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41. i k'.
Vol. XV. No 37
Ladies and Misses
Jackets Furs i
and Mackintoshes.
6u Carr
a .Bargain
I- '
Twenty five hacks to "be sold in the next month
The most durable hack on the coast for the money. 1
Made out of the best material from the east.
We do not turn out any cheap work; all first class with
guarantee. - . - " -
-We are preparing to furnish covers for all hacks.
Patronize your home factory. . .; . '
Hemember our organs, we are ready to ; furnish them at
reasonable prices, for futher particulars call on or address,
Cramers Organ & Carriage Factory
Notary Public.
Office In Zleriolfs building.
Prompt Delivery
is ordered swift eervice you'll get
if you favor aa with your orders
but you will get more than quick
service if you deal. You will get
good goods, whether you order teas
coffees, spices, canned goods, or the
latest advertised breakfast foods.
We have them all as a call will
prove. P. M. ZIEROLF.
. Physician Surgeon.
Office: Room 14, Bank Building. .
Office Hoars' 10 to 12 a. m.
-I 2 to 4 p. m.
It was in Gold and Hundred Dol
lar Bills-Quakes of Ocean Shock
and Scared Crew Kicked .
7 . - son to Death. " : -' '
Butte,' Mount., Nov 2.. :A special
to. the JMiner from Butta says that
one of the, most .sensational rob
beries that has ever occurred in the
niatory , or vv ester n t. Montana was
enacted .at;Plains.., yesterday, ; news
of which has just reached this place,
A. wealthy natbeaded Indian named
Machell .was robbed Saturday night
of $22,000 in cash, the money con
sisting of $ loo bills and 2o gold
pieces. . . .... ...
, Machell was a visitor in Plains
Saturday night, and during his ab
sence, at about lo o'clock .at night,
a man dressed as a squaw visited
his home on Camas Prairie and en
gaged in conversation . with Macb-
ell's squaw. Mrs Machell noticed
that. the visitor was not an Indian
squaw, balra whiteman, as he could
not talk Flathead, but she did not
suspect anything wrong .Jill she
sawrtvyo men run from an outbuil
ding, ; carrying something : with
them. Then it was that her sus
picion was aroused, as the wealth
had been stored in that building.
lhe robbers jumped on their horses
which were near by, and the one
that had been talking to her joined
them and the three "rode hurridley
away.'1- ' ::- V---- '--r-:
Aa soon as she reached the plains
with the news, several whitecitizens
of that place accompanied Machell
to -his home to find if the story -was
true, which was proved on - their
arrival there. A score of young
Indians started out to try to locate
the robbers, but no clew has . been
found. : '
Machell . is the wealthiest full-
blood Indian on the reservation.
H9 has large . herds - of - horses
and cattle, and was always -. known
to have money, but few people knew
that he kept it at home. It devel
ops however, that the" old "Indian
was "afraid to - trust his money
in the bank, and kept it in an old
trunk in an outbuilding at his
home. .
Cincinnati, Nov. 2. A Bpecial
from Inez, Ky., to the Enquirer
says: " '
Pleasant Sprading, held for kil
ling of, his four year old son, is
threatened with lynching.Spradings
family consists of a wife, . three
daughters and son. With his
daughters and boy the father ; was
herding sheep last Friday. The
boy was unable to keep : up with
the others. The father placed' him
on a stone Beside a spring, telling
him to wait till his return. The boy
becoming tired of sitMng it'll, began
to peel the bark: off a tree that over
bung the spring. Presently.-the
father returned, and noticing the
bark on the ground, asked the boy
who had lone it. The bov replied
that he had. 'I would Tather have
you dead thair raise you to destroy
everything on the farm," is ihe re
ply the father is said to have made
and then it is charged, he . picked
up a stone and struck the boy . on
the : head, knocking him down.
Then, it is alleged, he kicked the
prostrate baby in the head until he
had killed him, arid turning to his
daughters, threatened them with - a
like fate if they ever told what had
occurred, Afterward he went home
and said the boy, while chasing
sheep had run against a tree and
killed himself. "
. Becoming' alarmed, tie took his
eldest daughter and - went to the
mountains His wife hired neighbors
to bury the body of the chifd "and
then went to the home of Judge E
Hensley. She told him of the death
of her. son and said she suspected
her husband, who told her he was
going into the mountain' woods to
hunt squirrels, and she added that
at different times he had threatened
to kill the whole family The Judge
took her - with her. two younger
daughters to his "home and presen
ted the case Jo the grand jury," One
of the little girls told the jury that
her father had kicked the boy to
death. Shortly afterward 'a-Sheriffs
posse captured Sprading in the
mountains, but his eldest daughter
was not with him. - - - . .
Spradings missing - daughter
turned up today, barefooted and
ragged, after her escape from .her
fattier in the mountaias. She . was
imraediafely taken before the grand
jurj, and testified : how, her father
killed the boy, threatened her .life,
anc that of her mother. She testi
fied! that, he "would have brained
them heretofore but for the interfer
ence of neighbors.. -
flage uen8iey nas the jail eo
stroagly guarded that there .is no
longer any ganger .of : lynching
Sprading was given a speedy trial.
Cleveland, Oct 31 A sensation
occurred during a political meeting
in: the public square today, in
which Mayor Tom Johnson struck
William MylcraineJa- republican
. tax board officiaHn the face . with
I his nst. lit seems, accordmsr to
the. statement of bystanders, that
the mayor overheard Mvleraine
assert that he Johnson was a liar
A few hot words follawed, and then
the mayor struck Mylcraine in the
face. -Mylcraine left" the square,
declaring he would have the mayor
, arrested. Mayor.J ohnson, in ex
plaining hisside of the question
is quoted saying. -
"We were talking abont the as
sessment in the 32nd ward. MyL
craine had repeated. 1 twice ; that
'Mayor Johnson lies' and I walked
over to him to explain that, there
must be some errors " in- the papers,
I intendedUo give him a chance to
Tettact, but Jie would not let me.
I then bit him. JIt was only a tap
l am not certain that my hand
touched his face, I only intended
slapping his face," : : . .
Up to a late hour tonight Mvl
eraine has not applied for a war
rant for the mayor. ,
: Ban Francisco, Nov 1 It
IS ri a
strange tale of. a ! strange marine
disturbance that was told by Cap
tain Montgomery, of the whaling
bark Alice Knowles, which has just
arrived.- - .-- .
"We were lying some 200 miles
off the Kurlie Islands, on the Si
berian Coast, when the shock . was
felt on August 13th," he said.
"Almost a dead calm prevailed,
and the sea was as smooth - as a
mill pond., I' was . in my cabin
wnen x ieit, tne sea snasing nise a
leaf. It seemed that the deck was
falling in on me. The whole ship
rattled as from impact with some
object. I knew that the disturb
ance was not caused by a heavy
sea, and I rushed on deck. There
I found ; the crew terror-stricken
and gazing helplessly at another.
While on deck the shaking con
tinued and a rumbling noise re
sembling thunder seemed to come
from the depths of the sea. "The
surface of the sea was disturbed
and was breakingup in confused
masses. " The rumbling noise ; and
the vibration stopped simultaneous
ly, and the sea again became calm.
Both my -chronometers stopped at
2:30 o'clock in the afternoon and I
was set do miles out 01 my course
by the incident. I didn't notice if
the surface of the water was dis
colored, but for two days I sighted
fishes floating on the surface of the
sea." .
' Bridgeport, Conn., . Nov. 1. The
lake submarine torpedo- boat Pro
tector .is designed for harbor defense.
She is 60 feet long and 11; feet
beam, and has a displacement of 65
tons submerged, and gasoline when
cruising awash." A trap door in
her bow will enable a diver to leave
the boat for the purpose of cutting
cables or mine connections. Her
builders believe she can destroy the
submarine defenses of any harbor
in the world. " --'
Besides Captain Taylorrepresen
ting the United States Naval Board
of Construction, the Naval attaches
at Washington of the Russian,
British, French, German, Japanese,
Argentine, Italian and Chilean gov
ernment were present at the laun
ching. " .
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life.
With family around ex pecting
him to die, and a eon riding for life
18 miles, to get ' Dr. King's -New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and-Colds W-H Brown, of Lees
ville, led., endured death's agonies
from. "asthma, Jbut this wonderful
medicine gave instant relief and
soon cured him. "He writes: "I
now sleep soundly every night.'
Like marvelous cures of Consump
tion,"" "Pneumonia, "Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds and Grip proves , its
matchless merit for all Throat and
Lung tronbles. : Guaranteed bottles
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at
Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Little boy Burned taDeath at Leb-
- anon Negro Burned at . the
;. Stake in Mississippi-Big Wheat
; ' ShipmentOther News.
'- London November 1. The Ch
ronicle says: Much excitement
has been aroused in Rome during
the last few days over an alleged
haunted house in the Viale della
Kegena, inhabited - for years past
by an old couple and their sons.
Nothing abnormal occurred until
the" present week, when heavy thud3
began to; proceed from the walls of
the room, as though struck -by in
visible hands. Than - ornaments
were dashed with great force from
their brackets onto the floor, and
smashed into fragments.
It is said id the newspapers that
the youngest : son aged. 15; " had
scarcely retired to rest last night,
when he was dragged by tba feet
around the room by these u aseen
influences, which afterward exten
ded their plan of operations to the
portes3' j lodge, hurliDg a fiatiron
that lay en the bed at the unfortu
nate woman's head, in the presence
of several friends. Two carabineers
attracted to the house by - the
cries of the inmates proceeded to
the boy's bedroom and set about
investigating the bed, upon touching
which they received so severe an
electric shock that both are suffer
ing from the effects. "
The phenomena then ceased for
the night; but today the house has
been visited by hundreds, and such
as gained admission testify to have
witnessed an incessant dance' of
candles, while fiatiron s, fresh figs,
oil cans, and pepper boxes played
at leap frog round the apartment.
Finally a cooked joinLJs said to:
issued forth from a locked meat-
safe, and after having been chased
"several times about the room to
have sought refuge under a clothes
press." A.commission. of investiga
tion has been appointed, and the
enchanted dwelling continues sur
rounded by an enormous crowd. .
Lebanon, Or., Oct" 31. Harry
Vollstedt, the 8-year-old son of
Henry Vollstedt, met a " - horrible
death late yesterday afternoon, in
the burning of his father's residen
ce.; Mrs Vollstedt in attempting to
rescue her son, was also badly
burned, but it is thought that she
will recover. The fire occurred ab
out 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr
Vollstedt was out in the- field - at
work, and Mrs Vollstedt had rone
out to milk the cows. MrsVo'.lttadt
is hard of hearing and did not no
tice the house was on fire till it was
partly consumed. - As soon as Bhe
saw tha flames she ran to the house
to try and save her son, who - was
an invalid and unable - to get out
himself," but she was - unable to
reach him. -She was badly burned
about the face and arms, but still
endeavoredjo get her child, and
would have probably been burned
up herself had not some neighbors
arrived, and taken her from the
house. : ;
Mr Voslltedt soon arrived, but
the child and all the contents of the
house were entirely consumed. Mrs
Vollstedt was taken to a neighbor's
and a physician was : summoned.
and at last accounts Bhe was res
ting easy, It is not, known
the fire originated. ;, -
Sadris, Miss.,- Nov. : 1. An un
known negro was burned at the
stake at Darling,- Miss., last night
for the murder of E O. Jackson a
millowner named Roselle at Dar-ling,-Miss.,:Wednesday
night. Two
white .men implicated by the negro
in his dying confession -. are being
held by a posse pending an inves
tigation. " The negro "was burned
by a mob. of . 4000 persons, both
white and black. - - Just before" the
lighting of the funeral pyre, the
negro confessed that he had commit
ted the double murder with the
assistance of two white men. The
motive was robbery and a consider
able sum was secured, which the
negro stated was - divided- among
the three: - " - "' -
After the burning a posse went
in search of the two white men and
soon ;had them" captured. Mhey
aie both held pending an investig-
tion, and it it is believed that aj
Editor ado Prw
double iynohihg will follow if guilfe
is proved conclusively The namea
of the prisoners are not known.
Darling, Miss., is a small station:
onthelake Cormorant branch of tha
Yazoo & Mississippi Valley road
about 25 miles fiom this point, audi
there is no direct telegraphic ' com
munication. The news that reached!
Sadris has come - through -persons
from the neighborhood of the crime,
who have been called here on busi
ness. -
Later it was learned that the two
white men were released by the
mob, an alibi having been proved,
no further trouble is expected to
night. ." .
Portland, Oregon Nov. 1st North
Pacific ports in the month closing
yesterday broke all previous rec
ords for wheat and flour shipments.
Portland alone shipped flour in
cluded 2,256,223 bushels and Se
attle and Tacoma combined ran
the total for Oregon and Washing
ton ports up to over 5.000,060 bu
shels, figures that have never be
fore been equaled in this territory
Portland's wheat shipments ' alone
were in excess of 1,850 000 bushels.
but the flour shipments from this
port were slightly under those of
last year. All of the wheat from
Portland with the exception of a
cargo for South Africa and a cargo
for San Francisco went to Europe.
Chicago, Oct 31 Two great Dane .
dogs saved the lives " of four- per
sons last night and were then res
cued from a burning building-in
Ashland Avenue by' their grateful
masters. The dogs apparently be
came frightened at the smoke and
crackling of the flames'under them
and began to bark. The noise they
made awakened Henry and Arthur
Hirsch, members of the Calumet
Metal Company and J C Spokane
and Benjamin Barrigan, who were
asleep in the building. '
As they were leaving the build
ing, Arthur Jtlirsch suggested to
his brother they ought to save the
dogs so the two turned backy and
groping their way through : the
smoke, found. the two dogs almost
overcome. Grasping the dogs - by
the collars the two men drew them
to a 5 rear door, and escaped. The
fire caused a loss of $35,ooo.
,. Cleveland, O., Nov. 1 J . Pier-'
pont. Morgan and party - arrived,
here today from Chicago, and were
driven' to the residence of Ralph .
W Hickox. Later Senator Hanna
visited the Hickox residence and "
held a long conference, with Mr .
Morgan and his associates. Mr -Hanna
declined to discuss his in- .'
terview with Mr Morgan. He added,,
however, that the latter was simply'
in the W est on a railroad inspect
ing tour. The Evening Plain, Dealer
today said: '
"A report .. which could not ,
be verified was in circulation to
day that Mr Morgan's visit to both
Chicago and Cleveland was in con- .
nection with the, proposed combi- -nation
of all the soft coal interests -of
the country. For the past two
years there has been a gradual me- 1
rging - of the various soft-coal -producing
concerns until the busi-
nesp, it is said,ie now practically in ,
the hands of a comparatively few ,
"Negotiations were, commenced
several days ago to the effect that a
consoliation of the Pitlsdurg Coal ""
Company and the Monongahela
Consolodated Coal & Coke Comp
any, two of the largest producing
concerns in Western Pennsylvania,
which control a very large, output -
of the Pittsbnrg district; "
"The merging of these two comp
anies would mean- a capitalization
of $110,000,000, with assets of $120- ,
o88'535. A still larger deal is said .
to be contemplated, in which not .
only Senator Hanna but J P Mor- :
gan is reported t9 . have a aireci
interest." 1 . . .
.Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelessnes is responsible for
many a railway wreck and the sam
causes are making- human wreck
of sufferers from throat ; andV. lung-
troubles. But since the advent, f ;
Dr King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds, ' .eve
the worst cases can be cured ami
hopeless resignation is no longt r
necessary. Mrs Lois Cragg i f
Dorchester, Mass. is one of many
whose life was eaved by Dr-King's
New Discovery.1 This great reme
dy is guaranteed for all throat " acd
lung diseases by Graham & Won -ham,
Druggists. Price 60, and $11
Trial bottles free. . ' .