The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, September 10, 1902, Image 2

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    Willamette Valley Banking Co
Responsibility $100,000.
A General Backing Business
"Exchange issued payable at all finan
cial centers in United States, Canada
tSnd Europe.
Principal Correspondents
..Portland, Seattle. San Francisco and
New York
Canadian Bank of Carcmerce
Chicago First National BaDk
Canada Canadian Bank of Commerce
- Union Bank of Canada.
Corvaliis Times.
oiHclal Paper Benton Comity,
New Steam Laundry Will
Waiting Now for Machinery.
The work of getting the new
steam laundry ready for operation
is being pushed with all possible
dispatch. Much of the machinery
is already in position, but a ship
ment of machines to come from
Rochester, New York, is yet to ar
rive. After the latter is received,
but a few days will be required to
beerin business, as everything else
is now in readiness. '
It is supposed that everybody in
Corvaliis is getting ready to be
come patrons of the local enter
prise. The way to build up a town
is to patronize those in it. Cal and
Alva Thompson, promoters of the
laundry have come from the East,
bringing new capital that they have
invested and new consumers for the
products and merchandise of other
local people, and they deserve the
laundry work that Corvaliis has to
bestow; much of which now goes
The prices will be the same as
those universally in vogue at steam
laundries'fhrouehout the state. Some
of them are as follows: Shirts,
plain, i o cents; collars, 2: cuffs,
5 cents; socks, 5: handkerchiefs, 1;
neckties, 5; shirt waists. 15 and up;
stockings, 5; aprons, 5 and up;
table cloths, 5 to 25; napkins, 2;
towels, 2 and up; sheets, 2 and up;
pillow slips, 2 and up; counterpanes
10 to 25; blankets, 20 to 50: cur
tains, 25 and up.
People From Abroad Coming to Corval
iis Columbia Conference.
Next week occurs the annual
meeting of the Columbia conference
of the M E church, South. The
sessions will begin Thursday : and
will be held in the local church of
that denomination. . Bishop W W
Duncan, of South Carolina, will
be among the distinguished preach
ers in attendence. Beginning Wed
nesday of next week the Woman's
Home Missionary society of the
same conference will be in session
The conference comprises all the
territory between Oregon City and
Medford, westward to the Coast,
and the attendants will be people
irom all parts 01 tne section, as
"-well as representative churchmen
of the denomination from else-
-where. -
Strayed or Stolen
. Eeight head of cattle: One large -wide
horn -whitest years old, milk cow with
bell on ; one white 3 year old white milk
cow; one black 3-ycar milk cow with
bell; one black steer calf; one roan steer
calf: one white and red specklek heifer
calf: one roan bull: one red 2-year old
heifer. All branded "V" on right hip.
Crop and tinder bit in right ear. A suit
able reward for the recovery of same.
Mrs N. H. Vineyard.
Estray Notice.
Notice is hereby given that about the
1st day of August last, a three year old
gelding, 16 hands high weighing about
12SO, beine a mouse colored brown with
a star in the forehead left the Vineyard
pasture about four miles N W from Cor
valiis. Reasanable reward will be paid
for the return of said colt or information
as to its whereabouts.
Spencer Bickkux, Owner,
Corvaliis, 0re.
To Let.
Fifty good Ewes.
Ii N Edwards,
Dusty Ore,
Colbert & Gregory Manfy. Co.
Sash, doors, moldings, furniture and
eneral finished lumber.
South Main St. Corvaliis Ore.
. To Rent.
To College students 5 furnished
reoms. Enquire at Hemphill's har
ness shop.
They Brought it to Corvaliis Tale of
Indian Wars Captain Munson's
It was away back in 1855-56
that there was a general uprising of
Indians in Southern and Eastern
Oregon. It took the settlers, not
only of the affected regions, but of
the Willamette valley, several
months to quell the disturbances,
and to reduce the Indians to con
ditions of peace. It is for the dan
gers encountered and hardships
suffered, that the few living' par
ticipants in those campaigns have
been recently granted pensions by
the federal government. It is said
that of the well known company of
Captain Munson, . which went to
Eastern Oregon from the vicinity of
Corvaliis, and which originally
numbered 65, only four are still
living in Benton county. These
are Wesley rlmton 01 Monroe,
Dick Richardson of the same vicin
ity. Henr3' Clemens of the poor
farm, and Thomas Philips of. Alsea
All the rest as far as can be ascer
tained, have gone elsewhere to re
side, or have joined the ranks of
the great majority.
Many a story is told of the . ex
periences of Munson's men beyond
the Cascades. It was the Cayuses,
Klickitats and other tribes that
were on the war path, They be
gan their depredations in the early
spring of 1855, and it was in the
summer of the same year that Mun
son and his men with other Wil
lamette Valley volunteers crossed
the Cascades to give them battle.
The settlers found it impossible
to draw the redskins into a decis
ive fight. The latter invariably re
sorted to Indian tactics, fighting
on horseback, and dashing away
as soon as the settlers came within
gunshot. On one occasion a little
band of settlers were surrounded
by several hundred mounted In
dians. The latter for hours rode
swiftly around the handful of white
men, discharging their weapons,
and yelling like the painted de
mons that they were. A feature
was that they constantly kept the
circle in which they rede; out of
the range of the white men's bul
lets. Had the settlers been armed
with 30-30 calibre, long range rifles
of the present make, the circle
would have been speedily enlarged
or many a Siwash would have gone
to the happy hunting grounds.
Marsh Simpson of Elk Citv, was
among those who participated in
this fight.
The chief of the hostiles in the
Eastern Oregon country was P P
Mox-Mox, aud for a long time af
ter peace was declared, his scalp
was exhibited in Corvaliis. I N
Smith, quartermaster, kept the
grewsome trophy for a long time,
and many a Corvallisite remembers
to have looked at it.
The scalp was from the top of
Mox-Mox head, and was as large
as the bottom of an ordinary tin
cup. Attached to it was a long,
flowing lock of jet black hair,
coarse and heavy, and perhaps
eighteen inches in length. Mox
Mox was killed by a blow over his
head with a rifle, dealt by Samuel
Warfield, father of Sam Warfield,
of Alsea, now deceased, but then a
a volunteer from Linn county. Mox
Mox was killed near Walla Walla,
where Munson's men and many
other of the Valley companies op
erated most of the time.
The names of the men who went
out of Benton in Munson's com
pany are: L, B Munson, captain:
Smith Snard, 1st lieut; Chas Hand,
2nd lieut; Sidi H Bernard, 1st sar
geant; Elt Summers, 2nd sergeant;
W O Kendall, 3rd sergeant; W J
Kelly, 4th sergeant; Albert G
L,6yd, 1st corporal; W H Tencher,
2nd corporalt Jos L Evans, 3rd
corporal; Newton J Ward, 4th
coporal. Privates, J E Pottenham,
S Wishard, H H Howard, A R
Browns' WmBohannon, WmBronse
Andrew Emerick, Albert Igo, Em
erson Rednons; L, T Garrison,
Chas Garrison, Geo Elliott, Jas
Cherry, J P Philips. S S Hagman,
U Turnage, Henry Clemens, Henry
Wilmer, Wm Nickson, John Smith,
Geo Landering, Alexander Brown,
Aaron Hamlin, Reason Hamlin,
Jno A Venbii er, Wm P Cio w, J W
Mclntire, David Wnite, Geo Hunt
er. T W Hinton, A Lavander, T B
Richardson. A Johnson, W H Rob
ert, John Clark, Henry Baterman,
Jas Howell, Wm C Mawl, Henry
Brown, Lonard B V ichards, w m
S Buckley, Roet F Raines, W Mc
Donald, Wellis Northcott, A J
Williamson, Henry Williams Jno
King, J E Barclay, Wesley Hinton
Wm Montgomery, R C Richardson
John Brick, Wm Gilliam, Geo
Stout, Moses Noble, Mitchell Ing-
raham, Wm McKellnm,. R P Wil
lis, Geo Wells, Marion Philips,
T L, Percel, R B Wilmont, Bennet
Kennedy, Wm Andrews, Jno King
Jas Beard, J 1, Lilly, Edward Piper
W m James, and Linton Starr.
In His Own House Dreadful Accident
in Western Benton.
L. M. Mattoon, storekeeper and
former agent of the Corvaliis &
Eastern, was burned to death in
his own house at Summit, Benton
rountv. vesterdav morning. The
house was destroyed by fire but
Mattoon's body wasrescued in time
to save it from total cremation.
The fire occurred at four o'clock in
the morning, and it is supposed to
have been accidental. It occurred
while Mattoon was alone in the
house, his wife and son being for
the night at the house on the Mat
toon ranch near town.
There are several theories respect
ing the origin of the fire. Mr.
Mattoon was subject to asthma,
and when suffering with it was ac
customed to inhale the from
various kinds of leaves. One the
ory is that he was thus engaged
during the night, and that by the
overturning of a lamp the fire was
started. This view is strengthened
by the fact that a broken lamp was
under the victim's neck when dis
covered. Another theory is that the fire
was from other accidental cause.
Mr. Mattoou was formerly subject
to epilepsy, and it is thought possi
ble that the overturning of the lamp
may have occurred from this cause.
The deceased was aged about 40,
and formerly resided in Corvaliis,
where he learned telegraphy. Sev
eral years ago while station agent
in Washington, he was severely
burned about the face while the
depot buildiog was on fire.
He was an Odd Fellow, and the
fraternity will have charge of the
funeral, which will probably take
place in Albany today. An inquest
was held by Justice Underbill, and
a verdict returned in accordance
with the above facts.
The King of the Opium Ring.
The big Blayney attraction.
"The King of the Opium Ring,"
that comes to us for one night,
Saturday, September 13th, is said
to be Blayney' s best spectacular
melodrama. It is full of startling
climaxes, romantic adventures and
thrilling situations and shows the
operations of a great band of opium
smugglers, who at the time of the
play, hold full sway in San Fran
cisco. To give the play the pro
tier setting, Manager Haswell has
had numerous special scenes paint
ea, mechanical eltects constructed
and costumes pucrhased so that
the whole production is finished
throughout from first to last aet,
Despite the fact that the manage
,ment is under considerable expense
for a production of this kind there
will be no advance in prices. Seats
are now on sale at the usual place
Vetch seed for sale at Zierolf.s,
Go to Zierolf's for vetch seed.
Auction Sale.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned will at 10 o'clock a m
on Saturday September 20th, 1902
at the residence ot A R Locke,
miles north of Corvaliis, offer for
sale at public auction for cash, the
following property formerly be
longing to Horace Locke, to wit:
13 inch Bain wagon." 1 top bu
gy, 2 14 inch Oliver steel plow,
7 cut fiano binder, two years
old, 2 sets work harness, 2 saddles,
also other farming implements. 5
head horses, 5 cows, 2 yearlings, 35
head sheep, 25 head Angora goats,
1 poland China boar registered.
W. M. Locke.
Sheep to Let
On shares, also on sale in lots to suit
purchaser. Will sell on one vears time
with good security. Call or address.
Monroe Ore. .
Sept. the 15 16, & 17 Dr wwe the opti-
tian will be in Corvaliis at the Occidental
Hotel. If vou value your eyes see him.
Fresh vetch seed at Zierolf's.
Help Wanted
At the Commercial restaurant,
at once.
Saratoga chij-S in bulk at A
Just received, fresh
Try them at Hodes.
Saratoga chips
For more than a dozen years Dr C W
Lowe the well known oculo optician has
been coming to Corvallis: He is to be
with us again soon.
Dog Tax Notice
I ara requested by the City council to
notify owners of dogs that a tax of jSl.Oo
on dogs and $3.00 on sluts was due Sept.
1st and jhat it is their duty to report at
once to city treasurer and pay this tax ;
taking his receipt therefor.
I am ordered by the council to impou
nd all dogs whose tax is not paid.
A B Alexander
Chief of Police
Sept. 3rd 1902.
Ben Woldt's Saloon and the Adjoining
Blacksmith Shop But Little Saved,
The saloon of Ben Woldt's at the
corner of Jefferson and Water
streets, together with the adjoining
building, formerly , occupied as a
blacksmith- shop, was burned to
the ground in the early hours of
vesterdav morning. Almost all of
the cori tents of the saloon were des
troyed. The estimated loss is,
building. 1,200; liquors, $2,000:
total, $3,200. Insurance, building
in Underwriters of New York, M
Jacobs, local agent, $75; of which
$600 was on the saloon building,
and $iso on the blacksmith shop;
contents, in the Continental, E R
Brvson. agent, $750. .
The fire was first discovered
about two o'clock in the morning,
In Mr Woldt's residence, located
but a few yards south of the saloon
the flames, while but a small
blaze were first discovered rising
in the southwest corner of the
blacksmith shop. This is the
statement of Mr Woldt and others,
Still others who were early on the
scene allege that the main fire was
in the western portion of the saloon
The buildines were entirely of
wood, and the flames spread with
great rapidity, soon involving
both. An attempt was made to get
cut the stock, but the spread of
flames was so rapid that only a
few dozen of bottled liquors and a
quantity of cigars were removed.
In response to the alarm, the
fire department appeared quickly
on the scene, but was too late to
save the buildings Flames at the
moment of arrival were leaping in
a solid column a hundred feet into
the air, lighting up the southern
and western portions of town so
effectively that on most second
floors it was light enough to read a
A fortunate feature was that
there was no wind. Up to nine or
10 o'clock the preceding! evening
a stiff wind had been blowing from
the north. Had it continued, it is
probable that the whole block would
have been laid in ashes. As it was
the Woldt dwelling was only saved
by the strenuous efforts and effect
ive work of the firemen.
No certain origin can be assigned-
The general supposition is that it
was incendiary. The blacksmith
shop in which the flames first ap
peared, had not been occupied for
about a year. The doors to the
building were securely locked, and
entrance could only have been el
fected with difficulty!
Awarded at Last Selected by the In
itiative and Referendum.
At last there has been a settle
ment of the question of who is to
have the pot, in the pools sold in
Corvaliis on the capture of Tracy,
when the outlaw was at large. It
so happened, it may be remembered
that one man held tickets for the
killing or capture to occur on the
first five days in August, while the
tickets of another were a mortgage
on all time thereafter. It also hap
pened that Tracy shot himself on
the 5th, and that his body was
found on the 6th. Some of the 20,
persons in the pool held that the
finding of the body was the act
necessary to constitute title to the
pot, while others that the killing
settled the business.
The question was exhaustively
considered and ably argued - from.
both standpoints. The immortality
of the soul was never discussed with
greater scrutiny and finesse than
were the fine points involved in
in this question about the pool pot.
The debate was on for about a
month, and like a Baptist and a
Presbyterian arguing over baptism,
or a man and his wife debating the
question of which could best gov
ern the children, the more they
argued, the wider apart they got.
The usual upshot of the churchmen
over creed, and family heads over j
children, is that the .argument ends
in silence, witn arguers oacic to
back, and set faces looking in op
posite directions, and as the days
flew by it became evident that a
similar' crisis was in store for the
ticket holders.
It was then that the referee had
a happy thought. He conjured up
the initiative and referendum as a
means of settling the question. Fri
day night, after a popular vote by
the ticket holders, a count of ; the
ballot gave the pot, by a vote of
nine to six to the man . who held
tickets for the capture to take place
on the first five days in August .
te Prepared !
The arrival for the past two weeks has
placed in "our store one of the largest and
best selected stock of merchandise we
have ever had, comprising all the late
novelties in dress goods, silks, trimmings
ribbons, etc. In shoes you have the
largest and best selected stcck in the city
to choose from. Our aim is to carry
everything to be found in an up-to-date
dry goods store. Prices to please r:.
Tlic Benton County Lumber Co
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Rougb and Dressed Cumber
Singles, Lath and Posts
A Square Deal for Everybody
Yards near Southern Pacific Depot, Corvaliis, Oregon
Van Cramps Concentrated Soup
Chicken, Bouillon, Tomato, m
Oxtail, Vegetable, Mock g
Jus what you want when not feeling good.
olden Gate
olden Gate
olden Gate
- For Sale. , '
English rye grass seed,: large cheat
seed, and vetch seed, A few cords of
oak wood, I am booking orders for
vetch seed, speak in time. ,
Also pure bred Aberdeed Angus cattle
Poland China hogs, and , Shropshire
I bucks from recorded stock.
I L. Li. Brooks.
Mocha and Java
The only kind with a reputation
Jin Ideal ffeallfe f od
Junket Tablets
Junket Tablets :
Is a pure milk food. Delicious, Nutritious
Digestible. For sale by
at Hodes' grocery
Job Printing neatly dome
Corvaliis Times Office. '