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(Advertisements in this column charged for
at we rate 01 10 cents per line.
Wheat 70.
The Ladies Coffee ... Club met
Monday afternoon.
Mr. add Mrs. Cecil Cathey arriv
ed Monday, '
Mrs. Steiwer ardved Monday,
and is the guest of friends. .
Roy Heater has been retained aa
coach of the Pacific University track
Mrs Rose Selling is to entertain
the Ladies Whist Club this after
noon. Mrs, Anna Beach arrived Sunday
from a visit of several months In the
Mrs Virgil Watfcers went to New
berg yesterday, where she was called
by the illness of her mother,
Miss Mabel Wlthycombe arrived
Saturday from a week's visit with
Portland friends.
Mrs Rldder who was reported
dying at her home on Soap Creek,
Saturday, was improved Monday.
Miss Lennie : Williams returns to-
day to her home in Po.rt'a.nd after a
visit with relatives and friends. ,
Mrs Philip Phlle returned yes
terday from Albany, - where she at
tended the funeral of her neice, Mrs.
George E. Fish,
Perry Eddy of Kings Valley has
been In town since Saturday, to look
after his two sons who are ill with
measles. Both are etudent3 at the
John Castle, of Dallas, bought
stall fed beet cattle in Kings Valley
last week, securing several head ."The
price paid was four cents per pound
on foot, .
Governor Chamberlain has given
oat that be will call a ' special con
gressional election about the first of
J une to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of the late Thomas Tongue. " i
Miss Pau4Ine Kline is expected
home next week. She has written
friends in tnia city that she will leave
Joplln, Missouri, on the . homeward
trip March 1st.
la Tacoma, Julia Roubinall has
applied for a divorce, alleging tbat
her parents forced her to marry at
the age of 12, a man over thirty. She
left him nine months ago.
Mrs Ruth Clark returned Mon
day from a trip to Newport in the in
terest of the Degree of Honor lodge.
She al-30 visited lodges of the order
at Yaquina and Toledo. While at
the beach Mrs. Clark found tweDty
eight water agates.
w ...
Mrs Chester Avery arrived yes
terday from Lake county where the
family went last autumn to reside. !
She has oeen in bad health for eev-1
eral months past, and has returned to
Benton in the hope that the change
may prove beneficial. ,
The address on the Times tells
the story of how tfoe subscribers ac
count stands. The date shows the
time to which the subscription is paid
up.. What is the date on youre?
What is it on your neighbors?
It turns out that the Oregon Paci
fic Colonization Company, managers of
which gave out that they had acquir
ed the Rock Creek . farm : of Wallis
Nash, never completed the purchase.
They signed contracts, but when the
time arrived failed to put up the mon
ey. Thefarm is still owned by Mr.
Darwin Nash left Monday for
Lincoln county after a visit elDce
Friday with" his brother - Rodney, at
Cauthorh Hall. He baa been for four
years with the American Steel & Wire
Company of Satf Frahciaeo, -feut has
resigned his position, ? Another place.
In San Francisco is epento" him and
he may accept it about April 1st. The
interim -will be spent ou the" Rock
Creek. farm, ' . " j -
Sam. Smith; formerly of Benton,
is now sheriff of Crook county- He
resided tor several years in the south I
end of Benton, and left in 1890, set
tling In the vicinity of Prlneville.
He has prospered there in a remark
able way, baying accumulated through
purchase and bale of land a hand
some competence. He was at ; Salem
during a portion of the recent legis
lative session, having left for his
home Sunday.- ..
Those who pay In - taxes at the
sheriffs office on or before March 15th
get the three per C6nt rebate, Those
who pay half on or before the first
Monday In April, get no rebate, but
are allowed until the first. Monday in
Oetober to complete payment. " Taxes
become delinquent on the first Mon
day in April, and on all such ten per
-cent penalty and 12 per cent interest
has to be paid. It cash Is not avail
able, It pays handsomely to borrow
In order to get the rebate. -
A. Barden and son, whose arrival
Is mentioned elsewhere, say that a
vat immigration is coming from the
Middle West to, the Coast in the near
future. "If one-twentieth of those who
come, remain here, there will be more
people than Oregon can accommo
date.'' said the elder Mr. Barden. The
train on which they came West was
run in three sectlens of twelve , cars
each, and every coach was crowded.
The reduced rates of $25 from Omaha
to Portland went into effect on the
15 Inst. -
Born. Monday, to the wife of
Charles Abbott; a daughter.
Mr. Ek returned Monday from an
expended tup through the lower val
ley counties.
J. H. Harris and family arrived
Monday evening from a eoiourn of
two weeks in Sao Francisco.
R. Holeate, of the Chicago meat
market, Portland, was in town Moo
day. He bad been out to Blodgett,
near which place he owns a tract
of land. L .... . ...s.
Mr. Fowells has moved hia eboe-
chop from Mann & Ci.'s store to the
Kline rooms next to Harris' store, and
makes additional announcement else
where in The Times. f
Mr. Dannaman came up to Cor
vallis on a visit to his family after ad
journment of the legislature. - Mr.
Daoneman was a representative from
Eastern Oregon.
There is to be a regu'ar meeting
of Corvallis craoge in Agricultural
hall at the college at two o'clock next
Saturday afternoon. . The election of
delegates to attend the county. grange
convention will be among the matters
to be disposed of.
The t. B. Irvine residence prop
erty on Fourth Street, a block north
of the court house, has been purchas
ed by Mrs. Nancy E Felger, of Philo
math, and she has moved In. - The
price paid ia 8700. The sale was ne
gotiated by W. A. Wells. Mrs. Felger
expects to Keep roomers.
A very delightful party was given
at the-home ot Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Flett, Saturday evening, in honor of
MIssLinnie Williams of Portland, who
is visiting In this city. Miss Williams
is a former resident of Corvallis and
old time associates to the number of
twenty assembled "upon invitation of
Mrs. Flett and the guests found them
selves ' in most congenial company.
Refreshments were served at eleven.
W. A. Vanator and wife, of War
saw, Ind., is on a visit to the western
coast, and is stopping a few days in
Corvallis. ' Mrs. Vanator is a sister of
Mrs. B. M. Thompson, of this ' city,
and of Johnny Nye, of Lincoln county.
The visitors expect to go : to the bay
for a brief stay wich Mr. Nye and
family. Mr. Vanator is a builder and
handles immense contracts in his line
ot business. 1 '
A Rabunis Addition family fright
ened a man out of their chicken yard
Friday night.'and his identity is pret
ty well fixed. It is not the first vi3it
ot the culprit to those premises, still
he doubtless would be surprised to
have a warrant served on him. It
isn't too late in the year for him to
swear off on such business as that.
George Garshwiler on Monday
started for Southern and Southeast
ern Oregon to look at those sections
of the state. His family requires a
change of climate for health, and if he
finds thmes favorable he will move
south. Mr. Carshwiler is a wide a-
wake citizen, and we should regret to
lose him. " '
; -John Welsh, a horse-dealer of Taeo
ma, was in Corvallis Friday and Sat
urday, in search of a heavy horse. He
purchaeed one from Jesse Porter. It
was a fine bay weighing 1,771 pounds;
also a four-year-old animal from G,
Harding, weighing 1,560 pounds. The
animals brought $200 each. Mr.
Welsh expects to return in a short
time to procure, it possible, a mixed
lot of horses, mainly for- driving pur
posee..: This -gentleman has left la
the aggregate a good sum of money
with our farmers in the past few
months. . ,. ; - . - ' .:
There was a social - function at
the1 new home of Mr and Mrs F L
Miller Saturday evening. Mr Miller
is a member of the school board, and
the occasion was a .reception to the
teachers of the' public school, all of
whom were present: Besides a de
licious luncheon, social conversation
and other amusements, Prof . Turney's
juvenile orchestra ' was - present and
rendered a number of selections. The
evening was very pleasant. ;
- A. Barden and bis-, -son, F. ' K
Barden. arrived Saturday from Fay
ette Iowa." The elder Mr. Barden is
a retired business man, and the son is
an electrical engineer, and both are
seeking a new J home, provided con
ditlons can be found to suit them bet
ter than does Iowa, Mr: A.-Barden
has a family, but the latter remain in
Iowa foe the present. Mr. Barden is
an uncle of the young man of the
same came employed at R. M. Wade
& Go's, The newcomers are old
friends of the Colberts and other new
CorvalllsIteB who came from Fayette,
They are Intelligent and interesting
people, and eminently to be desired
as citizens.
B. W, Johnson, Thomas White
horn, Johnson Poiter, Thomas Calla
han and Robert Johnson looked on at
the closing scenes tn ; the legislative
session at Salem. 'They returned
Saturday;- Their home-coming was
made the occasion of a grand tri
umphal demonstration at the rail read
station. There Judge ' McFadden,
W. E. Yates, Pap Hall and a number
of small boys, all bearing fUgs and a
grand illustrated banner were in wait
ing. When the returning clt'zens
aligbtsd brief but touching speeches
were made by the members of the; re
ception committee. It was almost a
time of tears of joy. The procession
headed by a small boy beating a
drum and lead by the reception com
mittee started off down towD, but at
an opportune moment the returning
citizens quitted the parade and slid
The Eaitfcful and the New Senator
, Some old Memories.
lyOcal republicans generally, so
far as they have expressed them
selves, seem to be satisfied with
the new senator. A certain con
tingent of the party 1 of course is
jubalent over the result.
One thing in the late struggle that
has been more or . less marked, is
that there seemed less interest in
the outcome than in former contests
of the long-'! rawn-out kind. During
the great fight on Dolph, it is of
record that petitions were carried
all over Benton county, for
signers, and that their prayer asked
Brother Cooper to stand firm or to
flop another flop or two according
to the factional complexion of thev
man carrying the paper. Various
local statesmen made divers and
sundry pilgrimages to the capital
and there told Cooper, both "where
he Was at," and where he was likely
to be at, if he didnt swallow the
right dose.
In the hold-up legislature, when
Mitchell did not get re-elected
Salem was full half the time of
Bentoa County and Corvallis states
man, representing both sides ot the
controversy, and the war was car
ried into the very heart of Afric.
The names of local citizens, great
and small, public and private, who
were there, could be reeled off by
the dozen, but it would be criminal
here to stir up old memories, and
harrow up souls that are now mel
low with peace and bliss.
Two years ago, when Mitchell
did get elected, interest in the out
come was widespread all over the
county,, and, there was a lining up
of patriots on both sides and war
paint -was everywhere to be seen.
In the present struggle, it has
been different. There has been at
least on the surface, neither agony
nor wrath, v The brethern have
been disposed rather to doze and
dream away their time after the
manner of Representative Gault,
and let ' the legislators themselves
fight out the battle, though it .. is
said the good biother Hayden did
get numerous letters, reminding
him of his duty to his country, the
state and the grand old party. So,
with the rank and file, listless as to
the outcome, the result comes to all
not as a requiem or funeral dirge
on a winter blast, but with the gen
tle murmur of brooks and the per
fume offfowers on a summer breeze.
Its all right, the faithful say.
Corvallis , Methodists Eave Purchased
Old Evangelical Property.
' The old Evangelical church pro
perty at the coiner of Fourth and
Monroe, now occupied as a prim
ary school building, has b?en sold
to the Methodist church peoplel
The sale comprises two lots, on
which stands the church and" par
sonage buildings, and the price is $i
025. The papers have not changed
hands, but it 'is understood that
the transfer is to be made the first
of the month. The sale was ne
gotiated by George Robinson.
The property is required by the
Methodists because they have not
sufficient facilities for their ' pur
poses on their present holdings.
; The iieed of more room for Sun-1
day School work a s well as-suitable
places fort; country -; members to
shelter their vehicles and teams
when attendfng church are among
the requirements for - "which it is
desired to make, provision. . The
details of the . plan "have not yet
been worked out. The local - con
gregation of the ehurch is now en-
.iucijFm uui. ui. .ucuij . kilt- vouuu.
aeainst the church, having been;
lifted by subscription at a Men's
meeting, two weeks ago.
White Wyandottes.
Fall -blooded White
$1.00 per setting of 13.
office. -
Wyandotte eega.
Enquire at this
Clover Leaf Dairy.
Buy your Jereey milk
Clover Leaf Dairy. All
and cream of
our own pro-
Taylor & Curry.
Buggy For Sale.
A good vehicle with top. May be seen
at Winegar'a feed barn. For further
for particulars inquiie of Alva Thompson
at Corvallis Laundry,
Live Poultry Wanted.
Highest market price j.aid for chickens
turkeys, geese and ducks. .
Hodes' Grocery.
Shropshire sheep and Poland China
hogs. Wanted to buy or take on shares,
away to the quietude and eanctity ofa band of goats,
their own homes. - L. L. Brooks.
W. C. Hawley's LectureIllness of
Miss Glass A Smoker.
Mrs George E. Fish, formerlv of
Corvallis, died at the home of her
mother in Albany last Saturday of
consumption. A dozen years ago,
she and her husband resided in this
city, where Mr Fish was engaged
in the hardware and tin business.
From here they went to Albany,
thence to Spokane, and but recentlv
returned from California, where
they went for the " benefit of Mrs
Fish's health. Theintrement wn!
in Albany Monday.
The Knights of Pvthias srave
a Smoker in their hall Monday
evening in honor of the 39th an
niversary ot the order. There were
refreshments and a programme.
The latter comprised quartettes,
solos, both vocal and instrumental,
a recitation by George Paul and an
address by J F Yates. , Several
invited guests were present, and
as usual at functions given by the
Knights, joy was unconfined.
Senator Daly returned from the
late legislative session last Satur
day. Mr Hayden arrived Sunday,
and left for his home in Alsea,
Monday. :
The lecture of Willis C. Hawlev
of Willamette University, is to oc
cur m tne Metnodist church next
Friday evenine. It was to have
been given last week, but was post
poned on account ot the death of a
relative. The hour is 7.30.
Robert Glass was called to Port
land Monday by the illness of his
sister Miss Lillian Glass, who was
reported by wire as very ill in' a
hospital in that city. No details
were learned. Miss Glass has been
taeching school in Crook county,
and her presence in Portland was a
surprise to friends.
The present favorable weather
conditions are a source of pleasure
to the several farmers all over
Willamette . who are over stocked
with sheep, and have suffered more
or less loss on account of the unus
ual shortness of grass. Farmers in
town yesterday say the new grass
is already appearing and that with
continuance of favorable weather,
will be ample for sheep teed in a
week or 10 days. Many farmers
have escaped loss altogether, though
not a few have suffered.
The Shapepd Hips,
Strapped Seams, Etc.
Make them the greatest
sellers on the market.
So when you buy a Petti-
coat, just as well buy a
good one. We can't give
you a better tip than to
suggest a
Cbe 6eod$ are Rigbt
Cbe Prices are Rigfrt
Sold only
KJindow Display
The White Housei Regulator of Low Prices.
Spring Goods Hrriving Daily.
. City Stables.
Notice is hereby given that we have
opened up the City Stables in Corvallis
and that we are well preparep to accom
modate the livery trade here in a first
class manner. Good attention will be
given to the rare of transient stock and
regular boarders. A share of thepatron
aee is solicited, ' '
Winegar & Hodges.
Mrs J. W. Hamilton of Lebanon
left yesterday, after a visit with her
son who is a student at the college.
Attention, Taxpayers.
If will assist me materially in getting
up the best possible assessment, i f each
taxpayers will ascertain and be able to
give when I call for his assessment, the
following: The amount of land he owns
in each road and school district, and the
section, township and range in which it
lies. Also, where there are special
school levies, clerks are requested to pro
vide me with a list of taxpayers as shown
by such levy.
Howard L. Bush, Assessor.
. .... . - - .- -
Our January Red Tag. Sale was a grand succes. Our cus
tomers were well pleased with the bargains procured, and
we now have remaining a few Choice Remnants in
Wool Dress Goods, Outing Flannels, Fancy
Stripe Flrari Sizes
in XXnderwear, GprsEitsr Etc.
Bring Eggs and Butter as well as the cash,
tv miller Pays Bfgbest Pr
We are assured that this spring will be an Alpaca season, and we have
bought a complete line of these goods. A few choice ones have already
arrived, in colors and black, which we have marked at a very low
figure. We have received one shipment of wash goods including
A, F. C. Ginghams, Chambray and Mercerized Linens.
What One Dollar in Cash will Buy this Week
In Our Grocery Department.
Twenty Pounds D.; G. Sugar....... $1 00
Nine Pounds Lion Coffee.:.......... 1, 00
Nine Pounds Golden Sun . Coffee.. 1 00
Twenty-Five Pounds Prunes 1 00
,Fifteen Pounds No. 1 Rice............ 1 00
Two Bushels Potatoes..,..... ..: 1 00
Five 3-Pound Cans Padlock Pchs. 1 00
Six 3-Pound Cans Palo Alto Pchs. $1 00
Nine 3-Lb. Cans Stand. Tomatoes 1 00
Nine 2-Lb. Cans Standard Corn. .. 1 60
Fifteen 3-Lb. Cans Tomatoes........ 1 00
Eleven 3 Lb. Cans Astd Pie Fruit 1 00
Five 2-Lb, Cans Sliced Pineapple 1 00
And Other Big Bargains, Each ... 1 00
K miller, orafii$t Oregon,
mm '.,.' . .' .. .-N. .... .1". .,