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    CorvaUis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County,
' It is insisted that the United
States should have the biggest
navy in the world. From many
quarters there is an insistent de
mand for it. It is needed they say
for American . supremacy in , the
Western Hemisphere. -
After 1 20 years of amazing de
velopment, a development, in which
almost without a ;navy, we have
risen from nothing to be the great
est nation on earth, it seems strange
that we should suddenly change
policy and go to building navies.
Did we need a big navy in 1867,
when Secretary Seward warned the
French to eet out of Mexico, and
thev eot? Was a big navy neces
sary in 1896 when President Cleve
land forced Great Britain not to
commit aggressions in Venezuela
and to submit the whole matter to
arbitration? Was a big navy nec
essary recently when President
Roosevelt by a simple request made
it incumbent on Great Britain and
Germany $0 submit the Venezuelan
difficulty to arbitration, and indeed
to an American arbitrator? Is it
not a matter of 'notoriotis fact 'that
the navy of Britian is four times
the size of ours, to say - nothing of
Germany's? .: In the light of the
past and present, does American
supremacy in the Western Hemi
sphere depend on a navy at all? :
If like England and ; other Eu
ropean countries, the United States
did not raise her own breadstuff's;
if, "in time of war a huge navy were
necessary to convoy wheat ships
and meat ships to our shores to
keep our people from starving, then
we might with reason, talk about
building the biggest navy in the.
world. As. it is, there is no oc
casion for all this fluster and blust
er about one.-
No More Rebate for Payment of Taxes
' Thereafter Much Paid Now.- ;
The coming week ends the op;
portunity for,' securing rebate in
taxes. The law provides that a re
bate of three per cent shall be al
lowed on all taxes paid on or ber
fore the 15th day of March. The
15th falls on a week from . tomor
row, or Sunday, so that next Sat
urday will probably end the rebate
business. ':" " ' '"' " "' -
A little doubt exists in the mat
ter.'and Sheriff Burnett has not yet
determined 'what his ruling will
be. ' When a legal holiday falls on
Sunday; the law permits the fol
lowing day to be observed as such
holiday, In nlost all legal matters,
the same practice obtains. But as
the (ax law says, "on or before
March! 1 5th," a measure of doubt
exists, and it is possible that next
Saturday will end the rebate "priv
ilege. The fact that all who seek
the rebate will desire to be on the
safe side, makes it "probable that
all will settle up with the sheriff on
or before that'time. v.1"
It looks now as if nearly all. tax
payers would endeavor to secure
the rebate. Nearly all did it last
yeaf . " Payments up to Thursday
noon aggregated $25,000, leaving
about $50,000' yet to be paid. To
day" a big run of payments is ex-i
pected, and it is likely to continue
uninterruptedly ' throughont next
week. If all should happen to wait
till next Saturday, it might not be
possible to accommodate everybody.
There is much bookkeeping to be
done in connection with the work;
and the issuing xf receipts takes
more or less time. The " man who
wants to make sure should drop in
before the last day,
Arrived Yesterday Man Bought, Lots
Dusty Store Other News. . -
W. A. Wells has purchasedof Mrs
Nettie E. Ewart, four lots in block
32, Job's Addition to Corvallis.
W. JKent is building a wood
house and will soon commence the
erection of a barn on the property
recently purchased of W. E- Yates
adjoining the college orchard.
Miss Etta Smith, who has been
clerking in the store of Milner &
Wellsher for some months took her
departure yesterday for'' Monkland
a town in Sherman county, where
she has accepted a position in a dry
goods store. r '
Herman Tartar arrived yesterday
from Berkley California, where he
has been taking '-a postgraduate
course in chemestry. He is to be
come a deputy in the office at Port
land of State Food and Dairy Com
missioner Bailey. .
The store at Dusty has changed
hands. The new owner is A. H.
Buckingham, and " he assumed
charge Monday. The late owner,
Arthur Perrin passed through town
yesterday, en route for Mt Vernon,
Washington, where he is engaged
in the same business with his
brother-m law. , ; "
The purchase of Homer Lilly of
his partner's interest in the. Wicks
and Lilly meat market was a busi
ness event of the past . week. Mr.
Lmyhayg ,nme4 chjtige last,
Monoay. -as is seen - by a notice
elsewhere, Mr Lilly settles up the
partnership business and contin
ues the establishment. Mr Wicks
is to -remain for . the present as
cutter at the shop. .The establish
ment does a good business and has
a good reputation in every respect.
Fmllfilled Its Mission, And is Now a
Cherished Memory Only.
Solemnized at the Home of the bride's
- Parents in Salem Wednesday. V'f
Salem Journal: . . ;. The marriage
of Miss Myra Raymond, youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry
Raymond of this city, to Mr. Mart
in Luper Spangler, was celebrated
at high noon today at the home
of the bride's parents' corner of
Center and High streets. Rev.
P. S.' Knight officiated in the pres
ence of a large circle of relatives
and immediate friends of the fami
ly. The bridal couple took posi
tion in the ' beautifully decorated
parlors unaer a lovers , knot jn-
white satin, amid a bower , fes
tooned with white ribbons and
laces.. ':?- ':' ' '
" The wedding party entered to
the melody of a march played by
Miss Shelton, the bride and grodin
being assisted by Darwin' Nash
and Miss Lulu M. Spangler of Cor
vallis, the latter being a" sister of
the groom, and gowned : in blue,
bearing . pink carnations. The
bride was richly gowned in white
organdie and . lace, trimmed with
lilies of the valley, with ; full veil,
and carrying a bouquet of the same
flowers, "The parlor decorations
were in white and green, the . din
ingroom in yellow, and the bridal
parlor was festooned with white,
and the whole house 1 and its ap
proaches were set with palms. A
wedding hymn was sung ' by . a
quartette of voices, and ' after - the
ceremony and congratulations an
elegant wedding breakfast was
served to the bridal party and
guests. . ' ... . . -''""'
Farmers Preparing to Raise More
11 aome bold at tnatr igure.
In the early part of May next
it will have been' five years since
a flag staff was erected on Main
street at the brick stable with all
the enthusiasm generated by the
success of battle. A ereat throne-
filled the. street and there was mar
tial music. . singing and , speech
making. . A tattered flag provided
by the Grand Army Post ; was rais
ed with much ceremony, and ; all
the proceedings was occasioned bv
the beginning of hostilities with
Spain and the great naval victory
of Dewey at "Manila, which had
occurred on She first day of May,
1898.. The idea of procuring; a pole
was suggested at Spencer's barber
shop, and the notion soon assumed
-definite form. S. L-' Henderson.
Lee Wells and Mr Newman went
to the woods and procured thepole.
There was abundant help to. put in '
shape ready for placing it. in the
ground. - A streamer on which !
was painted by T. T. Barnhart the
words 'Remember the Maine,"
was tacked to the top of the staff.
The enthusiasm which prevailed at
tne raising ot the pole is in strong
contrast to the ieeling which, at-
tenaea tne ceremony ot, removing
it a tew days ago. The " staff had
become decayed to such an ' extent
that it was deemed dangerous, and
Spencer and , Henderson took it
on themselves to cut it down. The
former wielded the axe and the lat
ter, with a rope, directed the fall.
Dilly chopped it hp for wood, and
the story of the Dewey flag ' pole
becomes a closed incident.
The Benefit of Cfcacge.
We are not house plants: We need a
change of soil now and then to be re
planted." New scenes, new experiences.,
new surroundings -a change of climate,
dry air instead of moisture, sunshine in
place of cloud. This is sometimes es
sential to health. There are' conditions
near at hand that are better than Europe
can offer. - Take a month or two in Cal
ifornia. Plant yourself for a time where
there ate no irritations, where the hotel
is beyond criticism,, the landscape pleas
ing, and where sunny weather invites
to walks and drives, Pure and dry air,
nd thn increased electric influences of.
. . . XUJL XLUr W ' I ",'
The incentive to . get the rebate is sunshine are vastly helpful
great, At least half of each man s
taxes has to be paid on or before
the first Monday in April or it will
be delinquent. "; That is but little
more than two weeks after the 15th
of March. Payment by March 15,
entitles the payer to three per cent
off, while if nothing is paid by two
weeks later, ten per cent is added,
and 12 per cent per annum interest
accrues thereafter. The bonus for
the earlier payment is too good a
a thing- to be lost, and for
that reason taxpayers generally
are after it.
.' t To All Concerned.
. Be itknowa. that I will pay no debts
contracted, except contracted by myself
or on my order after this date.
March 4, 1903.
You can make this trip at very little
expense, and enjoy a ride over the scenic
Siskiyou and Shasta mountains, which
at this time of the year with their snow
covered peaks, are unsurpassed for their
grandeur. ' . :" '"" ; ".,
For complete' information regarding
rates, points of interest, and delightful
hotels in California address
W. E. Coman, ':
Gen. Pass.Agt S. P. Co- Lines in Oregon
' Portland, Ore. " :
Live Poultry Wanted.
- - Highest market price paid for chickens
turkeys, geese and ducks.
.Hodes' Grocery.
.r For Bent. -
Stock for sale.
A dairy ranch
or write to '
William I. Price, Bellfoantain, Or.
On farms, for the past two weeks
there has been much activity,
All available teams have been
a-field in the effort to get as much
ground as possible in condition for
seeding; -The better price for
wheat has induced mmy farmers
to get in all the acreage : possible,
in the hope that advantageous prices
may continue. This, with the
fact that only a small acreage was
seeded last autumn , has caused
almost every, farmer to proceed
with operations with v all ! possible
dispatch. . '.. ' : " ::A- . y'
Future weather conditions have
been much studied by farmers- in
recent days. Much ground is
ready for seeding. If the spring is
to be a dry r one it would be de
sirable now to have seed m 'the
ground. If wet, later, seeding is
preferable, v This " problem has
given many a farmer much to think
aoout, 01 late. ; ,' :
X wo important sales : or wheat
recently occurred. One of : them
1 t M . . . . . .
Drougnr 70 cents,: ana trie otner a
figure believed to be very near that
notch. , The former occurred at
Wells station, but neither buyer nor
amount was learned, y The ' other
was 10,000 bushels of wheat in the
riniay warenouse. me grain.
was owned by xierrdn, Martin, the
Barclays, the Hintons and others
The buyer was the Fischer Mills at
Corvallis. - 1 t
Of Why he Lost so Many sheep There
Were Worms in Their Lungs.
If the theory of John Bam
ford is right, much of the loss ; of
sheep recently prevalent, is due to
lack of shelter.; Mr. Bamford was
in town the other day with the
lungs of four sheep that recently
died on his farm near . Junction
He brought them to the college
where they were turned over to the
Dactenoiogical department tor - ex
animation. " ,
- The longs were from sheep that
recently died along with 75 others
in one of Mr. Bamford's herds,
They were found to befull of worms
and badly congested.' - The color
was dark and the lungs were filled
with a frothy mucus. "The trouble
was .diagnosed as . pneumonia. The
cause was exposure to , weather,
The first symptom is a cough and
later on, a wabbly condition is pre
sented when the animals walk
Their death is finally due to suffo
cation and weakness. .
Mr. Bamford says that he had
shelter for one band, numbering
one half his sheep. Of this band
he lost none. Of a band of equal
size that he fed but was unable to
shelter, he lost 75. He is sure that
much of the large loss is due to lack
of shelter. .
The presence of worms is not
unusual. A Portland butcher is
said to be authority for the , state
ment that in nineteen-twentieths of
the sheepshe kills; worms re found
in the lungs. The worms only be
come active ; ' when the congested
conditions are present, when they
lorm in knots or bunches and are
easily discernible . ! .
Coming Term of Circuit Court Who
the Jurors Are Drawn Thursday.
The spring term of the circuit
court meets pn the fourth. Monday
in March. Thursday, the jury list
was drawn by Clerk Moses, assist
ed by Sheriff Burnett. Those who
are to serve are:
E A. Parker ? - Farmer Philomath
Theodore Parker .
Frank Tharp :..
A W Hawley -A
H Buckingham
Albert Schriber
Albert Timmons
John Calverly
A F Luther
Wm Ryals -D
B Farley s,
AG Wright
R O Watkins f
M B Long
Caleb Davis
H L French "
Richard Kiger
Geo A Hash
J G Winkle
A J Hall
H C Dunn
John Todd
John Campbell
Soap Creek
- Philomath
Soap Creek
, ' Philomath
' Willamette
- Willamette
Soap Creek
Wm Bogue hardwareman Corvallis
R H Colbert manufacturer , ' :
W B Lacy clerk - " -
B J Evers gardener w ,
O W Beckwith teamster ' " v
F P Clark merchant Philomath
Chas Kennedy carpenter Summit
W O Heckart contractor Corvallis
Dr, Lowe has cured hundreds of cases
of headaches and nervousness with., his
superior glasses
; The Salvation Army.'
. This week s .war Cry is a very
special issue gotten up in commem
oration of General Booth s farewell
from America on March 4th. It
contains information in reference
to the general's tour, and also, in
teresting pictures of prominent
people who have taken part m the
past campaign. 1 he tront page
consists of a central picture of Gen
eral Booth, surrounded by a num
ber of the nation's most prominent
men such as. : President" Roosevelt,
the governors of Ohio. Iowa, Utah,
Georgia, ' Massachusetts. Senator
Hanna. and the senator from Min
nesota, the mayor of New York,
mayor of San Francisco. Commis
sioner McFarland. Colonel Myron,
Herrick and . Hon. Ferdinand
Peck. "': -' ' - , .
- The balance of the Cry- consists
of a map of the country, giving an
idea of the general's trip, what
leading writers, have to say respect-!
ing the Army work, photos of
members. of the general's family,
including his eldest grand children
' We hope the .people of Corvallis
and surroundings will be interested
- ; Yours Sincerely, "
r .' ;C. E. Brooks, Capt.
To Land Buyers.
I can sell you any kind or size of farm, stock
or dairy ranch, with or without stock; also city
properties, acreage near town, business propo
sitions, etc. , Farms and ranches $10 to $40
per acre. V'V" I :'-
At you are in sea rch of such, see me beiore
you buy. F. P. MORGAN.
Vegetables, Flour & Feed.
We handle several brands of canned goods, but none which gives so good sat
isfaction and represents so much valne for your money as .
When you buy a can of Monopole Coffee, Spices, Bakins; Powder, or other
Canned Goods of this brand, you have our guarantee that it will please you
or money back. Yours Truly,
Oiir New Spring Stock is Now Arriving.
New Dress Goods, Silks, Elegant Wash Fabrics, .
White Goods, Waistings, Muslin Undergarments,
Embroideries; Ladies' and Children's Fine Shoes,
Royal Worcester Corsets, Plain and Fancy Hose,
- Men's and Boys' Suits, Men's and Boys' Golf and
. Negligee Shirts, New Style Hats, W. L. Douglas
,; And Walk-Over Shoes, Neckwear, Belts, Etc. ' , ;
New Goods all the Time.
;"; Georgia Harper Co.
! Miss Georgia Harper will pos
ltively appear witn ner company
on Tuesday March
ioth in "East
For Sale. '
Having sold my milk' route,
for sale a number of firstclass
Come early and get first choice,
j. D. Hukill, Corvallis. Ore.
BnH Supplies.
Aeent for the famous "Chicago" Type
writer. Easy terms and machine, guar
anteed. ,, -. -
Typewriter Ribbon. ,
Webster's Star, ...... 75c each, 7.50 doz.
" O.K....... 63c " 6.50 '
Imperial.. ...... ...,50c' " 5.00 V
'' " Carbon..
Webster Multi-Kopy 45c do,, 3.50 box.
" U. K.. 400 " 3.00 . "
" Gauze 40c " 2.75 "
i Typewriter Paper.
All kinds and all prices. Ask to see
samples. , . ! - .
C. B. GerbarU.
City Restaurant.
Newly Turiiished, ,
"First Class,
Meals at all Hours,
Oysters in Season.
Located in Hemphill Building, Cor
vallis, Oregon. '
Diamond f VW?; Brand
The Best Grade of Canned
Goods 6n:fMb'iIarketTodayi:
Look at Our Windows and see the Varieties.
Something New.
Call in and get a Trial Package
St.?. a
t A'X
Watches, GIoGks
and Jewelry
I have watches from one dollar up;
gold, gold filled, silver, si lverine and
cheap ones for the boys. Eings of all
kinds Wedding rings, set rings,' band
rings. '
If you are having trouble with your
eyes or glasses and have tried all the so
called travelling opticians without suc
cess, corxi and .see me( get . a fit that's
guaranteed and by one who will always
be on hand to make good his guarantee,
: Notice-After Feb ret the store will
close at 6:30 p, m. except Saturdays.. '
' Ibe Jtwalei aad OptisiNtt