Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, December 10, 1911, Image 2

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K. ft. BRODIC, ftdltr and Publhc.
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CYOrrr, n4 tM AM M Mare
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eur Mnaiha. by Mil,
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lre Fa. Bat WK-. iM Ian intue, . la
rreierre Boaitwa ir ea, a .
tiret hwim. ........... ... ...... ...IM
ft(iri Doaitkia ur
ad KartOM. .................... 1
Ivw MH ethr taaa flrvt Ba-. per "
rtr tnertk I
.ww oih aaa Oral Bc. bv
4 meartlene
Lreeela le wr Dm! m nialu var
Waata, r Bale. Ta Raal
a woe flrv ajmitiaa
ec addltl.aal.
Kat far adTM-ttcta hi Jw Waat
gaiararlaa aitl be the
taitv. for 4vr?taeaMita
fer Mi waafety. Whrr Iha aaearti
trwnrterr rmwa Iha dally ttta
V. wuaont voaajre. Iha rata wt
aa for, for ram ef h aaaac. sad taa am
BM Inr sclal ptmtxttm.
Caw about mev
bartr ta mkMi la b
Um 0A(rrnaa .
Lata' advaroatn at tacaj as entaSa
""lrrae edvertieta aad ap. atat IrnaiM
MTvanian at sa tee aa lava. aH
.a ta eaeotal roadtnoaa anrarataa: taa
"Ve aad Bankrupt aak
ainers Uo Um-B. rirat Ineertiaa
nai BaaariMM eejae wtaitar 3M iaxra.
Kibj aal wrll not an-h
f it. wtt tataraat ta am re-ra
artll be ladr accept. Rajrcta ui
aaraa aavar raluraad iiala arvaua
tea bv btkaoa ta araa iiaiaa
U on salo at taa foUowi atoroa
aTarj day:
Hanttr Broa Drug
VUln StrooC
.J. W. McAnulty Clgmrn
Srnta and Main.
K. B- Andaraoa.
Main aoar 8txU.
If. E. Vunn Confactloaary
Naxt door to F. O.
City Drag Storo
Klatrtric HotaL
8?aoilorn Coofactkary
Sa'anth and .1. Q. Adam a.
. Dec. 10 In American History.
IS32 Andrew Jacksuo Issued his pgoc
' ' lamatioa against the "nuiliflcra."
1863-Tb Federal army, led by Ien
oral Ambroa E. Bo rankle, crossed
tbe Rappahsanark at Frederlrk
bnrg. Va. one of I be brilliant and
daring achievement of tbe war.
; C3B6-Treaty of pear between -Catted
SUtra am! Bpala signed at Parla.
bringing to aa end tbe war which
began la April. I8US.
IBlfr-OfflciaJ fignrea of tbe thirteenth
census published; population, ex
rtnslv of Alaska. 81J97Z20O: la
eluding all po m alow. lOLWOOOO.
gala sine 19U0. VkJBSXijaiXi.
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.)
Baa acts 429. liar 7.10: moon rise
B:45 p. bl; p. nv. planet Venn at
perihelion, trareat the sun: planet Mer
cury risible; son's decllnstioa. 23 de
gree M minute south of celestial
" !
iuly seems to be having her hands!
full la Tripoli and but small .ympathy !
,,. . jT . .v I
wilt ba given her by other power. I
Aa a-matter of fact. In spite of all ;
the aentlmental Ulk about the Cross 1
displacing th Crescent, and th op
portunitl. that will now be open for j
Christian work, th selxur of Tripoli 1
wa not mad In the Interest of hu-
maalty and religion, but aa a part of ,
th. riclou. aystem of grab to which,
most of tbe great powers are ad-
When a proud father boasts that a
"pair of twins" has been bora to him
h mean, two chUdren and not four.
But a pair of twins mean four chil
dren just as aurely as a pair of U-ams
mean four hone or four mule. Tet
nhrase, "pair of twin" will prob
ably continue a an error of peed'
just so long aa twlna com into th
world. Still It la aa well to remem
ber that two children at a birth means
twin and just twins only.
Ideal of character ar not always
as broad and high and positive as they :
might be. Some people think that t-!
cause they do not lie, steal, or break j
the . law their character U abou. per-1
feet. That la nothing but a negative I
She does not come from tbe clasi whiph marries earlj
and without anj thonght of the future because it has nothing to lose
and bocause it ia just as easj to support two persons on nothing as it
is to support one.
While it shonld be no concern of tbe woman's college whether or
not its graduates marry and hare children, it is pleating to be able to
refute tLe charge that the college woman FAILS as a WIFE AND
character. True character U posl
tlv; positively geaarou hi IU all
tad toward others, poelUv ta It
sympathy with what I right u4 tru.
positive I Ik matter of cltlaeoahip
nl of religion
Moat popU will Wtraa Ut Dr.
Cook, tb txbkirvr. haa don trly
la turning to farming. Hla rrcant
Prtnc la CopnhMa ba probably
convince! him that peopla tnarUy
J lak no stock la hla north polo aaavr
. What la ofM-work. for on poraoa
may ba nothing but healthful activity
for aaothor. 80 much depend npoa
the bodily and aerroua condition that
no art ruw can b applied to govern ,
all worker allk.
It Ij a quer thing that mooarrha
and president usually make a big
army or naval review aa occaaioa (or
preaching peace. To moat people
auch review are suggeatlv of the
chip on the ahouMer.
It la a pleasing atght to aeo old men
retaining a buoyancy -of spirit, but
they bar to be careful not to overdo
the tnll.g and dUplay chtldiahnes in
stead of youthfuln.
llurbank potatoes are finding more
eager buyer aa high aa 11. IS par cen
tal. 1 . o. b. country shipping point.
The high price I being offered for
a'pcted G ret ham and other eastern
Mnlrttomah ..ud Clackamas holding.
- Only a small amount of business I
passing because grower want ax
money. 7her Is a alight Increaa la
offtflnj of crdlnary to poor potatoes.
Good ordinary shipping stock la com-
maadlng from 7Sc to II per cental ahlppina points.
Alison. continue the principal pur
chaser of potatoes la the Willamette
Valley. Silo to data thla season for
that account are said to be heavier
than during any recent year for the
same period While ther is a some-
hat mcreared call from Texas the
volume of baslnes passing for that
account la still compartlvely small.
Practically no table stock 1 going
to San Francisco from thla section,
owing to the higher price demanded
for fancy good. -
Prevailing Oregon City prices ar
aa follows:
Fruit. Vegetable.
Prune on basis of C 1-4 pounds for ii
Wa. HIDES (Buying) Green hid,
Se to e: Salter. 6c to tc; dry hide,
lie to 14c; aheep pelts, Se to 7Se
May, Grain, Feed.
KAT (Buying) Timothy. $13 to
115: clover, IS to J; oat hav. best. f
to $10: mixed. $9 to til; alfalfa. $1J
to sit-so
OATS (Boring) Grsy, $J7 to
tS: wheat. t2t to $29; oil meal. $53; ,
Shady Brook dairy feed, I1.2S per
I'M) pound.
FEED (Selling) Short. $27 to
$28; rolled barley. $37 &0; process
barley. $3J SO; whole corn. $37;
cracked corn. $3$; whit, $; to $27;
bran $27 to $28.
Butter, poultry. Ego.
FI)CR $4.(0 to $$.2S.
BUTTER (Buying) Ordinary
country batter. 25c to JOc; fancy
dairy, JOc; creamery. 20c to 15c.
pqlXTRT - (Buying)-Hen. c
to 9c.
EGGS Oregon 'nch egg. 40c to
,,'.0 ck; rZ.
$i.u to $LM; turnip, $1.25 to $1.50:
Prune, on basi of l-4c for 45 and
POTATOES Best buying $5c to
ti nr hundred.
ONIONS Oregon. $1.25 to $I.6o dot
hundred; Australian, $2 per hundred.
Livestock, Masts. .
' BEEP (Uv weight) Steer, fo
Isnd 4c; cows, 4c; bulls, I 1-fc
t Tnr a n 1
MUTTON 8hp. $c an 3 He:
lamb. 4c and 5c.
HOGS 125 to 140 pound hog. Ije
and He; 140 to 20A pound. 10c and
Mm Wear Cevb.
The lruw iu luri ,
r- llixt -rlf c.11,1 it. ri.-ii itxn
niiitii hi 1 1 . r j .,n.,i- 1
.... VI
I ! in ' . r. it- -
1 li- .11 , .1-1,1 if.
11 1
I ne College Bred
rl T Z "Ma-h-f rt
AJL JL Ji tJ X. KJ t. CX. I
Failure as a Wife I
of Vassar ColUtf
44444 - 4444444
Prince of Wales, Midshlpmin,
And His Mentor, Captain Campbell
aNVt -'"" M a
VX'VJr' V f . 2 1
r . ? ) A
Paota by marina Praas Asawciatiuo.
THE edocatloa of Edward Albert, prince of Wale, baa tana far .)
decidedly nautical bant II was nt to the Moyal Naval rollec ai
Dartmouth when ha was thirteen and there, aceordlag to British roe
dp about royalty, wa treated morh a any other cadet would be.
both by master and classmate. It la hinted that th latter even "put up
"their haada" with htm and kept quiet about It. Now, at to ag of seventeen,
he baa ekned hla naval career. Including three month' aenrtr on the battle
chip Hindustan and will be a midshipman no longer. On lbs ntadnstsa hs
waa under lb special care of Captain Henry Harvey Campbell, aa old friend
and measmat of King George, who waa oOctally appointed hi gusrdlan dur
ing hi Um at se. It la expected that after he baa completed bis studies at
Oxford, which a will enter next spring, tbe prtnc will be gazetted to th
Tenth hussar, th crack regiment of which 4)1 father la colonel In chief.
For several years w hav heart?
more or lea about to sale of Red
Cross Seal, aa they ar now called.
At on time th familiar nam for
them wad "Red Cross Btampa," but
I'ncle Sam'a postal department mad
the r-;uet to hav toem smiled seals
Instead of atampa so aa not to confuse
them with th regular United State
At the sam time th government
gav th permission to l.ave the
seals placed on salo In all postofflces.
Thla alone should be enough to show
tbe public that they ar for a good
Do not think that because these
sesls at being sold all over th Unit
ed State that th money derived
from ti.tra I to ba used In the East.
The money derived from tbe aal of
the seals In Oregon la to b nJ
for th car of th tuberculoid
patlenta who ar found wanting out
side of Portland while th money de
rived from the sal In Portland will
be used there.
Th Woman'a Club of Oregon City,
has charge of th sale of these seals
In Oregon City. and aayon wishing
to help In tb sal can do so by ae
Ing MrDav!d Cauneld, president of
the dab. ,
Several young ladle assisted, Sat
urday In selling the sesls In th dif
ferent stores aa follows:
Huntley Drug Company Mlsse
Edith Alldredge and Maud Moor.
Jones Drug Company Misses Rob
erta 8cbuebel and Virginia Shaw.
J. Lrltt Mrs. Walter Wentworth.
At th Kings 'Daughters' bazaar
Mlsa-itnth Biightblll waa In charge.
The aeals ar on aal at all time at
MeAnulty Cigar Store. White's Cig
ar Store and the C 0 Store, and they
will be placed In other stores In a day
or aa
Elliott It Son hav sold a ten-acr
tract to John F. Charlton, a contrac
tor, who has Just arrived here from
New Orleans. His brother-in-law,
Henry Dannenmann, formerly of New
Orleans, purchased a 0v-acr tract
just opposite that of Mr. Charlton.
Urt Baxter, through tbe sam real
eMail flur., purchased a hous and
lot on Center street, and John T. Lo
der, th attorney, purchased 200 acres
of fin UnJ in th Molalla country.
White Queen
This I Tb Bt riour Obtain
able. Lay In Your VVIntsr Supply of
Cost Now.
Hsy, Orsln, r"sd and Korot
Poultry Pood.
.' 1
Commission Co
, Oregon city. ,
(Communication )
Bant Claua will visit vry poor
child In Oregon City., Thla la a vary
simple plan. Initiated by th Itrotber
hood of 8L Andrew la 8L I'sul s
church. Christmas, tolling us of th
birth of Jesus Christ, makes all mm
brother on grt family In Go.1.
Therefor th brotherhood nnhrsltat
Ingly appeala to every man and woman
to aid In making a Merry Christmaa
for th poorer 'little brother and sis
ters,, no' matter of what religion.
Bom persons know of poor, chil
dren, but tbey themselves can aid lit
tl. Som do not know of any Utile
ones who otherwise would .have aad
hearts becaus of an empty stocking.
yet would Ilk to alX
Below ar two coupon which es
pial n themselves. All will be treated
In th strictest confidence. Mall to
William Hammond of .Croe A Ham
mond, either or both coupons. A re
ceipt will b returned In tb ease
of gifts or money from him and at
Christmaa time from th little -ones
by a algned card.
4 -
I desire to b Santa Claua to
some chllj to the extent of th
enclosed cash 4
Order (on any Oregon City
In case of an order tb cost, g
or written order on th store
- designated mast b enclosed.
The following ar names of
children, given In confidence,
who should b assisted by your
movement " ' ,
e . Nam.
4 Address '.
- :
Bend as many name as you
' "
Women ef Luthran Church Plan Big
, V Dinner.
Tb women of th German Lrttheran
chnrch hav appolntaj th following
to bav charge of their bazaar to be
given at Knspp's hall, Tuesday, when
a hot dinner will be served at noon,
and fancy articles will b sold:
Dinner Mr. Gnstav Schnoor,
Mrs. Schwartz, Mra. Bust, Mra. Cong
er. Aprons Mra. A. Knapp, Mrs. R.
Petold and Mrs. C. Hartman.
Fancy Article Mra. William Btoo.
ver. Mr. Louis Nobel, Mr. D. M.
K lem sen. ,
Reception Mr. John Vlgellus, Mr.
Thodor Btrohmyr. .
Tbrs Coupls QSf Llen.
Maud Cash and W. F. Power;
Ionise Wells and Carl Johnson, and
Msttle King and M. B. Park wer
granted marriage licenses Friday.
,, !
PO TOtf KNOW hat th Rntemrlsa
See ad on back pg for particular.
P...4 f.M) rtrt ( or?
i ii
Heart to Heart
- shall retire from buaiaea whew I
am orty year of " fri4
of win. ,
Whyr -
-Hu If my ! do not fall I
shall hav emniga nwuey by that Urn.
MJ I shall be itnl t !
menf of the leisure hK h t sbaU have
Moat likely wpr my friend I Bfty
ke will postue bis rrdmarnt lie
will tud bo nis.' where bemay let
go. 4r
If be auouM mire st that lime h
will Unirit a ki r ih,ne
Ur wt'l Mid Uw be le like
Ul of watrr. lie will be wit of bl
natural element lie la an built thai
ha U daHnl l.t aim'ber rf ai
tlvliy, I Ibol ainiui'brw be ud
allf tlin Ub-n hr lt hi" spher
of activity he K"v afc'Kit natura. i
Moreover- . .
One who la able to wrk and whoae
product K uwfwi i"0'rlluir to the
world's ouicut When auh a oe
loaf be adil t Np world's waste
and BUHreit from lie wttrtd a hapi'l
Urea. Inlnvd of l-elng aeaet, he
bei-omra liability.
II wb 'llt ht alra while he la
yet liable la d bl tb ruas a ae
knnl rlk lll ' mchineiy. pbvH'
and mental, la art 1 a lb rln.ln of a
ft,t. When tbe bojr hta-mtu OM
ty the nmblnerv l a4 l wear alf
out In the rrlmllug ..f the part owe
upun ber.
When a man who ha labored ottt
has nntbtng iu d be ss apt to go to
work dlKiMfs Ms grave.
Wirt-k la n tte M"mesl rurae.
It la man's arrsir irinir.
Tb " anple' Jl h- r'V BIOt Of -the
world's wix-k trr I tx- airwoirwi. the
kol llvrl and the happte"!.
M.r fiieod who wsnta t retire at
Bfty has ta-- a bard wurker. If be
quits hi bihnra srMirarlly b I llkelf
to dl pivixfnreljt. .
!lememlrr hat llotwrt Ioul Hie
fabann. blntelf a wurker to tbe last,
said sNmiI d.rlnaT
lie aald. .-In effect, tbst Instead of
dribbling wsy one's life n should
go over the precipice of eternity la
full stream Uh a roaring Nlagaia.
Cain had ret nr aed from th fields
"Wher Is yonr brother AbalT asked
"Oh." replied "Tain, rareles Ilk.
"Abe hss become a charter member
of the Csn't Com Back dab.
Wherenpo be established a reputa
tion tbe elllae Jeater.Milwuke
PVeHy fair "reef.
"Ar they very much in wrr
"I go so. They send kie to ach
other by telephone and stand waiting
with their Up puckered If th report
Is that the wire ta buy."-New Tork
Preaa. .
Are Popular
They still possess that element of novelty
dear to the American heart and thus solve the
problem of giving Christmas gifts that are 'dif
ferent." '
Imagine how pleased most men would be to
receive an electric shaving cup or electrc cigar
lighter, instead of neckties, socks, and hand
kerchiefs, "as usual."
r . 1
- . ,
A tea kettle for grandmother, a samovar for
Madame's five o'clock teas, a chafing dish for
the college girl or bachelor maid, a disk stove
for the bachelor, a flat iron or sewing machine
motor for the practical housewife all these
novel and useful gifts will be appreciated by
whoever receives them. : ,
MAI N OTPICE 7th ond Alder Streets '
Vrlth ampl aapltal, aurt aoitln, stMnt sa-w
o,ulpmnt and a gsnu'ri elr I rnr Kslpful Knsnl T"
w ar In posilleo I lv koala nn and ladlvldusl a7
tr I In nhln. ,
Yoe ntrSt wrlll graw If y hav a flnaai h,,.,
and vr rllly Invll yw t f at hsm bar, using ur fatrnTL
I tb fullt pslbl lt.
-The Bank of Oregon City '
u rounirrr pra-uaat
t wh44n ft
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Jtaoeva iaeae taaaa la iW am awa n
wi4 sa tewa-t at aaa Ml war, thrwi
Kwimr. hail a eaat aSaiUaaal kasae
itaa. vjm a ear. II ear bmU. taa
a aa. I Oaaal t ar asuata.
( wk saaet sa sar atOar watae sat
was aa ee aceaeat WIU la ms.
ftaeaelaJ raaalbiuiy fW errat. waart
arrar war tra aevslS 1Mb wld w
aria4 'ar aalraa. Mialwtuaa IS
WANTCI Tourist and local peopl
lo se my o-'lliin of arrow beads
coins, India trmkeU. lid tim.ts
and curi-j of t! amrta Will bu
or sell la this iU llai m gool
bargatsa la acoolhsnd fumltuw
and tools, fir louoa. Main
near Una .
WANTEDA good second band farm
wagon. Writ North Coast Contract
Company, fit lwla Itldg , IH-r-Und
WANTKI ror U b"rd and
room by prlvat family, goodTshl
and rooms. M 1 week. Inqutr
at Enterprise ' l
. yt . -a-iiw-
WaTC A fraaanh cow. J. O.
Biaate. C01 John Qulncy Adsen
street. t
fOfl AALtf
FOR SAIJC hy C. IL Uveay, carload
": of Trojan powder. Just received.
fARlaiAiANBWmlck WmkilC
Lawyer, Oraoa City. Or,
' ATTO"Ntvta.
0 D IHT, Attorney at I w. Mnstf
ta4. sliotrsct firokthsd. load
' tula ismlus. eatatt aUId. pwa
eral law bussaea Ovwr Vaah 4
tHeoa City.
tt HKN A nCHtlWtfU Atteay-t
Law. Dealarkar Advohst, wilt arwo
tle la all sourta. mak eotlaatlosa
prta lUdg, Or sew Ctty. Oiatfia,
nuTTogn) A w o"co""T CTO A
HARRT JONBrV Buf14T aad Oeaaral
rootraetor. Batliaale raasrfan
aire oa all class of botldias
work, eoacrata watts aad rwlaforwad
.eeret. Rs. fboM Maaa IP
Christmas Gifts
It should not b forgotten that ths sctrla Chrlstmss gift ar all
USEFUL gift. Each ef ths dsvloss Is designed to do som on thing
bsttsr than It esn b don any other way, whsthsr It I to psrcolst
certs, toast brssd ar furnish th power for running a sewing msshlns,
Th lln of lotrl Christmas gifts Is so eomplt that 'in It will b
found a suitable gift for vry mmbr of th family.
CAiTAL. laeosxau
SMeklof aWalee Ova trwra I A I f s ,
. H COOrKK, roe n, l,-.-
aad Real Rwtata Li a nti
rwr BroBaniwa-ea m
arhsaa. Orrtc I ttnaj,
Hag, Oreto Otf. rrn
CIIICAOO TA1IJDK8 suits a,. .
order Imra 114 and up. YV iaai
rlraalng. presams sn rrpairtu
Thre dour south of poto9r
t'i ,v.,waW'. i- wVH)aia,
J. AIJIA 8ACCR. Iaarer ef IM
strlug tnalrumsnts, 4lrarlr of aaal
and orrbeetra. Wl.l furnuk aw
for any occasion. cU at Klmre
Notts rioal AeeooaL
IN th County Court for lb tai?
Oregon. Clackamsa Couaty.
In tb matter of ih ut 4
John M. Graham, deceased.
Notice) I hereby givaa that A 1
Graham. A. W Graham, R. IX Mw
rill and William Andra,
of th ita of Jobs M. Grtdwa,
deceased, hav mad aad IM a
th Conaty Court of ta Ksi t
I1 Oregoa for the County of Ctaws
mas. their Ooal report of ta ai
mlnlstratioa of Mid eatai; isl
that tho Hon. R. a II', Ja
of aald Court. Sied th ITth 47
November. 11 1, aa the Urn af
beartng aald final report, sat twa
petliluu from aald ' siemlors. e
landed aald Um to and Bie4 am
dai or, tb lih dsy of Io.M, .
Jill, at th hour of 10 tlor'i
In. of said day aad data, at ds
County Cuurt llous. In OrtaQi
And all persons hsvlsg b)erlai
to th approval of th sssh, M
hereby wtlfled and reqalTsd ts we
aent asm to said Court oa or seta
aald ftlb day of December, 1IL
Dot of first pubcatl.m MU aw
. of November, Jll. '
Dal of last publication HA W
. of December, 1111.
Attorneya, portlsnA Orajai
' 1
''.X,.'-' ,:'.