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Vol. XVI. No. 4.
Editor and Proprietor.
1 j "
Have Received Big
Shoe Department
Clothing Department
Hat Department '
Dress Goods Departm't
Silk and Trimming j "
Lining Department
Carpet and Rug Dep't
Other Departments.
CUe Do Hot Ciuc
to as high a standard as our desire would promote
'Ql , DSJ. hnf. KAft that, vnn Irinlro nn nniat.aVo in
; the house that keeps the hig
v est standard of Grocer-
ies that is the ,
:j ' ' place to .
: ::.'..v. ' BUY .
Fresb Fruits, Frcsb Ucgttablts,
fresh everything to be had in the market. We
run our delivery wagon and our aim is
to keep what you want and to
please. Call and see , ;
I i
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranehes, write for my special list, or come and
a me. I shall take pleasure in giving you all
; the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country. . " '
.Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
if . Philomath, Oregon.
Don't Cry!
We are sure we can match it if , your
cbina gets broken, and it Won't cost yon
much either. We have so many pat
terns and designs to select from that if
your china or glassware . porcelain, or
crockery gets demolished you can buy a
new supply from our fine sets, and from
our open stock, at prices yon couldn't
begin" to match a year ago.
Three Trust Bills Passed-Amended
Pension Laws Refused Re
duction Tariff Rates for
Philippines Duty on
- Coal Removed-
. Other News.
Washington March 12, The leg
islation enacted by the late congress
is summed up in the following:
A plan for controlling trusts and
corporations was made operative
by the passage of the bills, each
dove-tailing with the other. These
Drovide for publicitv prevent the
giving or receiving of rebates, pro
hibit discriminating rates and
give enits. against trusts precedence
in Federal courts over , ordinary
cases. Their value depends on
how vigorously the President enfor
ces them, ,
The ninth executive department
of the Government was created,
being designated as that of Com
merce and Labor. Efforts to secure
this legislation have been made in
many previous Congresses without
success., '
An act was passed creating a
general staff corps for the army,
thereby placing it on the same foot-,
ing as the European organization.
This has been one of Secretary
Root's chief ambitions. The reor
ganization of the army will be effec
tive after the retirement of Gsn.
Miles. -
Provisions was made for creating
miiitia service which will be great
service in time of war. '
- A. nevv iinmigrattoa - la w passed
which will da much to restrain the
incoming of -s objectionable aliens.
It will render the contact labor laws
more rigid, and puts into execu
tion stringent regulations for the
exclusion and control of anarchists.
The bankruptcy act was amended
as to remove the objections . raised
against the existing law and to
prevent fraudulent transaotiona by
debtors. v
The gold standard was extended
to the Philippine Islands and : a
system of coinage provided. This
legislation -was strongly urged by
the Taft Commission and the nresi
dent. It is expected to place busi-
nees on a firm basis and increase
the general prosperity.
The duty on anthracite coal was
removed, permitting large - impor
tations 01 fuel from Nova- Scotia
and Canada. This afforded some
relief to the border states from the
coal famine caused by the strike in
the anthracite regions, - :
The sum of $3,000,000 was given
to relieve distress in the Philip
pines caused by famine and suffer
ing due to hostilities.
An act was passed to increase
the pension of those who have lost
limbs in the military or naval serv
ice 01 the United states. -
The safety of employes and trav
elers on railroads has been increas
ed by additional legislation requir-
Inn tVto naa rt antAmnti.
wheel brakes. .-) -'.:
, The pension laws were amended
to prevent the practice of young
women marrying aged ex-soldiers
for the purpose of receiving widow
pensions after their deaths.
The bill reducing tariff on ,all
importations from the Phillipines
to the United States to 25 per cent
of the Dingley act rates; which
passed the house, was talked to
death in the senate. The measure
was urgently desired by the presi
dent, who sent his last special
message to congress on that ' sub
ject r ' ' .... '," - ;'- '
The Fowler currency bill in the
house and the , Aldrich financial
bill in the senate failed to pass
either body. 'Ay.-. .
The omnibus statehood bill,
which ; passed the house ' last
session, provided for the admission
of Arizona, New Mexico and Okla
homa as states, was filibustered
against in the senate for ; nearly ;
iourteen weeks and its passage pre
vented although a pronounced ma
jority of the eenatejfavored it. "
Ihe Panama : , canal : treaty and
the Cuban reciprocity treaty failed
of ratification, and will be con
sidered at the . special session of
the senate.
Washing'on, March 12 The rat
ification of the Panama canal trea
ty is assured, as the democrats will
divide-on it and not make it a par
ty question.'
The fate of the Cuban treaty is
uncertain, as the republicans are
divided and the democrats are al
most all opposed.
Speaker-elect Cannon's predic
tion ; that ; public opinion would
compel a change in the senate rules
was supported yesterday by Sena
ator Allison's motion that a com
mittee investigate the subject.
Land Commissioner Richards
will allow cattlemen aod sheep
men to graze their herds this season
on land withdrawn from entry pre
liminary to its addition to forest
reserve. : ' " 7
Adjutant-General Corbin says
the department of the Columbia
will be moved to Portland, it at all.
but no move is contemplated.
- New. York, March 10. -Mysterl
ous death stalked on the Anchor
Line steamship Karamania during
the voyage from Marseilles, which
ended this morning.
A number of the passengers
He is to be Tried in San Francisco
Spain Wants the Maine
Raised Says She was .
Not Blown up by
' Spaniards.
Toledo, O., March 10. After four
successive attacks bad been made
on nonunion teamsters by striking
union men, a member of the 'Tole
do Cartage Association declared
that be would make application to
Gov. Nash tomorrow to call out the
state militia to protect the associa
tion's men and interests.
Today has been one of the mo-t
exciting in the city's histoiy, nor is
the excitement abated by the strik
Washington, Marqh6. A Swede,
who gave his name as Z Berg, of
Providence, R. I,, tried lor an hour
today to see the president. He was krs declaration that a general strike
uijlbu uy ub vv uiiiti nuuBH uttauiies
to - reduce bis communication- to
writing. This he endeavored to do,
but failed. One of the secret ser
vice officials interviewed him and
found him possessed of hallucina
tions, rserg said that several years
ago he had informed the United
States government that the Span
iards intended to blow up one of its
battleships, and wanted the presi
dent to see to it that he received
f 100,000 for hia information. Berg
was persuaded to return to Provi
dence, and there place his claim
in the hands of a lawyer.
A 1- !l: P. A A. A. i.1 1 . I Iah TMnf rAirlflttT'j Art an1 -
the tact tbat the cause is not ap
parent has forced the steamship to
remain in quarantine pending a rig
orous investigation
On the run to Palmero four of
the crew were suddenly taken sick
and two died. Une 01 the men re
covered before reaching Palmero
and the remaining sufferer was sent
ashore at the latter port. Physt
cians at Palmero declared that the
man had been poisoned, but found
it impossible to state the nature of
the toxic.
Later in the. voyage several of
the crew all occupying , the same
ward room were suddenly taken
ill. They all rushed on deck, where
the fresh air revived . them some
what. They complained of the most
terrible pains. The compartment
occupied by the men was stripped
of all its furnishings and thorough
ly disinfected. It was then sealed
March lstftwo persons manifest
ed the same symptoms and died
within two hours after making the
first complaint. - -
Death seemed to haunt, the ship.
On the day following, this incident
another passenger was seized with
the mysterious symptoms and was
carried to the hospital, shrieking in
the most terrible agony. He died
half an hour later.
- A little later in the day still a-
nother passenger, was found dead
in his berth. All the dead passen
gers occupied berths adjoining the
steerage. . '
With white faces and nervous
voices the officars of the liner held
funeral services over the victims of
the mysterious scourge and threw
the bodies over the side. ; '
The only explanation for the
many deaths that could be offered,
and this is not conclusive by any
means, is that a poisonous gas was
generated in the hold of the ship
by some article of freight, the na
ture of which is unknown, and that
this gas found its way on its mis
sion of death through the various
vents leading to the sleeping apart
ments. The truth or falsity of this
conclusion will probably not be
known until the freight is taken
OUt. '':'.'(' , ;'::-.v-Ay-
San Francisco, March 10. Sail
ors recently on the battle ship Ore
gon,; who arrived here on tbe steam
er Coptic, report that the Oregon
was in a terrific storm,, on , Februa
ryv20, while en route from Yoko-
homa to Woo Sung. The boats
were carried away, the large seven
ton steam launch was tossed out of
its davits and against the turrets,
and other damage, though the ship
herself sustained very little ' damage.
mil be called and that no Toledo
freight will be handled by team
sters in any part of the country.
, The trouble began at noon, when
a mob of 400 strikers and sympa
thizers followed a truck through
the principle business streets, en
deavoring to knock and pull from
his place a nonunion driver. The
mob attempted to do . violence to
Manager Turner, of the Moreton
Truck Company. Both men were
saved from serious injury, howev
er, by the police. Later, the police
gave notice that any further prov
ocation given the strikers would be
the fault of the employers and that
they would not interfere hereafter.
Later, an attempt was made to
throw a nonunion driver into the
river.'but the man was saved by
the police. Not half an hour later
another nonunion driver was torn
ton Truck Company's office and at
the muzzle of a revolver was com
pelled to run for his life. ' A simi
lar fate befel a nonunion teamster
within a blook of the police station.
Kansas City. Mar 11 Violence
entered into the strike today of
311 drivers employed by the four
teen dray companies of this city,
who went out this morning for an
increase in wages and recognition
of their union.
Perhaps half a hundred men
were employed during the day to
take the place of strikers, . though
but little work was accomplished
by them.
.During the afternoon, strikers
and their sympathizers gathered
in large numbers at several points
in the West bottoms and held up
wagons driven by nonunion - men.
At the Burlington freight depot
the police were forced to draw their
revolvers to disperse a crowd that
had cut the traces of two loaded
At another point, George Evans
an employe of the American Ex
press Company, in attempting to
disperse a crowd tbat was throw
ing stones at a driver, fired a shot
into the ground: N N Latin, a
striker, interfered, and made a
move to draw a knife, when both
men were arrested.
Later, Mrs Evans, wife of the
man arrested, gave sn exhibition
of nerve when she struck with a
whip the leaders in a crowd that in
terfered with the wagon on ' which
she was riding. .
Later Mrs EvanB. took charge of
a wagon belonging to the Swofford
Dry Goods Co and, unaided, drove
the team through the crowd. Her
progress was uninterrupted.
In Mulberry street between ' 9th
& 10th, during the afternoon a
crowd blockaded the thoroughfare
and threatened the nonunion driv
ers, Great excitement prevailed
and the police were kept busy keep-
idg the crowd in order.
San Francisco, March 11. Charg
es of the most serious character
have been filed against the Right
Reverend Willliam H. Moreland,
Bishop of the Dioeeso of Sacramen
to of the Protestant Episcopal -church.1
Moreland has for years
held oae of the highest positions in
the church ; and has been a great
fayorite socially in . Sacramento,
San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Bishop Moreland is charged with'
violating the canons of the general
convention, violating the canons of
the missionary district, breach of
his ordination vows and conduct
unbecoming a bishop of the Episco
pal church. f
These charges have created a pro
found sensation in society circles
as well as within the church itself.
Bishop Moreland has as yet mads
no reply to the accusations and it
is not known what his defense, if
any, will be.
The specific charges include fal
sification of the records; misappli
cation of funds of the church in his
district; the administration of bap
tism in private houses when it was
unnecessary; failure to heed the
Holy scriptures, and other allega
tions. The bishop is accused also of
causing a chism and . of making
misleading statements to the press
and to his ministers. One item in
the sensational arraignment :, that
bt8 heetfHT r. agaiBsi?5 "bim 2
states that the bishop denied receiv
ing a fee tbat had been given him.
Still another count in the indict
ment is that Bishop Moreland was
guilty of playing tennis.
Madrid, March 11. Ever sine
the conclusion of the Spanish-American
war the people and the
court of Spain have bad a great de
sire to be convinced of the true
cause of the explosion of the battle
ship Maine in the harbor- of Ha
vana. ; The feeling has been , that
Spanish agents were not responsi
ble for the occurrence. This de
sire has taken shape in the cabinet.
At the next meeting of the cabinet.
Minister of Foreign affairs Aberzu
esa will propose that the govern
ment float the Maine and ascertain
the causa of the explosion.
More Riots.
Disturbances of strikes are not -
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TrJEHE iC UP U3GT0T?ffit