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Vol. XV. No. 45.
B. V IRVINE . -Editor
oud Proprietor.
- AY fir
Never before have we been so thor
oughly prepared to meet tbe re
quirements of the Holiday Trade.
good bargains in stock,
g Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me. , I shall take pleasure in giving yon all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country. x
' Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
Philomath, Oregon.
- F3S6.
ft t i
grain, fruit and poultry
HAVING the only facilities in the city
for First-Class Engravings when so
desired, all Christmas goods sold by us
will be engraved absolutely Free jof
Charge. .. ,. .. ..
:;? -:. -'-'J PEATT,
The Jeweler and-Optician.
The Biggest
Ever manufactured wouldn't begin to
hold the many fine things we have to
offer in the way of fancy lamps, cut
glass dinner sets, ice cream, sets and oth
er table and buffet ware. There's some
thing here to suit every taste and every
. pocket book. - .. ,
City Completely, in -Rains r
Portland Saloon Keeper Stab-
bed to Death Thirty
Years in Prison Oth- '' ;
'- er News.
Ashkabad, Russian Turkestan,
Dec. 23. Even the worst of the
earliest retort3 of the recent earth
quake disaster at' Andidjan auite
underestimate the appalling loss of
life. A telegram today from tbe
scene of the catastrophe out the?Three of wur physicians were call
number of victims, in the native
quarter of the town at 4,000. Al
ready 800 corpses have been, disin
terred from the ruins. The work
of excavation progresses slowly. -
The state treasury containing
5,000,000 rubles, is in the ruins, and
excavations to get -the money are
carried on under the supervi
sion of a strong cordon of police.
The water in the wells has disap
peared, and a general subsidence of
trie site of the town is feared. Large
numbers of laborers are being sent
to excavate. Sappers have arrived
and are expected to make more rap
id progress. The shockB continue
with increasing violence. " The area
of seismic disturbance comprises
200 square versts. The Russian
population is camping at the rail
road station, where 4000 cars are
placed at the disposal of the popu
lation. The; local government offi
cials are quartered in cars. Sheds
for the destitute are being built as
last as possible. Free soup kitch
ens have been started and officials
are aiding the departure of the in
habitants by distributing food,
mooey and free railroad tickets.
At St. Petersburg it is estimated
that-nearly 5,doo hayebeeri killedjwkh- gratitude to , the. encourage-
By tne eartnquaKe at andidian
The engineer officers at Andidjan,
who were superintending the exca
vations being made with the view
of recovering the buried treasure at
the sites of the anny department,
state treasury, postoffice, etc., and
the erection of sheds to shelter the
officials and other homeless people,
report that although the work is
progressing as rapidly as possible,
a month must elapse before the om-
cers will be housed. The railroads
are aiding in tbe work by all possi
ble means, furnishing free transpor
tation for provisions and material
and conveying the inhabitants free
of charge to towns in the govern
ment of Ferghana.
Th9 cash remittances in aid ot
the destitute people have thus far
been very small. " ; -
St. Petersburg, Dec. 24. While
full details of the recent earthquake
disaster at Andidjan, Russian Can
tral Aeia,-are not obtainable, owing
to lack ot commnnicatior, the brief
dispatches received here - describe
the situa tion as horrible. The tem
perature has fallenfto the freezing
point, and thousands of persons are
homeless. One section of the city
has been completely destroyed. On
ly one chirch and cotton gin are
standing. The first shock drove the
inhabitanti generally out of doors,
otherwise 'the loss of life would
have been, much greater. .-
. Notwithstanding the offers of free
transportation, they are remaining
in the vicinity of the city, which
will be rebuilt. A substantial start
has been made in the collection of a
relief fund. - -
Andidjan is a cotton center, and
exports 4o,ooo,ooo pounds of cotton
annually. The population numbering
56,ooo souls, was growing rapid
ly. The people, ; who are- mainly
Sarts, were engaged m
ing and ginning. - Of
have been destroyed,
are not like Russians.
cotton rais-
20 gins 19
The Sarts
" They are
private owners ot land, but live in
cities and towns. The houses in
Andidjan are principally one sto
ry high and are built of unburned
Portland, Dec. 24. The Orego
nian says: Joseph Guglielmo, pro
prietor of the Sunnyside saloon, 335
First street, was stabbed five times
in the region of the heart at I o'
clock this morning in. his saloon,
by an unknown Italian who escap
ed. "- -v.;r - . . ;. .
The Faloon wapjust about ti be
closed for the night. -Frank Peets,
of 376 Front street, he bartender,
was behind the bar, and jGugtielmo
was at the end of the long counter,
near his son Frank, when a strang
er came in, an.d began to smash at
the cigar machine. "Don't strike
the machine. You'll break it!"
yelled Guglielmo, and the unknown
man gave him a sneering , answer
and attempted to steal a bottle of
whisky from a ehelf under .the
.counter. To protect his property,
Guglielmo ran up to the stranger,
took the bottle of whisky from him
and led him to the door.
- The three men inBide the saloon
thought that the .incident jcras clos
ed, when : the stranger suddenly
rushed in with a knife or dagger in
bis right hand and plunged the
-sharp instrument into Guglielmo's
l breast, again and again.
Then be-
Uora the other men .could prevent
I him, he escaped up :Matet street.
ecr up by telepnose, but none re
sponded. The wounded man ling
ered, half-speechless, for half an
hour, and died. His friends say if
fee had received medical aid in time
his life , would in all probability
have been saved. .
' '-Policeman Smith and Thompson
and Detective Kerrigan were work
ing on the case at 3 o'clock this
The murder has caused intense
indignation in the Italian colony.
I Trenton, N. J., Dec. 24. The
court of pardons today decided to
take no action in the case of . Libbie
Garrabrant, who is serving a life
sentence for murder. She has been
in prison about 3d years for killing
man in Paterson when she waB 16
year 8 of age. At the time of tbe
muraer sne was sentenced to oe
banged, but ber sentence was com
muted to life imprisonment. - s-
;St. John's, N. F., Dec. 23.
Marconi has sent a telegram to pre
mier Bond announcing his com
plete success in the transmission of
wireless messages between Cape
Breton and England, and referring
ment he received from New Found
land a year ago. In his reply Pre
mier Bond expressed the hope that
when the charter of the Anglo
American Company expiied in A
pril, 1904, Marconi will establish a
wireless station here.
Victoria, B. C, ac. 24. The
steamer Amur, which arrived from
Skagway today, brought news of
tbe massacre of Salmon Indians
and the murder of a storekeeper
whose store was looted and burned
by Pelly Indians.
Dispatches, from Dawson state
that the Little Salmon Indians
were on their way out to. sell furs
when attacked by the Pelly In
dians. The Little Salmons were
encamped and they awaited the ap
pearance 01 tbe reily8 without ex
pecting danger. When the latter
were witbin'a short distance of the
unsuspecting Little Salmon In
dians, they, yelled and simultane
ously fired their gunsT
A number of the little Salmons
were slaughtered on the spot. Oth
ers were followed and killed while
they were fleeing for safety, A
small number of the party escaped.
The survivors returned to the home
village and the women and children
were hurried to the police post at
iantalus lor salety.
USttle definite news was received
regarding an attack on tbe store,
which occurred on December l,and
vague, news received by the police
says that the storekeeper was shot
and killed and his assistant, who
was wounded, fled to the woods,
but being unprepared' for the cold,
probably died. The store was loot
ed and burned.
Chicago, Dec. 24. Policeman
Patrick Mahoney was found guilty
and Daniel Curran codefendant not
guilty of burglary by a jury which
returned its verdict in a locally
sensational case, in Judge McEw-
an's court today. The burglary of
Hagemann's jewelry store, with
which the defendants were charged
netted the robbers $10,000, of which
$7,000 was recovered. James Clark
and an accomplice were convicted
and served terms in the penitent!
a'ry. Upon his release Clark told a
story to the state's attorney which
resulted in thfr arrest of Curran, a
saloon keeper, and Mahoney, a po
liceman, well known and respected
among his fellows. Clark- testified
that Mahoney, in full uniform,
stood'guard, while the jewelry store
was being looted.
" '-" Yaquina Bay Celery :
Constantly on hand at . . Zierolf's.
Talk of County Divisions by Ore
gon Legislature A Carload
of Ore Valued at a Hund
. red Thousand Dollars
' Other News.
.Chicago, Dec. 23. New York
and Chicago capitalists are said to
have joined forces to launch in Chi
cago one. of the most colossal trac
tion Tehtur88r accordingto the Dai
ly News, the city has known. The
scheme is for an underground rail
road combined with a new elevated,
the cost of the entire project to be
$51,000,000 to $55,000,000. ;-.
Briefly f stated, the plan compre
hends the construction of a tunnel
under the down town, streets, mak
ing a complete loop of the business
section, to connect with a new ele
vated road, which it is proposed to
coDS'ruct parallel with the South
side line, to he reached by means
of an incline. The scheme is de
signed largely to benefit the stock
yards district. The. Inter-Borougb
Rapid Transit Company, ; of Now
York, which built the big under
ground railroad in that city, is said
to be really at tbe head of the
scheme. Eight New Yorkers have
been directly interested, it is said.
Eugene, Or., Dec. 23, Now. that
the legislation is about to canvene,
county division talk is again taken
up in this section. The inhabitants
of the northwest corner of Douglas
county are going to strive to be an
nexed to Lane county, claiming
that Eugene is their most accessi
ble outlet, and also complaining
that Douglas county doesn't take
sufficient interest in building and
maintaining roads in their section
of the country. r. There ia , also "a
movement among some of the resi
dents of the coast section of Lane
county to cut out a section along
the coast and establish a new coun
ty, with Florence as the county
seat. . - -
Everett, Wash., Dec. 23. A car
load of fabulously rich ore from Ba
ker county, Oregon, is due to ar
rive at the Everett smelter this
week. From Sumpter to. Baker
City the car was occupied by an
armed guard, with a special engine
as the estimated value of the ship
ment of hand-sorted ore is $loo,ooo.
Cottage Grove, Or., Dec. 23 A
report reached here this evening
that John Mansfield was killed yes
terday in Bohemia by an explosion
of dynamite. He and Frank Mcln
tyre were doing assessment work
for Whale & Gilbert. . Mclntyre
went to camp to get dinner; Mans
field remained to load and shoot
three holes. Two of the loads went
off, and he went back to see. what
was the matter with the other,"
when it discharged, tearing his bead
almost from iiis body. As Mans
field did not come to camp for bis
dinner, Mclntyre went to the tun
nel and found him dead. Mans
field was known as "Mineral ohn,"
and has been in Bohemia for a num
ber of years. .He was an assayer,
and had a small farm near tbe foot
of Bohemia Mountain. His boJy
will be buried at Wild wood tomor
row.. - "
Absolutely Puro
THERE i& ffl .SiiBSTiT&TE
Yokohama, Dec. 4, via San Fran -"
cisco,. Deo. 23. Reports of poor
crops and prohibitive prices for
the 'staple native goods reached ,
the Hong Kong telegraph from all
quarters. Great distress is reported
from Amoy.and Swatow, while sim
ilar accounts reach that paper from
Singapoi e and ; : other ; southern '
points. Kwangsi and K wans Tung
have experienced similar failures, '
with the result that the Canton sit
uation is very, grave.
As for the .Philippines, the Vice
crop in Pangasinan, Camarines and
other minor provinces has - been a
failure. Saigon, the chief : export- -ing
port for the Philippine supply,
has also suffered in its. crop, through
the drought, and the market there
has advanced practically 50 per
cent sifcee the beginning of the
year. At present that district ia ,
bare of rice and is trying-to cancel
contracts. It is said that soon no
ric9 will be obtainable until , the
new crop comes in February.
The Siamese cruiser Maha Chak
rkri has arrived at Nagasaki en
route ta Yokohama, where she is to
receive the Siamese' crown; prince;
who is shortly expected from Van
couver. The commander and two
other officers of the cruiser are Eu
ropeans, and 11 officers and ' 324
men natives.
City of Mexico, Dec.,-23. It is
now practically assured that the
American-Eoglish syndicate, with
headquarters in London and Chica
go, will purchase three large ciga
rette factories in this, city. . A de
posit of $60,006 gold' to guarantee
the trade has been made.
The companies to be taken over
by the Americans are the Bueno S
Tuno, $4,000,000 capital; Le Cigar- -rora,
with a capital of $l,75o,ooo.
The third is a private concern. The .
total amount of the deal is about -$ll,ooo,ooo.
The payment will he .
partly in cash and partly in rnort-"
gage bonds. . ' "
The purchasing oompany will
be .ka.own as the Mexicar,:Tobacca
Corporation, and rumor ascribes to
the syndicate the purpose of buying
up all important cigarette factories '
in the country. Government action
to prevent a total absorption of tbia
industry by foreigners Is rumored.
St. Joseph," Mo., Dec. 23. Fire
broke out at 6 o'clock this morning
in Chase & Sons' candy, manufac
turing establishment and destroyed
it. Sophia Mintus, aged 15, and
Mattie Lesslie, aged 2o, girl employ
es, jumped from a third story win
dow and were fatally hurt. There
were 5o girls employed in the facto
ry, and many others jumped from
second and third-story windows,
some sustaining slight injuries.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
The factory had been running night
and day to fill holiday orders, and
the night and day . forces were
changing at the time the fire broke
Sioux City, Ia., Dec. 23. The
town of Hubbard, Neb., was the
scene of a daring hold-up tonight.
Two men heavily armed entered a
crowded saloon and robbed every
body in the place, looted the cash
register and made their escape. The
amount secured is unknown.
, Wood for Sale
I have 5OO acres of timber land to clear."
Will sell wood in stump or give wood for
Clearing ground, have fir, oak cedar and
ash. 5 miles west of Corvallis.
: PA Kline.