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    Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County,
It has been figured out that,
should the Oregon legislature ap
propriate $500,000 to the 1905
fair, the farmers of Oregon would
pay $142,000, or only about 28 per
cent of the sum. In the state there
are 58,490 people engaged in agri
culture, as calculated on the basis
of the 1900 census. On a $500,000
appropriation, of which $256,000
-would be collected in 1904 and an
equal sum in 1905 the average
that each farmer would have to pay
would be $43 for the two years
or $i.2i cents each year.
Of the $500,000, Multnomah
county would have to pay in taxes
$156,150, or considerably more
than would the farmers of the state
In addition, the city of Portland,
by voluntary subscription has al
ready contributed $350,000 to be
' used for the fair,
With reference to the appropria
tion,' whatever it is to be, it may be
said that Portland, though a heavy
tax payer, is rarely the beneficiary
of appropriations at the hands of
the legislature. That city has no
institution of importance that the
state is annually called upon to aid
and her legislative members are not
often at the capital as now, with
their hands out for gold.
An Indianasheriffhas been deposed
from office by the governor because a
negrojinjhiscustody'was lynched by a
mob. The law however, that gave
the governor the right to do so. al
so erives the sheriff the right to
show that he was powerless to pre
vent the lynching, in which case he
may, if the governor sees fit, be
restored to office. If the sheriff's
political complexion is all right,
his case is not. hopeless, but other
wise he will have to hunt another
job, and that is about all the law
amounts to.
An Illinois man is sought by the
constabulary. says the Eugene
Gtnrd, " because he vhas four
wives. " If he were in Utah, he
would have a chance to go to the
United States senate. If he were
in Sulu.he would get ajpension from
a paternal government. As it is
he will probably land in the pen
itentiary. And thus environment
makes or mars man's life.
Seven head of fine Ewes Purchased by
Corvallis Man.
Johnson Porter has laid the foun
dation for maintaining a choice herd
of fancy sheep on his farm north of
Corvallis. He already has a fine
band of Cotswolds, at the head " of
which is a buck selected for Mr
Porter by Dr Withycombe out
of the Stump herd in Polk County,
and another from the Scott farm at
3lo this band, Mr Porter has just
added seven fancy ewes, secured af
ter a visit to the principal dealers
in the valley, irom which he retur-
1 -wm-r 1 1 At ' 1 11. C
nea weanesaay. ai me ocon iarm
in Clackamas county, Mr Porter
purchased two yearling ewes both
of which took prizes in the year
ling class at the late State Fair,
one ewe owned by I,add alone hav
ing taken a place above them.
At the Brunk farm in Polk co
unty five other fancy ewes were
purchased, three of them yearlings.
Two others are older, and both took
prizes at the State fair in former
A Boj's Wild Ride for Lire.
"With family . around expecting
him. Jo die, and a eon riding for life
18 miles, to get ...Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Cougbs
and Colds, rW H Brown of , Lees
ville, Ind., endured death's agonies
from asthma, but this wonderful
medicine gave instant ."relief, and
soon cured him..', He-., writes: " "I
now sleep eonndly - every night."'
Like marvelous curefpqf Consump
tion, Pneumonia,..;; ( Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds and ... Grip proves its
matchless merit for all Throat and
Lung troubles. Guaranteed bottles
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at
Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Get Them Now
Big Green Olives in bulk, Fresh mince
meat in packages and Heinz sweet pick
lea, at Zieroll'a.
Tiss Clara Duncan, Former Corvallis
Teacher Weds in the East-
The Phoenix, published at Musk
ogee, Indian Territory, under date
of November 19th, prints the fol
lowing notice of the marriage of
Miss Clara Duncan, formerly a
popular teacher in the Corvallis
public schools, and a Benton
county girl.
"Mr F E Baker and Miss Clara
Duncan were married at the home
of Mr and Mrs Frank Hubbard,
this city, last ; night at 7 o'clock,
Rev J K Thompson ot the Presby
terian church, officiating.
The affair, although . quiet, was
none the less pleasant and im
pressive. The room was beauti
fully decorated with white chry
santhemums and evergreens, the
bride carrying white carnations.
After the ceremony delicious re
freshments, were served 'by Mrs
The bride and groom were, the
guests of Mr and Mrs W S Irwin,
who are making their home at the
Hubbard residence, Mr Irwin be
ing the revenue collector for the
Indian Territory.
; The groom, Mr F E Baker, is a
young man well known in Musk
ogee and . universally respected.
He is an engineer in the employ of
the Katy railroad company, and a
more popular young man never
ran an engine out of Parsons,
The bride, Miss Clara Duncan,
is comparatively a .stranger in this
city, but during her brief sojourn
here has already made a large num
ber of friends. She is a talented
member of the noble army of teach,
ers and has just resigned a position
m the Parsons public school where
she was highly esteemed
both for
her professional qualifications and
as a member of society,
to going to Parsons, she taught at
Nowata, Cherokee nation, where
she was a universal favorite.
Mr and Mrs Baker "will be at
home to friends at Parsons, Kansas,
after December 1."
The Times joins many
other Corvallis friends of Miss
Duncan in extending good wishes.
They Got Married Mulyaney Moved
Rafting Legs Other News. .
Mr and Mrs J R Coopey of
Portland, spent Thanksgiving at
the Kaupisch home.
The principal street of Albany is
to be paved. Advertisements for
bids are now running in the pa
pers. A special meeting of Ferguson
Chapter No 5 A F & A M will be
held this evening for the purpose of
work. All members requested to
be present. Z. H. Davis, Sec.
Charley Bilyeu went to Portland
Thursday to close the sale of his
160 acres of timber land located in
Tillamook county. The price
agreed upon is $1,500.
Spaulding Brothers' Gray Eagle
was on the upper river this week
and towed to Oregon City two rafts
of bam and white fir from the Ba
ker logging camp on Smith island.
John Rexford and Mary Totten
were united in marriage at the home
of the bride's parents. Mr and Mrs
B F Totten at Oak Ridge. Thanks
giving day, The knot was tied by
Rev S M Wood, in the presence
of a number of invited guests.
Many handsome presents were
features of the occasion.
Sam King has constructed some
thing like a half a block of side
walk along the front of his pro
perty just north of the' saw mill,
down to the high water mark or a
little further. Beyond the north
end of Mr King's walk, people are
not disposed to make such improve
ments from the fact that the river
over flows that locality for a con
siderable distance, and a board walk
is liable to be carried away or bad
ly damaged every winter.
Wyatt Mulvaney who has resid
ed on the Burnett place near town
for the past year, will reside on his
Big Elk ranch in the near future.
With his wife and daughter, and a
considerable amount of household
effects, he began his journey home
ward yesterday morning. The down
pour of rain rendered it , an inaus
picious time to start into the moun
tains with team and wagon, but the
Oregonian knows better than to
wait for clear weather at this time
of the season. . , -
' Doesrit "Respect Old Age. '
It's shameful when youth fails to
show proper respect for old age but
just the contrary in the case of Dr
Kings New Life Pills. , They cut off
maladies no matter how severe or
irrespective pf old age. Dyspepsia,
jaundice, fever, constipation all
yield to this perfect pill. 25c at
Graham & Wortham's drug etore.
Sugar has Advanced and May
Higher Salt Trust at Work.
Local merchants are watching
the fluctuation Jof sugar and salt in
the price scale. Sugaf, which has
been for some time at $4.50 recent
ly advanced to $5 per sack. The
tenor of the dispatches seem to in.
dicate further advances. A late
one says that a big wholesale firm
in the East bought an immense
stock of sugar during the late ad
vance, and that in expectation of
another of the kind expects to make
a pile of money. It also says that
sugar on the New 1 York market,
inspire of the recent advance is
very firm, and that it is expected to
go higher, considering the statistics
of stocks on hand. Last year, the
price stood steadily for sometime at
f'6.75 per sack in the local market,
and both dealers and consumers are
hoping that the experience is not to
be repeated.
Salt is also a staple whose price
is considered a trifle uncertain.
The price of stock salt, not long
ago was $1.25 per sack. Before the
Salt trust was formed it was as low
as 45 cents per sack. Recently the
price, on account of opposition from
local firms in salt works in Califor
nia declined to $1. 16, at which fig
ure it now stands. A dispatch yes
terday, however, relates that the
Federal Salt trust is negotiating a
deal ""by which the independent
California works are to be absorbed
by the Trust, and that the Pacific
Coast market will thereafter be con
trolled by the combination. It also
adds that a jump in the price will
probably result if the deal material
izes. With tabl? salt at $1.50 and
1 stcck salt at $1.10 per sack already,
j both dealers and consumers hope
j tnat any coming cnange m ngure
may be for a lower instead 01 a
higher price.
A Five Coach Special to Take Corval
lisites and Students to Albany
The biggest crowd that ever went
out of Corvallis to another town to
see a football game will go to Alba
ny next Saturday to see the contest
between the OAC and the Albany
college elevens. A special train of
five coaches is to carry the people
over and bring them back again. It
is to leave the Corvallis & Eastern
station at 1:30 p m sharp, and is to
return immediately after the game.
Three hundred tickets are to be is
sued, as sixty is the number allot
ted to each coach, and these will be
placed on sale perhaps today: if
not today, then early in the coming
week. The train has been chartered
by supporters of the team, and the
balance if any, i to be devoted to
payment of the teams expenses in
preparing for the - game, which
aggregate about $100. The fare for
the roundtrip is one dollar.
The game ought to be a very fine
one . I he two elevens are supposed
to be very evenly matched. The
Albany eleven has played two and
ual one naugnt to naught game
with the University of Oregon this
season. 1 he Albany team has an
adv antage in that it has been two
years under the same trainer, while
many of the OAC players are work
ing under a coach this season for
the first time in their lives.' The
latter have however some very fine
points, and their friends are conn
dent that the farmer lads will acquit
themselves creditably.
To Trade
A fane farm in Nebraska, also one in
Texas for farms in Benton or Linn C o
Also nice well improved farm near Hal-
sey for Corvallis acreage property. Good
brick store bouse and residence for farm.
Some great bargains in farms and city
residences. See. - FP Morgan.
A Typical South African Store.
O. R. Larson, of Bay Villa, Sundays
Riverr, Cap9 (Jolony, conducts a
store typical of ; South Africa, at
which can be purchased anything
rom the proverbial needle to an
anchor." This store is situated in
a valley nine miles from the near
est railway station and about twenty-five
miles irom the nearest town.
Mr. Larson says: "I am favored
with the custom of farmers within
a radius of thirty miles, to many of
whom I have supplied Chamber
lain's remedies. All testify to their
value in a household where a doc
tor's advice is almost out of the
question. Within one mile of my
store the population is perhaps six
ty. Of these, within the past i2
months, no less than fourteen have
been absolutely cured by Chamber
lain's Cough Rerredy. This must
surely be a record " For sale by
Graham &Wella. :
the Kind You Have Always SougW
Sears the I
Cloak and Suit Sale.
Commencing Saturday, November 15th, we will offer our
entire stock of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks, Jack
ets, Capes, Raglans and Tailor-Made Suits at Sweeping
Reductions, all this season's garments. Limited stock"",aTl
& Marx
Hand Tailored
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg
. 3 .
I 11 1 111 . I w f 1 II Pll
I Y 1 II I 111 ll IA Bit! B
w,i inui gj r Mil 1 rmam tw t
' ...
E. Holgate
WE'RE provided for all
sons 01 ciotnes-tastes, men
j . t tit 1 1
who t want the latest and
newest styles, and men who
want the quietest and plain
est clothes they can get, and
men all the way between.
The qualities for all sorts
of men are the same; styles
vary, but Hart, Schaffner &
Marx quality remains always
as good as it can be. What
ever your clothes-needs, we
inteud that this shall be your
place to supply them, $6 50
to $35. We are sole agents.
Physician, and Surgeon,
Office over Post Office. -Residence, Cox.
sth & Tefferson Sts. Hours io to ia a. m
-Wiliamotte .....
Valley Banking
Responsibility $100,000.
& General Banking Business.
Exchaoge ieeued payable at all finan
cial centera in United States, Canada ;
and Europe. .
Principal1 Correspondent
Portland, Seattle. San Franci&co and
New York
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Chicago First National Bank
Canada Canadian BaDk of Commerce
Union Bank of Canada.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of a warrant issued or.tof the Coun
ty Court of the State oi Oregon, for the County
of Be nton, to the Sheriff of said County directed
and delivered, commandiDK the said Sheriff to
collect the taxes as shown to be delinquent, on
the tax roll for the year 1901, charged to said de
linquents thereon, and if necessary to sell tha
several articles ol personal or parcels of reat
property upon which such taxes ate levied, as :
set forth in said tax list, Said delinquent tax
payers, the amount of taxes and the penalties'
and the several parcels of reel property are des
cribed as follows towit:
Amt tax-& cost
Aaron. Amanda Cs W K of 8 W i; NJiofSK
Hot N WJsec 35. T10.R 6 W 60 acres SS 9
Beursdorff, A nne E of 8 E y. section 34
T10R6W 120 acres ..:.i7. 6 68
Deadman, Q K s W i, S of N W "X ex-
cept SWXof SW Mand W y of X
of N W JC section 35, T 10. B 6 W 180 acres 11 35
Newman, M P Lots 6. 6, and 7 and S K of
" owiium xo, J.U, now itu
Bichardson, S E section 35, T la. B 6 W
5 66
du acres
Sabin, R L S section 10 T 11 R i W
160 acres
Printz. Gilbert H N U nfsiv i. r.t'"siv"i'
11 35
8 CO
?A,,SA0J N w k of SE i section '
16,T12R 7 w, SO acres
Foindexter, B w The North 0 acres of
KW X of SE section 16, T 12, R 7 W
Hlbma,nda fiTN o NE section 26
TlOKt) W, SO acres
Johnson, E C S e i section 6, T ii B 6 W
1G0 acres
Marley, p H N E V, section 5 T'ii'R's'w
1 26
1 28
1 2f
5 CO
1 GO acres s
Press, William X W i ot SW section 2
x ii v , in y Ot AH. ;
H: S E U of H W y: sec'tio
; S w y. ,)f ke
Ji section 3, T 11 E 5
Nichols, M E NW ;4'r. 'SE14;
11 35
S of N W
Fridiey A Beginning at point 81 rod's" jf of
section II i : i ri ii ok
KJS corner ot CI 60 in T 11' SBGWftff
to rods, th N 28 rods to tenter of Coun
ty rond, th east alonir center of said
load to a t nint 10 rods N of beginning
in sections 13 and 17, Til B ti VV 9 -acres
2 1$
Maher, E H E section 36, T 12," ' ii' V 'w
320 acres ji 8g
Bust. H A Beginning at N w corner of
SW i of N E i of section 22, T 12
R 6 W th S 22 rods, E 120 rods, N 22 rods
W 120 rods o ,n
Burkhart, O A Lot 12, Block 17, Job's Ad .'
dition to Corvallis i oo
Cauthorn, J A Fractional lots 5 and 6, in " "
fractional Block 3, O T Corval
lis 14 "o.
Hull, Albert Lot 3 in Block 9, Job's ad
dition to Corvallis x 00
Hoag, William Lots 5 and 0 Block 5 O T
Corvallis, Lot 1 Block 6 O T Cor-'
vallis, Fractional River Lots 5 and 6
Block 2, Avery's Addition to Corvai-
lis 32 61
HUSheS. W P Lots 11 and V. TAnnV In
Wilkins Addition to Cot val
lis j 33.
Hawver, William Block 4 and Block 24
Job's Addition Corvallis 24 45
Hendrshott, Mary Lot 5 Block A Avery a
v Mui.ii.iiii t t.:: . vv'-v:-
jiiuK5nDii,iJ UUV4 DiUCJt kt JOOS ACi-
Logan, S A South 30 feet Lot 9 Block 6 !
O T Corvallis 04 45 i
Jlulkey, A G Beginning at S W corner' "
of Block 6 Wells Addition Corval- i
lis, th. N 10 rods E 156 feet, South ,
to point 108 feet from begin- '
nine West to hpp-innlnf. 1 An
. U1I.I in. nrvH S i nn '
Tower, Charles Beginning at point
113 feet from a point 233 feet south
from N line on div line of J c
Avery's D L C run South 60 feet
W 100 feet N 50 feet E 100 fent. to
beginning all lines parallel to t (reels
of Corvallis on
Waggoner, George Lot 3 Block UN B & P
Avery's Addition to Corvallis Lot 6
Block 11. Lots 4i5 Block 12 N B fc- P
Avery's Addition Corvallis 07 "
Friendly Max Beginning at a point
34,0s chains E oi the N V corner of
NEol section 3", T 12 SB 4 W of
Will Mer th W 7 60 chains; th S8
chains: thence E 1 cfcsin th SCO chains
th E 5 chains; to Willamette river
thence down seid river with its
meandering to place of begin
ning containing 7.66 acres more or
lets 3 co-v
Bnford.J W tots 3 & 4 Block Y3, Jobs Addition
Corvallis 130
Tullls, Elizabeth E; X of SW & W
of S E section 30, T 11, R 7 W 160
acres 4S8
Moore I M & Vanderpool M E W 14 of
SW 14 section S3, T10R7W 3 60 '
Oregon & California Baiiroad Co N W
of S E H section 17 T 14 K 8 120 ;
And on Thvrf day the 11th dy of De
ctmber, 1902, at the hour of 10 a m of said
day, at the Sheriff's office, in the Court Hon bo
in said County and State, I will sell the above - '
described real property, at public sale to the ' '
person who will bid the amount of taxes
and costs accrued against each piece or par
cel of real rironeity i-nd tike a. -rftfT...fA
at the lowest rate of interest, for cash Miih. "
j ect to redemption, to satisfy said warrant.
toaiB tutu accruing costs,
f Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon.
Dated November 11, 1902
Notice to Creditors ,
undersigned has been duly appointed admin-
nuuue is nereDj ?iven 10 an nersons tnar. tha
Istrator with the will; annexed ef the estate, of '
Jane Elizabeth Fisher, deceased, bythe County
Court of the State ot Oregon, for Benton County
All persons having claims against said estate,
of said Jane Elizabeth Fisher deceased, are
hereby required to present the same with the
proper vouchers duly verified, as by law re- -
quired within six mouths of jthe date hereof to
the undersigned at his law office In Corvallis
Benton eniinl-.v. Orpmin. .1
m JS. WlLSUiN.
Dated this Nov 8, 1S02.
Administrator with the will annexed of tha
estate of Jane Elizabeth Fisher, deceased, '
. . . "'S-w.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed ad1
mmistrator of the estate ' of Lina Nue- ;.
gass, deceased , by the Countv Court of- :
the State of Oregon, for Benton county .
and that Leters Testamentary therm
have been issued to him. All persons
having claims against said estate are no -
tified to present the same verified as bv . . i
law required to me at the office of WS
McFadden. 1st fNat'i uanit uuiiaiug ra ;
City of Corvallis said . County within six v
months from this date, r - v . a
Administrator ot tne estate ot Aana .'
Abstract of Title; Conveyancing ,, ,
Practice in all the courts. Notary Pubhd-
l Office in Burnett Brick.