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Elde a Kambler.
E B Bryson spent Sunday
Mrs Moses Kline and child
"Portland are guests at the home
-Miss Pauline Kline.
- Miss Lottie Rose, after a two
-weeks visit at home, returned to Port
land Sunday.
Miss Leona Smith returned Sat
urday from a two weeks visit in
Douglas McLagan. who left Bsn
. ton 10 years ago is employed in a
mine at Confidence, California. Alta
Additon is engineer at the same
Wanted a crowd of Corvallis
hunters that can go deer hunting, and
. i i i i . i ii
gee eomeimag.. Auuress iue mrue
crowds tnat nave gone out ana come
home skunked.
Mrs Crees left for Portland yester
day to 'visit her daughter Gussie
la a newly purchased home in
Holladay addition.
Dr Taylor and Police Judge Gref
foz ieturned late Saturday night
trom a Waal's h'latla trip in the
Five Kivers country. They came
empty banded.
Charles LUlard has about comple
ted a new dwelling house, near the
homo of Poter Bilyeuin Job's alditioo.
It will be ready for occupancy in a
few days. '
A watch has been lost, and the
loser offers a reward, Kead about it
elsewhere in this issue. Bead the
other ads. They are all interesting,
as well as entertaining.
The Yaquina train carries three
coaches regularly now for tbe accom
modation of summer travel. Two of
the tiree were well filled Mood ay
with Biy-bound passengers, and the
third was partly occupied.
Major Frank Edwards began
Monday the erection of a new cottage.
It is to be a six room building, and la
to be completed ia a coupio of months.
It is located near the home of Mrs
Belknap on lots out of the Frank
Elgin tract.
A Massachusetts girl had her
own way and wonc up iu a ballon
against ine wishes or her people. She
came down with two arms, two legs,
her collar-bone and jaw bone . bro-keo,
Taat's all. -r-Salem Journal
V7 W Brlstow and family still re
side at McMinnville. Miss Addie Bti3
tow is a teacher in the public schools
there. Mr Biistow is district manager
of the Mutual Life Insurance Compi
any, and travels much in the prosecn-
.Jlpn eg his business. ' ' ,
Miss Maud Morri.-, who has been
a faithful and efficient saleslady sit
' Frank Dunn's, has resigned her posi
tion, to take effect on the 1st of August.
Mr Dunn has secured the services of
Mr Ed Crawford of Salem, to fill the
vacancy. Mr Crawford will assume
his duties on September 1st. Eugene
Register. .
Pa Has that young man who
has been calling on you rather fre
quently of late any steady occupation?
Daughter On, yes pa. He's a trav
eling man. la Indeed! Well, please
tell him when he calls again I'd like
to have him attend strictly to busi
ness when the clock strikes 10.
"Doctor," said he, "I'm a victim
of insomnia, I can't sleep if there's
the least noise, such as a eat on the
garden wall for instance." "This
powder will be effective," replied the
physician after compounding a pre
scription. "When do I take is tioetoi?"
'You don't take ic. Give it to the cat
in a little milk."
From all sides come reports ofthe
good behavior and of flae appear
ance made by. the Coivallis signal
corps at the late encampment at
Albany. Expressions of warm piaise
of the boys are heard everywhere,'
both as to their good conduct and
soldierly bearing. . Haw much belter
It is thus, than to havo corns home
followed by complaints and criticism.
Those Instincts that proclaim
the gsntleman or heathen, always
manifest themselves.
Two hundred and fifty
went to Newport Sunday on
cursion over the Corvallis &
the ex
Eastern. Sixty three boarded
Albany and 53 at
tne train at
Corvallis. The
others were from points west. Among
those who went from Corvallis were,
Mr and Mrs James Smith, August
I ischer, Misses Anna Thompson and
Mae Gerhard, Tom Nolan. Allan Bates
Judd Smith, William Broders and
Mack Hemphill.
That hops are going to be valua
ble property this year, says the Salem
Statesman, no one doubts for a mo
ment, as the recent contracts made,
for 20 cent hops, have convinced all
who are interested that this one of
Oregon's crops will be figuratively
speaking, "worth its weight in gold."
But none hope for a further increase
ia the price immediately, or before
picking time. This, however, is hap
pening, for several prominent Inde
pendence growers were, on Thursday
I'P a nr . -
i 1 1 " r hi i ' . i i ' u i r u d rmunn nn sin n .
and their refusal i3 expected to briDg
a better offer in a few days.
The Presbyterian church has
been closed until the first of Septem
ber. Pastor Carriek occupied the
pulpit both morning and evening Sun
day, and Monday left for Newport
to join a party o which Mrs CarricK
ia a member. Members of the church
who remain in town, were urged by
the pastor Sunday morning in announ
cing that the church would be closed,
to attend other churches during the
Mrs Mary Bryson returned Fri
day from a trip to Newport. , ?
Professor Kent arrived yesterday
from a brief sojourn at Newport.
Mrs Thomas Jones leaves Friday
for Ksaslde, for an extended visit with
Thomas Jones and Donald Gra
ham left yesterday for a few days
fishing at Alsea.
Miss Edith Gibson left yesterday
for Boston to resume her musical
studies. , , '
Dr Harper and wife and Miss
Shields returned Friday from a week's
eojourn at Newport.
Letters of administration have
been issued to Mary Allen in the es
tate of William Allen.
John V Skelton formerly ot Cor
vallis, is now chemist for the Roane
Iron Company at Brockwood Tennes
see. A marriage license was issued
Saturday by the county clerk to R J
Coffee and Addie Davis both 'of Hos
klns. " ' '
M E Church. The pulpit will be
filled next Sunday by the pastor Rev.
Frank L Moore. A cordial welcome to
Mrs Anna S Bryant has been ap
pointed guardian of the persons and
estete ot Elsie May Fisher and Lsland
W Fisher. .
After a visit of several weeks
with her sister, Mrs Harper, Miss
Shields left yesterday for her home in
, William J Henderson made final
proof before the county clerk Monday
on his homestead In Wren preciocr.
His witnesses were Homer Lilly and
Henry Witham.
Egg3 are 20 cents in the local
market. Quotations abroad make
them weak at that figure, but local
dealers do not anticipates decline.
Rev C A Hyatt formerly pastor
of the'M E Church, Corvallis, but now
of Oakland Oregon, and Walter Winni
ford of Kings Valley were guests over
Sunday of Corvallis friends.
Neal Newbouse returned Friday
from Crawfordsville, where he weut
onm unsuccessful tiip for thepurchase
dr sawmill property and land, "
C L Weiser, who formerly held a
position in Clark's hardware store in
this city, is now city salesman for a
big hardware establishment in St Paul.
He left Corvallis nine or 10 years
The Cooper thresher, according
to reports, is to begin operations next
Wednesday- or Thursday. A large
portion of fall sown wheat Is already
in shock.' - Many threshers will' be
a-fisld a week from Monday.-
An ice cream social will be held
at McFarland Chapel near Bruce.
Monday evening August 4th, from 8
to 11 o'clock. A short program will
be rendered, All are cordially invited.
New deeds filed for record are,
Hattie A Hovendou and husband to
John Rickard, Hanna property in
Corvallis comprising house and six
lots, S1.100; O&CKEto Joe Hirsch
berg, 400 acres ia Alsea; Mary C
Allen to Georgre N Neiken. 80 acres
near Philomath $900.
El Sfcranare ip wiring the new
residence of Mrs Hsmphill for tho
electric light. Tbe frame of the
building is up, but the roof is not yet
on. The buildicg is on Jefferson near
the College camou3,and when finished
will be a very complete hom9. Frank
Foster and Mr Anderson are- doing
the work.
W W Calkin3 and family left yes
terday for Eugene, to reside. They
arrived several months ago from
Minnesota, and during their . stay - Id
Corvallis have made many friends
who regret their-departure for anoth
er home. A new residence of which
W O Heckart is builder, is in course
of construction at Eugene, and the
family will occupy it a3 soon as com
A valuable horse owned by James
Hays had to be shot Sunday. It was
running with a mate in the pasture.
Sunday morniDg, he wa3 found with
a hind lea broken, just below the
hock. The theory Is that the unfortu
nate nag was kicked by his mate while
the latter played. The dead horse
weiahed 1,600, and was a file work
One hunting party that . did not
get skuqked was Ed Allen, Dr Loggan
and P.ienard Fehler, all of Philomath
They weut to Mary's Peak Friday and
came back Sunday, bringing noma two
fane bucks. The deer were taken on
what is known to hunters as "The
Knob,'' Game is reported as plenti
ful in the vicinity. The grass on the
top of the peak is unusually fine, and
abundant enough one of the hunters
says, to feed all the cattle in Benton
county for the next two months.
The Henkle and Eobin3on job
wagon needs repairs, its owners fig
ure that a new set ot wheels may be
necessary Arthur Henkle had it at
the Southern Pacific depot yesterday
morning. While he was getting . out
freight from the warehouse, the team
hastily left. The course was down A
street to Main, thence down Main to
the Henkle home and thence in a
westerly direction past the Taylor
creamery and into a fence ia the vicin
ity. Fortunately neither of the horses
was injured, and the damage Is chief
ly confined to the vehicle. During the
run, the outfit had compjete right of
way, especially on Main street, where
eveiything and everybody was deeply
interested In getting to cover.
And are Prepared for it Corvallis Men
- to Travel Under Difficulties.
Sheriff Burnett, Robert Johnson,
Dr Bo wen Lester and Thomas
Whitehorn left yesterday morning
for Belknap Springs, for a hunting
and fishing trip. They are heavily
armed, and that is what got three
hunters, who traveled by bicycle
through the valley recently in
to trouble. One of them was thought
to have looked like Tracy, just as
Johnson does. As they approach
ed Salem an extra guard was put
around the walls to keep them from
capturing the Oregon penitentiary
They passed through Albany and
officers there hastily notified con
stables and sheriffs at Harrisburg
Eugene and Coberg, to be on the
lookout. The Coburar constable
gathered around a number of arm
ed men, and after the hunters pas-
sed, he phoned the Eugene omcersQh
that he had not attempted a cap'Tentered the barber shop, seems like
ture, having but two or tnree de
puties to aid him. The residents
of Coburg were badly frightened
and .stayed entirely within doors
until the imaginary outlaws pas
sed on out of sight. The whole re.
gion through which the hunters
passed was kept in a spasm of
ferment until the party disappear
ed. .
All this was fresh in the minds
of the Corvallis party when they
went out oi town yesterday morn
ing. They have Winchesters.
They have other arms and ammu
uition and are to travel through,
a strange country. And they have
Johnson, They expect to be held
up, and set out with misgivings. If
things get too warm for them, it is
the talk that they will cache their
hunting apparatus ' in the bottom
ofthe wag6n, and stow Johnson
away under the bedding, only let
ting him out wher the coast seems
clear, and then only for brief spells.
Also, they will have handy a suit
of female attire and a supply of
back hair. If it comes to the very
worst, after removing his mustache
they will array Robert in these,
mount him on a white mule, and
set him- to traveling homeward as
Miss Ellen Stone of Boston. The
boys have confidence that in this
role he would . be a howling suc
cess, and that the device ' will de
liver them from any em harassment
and trouble that they have reason
to expect.
Clarence Kooa Hakes, an Extensive
Investment How Billionaires
Clarence Koon, who arrived in
Corvallis several months ago, from
Minnesota, and has since resided
on the Hogg place, has purchased
a farm. The place is situated two
miles east of Junction, and is about
12 miles distant from Eugene. It
comprises 301 acres, and it is un
derstood tnat trie purcnase price is
something less than 9,000. Mr
Koon is to occupy the property
this fall. He is well pleased with
Oregon, especially with the Middle
Willamette Valley, in which he has
determined to make his permanent
home. Sometime ago, Mr Koon
made an offer of $4000 cash for the
Hogg place, on which he now re-,
sides. The place comprises 19
In the great gambling hall, there
was breathless silence'. A poker
game between two billionaires was
in progress. About the table were
packed and jammed hundreds of
curious, , excited people, watching
the play and the enormous wagers
with astonishment. "I'll bet you
a porterhouse steak, says one.
Murmurs of awe arose from the
watchers. - Clear and stern came
the answer. "I'll see that porter
house steak and raise you two rib
roasts, a pig' s knuckle and a can of
ox tail soup." The onlookers gasp
ed. The first billionaire turned
pale. The raise was too big, and
he laid down his hand.
Saturday between Main street Corvallis
and the first bridge over Oak Creek on
the Card well Hill road, an open - faced
silver watch. Finder leave at Times
office and receive reward or deliver to
undersigned, and receive reward. -
HC Witham.
Patrons and the public are advised
that my Photograph Gallery will be
closed from Aug. 1st until about Sept,
15th. After which I will be at their
1 . E W Philips.
For Sale.
A good Piano binder70.
Mrs SI. St Germain,
Buyyour harvesting outfits at Nolan
& Callahan-'s Complete line.
A girl for general housework. Call or
address Mrs Florence Mulkey, 'one block
west of court bouse.
At Eugene.TJie Alleged Murderer of Ben
Tracy How he was Taken
Sheriff Withers has arrived at
Eugene with the alleged murderer
of the late Ben Tracy. Mr Tracy
it remembered was buried in
Newton cemetery near Corvallis on
the 22nd of last Slay. Sheriff Wi
thers after a long and exciting
chase, captured Heaton, alias Ray
at Wells Nevada. The Eugene
Guard tells of the capture thus.
He had located Heaton' s wife and
kept the residence under surveill
ance in the hopes that the suspect
would show himself. One day Mr
Withers was on the street when
along came his quarry and entered
a barber shop. Feeling reasonably
sure that it was his man, yet wish
ing to make no mistake, Mr With
ers accosted a restaurant keeper
ext door to the shop, with the
uery, "who is the fellow that just
I ousrht to know
nun. Ine res-
tauranter soon dispelled all doubts
in Mr Withers mind as to the identi
ty of the individual. He entered the
barber shop and found Heaton re
clining in a chair getting shaved.
Striding forward he thrust a revol
ver in Heaton' s face and at the same
time jerking the barbers robe from
over him and with the command of
"throw uo yonr hands'" "rasped
the murderer's weapon. The bar-
ber neany had. collapse trom nerv
ous fright. He jumped back and
yelled, "For God's sake man don't
do, that."
Mr Withers said that he was
compelled to laugh at the barber's
antics though the situation other
wise was dramatic. His prisoner
submitted quietly, seeing that the
sheriff had the drop on him. He
loudly protested his innocence how
ever. Although a cold-blooded murder
er, Heaton does not look the part.
He is rather under-size and posses
ses good look's above the average.
Pound for Dried Prunes of
Coming Crop- Offer Refused,
W W Bristow was in town Mon
day, returning from a visit to the
Green Peak fruit orchard. The
prune crop there, is a good one
third and may be a one half crop.
The yield is fully as much as the
present drying capacity can handle.
The number of acres of- prunes in
the orchard is 110. The dryer is a
double 10-tunnel Kertz, with a ca
pacity of perhaps 300 bushels per
day. The dried product of the or
chard last year was 100.000. Bartr
lett pears in the orchard promise a
very fair crop, but the apples are i
In the .; Excelsior orchard, the
crop of prunes is reported better
than last year. The . latter, how
ever was a light crop. The or
chard is owned by Wilhelm & Sons
who have already refused an offer
of five cents per pound for their
best dried prunes this fall.
The reported shortage of prunes
all over the world seems to be ma
terializing. Late indications are
that the world's crop will be so
so far short of the usual that bigger
prices will be obtained for the
coming crop than have been - seen
in this country in 1 years. Un
fortunately for the growers in the
vicinity of Corvallis, most of their
crops are likely to be considerably
below the average.
Blue Prist Haps.
Blu'e print maps of any township in
Rossburg Oregon and District, showiDg
all vacant lands for 50 cents each. If
I you want any information from the U S
Laud Office address
Tmn Guarantee & Loan Co
Eosebur, Ore.
VV anted.
A good blacksmith,
factory work. Apply
Carriage Factory.
accustomed to
at the Corvallis
, Goodbye prices oh all summer goods
Nolan & Callahan -
Sewing Machines Repaired
Ey Cair Austin, the Vhite sewing
machine agent by notifying Stewart &
Sox, Abauy, Oregon. Charges reason
b e si d -n c:k gUTsntt ed,
Call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money on hand at the countv treasurers
office to pay all orders endorsed and
marked not paid for want of funds up to
and including those of March oth I902.
Interest vcj.ll be stopped on same from
this date.
Dated Corvallis, July 16th, loo2.
W. A. Buchanan,
Treasurer of Benton County, Oregon.
Trunks Delivered 15 cents
Anywhere within city
and grip 25 cents.
John Lenger
type wiiter.
Second hand
Thomas Bilyeu, Corvallis
32nfl Anniversary Sale
As the 32p.d year of my busineas career has closed. I
will celebrate the event with my customers by giving each
and every one a genuine bargain. We will inaugurate &n
anniversary sale that will bring the people of Corvallis anil
vicinity to our store.
We append a few articles to show what we
are doing v
Mens Clothing
$ 7 00 mens suits at $ 5 9!
8 00 mens pints at.. 6 8
lo on mens suits at 8 5
12 on mens puits at -. lo '2
15 00 tuens suits at 12.75
These f uits are of tbe Hart Scb
feffuer & Marx make
Domestic Dept
2ovds brown muslin $1 00
2o " of good calico 1 00
2o " of outing flannel 1 00
lo " of good bleached muslin 1 00
All other goods greatly reduced .
Special on Groceries
can sardines 5c
box 3 B Blacking 4c
doz clothes pina lc
1 21b can pork & beans lSc'fs lb3 Arbnckles 1
1 can- deviled ham
bottle Carters Ink ...:....4e
5pc Shirt waists at 25c, a lot of odd size waists woath 75q
and lsQO'for 50c each. This sale closes on July 30th. Bo
sure and get your share of the
me Kgpaior or low mm
JrCi. H -fli. Hzi
Te "Wlb-Ite ZE-ZIo-ULse
at One-Half Price.
We have them in colors at
white waists from 50c to $2.
Remnants in all color and materials. We are making a Clear
ance Sale of Remnants of Calicos., Percales, Lawns, Swisses, Challies4
Dimities, Shirtings, Muslins, etc.
20 per cent reduction on all Dimities, Challies and I,awns.
We carry a full line of W. B. Corsets Girdles, Summer weights
and Straight Fronts, 50c to Si. 50
Ladies' 2-clasp Suide Lisle Cloves in black, greys and white, 50a
F. Ia. MILLER'S Corvallis, Or. ,
Phone 191.
lbssi you see it in cur ad, it's scv
Oar mid-summer sale is now running in full blast t
Big bargains in allsummer gbods, liberal reductions allroand
....except Douglas and Walkover shoes, bull breeches, Mon
arch white shirts and overalls.
Big cut in men's, boys, and youth's summer shirts
Straw hats at less than cost.
Big stock of harvesting outfits just received.
' Our new fall stock will be in transit Aug 1st "it will
be a hummer."
Boys Clothing
$1 5o boys suits at $1 3
2 00 boys suits at 1 7c
z 5o boys suits at A 15
3 00 boys suits at... 2 5o -
3 5o boys suits at 2 So
These suits are of the Banner
Brand make of Chicago
Boys & Mens Sweaters
$ 5oc sweaters at $
00 sweaters at
5o sweaters at
00 sweaters at ,
5o sweaters at
In plain and fancy colors
Special on Groceries
1 can corned beef .15
1 lb waspe -cowder.
$1 00
12 lb box crackers 7oo
6 bars Savon soap 25e
25, is, 50,
2nd $1
CO Up tO g2.CQ