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PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 22 The
1914 season of the Northwestern base
. ball league will open April 14 and
close about September 27. It may be
possible that the club magnates, who
are in session here today with Presi
dent Fielder Jones, will decide to
close the season one week earlier or
a week later.
Although nothing has been doiia to
ward making the schedule , it was
stated around the lobby of the Oregon
hotel this morning that the Portland
- Colts would open the season in Se
attle, Tacoma at Vancouver and Vic
toria at Spokane. "
There may be some changes, how
ever in the towns where the teams
open, Joe McGinnity and Frank Red
"ZVl 6 t"2 Tacoma Tigers want to
open the season in Seattle, but there
' is little liklihood of that opening be
ing scheduled.
All teams of the league have select
ed their training quarters for the 1914
season with the exception of Tacoma
' Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver will
train on their home grounds. Spo
kane will train at Boyes Springs, Cal.',
and the Portland team will likely train
in Santa Rosa again.
The election of John Kinley Tenet1,
governor of Pennsylvania, to the preB
ideucy of the . National league has
placed that organization on the most
formidable footing it has ever enjoyed.
Tener's election puts an end to the
political squabbles with which the
league has been Infested for many
yfliita, Tener was the unanimous
choice of the ciub owners. He' has
been selected for a four year term,
during which time be if sure to enjoy
the Confidence and respect of the mem
bers of the league as well as the base-
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec). 22 The
Multnomah club football players prac
ticed again yesterday morning. Near
ly all the players, with the exception
of Cherry 'Rourke and Hickson, turn
ed out for practice.
The players ran through their vari
ous play formations time after time,
the cold wind making them hustle to
keep warm. After over an hour's
practice, Manager Stott called a halt
and told all the players to report
again Tuesday night.
- r
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 22. "Five
rounds is all I want to finish Mr. Pel
key," said Gunboat Smith today, dis
cussing his scheduled 20 round clash
at Daly City January 1 with Arthur
Pelkey, white heavyweight champion.
The gunner is brimming over with
"This guy Pelkey," he continued,
'should be easy for me. What has he
ever done to cause anyone to figure
any other way? I have met the best
of them and put the crusher on 'em,
too. Before Pelkey met the late Lu
ther McCarty no one had ever heard
nf him. Just wait until I get him into
the ring. I'll make him curl up with
in five rounds."
$ 8
Outfielder Messenger, of Girming
lialu, and Catcher Jenkins,, of Keokuk,
are the players for whom the Oakland
club put in claims. Both were drafted
by St. Louis.
Happy Hogan dickered for Jimmy
Sheckard of the Cincinnati club, for
-some time, but called off the deal be
cause fyere were many difficulties in
the way.
Walter Mails, the young infielder
signed up by Seattle, is said to be one
of the most promising bushers around
San Francisco.
Duffy Lewis, who intended to spend
'"'the winter in Boston and is still there,
will probably board the "rattlers" for
California, as he is tired of the east
ern climate. Duffy, it will be remem
bered, used to be a star with the Oak
land Coast league club.
Jack Geyer, the twirler whom the
Oaks purchased from the Cardinals,
started 27 games last season and fin
ished but two. He is given credit for
one win and five defeats.
Packy McFarland says that he does
net care if he never fights in Milwau
kee again. Neither does Wilwaukee.
Photo by American Press Association.
ball public in geueral. Tener will not
only prove himself a capable leader of
his league, but be' will make a suitable
man to represent his organization on
the national commission. Under Te
ner's regime the affairs of the senior
organization will be conducted much
more smoothly than heretofore, and
!:ere is at last a chance for it to re
gain the prestige it lost by reason of
Its unsportsmanlike conduct in years
gone by.
Incidentally the election of Tener
will bring the two. major leagues on a
more harmonious basis. Tener has the
respect of Ban Johnson and the club
owners of the American league.
It remained for roan who just
came llito basebali to see the advan
tage of having Tener lead the league.
President W. F. Baker of the Phila
delphia club is responsible for Tener
returning to baseball. Baker, who was
formerly a police commissioner of the
city of New York, became the presi
dent of the Philadelphia club at the
death of his brother-in-law. Will
Locke, last fall. Realizing that the
league was not flourishing because of
the factional strifes which were preva
lent, Baker set about to find a man
suitable to fill the position of presi
dent. He suggested Governor Tener,
a former ball player and a man of
character and prominence. Tener's
candidacy found the support of every
club owner in the league, and his
unanimous election is the result
But for Baker Tener would probably
have never been dreamed of in connec
tion with the National league presiden
cy and the club owners would have
been tied up in their annual fight when
the question of electing a president
came up this winter.
II. will be well for the National
league magnates to heed the advice of
Tom Lynch, retiring president," who
suggests that the club owners "inject
some dignity into themselves." There
has been an absolute lack of sports
manship displayed by them in the
past. There has not been a season
that numerous protests have not been
filed, resulting from decisions of the
umpires. The game's reputation for
honesty has been jeopardized by the
'Prtrillll II H-H H-H-M "M
World's champions. Athletics..
American league. Athletics.
- National league, New York.
International league, Newark.
American association, Milwau
kee. Federal league, Indianapolis.
New York State league, Bing
ha 111 ton.
New York-New Jersey league.
Long Branch.
Eastern association. Hartford."
Empire StSite league, Yaldosta
(first season); Thoniasville (sec
ond season).
Ohio State league, Charleston.
Nebraska ieaue, Kearney.
Wisconsin-Iliinois league. Osh
kosh. Western Tri-state league, VValla
Walla (tirst season); Boise (sec
ond season).
Indiana-Illinois-lowa league.
"Michigan State league. Manis
tee. Union association. Great Falls.
Appalachian league. Johnson
City (first season); Knoxville
(second season).
Virginia State league. Peters
burg. Texas league, Houston.
- New England league, Lowell.
South Michigan league. Battle
Twin State league. Northamp
ton. Kentucky - Indiana - Tennessee
league. Paducah.
Southern league, Atlanta.
Central league. Grand Rapids.
North Carolina league, Win
ston. Tri-state league, Wilmington.
Texas-Oklahoma league. Deni
son. Canadian league, Ottawa.
Central association, Ottumwa.
South Atlantic league. Savan
nah (first season): Savannah
(second season).
Northern league, Winona.
Georgia-Alabama league, Gads
den. Interstate league. Erie.
Cotton States league. Jackson.
Two Paring Knives with
steel blades and waterproof handles
One high grade Can Opener, tempered cutter
r - -
(3 Pieces)
TMs Set Is If uar
If you send in a year's subscription to the OREGON CITY ENTERPRISE. It makes no dif
ference whether it is yours or your neighbor's, or whether it is new or old. Send in the sub
scription arid we will send you the set by return mail. We have only a limited number of
these and the of f er will close December 31 unless we run short before that time.
The stewards of the Jockey club are
working hard to rehabilitate racing
on a clean basis. With that end in
view sportsmen of highest standing
are Importing stallions and mares' to
improve the breed not only for the
turf, but for the remount service of the
United States government The dona
tions of thoroughbred stallions and
horses to Uncle Sam by patrons of the
turf have already had good results as
is. apparent in the quality of the charg
ers representing the government serv
ice in the jumping contests at the
New York horse show.
Plans are now being considered for
at least four days a week of racing
on New York courses next year. The
stewards realize that with that number
of days the tracks will be able to at
tract horses from all parts of the coun
try and hold them there. This year
racing was held only three days a
week. This was not worth while to
owners of big strings, and as a result
manyDf the notable horses were ship
ped to Canada, where they were able
to race seven days before they were
asked to move to another track.
Calao. the stars of the ba. field In the.
game against. Dartmouth,, played as
tackles last year.
In spite of his own TOnfideUt belief
that he was sufferia? only l'rom a
slight attack of bronchitSs. Robe . Wad
dell, well known as a baseball pitch
er, left Minneapolis to' begin a bat
tle with tuberculosis at bis- sister's
borne in San Antonio. Tex: A short
time ago a. story was current that he
had fallen a victim to the white- plague,
but he scoffed at the idea and said be
was suffering from a severe cold'. Since
then he has been growing steadily
weaker and has been in bed for ser
eral days at his home in Minneapolis..
His physician said that Waddell'9
chances for recovery are Slight
The United States will be represent
ed at the Olympic games in Berlin in1
191fi by an American soccer football'
team as a result of an agreement
reached between the Amateur Athletic
union and, the United States of Amer
ica Football association at the annual1
meeting of the Amateur Athletic union:
Christmas Spirit
Clinches When Old
Nan Asks Meal
Careful of His Voice.
Brignoli, the famous tenor, was very
-.careful of his voice and was terribly
afraid of drafts. It is said that during
the winter it always took him tbree
qciarters of an hour to get from his
room to the street. First he would on
leaving his room pace the hall for ten
mi notes to get acclimated.' He then
descended to the lobby, where the tem
peratore was a little lower, and spent
twvmty minutes tftere. He then ven
tured to the vestibule, whicf he would
parade lor fifteen minutes, occasion
ally opeUEog the door to let I a little
cold air. Being now accustomied to a
cool tempratnre. he would -bucson ap
his coat an$.sally forth.
HV Does. Indeed.
A man alwajRrsays things behindJhis
wife's back wttru he is hooting- up- Bei
dress. AtUiuta Journal.
Pirate Manager Slings Ink on Docu
ment For 1,914 Service.
Fred C. Clarke, manager of the Pitts
burgh National league club, recently verv men who are interested in its
signed a contract to manage the Pi-; success, and the head of the league
rates. I has been kept in not water.
It was the twenty-first yearly con
tract Clarke has signed since he and
Barney v Drey fuss, president of the
Pittsburgh club, began business relations.
Thorpe Advises His Brother.
Jim Thorpe has banded out some ad
vice to his brother. Tom. who has en
tered Carlisle at the age of fourteen.
Jim has advised his kid brother never
to turn professional. It sure would be
awful if the kid turned professional
and got $5,000 or $G,000 a year playing
ball. '
It frenquently rains on the just be
cause the unjust has swiped his umbrella.
In the American league protests are
almost unheard of. Ball games are al
lowed to be won on the ball field and
not in the council chambers of the
Lynch's advice should be followed
by the National leaguers, who will help
their organization and the game 'as
well by displaying real sportsmanship
under all conditions.
H. R Hiirdwick. class 1915. stands
is the premier athlete of Harvard uni
versity, wiih varsity honors in foot
ball, baseball and track. R. B. Wte"
glesworth. now a first year student in
the law scliool. also has three letters,
won in football, baseball and heckey.
Golf as a cure for insanity is the
latest prescription of the doctors. The
New Jersey State Hospital For the In
sane at Morris Plains. N. J., has decid
ed to establish a nine bole course for
the benefit of its patients. Less than
a year ago four holes were built, and
golf became so popular that arrange
ments have been completed for a links
of nine holes.
Some of the players show all the
symptoms of being good golfers, one of
them having a score of 3G for twice
around the four holes, plus one more,
making nine in all. Dave Honeyman.
the Forest Hill professional, holds the
record for nine holes, 34.
During the winter the other five
holes will be laid out Doctors at the
hnsnita! bHve decided that the out of
door exercise obtained by the patients
through golf is highly beneficial, thus
tv,Q ,wiainn to bave nine holes, which.
t tima nrobablv will be extended
Glen Warner, the athletic coach who
made the Carlisle football team ia
mmia nttributes the success of the red
uiHns'to earlv outdoor life and the fact
that every man at the Indian training
-hnnl is developed for all arouna worn.
At fnrlisle." says Warner, "they
havo onlv about 250 boys over seven
teen years old to choose the team from,
rnmnnrt. that with the big student bod-
it TT r TTifr1
W nr Dartmoutn. Cornell,
North-western. Princeton. University 01
University of Michigan. Uni
nf Ponnsvlvania and Yale. This
speaks something for the preponder
of athletic ability in the Indian."
Warner always puts all the available
material on the field when practice be
gins, and the men are taught allthe
tuiidaweutals. tie piays uu n.v,.c.
fcorv man must go through the mill,
and before he is finally selected for a
nlnee on the team he is played m prac
tically every position That, says War-
npr is whv the Indians are so success
ful. The men can be changed around
. rtlav in fl n V nosition. Guyon and
He stumbled into the "chop house,
old, ragged, and bent. His clothes
were the cast-offs of a man far smaller
his feet were decorated with a trim
ming of patched shoes, while his an
cient black cap, pulled way down on
his face to keep out the cold, had
probably been thrown away long ago
by some more prosperous brother.
He had drawn himself together. His
hands were in his pockets, his arms
held close to his side, and his neck
even seemed to be contracted closer
to his body. But his face was more
to wonder at than his clothes. It wa
hard and pinched. His eyes were
half closed but there was a tamt
twinkle that came through the long
eyelashes. ", The hair that showed
around the hat . was white and fuzz
that covered his chin and cheeks
showed a dirty gray.
As he came in the chop house the
warmth of the room slowly permeated
and he expanded. He drew his hands
from his pockets, big, scarred, expres
sive hands. They told of many years
with nicks and shovels: of hard woric.
He sluffed to the counter ana leanea
over to the manager of the place. In
confidential whisper, which in tne
nuiet of the room could be heard all
over the place, he said, "I want to
work for a meal." Slim, the owner of
the. house, frowned but then he saw
the clothes, the ragged shoes, and the
exnression of the face ana ne lea me
straneer to the wood shed In the rear
nf the house. A big plate of "mulli-
ean." warm, and delicious was placed
on the counter and, after a short time,
the stranger returned from tne mys
terifis hevond the door and ate tne
Mixed With Sulphur It
Makes Hair Soft, Beau
tiful Cures Dandruff
The ne of 8a and Sulphur
for restoring raaea, gray nair to
Its natural color dates back to
grandmother's time. She kept
her hair beautifully darkened.
glossy and abundant with a brew
of Sage Tea and Sulphur. When
ever her hair fell out or took on
that dull, faded or streaked ap
pearance this simple mixture was
applied with wonderful effect.
Bnt the brewing at home . is
' massy and out-of-date. Nowadays
killed chemists do this better
- -1 -R-v uVlnr a t nT
drug store tor the ready-to-use
nunnt mTUA "Wveth's Base
anil Rnlnhnr Hair RamadTn TOU
will get a large bottle tor about
60 cents. Some druggists make
their own, which is usually too
sticky, so insist upon getting
Wyeth'i, which can be depended
upon to restore natural color and
beauty to the hair, and it splendid
for dandruff, dry, feTerish, Itchy
scalp and falling nair.
A well-known downtown drug
gist says his customers Insist on
Wyetn's Sage and Sulphur, be
nu thv ut. it darkens so nat-
ually and evenly that nobody can
tell It has been applied It's so
easy to use, too. ion simpiy
dampen a sponge er soft brush
and draw It through your hair.
taking one strand as a one. aa
this at night and by morning the
rray kair disappears; after an
other application or two, It Is re
stored to Its natural oolor and
looks glossy, sow. anft .aounoaa,
rluilltbr tmVo. C.
Adv. . "
O. A. C.
Cadet Bancf
Harry L. Beard, Director;
30 College Cadets 30;
Best' Balanced Band ins the History
of the Institution:
Famous Saxophone Quartet':
Ross: Johnson, Tenor Soloist:
.. Solos, Quartets, Duets.
Thursday Evening, January V
Tickets;, including- reserved seatSj
50 cents. Box seats at ones- Drug?
HSIMiaM) 01.80103-
simisoN 0300013 aioii u ni
Stops Nasty Discharge, Clears Stuffed
Head, Heals Inflamed Air Pass
ages and You Breathe Freely.
Try "Ely's Cream Balm."
Get a small bottle anyway, just to
try it Apply a little in the nostrils
and instantly your clogged nose and
stopped-up air passages of the head
will ope;: you win breathe freely;
dulines and headache disappear. By
morning! the catarrh, cold-in-head or
catarrhal sore throat will be gone.
Effd' such- misery now! Get the
small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm' at
any cfcug stars, TMs sweet, fragsant
balm dissolves by the heat of the
nosirns,. penetrates ana seats tne in
flamed, swollen membrane which
lines the nose, hea4 and tlfroat, clears
the air passages; stops nasty dis-
charges anil a feeling of cleansing,,
soothing relief comes? immediately.
- Don't lay awake to-fllght struggling:
for breath, with head Stuffed? nostrils
closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh -
Ul A CU1U, Willi ll I UUMUlg UUTC, 1UU1-
inuuuus uropping- into me uiroai, anu
raw dryness is distressing' but : truly'
, ,
Put your faith jhsl onc--in "Ely's
Cream Balm" and' your' cold or"-jra-"
tarrh will sntxiir' v ' '
For S ale By
Christmas Wines and Liquors
AM Wines
AM Whiskies
65c PfeH3ah'.
.$2.50 ParrGaL.
Cor. 5th and Main Streets
Christmas Suggestions for Her
Struck at the Root.
Dr. Abernethy once visited a crusty
old laird who was laid up with gout
He wanted to get out with his gun
and was in a temper and while tbe
doctor was looking at his foot swore
roundly at him for tinkering at his
toes and asked him: v
"Why don't ' you strike at the root
and get me better?"
Solemnly the doctor got up, took his
walking stick and smashed to pieces a
decanter of wine which was standing
on tbe table. The astonished laird
sprang to his feet and demanded an
"On.' said the doctor "I am only
striking at the root!"
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When You Want Something
Particulary Nice-
You can always depend upon K C not to
Hisanooint vou. 1 he double raise makes
doubly certain nothing is left to "luck." If the
batter is a little thin, K C will raise it light and
feathery and it will be all the better. Jarring the
stove or turning the pan around makes no differ
ence K C sustains the raise until baked.
When there's a birthday or wedding cake
to bake, or refreshments for reception or party
to provide, take no chances-
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