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Sam Dolan of Albany, was the
guest of friends Wednesday.
Charles Elgin arrived by boat
Thursday morning for a visit.
Regular meeting of the Coffee
Club next Monday afternoon at 2:30
o ciock. - ;
Miss Anna Samuels arrived yes
terday, and is the guest of Mrs L F
- The furniture establishment of
Ford & Laws Is to be removed to
G W Smith, who arrived recently
from Kansas wants to buy a 40-acre
farm near Corvallis. -
I" M McElfresL arrived from Sa
lem by boat Thursday morning for a
brief vltit. -
Miss Lulu Thornton, formerly of
Corvallis, is at the home of her sister
near Stockton, California.
, Mrs L L; Porter arrived from
Oregon City by this morning's boat,
and is a guest at the Spangler home.
The College T M OA will have
an interesting service tomorrow af
ternoon. LM Boozer will speak to
young men.
. , William Ore es has been appolnt-
ed an appraiser in the estate of S A
Hemphill, deceased, vice J M Camer-
. on, removed. -
E R Bryson and Mrs Mary Bry-
eon arrived . Thursday morning 'from
Eugene, where they were guests at
the Bryson-Uriffln wedding,
Austin Skaggs filed with the
county clerk Thursday a homestead
entry on a quarter section of land
about four miles north of Summit. --
Rev Hiram Gould left yesterday
after a day's visit with relatives. He
is now pastor of the Methodist church
at Newberg, serving bis second year,
RevLM Boozer will conduct
services in the United . Evangelical
. church tomorrow morning and even
ing. Sunday school and C E at the
usual hours,
Salem Journal Ed Hutchens re
turned Monday evening to hie home
at Corval'is, but has not . entirely re
covered from his recent surgical op-
- eration at the Salem Hospital,
Luke Thornton, who used to live
-- in Corvallis, fell recently while work
ing in. the woolen mill at Oregon City
and broke bis knee cap. The Injury
is painful and slow of recovery. It
may result in permanent lameness. '
- A number of Woodmen of ' the
World left yesterday afternoon to at
tend a function given by the lodge at
Philomath last ni-'ht. Among others
jsas Prof Lake, who delivered an ad
drees. Col Frank Parker was In town
Thursday, en-oute to his E'k City
ranch. He wants to lease a part of
the place to some man, who will do
slashing for the rental. By applica
tion to Morgan & Elgin, terms can be
secured. -
Reports have been eurrent that
Ernest Avery bad smallpox. He is
employed in the telephone office. The
-force has been kept busy most of the
time answering inquiries about him.
Most of those who didn't telephone
came down in person to ascertain.
The boy coughed the other day, and
' that is the source of the reports.
Real estate transfers " filed Tor
record are, E B Penland to G H Ho
inan, 25 acres near Albanj, 82000;
Coast Land & Livestock Company to
I H Jackson, 14 acres - near Wren,
$69 75; M J Wells and husband to
Lucy J Yates, E W Hadley residence,
property, $3000; School District num-
ber 17 to W T Wyatt, . one lot in Phi
lomath, $200; Oregon - Agricultural
company, limited, to O F Butler, 40
acres near Blodgett, $100; C H Lee
to TilHe Reed, block II, Jobs addition
to Corvallis, $300.
Salem Journal A petition has
been presented to Governor Geer for
the pardon of E D Horner now serv
ing a six years' sentence in the peni
tentiary for forging a promissory note
on Marcn istn, 1899. He was sen-1
tenced from Lane county.1 The pe
tition is signed by his father, E R
Horner, H K Hines, A N Fisher, edit
or of the Pacific Christian Advocate,
and many other prominent Lane
county citizens and presented by Hon
J F Caples, ex-minister to Chili.
Twenty guests. Including music
pupils and others, were entertained at
the home of . Miss Mary Cauthorn
Wednesday evening. Besides parlor
games, there was a musical program
as follows:, vocal solo, Helen Stelwer
piano solo. Miss Flnley; piano solo,
Miss fDanneman; - piano; duet. Miss
Davis and Miss .Cauthorn; baritone
solo, Harold. Martin; piano solo, Miss
Herron; mandolin solo, - Mrs Fred
Buchanan; piano solo, Miss Cameron;
In games, Miss Bessie Danneman won
. first, and Miss Flnley : second prizes,
- The evening was , concluded with a
lunch, ,.-..; .
The 50th. birthday of Samuel
Rune-was: celebrated at - the family
home-two mil es' southwest of Corval
lis Tuesday? evening. . A large gatn-?
. erlng of frlecgs was present, and the
, evenlng.was .spent in ; various amuse
ments and .the discussion of a bounti
ful lunch. Those ' present ; were, Dr
and Mrs Cathey, Mr and Mrs Black
Ledge, Mr.and Mrs Swan, Mr And Mrs
Schmidt, Mr and Mrs Farmer, Mr and
Mrs Bell, Mr and Mfs Philips, Mrs
James1 Hayes," Rev Eoore, Misses
Groshong. McFarland, Starr, Weldon,
. Starr, Alderson, Starr Sanderson,
" ; Hartley, Kester, and Messrs Colbert,
-: Wilkinson and HayeB.
Ed Crawford of8alem arrived
yesterday for 'a brief r vialt 7 with bis
parents. - X
Miss Elsie Locke arrived yester
day from her. home near Albany, and
is the guest for a week of Misa Julia
. Mrs Mary Barclay . is to arrive
next week from a visit of several
months with her daughter, Mfs W T
Hewitt at Stockton, California.
Two or three heavy wheat sales
occurred yesterday, Among others
reported, was one by - James , Herron
of 3,000 bushels. The figure was not
given out.
James C Taylor ' has filed his In
ventory as executor of the estate of
Leona McNulty. The estate com
prises real property $650; personal
$337; total, $987.. x. ,.? u . -: ;
About twenty, five- young pepple
were entertained v Thursday evening
by Miss Rose Chlpman In honor of
Her cousins. Misses Grace and Mabel
Simpson of Portland.. .
The revival meetings at the M M
church are to continue over Sunday.
Rev Smith is - to .... be assisted next
week by Rev L O Smith of " Dallas.
All are cordially invited to attend.'
Services at the Methodist Episco
pal church tomorrow, r The pastor,
Frank L Moore, occupying the pulpit.
Subject at 11 a m, "Isaalh's Call and
Consecration;" at 7:30 pm, "Environ
ments." Strangers welcome.
Albany Democrat: . Albany has
two citizaDs ninety years or more of
age. Pat Brennen leads at 93, al
most 91, his birthday being the 18th
of next month, with A W Gordon next
Mr Gordon's 99th birthday being last
week, - -
-Levi Oren and Miss Ella Johnson
and ber sister, Mrs J E Nichols, left
Thursday for Kansas City, Missouri.
With them was Archie Johnson, who
is being taken to a mind specialist
from whom a cure Is hoped for, The
specialist guarantees a cure or no pay.
Young Rooney Do you think
two can live as cheaple - as one? Old
Cassldy What's th' Idea? Young
Rooney Oi was finking av getting
married. Old Cassidy And what's
"two" got to do with it you f ule?
Ye should flgger on eight or ten me
An operation for the removal of a
portion if a finger was performed on
Mrs Willis VIdlto Tuesday evening.
A felon that appeared near the end of
the forefinger on the right hand des
troyed a portion of the bone, which
had to be taken away. The removal
was made at the joint, .
-Stonelaylng is in process on Agri
cultural ball; The south wall has
been completed up to tne bottom of
the first windows a belgbtb of about
four feet'. Considerable work has al
so . been done on one of the side walls.
A force of fifteen or twenty men is
engaged, five or six of them i in stone
laying. . - . 1 .-.- ... -
-A report" was In circulation on the
streets yesterday- morning, to the ef
fect that two people bad died in Al
bany, of T smallpox. Telephonic in
quiry developed the fact that the
story "was entirely' groundless, A sure
way now to start a sensation is to
label any story ''smallpox" and set it
going. It will be sure to travel. The
best way is to believe nothing on the
subject until proofs are produced.
The Knights of Pythias made the
trip to Albany and return Wednesday
night. They went by the steamer
Leona, arriving home . two or three
hours after midnight. At Albany
they joined with other knights in cele
brating the 37th anniveisary of the
order. At an open meeting, J F Yates
and G W Denman made speeches and
at the banquet Robert Johnson and
others - broke records. The trip
was madehome in an hour and a half,
The . children of the primary
grade of the public school are to go
on an excursion up - the Willamette
this morning. -They will be accom
panied by their teacher, Miss Currin.
and will go via the steamer Leona.
The boat is going, to Flnley 'a ware-
bouse and the captain has kindly In
vited the school 'children to be his
guests for the trip. - The Leona is to
leave the O R"& N dock about 9;30,
and will arrive on the return trip
some time duriDg the afternoon,
The steamer Ruth left Portland
for Corvallis yesterday morning, The
trip is the first the boat has made
since she was hauled off the snag at
Corvallis and taken to Portland,
That was on the 7th of January,. She
has been put through a thorough
course of repairs, and Is now in fine
condition for service. Among -other
improvements is the f net that in the
changes made she is of considerable
lighter draught than formerly, The
repairs and the. work of getting the
Ruth .off the snag at Corvallis are es
timated to have cost $12,000 or $15,
000. The original cost of the boat
was $35,000. ....
Chickens Wanted.
Highest price paid for healthy young
bens" and pullets. ' Deliver at my home
two miles west of Corvallis, or at B
Horning's store. "
Samuel Bane.
At Cost.
Mr Ford of the firm of Ford & I,aws
has just returned from Portland where
he bought out the firm of J T Wilson,
auctioneers which city they will move
at once, closing out . their goods here at
cost, -
Their First Trial Meet Again Next
; Weeli-The Choral Singers.
The first ' practice by local sing
ers for the May. Festival occurred
in the college chapel NTuesday ev
ening: Ninety seven singers were
present. After preliminary testing
of voices to determine which part
singers should join, a few simple
choruses brought the voices togeth
er. . There was plenty of , tone,
plenty of will, and . volume and
power showed better with every
fresh trial. .
After that, the first four choruses
of the "Messiah'' were undertaken.
After many efforts at each passage,
more or less successful, confidence
wasT gradually established between
conductor i; chorus and accompanist,
and before the evening ended, each
ofjthe four 'jj choruses was sung
thr ough without stoppage or break,
a great result from an ; inexperienc
ed choir. -
Next Tuesday evening, ; practice
will again take place in the college
chapel at 7:30. After a short time
it is hoped to avail of the kindness
of the council and firemen to hold
practices in the city hall. Mr Nash
said Wednesday that it is plain
that there is ample material for a
splendid ' Festival : chorus, well
worthy of the great occasion prom
ised. A thing now essential is for
every one who expects to join the
chorus to do so at once.
After all, the long delay in '.tie
arrival of the books is not without
its compensation. By reason of
the fact that they came by freight,
instead of express, the cost of the
set of three is reduced to a dollar,
which is a remarkably low figure.
Every singer should secure a set
at once. They can be procured
from Prof. John Fulton, secretary
of the union.
The Spell is on, by Day and by Night
Local Theatrical People.
There are several persons in
town now m attention thorough
ly engrossed with things theatric
al. The quick nerveful start and
deep gutteral accents of the" double
villian, or the wild . laughter of the
lunatic, .in their forgetfulness they
sometimes manifest in the common,
every day affairs of life. - By : - day
and by night, in several well
known homes the spell .works and
more than one person . is said to
have been uncermoniously kicked
out of bed by this unconscious
working of the drama on the bedfellow-.
... . - . '- . ..
The condition is the result of
preparation for production of "The
Wife, to be presented at the Opera
house by local amateurs on Friday
evening, March 7th. The rehear
sals have beeu"in progress for more
than two weeks. The drill on the
various parts is proceeding regul
arly every day and the progress so
far, is most encouraging. The
play is said to be the best the lo
cal dramatic organization has ever
produced, nctevn excepting "My
Friend From India'
Cruel and Inhuman Treatment and
Non-Support are the Grounds.
Lucinda Evans . has sued her
husband, M G Evans, for divorce.
The complaint has - been filed with
the county clerk. It alleges that
Mr and Mrs Evans were married
in June 1893, and sets forth cruel
and inhuman treatment and non
support as the grounds for action.
-; The plaintiff has resided with her
mother since the early part of 1900,
during a portion of -which time de"
fendant has been studying medicine
in the East. There are three chil
dren. Plaintiff asks for the cus
tody of the children, for a dissolu
tion of the marriage bonds and for
costs and disbursements of the pro
ceeding. - -
Hair Dresser. - "
Mrs C A Spaulding from the East has
moved to Corvallis, and is prepared to do
all kinds of hair :- work. Combings
rooted and made as nice as cut hair.
Dying switches a specialty, I deal
with farmers and accept all kinds of
produce. Corner of 7th & Jefferson
streets near Episcopal church.
Osteopathic Physician
If you are in any way afflicted with
rheumatism, catarrh, constipation, heart
stomach, liver, kidney, or iemale trouble
call and see me at my office on South
Main street Consultation and exam-
.ntaionfree. 'Phone 23s,
For Sale.
A fine residence nrorertv. located on
the corner of 3rd & Monroe streets in
Cervallis. Three , residences, lot 100 x
lOO feet, This is a fine location and near
the business center of the city. V--"
Mrs J Mason .
"v-... Corvallis, Oregon,
And What They Say Tax .Collections
and the Rebate Some Dislike the
Law. ' -
Of 84 persons who had paid tax
es up to noon Thursday, all but
two gathered in the rebate. The
two only paid half the amount of
their taxes, and : accordingly could
get nothing in the way of premium,
They will have, however, until the
first Monday in October to pay the
remainder. The amount of taxes
received by the sheriff up to noon
Thursday was over $3,000, an
amount unusually large in ; com
parison with the time the sheriff
has had the books. , -..t
" The indications now are that the
bulk of the tax money will be paid
in by March 15th, which is the last
day of the limit for getting the re
bate. Thursday Sheriff Burnett
in response to a request for it, sent
to Wade Malone at Alsea store, a
complete list of the tax payers in
Alsea." It is presumed from the
request that the taxpayers of that
realm are making arrangements to
pay in time to Claim the premium.
The sheriff has also received from
the Southern Pacific, the Oregon
& California, and the Corvallis &
Eastern railroads, requests for ex
act ; information concerning the
amount of each company's taxes,
The letters say it is the, intention
to pay the tax in time to get the
draw down. . ' .
More than one taxpayer .registers
a kick at the law as he stands at
the counter inquiring the amount
of his taxes. '- One said Thursday
that it was a fine thing for the
moneyed men but that it fell other
wise on some of the other class.
Every farmer cannot, at this season
of the year, he said, gather togeth
er enough money to pay his taxes.
If he cannot, he gets no rebate.
If he carinot pay any of it, until
after the first Monday in April,
then he has a penalty to pay, be
sides interest. The tendency, - he
concluded is to shift the burden of
taxes to those least able to bear it.
On Prairie Mountain Provisions
There but no Tenant Where is he?
People in that section speculate
some over facts surrounding a lone
ly cabin that stands on Prairie
Mountain in the southwestern por
tion of Benton county. There are
thousands of acres of open land on
the top of Prairie Mountain. The
open land comprises two prairies
separated by a deep canon, one of
which is known as Belknap, and
the other as Woolridge prairies.
In Woolridge prairie 7 stands the
cabin in question. It is ten or
fifteen miles to the home of. the
nearest settler. - It is reached by a
trail from Inman's mill. Inside
the cabin now are sugar, coffee,
flour and other provisions sufficient
to last a man weeks or months,
besides blankets and other conven
iences for human comfort. On the
door is the legend, "Go in- and
make yourself at home."
: There is no tenant in this cabin.
A man went in .there last Novemb
er. He took along the provisions
A German near Inman's mill saw
him go in, but never saw him come
out. Several parties have recently
been at the cabin, and all they have
found is a solemn stillness, the
legend and the provisions described
above. '
Nobody knows what became of
the man. It is supposed that he
came from Eugene, and is it deemed
possible that he has returned there
or gone elsewhere. borne believ
ed that he went in there to. locate
timber or on some other errand of the
sort, and that having completed his
work, he has gone away, leaving
his provisions to whomsoever may
carry . them off. Whether it is
thisr that is the explanation, or that
something has befallen the strang
er, is a riddle that the future per
haps may unravel. .
Arrived Cbis
Ladie's Fine Shoes
Wash Dress Fabrics
Silk Organdies
Wool Dress Goods :
Silks, Satins & Velvets
Men's Furnishings -New
arrivals semi-weekly
During our Big January Sale and stock
taking we have accumulated a great many odds
and ends ot varous lines of goods"f which we
are going to close out
or 50 cents on the dollar.
..- I'
Dress Goods
Ladies Shoes
Capes and Jackets
This is truly a bargain counter. Come
and look them over. If there is anything you
can use price is no object to us. J
S. L. Klines, The White House.
Ittonday, February 24, 1902
Easting tftreuabfte entire week, ending Saturday march 1st.
Our stock is limited in the following lines. Better come early.
1 box magic yeaat.
1 box yeast foam
1 box li lb fig prune cereal.
1 box " po8tnm cereal....
4 papersjA.i& H.. soda... 24
2 papers A. B coffee............ 24
2 papers Lion coffee............ 24
2 lbs good. bulk coffee........... 21
25 lbs dried apples., r.... ....... 1 00
20 lbs dried prunes 30s. 1 00
The above is limited as we cant get any more of them this
season. When you see it in our ad, its so.
Our new Spring stock will be here this week.
F L. MILLER, Corvallis, Or. :
P. S. Great Bargains in our Ribbon Remnants. . .
Customers Wanted
To Buy Our Garden Seed .
Uaritfes of all Kinds
Rodes' Grocery.
at just Half Price
Lace Curtains
Outing flannels
6 bars Silk soap.. '2.
19 lbs D. G. Sugar.........'. 1 0O
1 2 lb can Atcatraz tomatoes C5--
1 . " " . our choice apricots 11
1 " " goldeu star peaches 124
1 3 " yellow Cra,wford " padd 23:
1 2i lb can standard tomatoes 0&
12" corn..... 09-
13 " Palo Alto peaches... 21
3 2 " Ruby peas........ , 24