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    Bounty Clerk Osier
Vol: XV. No. 50.
Editor and Proprietor.
During above year our sales ex
ceeded the sales of any, previous
year. To make
Our banner year we propose
to start the first month by an
. increase ; in -trade byjaiakingr L
fa Mir Entire-Stock.
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry;
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
tk see me.f I shall take pleasure in giving you alf
the reliable information you wish, ? also showing
you over the country. . '-. V - "',;
I " henry Ambler, 1
I " Real Estate,' Loan, and Insuraneef
1, Philomath, Oregon. ':
Times Off icie for Uob Printing
lo 0 c
l H S ir
it rr. T
: r
WJAYINOJtejQrayJswalUiesijtjlie city
1 I I for Fifst-f!lnsa V.nvravina Stnrliti an
0 o 1
desired, all Christmas goods sold by us
will be engraved absolutely Free of
3- ZQ S'dBiiATx;
The Jeweler and Optician-
J 4
ru f
Don't Cry!
We are sure we can match it if yonr
china gets broken, and it won't cost yoti
much either. - We have bo many1" pat
4 terns and designs to" select from that if
- your china or glassware porcelain, or
crockery gets demolished yon can buy a
: f new supply from our fine sets, and from
our open stock, at . prices you touldn't
begin to match a year ago.
Boy Sent by Freezing Mother " to
Pick up Coal Shot in Back
by Railroad Watchman
Panama Canal . -.
r .:. Treaty Signed ,
, , Other News.
Colombia, S. lbJan. 25. The
fatal shooting of editor Gonzales by
Lieutenant Governor Tillman, re
call3jthe terrible newspaper ..- attack
recently made on the latter by the
Columbia State, owned and edited
by Gonzales." '. ,"'.
On Aug. 25, 1902, the day before
the ; primary; Section,"; the ; State
said: "It was necessary, that,-Jim
Tillman, who two years ago: succee
ded in. 3. getting himself elected
Lieutenant-Governor . because the
majority of voters did not know his
character, should this year have
bis character Jcnown, when
ii "-'r ; 'siJL - 1-T
ilia uauututtuy : jr.-AwyBrjo.i
aeed South Carolina with -supreme
injury, and disgrace. y- . r :
"The interest of the public hav
ing been concentrated , in 3900 on
the tight for the Governorship, hej
literally lied his way into the sec
ondary office, and it was some
body's duty "to stand : forth and
show hia falsity and depravity.
The State Senate has missed its op
portunity and resigned its right to
do this, and on the hustings a new
rule of . curtesy : had been adopted,
whereby the worst and most . inde
fensible man who ever saught the
Democratic nomination in South
Carolina was exempt, from a cus
tom of criticism which had;-not
spared the best of .Gubernatorial
candid ates since., the primary- sys-i
tern was adopted. . : , ; . -..
"Therefore it was obvious if the
press were not to undertake the
duty it would not -, be -performed ;
that the name and jnethods which
had won at the last might win again
and Carolina be cursed -with black
guardism; debauchre - and dishon
esty in her highest and mast re
sponsible office. "r
"It happened that the Stale "pos
sessed larger proofs of the cfimnal
ity of James H. Tillman than any
other newspaper, and although it
would have, preferred ' for -tacticol
reaeons, and knowing ' the verbal
unpleasantness of an issue with : a
blackguard, to second the efforts of
another journal rather that take the
initiatiye.1 Its knowledge of --the;
case prompted it after ' months of
reticence and the actual opening of
the campaign to bring out the facts
it held in store."1 - '' '
Chicago,- Jan.1'1 24. Martin ;i! J'.'
Ward was 'a little hasty in hia act,
which in all probability J will cost
William Stehmear Wb life. The
victim, who is only 12 ,. years, old,
lies in the Alexian Brothers' .Has
pifal with a big bullet in him - that
the Burgeons have been unable to
find. : He was shot in the, back.,,
The, man who shot him,, was em
ployed, as a watchman by the Chi
cago & Northwestern Railway. He
is in jail - aU the Sheffield-avenue
station and is glad to be in jail. .
- It would be perilous for Ward to
appear in the neighborhood cf 518
Wolfram street, where the boy liv-
ed.! The people thereabout show
an ugly temper. ' The Stohmeyers
fare poor. r-
L lo keep bis mother and the chil
dren trom further sunenng trom
the cold the boy went o , the rail
way tracks to pick up- coal. He
was busy at it when he saw the of
ficer and ran. Ward fired one shot.
At the crack of ; the revolver the
j child pitched upon his - face, and
was still. .
' Ward - went to him and was
stooping over him when angry cit
izens, who -had seen the tragedy,
rushed at him. ; Then Ward ran.
; Washington, Jan! 26. The text
of the Panama Canal treaty - was
made public by the senate yester
day. "
Colombia grants the United
States a zone six miles wide, with
the ports of Colon and Panama and
guarantees titleagainst - all other
. .All material, machinery and men
are to be admitted free of duty and
port dues. , -
The. United States is given power
to preserve order in the canal zone
and to protect the canal, and for
that purpose is to create tribunals.
The canal is to be neutral in per
petuity. -
Colombia has the right to trans
port vessels, troops and munitions
of wart free of charge; also its gov
ernment employesiand police.
1 be sovereignty of Colombia over
the canal zona is reserved.
Colombia agrees not to cede or
lease to any foreign power any isl
ands or ports adjacent to the ca
nal terminals, and the United
States agrees to give material sup
port to prevent their occupation by
foreijra powers.
Colombia agrees to furnish forces
to protect the canal when necessary,
but il it cannot do so, the United
States shall, when called on by Co
lombia.- Iu case of imminent dang
er, the. United States may act with
out first obtaining Colombia's con
sent. iKTSyU'i ::-y -V; -n ;
Work must begin -within two
years "and be completed in 12 years
more? but the time may be extend
ed for another 12 years. - ; j
The United States is to pav $10,.
000,000 in gold on ratification", and
$ 250jO00 a ?year," begionmg nine
years later. ' - : :-.--; , ..: h :.
'.A joint commission Is - to .eBtab
lishregalations to govern the canal
Eone. -
"esr.Yorkj'Jan-- 23; An action
is to be brought into the courts here
to have the 18-story structure- oc
cupying the i '.V" formed by the
croseiDg of Broadway and Fifth av
enue, at ;Twenty-third street, and
.known as the 'Flat-iron building,
declared a public and private nui
sance. The complainant is the oc
cupies of a store on Broadway, op
posite; they high buildiDg, whose
plate-glass windows . have been
broken twice by the wind during
the past three months. In his com
plaint her holds : the . building re
sponsible for the antics of the. wind,
the etirreritstriking thestrueture and
bei nAciiected to the 'streets and
against his windowB. Among wit-
netsfs will be experts on air cur
rents, architects and people who,
in passing have been roughly hand
led by the wind, some being thrown
to the sidewalk.-- Mr, Vincent also
asks damages tor IpEsas on stock,
and for loss , of business, alleging
that people avoid the vicinity s'nce
the building was- erected and - the
wind commenced ita, pranks. - -
Philadelphia,;; Jan. 23. Dr.
Leonard Pierson, dean of the veter
inary departmeht'of the University
of Pennsylvania, today announced
that experiments covering a period
of more than two years had proved
conclusively' -that -'cattle- may be
rendered immune from tuberculo
sis by vaccination.- The "experi
ments, vr. rearson-stated,1 were
conducted by Dr. S. H . Gilliland
and himself, j The vaccination con
sisted of injecting into the - vein of
the animal a small a quantity of a
preparation V)f tubercle ? baocillij
nonvirulent for cattle. ' This pro
cedure was repeated several i times
with gTadaallyrr ascending ; quanti
ties." Thelmmediate effect '-'was to
produce a passing fever- following
each injection, which' did not 1 seri
ously annoy the animal. ' ' - 7 '
To prove the efficacy of this treat
ment, four healthy animals .were
seized, and two - were . vaccinated.
The four were inoculated with vir
ulent Tubercle baccilli. At the ex
piration of nearly a year the inocu
lated cattle were killed. . The two
animals that had . been vaccinated
were perfectly sound, while the un
vaccinated animals were extensive
ly tubercular. -; Dr. Pearson stated
that he intends devoting his ener
giee to perfecting the method used
in the vaccination. -.
Charlestown, S. C, Jan. 23. An
earthquake shock was felt here at
11 o'clock tonight. -There was one
distinct shock, which was not suffi
cient to cause any damage to prop
erty nor to occasion serious alarm.
Reports from all points ' near the
city indicate that the shock was
felt through Lower South Carolina.
Columbus, S. C, Jan. 23. A de
cidedearthquake Phock was felt in
mis cuy and suDuros at 0:00 o'
clock tonight.
-Augusta, Ga, Jan. 23. A Blight
earthquake shock was felt here to
night at 8:13 o'clock. No damage
resulted, ' - '
The Colorado Senatorial Muddle
Teller Admits That There May
. be a Contest Wolcott As
sails Both Parties 1
. Other News , .
Denver, Jan. 24.-
bers of the senate and house of the
Fourteenth assembly of Colorado,
cast their ballots, . 51 in b umber
for Henry M. Teller to succeed
himself 4as Un td States senator,
and he was; declared elected by
President W. H. Adams, who pre
sided. .The result was reached -, af
ter a week of.untiring effort on - the
part of the democratic leaders, dur
ing which many rumors of treach
ery had been circulated, and many
delays had occurred by , reason j of
the absence of rollcall of different
members of the assembly. , .' 7.'
. Since Monday morning the dem
ocratic; branch of the assembly had
been in practically contlnuoua ,sae
Bion, and since Wednesday at noon
the joint session of the democratic
members of both houses has been
continuous. . From yesterday morn
ing all the democrats were ready to
cast their ballots for Mr. Teller ex
cept Representative M, J. Madden,
of Denver. The absence : of Mad
den was unaccounted for. until this
afternoon, when it was learned that
he was at home ill with grip, and
fhad been forbidden to leave his
house by his physician. In epWe
of his condition, however, he decid
ed to attend this, evening, and at
the hour named was in his seat and
cast his vote for Mr Teller. There
either house present, and the legali
ty of the election is net admitted
by republican leaders. ; . ; -The
session today had been une
ventful, and when, at 4:45,J Repre
sentative .Madden- came into the
senate: chamber, he was greeted
with a burst of applause. This was
renewed when, on the rollcall for a
ballot, be cast his vote
for Mr.
ler, and when the call was finished
and the result announced the cheer
ing was prolonged.
Senator : Teller was - escorted to
the platform and expressed his
thanks for the patient zeal of hia
friends, which had won for him a
victory. He was elected Bix years
ago by a practically unanimous
vote of the legislature, and he dis
claimed the belief that any act of
his s'nce then had turned ; the ' sen
timent of the people of Colorado
against him. ; , n ,: ,
United States Senator Thomas
M. Patterson followed in a speech
in which, he declared that the : de
mocracy of the state is now more
closely united than ever before. He
declared that, he did not ..think it
likely that .a contest would be
made against Senator Teller. .f ;
1 ;These speeches were followed, by
congratulatory remarks from f 5x7
Governors Adams and Thomas 0.
J.' Hughes, J., and T, J. O'Donnell,
all of whom have been talked of, as
candidates for the senate, and Dem
ocrat'c State ; Chairman ! Milton
Smith.. The joint session then adjourned-'
,- j ' r V - ..
While ; the election of Senator
Teller by the democratic portion of
the general, assembly .has : removed
one element of uncertainty, .of; the
situation, it has not, by any means,
cleared the atmosphere. The elec
tion is declared illegal by the re
publican leaders, and the, dual sen
ates are still maintained. . ;
The democratic session ' resumed
its sessien immediately after the ad
journment of the joint session, and
it3 : leaders announced that; they
would continue to occupy the sen
ate chamber until Monday morning
at lea'et. ; , . : ' . i
' As a result of a conference : be
tween republican senators and rep
resentatives of the two . factions, a
proposition will be submitted in the
House Monday to recognize the re
publican senate as regular.- The
Wolcott med hope that .a sufficient
number of anti-Wolcott republicans
will join them in support of this
proposition to secure its adoption.
In that event n is proposed to hold
a joint session cf republicans next
week to, vote .upon a .United ;. States
senator. . Should, they succeed . io
agreeing upon a. candidate, he will
contest the seat with Mr. Teller. 1
- "The secretary of state - today re
cognized the democratic ssnate as reg
ular by sending it a bill for printing. '
Republican senators and a commit
tee of five each from the Wolcott
and anti-Wolcott factions in the
House met in secret conft rence this
afternoon in the supreme; court
chamber ; - '
: The republican senators demanded-
recognition of their organization, .
by the House. The members of
the House committee said they had
no power to bind the House in thia
matter,' but agreed to -bring the
question before the House at its ses
sion Monday morning. ' The con--
At 5!oclockKeTrenie a$ourned QntiL 4 I
Several democratic members of
the legislature declared today : tbatUj,
overtures on the part of the anti-Wolcott-
republicans for? a. change'
in the" situation which "would 5de-
prive the democrats of the majority'
they now hold in the - joint ' assem- '
bly by unseating one more demo-
crat h&jfe been jejected;-' -. - t
' "We have a bare majority and .
we propose to keep it," .said, Presi
dent pro tern. Adams, of the senate.
"We started out with a" majority of r
10, and when the " House threw out
some of our members we secured a
bare majority by . unseating mem-
bers here. 7 - i,,,!-, ;i , , .
' 'Denver, Janv 25. The 'climax In ' :-'
the 'senatorial fight in 1 Colorado
came tonight, when ex-Senator :E.'
W Wolcott, the candidate of - the
so-called ''stalwart" wing of the re-
publican party, announced his prac- ;
tical withdrawal from ' any ; further
contest and urged the people of CoU
orado to accept the situation as it
stands by the election yesterday of
Senator Harry M. Teller to succeed ;
himself by the joint session of the ;
democratic senators and re present a- '
tives. The - announcement "was '
made in a signed' statement in
which Mr. Wolcott charges certain " -republican
leaders associated with
the anti-Wolcott forces in the re- "
pttblicap laoks :;jwitktrea1cherT'.de
libefate and continuous, although -ha
disposes of others of the ' anti- r
Wolcott crowd by characterizing :
them as "dupes?' of the main con
spirators. He refers to the refusal
of the anti-Wolcott members of the '
House to unseat : the democratic-
members of Arapahoe county and
calls it "a crime against the repub-
Tel-pican party and justice."
Mr. Wolcott declares that Lieu -:
tenant Governor Haggott, when he
withdrew from the senate chamber
and with less than a dozen senators,. '
whose seats were undisputed, organ
ized another senate, was assured of
support . by his " associates : in . the -.
state government, which support .
"fell away from him," however. ,, , ,
-Continuing, Mr. Wolcott says:..
'.'There were thres joint sessions
of the general assembly., . .At the . ,
last one 51 democrats voted for
Teller. No other joint session bad t
been heldvand no republicans had
voted in a joint , session.' , The elec- -'- .
tion of Mr. :-Teller was; tinctured . .
with' fraud; first, in the trickery, of ; ;
adjournment by :the democrats 1 of "; ' t
rthe House: second, in the arbitrary" ; '
auu irauuuieuii expulsion ui iiwn le
gally elected senators. u There' '' isj '
however, now no other legally coil-3 :':f
stituted sepate,' as might have been t
but for this , conspiracy (jreierring 'f'
to the alleged combination between ;Ti '
democrats and anti-Wolcott repub-, f
licans), arid it is now too "late to- -
undo the wrong,-and by unseating- '
the fraudulently elected' members'' '
from" Arapahoe f county insure -
the valid election of ; a republican ?
senator. . 7; ' ' ) . ' .
' "Wicked and unforgivable as) isj
the wrong done the republican par- L
ty, yet from the point of viewof the'
highest citizenship there is but one "
thing to be done arid that is for the "
people to accept the deplorable sit--""
uation and the Governor of the state 1
to issue a certificate of election to- -Mr.
Teller." . v ; ; - ' '
Speaking of Mr.. Teller, - the ex- 1
senator says that in no sense was
he a party to the frauds above re
ferred to, although he was the ben- '
eficiary. He" pays the following
tribbute to the senator-elect:
' "He has served Colorado nearly,
a generation at .; Washington and
whatever may be our regret that he
no longer marches in the 1 ranks of
the party which has so highly hon
ored him-, every citizen of the state
wishes him health " and ' strength
and balieves that he is single-minded
in his devotion to the material
interests of the state." ' ' ' ' "
V Mr. Teller left the city last night
for his country place at Grand
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