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    Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton ConntT)
One Year....................... $2 00
Six Months ... ;', 100
Three Months 5
Single Copies 05
In general, people ere not out of
Innnor with Mrs Carrie Nation, the
"Kansas saloon smasher. The rea
son for it is that saloons have no
legal standing under the laws of
Kansas. Prohibition is the, law of
the land there, and every saloon
that exists is in open defiance of
the prohibition law. It is because
of this, that when Mrs Nation sal
lies out with her hatchet and smash
es the windows and fixtures of a
saloon, that she invariably escapes
punishment. ' The same thing at
tempted in Oregon would result in
arrestand fine or imprisonment,
because here, saloons are licensed,
the community accepting the li
cense fee as a consideration for the
privilege of selling liquor , and there
by becoming a silent partner in the
business. '
Mr Nation's acts appear to be
awa"kening a sentiment for enfor
cement of, law in -various towns in
Kansas. The flood of sunlight
thrown upon conditions in the
state by the notoriety achieved by
Mrs Nation has drawn attention to
the fact that in almost every city,
town and hamlet the law has been
linked at by officials, has been de
fied by liquor dealers, and has been
ignored by public sentiment, a con
dition of shameless subversion of
a sacred statute, that the people,
for the sake of the good name of
their commonwealth, shrink from
having advertised to the rest of the
world. Accordingly, in one large
town the people have driven out
the saloons, Torjeka has served no
tice on all joints to get out, and the
attorney general of . the state has
appointed famous counsel to assist
in future: enforcement of the pro
hibition law. : - - .;
The free ferry proposition is too
trivial a matter of expense for there
to be seriuus disagreement among
citizens of Benton county. . Its
whole cost for a year would amount
to but 33 cents J tax on $1,000
worth of taxable property, should
the county bear the whole expense,
and to but 1 6 cents should the
County pay but half . the expense;
In the latter it would be but one dol
lar of cost to the man whose tax
able property iwas valued at $6000
for assessment purposes. .The mat
ter is entirely too trivial for men to
become excited over.
The fact of the matter is that
each section of . Benton county
should desire the advancement and
"strengthening of every other sect
ion within the county limits. Cor
vallis should be anxious for the
development of; Alsea, Monroe
should be anxious to see Soap
v Creek develop; andjvice versa. Were
Corvallis twice as populous and
twice as wealthy a cityv she would
' pay double the amount of taxes,
and the taxes to be paid by other
sections of the county would be
correspondingly reduced. The same
is true of every locality. What
helps one, helps all. A system of
v-rnprtion and mutual assistance
in road building and improvement
is the correct rule of action. . ; Sect-
. ions should not be divided up in
hostile camps, warring each against
the other. : Only paralysis and de-
. lapidation result from that course.
In all these matters there is always
middle ground on which there can
be unity of purpose with happy
and profitable results for the ulti
mate outcome. . ;, ,
For Sale
Stock of fine stationery, gold pens,
pencils, tablets, memorandums, tissue
paper and other novelties, at bankrupt
prices: for the next thirty ..days. .
" Oliver Blackledge, ;
' At Mann's Furniture store...
This,is a bargain week at Kline's, the
White House. " - ( -
The Free Ferry Proposition Citizens
- in Court What They Said.
The question of a free ; ferry
across , the. Willamette at. Corvallis
was Ifeely argued at last week's ses
sion of the county court.. A, dele
gation of Corvallis citizens attended
the session and urged the establish
ment of such a ferry, the expense
to be borne by the county. -
Several arguments in favor of the
plan were advanced. It was cited
that the four Corvallis precincts
pay nearly one-half the taxes of the
county; that Corvallis proper, pays
more than one-third of such taxes.
A large part of this tax money is
spent in maintenance of bridges
and roads in various parts of the
county, some of which are : of no
possible direct advantage to Cor
vallis, but for their construction
and repair Corvallis people must
pay one-third, and the four Corval
lis precincts nearly one-half. Cor
vallis taxpayers in addition to this
have at their own expense to main
tain streets at a cost of one to two
mills tax each year. Though pay
ing one-third on the' entire cost of
roads and bridges, Corvallis re
ceives nothing whatever from , the
county on the same account, and it
was claimed that the asking of $800
a year from the county for mainte
nance of a free ferry was a very
small bounty to ask. Various
other points were presented, bear
ing on the same subject. ' At . the
conclusion, the court took the mat
ter under advisement, finally con
tinuing1 the ferry project until the
March term. A - lengthy petition
of heavy taxpayers is - behind the
movement for the ferry.
It is understood that in the count
ry there is some opposition to the
The Votejon the Eastern Oregon In
dustrial School. -The,Capital
Journal gives an ac
count of the fight over the Eastern
Oregon Industrial school bill, de
feated in the house last Friday. It
says in part: The bill was cham
pioned by Messrs McAlister, Dress
er and Mattoon. all of whom made
eloquent appeals for the success of
the bilJ.. Mr uoiyig oi jacKson, op
posed the bill in a set speech, urg
ing that tne scnooi was not requireu.
Speaker Reeder, having called
Representative Butt to the cnair,
addressed the House in favor of the
bill, urging its passage. He made
an eloquent plea, but it ,as useless,
the bill going down to aeieat, lacis
ine onlv three votes of a majority
The opposition to the bill was tne
best organized ot any case yet seen
durine the present session. :
The vote by whicn tne Din was
- ... .. ....
defeated was as follows:
Yeas Barrett, i Black, Bnggs,
Carter, Dresser, Geer, Grace, Bei
ges, Cirlr, Mattoon, McAfister, Mc
Craken, McGreer, Miller, , Noting
ham, Orton, Poorman, Reavis,
Robert8,Schumann, Shipley, Smith
of 5 Multnomah, Story, Stewart.
Thompson of Multnomah, .Watson,
Mr Speaker 28. V,;. -J - ' . V
Nays Allen, Bernard, Butt, Col
vig, Eddy, Edson, Emmett, Hahn,
Harrie, Hartman, Hawkins, Hume,
Holcomb, Ingram, Kruse, Lamson,
Merrill, Mantague, Nichols, Pearce,
Rice, Smith of Marion, Talbett,
Vincent, Whitney 26. . ..
Absent Cattanacb, Driscoll,
Heitkemper. Hemenway, : Keene,
McQueen 6.
Market Report.
Wheat, valley, nominal.
Oats, 42 to 43 c per bushel.
Flour, $2.75 to $3.40 per bbl.
Potatoes, 40 to 50c per sack.
Eggs, Oregon, to per doz.
Butter, 20to 27c per roll.
Creamery, 50c per roll.
Wheat, 50c per bushel.
Oats, 38c per bushel.
Flour,, 80c per sack'.
Butter. 25c per pound.
Creamery, 32c per pound. .
Eggs, 20c per dozen.
Hams, country, 12.
Sides. 10.
Chickens; mixed, $2.75 to $3.
Lard, 10c per pound.
v .; .. ' V Southern California. ;
' Notable among the pleasures afforded
y the Sh asta Route is the winter trip
to Southern California and Arizona. Re
newed acquaintance with this section
will ever develop fresh points of interest
and added sources of enjoyment, under
its sunny skies, in tho variety of its in
dustries, in its orolific vegetation and
among its numberless' resorts of mount
ain, shore, vallev and plain. .
- The two daily Shasta trains from Port-
and to Uahtorma nave Deen , recently
quipped with the most improved pat
tern of standard and tourist sleeping cars
but the low rates of fare will still contin
ue in effect. - ,
Illustrated guides to the winter resort
of California and Arizona may be had
on application to , - ; A
v ," C H Markam, G P A,
Portland, Ore
Corvallis & Eastern R R Co.
Cime ard,
2 For Yaquina,: ' ' r;
Train leaves Albany. .... .... i:45 P- m
; ,M-. Corvallis...... 1:50 p. m
" arrives Yaquina '. 6:45 p. m
1 Returning: ; - ;
'-' Leaves Yaquina . . 6:10 a. m.
Leaves Corvallis. .. .11:30 a- m
Arrives Albany . , 12:15 p. m
3 For Detroit: . ;
' Leaves Albany. .. 1. ....... . 7:00 a. m
v Arrives Detroit;-.;..... 11:20 a. m
4 Returning:
Leaves - Detroit 12:10 p. m
' Arrives Albany 545 P m
One and two connect at Albany and
Corvalli9 with Southern Pacific trains,
giving direct service to and from New
port ana adjacent oeacnes. .
-. Trains for the mountains arrive at De
troit at noon, giving ample time to reach
camping grounds on the Breitenbush and
Santiam nver the same day. ,-
Five and six connect at Albany with
the Albany Local to and from Portland
. ; Edwin Stonb,
' ' . Manager.
H. L. Walden, -
T. F. & P. A. : .
H. H. Cronise, agent, Corvallis.
Notice of Final Settlement. :
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
administrator, ot the estate ot Elizabeth Gates
deceased, has filed his final account, in said
estate, in the county court of the state of Ore
gon for Benton countv, sitting in probate, and
Saturday, the 9th day of February, 1001, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m., at the court house in
Corvallis, Oregon, is tne time ana piaee nxeu
by thecourt for Hearing oojecnons n nuy
said final account and settlement thereof.
Dated January 9, 1901.
Levi Henkle, Administrator
. Hotice of Sheriff's 8ale.
'Notice is hereby given that under and by vir
tue Of an execution duly issued out of the Cir
cuit court of the state of Oregon for the county
of Benton, under the seal of said court bearing
date of January 24th, 1901, on a judgment in
favor of J E Henkle and J A Henkle, partners,
doing business under firm name of Henkle
Brothers and against Charles Herron and Laura
Herron, for the sum of One Hundred Ten and
54-100 dollars $110.51 with interest thereon at
the rate of eight per cent uer annum, from the
9th day of January, 1892, and the further sum
of Ten and 10-100 dollars $10.10 costs and dis
bursements, which judgment was rendered and
docketed in said court on the 9th day of January
1S92, in a certain action wherein the said J K
Henkle and J A Henkle, partners, doing busi
ness under the firm name of Henkle Brothers,
was plaintiffs and Charles Herron and Laura
Herron were defendants, said execution tome
directed and delivered, commanding me that
out ol the personal property of the said defend
ants Charles Herron and Laura Herron, and If
sufficient cannot be found then out of the real
property of said defendants I satisfy said sums
of money. Now therefore in pursuance of the
command of said execution, I have levied upon
the following described real property of said de
fendants, towit: South-east quarter of Section
82, in Township 11, South Bauge 6 West of Wil
lamette Meridian, In Benton . county, Oregon,
and on . ,. ,' . . .
Saturday,the23rd. Day of Fedruary IgOj.
At the hour of 2 o'clock p m, of said day " last
aforesaid, at the court house door, in the city
of Corvallis, in Benton county, Oregon, I will
sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash In hand, all the right, title, and interest of
the said Charles Herron jand Laura Henon in
and to the said above desc ribed;premlses to sat
isfy said judgment, execution, icosts and accru
ing COStS.
MP Buekett, .
Sheriff of Benton county, Oregon.
January 26th, 1901, ... : r
In the County Court of the State of Oregon, for
the County of Benton,
In the matter of the Estate of
Francis T. Woodruff Deceased i Citation.
' It appearing to this court by the petition this
day, presented and filed by Catherine P. Wood -ruff
the adminiotratrix of the estate ot Francis
T. Woodruff deceased, that it is necessary to
sell the whole or some portion of the real estate
of saididescendent to pay the debts of deseendent
and the expenses ana cnarges ohuuiiui6u o.muii.
It Is therefore ordered by this Court that all
persons Interested in the estate of said deceased
appear before the said County Court on
the 8th day of March. 1901
at the-hour of 11 o'clock a. m: of said dayat the
Court room of said Court at the Court hu in
the city of Corvallis, County of Benton, State of
Uregon. xo snow cause wuy au uiua ouuuMi
not be granted to said administratrix to sell so
mnnh nf RAiri ppa.1 estate as shall be necessary.
described as follows East of S. W. 14 Sec, 4. T
13. s. R. 6 West, in Benton county Oregon. And
that a couv of this order be published four suc-
oesive weeks in 'The Corvallis Times," a news
paper printed and pubusnea lu saia uouuty.
E. Woodwabd, Judge of Benton County Court.
Dated February 4tn. 1901.
Sheriffs Sale.
7 .. ' ' f - - - - r
vaHx, in Tioreriv iHvnn that under and by
virtue of a decree, execution and order of sale
issued out of the circuit court of the state of
rireernn for Ren ton countv. bearing date of
court on a decree and order of sale in favor of
1 iti.-iirn nor vxr.n. hii. 1 1 1 1 1 1,-r 1 11 1- w-ni dmu
Tho nifniir Guthrie Investment Company and
against Florence Mulkey for the sum of Four
Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy-three
dollars and seventy cents ana interest
thereon - -at the rate of eiKht. per cent
per annum ' from aate 01 aiu aecree un
til nald. and the further sum of $78.00 and ln-
tnoat t.hnrpnn at the rate of ten per cent per
annnm from date of said decree until paid, being
amount paid for taxes, and also for the further
sum of $250 00 attorneys fees, and the costs and
disbursements of said suit taxed at toi.iu wmen
decree was duly enterea in saia court on tue sin
day of November, 1900, and duly docketed on
the 9th day of Novemberi 1900, in a suit wherein
The Balfour Guthrie Investment Company, was
pialntia, and Florence muiney lorence jmusey
aS OACJUUl l& v.
the last will and testament of A. G. Mulkey de
nonri- Rladvs Winnifred Mulkey. Laura N.
Hill and Warren Hill her husband, Dora Alice
Fatton and John Patton her husband, Horace
Grant Mulkey, Charles Homer Mulkey, Mary
Etta Quigley and L. Quiglev, her husband, oreu
Fred Mulkey, Walter Virgil Mulkey,-Annie L.
Strong and Ji. strong, ner nusnanu, lizzie Er
nestine Burdick and Burdick her husband,
tint irfriff wAra defendants: aid decree, ex
ec' ition and order of sale to me directed and de
livered, commanding me as snerin 01 joenion
county, state of Oregon, to sell in the manner
provided by law for the sale of real property on
execution, all of the following . described real
propeity, to-wit: Commencing on the east
boundary line of the donation land claim of
James L Mulkey, it being claim No. 63. notifica
tion No. 944, in Township eleven South, Bange
five West of the Willamette Meridian, at a point
fifty (50) Tods north of the south-east corner of
said claim, andunniug thence north on said
eaat boundary line one nunureu nuu uivj
rods, thence westerly on a line parallel with the
south boundary line of said claim one hundred
and'sixtv T160 rods to the west boundary line
of said claim thence South on said westboundary
line one hundred and fifty 180 rods; thence
easterly on a line parallel with the south bound
ary line of said claim one hundred and sixty
ri6oi rods to the place of beginning, containing
one hundred and fifty 1160 acres, in Benton
county, state of Oregon, together with aH and
singular the tenements hereditaments and ap
purtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise
appertaining; and in obedience to the command
of said decree execution and order of sale I have
levied upon said real property above described
and on Saturday the 16th day of February, 1901
at the hour of two o'clock p m I will sell at pub
lic auction at the court house door J n the lty of
Corvallis, In Benton oounty, state ot Oregon, to
the highest bidder for United States gold coin,
cash in hand, all the right, title, estate and in
terest of said defendants in and to said real
property to satisfy the amount due said plaintiff
on said decree, execution and order of sale, and
costs and accruing costs, as in said decree, ex
ecution and order of sale provided.. : i f
Dated January 19, 1901. p
, ' Sheriffof Benton county, Oregon.
Bean the
of .
ilhe Kind You Haw Always Bougn,
A Few More Bargains in Faims if Sold
, Soon.
So no 21 acres good house and barn
looo apple trees, 3 and 4 years . old; 800
prnnes,fs years old, good water, one mile
from post office and store, one-fourth
mile from church, on main county road
6 miles from Philomath, a big bargain,
at $800.'" .
No ln160 acres, no improvements,
good pasture and fine timber, creek runs
through the place, 3 miles from Summit,
cheap at $500. . .
No 112 86 acres, 30 in cultivation bal
ance good pasture and timber, fair house
and barn and other buildings, fine fruit
and water, one and one half miles from
Philomath, price $aooo; a good place for
the money.
No X13 A good 7-roomed house with
one-half acre lot, fruit, good water, chick
en houses and sheds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this is a cheap
little home, 10 minutes walk from Cor
vallis postoffice. :
" No 11440 acres, 11 acres in cultrvatf
- c : 1. Knvn 1 . a! rVi1r-Vn TimiRP
ion, iaii nuuat, uai u v...--. ---
good water and ' some fruit, 7 head o
$500; 4 miles from Philomath; this is a
snap.. '.:.-'
No 115 354 acres, 100 acres in cultivation,
bottom land, the balance timber and pas
ture, fair buildings, good fruit and wat
er, creek runs through the farm, school
house on one corner, on main county
road, in Kings - Valley, price , $10 per
acre; this would divide and make .two
good farms. '- , ' ' . . . "
' Real Estate Agent. Philomath, Or.
Physician $ Surgeon.
Office: Room 14, Bank Building.
Office , Hours f 10 to 12 a. m. , -
. " 2 to 4 P- m. .
Residence on corner 8th and College Streets
Telephone at office and
residence. .' - -COKVAIXIS
, Attorney s-At-Law.
E. Holgate
"Stenography and typewriting done. ;
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg
Don't forget Nolan & Cal
lahan's great reduction - sale.
G. li. FARBA,
Residence in front or court house facing 3rd
Bt. Office hours 8 to 9 a. ni. 1 to 2 and 7 to 8
H. S. Pernot
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Post Office. Residence, Cor.
5th & Jefferson Sts. Hours 10to12a.n1
2 to 4 p. m. Orders may be left at Gra
ham & Wortham's Drug Store. : i
lis - - - Oregon
- Graduate of Dr. A. T. Still's
chool of Osteopathy. - -
Notary Public.
Office In Zieriolf 's building.
Physician'jand Surgeon
Sia,stsu ISovLte-
Train leaves Corvallia lor Portland and -way
. - stations at 1:30 P. M, .
LvPorUand. 8:30 a. m. 7:00p.m.
Ly Albany 12:30 P, M. 10:30 P. M.
Ar Ashland......... ...12:83 P. M. 11:30 A. M.
" Sacramento............. 5:00 P. . 4:35 A, M.
8an Franeisco...... T.5 P. M. 8:15 A, M.
Ar Ogden ......
" Denver.;.......
" Kansas City...
" Chicago........
.. 6:45 A, 11.11:45 A. M.
.. 9:00 a. M. 9:00 a. m.
.. 7:25 A.M. 7:25 A.M.
.. 7:45 A.M. 9:30 a. M.
Ar Los Angeles......
" El Paso v-
" Fort Worth. . ...
" City of Mexico....
" Houston
" New Orleans.....
" Washington......
" Hew York.....
..... 1:20 P.M.
..... 6 .00 P. M.
. 6:30 A. M.
..... 9 65 A.M..
...... 4:00 A. M.
..... 6:25 P. M.
7:00 A. M,
6:00 P, M.
6:30 A. M.
9:55 A. M.
4 00 A. M.
6.25 P. M.
6 :2 A. M
6 42 A. M
..13.43 P.M. 12 43 P.M.
Pullman and Tourists cars on both trains
Chair oars Sacramento to Ogden and H too,
and ffourisi cars to Chicago, bt Louis, new Or
leans and Washington. ,
Tor tickets and intfcrmatlon regarding rate
mapB, eto callonOompany'eagent, f
3. E. Farmer . - t .
Corvallis Oregon v ' -
or address C. H. Markham G. P. A
Portland Oregon . ' , 1
, o
Bean the
The Kind You Have Arrays
Has Never Faffed
' - Mr. C. S. Peaslee, the well-known druggist of
Morgan City, La., is highly thought of in his neigh
borhood because of his skill and care in filling pre
scriptions. The best physicians in the place send
their patients to his store whenever they can. Any
thing which Mr. Peaslee may say can be depended
upon absolutely. In a letter to W. H. Hooker &
Co., New York City, proprietors of Acker's English
Remedy, he says: " In all my many years' experi
ence as a druggist,: I have never handled a medi
cine of any nature that gave such complete satis
faction as Acker's English Remedy for Throat
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bottles, and have yet to learn of a single case
where it failed to care, in
croup, it acts with a cer
tainty that is really'mar-velous.:-
My wife does not
take much stock in medi
cine, but she has absolute
faith in Acker's English
Remedy, always having it.
at her elbow in case the
children are attacked by
croup at night. It is a
positively harmless rem
edy, as I can personally
tpstifv. I know of a little
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blood. I endorse it absolutely." .. ,.if
Sold at 25c, 50c. and $1 a bottle, throughout the United States and Canada ;
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Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
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Jit Cbe
our patrons
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6. B. Bornfng.