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Chase for
TJEE editorial rooms of th Daily
SBse-ucHi-rigs presented a scene of
setivTty, ". Men of brains and energy
contributed their best efforts to gain
fthe 'tamer of the public, and were amp
By rewauSeai by the encomiums passed
iwptra. She 'broad platform established
some 28 jnesrB. Vigorous and concise
were She summaries of volumes of sta
isiics, Te&u&ing them to a condensa
tion ihat -s rtically benefited the
'Two jyoung mem were holding a con
erssAiion In a remote corner where
"Sfe -jleffks -were not so thickly placed.
Qne wbs Sail and of a serious manner,
while .the other was a typical Bohe
mixn, careless, happy-go-lucky, art
"3sfic, -Jitever and a dare devil as to ad
wiortJOTe 3n assignments. He was dis-cussing-
the latest sensation, the re
jtportpd engage-Bent of a prominent so
ccla.1 woman to a titled grandee.'
"Si&e, all women are conquered by
he rgfiafcter of gold. It's a case of 'if
3fo --Ej&t got no money, you needn't
come jround. . . Grace Ward knows
"iiic9t 'aide her bread's buttered on,"
Jhe remarked io a contemptuous tone.
" "?Ton are .all wrong, Johnson," re
fcurnecTTilake, wincing under the oth
xenrU careless woTds. "Miss Ward was
Kportnnity -is like a diamond in the
'xnsgh-, it : is .5furned by man in its
"wudeJfctate," but-coveted when it illum
"uiaies the jeweled ates of Happiness
tamaGentent in the land of Successful
-iSttlainmen-t. Miss Ward appreciates
seftreiartnnity, and, furthermore, the no
bleman nas intellectuality ana man
lastowS uto.recommend him."
, ""Whtrce -did TMiss Ward live before
Shs rcame from Bangs Kettle, near
guadybank, Fife-hire, Scotland, when
... . . ... a l
aqaiM 3Mtmjr dui xne time me, uulu
xaon," anfl I must finish this," was the
pSer crS Blake., ;
""JiTi. Tight, Ned, I must be going,
ttoo. "5Qat last edition of yesterday
SackeS a. romance; I am going out to
land iane An the slums."
- -.XtbiSc Johnson nodded to the older
xman, QsHtttoned his ulster against the
-Tsririlsi blasts and stepped off, whist
ling fly "the latest popular air.
"Ons'.man hit in that quarter once,
73T IW5t??ve accounts for the precise
SknovJiedge of her former home. Well!
:a beauty and Lord Alfred will
-.n n n iisa I r sit,, m rrrl'1t
ifigtBPe-head for his household." That's
IhSly fair' to the lady but the way
Uie iear Four Hundred tighten their
ggx&sp upon a poverty-stricken noble
ttmii with a bedimmed title reminds
xnie Jf nothing more than the Laocoon.
2T declare, young, innocemt girls are
'-riralne'd, taught to this exchange of
vHreir (!h'aTmitr youth for the palsied
hasid of age, and its attendant serpen
tine okmIs of a title, a decayed ruin of
s chateau or castle, and they submit
KS"tenderly. It is beyond me, for these
3pnaud, fearless American girls endure
tortures known only to themselves."
"Thus ran the thoughts of Johnson
:sas he marched along the thoroughfare,
Siit Jbe was no nearer to solving the
. MnystFry tliah before. Meanwhile Ned
ZSBiafee was not so mindful of "copy"
ias Si a 3 intimated to Johnson. Mem
flry &ra3 reminded him of the days
"iwren 'flie letters of Grace Ward had
Sficrwn to him like a flock of tiny blue
JSraUs "breathing love and affection and
iatappy future. Now all was changed.
JA. .miaHaarstaDdiiig; coldness, silence,
Jibe :tb3vent of Lord Alfred Bruce, im-
3ojsr(aTrities oi incsas ana tne en
gagsment. "ohnon is a bright, breesy fellow,"
sreflf eted Blake, as he leaned his weary
"? J - - i. 11 1 '- -- At a 1
,irau .aamsi cue cnair, ana as snarp
steel trap. He would make an
excellent correspondent of an explor
ing expedition, as he enjoys adventure.
Til speak to Henderson about him.
3He is too contemptuous of the follies
-and foibles of humanity to suc
cee4 here. He spoils a good story
Tbj fcaving a sympathetic or antagon
istic i3iord relative to it. By Jove! I
-must get out of here and have some
sail iand quiet." -
Blake had been working at a terrible
ace for monrths and he was even now
-straining every nerve to accomplish
anore than was expected of him,
through the feverish restless striving
2ram thoughts of himself. Work was
?the panacea.. What mattered it if he
-did lie awake night after night con
twjlons of gradual loss of strength for
Tthe day's labor, if at the close of the
conflict for sleep he fell into a com--atosa
state, neither awake nor sleep
ring, wherein a delicious, restful lan--Tior
predominated, granting him float--3n
visions of the woman he loved.
Upon his brow he felt the gentle
"OTich of her cool fingers; he heard her
ramurmur words of pity and tenderness,
3ui low, sweet tones, and for a few mo
jjasnt his soul seemed to leave the
Tbody and float with hers, as did Fran-
-cceaca and Paola, through pace.
&i -was worth the" hard grind of the
nwesrisom day to welcome, night, the
old -struggle and once more this de
.'licious -and .dreamy languor. ' Surely
-n.-.j:.. l ,j . .
. x a i nv, i c uuuiu xyvLiLvi u u more ex
- juiite sention thiw -was griuntea
. Jjlsa in this hertir t he early dawn. As
" the 'sun's rays hashed through the
-room and the discordant sounds of
early trafflc broke rudely on this rev
xie, he arose unrefreshed, depressed
in BpiritJS, feverishly anxious to take
-sap the dutie of the day. '
With a sigh of relief, Ned Blake,
managing editor, pushed, the ' copy
Jrom him, arranged his desk, locked it
carefully, summoned a boy and deliv
arcd certain instructions.. H left the-
room and in a few moments was on
the street where the Lgiits ;Tanced and
flickered like will o the wtsps under
the influence of a raw, east wind.
On the way to Checkering hall, Blake
encountered a crowd. On inquiry he
learned of a collision bet'.ve fnfte cable
and a private carriage, End from that
description his heart knew that it was
Grace Ward who was injured. He
beckoned a passing hansom and drove
to her home, regardless of all except
that he loved her more dearly than
ever. '
At last he saw her, pale and wan, but
was he dreaming? a delicate blusl
mantled her cheek as she held out her
hands to him.
"My darling my darling! I thought
I had lost you!" he murmured, as he
fell on his knees at her side.
"No, Ned, it was a narrow escape.
Fortunately, Lord Alfred was driving
near and he averted the most serious
consequences," she replied, nervously.
"Lord Alfred! Grace, is he ever to
be near you?" the agitated lover ejac
ulated, while the color flashed into his
pale face.
"Ned!" .-
That wa all, but tha too of re
proach cut him like a whip.
"My darling; girl, it: i, rumored
everywhere that you are engaged to
marry him, but I could not believe it.
You would not sell yourself for a title
and the paltry gold he controls?" he
asked in a bitter tone.
"Ned! you are unjust to me now as
always. Lord Alfred has been very
kind, he is a connection of my family
and he is arranging to restore certain
estates to me that have been in liti
gation for years. Indeed, Ned, I fear
you will be shocked to hear that I am
Lady Grace Ward instead of - Oh,
Ned! don't look so horror-stricken,"
she added, roguishly. "It is a small af
fair, anyway. The title goes with the
"Where are the estates, may I ask?"
he freezingly inquired.
"In Fifeshire, Scotland, you know
my birth-place. You are not angry
with me because of this stroke ot good
fortune, are you SEedr" -She looked
at iiizn -keenly -M if to read his soul.
"Oh, no, I congratulate yon, but it
seems all a dream. Naturally you wtH
go abroad and look after your affairs.
In that case, you are free in any case,
I may say, as I have no desire to hold
you to-" -.
"Ned! Ned!" the girl interrupted
him, in a beseeching tone, but his un
reasonable overtaxed system refused
to recognise it.
"I am no fortune-hunter, Grace, but
your opportunities are greater, and
you must marry befitting your sta
tion." ;
"Ned Blake! I am ashamed of you
an American gentleman discussing
station and caste in this age and in
this country That is as absurd as
your unreasonable jealousy over Lord
Alfred. He is not young more like
a father to me, but you assumed that
I was like most of the women, dazzled
by gold and Bplendor. There are some
exceptions, Ned Blake,"retorted the
new thoroughly angered girl. "You
men credit us with intelligence, and at
the slightest deviation from the lice
of your interpretatldft of J, from
your point of view lo! we are not an
gelic, seraphic, but individual.. Dear
me! Why are you all so illogical? We
have been waiting for certain condi
tions to prevail that we may marry.
Poverty was our bug-bear; you have
been half-killing yourself to swell
your bank account to respectable pro
portions, as you term it, that we may
not be followed by that silent subtle
serpent of life that stealthily follows
from place to place, seeking to poison
one in some vital spot that bug-bear
poverty. Now we or I at least" she
hastily corrected herself "have a suf
ficiency. Fortune or fate brings us
together once more, and when I have
the pleasure of telling you of our my
good fortune, you talk of 'station.' "
During this impetuous speech, Blake
had time to think that he was not quite
the hero of this little tragedy; the
heroine had the middle of the stage.
"Grace, I beg your pardon," said he,
gently. "True, true, every w.rd you
say, but there is a sequel. I have been
successful the mines have panned
out well, and those stocks have gone
whirling up, scattering dividends like
snowflakes, and I have been longing to
some . to you and tell you of it. You
must confess that when Mme. Grundy
asserts that one of Beauty's daughters
is to make a sacrifice to Croesus or the
nobility that is the same thing a
poor devil of a newspaper man feels
his chances are nil."
"The newspaper man is supposed to
be possessed of average intelligence, I
have always understood." Grace said
this in a bitter manner, her indigna
tion being still great. ' , -
"Certainly, but in this chase for
millions, the spirit of the age, the man
with the greatest number carries off
the prize. But, forgive .me, and take
me back to your loving little heart.
Thank Heaven for the accident and no
serious results except to my heart. In
Four good Scotch a man's a man for
' that, a that,' dear, and we will
let by-gones be by-gones."
He drew her to him in a quick em
race, and as she hid her flushing face
ji his coat, she whispered:
"How about the settlement of the
estates, Ned?"
"We will start at once. Henderson
rave me leave of absence for a year.
am pretty muoh run down, as you
"Poor fceyt"
,So'w waHseiaiTiat one"
"Oh, no! wry troassanl"
"Hang the trousseau! we can get it
on the other side." '
"How imperious we are, all of a ud
den." . - . ' -
"A slave is never imperious to his
queen, my darling." Radford Be
riew. The average yearly damage to
French crops by hail is 1,480,00ft '
lies. I wrete more than 2oo letters
to Australia alone, aad have writ
ten ;o Bombay atd very East
Indian city of any size.
"I truly believe that I have reach
ed every pait of the habita die globe,
but I have been unable to find my
boy.".'-' ';
A Few More Bargains in Farms It Sqld
Soon. -
No 151 9oo acres, I5O in cultivation,
50 acres in the bottom, 2 acres in clover,
2 fair houses, 2 barns, good family or
chard, 3o0 acres open land, the balance
timber and pasture, all fenced, 50 head
cattle, 1 Hereford bull, '7 head horses.
15o head sheep, all ewes, 100 head Logs,
all the grain, 50 tons of bay, ail farm im
plements, 1 binder, 1 mower. 1 hay rake
and fork, 1 4-horse wagon, 1 2-horse
wagon, 1 2 seated hack, 1 gang plough,
1 4-horse steel harrow, 1 new Hoosier
seeder, i2 miles from a good town, 4
miles from railroad depot, 2 miles from
R R siding, this ia a spendid bargain at
No 152 63o acres, 200 in cultivation
a good residence, furnished, 2 barns,
good orchard, balance pasture and tim
ber, all fenced, creek runs through the
farm, 4o head cattle, 180 head of sheep,
15 bead hogs' 5 bead horses, 2 wagons,
chickens, 4 horse harrow, 1 v seeder, 3o
tons bay, harness, etc, all goes for
$8,5oo, this joins No 151 '
No 132 100 acres, 40 in cultivation,
fair house and barn, good fruit and
water, good timber and - pasture, creek
runs through the farm, price $1500, 2
miles from town.
Real Estate A ent. Philomath, Or.
ffl8 fae
linil Sgsatnre,
Timbar Land Act Jane 3 1878 Notice
For Publication.
united States Land Office .
Oregon City. Or., Feb 14, 1902.
Notice la hereby Iven that In compliance with
the provisions xSt "the -act o cons res of June 3,
3878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber
tends in the stB ls of 'lltoTutai, Qfegon, Neva
tin and Washington Territory." s extended to
all the Public Land States by act of August 4,
1892. Nellie Robinson of Falls City. county of
Folk, state of Oregon, has this day filed in
this office his sworn statement No S647 for the
purchase of the N EX, of section No Uin town
ship No 13 S, range No 1. W, and will of
fer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to said land before the Register
and Receiver of this office at Oregon City, Ore
gon on Tuesday the 6th day of May, 1902.
He names as witnesses; Freeman W Robin
son, Falls Cliy, Oregon, M G Elynn, Philomath,
Oregon; John W Hyde of Philomath, Oregon;
Ernest Carey, Philomath. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversley the
above described lands are reque-ted to rile
their claims lu this office on or before said 6th
of May, 1902.
Bears the
The Kind You Han Always
Notice lor Publiea'.ion,
United States Land Office, Oregon Ci y, Oregon,
February 19, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act ot Coagress of lune 3,
1S7S, tntilled "An act for the sterol timber lands
In the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Teriitory," as extended to all the
Public Land States by act of August 4, 1S92, Wil
son Scott, of Philomath, county of Benton, state
of Oregon, has this day filed in this offi?e his
sworn statement. No. 66C6, for the purchase of
:of 8 W and S of S E of section
1 township No. 12 S, range 1 W, and will of-
24. in
fer proof to show that the laud sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than tor agricul
tural purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of this
office at Oregon City, Oregon, on
Tuesday, the 13th day of May 1902,
He names as witnesses:
William E Gilbert, of Philomath, Oregon, .
Samuel S Ewing, " "
Walter H Newton,
Jno. a Heiikle, of Portland, "
Anv and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to flle their
claims In tnU office on or before said 13th day of
May, 1902.
In the Circuit Oourt of the State of Oregon for
Benton County. '
Ethel M, May, Plaintiff, .
Arba P. May, Defendant.
To Arba P. May, the above named defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint oi the Plaintiff in the
above entitled suit in the above entitled court
now on file in the office ot the Clerk of said
court on or before the last day of the time pre
scribed in the ordei for publication of this sum
mons made by the County Judge of Benton
county, State of Oregon, (being the county
where the above entitled suit is pending in the
Circuit Court of said county and State) which
said order is hereinafter referred to, to-wit; on
or before six weeks from the day of first publica
tion hereof and you are hereby Juotifled that if
vou fail so to appear and answer the said com
plaint as herein required, lor want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the above entitled ccurt
for the relief demanded in bis said complaint,
namely, for a decree of divorce from the s id de
fendant forever dissolving the marriage contract
existing between the plaintiff and said defend
ant; that plaintiff's name be changed to tha of
Ethel May Strieker; and that plaintiff recover
and have her costs and disbursements of this
suit, from defendant; and for such further and
different relief as to the court may Teem proper.
This summons is published in the Corvallis
Times ouce a week for six successive and con
secutive week3, beginning with the issue of Feb
ruary 8, 1902. and ending with the issue of March
22, 1902, under and in pursuance of the direc
tions contained In an order made by the Hon. E,
Woodward, County Judge' of Benton county,
Oregon, (being the county where the above en
titldd suit is pending in the above entitled cir
cuit court) dated February 7, 1902. Date of first
publication hereof is February 8, 1902.
E: E: Wilson,
; , . Attorney for Plaintiff:
In the circuit court of the State of Oregon for
Benton county.
Lucinda Evans, plaintiff.
-vs. . .
M. G . Evans, defendent.
To M. G. Evans, the defendent above named:
YOU ate hereby summoned and required to ap
pear in the above entitled Court: at the Court
room thereof in the City of CorvaUis Benton
County, Oregon on or before Monday h Sttb,
day otMMOhTB02:it fcMBg he wt 4ay itfee
sect tegular term bf tbe ald KStnax, Mtti tewn
flultitiffn 3a!iHlalnt sow -on file tn tin is
-Suit, and if you tail so to pnear aad hswW Jot
"Want thereoi tne riaizmu win ppiy iovtoi
tor the relief prayed for in her Complaint: To
wit: For a decree annulling the marriage con
tract now existing between the Plaintiff and De
fendant, and decreeing her the care and custo
dy of Earl, 'Ada and Beta Evans, cfcihiren of
said parties;' and tor her costs and disburse
ments in said suit.
This summons is "published by ordet of the
Hon. E. Woodward.'Judge of the couniy court of
the State ot Oregon tor Benton county, made on
this 7th day of February. 1902. To be published
for six successive weeks and the date of the first
publication thereof shall be February 8th,
W. rt. McFadden & J. N. McFaddea,
, Attorneys tor plaintiff.
for Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
me Do not Cioe
to as high a standawasour desire" ould pro mot
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ies that is the r
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buy ;
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run our delivery wagon and our aim is
to keep what you want and to
please. Call and see
B Borning
, . by our new invention. Only those born deaf are incurable.
Baltimore, Md., March 30, 1901.
- Gentlemen .- Being entirely cured of deafness, thanks to your treatment, I will now give TOO
a full history of my case, to be used at your discretion.
About five years ago my right ear began to sing, and this kept on getting worse, until I lost
my hearing in this ear entirely.
1 underwent a treatment for catarrh, for three months, without any success, consulted a num
ber of physicians, among others, the most eminent ear specialist of this city, who told me that
only an operation could help me, and even that only temporarily, that the head noises would
then cease, but the hearing in the affected ear would be lost forever.
I then saw your advertisement accidentally in a New York paper, and ordered your treat
ment. After I had used it only a few days according to your directions, the noises ceased, and
to-day; after five weeks, my hearing in the diseased ear has been entirely restored. I thank yoa ,
heartily and beg to remain Very truly yours,
F. A. WERMAN, 730 S. Broadway, Baltimore; Md.
Our treatment does not interfere with your usual occupation.
To secure a Good Home, Splendid Stock
Ranch, or Perfect Summer Grazing- Landa at
Nominal Prices.
The Coast Land and Livestock Co, having
purchased 10,000 acres of the 'Corvallis and Yaquina Bay
wagon road lands, known as "The Coe Lands," have now
placed them on the market. These are unimproved lands,
and are situated in Benton and Lincoln Counties, along the
line of the Corvallis & Eastern R. R. in the best grazing and
fruit raising section of western Oregon. Perfect titles, easy
terms, prices $1 to 3 per acre. , M. M. DAVIS, Agt,
CorvaUis, Oregon,
Notice for Pablication.
United States Land Office, Oregon City, Oregon,
February 17, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of congress of June 3,
lfc78, entitled "An act for the sale ot timber lands
in the states oi California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory-," as extended to all the
f nbllciand Statps byaet of August 4, IBM, Alr
vte Kobiosou, lit ffcHs-ORy, onaty of Polk, state
f eon, lta this Say ed In this office bis
sWtttnvtfttement nk, ssee, for the purchase of
the S fi W oi ectron is o M, tnJtbBship No. 13
8,aBgNo. 7 W, aad Will offer proof to show
that the land sought is mote valuable tor its
timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before
the Register and Receiver ot this office at Ore
gon City, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 6th day of
May, 1902. He names as witnesses: - '
E Carey, ot Philomath, Oregon,
IohnWHyde, of " "
F W Robinson, of Falls City" " i
AN Robinson, " -
" AT;.and all persons claim Id g adversely the
above described lands are requested to file thel?
clalma in this office en or before said 6tb day of
May, 1902. CHAS. B. MOORES.
Kotice for Publication. .
United States Land Office, Oregon City, Oregon,
February 17, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of congress of June 3,
1878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber
lands in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Territory," as extended to all
Public Land States by act of August 4, 1892,
Joseph F-. Whitejof Portland, county of MuHno
man, state of Oregon, has this day filed in this
office Ws"sworn statement No. S654, for the par
chase of the 8 E X of section No 12, in township
No. 13 S, range No. 1 W, ana will offer orooi to
show that the land sought is more valuable for
its timber or stone than for agriculture! purpos
es, and to establish his claim to said land belore
the Register and Receiver of this office at Ore.
gon City, on Tuesday, the 6th day of May, 1902.
He names as witnesses:
John W.Hyde, of Philomath,! Oregon,
F M Spencer of " , , "
M G Flynn, of - -
Freeman W Robinson, of FallsjCity.
Any and all persons claiming' adversely the
above described lands are requested to flle their
claims in this office on or before said 6th day oi
May, 1902. CHAS. B . MOORES,
. Register.
The First National Bank
. . ESTABLISHED 1890. '
M. S. WOODCOCK, President.
C E. MOOR, Vice-President. . .
GEO. E. LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially
to encourage and build up the legitimate bus
Cess enterprises and industries of this country.
Deposits . 1
Received subject to check payable on demand
" Foreign Exchange
Sight exchange and transfers sold available in
th principal cities of England. Ireland, Switzer
land, France, Belgium. Holland, Norway, Swed.
en, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ger
many, Austria.
Letters of Credit
Issued available in the principal cities oi -the
United States.
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom Wt
Sell Sight Exchange ;
The Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
The First National Bask of Portland, Oregon. '
The Bank of Califoraia, San Francisco, Calif.
nglo-Cahforuian hank, Sua Francisco, Calii. (3
The National City Bank New York..
The Bank of New York National Banking Ass'n.
importers & Trader's Nat-ona: Bans, New York
-hoe and Leather Nationo tjak of Boston. Mass.
shi?pr?'.; --.- - . " vv- "ielphia. Ps
SJa.a,sta, ZSouLte.
Train leaves CorvaUis tor Portland and way
stations 1:20 p. u,
Lv Portland 8:30 A.M. 8:30 P.M.
Lv Albany. 12:30 P, M. 11:85 a. K.
Ar Ashland 12:55 A. M. 12:35 A. M.
" Sacramento 6:10 P.M. 5:00 A, M.
' San Francisco P. M. 6:45 A. M.
At Ogden 4:65 a, K. 7:00 A. K.
" Eteaver 9:30 A. X. 9:15 P. M.
" Kansas OKy 1:V A. M, 7:25 A. BE.
" Chicago 7:42 A.M. 8:30 P.M.
Ar Los Angeles 2:00 P, M. 8:05 A. M,
' El Paso. 6 .00 P. M. 6:00 P, M.
" Fort Worth 6:30 A.M. 6:30 a.m.
City ot Mexico 11:30 A. M. 11:30 a. m.
- Houston 7:00 A.M. 7:00 A. M.
" Naw Orleans 6 30 p. m. 6 30 P. m.
' Washington 6:t2A.M. 6:42; a. M.
' New Xork ... 12:10 P. M. 12:10 P. U.
Pullman and Tourist cars on both trains. Cha
la cars Sacramento to Ogden and 1 Paso, and
tourist cars to Chicego, St Louis, New Orleans
and Washington. .
Connecting at San Francisco with the several
teamship lines for Honolulu, Japan, China,
hillpplnes, Central and South America.
J. E. FARMER Agent
Corvallis, Oregon, or address B. R. Milub
l.A.ltitl tx.titgcn
, At Occident! Hotel.
H;iry .luilar, ihi real ejtats
u; o: aiiojuih, will b2 ia Ck
nils &7ity SiturJiy. Parties
lshmg to sea mm can disj by
ailing at the Occidental hotel be
ween the hours of eleven and
Bean the
The Kind You Hare Always Pouga
Corvallis & Eastern R Co
Cime gard.
2 - For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:50 p. m
" Corvallis 1 30 p. m
" arrives Yaquina 6:45 p. m
t Eeturning:
Leaves Yaquina........... 6:00 a. m
Leaves Corvallis". 11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany .12:15 p. tn
3 For Detroit:
Leaves Albany... 7:00 a. m
Arrives Detroit ...12:15 p. m
4 from Detroit:
Leaves Detroit 1245 p. tn
Arrives Albany 5:40 p. m
Trains 1 and 4 arrive in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north
bound train for Portland.
Train 2 connects with the S P west side
train at Corvallis Crossing for Independ
ence, McMinnville and all points north
to Portland, - -
Edwin Stone,
H. H. Cronise Manager
Agent Corvallis.
Mr. Whetler Got R'd ot His Rheum
.. " atism.
"DuriDg the winter of 1898 I was
bo lame ia my joints, ia fact all
ever my body, that I could hardly
hobble around, when I bought a
bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
From the first application I began
to get well, and was cured and have
worked steadily all the year. R.
Wheeler, Northwood, N. Y, For
Sale by Graham & Wells. .
V ..,.,,. .... - :i
irbr TStomafili TrotiWes. .
- "I have taken a great many dif
ferent medicines for stomach troub
le'and constipation," eays Mrs. S.
Geiger of DdBkerton, Iowa, ."but
never had as good results from any.
as from Chamberlain's . Stomach &
Liver Tablets. For sale by Graham i
& Welle. . .--""