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-(Advertisements in this column
at tbe rate of 15 cents per line.
charged for
J D Irvine arrived from Browns
ville Saturday! ;
.Misses Kite .and Mae Gerhard
returned Monday from Albany.
H B Miller, wife and daughter
leave Eugene today for China. -
-Mrs Florence Eosendorf went to
Portland Sunday. ;she waa accom
panied by her young daughter Modea-
t8' " , ' . . -
Mra Minnie Arnold has recenty
built a home at Berkeley. California,
and ehe and her son, Ernest, now re
side there.
The lumber is already on the
ground for building new walks on tbe
north and west sides or the .Episcopal
church property,
Union Thank8giviug service at
10-30 a m tomorrow at the M E
church South. Rev Carrick will de
liver the eermon. Everybody Is in
Walter Taylor la building a nine
tv-foot addition to his barn. It is
provided with all modern conven
lences, and Is to be used for housing
bis dairy cows.
. Forest Grove Times: Miss Lena
daughter of Mr and Mrs David Keen,
was married Monday to C D Hertz.
Tbe will leave soon for Grants Pase,
where they will make their home for
the winter.
Mies Ethel Price is spending the
winter In Portland, at the home of her
Bister, Mrs Louis Oren. Mr Oren is
etill an extra in the United -States
railway service, not yet having se
cured a regular run.
Jones Cawklns always takes
his whole family out with him in his
automobile whenever he goes. Bones
What for' Jones He Is afraid if
be doeen't he might run over some
of them by mistake. .
The Increase in the population of
Corvallls la noticed by deliverymen
and milkmen, Walter Taylor, who
has been out of the milk business for
two years, Is again on the route, and
be says that tbe added number of
families in town is a matter of great
J D Irvine has purchased a
dwelling house and lots In the west
half of the Tunnicllffe block, near the
Southern Pacific etation. The price
paid is $500. Additions are to be
made to the house, The house is
now occupied by Harry Clodfelter
and family.
Mrs Lawton of Portland, depart
ment add aotlog Inspector of the
W B O of Oregon, reviewed the Corps
in their ball Saturday afternoon. A
reception was tendered Mrs Lawton
In the evening at the residence of
Post Commander Chlpman. A lunch
was served.
Frank Lilly has accepted a po
sition with the big hardware estab
lishment of Thomas Murphy at Xa
Grande, Oregon, and leaves tomorrow
' to enter upon his duties. Mrs Lilly
and Cecile remain In this city until
arrangements have been perfected
for their arrival In La Grande. Mr
Lilly has been for years with B M
Wade & Co of Corvallls, nnd is one of
the best salesmen in the country, as
well as a most popular young man.
Both he and Mrs Lilly stand high in
Corvallls social circles, and their de
parture Is regretted by many friends.
The virtue of spraying apples for
codling moth was demonstrated this
season in the orchard which J Meeker
bought of Tbtfmas Whitehorn near
town. A portion of the orchard was
Bprayed at proper Intervals during
the season, and the - presence of so
many more wormy apples In the un
eprayed portion causes the owner to
regret now that alt of the trees were
not sprayed, in tne epiayed por
tion tbe per cent or wormy apples are
very email. The whole orchard will
be well sprayed next year. The crop
from the orchard this season was
400 bushels. -
Corvallls police authorities have
their eye on wheelmen. Of late, the
speed limit of six . miles an hour on
sidewalks Is regularly trangressed.
Wheelmen ride without bells in the
day time and without lighted lamps
at night, all in violation of solemn or
dinances. ' It is the announced pur
pose of the police to put an "end to
these trangressions, and to Insist
upon strict observance of the bicycle
regulations. It is almost sure that
wheelmen are'golng to get into trouble
Of course there is one, and ; but one
way ior them to avoid it, and that is
to be within tbe requirements of the
law. The authorities have already
given publlo notice of their intentions
and wheelmen will be without excuse
If they are arrested and fined.
The work of filling In the sink
holes caused by the late heavy rains
on the loose dirt along the new lat
eral sewers la in progress. Every
since the handsome milk - wagon on
HuklU's routes suffered damage by
going into one of the holes, the nec
essity of making the places safe has
been apparent. It was while the
wagon was driving over one of the
laterals that the cave occurred and
the damage ' sustained kept the new
vehicle in a repair shop for part of
a day. Several other parties had
narrow escapee, among them a farm
er who got one of the horses of his
team partly in a hole and came near
going in himself, with, wagon and
team all In a heap. A big lawsuit
could result from Jack of care In re
pairing these dangerous places.
Wheat 60.
A number of young p eople were
pleasantly entertained at the home of
Kratz Cronise Saturday night. -
Miss Buth Cauthorn returned to
her home at Wells, yesterday, after
a week's visit with Miss Edna Finley.
Miss Carrie Danneman arrived
yesterday from Clem to spend Thanks
giving with relatives, . ;
Thanksgiving service at the Epis
copal church tomorrow at 10 a m.
Bev CMacLean, rector. 1 :
On account of Thanksgiving,
Mrs Babbitt will not be at the Occid
ental today and tomorrow to meet
her Corvallls muelo pupils. '
Mr and Mrs Wlllard Gilbert left
Saturday for Dallas, where Mr Gilbert
has. aecepted a position as bookkeeper
in a Dallas saw mill.
Tie Albany Herald man first
talked about mules andnow about
jack rabbits with reference to foot
ball events. Long ears is unavoid
ably an ingredient in any of his re
marks, at least on football.
Sheriff Burnett is no longer gun
less, The fine gun that be dropped
under 20 feet ofwater while he took a
cold bath in the slough on Dick Ki
ger's place last week, has been re
covered. Dick Klger pulled it out of
the depths by use of a long handled
rake. The gun suffered less from Its
plunge than did its owner.
There was a birthday party at tie
home of Mr and Mra B J Evera on
College hill Saturday afternoen. It
was Master George's 8th birthday.
The youngsters enjoyed a fine tlrqe.
Refreshments were served, Those
present were, George, Garland Min
nie Wuestefeld, Clyde and Bessie
Metca If, George Nichols, Malo and
Allen Gady and Clarence and Hazel
George Noak ee, formerly of Cor
vallls, but who now operates a store
and the postofflce at Hillsdale,
auourD oi jfortJand, was held up
and robbed by masked men Friday
night. Noakes was about to close his
store when the bandits entered. They
presented a pistol and commanded
Noakes to give up his money. The
latter complied and threw them a sack
containing $104. Then the bandlta
beat a haety retreat, and Noakes ee
curing a revolvef fired four times at
them in the darkness.
A surprise party .was given Miss
Bertha Cramer at Her home Friday
evening. The evening was spent in
games and a general good time. Af
ter the! amusements refreshments
were served which were much en
joyed. Those present were, Missea
Georgia White, Pearl Vincent, Mattie
Strong, Bertha Cramer, Mabel Wood,
Merle Uollister, Winnie Michael,
Hazel Montgomery; Delmar Hedg
path, Walter Woed, Tracy Holll3ter,
Waggoner, Smith Lane, A J Fuller,
George Briel and Hugh Jones.
A big crowd watched college
glrla and boya play two game8 of
basket ball Friday night. . The bovs
game was notable in that the second
team bested the first team In a score
of 15 to 11. The first team is, Stel
wer, Biopres, Gate, Stokes and Morris;
the second team-is. Binebart, Gar-
row, Swann; Bilsea and Anstedt. The
game of tbe girls was between two
picked teams as follows; Beds, Miss
es Smith Yaeger, Van Cleve, Stewart,
and Weber. Orange, Misses Wicks,
Linyilie, Elgin, Bay Smith and Grace
Nichols. The Beds won in a score of
five to threee. -
Those who attended the football
game on OAO field Saturday after
noon got their money's worth. Tbe
contest was between teams from the
Corvallls and Salem publlo schools,
and was as hot as ever eeen on the
local field. The lads were there to
play and that Is what they did with
reckless abandon,' affording more
sport for the side lines and grand
stand than games of far more note
and higher admission money." The
Corvaliis boys had the klckoff and
stopped tbe ball on Salem's 35.yard
line, and during the rest of (the half
kept It in Salem's territory.' In the
second half Salem kicked off, and by
bucking the line the . Corvaliis boya
soon ran tbe ball out of their own and
into Salem's territory, where with
hard work they finally ran It down to
Salem's four yard line. There they
lost the ball, but quickly forced Sa
lem to punt to them from Salem's
six or seven yard line, and were In
fair way for a touchdown when time
was called. The final score of the
game was naught to naught,
At Eugene, preparations fc are on
for the Willamette Valley Musical
Festival to be held there, next May,
Three season tickets for the three
nights have been placed at 82.50 each.
If 500"season tickets can be sold in
Eugene, contracts with soloists will be
closed. Tbe plana for the concerts
in brief are, To secure tbe Portland
Symphony orchestra for ' one night of
orchestral work under the Symphony
director, Eigar Coursen, and for two
nights of accompaniment for tbe -oratorios
under the choral directors;
to secure fer solo's e, Mr E O Towne
of Chicago, for the entire festival, and
in addition, Mr Dom Zan of Portland
and Miss Stinson of the University
School of Music, for the flrstv night
of Joratoria work la "Feast of Adonis''
and "Redemption" and Mrs t Walter
Reed of Portland and Pr of Glenn for !
the second night of oratorio when
"Elijah" will fce given with Mr Boyer
as director. An Invitation will alao
be extended to the Boyer chorua of
Portland to participate In the festival
and assurances have already been
received that a delegation from that
chorua will represent Portland at the
festival. v
Bound to Marry Now Have Already
Set Out to Find Wives.
- The big price of hops has wield
ed a large influence on tbe aspira
tions of Corvaliis Chinamen. . No
less than five of them are on, the
way to China today, most of them
to get wives, and four of the five
made a stake in the hop business
this year. Four of the :' bunch
with fitting adieus to their . coun
trymen in this town, took Mon
day's Westside for Portland, and
the fifth, Sorbin Sing left yesterday
From Portland, the party of thrifty
heathen so to Victoria, and thence
take a British steamer for Hong
Kong. They will be 24 days ' Is
crossing the Pacific, and the trip
over will cost $48, steerage.
Of the Chinese hop kings In the
party, Sam Sun is one, and he is
orobablv the best to do 01 all, so
far as this world's goods are con
cerned. He is the lessee of the
Beach hop yard across the Wil
lamette. He has the yard leased
for a period of 12 years, of which
two have expired. He had a good
crop and made money last year-
This year his output was 35,000
pounds, and he sold at 1 8 and 20
cents per pound. The account
is that Sam Sun cleared this year
the snug sum of $4, 300." Sam is
going to get married on arrival in
China. His bride, of course, is not
vet selected. That will be a mat
ter to be arranged after his arrival
in the flowery kingdom. The
maid whom his fancy selects will
bless his Chinese home, after pro
per financial arrangements have
been settled upon by Sam Sun with
her father.
"Sam no buy wife " said one of
his friends yesterday, "Chinamen
no buy wife, Newspaper talkee
that way; no sabbee. Sam he
talkee girl father, tell 'em old man
he pay $400, or may be $1,000, aad
old man he fix 'em up in clothes
and set 'em up, so Chinaman no
buy 'em wife. All mistake; Meli
can no sabbee."
But whether it be called buying
or not, Sam is going to have a wife
who will not come back with him
to Corvaliis when he , returns next
April cr Mav, but with whom he will;
live for a brief three or four months
and then return to his hop yard on
the Willamette in . the hopes of
striking high prices in hops again.
The other lucky hop growing
Chinamen are the three who operate
the S N WUy yard, They pay an
annual rental of $550. They have
three years of lease unexpired
Like-Sata Sun, they had a ; profit
able crop last year: but it was this
year that they struck oil. They
marketed 64,000 pounds of hops,
and received for them 22 cents per
pound. . They received in all
$14,080. It is supposed that their
net earnings for the year will ap
proximate $9000, or $10,000. At
any rate, each of the three feels rich
enough to afford a trip to China,
and is now enroute there to have a
time, perhaps the time of his life.
Sorbin Sing is the other member
of the party. He is the pioneer
laundryman of Corvaliis. He has
washed Corvaliis linen for about
18 years, and is supposed to be very
well to do. Like Sam Sun he is
going back to marry, and is not
likely to return to Corvaliis, until
the swallows, perhaps begin to
twitter again in spring time. The
Iilly China tourists, . all have' fath
ers and mothers to look after yet,
and as they are not supposed to
marry sunder such conditions, they
will return to Corvaliis before the
For Sale.
A pare bred Poland
China sow and a
Enquire at the
pack or saddle pony.
Times office.
YaquifltfBay Celery
Constantly on hand at Zierolf's.
For Rent. -Enquire
of J. D. Wells, Cor-
A house.
vailis. :
For Sale "
Two calves and one horse. The horse
can be bought for f 45-
A. F. Hershner.
If yon want a suit of clothes at a price
to please for the wear men's and boy'
We have them for you." J. H. Harris,
Cow for Sale.
One fawn colored Jersey milk cow.
Enquire of
, , D CRose.
For Sale.
A twelve room house and six acres of
land on College Hill. House fitted with
modern improvements, three fire placeSj
water-supply from good windmill and
tank located on premises-- For terms
apply to E E Wilson, Corvaliis Oregon,
or H T French, Moscow, Idaho.
OAC and Albany College Teams to Play
Football December Sixth.
The OAC and Albany teams are
matched for a game of football, to
take place on Albany College camp
us field, a week from next" Satur
day, which is December" 6"th. The
game was arranged through the
acceptance by the Albany team of
condition two in the second chal
lenge issued by the OAC manager,
which provides that- the game
shall be without charge for admis
sion, and that the OAC men pay
their own exoensps.
' Further stipulations, as provided
in the challenge are that the offi
cials of the game shall be Edward
Jiidd of Salem, and Reno Hutch
inson,' of Portland, and that all the
players on each team shall be bona
fide students registered at their
respective institutions at least 10
days before November 21st, the
date on which the OAC challenge
was issued. V
It is expected that the game will
be fully as intetesting, if not more
so, than any that has been played
this season in Oregon. Albany
College has played two naught to
naught games with the University
of Oregon eleven and with the lat
ter, OAC also played a naught to
naught game, showing that all
three teams are very evenly match
ed, all being tied for the state col
lege championship. Whether the
coming game will break-the naught
to naught hoodoo, remains " to be
seen x
The OAC men will have to play
the game, with Nash, one of her
best men on the side lines.
Get a Knife Free.
. At Homings grocery store, where
butcher knives are given away with
soap. Both knives and soap are stand
rd, and the opportnai ty offered,
usual. .
Reduction Sale. .".
AIL Ladies Jackets and Cloaks sold
at a reduction. That means this years
latest styles. "We sold entirely out jof
some lines which-enables us, to give
you some bargains in what we have
left. -;
Come and see for yourself.
We have a complete line of Faci
nators, Circular Shawls, Newport
Squares and Wool Hoods, and plenty
of 'em for alL
Get your wool mittens, you will
need them soon.
XX. IHiller
xyjt jftwuv oxivjjho ior men oniy, made on tne loot-form last. It s snape
Vill hold won't "squash" out, or sag In the shank, or get shabbv-lookinff in a little
iixic. uuuu wear ur a new pair, n you gee a pair tnat
notr oura, nor yours. Always $3,50, never less.
Made Sc Guaranteed
B. Knppenbeimer 8c
America Leading
Clothe. Maker.
Copyright, 1909, by lj. KUFFENHBIMER ft CO.
by y:
co. 4jf
0rt ii Jitf
You will want new Table Linen, Napkins and Table
Cutlery. We have them in the following prices.
56 inch Table Linen,
58-inch Table lyinen,
60-inch Table Linen,
64-inch Table Linen, ,
70-inch Table Linen, -
. 65
I 00
At $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2,0Ov$2,S0
" and $5.00 per set. ' :
We also have a Thanksgiving for Boys. Up to the 27th inclu
sive we offer 10 percent allowance on all Boy's Suits, and a bag
of Marbles free with each suit. . : - - -
Homeopathic Physician,
Surgeon and oculist
Office Rooms 1 2 Bank Bldg. -Residencfe
on 3rd Bt between
Jackson & monroe, Corvaliis, Or.
Resident Phone 311
Office hours 10 to 12 a m. 2 to 4 and7 to 7 :30 pm
i "i '. ' . .
; Kuppenhiemer's' Guaranteed
- Clothing
"The Clothing that's Different" . -:
' ' ': ..' ' ' ,
The new form-fitting coat with the shape
retaining qualitiesThe latest cut in Tiousers and
tne "Satisfaction or Money-back" feature. Suits
" $10.00 to $25.00 ;
.Quality, Style, Service, Value and'' Com
fort we can crowdjnto a single item we couldn't
improve it if we tried--we have tried. . -
Its that Overcoat at '
Corvaliis; Oregon,
s. :; napkins.
16-inch Linen Napkins, $1 00
18-inch Linen Napkins, i 25
20-inch Iyhien Napkins, 1 50
22-inch Linen Napkins, 2 00
24-inch Linen Napkins. 3 00
The White House,
Regulator of Low rr f f
Osteopathic Physicians.
Office on South Main St. Consul-
tation am examinations iretj.
Office hours: 8:3o to 11:45 a. rr
1 to 5:45 p. m. Phone 235.
Fitting of Corsets
In the fashions of today the abso
lute correctness of the corset is of vital
importance Its lines either make or
-mar the beauty of the smartly designed
gowns The "W B Erect Form Corset
fits We carry a special . model for
you who are slender, for you who are
stout, for you who are tall and for you
who are short You get the one par
ticular model that was made just for
your figure
... .
won't, it s the factory f loss
L. Miller,