Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, December 20, 1911, Image 3

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Thursday j
joll Day at
will make
. Llndbarg
Sot lUng aid 0 P.rtUn.
,riual XwM
Hrea with "rt Vfh
jt Wt wlH
-u. tr Fr
- ..lit av .
leg tuf. vv wi
i eey.
D net faH ''
! fur the arrest an conviction
let wr t00 ' paf", "ho
! .Usefully remove eopiea of Tan
rnLarortee from the
North Yakima. Wash... and eletsr'
Mr. John 8. lleell. and " Malcolm,
of Irvlnaton, Portland. Mr. : Netta
Johnson, tif I'ortland, Mr. and Mrs
William I'earl. of Portland, en.T
Charlea Wilson, were guest of Mr.
and Mr It II. Wlleua mi Hunday.
Mr, t'nderwuod, Mr. lu aJI and Mr
Johnson are nieces of Mr. Wilson.
Mr. and Mr. pearl hsv ben making
luelr home Id Portland fur turn lima,
but have decided to triak thlr fu
ture born at Thornton, Wab.
Nobel TH Main etreet. ha lota of
In for the holidays; fort CO relit.
Muscat 70 rents. OMf win at pro
portionate prices. Mlnre meat and
Plum pudding flavor. Qrsp lirsndy,
Peach Itrandy, Apricot ttrandy, Ma
dura, port, ".berry and Muacatal
Kenneth lAtourette. on of Mr. and
Mr, t'llnloo l UUnMH, wbo. I
eniaced aa Instructor In history In
Y.I Colleae at ('ban Kb. China, and
bo recently underwent a auroral op
eration at a biMfpltal for appndl III,
la Improving rapidly. letters rs,T"rv
d by Mr. and Mr laMourrtte from
their aon atate that be a tho battle
In which ao many live am lout. The
hospital bfe ha la confined I lo
cated In tb mountain at Kuling Mr.
1 toured ha many friends In Ibis
elty. who art plessi-4 at hi rapid
W. H. Tull of Harlow, waa In the
elty Tuday.
Edna-Jark and I bad tba most do
Uchtful time tin shipboard.
Katbar1nOrou: I don't aee
bow you fld anjoy yourselves andef
Hi watchful eye of the ctisperoo.
Kdna-OU. w um1 a little, strategy,
fou e. told tb rberun If ab
would cIom brr ; tli would aroli
anaa!rknM, and alio kpt br tj-o
Cloa Buwt of tba oyag.
"iult f th Talk,
"What did you tblok of tha marrtaga
It waa a frnllful talk."
''Wbat do you mean 7"
"Tba trld got a leiuoD."Nw Tort
Her Hlness
It Was Uljjnoscd by Many
Doctors, tut Correctly
by Only One
Copyright by American Prea Awo
cletiun, int.
riTtd froa tho rlrriymaa with that
of tb drugglat and baring auipacted
that bl patient waa parfactly well,
be begin to aet through her lltti
rhmie. Uarlng arrlTed at tb Cum
Dilug home, be wrot through Ibooaual
forualltlea of a professional rail and
on departing Informed tbe family (bat
his own beaUb waa breaking down
from omwork and be wa about la
tire np hi prartW for at leant yar
11 would, however, write out a atatr
mi-Dt of Dorvtby'a raae. ao far aa b
bad oUerred It. which mlgbt b of
aervlr to any pbyak-lan wbo abonld
Deft treat ber. Hitting down la tb
library, b wrote:
My diagnosis ot this ease Is that Iher
Is a erlisl affection Tlr ar frequeal
hsart nuttarlna. rollowe.1 by drpreMiuo.
Hut ilnce the hssrt Is rfectd by nrrvov
eundltlotis I do not Ur orgsnla (rouble.
I rather Infer menul Innuences. How
ever, since 1 insy tx mUtakin In this H
aanfwl I would reoomewnd watching tb
action ef Ui liver, th kkloeys. (bs avleea
anil ether organs.
(Continued from paw .)
pan led th fresldent on hla drive to
tha Economic Club dinner at tba Ho
tel A tor, wbar be waa to deliver aa
addreea, and later escorted him to
Brooklyn to attend tho Nw Bugland
Society dinner at tha Academy of
Mualc and tha Brooklyn Young Re
publican Club dinner.
L. C. Wheeler, a member of tha
secret service force, mad th uaual
raqueat tbl morning: for an escort for
tho president, and tt baa been under
stood that th customary guird would
ba furnished.
It waa aaid tonight that Folic Com
missioner Waldo, whan asked for tba
scort, replied that. In bts opinion, no
greater guard was needed for tha pro
tection here than for tb Mayor of tha
city, and that no greater one would be
fnrnlahed on tbla occasion. He con
Dorothy kept ber room end refused sldered tha President no batter than
herself to visitor. Dr. Arcnibaid
rniarort front
lsr f been plac4 Uere by
WeetHee Peel. '
Yartabie; tnrving to tight
Daa llogan. of Portland, wa la thla
tity Toesday oo bualneaa.
Mi Gaffney, a farmer of CUIr
eat, wa In thla city Tuesday.
Mr. aad Mr, rred Rpanaler, of
Carta, wr la thla city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Oaorgo Ingram, of
Carat, were la thla city Tuesday.
Iiat B. Jackaon, of Clalrmont. wa
kt Oregon City on bualnes Tuesday.
Joka Jones, of Iteaver Creek, were
la Uua city Uanaactlog bualneaa Tues
M. De Wright, on of tba wall known
taaMout of Ul-eral. waa tn Oil city
Mr. Smith and aon. Sidney, of Ma
Baa, nude a bualneaa trip to Oregon
City Tuesday.
U C Ely will aurprlao you whan yon
h hla prtc of fura and eompar
with others, TTiay i0"0
Zauuj girta.
a T. Mrllaln left on Tuesday after
boob far nain. Wash., where ba
t" on bualnesa.
0 k. Marquam. of Martjuam. la In
hla elty for a few daya, roglatarlng
M th Rlectrlo Hotel.
Oaorg Holraan, of Carwa, ona of th
Koinlnent farmera of that placa, wa
J UI city Tuesday, haying brought
la torn of hla cholca araln.
Mr. Ira Wlahart and llttla daugh
lw. Rdlth. of Toledo, Oregon, will ar
In thl city thla weak to ylatt
Uh relatlvaa tor a faw weak.
rt. M. L. Diigga, wbo haa been
Portland for tha paat woek rlaltlng
Native and friend, returned to Ora-
City Tuoaday,
.A. B. wilmot, dniflat In tha Hard
"Ml rug atora, la HI at hla home on
High atrt. threatened with typhoid
'"r. Thera ar aeveral other caa
typhoid fever, tha caua of which
"n yt bean aacartalnad.
and Mra. Henry llonnlngan
fcJPant tJie first of th wk In Port-
" vlaltjng frtenda. Mr. Manning
n li jut recovering from an III
h of two waaka, auftarlng from
toinach trouble.
0. Ely la ahowlng ona of tha !
llnea of toya and holiday gooda
th city, at low prlcea.
''Ian, tha alght-year-old daughter
Mr. and Mra. John Webber, of tbla
"ty. who haa been vary III of ty
JWd fever and taken to St. Vincent
Hoapltai la Portland, la Improving.
Charlea Holraan, of Portland, a
rmr resident of Maadowbrook. waa
thl city Tnaday aftarnoon, having
her to attend tha fiinaral gar
wg of th lata Mra. Hanry Maldrum.
. Bom. to tha wife of Claranoa Wei
. of fltevenaon. Waah.. a daughttr.
Mr. Walden waa formarly a yaa'dant
fj Oregon city, being Mlaa Floranca
Hamilton, and daughter of Mr. and
"ra Hamilton, tha formar balng at
ot tlm a merchant of thin elty.
.Mra. Allen Adama. of Portland.
thl city Tuaaday vlaltlng with Mr.
Mr. John Adama. Mr. and Mra.
Adama will arrlva In thU city
Saturday evening and ramaln until
onlay evening whan thay will jo to
vnby, whar, thay will ap Chrlat-
Ra with Mr. and Mra. Wang, par-
f Mra. Adama. County Bohop
. parlntandant Oary ad family wi
The funeral sorrier of Mr Henry
Meldrum. who died of heart failure
Saturday afternoon, were conducted
TnUy afternoon at I o'clock by
Hv. C. W. Roblnm, rector of 81.
rul Eplaropal church. Tba aer
vlre were held at tba family real-di-nce
oo Seventh treet, the house
being riowded and many frtenda of
tbe deceaaed wer unable 10 gain en
trene. Maay pioneer famllle In thl
city an I of Portland wr represented,
ajt Mra Mldnim w a native of Or
rm. having Uved In thla city an "Of
hrr life, being a daughter of promin
ent pioneera. Mr. and Mr Eugene
Urorest Owing to tb lllnreaof
Mra Meldmm'a nwther. Mr. Mary L
roreet. h waa anable to attend the
service. Mra. R. C. Oanong. Mr.
K T. Avlaon. Mra. E. M. Cooler,
ui.. n.rtnid ralrcloagh and Mr.
Theodore tismund rendered very lm "Iad Kindly Ught." and
-Nearer My 0d To Tha Many
member of the Order of aKatern Star
attended. Mra. Mrldmm having been
a memlwr of tbe order. After th aer
vice tba remalnn were taken by apc
lal car to Sellwood, where they were
Incinerated at tha Cramatorlum.
Tba floral trtbutea were numerou
and ..qulalta. Tha flowar. will b
Disced on tna grave a ' -
It was Hmiitay morning. Tbe Kiat
Street I'realO'lyrlau cburcb of Hrrke
ley wa crowdt-d to bear lb first sW-
mou of tbe new nilnlnter. tbv Iter.
Charles r"or1 lis m. Mis Dorothy t urn
mlngs. dauiibter iHracon Cuiumlngs
tle Oroi uu waa out- of tb pillars of
the-jt-jtunb-wt in her fat ber a ew
(ellbouud by tb minister' elo
quence. . t .
Tbe following Tuesday evening Mlaa
Cummlnga appeared at the weekly
pr)r meeting. iirprlslog tboe wbo
for yra bad been regular In their at
tendance. On Thursday tb minister dined at
tba borne of Iea-on Cnmmlng. and
Mis Dorothy during tb evening found
an opportunity to say to biui that ab
bad been deeply Impressed by hla Sun
day sermon and would Ilk to convene
wltb bint on tb subject of tba dis
course. Mr. Fordham algnlfled hla will
tnguess to further enlighten ber, sug
gesting that abe call at tb cburcb
wbeuever abe cboee.
Mlaa Cu ruining did not appear at
ibe cborcb on tb second Sunday of
the new clerryman'a administration.
To I noil
announced that ahe wa IndUpoaed-
Mrs. Cummlng bora a meaaaga to tba
same effect from ber daughter to Mr.
fordbam and aaked If b could find
It convenient to call during tb week,
elnce ab was not well enough to go
out- She desired a coerereoo.
Swaln-Chlcbester, whose practice wa
among tba ultra fashionable et, oeit
took op ber case, read Vr. Treat'
diagonal r, rather, scanned It con'
temptuoualy asaed tb patient a great
runny question, gave especial Ulret-
tloos a to ber diet, wrote toe cus
tomary prescrlptloa-or. rather, pre
crlptlou. for tber were three of them
-end departed, promising to return
again In a week. Since Mr. Cum
mlnga waa now mtKb troubled about
ber daoghter'a cood.tlon Dorothy did
not dare to burn ap ber prescriptions,
but when tbe medliue ram she dally
poured a email portion of each In a
Ink. Since ahe thwarted ber physi
cian' Intention In ber behalf It I not
remarkable that ahe gained no benefit.
But on tbe other band. If be gained
no benefit she Buffered ho Injury.
Now. Dorothy In ber feminine way
wa a far better dlagnoatlclan than'any
of ber pbyalclan. Though ahe bad
met tbe tt. Charle Kordbam but a
few time, sbe bad spliced In hi eye
thai iMM-nitsr snark of love which
- ,
of opposite ! a well a felt It in
ber own heart. Poring hla first aer-
mon abe had kept her - fl l0
blm and bad several time noticed hla
momentarily concentrated upon ber.
During her 11ne-or. rather, ber a-cluklun-be
bad made repeated inqui
ries of her family a to ber condition
and bad manifested th usual aollcl
tud of a poator for'one of bU con
.r..iin lie even expressed a ra
the Mayor, the eommlaaioner waa re
ported aa having declared.
Whv sliould vou destroy MCsent
happinew by a distant misery which
may perhap never coma at an of
you may never live to see ror
everr substantial grief ha twenty
ahadowi, and most ot them tie
shadow of your own making,
Sydney Smith.
Helpe Him In Hie Week.
Mra. renfleld My husband ba found
a war br which b say I am of th
greatest belpVto blm in hi literary
work. - sirs. Hlllalre-Uow nice that
most ba for oo. my dear! But how
are you able to do ltf Mra. Pen fie Id
Aa soon aa I see him at hla deok I go
Into another room and keep perfectly
quiet until he baa finished. Puck.
WaMe3-A HandKold.
. - . s. .nW aw Ar
peculUr spark of love which Meandering Mine -.
at times between two person algb that hi companloo waa moved to
ak blm woat in weucr --
"I waa Just thinking about bad road
and tbe wonder of oclenee." waa tbe
answer. "This earth la aplnnln round
faster'n a railway train behind time,"
"Welt we ain't fell off yet.'
-No. But think o" what a conven
ience It would be If wa could have
me nlare to STab OO to while de
territory slid under our feet until de
place we wanted to go to come atong.
The rraieru.1 Brotherhood held a
social meeting at Knsppa hall TV
day evening, and after tb program
waa given tba evening waa devoted to
dancing. Refreehment wer eervea
Friday night of UiU weak thla lodge
will hold It regular meeting, and It
annual Christine tree, and member
of th order and those taking part In
th program last week are to be tbe
guest. Mra. Pauline Scbwart,
chairman : , Mr. Lena Bevla, Mis
Zwerfel, Albert Baxne and MUa Hol
nagel compose tb committee on tbe
-nt.rtalnmenL It I planned to have
a banroet and dancing after, the pro-
The following wa th progTam glv-
.n last rrldav- Piano aolo, Oscar
wmlAi' sokj. MISS . Time Myers
,,i.nn anln. Vara Howell: aolo. Mis
V . . . . . T
u-rk.klr. raoltsLlon. Wllliaiu sciaui
.ith.r solo. Mr. Oouchy: piano aolo,
Oertrud Jeremiah; aok, Mr. Joaeph
Robinson; address. A. M. Binnon.
The Modern Brotherhood of Am
erica met In regular aealon at the
Willamette Hall Monday evening and
elected officer to erve for the an-
utng year, tn tneuuuuum
place January 1. H waa also decided
to gir a grand ball at Buacha hall
shortly after lnt '
The following are me new
Preaident Mr. Henry Hennlngaen;
lnresldent Mr. Tan onwu...
,creury, Mr, rrancia Brown; treaa
urer, Mia Amanda Zak; naplaJn
Mr. Andrew Fuller; aentry. M m
Edith ii-3n; conauctor. mis.
Knieger and watchman, Mia Stella
Now. tbe Iter. Mr. Fordham waa a
young bachtlor. but old enough to un
derstand tb care that must be obeerv
ed by a clergyman, n told Mr. Cam-
cemeTery when' tha sabaa are brought
to thl Cy mil wees "-" c
wt.- .iiKaarera were Charle
'S'lTrn n raufleld. Charle
,;, prnet P. Randi
and W. E. rrat
Heart toHeart
rir.t-TbU .bait bave uo olher bus
band tbao blm whom bast wed
drtnd.-TboU abalt not prefer be
fore tb. bom. where .hot. ...-Mbr
literary club, nor thy aeitf nrrla.
thy mliioory oity.
ThtrT-Tbou ahall not waat tby aubetan.. nor U. wage, on
. j .i. ratmeni wm" ruie - li.
vain apnare. ',. Mtrhd hut foroJ., to tn womeu . -
nn " .lon and all aplrltual in.truc-
laaifo thb
oaaaT atavf
PATtwur a
mlnga be h.d laid down a rni. ror .
pUdanca which be prafnwd not on
in, account to break through. Tbla
w.A matsl inT
rule wa that n wou.u . -
tby husband goeth ti
w Tk.n ahalt n.
baTdhbor. -H'tbeaew
with tbe vain goIP
lag aoclety,
reuala thy tion
nor with tbe a- andal that
must I lamiur' ---
.. - n.l wee h v n
Chad mad. thl. ru.;. He '.imply
tbe fact.
r.w week later lue
Tin. . .
. .. . 1. r 111. Mill!- I A 11?" " m &
h ond,,r ,M irZZ ::: bu .. ohyalclan. Dr. Kinngnam iram
- . ! IIS IOOB-
. mi..... ,h i nm Be
. hi. .tn house ror s... -
bna in ni-" - - - to h, . D,r t00gTi. feltoer v-
,,er thy much ,"?,,. t,.s
a.r. i-t nhnp.y he ' J b, took u, tbe
a th fMininauT
comer " - ,
nalll M - - r
SUtn.-inou --" - moh,,c
""rTmUnn Nrr .halt thou pm.
nor her millinery. j
I. ' i- Dorothy. Ha loot
caueu n .
felt'oer v'ui.w
er In ber
.uonth. Then ne .o. . - .
tlon blank wltn wmcu
ably and . call, especially a flrat call.
!nd wrote a prescription, tbla don.
J V h'r a...i. t !
wa not rlouB.
A soon a ne nau
hi prescription
t. HtlM
" 1.1.1 u. k
'V1. - ... hl.r .tub. lt my
aberkiee i i 7- .K. .nnsin- . . k. tetenhono
on- been, ,r. ir -, t0 g ,,..
law drunwirun. -ceit. "" ... humming pbonea me
Eighth -Thou .hall not , drug "'."S hlni to call on
., eo glad to wee tbee nor , J"? what medicine
fotirteen yenr-0,0 , - rt fl, rr - . tb glr, not
Uf M" ----
Ninth -Thot. .b..."" ,
to kill on th """V"" ,h, hl,bnd
thin, own bou. .'.'ppearance
bse. no comfort In thy .P
snail o , , .hr.w
. ,k. the caae wa.
. . . i tn annaar iw -
wimK " mind, aaked
not conatantly on ni
DO l i h. nummlugwee an
W?' Z ,00k r tb. pra-rlp.
And tnou , .hraw hl he baa oro.
nnr'u .. . 1 itnn auu v - ..atntmr
bait not
dcltful. . .... the nw l"w "I iv-en recently uuea.
" a nlitiral I UJi'J ii. theft
, - - tl-!t tb DaltWUfc aW
On bl. way p B,t. Mr.
dKtor wa . jiss Cum-
rordh.m to toajrtr. 'X1 Aether
Me wi.. .
wt. very th.t
reference to rerratning rrom pnvsie
visit to thewomen of hi church bad
prevented hla giving the alck girt th
henaflt af snlrltual comfort.
The atateroent seemed to bave a bad
effect when Mra. Cummlng repeated
It to the patient for the neit day Dor
otby admitted to ber mother that one
of tbe csuses of ber ailment waa a
elf conviction of her own ainfnl con
dition. When Mrs. Cummlng repeat
ed thl to tb clergyman be threw his
rule to tbe wind and informed tbe
mod lady that ba. would visit tbe in-
valid whenever ana aernreu i
The next Monday afternoon. Monday
being the clergyman", vlaltlng day.
he rang the teu-t m
and waa usbered Into an upstair, liv
ing room where Dorothy, whoee pal
lor had been caused partly by confine
ment and partly by face powder akill
fully applied, waa half reclining on a
lounge. Sbe wa dressed In a becom
ing k1mono-llke gown and partly cov-
a k, a allken aoread wltb color
to correpond with tbe gown. Sbe
waa a very pretty tfrl and never looked
prettier than now. at the earn, time
nll.tlng the sympathy of an Invalid.
nw far tbe young clergyman etuch
to tba .object of that he bad coma to
talk about ta not known to any one
etcept blm and Dorothy. Whan be
departed tbe girt aeemed to have been
more benefited than by all tbe drug
he was supposed to have taken. Mr.
Fordham, having broken hla rule onco.
found It much e.aler to break It a sec
ond time, after which It waa far easier
to break than adhere to It
H waa ahortty oerore
began that Pr. Kfangbam Treat meet
Ing Mr. Cummlnjra, .aaked after bl.
daughter. Mr. Cummlng. aald that he
bad bad four pbyridana and gava Dr.
Treat a .ummary of their opinion, aa
to wb.t w.. tb. matter with Dorothy,
pr Bw.ln-Chlcheater thought the pa
tient w. threatened with mel.ncholla.
The next practitioner attributed ber
Ulne. to her liver, the next to the
nerve, tbe nxt V a nonaslmtlatlon
of food. There, wa one point 00
which they all agreed-tbat the pa
tient gav no reaponae eTeL "
the medlclnea they prescribed. This
waa not remiraaDie smre
Uken none of them. Dr. Treat Helen
d to these dlagooaee, looked wis and
aid nothing. .
The vlalt. of tha Bat. Mr. Fordham
to Mla Dorothy Cummlng. were con
tinued with excellent result. Her
phyldan. were discharged, what re
mained of her drug. w.. dwyad. J in d
It wa. not long before .he wa. driving
nut for an airing. Then ah. w.. aeen
frequently in company with the clergy
man, and member, of the congreg.-k-.
in talk of an engagement
u "- . ,.
It wa. whirred among suu
unmarried ladle, who bad themaelve
bad delgns on tbe reverend gentle
wan that Dorothy Cummlng wa.m.k-tna-
a dead aet for him. '
They were all of them behind the
times At one of the earlier vtaita M r
Fordham hnd made on Ml-a Cummlng.
be had propoaad to her and been ac
cepted. Blnce their engagement and
Dorothy'a rco"'7 they were almnly
having a courtship for tb. wor d. and
mora especially tbe WMJ"
tba 8Ute Street Preabyterlan chnrcn.
this outside intimacy bad con
tinued long enough to natlafy .ppear
ancaa the enganment nnouncd.
Japan's Rethscrnlds.
MlUu la tbe name of tb happy fam
ily whom they can Rothschild of J-
Dan. A hundred and fifty yeara ago
they were atlll in moderate clrcnm-
stances. Now tbey own property
.orth shout 1200.000.000.-Tha .eat of
the family la in Tokyo, but th mem
twra are scattered all over Japan,
Tbey own tbe principal banka.
AnUnluoky 8hwma.
Punch and Judy originated In China
about LOW year before Cbrlet. Tbe
Emneror Mir of tbe Chow dynaaty wa
on dy making a tour through the
empire when an entertainer nameo.
Tien Shi waa brought Into bla pres
ence to amuse tb ladle of hla court
During th performance tbe puppet!
cast auch algnlflcant glance toward
the ladloa that the angered emperoi
ordered tbe originator of tbe "pup
pet" Play to be executed. London An-
(Continued froan aauja.L)
to 14. but 16 casta tie oU rtj U
atlll e barged froaa tha OoU Link f
Oregon City. The fare from RlaleV
to Oragon City kaa baa tneri.aal
frora 19 ceata to li eenta, aad oa of
two other station, are similarly aa .
ed. Tbe same fare le charged tfwa
Gladstone to Portland as I ebMge
from Oregon City to Fvrtkmava.
County School Buponntenaaox uaey
Uwk issue with Mayor-eit laaam.
wbo made the atateroent In aa Mcuraav
In Portland that the law providing
for the county supervisors wai
naeleaa as another pocket in
al.troat would, be. Mr. Uary
the new aystem abould at least ba
given a fair trUL
"All the teacner. ne me sysiwat,
said Mr. Oary, "and I believe tha a
pervlaor are doing good work la
CUckamae county. The auperlnUa
dent In Oregon City la paid $U00 a
year. The teacher, here are college
graduate, therefore auppoeedly more
proficient than the county teacher,
and It would aeem they would need
lea .upervhrlng.".
M. J. Lazelle, secretary of tha pro
motion department of tna commer
cial Club declared that a cannery, u
properly conducted, would be a no
tes in tbla city. Ha aald be had con
ferred . with Portland bo.lneaa men,
wbo .aid tbey would handle canned
good, made In thla city.
"The trouble with tha eannerlea
started In thl. county heretofore,"
aid Mr. Lazell. "waa thai tney were
not conducted In a bnlneea-Uke way.
A Urge cannery in thla city, conduct
ed by bualneea men, who have had ea-
peiience In canning gooo, wos
watt" . ' 1 ' i'l
Martin Bankara Ertate CloeeoV
Upon termination of a n sarin be-
for County Judge B. B Beetle, Mon
day morning, tbe eetat of Martin
' . a a Ji Pie eaw
Banker waa oraerea
enc "LnOktou, of Portland, appeared
aa attorney for the admlntatretor.
Hotel Arrhala.
The following are registered at the
Electric Hotel: -
r. Vow lea, Oregon city; r. urowsv,
Harry McGuIre,' city, H. Steele Miller,
city; O. Larkina. Thomaa T. Ryan,
Salem; O. A. Manjuam, aasrqoBiu.
DO YOU KNOW that the Enterprta
year-end Bargain Period la now on?
m,. TiiiiMrmonle Society haa at
i . rnnnd a oennanent meeting placa
in the lecture room 01 mo na
tional church. There will beno meet
ing of the society nnf
week. The first rehearsal In the new
year wlU be held on Wednesday. Jan
uary J, and on every succeeding Wed
neaday evening at S p. m. until the
close of the season. -
At the request 01 a num"'
tending member, me f,ul,7'""
book. will, remain open uui..
j to enable tnem 10 join
t.f"hitiiav nresaure la over.
siicr - - 1 vi.
Director Johnston na
intention ot dlatrlbutlng the aolo work
.a nnaalhla amODI low
aw;.- . ...
ship, and at tna next meeting
-11 t,AiP narta wifl ba aaslgned.
Members are urged to give the ut
most publicity to th fact that no
member, will ba admitted after Janu
ary J.
Bird Mlgratlesi.
iAiid birds, aaya a naturalist
their Journeya In the daytime,
water birds travel at night
m is vs. vri ti sn a
Two-year-old budded roeee, .
fifty varieties to choose from,
will act them out and guar
aniee them for JOc each; aleo
all klnda of fancy shrubbery
and fruit tree at low price. ,
Apply H J. BIGGER, Seventh 1
and Center streets, at the old ,
atand. '
Electric Christmas
Are Popular
They still possess that element of novelty
deat to the American heart and thus solve the
problem of giving Christmas gifts that are 'dif
ferent;' V
Imagine how pleased most men would be to
receive an electric shaving cor electrc cigar
lighter, instead of neckties, socks, and hand-
kerchiefs, "as tistial."
A tea kettle for grandmother, a samovar for
Madame s five o'clock teas, a chafing dish fo
the college girl or bachelor maid, ; a disk stove
for the bachelor, aflat iron or sewing machine
motor for the practical housewife-all these
novel and useful gifts will be appreciated by
whoever receives them.
. . . . . .. .h... al.etrlo Chrletm.. glfte
U .houid not o nr"-
u5ErUL ,im. i- T u """' " " u
fern!. tha power for running a
la ao complete that In It win a
. Tantb.-Tiou rby .nd-
lit Sunday
. L I . V. Ill
hot tnon ao... th
teaching of my ; ,llcb-
maiden or to ti - h, cbUd
jmp7 TOthW alio yow h. oaar tell- yo Jj-
1 ynrtttmaV at t&t Wang tioma. bx:E,--Datrolt fra. Praaa.
.swa m underwood, of'
In tbe nurture ana """""" . tb- flr,
ird. Nor ahalt thou f-rm U the n
k fathi and
gioo to dla out on
ror vr7 - - lhl
woman's lira tnai u.- -ttual
C:n. promlaaa b.
He nvr make any prom
gaty not ba able to ka.p.
wrv. h. borrow, v?. drov.
" win whan nau v thinking. k. h.i ie
puttini taa .
a al al TFr T aivai
r:.K.ew rail- Dorotny --. ... nwuest that
I,rthar that If "ha ware
'danr b. would not .!... go
Tn,.fl.IaK. should become dan
that li T"m notify blm and
,erouaiy Ul ne w, - eoroe
fr001 drov. on. But on the way o.
Men seem neither to uricJerstancJ
ihM nche. not lUr rtrength. Ul
the former Ihey believe enatar
ttunga than they ahould. of the lat
tor much le. Sell reLaoce and
KV denial will teach a man to dnnlt
out of hi. own cMtem. and eat h
owu iweet broad, and to learn and
labor truly to get hi. kvma, and
ireruily to expend tna gooo mm.
cofrea. toaat bread ar
. The line of el.ctrlo Chrlrtmaa al.
. k.. . tha family.
auiubla Qift for every m-m. - - - -
MAIN orriCE 7h onl Alder Streets
committed to hi trust. Bacon.
VL T'Lt0:X ' .urrcTfrraTc-t, t
, -.v .