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Editors Play More Strenuous Ball
Than do tbe'Sturdy Men Who
r Figure in the Game.
Eugeue dispatch in Portland
Telegram: The result of Satur
day's game does not show the
strength of either OAC or U of 0
elevens, as on such a field two
teams might play a tie when there
, is great difference in their strength
However, the U of O has no excuse
and has the best of feeling for
OAC. "They treated us . like
friends,." said a member of the
University team, "and the gap
which heretofore separated the two
institutions has been bridged and
we hoD' to reDew our athletic re
lations with the Oregon Agricul
tural College."
Albany dispatch in Portland
..Telegram: The three teams yet
eligible for th9 collegiate cham
pionship of the state for this season
are the University of Oregon, Ore
gon Agricultural College and Al
bany College. Both Albany and
OAC have played a scoreless game
with U of O. From this fact it
may seem that if the U of O wins
Saturday's game, Albany will be
eliminated 'from the championship
race, while Corvallis will still re
main a factor in the contest, but on
the oth r hand, if Albany wins the
game next Saturday it will give
the local institution the collegiate
championship of Oregon for the
season of ij;2. The Corvallis
team has refused to play both the
Lin a county Collegians or to play
a r eturn game with the U of O,
so that next Satarday's game will
probably settle the . championship
of the state unless a draw should
Eugene Register: The tie game
played last Saturday in Corvallis
between the OAC and U ofO
served to. complicate 'the foot
ball situation in Oregon," and as
the Corvallis team has absolutely
refused to play Albany or Eugene,
again, the superiority of the differ
ent teams cannot be settled. It is
very probable though that Herbold
and his team will butt in at the
close, of the season and claim the
At Monroe.
It is rainiDg to beat the band, but
some bands are very hard to beat,
especially the Monroe band. -
Berry-Jngram is on the sick list,
again so bad that he baa watchers
at night. ,
Mr3 Susan Slarr came up Satur
day on a visit to her children and
Monroe, is improving slightly
with a fnew school house, store
house and ware house this fall.
Mr Carpenter has anew dwelling
duilt, and is now building a new
Mark Howard has a new house
and barn almost finished.
Rumor has it that Lutz Lee is
married. We have not heard any
wedding bells.
Miss Edna Chase of
here on a visit for the
Portland is
School at Monroe
the past.
is a thing of
- Albany Herald: The foolball
team of the Oregon Agricultural
Oollege has flatly refused to meet
tne Aioany tjouege eleven at any
date, and all negotiations with that
team are ended. Manager Thom
son made the Farmers several pro
positions but . they finally flatly
refused to consider any proposition.
Tee state collegiate championship
ss between Albany College, OAC
and IT of O. Eugene has played
both the other teams draw games.
Coach Edwards of Albany College",
while not of a boastful nature, says
that he believes Albany csn easily
defeat the OAC on any kind of a
ground, and he is not afraid of
U of O defeating ths home eleven,
The championship is in quite a
muddle, caused by the apparent
lear ot the OAC to play Albany.
Albany Heraid: Manager Thom
son, of the Albany College team,
late last evening arranged a game
with the. University of Oregon
team to be played in this city on
Saturday afrernoon, November 15
This gams will decide the cham
pionship of Oregon and - will prob
ably be the best exhibition of foot
ball ever witnessed In this city.
The Albany team is in the very
"beat condition and will practice
every evening this week. The
University eleven will have fully
recovered from their game with
OAC, and will go in determined
to win. The Outcome will be a
problem until the game is ended
as foot ball experts are of the
opinion that both teams are very
evenly matched.
Blodgett Items.
A protracted meeting is now in
progress conducted by Rev Arnold
of Kings Valle3
J W Brownhas paid two visits
to this vicinity in the last ten days
and each time has taken out a
small bunch of beef cattle. Joe is
square in his dealings and" gives a
good living price for what he buys
and people like to see him come.
Mr Van Horn, who recently
the.H McCulloch property has
built a house and barn. i
Ray James received a letter from
his brother who' resides ini Port
land, a tew days ago and was in
formed that the price of beef had
gone up. -ie has to give 12 1-2
cents a pound for steak or go with
F. H. F.
Saos the Purposes for Which, a
Special Session was Required .
Should be Well Served by -Regular
Session-Other .' -,
. ,' News.
Salem, Or Nov 11 Governor
Geer today announced his decision
not to call a special session of the
legislature, saying in substance that
no "extrasrdeDary occasion" exists.
In making the announcement the
governor issued the following
, "When the governor of a state
has been asked to call an extra
session of the legislature and de
cidea to deny the request,' it is but
fair that 1 be should inform the
public of bis reasons although it is
not particularly his duty. I have
been Tequested by the . .taxpayers'
League and the officials' of the city
of Portland, as well as some other
citizens to convene the legislature
in extraordinary session for reasons
some of which are purely 'local to
the city of Portland, and for others,
whch if valid, would be im
portant to the state at large. Four
reasons have been urged for calling
a special session of the legislature,
towit: To provide state assitance
for the Lewis &' Clark Fair, to en
act a law providing specific salar
ies for state offiicers, to formal! j
pass the city charter ot Portland,
which was adopted by the people
of that city last June, and to make
initiative and referendum amend
ment to the itate constitution."
for infants and Children.
,Tlie Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the signa
ture of Clias. H. Fletcher, and has been made under his
' personal supervision for over SO years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
, health of Children Experience against Experiment
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30
Seattle, Nov 11 Jame de " Juan,
fireman on the steamer Santa Ana
jumped into the Sound today and
was drowned. The boat left with
out him aad he took it very much
to heart, committing suicide.
Will Investigate
A remarkable case comes to light
at Elizabeth, W Va, An old mau
there by the name- of G W Roberts
had long suffered with incurable
cancer. Everybody believed his
ease hopeless until he used Elec
tric Bitters, and applied Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. The treatment cur
ed him completely. Now, every
bodywho knows it is investigating
Electric fitters. It exerts a mighty
power-to expel biliousness, kidney
and liver troubles and is a wonder
ful tonic for run down systems.
Dont fail to try it. . Only 5o cents.
Satisfaction guaranteed by Graham
& Wortham. druggists.
Cambridge, Mass Nov II Alvan
G Mason, the Boston clubman, ac
cused of the murder of Clara
Morton bf Waverly, was discharged
by Judge Charles Almy today. The
government lawyer announced that
an investigation ha6Tfailed suffi
ciently to hold the accused man
and ordered the discharge of Ma
son. ; .
Almost immediately in the same
court ueorge u Li rerry, a young
negro, who yesterday was held as a
witness against Mason, was charged
with the murder of Miss Morton.
He pleaded not guilty and waa re
manded without bail for a hearing
November 18.
After his release Mason held an
informal reception and after a 6hort
time was driven Jo his home in
Boston. '
When you wake up with a bad
bad taste in your mouth, go at once
to Graham & Wells' drug store and
get a free sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. One
or two doses will make yon well.
They also cure biliousness, sick
headache and constipation.
- Washington, Nov 11 Oxnard
is here already fighting Cuban reci
procity. He and other beet sugar
advocates recognize thai in a treaty
with Cuba sugar is likely to be
given 3o per cent, instead of the
2o per cent carried in ' the bill,
which failed at the last session. As
this treaty does not have to go to
the house, it will require simply
two-thirds of the senate to put it
through. If the friends of Cuban
reciprocity insist upon action, they
can keep the treaty before the sen
ate to the exclusion of all other
business, and so pass it
the opposition that may
The Oxnard interests have be
gun their campaign early, as they
did before the las session, bnt they
are not so arrogant as they were a
year ago. - -
me Po not Cioe
to as high a standard as our desire would promote
us. but see that you make no mistake in
the house that keeps the hig- ... -est
standard of Grocer
ies that is the
place to
- Fresft Fruits. Frssb,
fresh everything to be had in tb.9 market. We
run our delivery wagon and our aim is
to keep wha you want and to
please. Call and see
' Summons. '- :
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton Countv,
J . 0. Taylor and' Paulina Kline, plaintiffs,
versus Abigail Elliott, and Heirs of Hiram J.
Elliott, deceased, If any such there be, whose
names are to plaintiffs unknown, defendants.
To the Heirs of Hlrain J. Elliott, deceased,
If any such there be whose names are to plain
tiffs unknown, defendants above named.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the
the above entitled suit In the above entitled
court cow on file In the office of the clorkof said
court on or before the last day of the time pre
scribed in the order tor publication of this sum
mons, made by the county judge of Bentan
county, state . of Oregon, being the county
where the above entitled suit is pending in the
circuit court of said county and state which
said order is herelnaiter referred to, towit, on or
betore six weeks from the day of first publica
tion hereof, and you are hereby notified that if
you fail so to appear and answer the said com
plaint as herein required, or want thereof ihe
plaintiff" will apply to the above entitled -eourt
for the relief demanded in the said complaint
namely for a decree determining all adverse
claims in Block 27 in the County Addi
tion to the town of Marysville, formerly,-but
now changed to Corvallis, Benton county, Ore
gon, forever baring and enjoining defendants
f r jrn asserting any claim wnatever in and to
said real property and declaring said plaintiff
J C Taylor to be the owner in fee simple of lots
X, 2 and 3 in said Block 27 and plaintiff, Paulina
Eline, to be the owner in fee simple lot lots 4, 5,
t. C i.. . 1.1 .1- iV7 ...J . . . . ..1. , i., i
o. v 111 nuu aji'-jIV aim iui bu:u lut tuor U111
different relief as lo the court may seem, equit
able. -
Tbls summons Is published in the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and con
secetive weeks, beginning with the Issue of Oct
uobr 11, 1902, ani ending with the issue ot Nov
ember 22, 1902, under and in pursuance of the
directions contained in an order made by the
Hon Virgil E Walters, County Judge of Benton
County, Oregon, being the county - where the
above entitled suit is pending in the above en
titled circuit court, dated October S, 190.'. Data
ot first publication hereof U October 11, 1902.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs,
in spite of
be eogag-
His Life in Peril.
"I just seemed to have gono all
to pieces," writes Alfred Bee, of
Welfare, Tex., "biliousness and a
lame back had made life a burden.
I couldn't eat or sleep and felt al
most too worn out to work when I
began to use Electric Bittets, but
they worked wonders. Now I sleep
like a top, can eat. anything, have
gained in strength and enjoy hard
work." ihey give vigorous health
and new life to weak, sickly, run-
down people. Try them. Oclv 50c
at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Savanah, Ga Nov li Ilypnot
ism has. been employed in the case
of an ex-couviet named Miller, a
negro, who confessed to the murder
of Gugie Baurgum and his colored
servant, to make him reveal the
Miller allleged he was hired by
a white mau to kill Bourguin. His
confession was regarded as a fab
rication, and he was put under
hypnotic influence in order to prove
or disprove his story.
Miller, in his trance, said he did
fire the shots that killed Bourguin
but that he heard them, and knew
who fired them. He was put into
a bugpv with two officersjand made
go thrju. j t:th what he alleges to
vith the
it on e.? he drove
pointed out
i re be asserts
s done. Miller
four men, who
tory murdered
r is illiterate, bs-
o read or write.
jjlsiilGal llili Isa iffia lPis sipsl
1 ...... : : - - 11
bllli ii.
faaue been
into the p 1
the exact i.
that the shooiii
describee i: ; t
accordipi' i
Bourgu v . M
ing able i i ;i;.
Sears the
The Kind you Have Always ftougft
A Typical South African Store.
0. R. Larson, of Bay Villa, Sundays
Kiverr, Cape Colony, conducts a
store typical of South Africa, at
which can be purchased anything
rom the proverbial "needle to an
anchor." This store is situated in
a valley nine milea from the near
est railway station and about twen
ty-five miies lrom the nearest town.
Mr.Larson says: "I am favored
with the custom of farmers within
a radius of thirty miles, to many of
whom 1- have supplied Chamber
lain's remedies. All testify to their
value in a household where a doc
tor's advice is almost out of the
question. Within one mile of my
store the population is perhaps six
ty. Of these, within the past i2
months, no less than fourteen have
been absolutely cured by Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. This must
surely be a record ." For sale by
Graham & Wells.
"The , '
in my t .-. .
Smith . i i i
Km i v
I't. h- r!d
sales it has never
L i.. Hot Caks.
"'lling article I have
t" res Druggist C. T,
t ' , Ky., "is Dr. King's
y icr Consumption,
because it al-
v six years of
itiied. j I have
known it to have saved sufferers
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could get no help from doctors or
any other remedy ." Mothers rely
on it, best physicians prescribe it,
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satisfaction or refund price. Trial
bottles free. Reg. sizes, 50c and$l.
Ilomcopalhist !
Office cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Resi
dence cor 3rd and Harrison ets.
. Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P. M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M,
Phono Residence 315. 4
H. S. Pernot
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Post Office. Residence, Cor,
5th & Jefferson Sts. Hours io to 12 a. m
to 4 -p. m. Orders may be left at Gra-
am & Wortham's Dreg Store,
If you are looking for some real good
ains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry ranches,
write for my special list or come and sea me.
shall take pleasure in giving you all the reliable
information you wish, also showing you over the
country. . "
Real Estate loan and Insurance
Philomath, Oregon.
Professional .
G. 11. FAKRA,
Residence in front of court bouse facing 8rd
St. Office hours 8to8a.rn.lto2 ana 7 to 8,
J. P. Huffman
OaiJe. la Zierolf
rom 8 to 5.
Buiidiag. Hour
C irvallia Orego
Abstract of Title Conveyancing
3ospIi f. lUilson
A ttorney-A t-La w
Practice in all the courts. Notary Public
Office in Burnett Brick.
B. R. Bryson,
In the C lrcult Court of the State of Oregon for
uenu n county,
E A Kolcomb, plaintiff versus L W Holeomb,
To L W Holeomb the defendant, above named
In the name of the State of Oregon- You
are hereby su mmoned .and required to appear In
tne aDove enti uea court at tne court room
thereof In the City of Corvallis, Benton County
State of Oregon on or before Monday the 21th
day of November 1902, It being the '' rst day of
the next reeumr term ot said Court and to ans
wer to platntin's complaint now on file In this
suit in said court and if you fall so to Appear
and answer for want thereof the plal.itiff will
apply to the said court for the relief prayed for
In the complaint, towit, for a decree annulling
tne marriage contract now existing oetwean tne
said plaintiff and defendant and ior the costs
and disbursements! n said suit.
This summons is published bv order of the
Hon Virgil E Watters- judge of the County Court
01 tne state or Oregon lor Benton cunnty made
on the 2nd day of Oct, 1902,andtobepublished for
six consecutive weexs ana in seven issnesor tne
Corvallis Times and the date of the first publica
tion tnereoi to ne uctoDer , iswn .
W, S MeFadden
Attorney for Plaintiff
Administratrix Sale.
Notice is hereby given, that bv virtue of an
order and decree of the County Court of the
County of Polk and state of Oregon, made and
entered of record in the matter of the adminis
tration of the estate ot James L Gwin, deceased.
I will on and after the 9th day of December.
1902 oner for sale at private sale to the highest
bidder the following described ' premises In
Benton, County, Oregon towit:
The north half of the north west quarter of
section sixteen, in township fourteen south of
range eight west of the Willamette meridan.
Terms of sale, cash in hand. Bids therefore
will be received by me at Monmouth, Polk
County, Oregon. -:
, Administratrix.
In the Circuit Court of the State of regon for
Benton County,
Cora E Baker, plaintiff, versus James H Baker
To James H Baker, the above named defendant-
In the name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby summoned aud reo ulred to aotiear and
answerthe complaint of the plaintiff' in the
above entitled suit in the above entitled court
now on file In the office of the clcik of said
court on or before (he last day of the time pre
scribed in the order for publication of thla sum
mons made by the County Judge of Benton
County, State of Oregon, being thecounty where
the above entitled suit Is pending la the Cir
cuit Court of said counly and state which
said orderta hereinafter referred to, towivon
or before six weeks from the date of first public,
cation hereof and yon are hereby notified that
if you fail so to appear and answer the Slid com
plaint as herein require'', for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the above entitled co:irt
tor the relief demanded in her snld complaint
namely, for a decree of divorce from the said
defendant forever dissolving the marriage con
tract existing between the plaintifl and said de
fendant, and that she be decreed -the custody
and care of Paul Baker, a minor child, the issue
of said marriage and for such further and dif
ferent relief as to the court may seem proper.
This summons is published in the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and con
secutive weeks, beginning with the Issue of
October 11, 1902, and ending with the Issue ot
November 22, 1902, under and in pursutuce of
the directions contained in an order made by
the Hon Virgil E Watters, County Judge of Ben
ton county, Oregon being the county where the
above entitled suitis pending In the abova en
titled circuitcourt, dtted October 8, 1902. Ddta
of first publication hereof Is October 11, 1902.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton County.
John S Govier, plaintiff, versus Jesse Brown
Effle Blown. Milton Modie. Llda Mellvll i and
James Mellvll. defendants.
To Milton Modle, Llda Mellvil and James
Mellvll, three of the defendants above named:
Intne name of the State oi Oregon: You are
I hereby summoned and required to appear In
the above Court, at the court room thereof in
the City of Corvallis. Benton County. State of
I Oregon, on or before Mondiy, the 24th -day of
regular term of-aid Court and to answer to the
plalntitts complaint now on me in said court
in this suit, and If you fail so to appear and
answer for want'thereof the plaintiff will take
a decree of said Court for the relief prayed for
in said complaint, towi t: That the plaintiff is
the owner in fee simple o . the following des
cribed premises, towit: .
commencing at tne norm east coru3r or.
I claim No 46 Notification JG78 being the donation
I land claim of said Jacob Modle and Rachel
Modle. his wife, from the U B goverment. ana
situated in T 10 8 R 5 West Willamette Meidan,
and thence running west about 63 rods to tne
center of the Channel of Soap Creek, thence in
la direction east of south to a blazed oak tree
on the east boundary line of said claim- No 46
about 107 rods south from tne northeast corner
thereof thence north on the eest beuudary ot
said claim to the place of beginning and con
taining 24.73 acres situated in be northeast.
corner of said claim, in iBenton County, in the
State of Oregon and decreeing that you have no
right, title, claim or Interest of. In or to the
same and debarring and enjoining you from
asserting any claim or interest therein.
This summons Is published by order of Hon
Virgil E Watters, Judge ot the County Court of
the Stite-o? Oregon for Beflton County made on
the tenth day of October, 1902. To be published
for six consecutive weaks Snd thefdate of the
first publication thereof to be October II. 1902.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of ZOregon for
Benton County,
(ieiwe H Bnrtch. Nanoleon Hodge and Sarah
Hodge, his wife, Wilburn Hoige and Cornelia
Hodge, ms wife, -Jaue Ban ana Amos cui, ner
husband. Price Mallory and Mallory.
his wife, Richard Mallory Calvin Mallory and
MalloTV. hla wife. Minnie Palmer and
Richard Palmer, ber husband, Georgia Doran
and James Dorao, her husband. Plaintiffs.
Jennie Churchill andSamuel Churchill, her
husband. Mabel Fultz, a minor, and. George
Burtch, Jr.Defendants.
To Jennie Churchill and Samuel Chtwchlll,
her husband, Mabel Fultz.a minor, and OhJorge
Burtch Jr, the above named defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby summoned arid requir
ed to appear and answer the. complaint ot plain
tiffs in the above entitled suit now on file in the
office of the Clerk of said Court on or before the
22nd day of November, 1902, that being the date
nxeo zor tne expiration ci tne penuu prescriueu
for publication of this summon?, towit, once a
week for six consecutive weeks.
You will take notice that if you I ail to appear
and answer said complaint as herein required
plalntlfi will apply to the Court for a decree as
demanded in the complaint, towit. a oecree or
daring a sale o . lots Nos 107 and 114 In Block 25
In Philomath, Benton Countv, Oregon, and for
that Durnose aoDOlntms a roieree to conduct
said sale, and designating the terms thereof: .
that the nroceeds derived there! rom be divided -
among the parties hereto according to the r
respective interests, aiter ucuucliuk toe uosui
and disbursements ot this suit, and for plain
tffta costs and disbursements herelu. and for
such further and ciilerent relief as may be just
and equitable. '
This summons 1? published by order of Hon
Virgil E Watters. Judge of the County Court of ,
octooer imu,
hirv, tr. Aia ar.A o finr, rirlinrr f. 1 ; f0 1902, and the date oi the lirst publication is uct-
Physician & Surgeon,
At Hotel Monroe every Saturday
afternoon from i to 7 p. m.
Bears the "M I You Have Always BOUgtt
- Tha Kind You Have Always
A Boy's Wild Rida for life.
With family around ex pectlDg Benton County, Oregon, made
ober 11th. 1M2.
18 miles, to get lit.'8 JNe.w
Discovery for Consumption, Cougbs
and Colds, W H .Brown, of Lees
ville, Iod., endured death's agonies
from asthma, but this wonderful
medicine gave instant relief and
soon cored him. He -writes: "I
nnw BlAPtVnn'innlv Avfirr niaht I Jftne KUzabeHi Fisher , deceased, bythe County
now sieepp'-soanaiy every nigni. n.irt. nruL suite oforeson. for Benton county
Like marVelOUS CUreS Of COneumD- A11 Person having claims against said estate,
- I . I T .. LMi.ah.rh I.' i ul. rlwutfltwil fiMF
tion, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, hereby required to present the same with the
proper voucuers uuiy venuu, tta inn in
quired within six months of Jthe date hereof to
the unnersignea at nis law oiuue in uorvaiiia
1 Benton county, Oregon.
Dated tnia wov 8, loon.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
. Notice to Creditors n
Notice Is hereby given to all persons that the
undersigned has been duly appointed admin
istrator with the wiji; annexed ef the estate, of
Coughs, Colds and Grip prove3 its
matchless merit for all Throat and
Lung tronblee.-. Guaranteed bottles
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at
-, , r iTr .1 ) 3 . i Aaministraior wim tne win annexea oi
Uraham & Wortham S drug etore. estate of Jaue Elizabeth Fisher, deceased,