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    Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton Countf,
One Tear............. $200
Six Months 1 00
Three Months 5
Single Copies " 5
- President Roosevelt, in the Schley
"appeal; has declared that Santiago
was a cabtain's battlei and that
neither Sampson nor Schley was in
command. If Sampson had been
in the fight instead of 10 miles a-
way, the question is, would Rooce
velthave decided otherwise than
that William Sampson was the rea
and only commander.
In every, battle on sea or land
since soldiers' were disciplined and
bad commanders, in case of death,
disablement or absence of thecom
raander-in-chief the next officer in
rank has always exercised command ,
' and in" such cases hereafter until
there are no more wars, he will so
continue to do. It is to fix author
itv and to determine the extent of
authority, and for no other purpose;
that rankB are established and that
one officer outranks another. The
one case in all history and in all
time in which this order will not
be true according to the official re
cord, is the battle of Santiago', at
which Winfield Scott Schley and
none other, was the officer of high
est rank and in absolute authority,
.to direct.
Fortunately for Sclhey, the court
of last resort in his case, is the sov
ereign people. From their decisi m
there is no appeal. Their ; verdict,
attested by their plaudits wherever
Schlev eoes, is clear and resonant
as the trumpet notes of Gabriel,
and all the Roosevelts and Longs
in creation cannot wipe it out.
-The Logging -Case The Kings Valley
People win for the Present. ;
Judge " " Hamilton has banded
down a decision in the. Kings "Val
ley logging case, tried at the last
term of courts He does not pass
on the constitutionality of the log
ger's law. " He holds that there is
no gronnd for Dunn, Frantz and
the other defendants to be enjoined,
because they have not so far done
anything to monopolize and exact
undue tollson theLuckiamute.
The Pacific Monthly.
The opening numbers of' the Pacific
Monthly for 1902 are '" fully up to the
promise of its publishers. The number
for February was especially interesting.
Its leading article, splendidly illustrated,
on the "Great Caves of Oregon," was
prepared by George M Weister. Two
articles following, each with illustrations
are, "Old Chief Seltice" by J Mayne
Baltimore, aud a poem, "Meditation",
by Mrs Lischen Miller. "At the . Con
fessional" a story . by WFG Thacher , a
'The Native Women of Alaska" by Mrs
Miller, and the ' Skylark of Oregon" a
poem by Andrew Franzen, completes the
contributors department- :
" The announcement that in the March
number that Captain Cleveland Rock
well will contribute an article on "The
Great Columbia Basin" and articles by
Mrs Eva Emery Dye and other promin
ent writers, affords warrant for a wide
spread interest. The edition will be the
finest illustrated number of any magazine
issued on the Pacific Coast. In the Ap
ril number will appear an article on
."Our Coast Line" by , Joseph H Wilson,
of Los Angeles, Cal, also interesting il
lustrated sketches by Fred Lockley,Jr.
What Have You ' -To
swap for a 20 acre "fiv't ranch in
famous San Jose valley, California, well
improved. Also for 240 acres in
Harney county, Ore, See
, Morgan & Eglin.
To the Public.
The undersigned has entered the gen
eral delivery and baggage transfer busi
ness. Will deliver to any part of town
anythiug fiom packages to consignments
up to 5,000 pounds. Telephone number
. Hay for sale by ton or bale.
'John Lenger. .
A Newspaper Man and Some Things
; He Says Abont Them Col. Hofer.
A recent visitor in Cervallis was
Col. E. Hofer of the Salem Capital
Journal. He delivered an 'Address
before the late fruitgrowers con
vention in Corvallis with strawber
ries as a subject. He attended the
late oratorical contest. An article
of a column and a half in his news
paper is the result. It is an excel
lent article and deserves reproduc
tion in its entirety, but the Times
has space only for the following ex
cerpts: "Many of the students are dress
ed in cadet uniforms and have a
swell military appearance. . A mu
sical feature of the evening was
concert duo by Messrs. Turuey and
Goodnougb, the latter . an accom
plished pianist. The duo consisted
of three parts, allegro moderate an
dante and presto, composed by Mr,
Turneyland rendered by him on the
violin with great force ;and expres
sion. v-al& is one of the best violin
artists in the state, having played
with Aamold and must have been
with other eminent players. :
The influence of culture is quite
markei at Corvallis and is slowly
transforming the atmosphere of the
town into that which should pre
dominate at an educational center,
The demand for good literature li
braries, music and art is growing in
every direction. It permeates -the
homes: college life and social gath
erings and is one of the hopeful in
The "English employed in the
orations was a vast improvement
on what I heard there four or five
years ago. It showed a power and
grace of expression, fluency of style,
and range of vocabulary that are
only obtained by persistent drill in
good Hinglish, by iamiliarity with
the classics of the language and
faithful correction of each minor
matteis as spelling, grammar and
ine u A u is a place wnere no
parent need be afraid to send a boy
or girl for fear of having them ruin
ed by college influences that are
sometimes objected to. . -
Fire Laid His Business Low but from
the "Ashes;Came,New Vigor.
Lee Bes 11 arrived Thursday. He
is an old O A C boy, yvho graduat
ed in i896. ' In college he was-one
of the best known students that ev
er attended the institution. . He is
now here on a brief visit to old
After graduation Mr. Beall went
to Lakeview and became druggist
in the drugstore ot l)r. .Bernard
Daly, late candidate for congress"
Shortly before the great fire two
years ago at Lakeview, he bought
the drugstore. In the fire the
building along with two or three
blocks went up in smoke, j A por
tion of the drugstore was saved
Mr. Beall moved it into the parlor
of his residence, and hung out his
sign. Customers came, and busi
ness flourished at the new stand.
In time, the burned district be
came the site of new and handsome
buildiags.r All are either brick or
stone, some of them three story. In
one of them ' now, Mr. Beall has a
new . drug store. Like the new
buildings, the new store is modern.
But two or three ! in Portland are
said to be more attractive.
Mr. Beall is county treasurer of
Lake county. He was elected two
years ago on the democratic ticket
with a majority of 63 in a county
normally 250 republican. He was
the only candidate elected on his
It will pay you to investigate goods
and prices at J H Harris You can save
money. .
, . Wanted.
' By a thoroughly competent man, a po
sition as bookkeeper. . Address, P Obox
272, Corvallis, Ore.
To Trade or Sell
20-acre fruit ranch in famous San Jose
valley, California.
240 acres In Harney county, Oregon.
Good livery barn and equipage, in one
of the best towns in Oregon..
- Fine flour mill, 80 barrel capacity per
good location. See
. 1 Morgan & Eglin.
In going over the famous Shasta rontr
of the Southern Pacific Co, the traveles
ever finds something new to excite hie
admiration and interest. Starting at
Portland, one traverses the whole length
of the Willamette yp'ley, the gem of the
Northwest. Mt Hood, Mt Jefferson and
the Three Sisters and other snow capped
peaks are kept in sight for hours. The
beautiful valleys of the - Umpqua: and
Eogue rivers with ther orchards of prunes
peaches, apples, and othe fruits are a
delight in themselves. The crossing of
toe great mountain barrier between Ore
gon and California reveals the grandest
mountain scenery in the United - States.
Thewondeiful turnings,' : twistings and
doubinga of the railroad bring into view
a grand array ' of towering monntains
and profound gorges into which we gaze
from dizzy heights, forest clad mount
ain slopes stretching ' up to the line of
perpetual snow, and the foaming mount,
ain streams dashing fiercely down deep
canyons, now and then stopping for a
short rest in eome quiet pool. " After a
day's en joyment of old Mt Snasta the
finest peak on the continent,' we., drop
rapidly down the canyon of the Sacra
mento to the broad plains of the Sacra
mento valley in California, and thence
through orchards and vineyards to San
and descriptive literature
That Is the Amount of Taxes To Be Col
lected in Benton This Year. -
The footings of the tax roll for
this year, and the segregation and
arrangement of the amount of taxes
in each fund has been completed by
the county clerk." The 'final foot
ings show that the total amount of
taxes to be paid by Benton county
taxpayers is $64,213.04. ;2By the'
new- and " corrected arrangement,"
there are slight' changes in; the dis
tribution of theroad fund in the va
rious districts, though the amounts
of the changes are very small. The
amount of taxes to be collected for
each fund is as follows:' ' '
County, State,: Military,
Special school:
District No. 9. . ,
" , " 17..
" 30..
" ' 49-
Road: "
1 . .
2. ,
Fairmotmt-. . .
Soap Creek 2 . . . . . . . ,
Kings Valley .... . . ,
Summit. .
Blodgett. . .........
Wren. . . . ........ .
Philomath. .
North Alsea. . . . . . . .
South :' - ....
Bellfountain ........
Monroe No. 15.
Miscellaneous. ;
City of Corvallis. . . .
- Philomath..
. 201.36
; 119.20
5i 72
236 88
. 432.93
. 306 69
. 180.89
40 73
63 19
. 51420
, 10479
, . 52 78
. 214.84
. 136.84
.; 21087
, 478,00
Williams Recovered, but the Quaran
tine Still Strictly Enfced. J
It looks now as though there
would be no more emallpox cases
in Corvallis. , Williams has recov
ered. :i His face has gone through
th9 peeling - off process a nd the
rash has disappeared. Yesterday
was the 15th day since he? shook
hands with numerous people on the
street. It is the I2th day . since he
was quarantined. The usual limit
for y appearance . of the disease
through exposure to him, is more
than past, and there is every rea
son to believe that his will be the
only case. -
Those at the Brown house with
Williams, are his mother and step
father. .Neither; has so far showed
symptoms . of the.; malady. ,It is
deemed possible that neither may
contract it., Both chafe under this
quarantine regulations. ; They, ask.
ed Chief. Alexander yesterday for
a suit of old clothes to be used by
Williams while the suit he wears
can be fumigated. The board of
health intends to use every, pre
caution. The quarantine will not
be raised until pbysicianB authorize
it, --T - .: ,r,'
For maps
R. B. SlnXtSR,
.P. A- S, P. Co.,
Portland, Ore.
Marriage at Eugene of Roscoe Bryson
and Miss Lizzie Griffin. .
Eugene Guard: A notable ev
ent in Eugene's society circles was
the marriage of Miss Lizzie. May
Griffin, daughter of Mrs Mary - A
Griffirl, to Attorney Roscoe Bryson
of Pendleton, which was solemnized
at the home of the bride, Wednes
day morning at 10 o'clock.
A large number of friends and
relatives were present at the cere
mony which was performed by Rev
Mac H Wallace,- pastor of the First
Congregational church, ' The par
lors were decorated in exquisite
taste with' garlands of Oregon grape
ivy, palms and mistletoe, forming
a veritable fairy bower.
The bride was most winsome in a
dainty gown of white silk net over
white hberty satin. .: She carried a
beautiful bouquet of carnationsJ
The bridesmaid,.. Miss Mabel Wheel-;
er, was charmingly attired in white
organdie over, pink taffeta, and car
ried pink roses. The bride's flow
er girl was little Leona Griffin, who
wore light blue silk. The groom
was attended by Mr. Walter . Wit
tlesey as best man. . -
Preceding the ceremony,. Mr. W.
Gifford Nash played Mendelssohn's
wedding march. Rev. Wallace
performed the ring ceremony, and
Miss Celia Loomis. caught - the
bride' s bouquet.. "' Immediately after
congratulations, the bridal party
drove to jthe Banquet Cafe to par
take ,of a " delicious . aud elaborate
wedding breakfast. Covers were
laid for sixteen, and the decorations
were very pretty. The gifts .bes
towed upon the bride were beauti
ful. - , : . '..-
The happy couple left for Port
land and from there will goto
Pendleton, and will be at home to
friends after March 1st. :
The groom, a son. of Mrs Mary
Bryson of Corvallis, and of the late
Attorney Bryson, is a prominent
lawyer of Pendleton. After attend
ing the Oregon Agricultural college
at Corvallis. several years he came
to Eugene to enter the University
of Oregon, graduating - in 1899,
He spent two years at Columbia
law college, in New York City, and
has since been in partnership in the
practice of his profession with T J
Hailey at Pendleton. . -
The bride is one of Eugene s
most beautiful and highly accom
plished young ladies and has lived
here the greater part of her life,
having a large number of warm per
sonal friends who wish the couple
unbounded happiness and prosper
ity,-:;. -- vr: : -
Real Estate.
If vou wish to sell farms or city pro
perty list it with ns, We advertise pro
perty listed with Us in Eastern news
papers., ;
If you want to buy a farm or city pro
perty call an see us. - We secure real
estate loans at low rate of interest. We
write insurance and make collection,
Office in SaDder's Jewelry store.
N, P. Peterson & G, A. Robinson,
A Neighborhood of Corvallisites Make
Public . Acknowledgments to the :
& i" Council. . y ;
Residents of the vicinity recently
petitioned . the city council for a
street light at the corner of Twelfth
and Monroe. There, the deep and
widejcollege ditch yawns and yawns
for the pedestrians as they pass by,
and occasionally gets a batch. The
light, it was figured, would warn
pedestrians of their danger and save
them from dropping off the cross
walk into the caverns below.
The city fathers did not grant
the petition for a light. As a mat
ter. of fact the Light Company de
clined to supply it. Instead of the
light, however, the street commit
tee was ordered to put a suitable
banister along the crossing, and
the adornment has been completed.
Unfortunately, citizens of the vi
cinity don't like its architectural de
sign. They have framed a thank
ful communication to the council,
and have requested the Times to
publish it.. Here it is:
' 'The citizens in . the vicinity; of
1 2th and Monroe streets, wish to
express theirieartfelt thanks to the
council of Corvallis, for the grand
and masterly piece of work at the
corner of 12th and Monroe streets.
There will be no more lads rescuing
beautiful lasses from the depths of
the college ditch. It now insures
perfect safety on the darkest night.
Should Mr. Groves conclude to put
up his toboggan slide, a liberal do
nation could easily besecured from
the citizens of the above named
vicinity." ,
The Massachusetts Mohair Plush Co.
of Lowell. Mass, is in the market foi
year's growth Oregon mohair.
prices for superior Jgrades.
A, J. Ray,
No. 334 Sherlock Bld'g,
- - Portland, Ore,
Victims of Vaccination Some Went
to Bed The List of Subjects a Long -'
; One. . y
Most of the vaccination - patients
have hot been feeling well for
two or three days. There were
300 of them, more ..or less.. Some
have been in bed. . Numbers of the
vaccinated students have been out
of college. . Many of the cadets are
escaping drill because of lame arms.
By the same token, girl students
are relieved from physical culture
exercises. E R Bryson's case was
almost severe enough to prevent
him from atteuding his brother's
wedding. The inoculation hit
numbers of small boys with sever
ity, and they have been laid up at
home for repairs. .
Though in few instances the pa
tients now think vaccination about
as severe as a live case of small
pox, generally speaking they es
caped with a badly itching arm and
a slight soreness that told of re-action
and that the operation was
successful in creating immunity
from the contagion.
We will continue our re
duction sale on all shoes and
clothingmA.NT lines to SE
LECT from.
Big line of Odds arid Ends,
Remnants and Woolen Under-
Iff wMt at a crrpflt samfirtvRflfv 3I
vax 4. y u wv.v w.. aaaw va ifc
111 ; gains at our store. Remember, jit.
February 15th.
. H. Harris Hi
Kemovttid to Portlatidl
" For the next
few days any
thing in the store
at wholesale cost
Ford & Laws S
Grass Seed ' -
Call on E J Dunn for grass seed of ail
kinds. Also garden seed, vegetable
seed, and seed corn," fruit trees, grocer
ies.' Dressed poultry to order. Poultry
food and medicine. Mill feed and hay.
Sewing Machines Repaired
By Clair Austin, : the White sewing
machine agent, by notifying Stewart &
Sox, Albany, Oregon. . Charges reason
able and work guranteed, -
' Bids for Wood. . -
Bids for furnishing the - Agricultural
College rith wood for the ensuing year
will be received by the Purchasing agent
nn to and innlnrfin? March R. i$H)2. " See
ILCk 1UI 1 " '
Specal mhe clerk of the college for the specific
ations. y
John D, Davv,
Secy Board Regents,
prvallis, February 3rd, 1905,
Real Estate, Insurance, Collecting-
and Exchange Agents.
Titles Examined, Mortgages; Wills, Deeds
and all kinds of Legal Papers Drawn.
We advertise in 200 newspapers in the East, Through
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to give you satisfaction. Our charges are reasonable. r
Collections of old out-lawed debts a specialty. .
Insurance written in .best companies in the United
States. ,
Office over Post Office, Corvallis, Oregon.
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