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Invested Savings in Scheme Two
Weeks Ago and-Now Waits
Developments First Foot
Ball Game Other
Local News
A female swindler who makes it
her business to bunco women and
r young girls has attracted much at
tention in Willamette Valley towns
of Tate. She has apparently been in
Corvallis. Miss Ida Van iioosen,
who resides in the same block and
im mediately west of the F. L. Mil
ler residence invested $15 in the
scheme of a strange woman who
called two weeks ago, and up to the
present has received nothing of the
many good things promised in re
turn. The stranger introduced her
ae7F as "Mr?. Yelton. She claimed
to be general manager of a book
concern and said she was out to. ap
point district managers who were
in turn to establish agencies. She
told a Tine story and Miss Van
Hoosen decided. to invest. The
stronger required $15 to be advanc
ed sit u guirantee of good faith, and
Miss Vau Hoosen complied. The
sum was the total of the lat'er's
savings in the hop held. It was
paid out and a contract signed,
j&iss Van Hoosen has tince been
"watching the mails for supplies and
instructions with which to b?gin
work, but friends are now convinc
ed that the things expected will
never arrive.
The same woman endeavored to
pnrsuade Miss Lettie Wicks to in
vest in -the scheme. She called
tbere'and related an elaborate story-
She told the family that she.
was earning $2,500 per year, and
if reports current are true, her
statement is probably correct.
Some women who operated in
the same way was at Brownsville
and other Willamette towns. The
scheme worked is identical with
that reported from other places.
The mystery is that with the news
papers telling of her operations peo
ple continue to become victims. It
is a fact, however, that th re are
those who teach that newspapers
ought not to be read. Monday's Or
goeian tells th9 following etory
tbat is pertineqt to the above facts:
"The police received a circular
yesterday from F.' V. Myers, com
missioner of the state bureau of la-
bor statistics, San Francisco, Cat. ,
.giving a warniog concerning the
probable visit to Oregon of a Mrs.
Nelson, whose business methods in
getting $7.50 from young girls, has
drawn upon her tne criticism of the
Saa Francisco police. . It is stated
that Mrs. Nelson advertises herself
' as the agent of an Eastern publish
ing house, and states that ehe wants
yottng girls-as solicitors to take or
ders for her firm's publications, and
after 30 days' preparatory work to
take positions on the" road as "field
managers." One important part of
the agreement la that the applicant
for the position deposits with Mrs.
Nelson $7.50 as a guarantee of good
faith. Mr. Myers, states that 'ihe
applicant 13 asked to sign a contract
embodying these conditions, and
that there is no'possible chance that
the applicant can ever fulfill the
work called for. Mr. Myers thinks
that the contracts in question are
so ingeniously worded as to avoid
legal entanglement, and he had one
interview with Mrs. Nelson in
which she promised to -refund one
, sum of $7.50 f about which a com
plaint had been filed. About that
time, however, she left San Fracisco
without giving, her future address.
It is thought that she may have j
come to Oregon. .
" Sporting Incidents -
In the. past week a uumber
of sporting incidents out of the ordi
dary have occurred in' this vicinity.
Elsewhere will be noted the ac
count of Charley Belyeu's capture of
a China pheasant on the main street
of Corvallis. Telt Burnett also tells
- about having " slipped up on .and
catching atwo-thirds grown pheas
that imagined itself securely- hid-
'den, but when he und ertook , to
place the bird in bis hunting coat
with the view of . taking it home
alive, it gave a-tremendous flop and
escaped Telt's clutches. The bird
sailed out of range before the hun
ter could bring his gun to bear.
Chief : Alexander has a somewhat
similar story to tell. He states
(and it i verified) that he walked
up to withirt. three feet of a bird
which he saw ir hiding, v '. He was
sure he could pounce v upon it and
secare it alive, but he deemed it a
sportsmanlike act to flush the bird
and shoot. -; Accordingly with his
foot he hustled the pheasant into
' flight. Both barrels of Alexander's
gun were discharged at the rapidly
trying vjmnai dut. it neiu us
withont interrupt on. Of course
the hunter's excuse is that the bird
was in too close range when the
shots were fired.
While T. W. Dilly and Chester
Simmons were. fishiDg on Mary's
river a . few days ago, a China
pheasant flew rapidly . by them.
Chester struck at it with hU fishing
pole and entangled the bird in the
line. Both Dilly and Chester made
a desperate scramble to capture the
bird, but although it seemed to be
crippled, it finally made its escape.
Now comes J. M. Cameron and
son Tommy, wbojdepose and say
that while hshing on Woods Creek
last week they came upon a freshly
wounded deer which had but re
cently sought the stream and' was
in -the throes of death. -
Sunday last while George White-
sides and a companion were hunt
ing pheasants a short distance a-
bove the Corvalli3 Mills dam, they
discovered a deer standing in the
water. It was so near that a charge
of bird shot was sufficient to kill it.
It is supposed that the animal had
been chased by hounds during the
day. -
First Football Game .
The first foot ball game of the
season was played at - OAC field
Saturday afternoon. It was be
tween the first and second teams,
and was in the ; presence of 300
The game was called promptly
at the three o'clock. Major Ed
wards acting as referee, and Charles
Small, officiating as umpire. , Amid
a cloud of dust, - the second team
kicked off, and the ball was re
turned for 10 yards.- After gain
ing their distance on severaL con
secutive downs, the first team lost
the ball on a fumble. The second
team carried the ball down the
field for five yards, but failing on
the next three plays lost on dowxis.
Several times the first team men
broke through the line, always to
be brought to the ground by Rine
hart, the " plucky quarter of. the
second team. . " .
The-ball exchanged . hands sev
eral times with but little gains on
either side and was at last-- forced
over by the first team for a touch
down. The work during the rest
of the first half was probably the
best of J the game. The first
team men had become steady, and
had lost the --, . nervousness with
which they began the struggle.
The play of the second team men
was fast and furious, but the
weight of the first team was not to
be overcome by the " swiftness of
their antagonists. - - , .
The first half ended by the ball
being forced across for , the second
touchdown by the first team.
The intermission between halves
was spent by washing mud from
the players' mouths, who had in
haled dust from the field to such an
extent that their palates, if exten
sive enough, would have made ex
cellent summer fallow for a crop of
wheat or vetch . In the second
half the second team kicked off and
after small gains tne ball was sur
rendered to the first team, and from
then on until the end of the game
long end runs and brilliant , line
plunges came-in rapid succession.
The superior weight and endurance
of the first team, men continued to
count." Several substitutes replac
ed men in the second team, but the
scoring could not be denied the
first team. Time and time again
they crossed the goal line for touch
downs until the - gong, closed the
half, and the game. - V
Both teams played good fjall,
but were slow at times, and showed
lack of that precious experience
which can only be gained on the
field with other ' colleges, and
which OAC feels keenly now on
account of inaction on the gridiron
in the past two years.
As to the individual work of the
men it showed conscientious train
ing, a will and determination to do
the best possible under such handi
caps as are present. Men, who
three weeks ago had never touched
a football, could not be expected to
play the game as do experienced
players. If the improvement is as
great for the rest of the seasson as
it has been up to the present OAC
will have a nucleus around which
to build a championship team for
next year.
His Birthday ,
On Sunday, October 12th, a
dinner was given at the Henkle
home in honor of their son Arthur's
25th birthday. v. Also :in honor of
E F Snyder's return to . Corvallis.
He came here about ; a year ago.
He accompanied his- - mother to
Iowa last July: Two short months
was sufficient for him. hence 'his
return to Corvallis. Ernest Trindal
from Des Moines, was present. He
is here for an indefinite period. He
may locate. ...
Grant's PaBS, Oct. 11. A snow
white dser, the kind that the fairy
books and old hunters -tell about,
nearly 2, 000,000, -and its' purpose is
was killed in the woods of Cow
Creek Canyon and brought to this
city 3'esterday by G. YW Donnell.
Mr. Donnell killed the deer the ev
ening before while waiting forthe
train at "West Fork. The deer is
like all others. of its kind so far as
its general shape and build is con
cerned, but the remarkable feature
of it is its color. Its hair is a pure
. white and its eyes are pink. The
animal corresponds in thi3 respect
to the Albinos of the African . raoe
of mankind. ' .- '
Many old Southern Oregon hun
ters who saw the carcaes of the
freak deer claim that they have
never seen anything of the kind be
fore in the Southern Mountains;
however, they d clareCtbat" . such
deer have been known at times in
various parte of the country, but
are very scarce : and but seldom
seen. " -. '" , - v
Mr. Donnell says that the freak
was with tfo ; ordinary deer, and
had it not been for this be would
not have shot it, as he would not
have known it to be a deer. It pre
sented a very striking appearance
with its snow-white coat. The car
cass o'f the deer was sent .to Port
land last night to aa expert taxid
ermist for mounting,, ; V
When you wake up with a bad
bad taste in your mouth, go at once
to Graham & Wells' drug store and
get a free sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. One
or two doses will make you well.
Tbey also cure biliousness, sick
headache and constipation. -
Homeopathic Phjrsiciap, .
Surgeon and oculist
Office Rooms 1 -2 Bank Bldg.
Residence on 3rd et between
Jackson & Monroe, Corvallis, Or.
Resident Phone 311
Offlse nDurs 10 to 12 a m. 2 to 4 and 7 to7:30 p m
Osteopathic Physicians
Office on South Main St. Consul
tation and examinations free.
Office hours: 8:3o to 11:45 a. m
1 to 5:45 p. rn." Phone 235.
: Ilomcopathist
Office cor 3rd and Monroe ets. Keel
dence cor 3rd and Harrison ets
Hours 10 to 12 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7
to 8 P.M. Sundays 9 to 10 A, M,
Photie residence 315. T
H. S. Pernot
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Post Office. Residence, Cor.
5th & Jefferson Sts. Honrs 10 to 12 a. m
to 4 p.m. Orders may be left at "Gra
am St W ortham's Drugstore.
Physician Surgeon.
Office: Room 14, Bank Building. ,
Office Hours - - 10 to 12 a. m.
- V 2 to 4 p. m.
G. R. FARE, Aj
Residence In- front ol court house facing
St. Office hours 8 to S a. m. 1 to 2 and 7 to S,
J. P. Huffman
Office la Zlerolt
rom 8 to 5."
Building. H:mr
Corvallis Orego
Abstract of Title Conveyancing
3oscpb E. Onisori
A ttorncy-At-La w
Practice in all the courts. Notary Public
- Office in Burnett Brick.
E. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg
Notary Public. .
Office ia Zlerlolf 's building. .
K Bryson,.
Attorney -M-Law.
fiflB.r.rt - Itie Kind You Have Always BsugK
;,. of
77.. .-a- :
for infants
" The Kind Yon Have Always Bought has borne the'signa
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal, supervision . for. over SO years.' Allow no one
' . r - to - deceive . you in this Counterfeits Imitations and
Just-as-good" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment. .
The Kind You Haye Always Bought
Bears the
In Use For
to. as high a slandawasour desire'ould promot
us. but see that you make no mistake in - .
' the house that keeps the hig- : . v
est standard of Grocer
ies that is the
place to
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fresh everything to be had in the market. We
run our delivery wagon and -our aim is
to keep whav you want and to
" . : please. Call and see :
If you are looking for some real good .bar
ains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry ranches,
write" for my special list or come and sea me.
shall take pleasure in giving you ail the reliable
information you wish, also showing you over the
' -" - Wl Estate loan and Insurance
Philomath, Oregon.
Organs Now Ready For Sale
. Ranging from 45 to $125. "Will be sold on easy pay
ments. 1 All organs guaranteed 10 years. uall on or ad
dress R. M. CRAMER at organ
lis, Oreg on
5tieB e m BiiBijB Wm 11 11 in J i-3-, I
. I have a nice lot Of buggies completed ready for sale.
The finest of the- season and in
mountain hacks ready for sale.
save money by buying goods
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and Children
Signature of
Over 30 Years.
T n )
andpamage factory Corval
, : ;' ' . '
about 2 . weeks I -will have
Any one wishing either will
that are 'guaranteed and ;, will
R. M. Cramer
Corvallis, Oreson;
Executor's Sale of Real Property. ,
Notice Is hereby given in ' pursuance of the
provisions ot the will ol John WUesr deceased,
directing the undersigned executors oj said,
will to sell at private sale the real estate here
lnutter described : said will rTavlng been execu
ted by said John Wiles on the 23rd day of April
1900, and filed and admitted to probate la- the
County Court of Benton Caunty In the State or
recorded on pages 52-53-aud SlofBjokO of
records of wills of said county, we,, the said ex
ecutors, will proceed to sell at private sale from
riTr. t v . r "lu UJ ovemDsr,
1902, for cash in hand at time of asld sale, the
reul property bolongiug to said estate, des
cnbed as follows, towit:-
5ifi.?.ation,No 4116 saoyed and designated
as Jots three, four, five and six,' the north half
Af tria finnlhiv.c. .
Bvuvunco. iiuuLwr BUU in SOUtn WOSt
quarter of the soutnwest quarter of Section six
in Township ten south of Kange four west, and
lots one, twj.and throb and (be north east
quarter of the south east quarter of Section one
j v suiuu oi uDge nve west lu the
district of lauds subject to sale at Oregon Cltv.
County, Oregon. Thl land being incorrectly
described in the will of said deceased as fol
lows towit: . ,-..
Beginning 29:C0 chains S. and 8:23 chains E
from the quarter sectloncorner on the S. side of
S 36 in T 9, S K 5 W, Willamette Meridau, thence
E SS 00 chains, thence S 40:00 chains, thence W
S0:00 chains, thence N. 40:00 chains to the place
of beginning containing three hundred and
twenty acres of lmd.
Also, all that certain piece or parcel of land
lying in Polk: County, State of Oregon, and
known and described as follows, towit: being
a part of SecUon tlx, beginning at the soutn
w est corner of claim sixty four thence running
east one hundred and three ods, thence norttt
one hundred and forty rods, theuce wjst one
hundred and tnree rods, thence south one hun
dred and forty :ods, tothe place of beglu'ulnir.
lying and beiujf in Section six. Township tea.
noma Range tour west, Willamette Meridau
and being a part of Notification No 1762, anil
containing 90 acres In Polk County, Oregon.
Also the following described reul estate; Be.
ginning at the southeast come of G W Dew
eese Donation Land Claim and the S W corner
of C Culp claim said point of beginning being in
Benton County, Oregon, running thence west
nineteen chains and seventy one llnki, thence
north fifty one chains, theuce east twenty four
chllinft. thpniv fifillth rlftv hain. .a .. i
- j w mc uiauo
Af npcr!nnini7 (Vintoinina lln TX - e
land situated in Benton and Polk Counties in
ic omit; ua vreguu saia sales to take mace
at th.Atri.. nt rn TUTIIa 4 .
. v.v v. .1 a uoi eoiix executor in
Corvallis, Oregon, and at the farm of Edward P
Wiles, executor, in Benton County, Oregon.
Said sale of said real property to be made"subject
to the confirmation Dy said County Court ot
Dated this the 11th day of October, 19o2. 1
. ' . Executors.
' Summons. '
In the Circuit Court of the Stats of Orno-An Ta-
Bentou County,
0 C. Taylor'and Paulina ' Kline, plaintiffs
versus Abigail Elliott, and Heirs of Hiram J.
Elliott, deceased, if any such there be, whose
names are to plaintiffs unknown, defendants.
To the Heirs of Hiram J. Elliott, deceased, "
if any such there be whoso names are to plain
tiffs unknown, defendants above named .
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and rtquired to appear and "
answer the complaint of the plaintirl' in the'
the above entitled suit In .the above entitle
court now on file In the office of the clerk of said
court on or before the last day of the time pre
scribed in the order for publication of this sum
mons, made by the county judge of Benton
county, state of Oregon, being the countv
waere the above enti led suit is neurlini? in th.
circuit court of said county and state which
biu orcer is nereinatter reterrea to, towit, on or
before six weeks from the dav of first r,nhn.
tion hereof, and you are hereby notified that if
you fail so to appear and answor the Raid com
plaint as herein required, or want thereof ihe
plaintlrt' will apply to the above entitled court
for the relief demanded in the said complaint
namely for a decree determining all adverse
claims in and to Block 27 in the County . Addi
tion to the town of Marysville, formerly, but
now chnnaed to Corvallis. Benton countv. Ore.
gon, forever baring and enjjininsr defendants
frim asserting any claim wnataver iu und to
said real-property and declaring said plaintiff
J C Taylor to be the owner in fee simple oi lots
1, 2 and 3 in said Block 27 and pi ilntiff, Paulina
Kline, to be the owner in fee simple otlots 4, 5, '.
& 6 in said Block 27 and for such further and
different relief as lo the court mny seem eqult- '
Tins summons Is published in the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and con-
secetive week, beginning with trie issus of Oct-
uobr 11. 1902, an i ending with the issue of Nov
ember 22, 1902, under and in pnrsuinco of toe
directions contained in an order made by the
lou Virgil E Wa'.tars, Cjunty Judge of Benton
County, Oregon, being the county where the
above entitled suit is pending iu the above en
titled circuit court, dated ODbjr 8, ViOl. Date
of first publication hereof li Ootobsr 11. 1902.
is. nuuiATt, .
Attorneys for Plolntlils,
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of
regoa for
Benton County,
Cora E Baker, plaintiff, versus James H Baker
To James H Baker, the above named defend- .
lu the name of the State of Oregon, yon are
hereby summoned and reqnired to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the ;
above entitled suit in the above entitled court
now on file in the offi;eof the clerk ot S lid
court on or before the last diy of the time pre
scribed in the order for publication of thta sum
mons made by the County Judge of Benton
County, State of Oregon, balng thecouuty where
the above entitled suit is pending in the Cir
cuit Court of said county and state which
said order is hereinafter referred to, towit, on
or before six weeks from the date of first publl- .,
cation hereof and yon are hereby notified that "
if you tan so to appear ana answer me saia com
plaint as herein require- , for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the above entitled court
for the relief demanded in her said complaint
namely, tor a decree of divorce from the said
defendant forever dissolving the marriage con
tract existing between the plaintia and said de
fendant, and that she be decreed the custody
and care of Paul Baker, a minor child, the issue
of said marriage and for 8U3h further, and dit-
ferent relief as to the court may seem proper.
This summons is pubusnea in tie uorvauis
fines once a week for six successive and con
secutive weeks, beginning with the issue of
October 11, 1902, and ending with the issue ot
NbVe nber 22, 1902. under and in pursuance of
the directions contained In an order made by
the Hon Virgil E Watters, County Judge of Ben-"
ton county, Oregon being the county where the
above entitled suit Is pending In the abovj en
titled circuit court, dited Ostober 8. 1902. Date
of .first publication hereof U October 11, 1902. .
Attorney tor Plaintiff.
In I
t.h r frenft Onurt of the State of Oregon for
Benti n county, ' - -
K A Holcomb. Dlaintlff versus L W Holcomb,
To L W Holcomb the defendant, aoove nameu.
In the name of the State of Oregon- You
hereby summoned and required to appear in
tne aoove enuuen court l me wmi. n...
thereof in the City of Corvallis, Benton County
State of Oregon on or before Monday the 24th
. . . i tnn 4. V.r.inf. 1 ha -'ict- AAV AT
next regular term of f aid Court and to ans-.
to plalntiii's complaint now on file ia this;f trnu fil of) tl) fln03Rr
ana answer lor wau iiiotovA wo .
apply to the said court for the relief prayed for
in the complaint, towit, for a decree ; annulling
the marriage contract now existing between the
said plaintiff and defendant andior the costs
and disbursementsl n said suit.
This summons is published bvordr of tho
Hon Virgil E Watters- ju Jge of the County Court
of the State of Oregon for Benton COnnty made
on the 2nd dy of Oct, I902,andtobepublished for
six consecutive weeks and in seven issuesof the
Corvallis Times and the date of the first publica
tion thereof to be October t, 19 g MrFft(Won -Attorney
foi Plaintiff.
Executor's Notice to Creditors
lt...: t KawnKv nrimo that' t.ilA nrfdOTSigaed
have twem appointed by the lint will of Joto;
Wiles, aecensed, as executors of said will an,
estate, and also by the County Judge of Benton .
Countv In the State of Oregon.All personshaylng
claims against said estate, with proper vouch
V . . ... . i .in thointn the lin
ers amy YeriUL'U, TtlLl tiiwuuv - , ,T. , - - .
dersigned executors at the office of said Waller
uorv " "l-oa'Vrr"ir. W.r.n. -
- Edward F. Wiles.
"Exocutorsottholast will and estate ot John
Wiles, deceased. - - .