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Chautauqua Assembly Closes
Sunday Night.
Congressman Champ Clark Will
Lecture Tomorrow Afternoon
-Grand Display Fireworks,
The assembly of the" Willamette
Valley Chautauqua Association ends
next Sunday evening. Big crowds
have been present all through the
session, which has been very success
ful in every particular. Last Thurs
day evening and Friday afternoon
Robert J. Bnrdette, popularly known
as "Bob" Bnrdette, lectured to large
audiences. His lecture "Rainbow
Chaisers" on Friday afternoon com
pletely captivated the' audience.
Miss Margaret Longacre, of Syca
more, I1L, gave a number of imper
sonations and musical selections Fri
day evening, and the prorgam for
that evening closed by gymnastic
; exercises by the Portland Y. M. O. A.
Saturday night the oratorio, "The
Holy City," was given under the
direction of Mrs. Walter Reed, as
sisted by a chorus of 65 voices. The
auditorium was packed.
Dr. M. A. Mathews, of Seattle,
delivered two sermons Sunday morn
ing and evening, and the Chemawa
Indian Band gave a sacred concert
Sunday school was held in the morn
ing. Monday afternoon, ' Dr. Edgar P.
.HiU pastor of the . FUst Presbyterian,
Church, of Portland, presided over a
program prepared by the "Oregon
Prisoners' Aid Society." Addresses
waere made by Governor George E.
Chamberlain, Dr. Hill and Chaplain
E. W. St.' Pierre, of the Oregon State
Penitentiary. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise
gave a stiring lecture on "Super
stitions" Monday evening and he was
preceded by musical selections and
readings by Miss Longacre, accom
panied by Miss Helen Calbreath, of
On-Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Robert
J. Bnrdette, wife of the famous hu
morist, save a lecture on the "Care
of the Junior Citizen." Mrs. Bur
dette is first vice-president of .the
National Federation of Women's
Clubs. In the evening.fa Musical pro
gram, consisting of solos, duets, quar
tetts, double qnartetts, and a song
cycle, was rendered under the direc
tion of Mrs. Walter Reed.
Yesterday afternoon "Bob" Bur.
dette lectured on "Good Medicine'
and in the evening there was ex
hibited a number of Greek posings,
expression groups, dramatic readings
and musical numbers, under the direa
aion and management of Mrs. Harriet
Colburn Saunderson, of the Saunder
son School of Expression, of Seattle,
This afternoon Dr. Wise lectures
on the "The Simple Life" and to
night Mr. Earl Germaine, magician,
will give the first of his exhibitions.
The baseball tournament has ex
cited great interest during the session.
People have gathered about the dia
mond and have cheered their respeo
tive champions to the echo. One-
mawa has played three games and lost
one, Sunnyside has lost both of the
two games played, Schillers have
played two and won two, Oregon City
has won two out of three games, and
Vancouver has played two and won
two. Indications point to Schillers
winning out. The game today is be
tween Oregon City and Vancouver
and tomorrows game will be between
Schillers and Sunnyside woodmen,
The classes are held every morning
from 8 to 11, and from 11 to 12 is the
Portland Ministerial Association hour.
A minister of one of the churches
leads each day. The program for the
three remaining days of the session
follows :
Friday, July 24
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
1 1 :00 Portland Ministerial Asso
elation hour. Leader, Rev. D. B.
Gray. Address, "Church Finances,"
Hon. W. W. Cotton, of Portland.
Followed by open parliament.
1 :80 P. M. Band Concert.
2 :00 Lecture, "Richer than Gol
conda, " Congressman Champ Clark,
of Missouri." -
8 :80 BasebalL
78 :0 Band Concert.
8 :00 Entertainment, Karl Ger
maine, Magician.
Saturday, July 25.
8 to 11 A. M. Classes.
11 :00 Program by Chemawa Indian
1:80 Band Concert.
2:00 Solo. Reading, Mrs. Harriet
Oolbnrn ' Saunderson. Lecture.
'Home, Sweet Home" or "How to
be Happy Though Married," Dr. J.
Whitcomb Brouger, Chattanooga,
8 :30 BasebalL
7 :80 Band Concert.
8 K)0 Solo. Introductory address,
Gov. Goe. E. Chamberlain. Lecture,
The United States of Amerioa in
the 20th Centruy," Congressman
Champ Clark, of Missouri.
Sunday, July 28.
10:30 A. M. Sunday .School under
direction of
.9 :C0 Ohautauciua Chorus. . Solo.
Sermon, Dr,. J. Whitcomb Brougher,
Pastor first Baptist Church., of Chat
tanooga, Tenn.
6 :00 Sacred Concert.
8 :00 Chautauqua Chorus. Sermon,
Dr. J.' Whitcomb Brougher.
St. Paul Team Was Outclassed and Lost
Game By Score of 17 to 4.
The home team had things its own
way at Canemah Park grounds Sun
day afternoon, and won the baseball
game from St. Paul by a score of 17
tD 4. Cortello, of the St. Paul team,
was batted out of the box. The feat
ures of the game were the batting of
Enon Calif! and the home run of
Charles Giles. Letto was in the box
for Oregon City and got three out of
five strike outs. - Costelle, Chou-
quette and Hagin was the battery for
St. Paul and the battery for the
home team was Letto and Ereitz.
The excursion from Dayton and
way points brought about 200 people
and fully 400 spectators saw the
game, which was umpired by Ed.
Fields. The teams lined up this
Oregon City . St. Paul
Letto p Costello and Ohouquette
Krietz 0 Hagin
Charles Giles lb Dunn
E. Oaliff 2b Gerin
Oal Giles. , .8b Davidson
Gray ss .....Senn
Lee If Raymond
McOutcheon cf Lombert
Parrot .rf Manning,
Runs and Hits By Innnings.
St Paul 0 0200008 04
Hits '0 0 8 0 1 1 0 1 0-6
Oregon City 1 0 5 2 1 2 0 6 717
Hits.... 8 1 2 2 3 8 5 0 19
Treasurer's Notice.
1 now have money to pay county
warrants endorsed prior to January
1, 1901. Also road warrnats endorsed
prior to May 1, 1903. Interest will
cease on such warrants on the date of
this notice.
Oregon City, Ore., July 24, 1903.
Treasurer ofClackamas County, Ore.
uuiy ou.
Real property and Chattel Mortgage
loans. Abstracts furnished.
G. B. DIMICK, Attorney at Law,
Oregon City, Oregon,
Mrs. Herman Grimm, of Macksburg,
Wants a Separation.
Mrs. Sophia Grimm, of Macksburg,
has sued in the circuit Court, for a
divorce from her husband, Hermann
Grimm, a well known and wealthy
farmer of this county. Mr. and Mrs.
Grimm were married in 1870 and have
ever since then resided together as
husband and wife. Grimm is the
owner of considerable property,
valued at probably $20,000.
Mrs. Grimm alleges in the divorce
complaint that Grimm became an.
gered because she overpaid 10 cents
for a sack of flour at a time when she
was trading, and that her husband
called her down hard, fracturing her
nose, and saying uiiKind and abusive
things to and of her. '
Mrs, Grimm also asks for the ens-
tody of two minor children, aged
18 and 15 years, respectively.
Cot the Wrong Men. '
Night Watchman Ed Shaw arrested
two men Wednesday night on suspic
ion of being connected with the
robbery of the Sell wood car Tuesday
night. Their names were G. R.
Raines, of Butte, Mont., and F. H.
Perkins, of Yellowstone Nations!
Park. They had $20 in money. One'
of them possessed an Iver & Johnson
revolver and each of them had nun
ber of cartrideges. The Portland
police were notified and Detective
Snow came up Saatordy afternoon,
acompanied by the conductor of the
car that was held up and one of the
passengers that was robbed. They
failed to identify the men. One of
the men had a permit from the
Montana auhtorities giving him per
mission to carry a revolver, and the
other had cards indicating that he was
a barber, the men told a straight
story and they were released Satur
day afternoon.
Walker Is Acquitted.
The case of the State vs. John fH.
Walker, charged with asault on L
LeMahieu, was heard in the Justice
Court Thursday. Judge Stipp de
clared the defendant not guilty after
the evidence was submitted. ' The
evidence showed that LeMahieu hod
invaded the premises of the Willam
ette Pulp & Paper Company and had
been ordered off by Mr. Walker. He
ref nsesd to go and was
forcibly compelled . to make MmBl
scarce. The court held that Walker
had a right to eject LeMahieu from
the mill, and there was no evidence
to show that the complaining witness
was struckby the defendant.
Freak Calf.
In the window of a local drug store
is a freak calf. The animal is dead
and has been stuffed. It is owned by
O. B. Clement of Portlnd, who rep
resents an insurance company. Mr.
Clement saw the calf at Seal Rock and
purchased it to exhibit. The calf lias
the appearance of seal, with its legs
doubled up like flippers. It lived two
hours after birth. It is known that
cows are susceptible to the eye in
fluence, and Druggists Jones says that
probably the mother of the calf was
in the habit of gazing at the seals and
seahons that abound in the waters of
Yaquina Bay. (
Mrs. McAdam Has Applied,
Mrs. L. W. MoAdam has applied for
the vacant prinoipalship of the East
ham Publio School and it is under
stood that she is likely to be eleoted.
She lives at present with her husband,
Prof. MoAdam, in Texas. Several
years ago she was principal of the
Eastham school while Prof. McAd
am was superintendent of the Oregon
City Sohools. Her work was very sat
isfactory and her election is probable
at the next meeting of the board of
,Sa!e of Walker Bros. Sawmill.
. Walker Bros, sawmill, at Viola has
been sold to a Mr. Hines, of Eau
Claire, Wis., for (5000. He will take
posession September 1. The mill has
a capacity of 20,000 feet of lumber
daily. The deal was' negotiated by
O. N. Plowman & Co. of this city.
Walker Bros, saw mill is one of the
leading mills in Clackamas county and
its transfer is a matter of consider
able interest to the s'pedple of Viola
and vicinity.
Water Main Split.
One of the joints of the water main
in front of the Bank of Oregon City
split last Tuesday, fortunately after
the woolen mill fire had been placed
under control The main is directly
under the street car track, and Wed
nesday morning the track was torn up
to permit the new joint to beplaced
in the main. The water was shut
off down town while the main was
being repared.
Minster Wetzler Is Trying to Collect $85 Due
His Band But Funds lu Treasurer's Are
J. E. Wetzler, manager of the Mil-
waukie band, does not feel very
kindly disposed toward the committees
in charge of the recent Fourth of
July celebration in this city. He con
tracted to furnish musio on the
Fourth and was to receive $85. No
part of this sum has been paid. Mr.
Wetzler has been in the city several
times since the Fourth trying to col
lect the amount due his band, but so
far has failed. In the hands of Treas
urer Fairolough is 59f leaving a de
ficit of $29.
The Subscription list are not to be
found and A S. Dresser, who was
chairman of the musical committee and
who was ' authorized to engage the
musio at the stipulated price is greatly
perturbed over the failure of the
finance committee to collect and to
placed in the hands of the treasurer
an amount sufficient to pay the debts
of the celebration.
No one seems to know if the orator
of the day, Hon. B. L. Eddy, was
paid $20, which amount was alk tad for
his expenses. In short the celebra
tion was not conducted on a business
basis. It is stated that there was
enough money subscribed to defray
the expenses of the celebration, but it
is not known if the whole amount sub
scribed was collected. In any event
it was not turned over to Mr. Fair
clongh. Mr. Wetzler says that he has
paid some of the band boys out of his
own. pocket to keep them quiet. He
wants the'money that he is justly enti
tled to and should have it. But just
how he is goin 1 to get it is up to the
Fourth of July oommittee.
Sewer Assessment Delinquent.
' The sewer assessment, for sewer
district number three became delin
quent Friday. Those who have not
paid their assessments in cash or who
have not made application for pay
ment under the Bancroft Act, will be
liable to action by the oity iuthoities
and proceeings will in due time be
commenced . against them for the
sale of their property to pay the
assessment. City Recordsr Curry is
hard at work copying the applica
tions in a book designated for that
purpose. When this is completed the
oounoil will pass a resolution instruct
ing the finance committeo to advertise
f jr bonds covering the amount of the
Local Office Not Affected.
The news conveyed througth the
Washington dispatches that the Seo-
reatry of the Interior has issued an
order strictly prohibiting land office
clerks to devote time before and after
office hours to transcribing records,
copying plats, etc., for outside
parties, and drawing personal re
muneration for such service, does
not have any affect on the local office.
None ojt the clerks in , the Oregon
Oity office have ever done any out
side work for attorneys or others and
have been content with the salary
that they draw from the government.
. Entertained at Luncheon.
Miss Rita Rakestraw, of Portland,
and Miss Ella Rinemaa, of Salem,
were entertained at luncheon Satur
day at the home of the Misses Can-
neia. The parlors and dining room
were tastefully decorated for the oc
casion and a dainty menu was served.
Those present were : Miss Rita Rake
straw, Miss Ella Rineman, Miss
Helen Calbraeth, Miss Zilpha Gal
loway, Miss Martha Francis Draper,
Miss Albright, Miss Caufleld, Miss
Laura Pope, Miss Ethel Caufleld, Miss
Dr. Somraer Will Return Soon
Dr. ErnBt Sommer, who lelt Oregon
Oity several months ago for the East
will return in about ten days. Mrs.
Sommer has spent the greater portion
of her trip visiting relatives while
Dr. Sommer has devoted his time to
study in the hospitals of Baltimore
and New York City.
Falls City Lodge, Ancient Order
United Workmen, installed the fol
lowing officers last Satrday night
Livy Stipp, past master workman
C. Schuebel, master workman; R.
Kimmell, overseer; Joseph Beau lieu
foreman; H. J. Harding recorder;
C. H. Dye, receiver; C. O. T. Will
iams, financier; Horace Williams
guide ; Sam Roake, inside watch ; J,
O. Edmunds, outside watch.
A Smiling Face
Indicates a good digestion,
both you must nave good
Fresh Fruits and
Best in
New Breakfast Food
Carolina Rice Flakes
Sole Agent For ....
A. Robertson, 7th Street Grocer
Our representative will be in Oregon City Tuesdays
1 and Saturdays.
Gents Clothing Cleaned, Colored and Repaired.
, All work left at Johnson's Barber Shop will receive
prompt attention.
853 Burnside Street, Corner 8th, Portland, Ore.
The Pioneer Bank of Oregon
Deposits received subject to check. .-
interest paid on Time Deposits.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
. County and City Warrants bought
We buy and sell drafts and exchange on all parts of the
United States and Europe.
The Landlord Is Going to Raise Yoor Rent
He has been wanting to for a long time and now that the Fair is commit
he has a good excuse for doing so and
Nineteen cents a day will pay for a $1000 home. Thirty-eight cents a
day will pay for a $2000 home.
juijn TiiJi r KATEittJN aju xou duv any nome or iarm yo
want. You pick it out your self, we
simply pay $1000 for a $1000 home.
paying more than that now xor rent, wnat is tne use oi neiping tne nan get-,
richer. Did You ever see a millionaire who made his money by days labor. .
You never did nor you never will. Yon must invest your money in order to
make anything. You must combine and co-operate with others if you are to ,
make money without the hardest kind of knocks. The laboring classes are-.
getting in worse condition every day. Mow this is a call from laboring men.
to laboring men to combine. Don't be a mugwump. Dont' be superstitious. It -,
is by the use of their brains that capital suceeds in holding you where yon
are. With the little money that most of us have we can do nothing. la .
order to fight capital with their own weapons WE MUST COMBINE. J.
Peirpont Morgan has some fine ideas. We can put them in practice as well as ,
he can. Don't put it off. Act immediately. Every rent payer, or man who .
wants to better liis condition ; every man who pays interest must be enrolled ,
in our Fraternal Order by the last of this month. If yon have to wait when ,
you come up to be enrolled that is all right. It will pay you to do it. If;
you cannot dome in fill out the following application and mail it to us.
Portland, Oregon.
I wish to become a member of
plan provided I find nothing objectionable in the plan on reading over your
literature. Please hold the lowest
send mef urther particulars
This will suffice to hold the matter
person or until we can write you further particulars of our plan. It does not
obligate you to anything. The only thing the application does is to hold
the lowest number open for you until you can investigate. You are snr tn
become a member as soon as you understand, and it will pay you to send in
the application if you cannot come immediatelv as we cannot nln mm.
one in their homes at once and our motto is "fiirst come, first served." Our
omces are open until n.ou r. jh. eacn evening to accomodate those who cannot
come to be enrolled during the day Remember this is an organization oi
laboring men for laboring men and if you become' one of us you have a voice
in the transaction of the business Our object is to stop your rent bill lift
your mortgage or to offer you an investment that will net you more 'than
your labor will earn you. m
Let us repeat, don't be superstitious. It costs nothing to investigate and
if you cannot come immediately send in the application and this announce
ment is your authority to reclaim the same if you do not find everything
No. 60 Washington Bldg., Portland, Oregon. 1
Clackamas County Record
.00 pet year.
the City
City. Established inO.,,
E. G. CAUFTELD. Cashier.
he is going to do it.
will pay for it. No interest. You.
Could anything be easier? Yon are,
your order and secure hnma
numoer open on your books for me and
Very sinoerely yours,
ooen for vou until vnn ran mo n