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    Vol. XIILNo 23.
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Desertion of HcKia ley by an Influen
- tial Kepublicao-r Cbairman Dick
Fears a Democratic House Other
News. '
Chicago, July 25: Hearsts Chica
go American says:
The - belief is growing1 that the
". c 1 .1 .1 11 .
meeting 01 goia democrats caned to
-assemble at Indianapolis on July 25
will not be of much cons, quence
politically. Judge J. D. Yeomans,
of Iowa, a member of the. Inter
state Commerce Commission, spent
yesterday in unicaao, ana was d is
posed to sneer at the Indanapolis
meeting. Yomans was originally
appointed a member of ilie vlnter
State Commerce Commission by
President Cleveland and with hfs
chief, bolted Bryan and the Chicago
platform in 1896.
This year Judge Yeomans is sup
porting Bryan, and predicts that tie
will be elected. To a Chicago
American reporter judge Yeomans
said: " .
Either Mr Cleveland nor any
member of his last Cabinet is tak
ing any stock in the meeting of
gold democrats to be held at India
apolis. . So far as I can learn no
man of any importance is identify
ing himself with the movement.
My information is that formor
Secretary of the Treasury Carlisle
former Naval Secretary Herbct, and
former Postmaster General Wilson
have declared their intention to sup
port Bryan. Former Secretary of
State Olney did not bolt four years
ago,' and he is not likely to bolt this
tfii v .1.1, l i. i t Oti:
ail is pruuauie iut o . oihrmig
Morton is opposing Bryan more for
personal than political reasons, and
he is the ouly one of Cleveland's
former political family, with the
exception of Don Dickson of the
first Cabinet, who is antagonizing
.u- ,1 . . : : .. - .. a
in. ucmuui auu uuiuiuccs ttl 1,1110
time. It is my impression tbat only
those gold democrats who are will
ing to permit Hanna to pay their
expenses will attend the Indiana
polis meeting. '
There have been only two Presi
dents Lincoln and ' Grant re
elected in more than sixty years,
and I doubt very much if it is the
intention of the people of the coun
try to re-elect McKinley. - Bryan
has grown and broadened percepti
bly during the past fou years, and
conservative people have not the
fear of him now that they had in
ment of Michael Collins of Peotone
that he has renounced McKinleyism
and will vote for William J. Bryan.
Imperialism as represented by
Mr McKinley, coupled with its re
cognition of trusts, were the causes
which decided, Mr Collins, a life
long republican, to embracedemo
cracy. His attitude will affect other
wavering republicans, and is likely
to make . Will county strongly demo
cratic this fall. No man in the
county wields a stronger political
Joliet, 111., July 21. No political
eveut of recent years in Will county
has caused more consternation in the
republican, party than theannounce-
Columbus O. July 18 Chair
man Dick, of the republican state
executive committee, gave the Ohio
republicans a chill today by an
nouncing in'an interview that, in his
opinion, Ohio properly belonged to
the list of doubtful states. He ar
rived in the city last night to se
lect fceadquarters for the state cam
paign and to set the preliminery
work going. .
"What do you think of the po
litical situation in Ohio?'' wa the
first question put ' io him. -
"We have a fight on our hand;,"
was his quick response. ''It is my
opinion that before the Kansas City
convention, judging by the prelim
inary skirmishing of the democrats
that 16 to 1- would be relegated to
the rear, and in that cas9 th-d fight
ing of the national campaign would
have centered in the Eastern and
New England States. But they
specifically indorsed freecoinage of
at the old ratio, and in my opinion
silver that transfers, the fight to the
"To be specific, I should say'that
the turning point will depend upon
the result in Ohio, Indiana, Illin
ois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Salina Kan July20 Necessity
has made the Kansas farmer so
energetic - and enterprising that
lack of rain, dryness of Eoil and
grasshoppers the bane of the ex
istence of pioneer Kansas farmers-
have no terrors for the farmer of
1900. "
If a sufficiency of rain seem to
guarantee good crops to the farmer
of fifteen years ago, he still ran the
risk of having his crop partially or
completely destroyed by grass
hoppers. It has remained for the
fertile brain of a Salina - county
farmer to devise thejfoliowing ef
fectual methods of exterminating
grasshoppers, viz: By raising a
flock of 1,000 turkeys and renting
them out at $25 per day. .
The name of the -man who is
the father of this new industry r is
Mr Finch, one of, the farmers of
prosperous Salina county. Mr Finch
says the grasshoppers have been so
numerous in his district this eum-
oier as to do considerable damage
to all crops. He, has a drove of 1,
000 young turkeys, and he soon
dispovered - that his poultry was
more than a match for the grass
hoppers. . The turkeys destroyed
the hoppers almost as fast as they
could light on his premises and be
fore they had time to work any dis
truction. Presently Mr Finch's neighbors
saw that his fields continued green
and luxuriant, while others were bar
ren in spots, and they investigated.
When they found out about Finch's
turkeys a few of the enterprising
farmers began to negotiate for the
uee of the flock. Finch proceeded
on the theory that 100 turkeys were
as valuable as a farm hand and ac
cordingly fixed a rental of $2.50 per
day for each 100 turkeys. The en
tire flock is in demand, and Mr
Finch derives a revenue of $25 a
day on his investment.
Philadelphia July 24 -In the be
lief that an - open alliance . with
Great Britian would bean excellent
thing lor the Uuited States, a soci
ety has been formed in Philadel
phia, composed of many men" pow
erful in the financial and political
world. The first meeting of this
organization, which is known as
the Trans-Atlantic Society of
America, was held about one week
ago. The 'proceedings wtre kept
secret, but tolaj' the plans of the
orgoniz tions bsvame known tbroug
appMcati iu tor a charter.
In the application to the court
the oVject of the cociety is stated to
be "the bringing into closer relat
ions the people of the United States
and Great Britian by the strengthen
ing of the political, commercial
and social bonds 'which unite the
two countries." .Thi$ is to be done
by "tendering hospitality nd
friendship toward British subjects
who may be temporarily sojourning
in Philadelphia, and by collecting
preserving and diendnating in
formation tending to educate public
opiuion in this direction."
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Sew Train Time.
The new train service on the Corval
lis & Eastern should prove very satis
factory to the citizens of Corvallis. The
train now leaves Corvaliis daily except
Suoday at 6 am, and returning leaves
Albany at 7:20 p id, arriving in Cor
vallis at. 3:05. It connects both ways
with the Portland Jocal at Albany, per
mitting the round trip to be made in a
day and giving six hours in Portland.
An. Epidemic tf Diarrhoea.
Mr A Sanders, writing from Cocoanut
Grove, Fla., says there has been quite an
epidemic of diarrhoea there. He had a
severe attack and- was cured by four dos
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Their Correspondence Concerning
Peace in China How the American
.; Troops Suffered in Battle Belief
Still that the Legations Hve Bee
Massacred. ; Washington July 24. The fol
lowing correspondence between the
President of the United States and
ihe Emperor of China was made
public by the State Department
"Translation of a cablegram re
ceived by Minister Wu, July 20.
1900, from the Taotal of Shaughai,
July 19, 1900:
"Have received a telegram from
Governor Yuan, of Bhang Tuug
(dated 23d day of this moon July
I9), who, having received : from
the Privy Cocncil (at Pekin) a dis
patch embodying an imperial letter
fo the President of the United
States, has instructed me to trans
mit it to your Excellency. The
imperial message is respectfully
transmitted as follows:
"The Emperor of China, to His
Excellency, the President of the
United StateE rGreeting: China
has long maintainad friendly rela
tions with the United States, and is
deeply conscious that the object of
the United States is international
commerce. Neither country enter
tains the least suspicion or distrust
towards- the other. The lecent
outbreak of mutual antipathy be
tween the people and Christian
missions caused the foreign powers
4o view with suspicion the imperial
government toward the missions,
with the result that the Taku forts
were attacked and captured. Con
sequently there has been clashing
of forces with calamitious conse
quences. The situation has become
more and more serious and critical.
We have just received a telegraphic
memorial from our envoy, Wu
Ting-fang and it is highly gratify
ing to us to learn that the United
States Government having in view
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This Sale is-for One Week Only.
IV 1 1 1 c
the friendly relations between the
two countries, has taken a deep
interest in .the present situation.
"Now, China driven by the irre
sistable course of events, has un
fortunately incurred well-nigh in
dignation. For settling .the pres
ent difficulty, China places spec
ial reliance in the United States,
We address this message to Your
Excellency in all sincerity.and can
didnees, with the hope that Your
Excelleney will devise measures,
and take the initative in bringing
about a concert of the powers for
the restoration of ord
The favor of a kind
estlj7 requested and awai
the greatest anxiety.
"Kwang Hau, 2Hth year,
moon, 23d day (July 1q)
It is, therefore, my duty t
transmit the above with the reque
1 1 . -v it' 11 r r.7
obedience of lmnerial wishes, wil
lli ,t Ua enrol t CI, i)lr.U
nation and favor me with a reply.
111 Lien Yuen, Taotai
Continued on 4th
tai .
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