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Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County,
Union Agricultural College Senator
ial Struggle Prison Scandal.
. (Special)
' Salem, January 29. The Cor
vallis charter 11 has been signed
by the governor, Its purpose is to
confer absolute authority onjthe city
to grant a water franchise. Dur
ing the negotiations between " the
city and Engineer Smyth for bring
ing mountain water ; to Corvallis,
the question was raised of whether
or not the city had 'sufficient au
thority to grant a franchise, and
considerable doubt is understood to
Lavs existed. The new amend
ment removes all uncertainty.
A bill to establish a state agri
cultural college at Union has ap
peared in the house. It was in
troduced by Representative Murphy
of Union. It appropriates $40,000
and provides for instruction similar
to that given at the Oregon Agri
cultural College. It is said that it
; will be impossible for the bill to
pass. Many of the Eastern Ore
gon members are not in smpathy
with it. bome 01 them are urging
Mr Murphy to withdraw the meas
ure.. Senator Daly who introduced
and secured the passage in the sen
ate of a bill appropriating $20,000
for the Union experiment station
has brought great pressure to bear
against Murphy's measure. Friends
of the Union college measure are
beginning to believe that if it is
pressed it will endanger the Union
'Experiment statlsn measure, which
otherwise is very certain of passage..
The latter is now in the hands of
him if they thought there was a
possibility of his election. They
give the number of these lukewarm
supporters as four or five. If it be
true, the impossibility of Mr. Eul
ton attaining his ambition at this
session is apparent. That it may be
true is not unlikely when it is re
membered that there are among
his supporters several men consid
ered by themselves and their friends
as good senatorial timber. t -
Two factors of the situation are
the Multnomah delegation and Jon
athan Bourne. There is little doubt
that the nineteen votes from Mult
nomah are working in almost abso
lute , unanimity and that they have
a big hand to play. , What it is, no
body seems to know." They have
made one master stroke in pushing
tnrougn,- practically without oppo
sition, a fact that, "considering
public sentiment wrth reference to
the appropriation six weeks ago?
seems almost marvelous. Legisla
tors themselves who came to Salem
determined to vote and fight against
an appropriation so laree. ulti
mately found themselves voting for
it. All of them are astonished at
the final vote on the measure' in
the two houses. There was brain
behind the measure. It was in the"
Multnomah delegatidn. If the same
brain swings the nineteen votes on
the senatorial question, Multno
mah county will be almost sure to
name the next senator. It is assert-
I ed here for a fact that whenever he
chooses to do so, Jonathan Bourne
can swing twenty votes for himself,
for senator. It is claimed that the
business interests of Portland are
back of him. There is lots of: talk
here about "Portland's business
interests." . ; .- v
Mr Bourne maintains a headquar
ters. It is described as attractive
beyond compare. ." Refreshments of
every character are served there to
Mr Bourne's friends. Mr Bourne's
his barn and contents, including
several head of cattle. She is be
lieved to have set fire to a number
of bvildings in Medford about three
years ago, Two and a half years
ago she was sent to prison on a sen
tence Of nine years. Shortly after
ward one of her brothers was sent
there for two years for. killing a
A trusty and two or three of the
prison officials had access to Mrs,
Carlile's cell; She charge's her
condition to Second Warden Dilly,
former chief of police of Salem.
The woman is a devil, and few be
lieve her story. In the main, White
the trusty who escaped ten days
ago is regarded as the. guilty man.
The revelations constitute a ter
rible indictment of the Lee admin- j
leptha Parrot and Family are Home
less as a Result of the Flood.
the half million fair appropriation Tstration of tne penitentiary, whichj
is held in general contempt and de
rision. Like the Tracy ' and Mer
rill escape, they indicate absolute
lack of discipline at the prison, and
may betray criminality among offi
cers, though few believe the latter
A waif "conceived in a prison cell of
convict parentage is perhaps the
louiest Diot that ever belell any
state institution
if . s . 1 i 1
iUe uirauupHi cwpnuuw i lucJ own cooks prepare meals to please
house, of which Regents Olwell oft ,1 a1o( It X-
Of Mrs. Armentrout who Recently
Passed Away at Philomath.
the Agricultural College is a mem
ber, The Union college bill is in
the hands of the Same committee.
The opinion of those familiar with
the. facts is, that the station bill will
"""be favorably reported and passed
and that the college measure at
the same time will , be ; killed in
. committee. Should it, however, be
reported and pass the house, it will
when it.enters the senate encounter
the educational committee of which
Senator Daly is chairman, where
it is certain to meet with an adverse
jeport and defeat. -. - '
Perhaps nine-tenths of the people
here do. not believe that either
Fulton or Geer will be elected sen-
- ator. Only Mr. Fulton's immed-
iate supporters say that he is a pos
sibility.. They say his coup . will
come iiSxt week. Even '- his own
supporters do not seriously consider
Geer' s candidacy. All or nearly
? all of them are supporting him, so
it is said, until something else de
velops, "InTact. by the multitude
the present balloting is not regard
ed as the real- senatorial struggle
Some well informed persons say
it is only horse play. The lack of
interest in the proceedings -seems to
confirm this statement. The but
ton,holing, maneuvering and back
alley hustling incident tc former
deadlocks is rnot " present, The
crowd of hangers on and lobbyists
is verv small compared with form-
er. sessions. . ; : .
It is conceded generally.that Mr.
.Fnlton will get more votes. His
opponents concede this. Another
Marion county -man is, expected to
go to his support. Sdipe persons
in neutral position think he may
. get as high as 39 : votes, and his
opponents admit a possible . max
imum Of 36. The latter say- how
ever that there aremen now support
ing Fulton that would not be for
the palate of the' most fastidious,
There are, at each meal six or more
courses , with champagne," or other
hne wines, and fragrant cigars. A
negro porter meets the visitor at the
door, and from the time the latter
enters until he departs he encoun
ters everything that grace, amiabil
ity and gold can provide for his
pleasure. All this, according , to
prevalent opinion, is only an inci
dent in Mr Bourne's own candidacy
if he is a candidate, or in the candi
dacy of the man he wants to succeed
Simon. Other incidents are a good
long sack,, plenty of fertile brain, a
mastery of the art of politics, and
the Portland "business interests.
- Many say that Bourne, not Ful
ton "is the real master of the senate
organization, and that in due time
the nominality of Fulton's power
there will be apparent. Overagainst
all this, however, are the claims of
Mr Fulton's friends, who are un
questionably- confident and sincere
in their belief that he will be elec
ted. .; . ,v-
There is much talk here about
the illness of Senator Mitchell.
There are reports to the effect that
it is of very grave character, and
that the complications are such that
complete and permanent recovery
may not be expected. A state
official, just returning from Wash
ington said today at the state house
that the malady is Brights Disease.
When he called a few days ago
in Washington on Senator Mitchell,
the latter was too ill to be seen.
Tonight, the senatorial struggle
is not the theme of conversation in
Salem. Revelations of scandalous
character at the penitentiary are the
sole topic of discussion. Mrs Car
lile, a female convict from Jackson
county is in a delicate condition.
She walked- several miles to the
home of her brother and burned
The following biographical
sketch is contributed by a friend of
the deceased, Mrs. . Armentrout:
Elmira Rose Dobbin Armen
trout was born August 22nd, 1838,
near Columbus, Ohio. She went
to Illinois at the age of. 15, and af-J
terward prepared for "teaching by
attending :.the Normal school; at
Terre Haute,1 Indiana. She taught
at intervals for nearly twenty years
In December, 1859, -she married
w . i. Armentrout, " She soon
found the cares on ber shoulders
Mr, Armentrout having responded
to his country's call to arms.' He
was absent three years, one fourth
of which time he spent in a south
ern army prison. - r
There were three children born I
of this anion, two daughters ana
one on,For hese the mother toiled
and prayed, and she lived to see
her hopes realized in them all be
ing active in the Master's cause
Each graduated in the regular
course ; from Westfield College.
She became a Christian very early
in life and always has been active
in the service of ; the ; King- . For
25 years Bhe taught in- the prim
ary department of the . Sunday
School. She was always at her
post in the prayer and class meet
ing, always active in the Y W C A
and missionary work. Her every
Christian life has been quiet, kind
ly and constant, ' She is the first
of the old home to be promoted to
the new, the husband, two daugh
ters surviving. Mrs, W. -vv, Kose
bra'ugh and Mrs. B, E. Emerick,
the daughters, live in JPhilomath.
The son, Frank,- resides at Don go
la, Illinois, where the husband and
father is now visiting, and detain
ed on account of rheumatism.
Their own home has 7 been for
many years at Westfield Illinois.
Last June Mrs. Armentrout came
West to visit her daughter, and in
quest of better health, when on the
morning of January 21st she pass
ed to the land of everlasting spring
time; the land "where there shall
be no more death: - neither sor
row nor crying: fox the s former
There is an inspiration of fearful
awe under any circumstances in
sight of raging floods1, but it is more
terrible in view of those" who have
property or kindred in danger of
the mad waters. The latter was
the experience of Jeptha Parrot
during the December rise in the
Willamette river this winter. He
resided with his wife and . children
near the lower end of the govern
ment - jetty at the time
and during the night rthe rushing
waters labored : unremittingly to
undermine his home and sweep the
family into eternity. At dawn on
the morrow there came a measure
of relief in the prospect that the ov
erflow had for a time given up the
attack on Mr. Parrot's land arid
home, The family, however,
moved Out for the winter as a
measure of safety. Subsequent ev-j
ents proved the wisdom of his precaution.-
- '- , ' . -During
the last freshet the water
renewed it attack on Mr. Parrot's
property and on Tuesday - night
undermined the residence to such
an extent that it toppled into the
flood and was carried away. About
two acres of land surrounding the
house was washed away this win
ter, and that area is a bed of gravel
It was the parcel of land now owned
by Mr. Parrot that Philip Phile's
house was swept away in the
nooq. ot: 01-2.; ihat house was
subsequently rescued from its lodge
ment oeiow ana now tortus a por
tion ot the iJeach residence near the
ferry. c - ..
Mr ratrot s loss is severe .in
view of his financial situation. Last
fall he purchased from Sol. King
the land on which his . house was
located. It 1 comprised 36 acres,
ana the price agreed upon was
$600. i He paid an v equivalent of
$100 down and owes the balance
Much sympathy is extended Mr Par
rot in his misfortunef but he is to
be congratulated on the : fact that
his family escaped the terrors of the
things have passed away;
Jersey Milk Cow
Fresh Christmas day, perfectly
For sale by " '
. James Herron,
- Brace, Benton Co.
Teacher's Examination
Notice is hereby eiven that the Coun
ty Superintendent of Benton county will
liolu tne regular examination ot appli
cants for State andeounty papers at Cor
vallis, Oregon as follows: -
For -State Papers.
Wednesday, February 11, at nine o'clock
a. m. and continuing until Saturday,
February 14, at four o'clock p. m. -
Wednesday Penmanship, history, spel
ling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory of
teaching, grammar, : bookkeeping,
- physics. civil government.
Friday Physiology, geographyr mental
arithmetic, ' : composition, . physical
geography. ; '
Saturday Botany, plane geometry, gen-
- eral history, English literature, psy
chology. -. . : : "; . -
For County Papers. '
Wednesday, February at nine o'clock
a. m., and continuing until Friday,
Feb. 13, at four o'clock p. m., First,
Second & Third grade Certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, history, or-
tnography, reading.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching:, grammar, school law. . "
Friday Geography, mental arithmetic,
physiology, civil goverment. , .-
; Primary Certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthography,
reading, arithmetic. .
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
teaming, metnods, pnysioiogy. 1
hub 31SI aay 01 January, 1903.
v County School Supt.
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