and-half
six-room residence tor w. L,. ue
lano, drusrsrist, of Eugene. This is
to be a nicely built house at the
cost of $1,200.
Billy Baker and Harry Buxton
accompany Mr Heckart from Cor:
vallis to assist in the erection of the
buildings. Ryder Bros, will have
charge of Mr. Heckart' s work in
Corvallis during his absence.
Kline's for your spring suit.
Do You Want a
Carpet, matting, linoleum or any floor
covering this spring? ' If so, don't fail to
gets prices of Oliver Blackledge, the
carpet man at Mann &' Co's store.
Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the treasury to pay all city
warrants drawn on the general fund and
endorsed prior to February I2, 1901. and
all city street fund warrants endorsed
prior to November 15,' ' 1902. Interest
will stop on tbe same from this date.
Dated at uorvallis. Oregon, March 24,
1903. . ' .
. Wm. McLagan.
City Treasurer-
For Your Own Sake w
As well as ours, you should see onr large
line cf men's suits for spring. ' Best we
have ever shown at the prices. Nice
ones for $6, $7, $8, 10 to $20. "
S. L. Kline.
For Sale.
A span of young draught horses.
weignr 2700 ids. At my ranch six
miles west of Philomath on Asea road,
" B. G. Pugsley.
Call for Warrants. :
Notice is hereby given that there is
money on hand at the county treasurers
office to pay all. orders endorsed and
marked not paid for want of funds up to
and inclnding those of March 16th I903,
Interest will be stopned on same from
this date.
Dated Corvallis, Mar. 18th, I903. :
' v W. A. Buchanan,
Treasure! 01 Benton County, Oregon,
For Sale,
A choice lot of Scotch Collie
$5 each. v .
pups at
Spencer Bicknell,-Corvalljs
Also Miller and his Mare A Leaflet
' From Other Days.
It was mean of them mean as
could be. It happened four years
or more ago. Ralph Davisson, R.
E. Gibson and F. L. Miller . were
out deer hunting. They were fol
lowing a trail in the mountain
fastnesses somewhere, no matter
where. Davisson and Gibson were
ahead, and Miller was a consider
able distance in the rear, piloting
an old mare. The advance guard
encountered a huge" nest of bald
hornets, that hung suspended, ex
actly over the trail. The hornets
were olthe great big, virulentkind,
from which the sting, is almost
enough to knock a man down.
The advance guard stopped at
the hornets' nest and held a coun
cil of war. The devil sometimes
possesses deer hunters, and he ap
parently got hands on the advance
guard on this occasion. It was
determined to stir up the hornets,
so they would be in good fighting
trim about the time the rear guard
happened along. That done, the
advance guard from a considerable
distance ahead awaited develop
ments. "
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" was the
terrified yell that soon fell on their
ears. "Whoa, Betsy; whoa," whoa,"
came again from the depths of the
forest and with it came the crashing
of brush and the breaking of forest
limbs and branches as the good
mare fled through the thickets from
the pursuing hornets.
When the rear guard arrived at
cmp it was still iu the ring, but
badly disfigured. The old mare
had welts and lumps; all over her
from the attack of the hornets.
Miller's face had patches and ban
dages all over it and Brother Miller
as he travelled along, ; was indus
triously chewing tobacco and ap
plying it to the multitudinous stung
spots. He didn't know then, how
he was led into the ambuscade. It
was a year or so afterward before
his companions thustered up . cour
age sufficient to let him into the
Us H Ira
Mori'-ay from a
few,, days.'
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